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random observations from re-watching the first AOS Star Trek film:

people always characterize Kirk & McCoy’s dynamic as pure ‘IM GONNA DO THE THING, BONES” vs “DAMNIT JIM DONT DO THE THING”

but it’s incredibly significant to me, that it’s Bones who makes the decision to smuggle him onto the Enterprise.

Jim finds out that he’s under academic suspension, and can’t go with the rest of the fleet, and he doesn’t argue.

He stands there, looking a little bit lost, sure.

But he tells Bones to go without him, lies to Bones’ face and says that he’s fine, he’s ‘good’, even though it’s absolutely killing to say that.

Except he knows Bones’ needs that lie, that reassurance, because Bones is the one who is scared, not him, and if it’s the last thing they say to each other, Bones needs to know that Kirk will be okay.

And then Bones is the one who decides to say “screw regulations, screw the entire academic board of Starfleet and the Medical Code, I’m going to misappropriate medical supplies & inject you with them, to falsify a medical dispensation that will get you on board once I bullshit my way past security. Risking, if we get caught, at a minimum some form of academic penalty, and possibly the loss of my license. But I’m not doing this without my friend by my side.”

It’s then you remember that Kirk isn’t the only last-minute sign-up that day in Iowa.

Bones wasn’t at the bar with the rest of the cadets, or he would have probably met Kirk there, instead, & checked him over for a concussion, at the very least.

He was the only one other than Jim to show up for the shuttle without a uniform, which all of the rest of them had, at a minimum, the night before. 

Which means, given what we heard, Bones’ divorce proceedings finally went through, and the next day he woke up, started drinking, and thought to himself. ‘you know, I just got divorced, I’m flat broke, but hey, let’s sign up for STAR FLEET. Because it’s a new start! I’m definitely not signing up for an organization that operates almost exclusively in space, when I’m afraid of flying. that would be a terrible life choice, who would do that? Right. It’s settled, then. I’m gonna do that.”

tl:dr Bones isn’t impulsive as often as Kirk, but when he is:

A. it’s a doozy

B. it probably winds up saving the entire galaxy, somewhere along the way

I was once a medium-size deal

In the world of fanfiction and fandom life. This was maybe five years ago? Seven? Longer? I don’t really remember. The truth is, I got a bit older and stopped writing fanfictions when my professional life took off in a direction that took all of my time and I had to spend the time I was spending writing on correcting papers and helping my kid with Trigonometry. Okay, that last part was a lie. Like I could do Trigonometry. 

But I ‘casually’ still observe fandoms because I love being a fan. It is fun. I like to disagree with the direction that books and movies take and I love to add to a world where it may have been lacking via fanfictions. It is FUN.

But this Sherlock fandom thing is completely out of control. Seriously. I am worried for the people who are so hugely invested in it. I feel like commenting on many, many sites that these writers should really seek some professional help. That a show’s outcome should never define who you are to the point where you are this massively devastated by either a bad episode or an outcome that you do not agree with. That a show should never define who you are PERIOD. Because a television show, book, or movie is not a social experiment. It isn’t social at all. It is the work of a few writers in a room. It is their vision, right or wrong. Not yours, not ours, not the great collective. You can disagree. Gosh, there isn’t a trilogy out there where the ending doesn’t drive me up the wall. But let me repeat, DO NOT LET THIS DEFINE YOU. You, dear writers of blogs who wanted directions that were never taken, are not the sum of the parts. You are a different answer to the same problem. Stop looking at this as the wrong answer and start looking at it as what it is. Because honestly, Sherlock BBC is really just fanfiction in itself. It isn’t even its own canon. So write your own, read your own. But do me one favor and STOP LOOKING FOR SHERLOCK BBC TO CURE SOMETHING INSIDE OF YOU. That is way too much to put on authors. Authors of anything. They are just people. They wrote the story that they wanted to write. They may be wrong in your mind, but it is still their story. If it has plot holes, write a fanfic to fix them. If your ship didn’t sail, find a story or series or book that makes a ship that you NEED happen. But stop looking to a television show. IT IS UNHEALTHY.

I know that you had time and thought invested in all of this. But please, I am worried about you all like the mother that I am. This isn’t healthy.

(As an aside, remember that a man and man can TRULY love each other and be friends. Women and women can be the same. Many people used to think my best friend and I were lovers. We took no offense, we did everything together and truly loved each other, yet we were not romantically attached nor sexually attracted to one another. Don’t minimalize how important and special those platonic relationships can be by NEEDING them to be romantic. It is just as insulting as a person saying ‘when are you going to get married?????”. If we feel the need to define every relationship in only the ways we see them, especially the need to see romance or sex, we are playing to the same dangerous game we preach against.) 

Peace to you all. If you really don’t feel you will ever get over this as so many are saying, please seek help. Call a hotline, call a real-life friend, close the computer, and breath. It will all be okay. I promise. 

I am going to tag this since no one actually follows me and no one might even read this. I just had to write it. I am too disturbed, and I am getting way too old for this shit.

Okay I know everyone is saying that if Audrey is happy then her new relationship with Gina is okay. But firstly I personally think that she’s a bit controlling and manipulative.

And there’s still questions to raise:

Why did she lie on the phone when Audrey asked her if she was at a party?
She probably was on the ferry to “surprise” Audrey. But then we see when Audrey in the beginning invite her to the Island with her friends. She said no but ended up going anyways, and in the process made Audre feel like shit cause she’s leaving her girlfriend alone all weekend. (Guilt tripping much)

Plus was Gina going to the island to spy on Emma and Audrey? We see her get all defensive when she asked Audrey who’s going to the island with her.

Where was she all day when she wasn’t spying on Emma and Audrey? If she wanted to surprise her she’d show up sooner. And in all honesty if she were scared and insecure about Audrey cheating then why didn’t she be open and honest about it. Instead she was being snoopy.

The most important question why did she have blood on her hands?
Some say she picked up the head, but though. We didn’t see Audrey pick up the hedge clippers and she thought they were props. And where is the sheriff’s body?

Could gina have moved it? And then this picture comes into play. What if Gina was the one who wrote NEVER on the wall with blood. There’s also a bloody hand print there.

Also side note: Could Gina have helped Alex in this murderspree? She was absent fairly enough. Plus why didn’t Alex, who’s in a fit of rage with a shotgun, not shoot at Gina? She could’ve been at least shot at, hit or not. But instead we see Alex ask Gina where’s Emma?

This is just speculation, but it’s still bothering me as of why did Gina have blood on her hands.

Writing Check-In: The Huntress and the Honey-God (Cupid/Psyche Everlark)

This whole fic was supposed to be done in time for Love in Panem. :_( However, copious life stuff got in the way so I’m nowhere near done, and the best I can do for Valentine’s Day is give you guys the most recent bit I worked on (about 10 days ago :/). Hope okay.

Big thanks for all the birthday wishes last week, by the bye. <3 I get an unprecedented two days-off in a row after the massage marathon weekend, so I really hope to use the time to catch up here and on FB…


(In which the mythological!Everdeens prepare for Katniss’s marriage to a mysterious bridegroom and journey to the court of harvest goddess!Raisa. Minute flickers of half-related-but-not-weird-because-it’s-mythology Primko *may* lie ahead…)

Upon the morrow Alyssum roused her daughters gently but early, for the walk to the sacred grove was not a short one and they must be dressed for the midday audience in raiment befitting their birth and station, and Katniss most of all.

“You shall not be given away as a goatherdess who has dwelt these ten years in exile but as the firstborn of spring herself,” said her mother, already arrayed in her own robes of power: heavy, regal folds of bold crimson tulips and deep purple crocuses, trumpeting the triumph of new life after winter’s cold, with her pale hair netted up in jewel-bright violets beneath a crown of daffodils.

With deft hands she spun about Katniss’s slight form a billowing gown of fragrant apple blossoms, the silken white petals blushing here and there with rosy sunrise, and plaited her long black hair into a coronet of dainty snowdrops, then she formed a bridal cap of silver catkins on supple willow vines and pretty slippers of the same. The mortal maid looked not unlike a blooming crocus herself when her mother was finished, so small and exquisite she was in her snowy raiment, with her dusky face and bosom radiant as gold amidst the white of fragile blossoms, and her mother and sister – indeed, the harvest king himself – looked upon her in awe.

“You will unman your bridegroom with such quiet beauty,” breathed Janek, venturing strong fingers to touch a single ivory snowdrop amidst the intricate plaitwork. “And he is your slave already, unable to deny you anything. I think he would bring you the moon itself to wear about your neck,” he murmured, “did you but wish for it.”

“I want no impossible gifts, nor the slavish devotion of any man or beast,” Katniss scowled, but her fine cheeks were dark as ripe plums, and she swiftly turned her face from the harvest king’s gaze.

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Hardison: Actually, you know what? We did kind of liked the way Sophie ran the last one.
Eliot: Yeah. Yeah. Up until the point where she got us caught, but other than that, it was great.
Sophie: Okay, why don’t you run up to him? Being just a little bit out of breath, it changes the speech rhythms, makes it harder to detect a lie.