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I just wanted to quickly talk about why I love “Here Comes My Girl” so much, because there are a few not-so-obvious reasons plus I like to talk about TPATH whenever possible, so.

  • There’s this one part, the single part I wait the entire song to hear, that Mike plays and it’s just a couple notes, I think it’s from 3:50-3:51, literally one second and it- when I hear it, it just, like, makes my soul rise up out of my body for a second and my heart feels lighter and my mind is like “Michael please I can only have so much love for you how do you dO THIS”
  • But also from like 3:43-the very end is beautiful and I also wait the whole song to hear that bit. Thanks, Mike (and Benmont). ♥
  • “YOU KNOW I CAN TELL THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO SHOVE IT, HEY” - true. Thanks for that line, Tom.
  • “AND THEN SHE LOOKS ME IN THE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYE” another absolute fave part, Tom’s voice is help me I can’t
  • Benmont’s part - so key to the song and anyone who says they don’t care about him/that his part isn’t important is LYING TO THEMSELVES because I’d like them to hear ANY TPATH song without the keyboards/piano and tell me whether they think it sounds good, period. (I’m just gonna answer that now though and say that it wouldn’t. No TPATH song is complete without Benmont’s brilliant playing, okay, just felt the need to get that straight.)
Flickers of You || Asher & Jasper

Asher wasn’t shocked, but he wasn’t necessarily expecting Jasper to ask him for sex. It was supposed to be a one time thing is Ash’s garage. It obviously meant more to both boys, but Ash would never admit that; at least not out loud. The tension betwee Jasper and Ash was obvious to anyone who knew them, but to be honest, no one really knew them. They kept to themselves and each other, because they felt they didn’t need anyone else. After all the loss and pain Ash had been through, Jasper was the only person he actually trusted 100 percent.

Ash’s voice shook when he spoke his next words. He regretted them almost instantly, but he said them anyway. “How badly do you want it?” His hands made their way to the hem of Jasper’s shirt, to tease him just a little. Jasper was taller, but only slightly, meaning Ash had to look up to watch his eyes. Asher smirked a wicked smirk and ran his hands up the front of Jasper’s shirt. “You know I’m not that easy, Jas.”

Okay on the real though, PC needs more loving from outside the SoCal area ): 

cause we don’t get the credit we deserve. And that makes me sad. Cause it’s a great organization with great staff and talented performers. It’s JUST the public image that is holding us back because the performers know how we are perceived and that makes them come into PC with the mindset that they will just march a couple years then move on. That’s cool and all, I’m not saying anythings wrong with that. But it would be nice to have more people who have PC as their dream corps and who want to ageout here. Ya’ll just don’t know enough about us haha 

this morning I have an advanced road test for my full license 

and I didn’t get much sleep last night so I’m quite tired

so if everyone could pray for me to do well and not fail and be able to get my full license that would be great cause the test is really expensive to take and I really don’t want to have to take it again

✉ text — don't.
  • luke:i know you told me not to text you anymore and i know you're probably rolling your eyes because if i know that then why am i texting you, right?
  • luke:it's just we're back in santa cruz today and we went to that shitty little beach after dark and the craziest fucking thing happened while we were there
  • luke:i saw my name carved into the table
  • luke:the one we always used to make out on top of for hours and i just need to know if you wrote that
  • luke:i need to know if you wrote that you love me