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In bed with... WinWin


Anon: hi!! Can I have a in bed with winwin (nct127) please? Thank you!’

This is the last member in this series! I hope y’all liked it and you’ll like this one too. It’s very freakY lmao so please prepare yourself and it’s very very long too! Please suggest some more series you’d like to see!😇👀

aLSO thank you for venus aka @yoonohwhat for editing this - bless u even if it kept crashing lol <3

In bed with… series: 

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don’t hate me for this gif ok it’s so hard to find “sexy” ones of winwin bc he’s an innocent angel

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Father Johnny

Request: youve done boyfriend!johnny & husband!johnny now get ready for, daddy!johnny (dADDY AS IN FATHER NOT THE KINK)

A/N: this got me emo and this is so long im - i hope you enjoy reading this ;-;

  • this is my first time writing this so im sorry if it’s real bad
  • smdmdm thank you so much reading my boyfriend & husband! johnny
  • he’s gonna be a father here im-
  • ;-;
  • okay let’s go

  • so you and johnny hadn’t really planned on having a child or thought about it seriously yet

  • but y'all still did it anyway without protection becayse y'all didn’t see the need to
  • and both of you thought there was only a small risk of you getting pregnant
  • until one day you woke up feeling nauseous and you threw up right on the bed
  • and for some reason your head was hurting really bad
  • worried johnny rushed into the room immediately after he heard your coughs,
  • and his shocked expression, looking at the mess you made almost left you in tears
  • but he still cleaned it up and asked you to rest on the couch, while he poured a warm glass of water to you
  • another wave hit you and you were sent to the bathroom, your head above the toilet bowl and vomiting once again
  • johnny’s arms was wrapped around yours tightly and you just fell on his chest, the nausea still there
  • “babe do you want to go to the doctor’s”
  • “no it’s okay, i’ll be fine soon”
  • “are you sure? i can drive you there right now”
  • “no it’s really okay”
  • “please rest well today, i’ll stay home with you”
  • it got better when afternoon came
  • and you thought you were feeling better already, so you assured johnny and asked him to go to work the next day
  • but then again, the first thing you did when you woke up was head to the bathroom, vomiting again
  • by this time johnny’s hair is in a mess, as he frantically thinks of how to help you and what to do
  • and you just sit on the floor hopelessly bawling your eyes out for no reason
  • blame the hormones
  • johnny’s cleaning you up again and assuring you that everything’s going to be fine
  • third morning and the same cycle happens again
  • but this time round you hide in the bathroom alone, and it hit you that you were two weeks late for your period
  • and for the past two weeks you had been having crazy moodswings
  • and you remembered how your small “make out session” with johnny turned into a whole night of making love™ just one month ago
  • you were certain that you were pregnant, but you didn’t want to have false hopes
  • and at the same time, give johnny a false alarm so you kept your thoughts to yourself
  • and your thoughts were interrupted by johnny’s knocking on the door
  • “babe please open the door, we need to go see a doctor right now”
  • “i can’t bear to see you suffer like this every morning”
  • “baby please, are you still vomiting? do you need me to come in?”
  • and when you open the door, you just hug and he softens, his hand playing with your hair
  • “i’ll just head to the nearest pharmacy to get some medicine later”
  • “let me do it”
  • and you got all flustered because you were planning on getting a kit on the way too
  • “no it’s okay, i’ll go myself”
  • “babe you need your rest”
  • “oh- i… let’s just call taeyong to get it for us, he’s supposed to visit today anyways right??”
  • “oh yeah, i’ll call him”
  • “let me do it!”
  • and when you call taeyong to ask him and tell him, he freaks out and you can almost hear him crying
  • “taeyong i need to confirm that so can you please keep this a secret for now”
  • “taeyong… so are you getting it for me or not”
  • “OH- UH- yes okay i will, be there in 5”
  • a moment later taeyong arrives and he manages to slip the kit into your hands
  • and he gives you the proudest & emotional smile ever
  • clueless johnny didn’t suspect anything -  next thing you know you’re in the bathroom again, the thin stick between your fingers, too afraid to look
  • so you take a deep breath and finally looks at it
  • and you scream so loudly when you see two lines, johnny comes running into the bathroom again
  • and he tears up instantly when he sees the kit
  • both of you are so happy y'all actually spend the rest of the day cuddling and probably crying
  • quoted from taeyong, “he’s so happy he called all of us instantly and this was the happiest he has ever been, congrats y/n”
  • skipping the pregnancy period because it’s gonna take super long so request if you want to read this part!
  • fast forward to nine months later,
  • you were just folding your laundry, listening to some classical music
  • johnny has his hands on your big bump, a proud and warm smile on his face
  • “aw she’s kicking”
  • “someone’s impatient”
  • but a sharp pain suddenly hits you and your expression falls
  • johnny instantly realises and he carries you bridal style into the car
  • the pain is so excruciating you’re already in tears
  • johnny has on hand on the steering wheel, the other is clenching your hand tightly
  • “hang in there baby”
  • “you can do this”
  • minutes seem like hours in the hospital and your contractions are only getting worst
  • doctor predicts that baby would be born in a few hours
  • johnny’s so nervous he barely even talks, his hand just holding onto yours
  • but when you catch eye contact with him, he gives you smile and leans down to give you a small peck on your lips
  • “everything will go fine”
  • two hours later everything’s done, and as soon the doctors bring baby Ella (don’t ask me idk smsmd) into the hospital room,
  • you and johnny tear up again as she has eyes and nose that resembles johnny’s
  • her lips form a small little pout as she moves slightly at your touch,
  • and johnny reaches out his finger towards her, her tiny hand wrapping around it
  • johnny leans down to peck her forehead and you see a smile you hadn’t seen on him before, and it melts your heart
  • okay but really clueless at first and has no idea what to do
  • always waits for your instructions and listens to what you ask him to do
  • “what do you need me to do?”
  • “babe go change her diaper”
  • “how many scoops do i put into this?”
  • “two is enough”
  • “babe do you think a pink or purple skirt would fit her today”
  • “hmm purple”
  • “okay hehe, my beautiful princess Ella”
  • the other members all come to visit once in a while and they all squeal over your baby girl and loves playing with her
  • and johnny always has that proud and fatherly look and smile on his face that simply says
  • “yes that’s my child”
  • becomes the softest person in front of your daughter
  • loves playing cook and role playing with her a lot
  • “daddy’s the king today, what does he need to do?”
  • “go kiss mommy the queen!!”
  • “okay my princess”
  • and he comes out to you and gives you the longest peck ever
  • his arms wrapped around your waist,
  • “i love you my queen”
  • and your child comes running up to the both of you, hugging both your legs and giggling
  • johnny picks her up with his long arms and gives her a small peck too
  • probably also buys her what she wants and won’t hesitate at all
  • a toy that costs more than 70bucks?
  • johnny wouldn’t even look at the price and just get it because it can make his daughter happy and that is what matters most to him
  • but you nagged at him for it, but his usual affection and cuddles made you forgive him
  • loves kisses from her!!
  • always giggles to himself and becomes a small child again when she pecks his cheek
  • haechan: “this is the only time i get to see hyung so giggly wow”
  • gives her a big and warm hug every morning
  • “good morning my princess, did you sleep well?”
  • “yes hehe”
  • “that’s great, let’s go wake mommy up now”
  • “she’s just as beautiful as you”
  • but as much as he shows affection to your child, he doesn’t forget to show it to you too
  • warm back hugs and long kisses every morning is his way of showing his never ending love for you
  • and he doesn’t forget to make breakfast for you every day

  • “don’t you think she’s just adorable? just like her mother”

  • “oh god, thank you for blessing me with two of the most beautiful angels in the world”
  • still the sweet husband he was before,
  • probably even sweeter now
  • and he puts both your priorities above his own all the time
  • loves bringing you both to small cafes and restaurants
  • but also loves spending quality time together at home, just cuddling together on the bed
  • but as soon as your daughter sleeps, he’d lean over and kiss you
  • “thank you for everything and i love you”
Jealous! au - Wonho

Thank you for your request! I hope I didn’t completely ruin it lol. Enjoy reading :)

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(also sorry this gif has nothing to do with the story line I just liked it lol)

  • okay so u and wonho instantly become friends on your first day of your anatomy class
  • You took this class cuz you’re hoping to maybe go in the medical field, while wonho just wants to know any other muscle he can jack up
  • Jk even tho he is hot he is really just interested in the body but he would never tell u that lame answer lol
  • On the first day, y'all just awkwardly sit next to each other since every other spot is taken
  • You feel slightly intimidated cuz u feel like u probs look like trash compared to the god sitting next to you
  • (I promise I ain’t thirsty lmao)
  • Cuz ur teacher walks in and he’s hot af too so of course one side of u is like shit do I need to find another college that isn’t full of hot people but the other side is like ;);)););) I’m ready
  • And as you’re thinking about this wonho just kinda taps your shoulder and asks, “do you need paper or something?”
  • And so ofc ur like “huh?” Until you look around and see other people on their laptops taking notes cuz the teacher already started lol
  • And that’s when ur cheeks start flushing red cuz now this guy thinks ur probs dumb and u just kinda wanna disappear
  • But you kindly just turn to him and laugh and say, “no sorry I was just thinking” as you pull out your laptop
  • And he just whispers back, “I’m gonna bet it was about how hot the teacher is.” 
  • You can’t even deny it anymore ur just like “bingo”
  • So this makes wonho chuckle and after your class has ended he stays close to you
  • “So what are your plans for the day?”
  • So of course you’re like why is this weird guy following me around after he caught me admiring our teacher..?
  • But you just reply and say, “a class after this and then I’m free. Why?”
  • “Cuz we should go do something.”
  • And this is how you and wonho become close he literally just clings onto you and you accept it lol
  • Like I said instant best friends
  • But as the semester goes on, wonho is suddenly feeling bothered by their teacher even tho it’s what brought you two together
  • But he sees the extra glances directed towards you, he sees the way the teacher compliments you, and when you go up and ask a question, he definitely sees the way the teacher grazes your arm in a more than friendly manner
  • And honestly it bothers him
  • You both made other friends in that class, so whenever he sees it happen, he starts ranting to Minhyuk about it
  • “That’s my Y/N. who does that guy think he is to act like that towards her!?”
  • “He’s the teacher, that’s who he is. He can do whatever he wants.”
  • So this earns Minhyuk a glare and he just sighs and sadly asks, “but why does it have to be her? Does she not even notice what he’s doing?”
  • This is when Minhyuk looks up and notices that you’re still smiling at the teacher as he’s flirting with you
  • So he’s just like “uhh I think she notices… if you’re that jealous you might wanna say something”
  • And wonho can’t even deny that he’s jealous cuz he knows he can feel it
  • The only thing he’s not sure of is whether or not his jealousy is just friendly or whether he feels more strongly about you
  • So at the end of the class, the teacher kinda pulls you aside and ofc wonho is waiting for you
  • So he kinda overhears the teacher basically asking you out and then all he hears is you shyly chuckle and before he can storm out you’re right there walking with him
  • You’re both just kinda quiet, you because a teacher asking you out is so surreal, and wonho cuz he’s jealous and mad af
  • After a couple moments of walking wonho finally loses it and just states, “you know, I think he’s kinda messed up.”
  • So ofc u ask, “what do you mean?”
  • This is when he starts ranting and u almost regret asking lol
  • “He first of all preys after young college girls and uses his looks to get them cuz even I know, who could say no to that?”
  • “But….wonho….I -”
  • “I should’ve known at first that he was going to be like this. He was always taking secretive glances towards you.”
  • “But wonho listen I wasn’t-”
  • “I couldn’t handle the way he touched your arm the way a normal teacher wouldn’t and idk it just made me so mad to see someone go after you like that.”
  • This is when you have to grab his face and just say, “wonho shut up for a minute. I wasn’t going to go on a date with him.”
  • As it dawns on wonho, you slowly let go of his face and he just kinda stutters out, “so…you…said…no?”
  • “Bingo”
  • And he just exhales out in relief and now it’s his turn to grab your face and kiss you so passionately you’re like where tf did this come from
  • You’re enjoying it of course but still wtf
  • As he pulls apart from you he’s kinda shocked of himself just like you are
  • But he doesn’t regret it one bit. He just asks, “you wanna go on a date?” As he’s biting his lip like the total nervous hot guy in love that he is
  • “Do I get a choice”
  • “No” is all he says as wraps his arms around you and makes you two walk like that all the way to your date

Prompt: part 4 of Brawl in the Streets, the reader is super wasted with the Hamilsquad and unlocks their origin story.

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: cursing, drunk, alcohol, crying, mention of sex, second hand embarrassment(???), reference to masturbation, really funny origin story???

A/N: here’s PART 4: BRAWL IN THE STREETS!!! I hope y'all enjoy! I was excited to write this! Thank you for all of your love and support! I love y'all! If you want me to tag something, let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please enjoy!

Word Count: 1875

“Hey, hey, guys, hey…” you called out from the couch, where you were facedown. “I’ve got a knock knock joke.”
The boys were quiet, waiting for you to say it. “Go ahead,” Alex finally instructed.
“Okay, okay…” you paused, thinking. “Wait, why are they called knock knock jokes? Do people even knock anymore? Why is it not ding dong jokes? Have we not evolved?”
“Oh my gosh, just tell the joke!” Herc groaned, and you laughed into the couch cushion.
“Okay, knock knock,” you started giggling into the couch at the joke you were about to tell. A chorus of who’s there’s rang out. “H-How many wiener dogs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”
“I don’t get it-” Laf began to complain in a really harsh French accent.
“None! They can’t reach that high!” You began laughing hysterically. So hard, in fact, that you were moderately concerned you’d piss your pants.
“That wasn’t a knock knock joke!” John complained, and you rolled your eyes before you turned over and sat up. They had turned out the lights, and the tv was playing behind you. The bright light had gotten more annoying the drunker you’d gotten.
“I’m bored,” you complained, and John chuckled. He was sitting on the couch with you, just a drunk as you were.
“We could change that, y'know,” he drawled in a suggestive voice, and you blushed.
He crawled toward you on the couch, and you squeaked before you fell off the couch. You landed on the floor and started laughing, the boys joining you.
“Do we have any more beer?” You asked from the floor, thirsty.
“We are not giving you any more alcohol!” Herc said, “You’re so wasted!”
“Am not!” You argued, and you tried to get up off the floor, but you wavered and fell on top of John on the couch.
“If you wanted me that bad, you coulda just said so, Princess,” he purred to you, and you giggled.
“You wish,” you teased before you snuggled into his shirt. “You smell good.”
He laughed this time and put his arms around you, holding you on his chest, “Only for you, darlin’.”
“Let’s play truth or dare!” Alex suddenly called out.
Lafayette quickly shot the idea down, “Non! Alexander, last time we played, you dared me to suck ‘Erc’s-”
“And you did-”
“Well, I didn’t want to lose!” They squabbled, and you laughed, but you were also confused.
“Wait,” you said, and they both looked to you, “I thought you two were together… but you,” you pointed to Laf, “sucked Herc’s… peep…?”
“Yeah?” Alex questioned, and you pulled your chin back into your neck in confusion.
“So, I don’t get it…?” Alex looked over at Herc, who looked to John, who looked at you, and they all started laughing.
“You’re so cute,” John cackled, his chest vibrating beneath you with each peel of laughter.
“I know… but that doesn’t answer my question!” You looked up at him from your cozy spot, and he was looking down at you, making little crinkles in his chin where you could see a shadow of stubble growing in.
“Sweetheart…” Herc trailed off, and Lafayette took over.
“We’re polyamorous,” he explained. That’s when it all made sense. Everything clicked together.
“Ohhhh, I get it!” You smiled to yourself and nuzzled further into John, who gripped you tighter. You pulled your legs up closer to your body, straddling him effectively, but still hella comf. “So how long have y'all been together?”
John began to run his fingers through your hair, “Hmm, I’d say romantically, about three years? It started out with just me and Alex… We’d all been friends for years before, but I really really liked Alexander-”
“Aww, babe, you had a crush on me? That’s embarrassing!” Alex exclaimed from the other sofa, obviously referencing Parks and Rec.
“Shut up, Alex!” John threw a pillow at him. “Anyways, so we hooked up. Then, a few months later, Alex explained to me that he loved me, but he also had feelings for our favorite Frenchman, Laf, and at first, i was like, whaaaaat? Then, I realized that I had a lot of pent up gay in me and that I really liked him too, but we didn’t know how he felt about us… For some reason, we actually thought he was straight…?”
“It’s funny because I’m actually the gayest!” Laf happily exclaimed from his spot between Alex and Herc.
You laughed, and Herc wrapped his arms around him. He gave Laf a kiss on the cheek. “We know.”
“But, one night, before we knew how aggressive Alex was with truth or dare, we played it, and Alex dared Laf and I to make out, and that went about how you’d expect…” John trailed off and his hand twitched in your hair like he was back in that moment.
“That’s when they realized I’m ultra gay!” Laf slurred, his thick French accent almost making it unintelligible.
“You’re like a straight boi, but instead of saying no homo though, you gotta cut in and add no hetero to the end of like every sentence,” Herc chuckled as he fiddled with Laf’s fingers.
“C'est la vie, 'Erc. Let me live,” Laf complained, and Herc laughed again.
“It’s cute,” he reassured his boyfriend. Laf cooed and turned to share a sweet kiss with Herc. You almost wept. It was just so damn cute.
“It was shortly after that when I composed a letter, conversing with John at the same time, declaring how profusely I loved Laf, and how John and I wanted to have a relationship. I poured my heart into that letter… it was my everything. Heart and soul. I felt like the minute he’d open it, the skies would part, and the angels would start singing… God is there. He’s weeping-”
“'Is 'andwriting was messy, and I could barely speak English! 'Ow was I supposed to read the sloppy, pretentious, wordy ramblings of a sleepless man?” Laf protested from the spot on the couch.
“It was beautifully crafted!” Alex protested, and Laf pressed a quick kiss to his lips.
“I know, mon amour, that’s why I 'ad 'Erc read it to me.” He smirked, an inch from Alex’s face, and Alex closed the gap this time.
“So Laf hands me this leader with no explanation and is just like 'read it!’” Herc mocked in a terrible French accent, and Laf scowled at him, “And I read the letter, spoiler alert, Alex and John are super gay, but I didn’t get all the way through. I was under the misconception it was for me, so of course I rushed to Alex’s apartment, only to find he wasn’t there; he was having dinner at the Washingtons’ with John-”
“Wait,” you interrupted, “didn’t the letter address who it was to?”
Herc scoffed, “It said 'to our dear friend.’”
“I’m sorry, but Marie‑Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette is a lot to write for a header!” Alex shot back.
“That’s not the point!” Herc huffed, “The point is, I busted into the middle of the dinner, professing my love for them in return like a bad rom com, telling them, and the Washingtons, how gay I was for them, and those assholes just cackled!”
“It was cute!” John laughed as he recalled the memory, earning a scowl from Herc.
“It was mortifying!” Herc replied, covering his face with a hand.
“At this point, I 'ad used Google Translate to interpret this letter since 'Erc just rushed out of the room in an 'urry, and God did not cry when I read it en Français. So I rushed over to this dinner as well and interrupted 'Erc’s speech with my own.”
“At the very end,” John begins to explain in between fits of laughter, but he can’t get it out. He was laughing way too hard.
“Martha gives a standing ovation and cries out, 'Oh, George! What a lovely performance! It was like a little dinner theatre! Lovely!’ And George just goes, 'No, Martha, this was unplanned…. They’re all gay for each other.’ And those two assholes,” Herc scoffed, “Were laughing so hard that we thought they’d piss their pants!”
Alex is laughing with John at this point, but you’re completely engaged in the story.
“So all of us were so confused, and John and I had to go have a talk in the bathroom, and we concluded that we loved Herc too…”
“It was a very confusing time…” John explained as his laughter quieted down, and you patted his chest soothingly.
“So we come back out to find that Martha had downed the entire bottle of wine in celebration, and George had gone to bed, all within the span of like, two minutes. He had congratulated the other two, but said he knew it would happen eventually, and he had business in the morning. And like a badass, John opens his arms and says-”
“Welcome to the Hamilsquad!” John shouts, and you almost fall off his chest in surprise. Everyone is laughing at this point, even yourself. These boys were too cute for their own good.
“It gets better!” Laf exclaimed, and Herc roared with laughter.
“Martha, drunk off her ass, shouts 'When y'all gonna fuck?’ And George shouts down from the bedroom, 'Not while I’m in the house, boys!’ And I fucking pissed myself!” Herc guffaws, losing it again. You’re laughing so hard that you’re light headed at this point.
“He didn’t actually piss his pants,” John elaborated, causing you to laugh again. “This has been a wild story, and I just wanted to make sure you knew he didn’t.”
It took a few minutes, but everyone managed to calm down.
“So when?” You finally asked, and Herc snorted.
“That night,” John answered beneath you, and he bucked his hips in a mock thrust, causing you to slide and squeal.
“And we’ve been in love ever since,” Alex added dreamily like the end of some sappy movie, and Laf laughed.
“I loved you before, mon cher,” he purred as he grabbed Alex by the collar and pulled him in for another kiss.
Suddenly, you felt a rush of emotion. You’d always been an emotional drunk. You bursted into tears, completely startling John.
“Y/N? What’s wrong? What is it?” He ran his fingers through your hair, trying to soothe you.
“You guys are so in love… like, you all love each other so much, and I’ve got a vibrator at home with half dead batteries to come home to every night!” You were also an oversharer when drunk.
The boys laughed, but stopped when you kept crying. John rubbed your back soothingly. “Don’t worry, Y/N,” he whispered, “You’ve got us.”
“Promise?” You sniffled, and John nodded.
Then, in a really, really quiet whisper, he says, “I’d go straight for you.”
That one sentence is the first thing you remember when you wake up with a huge hangover in the morning, and it brings forth a question. Was he joking, or did he really mean it? Somehow, you’d developed a crush on these boys. You wanted the love they had. You wanted to be in the Hamilsquad. What had you gotten yourself into?

greenrocky23  asked:

I know you're busy so take your time but having kids with yoongi...? just cause i'd imagine that to be hilarious cause he doesn't strike me as the type to want kids too much so i'm sure he'd freak out hahah Oh and you and your blog are awesome! :)

this is rlly angsty in the beginning sorry also this was requested by another anon person so like hope you enjoy!!

Originally posted by yoonmin

  • yoooo hello everyone I’m doing this like the day before school someone shoot me
  • I swear I have not, I repeat, not thought about this on numerous occasions (yah me and yoongi are naming our daughter Jane thank you very much)
  • anYWAY this isn’t about me it’s about dad yoongi !!
  • okay like y'all think yoongi would be the last one to have kids… you’re wrong
  • because it’s on accident
  • surprise!!
  • yoongi to me is someone who wouldn’t want kids like I know he’s said he wants one but I don’t see him wanting kids honestly
  • it’s not that he’s selfish or against kids cause I know he’s such a softie !! but I think it’s more about being scared of having kids because he thinks he’ll mess his kids up and he won’t be a good father and like I get the vibes yoongi doesn’t have the best relationship with his parents and as someone who doesn’t have a good relationship with her own parents I know that it can really affect your views on parenting !!
  • so he doesn’t wanna make his kids feel like the way his parents have made him feel so he’s like let’s not
  • you two have been together a while and for the sake of this you’ve been settled down together for a while too
  • you’re thinking about kids because jin and tae and hoseok all have kids and jeongguk has one on the way so you definitely have been considering it
  • you know yoongi doesn’t really like talking about it but last time you brought it up you two were a lot younger
  • but you try talking to him about it and he just freezes and his voice gets all low and he narrows his eyes “don’t bring it up again”
  • your breath hitches in your throat and you nod and run upstairs to your room and he doesn’t come to apologize or explain himself or make things better and that night he ends up sleeping on the couch and you just thank god every day you’ve had that conversation now
  • the next morning he doesn’t bring it up and you don’t bring it up but you two eat breakfast in silence and yoongi heads to practice without saying much to you
  • he feels bad about pushing you away like that but he doesn’t know how to handle it? he’s not one to open up about his feelings especially about things this deep??
  • and he’s afraid? he’s afraid that you won’t accept his reasoning and that you’ll think he’s lying or something like if someone doesn’t have a “bad” relationship with their parents I don’t think they can really understand that fear??
  • he just doesn’t want to hurt his child?? so it’s better not to even have one to begin with??
  • he’s feeling really guilty though and he can’t talk to anyone about it bcuz they’re so preoccupied with their babies and this pisses him off even more !!
  • so he sulks and hardly moves during practice
  • okay anyway we need to get rolling I get so caught up in lil things…
  • yikes
  • it’s like three months after the talk and you’re like ooh yikes I should probably it up again !!
  • bcuz you realize that there is a very high chance that you’re pregnant !!
  • you actually didn’t come to this conclusion like you were at work and you weren’t feeling so hot and you were walking past one of the older ladies and she had a thermos thing of orange juice and you almost puked at the smell??
  • and she kinda gives you this look “um honey how have you been feeling lately??”
  • “kinda crappy actually why do you ask?”
  • when she suggests you might be pregnant you’re not shocked like things seemed off
  • you’re not surprised, or taken aback
  • no you’re absolutely horrified
  • yoongi had mentally and physically checked out of your relationship when you even brought up the idea of kids
  • like what is he gonna do when he finds out you’re actually pregnant?
  • you go home early that day, sick, when in actuality you throw yourself on your bed and sob
  • yoongi comes home late that night and he finds you curled up on your guys’ bed, sleeping
  • but you’re still in your work clothes and he takes a look at your face and it’s red and tear stained and his heart drops
  • he doesn’t want to wake you up so he decides he’ll ask you about it in the morning
  • so after he changed and brushes his teeth and whatever he curls up beside you and he kisses the nape of your neck
  • but he can’t sleep because he’s scared? you two usually are pretty open about things that this point in your relationship and the fact you didn’t even bother to text him about your day really worries him to death
  • but you’re up before yoongi wakes up the next morning and you’re out and there’s a note on the dresser “going to the store I’ll be back!” with lots of hearts
  • he smiles but then remembers what happened last night and he frowns and immediately calls you to make sure you’re actually at the store
  • you are
  • you’re looking at pregnancy tests but you’re at the store
  • yoongi says he wants to talk to you when you get home
  • you decide right then and there you’re not going to tell him the truth
  • you don’t want him to leave you
  • he’s your entire world and you know you’ll break if he leaves you
  • and even if he doesn’t leave you, and does stay around, you would just be a burden
  • he doesn’t want kids and he shouldn’t give up his entire life to help you live your dream
  • you don’t know how you’re going to hide it yet, but you’re going to no matter what
  • and to your surprise it doesn’t seem that hard
  • like once you confirm your pregnancy, you tell some of the mother hens at work about it and they immediately go into mom mode
  • they’re like offering to take you to your check ups, and they’re always giving you advice, and thinking of names with you !!
  • but one of them tells you to prepare for the morning sickness and the mood swings and so you’re like great yoongi is gonna come home one day to me puking my guts out !!
  • but you don’t get very morning sick like at all
  • honestly if you didn’t know any better you wouldn’t even think you’re pregnant because you show like zero signs and symptoms??
  • you’re never sick, and you’re not that moody, well not moody enough for yoongi to say anything, and your appetite hasn’t changed at all
  • so you’re like maybe that test was a false positive maybe everything is okay!!
  • you take it again and it still comes back positive and you groan
  • you do a really good job of keeping it from yoongi, but that could also be because he’s so absorbed in his music at the moment he’s hardly ever home
  • when you’re home alone you always end up googling things for the baby like what to eat to make sure they’re born healthy and what types of things you’re going to need to buy!!
  • like even if yoongi doesn’t want the baby there’s no way in hell you’re ever giving them up like this is your child? your baby? you made this lil tiny bean?? and you’re not going to ever leave them no matter what the situation is
  • but you’re still horrified
  • you and yoongi have been together for years now, you’re convinced he’s your soulmate and you know he’s the one true love of your life
  • you don’t want to lose him and you’re scared that he’ll leave you but you can’t hit break the news to him? you can’t risk losing him
  • yoongi starts to notice a change in your behaviour, not so much sickness or anything, but you definitely aren’t as warm around him
  • you avoid him when you can and you’re always hanging out with friends or covering other shifts and like he’ll come and run to come and hug you and you’ll push him away and he’s so scared
  • so one night he hears you get in the shower and he just plops outside the door he’s gonna wait for you and pounce
  • and you come out of the shower in your pajamas and you literally trip over him because you don’t see him there!!
  • and you start screaming and he’s cursing but before you can run he grabs your wrists and pulls you both up and he’s staring at you with a frown on his lips
  • “if you don’t love me anymore just tell me”
  • and your heart sinks in your chest because that’s not what you wanted to get into his head you didn’t want him to become suspicious of you and upset
  • you shake your head and bury his face in the crook of his neck “oh god no, no yoongi…” and you just stay there and he wraps his arms around your waist and holds you close to him
  • and you get ready to tell him but your breath hitches in your throat and you realize you love him too much to risk it so you stammer “it’s work, it’s been pissing me off, and I want to show my boss what I’m capable of… and it’s been putting me in a bad mood, and the last thing you need is my mood affecting you, especially since you’re working on the album…”
  • you’re lying through your teeth but you can’t bring yourself to be honest with him
  • yoongi seems to buy it though and he kisses your forehead “you know you never burden me with your problems… you can tell me whatever you need, okay? don’t hold anything back from me”
  • but you still don’t tell him
  • you actually tell seokjin first
  • well you don’t really tell him, he figures it out on his own
  • because you’re hanging out with all the boys and the other babies and you see them all and they’re so cute and precious and you can’t help but think that’s gonna be you and yoongi! you’re gonna have your own baby to hold in your arms and spoil rotten and-
  • then you remember yoongi doesn’t want kids and your heart sinks and you head into the kitchen to go stuff your face with cake and cry about it
  • and jin comes in holding his lil princess in his hip and he sees you with half a piece of cake in your mouth and your teary eyed and he kinda oh !!!
  • and it clicks like the way you’ve been fawning over mini Bangtan recently and the way yoongi has described you as being distant and a bit closed off and he kinda smiles softly
  • “how come you haven’t told him yet?”
  • and you just spit your cake out and his little girl is giggling and clapping and you just kinda sputter and stammer and you don’t know what to do??
  • jin gives you a soft smile cause it’s jin?? and he kinda whispers, “you know you need to tell him before it gets out of hand”
  • “i will!!”
  • “you won’t. and if you don’t, i’m going to need to tell him. it’s not healthy to keep that to yourself you know.”
  • like obviously you know that but does he seriously think it’s that easy?? you kinda nod to get him to shut up about it but you know there is no way in hell you’re gonna tell yoongi, you’re gonna ride this one out to last possible moment
  • but then as the time goes on, you get more and more isolated and jin is the only one who’s figured it out yet, and so obviously after yoongi, he’s the most worried, not just for you, but for your relationship with yoongi as well??
  • you’re like three months along and you’ve gone to every appointment alone, and you’ve done all the research and planning on your own but you do not want to tell yoongi for the life of you?
  • and so he does what any responsible best friend would do and he calls yoongi “hey man we should get some coffee”
  • yoongi is like oh yah okay just coffee with my bro okay he is not prepared for the bombshell seokjin is about to drop on him
  • but jin realizes how drastic the situation is coming, like you obviously have no intentions of telling your boyfriend the news anytime soon and it’s getting unhealthy and jin doesn’t want either of you to get hurt?
  • so he and yoongi are sitting down, having their tea and coffee and whatever and seokjin kinda “hey, i’m coming to you as one of your best friends. now don’t get angry…”
  • yoongi pauses and stares up at jin because he’s thinking maybe he tried liking hacking his computer again but jin looks ten times more serious than that and yoongi kinda gives him a nod to go on
  • “look, yoongi, you’re gonna be a dad.”
  • yoongi starts to laugh, hysterically, like he’s holding his side and jin gets agitated at this because it’s not a joke and he kinda “yoongi i’m serious? do you wanna know why your girlfriend  has been so closed off to you? do you wanna know why she’s avoiding you and avoiding us and everyone in general? do you wanna know why she hasn’t been herself?!”
  • yoongi freezes and his eyes go wide and his mug shatters to the ground and he hisses “you’re lying seokjin. you’re lying and you know you are”
  • he doesn’t even wait for jin to reply to that he stands up and slams his chair against the table and he rushes home to find out for himself
  • you’re reading when he storms in
  • “why the hell didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?!”
  • this is what you were afraid of to begin with
  • and maybe it’s the hormones, maybe it’s all the stress, maybe it’s the situation but you break down in tears and you throw your book at him because you don’t deserve him to get angry at you, and you don’t deserve him to come in and accuse you of something that is just as much his fault as it yours and you don’t deserve anymore stress than you’ve already been through
  • “it’s because i didn’t want something like this to happen god damnit it yoongi!”
  • you don’t know if you should be mad at jin for spilling the secret or mad at yoongi for not accepting the reality of the situation or at yourself for letting it get this bad but you’re hurt and you’re angry and you don’t know what to do except sob
  • “do you think I wanted this?” you scream “do you think i wanted this to happen? to make you choose us over your career and your dreams?? you act like this is all my fault, that i actually want this!!”
  • but you do want this
  • you want a family with yoongi, and you want to raise your child together, and you want the happiness and joy the others have from being parents
  • but it’s not something you can do alone and it’s not something you can do without yoongi and you don’t need him to hate you forever
  • “i never wanted to burden you yoongi…”
  • his heart breaks at this
  • he knows he shouldn’t have yelled and screamed and he should’ve been more supportive of you and he should have never said those awful things about never wanting kids because it was inevitably going to happen
  • but his biggest regret is ever making you feel like a burden, or feel like that you were an option, nothing more and nothing less
  • and he can’t handle it, he’s never been one to deal with emotions head on he’s always bottled them up and kept things to himself but this isn’t something he can just push off to deal with later
  • but he doesn’t know what to do he’s so overwhelmed and scared for so many different reasons but he also feels so so guilty and he doesn’t know what to do??
  • and he gives you this look and it’s the most heartbroken look you’ve ever seen on a human being
  • and he rushes into your arms and he buries his face into the crook of your neck and you know he’s crying but it’s silent
  • he’s breathing heavy and you wrap your arms around him and let him cry
  • when he finally composes himself he doesn’t look up at you but he mumbles against your skin “i never meant to make you think anything but you was my dream… and you’re not an option, or a burden, or…”
  • and you go to forgive him but he keeps talking “I’m scared. i don’t want the baby to be like me… i don’t want them to struggle through the things i’ve struggled with, i don’t want them to inherit anything because of me. i don’t want to fail them as a father, i don’t want to hurt them and ruin them for their rest of their lives… i don’t want to hurt someone like that, and im scared, and…”
  • you stroke his hair and kiss his head and even though you should be getting comforted you at least now know why he’s so hesitant about kids and why the topic always upset him and since you now know what’s scaring him you can find a way to fix it
  • he probably suggests that you guys go to a family type counseling thing so he can alleviate all his fears from the beginning and prepare himself to be the best dad he can be
  • like after the initial fight and stuff he still takes a lot of time to warm up to the idea of being a dad
  • his brain kinda denies it at first like he has to tell himself every day that it’s not just about the two of you now, that he needs to step back and think about what will be the best for the three of you
  • he’s not very affectionate at first but that’s because he’s really scared and he doesn’t want to mess anything up
  • like the most he’ll ever do is rest his hand on your ever growing bump if you’re watching a movie
  • slowly but surely though he starts to warm up to it and one day you stumble into the office/recording studio in the spare room and he’s looking up baby lullabies
  • or you’ll seem him scratching out names on the corners of notebooks or on napkins in the restaurant
  • but he doesn’t ever really talk about it much with you and that’s okay for right now cause you can tell he’s still trying to adjust, but he;s trying his best and that’s what matters
  • one day you’re chilling and you’re kinda oH we need to buy some clothes and yoongi kinda “why would we do that, you have like twenty pairs of pants at least”
  • “for the baby??”
  • he ohs and then kinda motions you to get into the car but as you shop you can tell he’s not very into it and he’s holding up onesies, looking absolutely positively confused out of his mind
  • and you guys go to see the development one day like pretty early on and he kinda blurts out “why the hell is there a dinosaur growing in your stomach”
  • he says he’s never going to hold the baby unless he’s taking them in the studio to have them listen to his music
  • he actually sits you down in his rolly chair one day and puts the headphones on your stomach best he can and puts one of his newest works in progress on and you kinda laugh because what a ham
  • like he doesn’t really get affectionate like i said but he definitely shows his care and excitement in the small ways
  • he puts the crib together all by himself and you guys are in the dingy apartment still so he sets it up in your room and it’s right near the bed and he’s so satisfied with himself
  • the apartment ladies are all betting money on who you two are gonna name the baby after cause they are convinced it’s gonna be after one of them
  • yoongi wants them to have a korean name for sure though you can’t convince me otherwise
  • he doesn’t want to find out the gender either because he knows he will be biased if you guys do
  • but like hold when he thinks you’re asleep he’ll start talking to the baby all shy “um… im scared of you, is that funny? i don’t want to break you or anything… god, you’re really turning my life around aren’t you? im excited to see you though, i hope you have my nose…”
  • like and when he thinks you’re sleeping he’ll pepper your stomach with kisses but right after he’ll bury his face behind his hands
  • this boy is like “wth you mean we need to buy this many diapers how many times do babies go to the bathroom??”
  • also the one who asks something along lines of “wait you’re telling me that this thing is gonna wake me up in the middle of the night what kind of demon is this?’ and hoseok and jin just laugh and namjoon just “im sorry for your loss bro”
  • him and chim are the bachelors without babies now just a little fyi they kicked yoongi out of the club
  • he tells the boys that if they throw him any kind of party he’ll light them all on fire, each and every one of them
  • but he likes ti hang around the others’ babies to see if he really is dad material and the first time he holds hoseok’s lil kid the baby starts to scream (that kid is just really attached to hoseok,,,) and yoongi immediately shoves him back into hoseok’s arms “i dont want this anymore, hoseok i dont want it”
  • and you face palm “yoongi are you gonna refer to our baby as an it forever?”
  • he doesn’t ever try to cook for you because he doesn’t want you to get food poisoning
  • but he does all the chores like the dishes and the laundry and he makes you rest all the time okay like you are not allowed to leave the bed or the couch
  • and the lil old ladies in the other apartments always come over and bring you casseroles and dinner platters for you two to have cause you’re too swollen to cook and they don’t want yoongi’s food to hurt the baby,,,
  • the first kick is when yoongi tries you to eat the pasta he just torched on the stove and the baby just kicks up a storm and you laugh and  tell him that it’s a sign that his cooking is actually sent from hell
  • he doesn’t really cry over the baby much but when you see them on the sonogram like not a dinosaur looking thing anymore like an actual baby he tears up because he can’t believe that’s his kid?? he vowed never to have a baby and here he is now with his own child on the way and they look so healthy and perfect and he can’t imagine his life any other way
  • the baby is born late
  • like so late in fact that yoongi is like um it’s been a week past your due date we need to get you to a hospital
  • so unlike the other boys it’s not a high drama event it’s not drastic and scary and there’s no panic and fear
  • he’s really calm, just a bit worried that something could be wrong
  • jin told him things like this are normal though and so he trusts him
  • you guys get there and explain the situation and they’re like “this is gonna be a c section” and yoongi drains of all color and he feels his throat get dry and his eyes widen and he kinda “what?”
  • “we can’t keep the baby in there any longer sir and they aren’t coming out on their own, please don’t worry, things will go smoothly i promise”
  • he’s allowed to come in thank god because you’re panicking and he just whispers things to you like memories you two share of your happiest moments, and he talks about the names you’ve decided on and he squeezes your hand and keeps you calm
  • he nearly faints at all the blood and the surgery but he stays strong for your sake and he keeps telling you that you’re doing amazing and that you’re almost done
  • when you hear the baby’s cries you break down in tears and yoongi swore he wasn’t gonna cry but then they hand him his beautiful baby girl and he loses it and he’s sobbing and smiling so widely
  • “what if i break her, god, don’t let me hold her too long”
  • he doesn’t let anyone else hold her though like the doctor comes to take her and he turns his back papa bear isn’t about letting others near his cub
  • she has a full head of black hair btw and then yoongi’s sleepy eyes and his nose and cheeks and his gummy smile like she looks like yoongi and you’re still bitter but she has your lips and she isn’t as pale as yoongi either and your ears and your build
  • yoongi is so scared when you first take her home he has the entire place bubble wrapped and he just kinda panics over everything!!
  • “is the light to bright for her?”
  • “is the water running too loud??”
  • he tries to make her laugh and instead makes her cry and this upset him forever and at her sixteenth birthday he still brings it up and crap but like he runs and hides and says he was never meant to be a father
  • he holds her wrong too like how my aunt holds babies and how like old people hold babies like their palm on their butt and just hold them there like that
  • and he always puts headphones on her and keeps her on his chest while records some bops
  • always telling her rude things about her uncles “yah hoseok over there is really annoying and he never shuts up, but he’s your godfather so um i guess you have to love him…”
  • he washes her in the sink for like two years he’s afraid she might drown otherwise
  • he doesn’t know how to change diapers
  • he never wants to get up in the middle of the night when she cries but he always does and he rocks her back to sleep and sometimes sings to her
  • the cat always end up sleeping with her and yoongi has  a heart attack or something like one night the cat just jumps in her crib and he shrieks and you have never heard him so loud in your life
  • always reads her bed time stories but gets nervous and trips over his words and then curses like oh “fu-” and you glare and he clamps his hand over his mouth
  • he always takes her on walks in the baby stroller and has these shades on her face and he’s like “hell im the coolest dad on the block”
  • probably lets her watch scooby doo when she’s under one and you ban him to the couch because that is too scary for your baby
  • also tries to bring her to underground rap concert things ahaha that doesn’t go over well with you at all
  • he tries hard though and he would be a cute dad despite all his insecurities and part two is gonna be fluffy as heck be prepared
I’ll Cover You (Chanyeol)

Title: I’ll Cover You (Oneshot)
Words: 1,012
Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader
Summary: Due to a storm and a little brat, you find yourself staying overnight at your boyfriend’s dorm.
Requested by anonymous:

“hey i love your work :) request a chanyeol one shot where you stay over at the dorm for the first time and share a bed with chanyeol ( he also gives you his shirt to sleep in) for the first time and you’re both very shy at first but both like the fact that y'all are close and it ends with you cuddling him to sleep. and in the morning the members find you both together and chanyeol confesses and he steals your first kiss. FLUFF PLEASE. thanks so much!!!! :)”

A/N: This was pretty fun to write, I changed it just a bit, hope that’s okay!
- Admin Avis

Originally posted by essentyeol

This isn’t the first time you had been at the boys dorm, in fact you were a frequent visitor there, to the point that their couch had an indent of where you sat all the time.  You enjoyed watching tv and playing video games with them, but the real reason you were there was for your boyfriend, Chanyeol, whose shoulder you had been leaning against.

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Early Morning Company

Anonymous: I love this blog!! The fics are so cute and well written and I have a request if you are still accepting, if not that’s okay! Anyways, my request is Matt teaching reader how to fight at the old gym? Thank you so much for this blog :)

I loved this request. I don’t even know where my brain took me, but I kind of liked it lol. I hope you like it <3

Just so y'all know I have I think 12 requests right now (yayy), so I most likely got yours if you were unsure. I’ll try to get my act together soon XD I’m still a bit busy finishing up school and other stuff. Okay, I’ll stop rambling now.

1240 words. Enjoy xx (not my gif)

You entered the old gym at the break of dawn, the door creaking behind you as it shut. Matt was ahead of you, walking through the darkness towards the center of the room.

Your eyes were wide as you tried to see in the dark. “Where’s the light switch?” You asked, hoping he at least knew where that was.

“Oh, it’s, uh, over by the door on the wall,” he gestured towards where you came in while covering his hands with white wrapping.

You flipped the switch on, your eyes adjusting immediately to the dim lights overhead. Matt took off his glasses and held out his hand, his other holding the wrap. “Let’s wrap your hands first.”

He took your hands in his, wrapping them carefully and securely. “So, I really don’t know what I’m doing,” you said, staring at the punching bag hanging from the ceiling.

“Don’t worry,” he chuckled. When he finished, he squeezed your hands once and let go. “We’re going to start simple, and then I’ll show you some more defensive techniques, okay?”

You nodded, breathing out a quiet, “Yeah.” You stood in front of the punching bag with no knowledge of it whatsoever. Matt had probably used that thing so many times, but you didn’t even know where to place your feet let alone where to hit.

The other day, he told you he wanted to train you to fight. You readily agreed, having already planned to ask him to anyway. You had started to work out, but you had no idea how to fight or even defend yourself properly. Matt’s secret wasn’t a secret to you anymore, not since Foggy was talking a bit too loud on the phone in the office. And by talking, you meant shouting at Matt for getting himself injured again.

Matt had been your boyfriend for a few weeks already, although you’d known him for quite some time. You were shocked he had hid this large of a secret from you for as long as he did. You didn’t like that he hadn’t told you, so you planned to not speak to him for a while. Not long-you didn’t think you could last long without speaking to your boyfriend-just a day or two. Eight hours was apparently enough for Matt, because by then he was practically begging you to speak with him again.

You knew he was worried for you now that his enemies could come after you to get to him if they found out who you were. But if you were honest, and he would have had to agree, your relationship was much better off without the lies. Any relationship would be.

You were happier with him, that was for sure, and he was closer to you now. He made sure to be near you any second he could, perhaps because of his worry for you. Secret smiles, hand touches… The little things he did drove you crazy. And he knew it, too.

“Okay,” Matt stated, and you straightened up, looking at him and waiting for any kind of instruction. “Fighting stance; feet spread slightly apart, non dominant foot forward. There you go.”

So far, so good.

He guided your arms up next, “You know how this goes,” he smiled, “make a fist like you’re going to punch something. That’s what we’re here for.”

“I’m going to punch something, alright,” you grumbled. Matt laughed, ducking his face down towards the floor. Your hands came up near your head, and Matt guided your dominant hand more towards your face, making sure your thumb was curled under your fingers. You swallowed, focusing on keeping your hands where they were as he pulled away, missing his touch.

His hand suddenly landed on your shoulder gently. “Relax, Y/n.” Your muscles relaxed under his touch and you bent your knees slightly. “Good. Here,” his palm rested against your abdomen, and, Jesus, like there weren’t butterflies in your stomach already. “Keep your muscles tight.”

You did as you were told, clenching your teeth together. “Now what?”

Matt demonstrated how and where to hit the bag, with you following his every move. After about an hour of this, he stopped you. “You’re doing good, Y/n,” he praised. “That’s enough of this for today, we can work more on fighting next time.” He walked over to the large mats spread across the floor.

You took a deep breath, and drank some of your water. This was more exhausting than you thought it would be. But if it made him happy, you’d just push through. You walked over to him, “What’s next?”

“I want you to learn to defend yourself.”

You stood still where you were, watching as Matt came around behind you. You could still see him from out of the corner of your eye. “If someone grabs your arm, what would your first response be?” His hand lightly grabbed your arm, thumb resting on the inside of your elbow.

“Um,” you stuttered, “punch them in the face?” You shrugged. “Or kick them, y'know, where it hurts.”

He laughed, making you smile. “Alright. If you take the first approach,” he said pointedly, silently telling you that you weren’t actually going to do it, “then don’t just punch blindly. Aim for the throat or the eyes. That hurts and will make it easier to get free.”

You nodded. Matt moved more behind you, and you felt his chest barely pressing up against your back. You closed your eyes, trying to keep your heart rate steady. He wasn’t making this training session very easy for you, was he?

“What about a headlock? The person is standing behind you.”

You swallowed, “I don’t know.”

His head bent down closer to yours. He smelled like his cologne and sweat and minty toothpaste and just, him. You shut your eyes again, but there was no controlling your rapid heartbeat this time. “Well, you could elbow them in the gut, or move behind them and kick them behind the knee.”

Barely focusing at this point, a thought occurred to you, and your eyes shot open. “Matthew Michael Murdock-” you started accusingly, but he cut you off.

“What?” He backed away, but you could hear the smirk in his voice.

You turned around, wanting to wipe the smug smirk off his face. “You know what, you jerk. You’re doing this on purpose.”

He licked his lips, tilting his head and pulling off the innocent look that he did so well. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Y/n.”

You shook your head, walking up to him slowly. “You’re not making this whole training thing very easy. Not that I’m complaining, but…” Resting your hands on his chest, you felt his breathing falter, and you smiled to yourself. “I don’t think I’m making very much progress.” Your hands traveled up to his face, lightly tracing a cut on his cheekbone.

“Maybe we should stop for today,” he suggested, his hands finding your waist and pulling you closer.

You hummed in agreement, tilting your head up and connecting your lips to his. You smiled into the kiss, knowing that he definitely tried to distract you on purpose. Well, it certainly worked.


Alexander x Reader

AU: Modern College

Request: “My name is Em, i’m british andddd i’m very silly, shy, clumsy, love showing people how much i care, love friends, far too emotional! XD i was thinking something modern with Alexander? :3 i’m happy with anything fluffy and sappy tbh but maybe something like in school & one of them kinda defends the other from bullies or mean people?? like they’re friends and such but dont talk much and after that they do and it’s just all happy and fluffy.”

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this y'all, I hope y'all enjoy reading it :D Thanks to everyone who reads my work and likes it, know that I love each and every one of y'all (P.S. I’m thinking of calling you guys my smol baguettes, let me know what you guys think :3) (P.P.S., I just got through with my own finals and yeah! Only till next quarter @.@)

* * *

Finals week.

You wanted to meet whoever decided that every class should have their finals in the same week and just throw some hot coffee on them. Or just scream. The less agressive version was probably the better.

Your first year of college had been going okay, although you still hadn’t broke out of your shell much. You didn’t consider yourself to be boring by any means, you were actually a pretty bubbly person. But for some reason, the thought of approaching people with that enthusiasm made you want to crawl into one of your over-sized sweaters (preferably your soft and cozy gray one).

There was a couple of kids in the class that you had seen a few times before; Hamilton, he was always agruing with a tall kid with fuzzy hair about neraly everything, freckles, who sat in the seat in front of you and smiled at you every now and then, an extremely tall French-accented guy that always seemed to be keeping his rowdy friend (the one with the name of a greek god, Apollo maybe?) out of trouble. Other than that, you were pretty much alone. But, you had a feeling that that would change soon. You didn’t know how, but you just had a feeling.

You decided that in an attempt to branch out and get to know people, you’d do something nice for your topics in U.S. History class; you’d take some of the stress off of finals week by making cupcakes for everyone.

Who doesn’t like cupcakes?

After much thought and deliberation, you had settled on red-velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting. Since you were exhausted but still wanted to make the treats, you had decided to use box mix and canned frosting, Betty Crocker would do just fine.

You had just finished frosting them when you checked your phone, and it seemed that you were so caught up in decorating that you hadn’t noticed that you were about to be late.

“Come on the one time I actually try to do something nice!” You muttered, stuffing your phone in your pocket before grabbing the cupcakes and heading out of your dorm. It was days like this you were really grateful that you decided to live on campus.

The container that held the cakes was quite bulky and you were struggling to keep it under your arm and jog at the same time. You needed to stop and readjust it, and this is when you realized; you were being followed. It was only for a moment, but you knew you heard foot steps behind you. And they had stopped when you did. Your heart began racing as you surveyed the area around you, not a soul in sight. Everyone must be in class. The building where your class was held loomed only twenty feet ahead, and if you booked it, you could make it.

“Ooh, nice cupcakes, cupcake.” The voice behind you sneared. You froze. You were a smaller girl, definitely not strong enough to take on the gruff male voice coming from behind you. Slowly, you turned to face your confronter.

Charles Lee, the captain of the football team. A.KA., the biggest douchebag on campus. Great, now you had to deal with him AND be late.

“Did you need something?” You asked curtly “I have a class to go to.”

He gave you a sickly-sweet smile and walked a step closer, and you took a step back. “Well, I was hoping you could help me with something. I’ve heard rumors that you’re pretty smart, is this true?”

An uneasy feeling settled in your stomach, you didn’t like where this was going. You did have a 3.8 GPA, but you weren’t really sure of what importance that was to him. “I guess?” You shrugged, gripping the box of cupcakes a little tighter.

His smiled only grew wider, and his eyes sparkled. He looked like he was enjoying your discomfort. “Then this arrangement will work well.” He took another step towards you, and you found yourself backed up against a tree.

You tried to keep ypur voice steady, hoping it didn’t sound as panicked as you felt. “What arrangement?”

He placed his hands next to your head against the tree, trapping you with his arms. “Big man on campus tells me I need to get my grades up or I can’t play football. So, you’d do all my work for me Ms.Brainiac and in return,” he pulled down one hand and gripped your wrist, you let out a small yelp in surprise and pain, “and you won’t get hurt.”

Oh god, why hadn’t you brought your pepper spray today? You thought. ‘Because you were in a rush.’ Your heart was beating out of your chest as your mind raced, trying to think of escape routes. But he was too tall, his body seemed to be closing in around yours. He dug his nails into your wrist.

“I don’t know why you’re thinking about this like you have a choice.” He growled, no longer smiling, but smirking. You wanted to puke.

“I-I have classes too, there’s no way I’d be able to do your work and mine! I’m sorry, but it’s a no.” You attempted to wriggle free, but it was useless. Suddenly, he grabbed your cupcakes and threw the box to the ground next to you. He grabbed your free arm and flipped you around, twisting your arm behind your back. The burning pain brought tears to your eyes.

“Did you not hear me when I said you didn’t have a choice you little bi-”

“LEE!” Suddenly, your arm was realesed and you heard the man behind you turn around.

“Well if it isn’t the bastard, orphan hims-” You had turned around, just as Charles was cut off by a punch to the mouth. The powerful blow knocked him back, and you quickly darted out from against the tree. You wanted to run, but you needed your cupcakes, priorities right?

Your savior was much smaller height-wise than Lee, but he seemed just as strong, if not stronger as his hair flew out wildly from his ponytail with each punch to Lee’s gut. It was only a matter of seconds before Charles escaped from the position you were just in, holding his nose and stumbling away. “YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS HAMILTON! YOU AND YOUR FUCKING FRIENDS!” He yelled. But just like that, it’s over.

The man turned to face you, lip split. But other than that he looked untouched. You knew that face. You knew you knew that face. What had Lee called him?

“Are you alright?” He breathlessly aked, wiping a bit of blood from his mouth. His blue sweatshirt didn’t get any blood on it though, and for some reason you were really glad about that.

“U-um, yes. I think.” you rubbed the wrist where his finger marks shone, bright red and now turning purple. There was definitely going to be a bruise. You looked back upand stared into the man’s kind, brown eyes. “Thank you,” you thought for a moment, “Alexander.”

“Anytime, Charle’s is just a dickhead bully. You do not deserve to be bullied (Y/N).” His smile was far from Lee’s, it held concern and care and you couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he knew your name. His eyes fell on your box of cupcakes, which were no doubt crushed from the scuffle. Nevertheless, he carefully scooped them up and held them out to you. “I assume these are yours?”

You sighed and nodded. “I made cupcakes for eveyone for Washington’s class, you know, as a nice surprise for the end of finals week? So, I was late because I was decorating them, then on my way here,” you found your cheeks growing hot and internally shuddered, “that happened. They’re probably all ruined.”

He opened the box and stood next to you, allowing you to survey the damage. Only about half of them were smashed, which was good. The other half was still passable. Maybe.

His eyes lit up and you could see an excited gleam in his eye, much like that of a child on Christmas morning, eagerly surveying all of their presents. “Are these red velvet?” He asked. You nooded. He glanced up sheepishly at you. “May I have one?”

You chuckled. “As my knight in shining armour, you may have whatever your heart desires. I am in your debt.” You curtsied, which earned you a laugh.

“Why thank you m'lady.” He balanced the box with one hand and selected a cupcake with the other. Your eyes widened as he stuffed the entire thing into his mouth and quickly chewed, swallowing it just as quick as he had grabbed it. His eyes met yours and he chuckled. “Sorry, I didn’t eat breakfast this morning. But damn, those were good.”

You laughed and shook your head. “Thank Betty Crocker.” He smiled back at you, and you felt your cheeks once again growing warm. That smile…

“Um, well, Alexander. We probably should get to class.” You motioned to the building ahead of you. His eyes widened and he closed the box.

“Damn, right. Class.” He walked beside you, refusing to let you carry your bookbag or your cupcakes. Quite the gentleman indeed.

Just before you reached the door, you turned to Alex. “Why were you late this morning?” You asked. He smiled and shrugged.

“My alarm didn’t go off. Which is odd, because I know for sure I set it last night.” He shrugged. Okay, he could call you cliche but you had the strong premonition that this wasn’t just a freak coincidence.

It was fate.

* * *

“Alexxxxx,” you whined, “you’re hogging the enitre couch again!”

He chuckled and pulled you on top of his chest. “There, better?” You smiled and nuzzled into him.

“Get a room mon ami!”

“Yeah, we’re trying to watch the rest of the movie! Bumble Bee is kicking some major Decepticon ass!”

“(Y/N) and Alexander sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

Both you and Alexander laughed at the boys grouped on the floor in front of the couch. Hercules was sitting with his back against the couch, Lafayette sitting between his legs, curled up against him. John was now facing the two of you from the floor and making exaggerated kissing sounds. Alex threw a pillow at him.

Ever since that day three weeks ago, you and the boys had been inseperable. Once you had gotten into the classroom Alex had intoduced you to the group, and you had been delighted to find that they all knew who you were. And that you almost (but not really) got Herc’s name right. They had graciously accepted your cupcakes, insisting they were the best they had ever had, even when you insisted that it was just plain old box mix and some frosting. Nontheless, it made you happy.

Movie nights happened every couple of days, the only thing that ever varied was who’s dorm you were in and who got to pick the movie. Tonight since you were in Hercules and Lafayette’s dorm, you were watching Transformers.

But you weren’t really focused on the screen in front of you, you were too busy trying not to freak out too hard that you were this close to Alexander. And he didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Yes, you hated to admit it, but you had developed an intense crush for the dark-haired man. And you were in deep. No one in your squad knew about your feelings, and you intended on keeping it that way. After all, you thought, I’m just one of the guys to him. That’s all I’ll ever be.

You stayed nuzzled against Alex for the remainder of the movie, and only when the lights were turned on after the movie ended, did you realize Alex had fallen asleep. Soft snores cme from his mouth, which you found adorable. You brushed a few stray hairs out of his eyes, which seemed to always have bags under them. You were always hounding him about how he needed more sleep, and he rarely took your advice to get some.

You glanced down at the men on the floor, Lafayette had fallen asleep with his head against the chest of a passed out as well Hercules. You smiled, they made such a sweet couple. John was taking the movie out of the DVD player, then stood up and stretched. He turned back to face you and smiled.

“What?” You whispered, not wanting to wake Alex.

He shrugged, still grinning. “You two would be perfect together.”

You shook your head, cheeks ablaze. “No, we’re just friends John. You know that.” You couldn’t help the bite of bitterness in your tone. He cocked a brow and sat, cross legged on the floor a few feet from the couch.

“You like him.” It wasn’t really a question, more just a statement.

“No way.” you paused, then sighed. “And even if I did, there’s no way he’d ever feel the same.” Your heart sunk as you said the words you dreaded to hear. “So fine, I like him. Sue me. But I know it’ll never happen.”

Suddenly, he broke out into a grin and jumped up, moving towards the bathroom. You brushed it off, he must’ve really ahd to go. But that smile?

You disregarded it as just a John thing and turned your head back to lay against Alex. But your heart stopped when you saw his eyes open, staring back at you. He was wide awake.

“U-uh, how um…how much of that did you hear?” Your voice was barely above a whisper as your heart raced. You prayed he had just woken up when John jumped up.

“All of it.” He admitted. No such luck.

You needed to go, like, right now. You attempted to get up, but Alex held you to him, arms around your back. You felt tears prick at your eyes as you refused to look at him. You couldn’t take this kind of rejection. Not from him.

“(Y/N), look at me.” His voice was kind and you reluctantly brought your eyes back up to his. His brows were furrowed. “Is what you said, is it true?”

You nodded, biting your lip. No, you would not cry. You could not cry., not in front of him.

He smiled, then brushed a few locks of hair from your face. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to say the exact same thing to you.” Before you could respond, he had sat up just enough to press his lips against yours. This was the kiss you had dreamed about, the one all romantic-novel writers try to capture withing their pages. But there wasn’t a combination of words that could do something as magic as this justice.

When you finally pulled away, you looked back into his eyes. You found the same excitement as the day he had tried your cupcakes, and the thought made you smile.

“Damn y'all! It’s about time!” John exclaimed. Your head snapped to the right of you, where allof the boys were standing, phones out and smiling like idiots.

“Seriously,” Hercules groaned, “It was so painfully obvious that you two liked each other.”

You rolled your eyes. “Thanks for the support Herc.” He chuckled.

You loved these goofballs, and a strange thought popped in your head. You turned back to Alex, grinning. He smiled back down at you. “What is it?”

“I guess we should thank Charles Lee.” His smile dropped.

“Why in the hell would we do that?” You chuckled.

“If you hadn’t had to rescue me, I wouldn’t be cuddled up against you right now.”

He grunted. “I’m still not thanking the jackass. But,” he sighed, “You’re right. I guess.” You laughed and pressed a kiss to his pouted lips, in which he responded by pulling you tight against him, running a hand through your hair.

“Woah, woah, woah! Okay it was cute at first but seriously, Bon dieu get a room!” Laf groaned. You pulled away from Alex and giggled.

Maybe that is just what you two would do.

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I hope it's okay to request a gif reaction! If it is, can I please get one for bts finding out their s/o is a picky eater? (Also congrats on 3k!!!! Y'all deserve it bc your blog is amaze~)

Jin: “Aww jagi..well, more for me!”

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Suga: “Really?! You don’t even eat bulgogi?!”

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J-Hope: “WAHH?!”

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Rap Monster: “But it’s so good…”

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Jimin: “Will you at least try? I’ll do aegyo..”

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V: “But I cooked this just for you!”

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Jungkook: *gif explains it all*

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I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for your request!♡

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Girl Meets the Inevitable - a future GMW script headcanon (part 5)
  • The first four parts: http://theory-of-riarkletivity.tumblr.com/post/148108162256/all-the-stuff-ive-written-so-far
  • A/N: Alright yall it's been a hot minute but here I finally am, at like one in the morning, with the last part of Girl Meets the Inevitable. This one's a bit short cause it's the end of this episode but the story is gonna continue in the next one! There's also gonna be another episode set before this one and they're both gonna be co-written with bmwwritinggmw! There's gonna be more explanation and announcements regarding this endeavor in the future, but for now, I hope y'all enjoy the last part and thanks so much for reading and being so lovely!💜
  • (Riley and Maya at the bay window, Riley’s head is on Maya’s lap, Maya is stroking her hair)
  • Maya: ......
  • Riley: ......
  • Maya: So...do you wanna talk about it?
  • Riley: ...maybe later…I kind of just want to lay here right now if that’s okay.
  • Maya: Certainly...
  • Riley: ......
  • Maya: ......
  • Riley: ......
  • Maya: So...*checks watch*...oh would you look at that! It's later! Are we gonna talk about it?
  • Riley: ....no thanks.
  • Maya: *still trying to be sensitive but* Riley, come on, you’ve gotta say SOMETHING.
  • Riley: *sits up* What is there to say Maya? You heard what he said.
  • Maya: I just need some context, honey. Like how mad are you, is this a “get over it in a week or two” kind of mad or a “we’re cutting Farkle out of our lives forever” kind of mad?
  • Riley: I don’t... I don’t think I’m mad him.
  • Maya: You sounded pretty mad a few hours ago.
  • Riley: But I don’t feel angry I just feel...I think I just got my feelings a little hurt.
  • (this is the first time Riley has actually looked Maya in the eye, and Maya just now realizes that she’s been crying)
  • Maya: That sounds like a reason to be angry to me. *ready to FIGHT HIM*
  • Riley: But I know he never meant to do that, he’s Farkle. He wants us to be happy. He was just scared...I mean that’s what he said right? And either way, what he said is true.
  • Maya: What’s true?
  • Riley: ...That I’m naive. That I’m “too emotional to think straight.”...he’s right. *laughs a little* I mean, of course he’s right! He’s a genius, and he knows me better than anyone.
  • Maya: Hey now.
  • Riley: *smiles, but she’s still teary-eyed* Except you, of course.
  • Maya: Better. And what he said was still too harsh. You’re optimistic is all, you’re a dreamer, Riles, that’s a good thing!
  • Riley: No, it’s not always a good thing, Maya. I dream so much that I have no idea what’s actually happening. How can I be mad at him for telling the truth?
  • Maya: Because he made you feel bad about yourself and that’s not okay. He’s never done that before.
  • Riley: But I needed to hear that. I needed to get out of Rileytown so that I could deal with this situation practically and logically, the way Farkle does.
  • Maya: What for?
  • Riley: Because my way obviously hasn’t been working! So I’ve been trying to figure out what this situation looks like from his perspective.
  • Maya: And?
  • Riley: And...*sigh* I’ve come to the conclusion that...maybe this just wasn’t a good idea.
  • Maya: Riley I’ve talked to him and that’s not what he’s thinking! He doesn’t even know-
  • Riley: You talked to him?
  • Maya: Yeah, when you were in your Smackle meeting.
  • Riley: And?
  • Maya: He’s just...he’s just scared, he doesn’t know exactly what’s going on but he’s worried about you, you know how he gets. He just doesn’t want to lose you.
  • Riley: Exactly! It’s too much of a risk, I mean, we’ve already nearly killed each other and we haven’t even talked about being together yet! We’re just so different... Smackle says that’s a good thing, that we balance each other out, but how are we supposed to be together if we can’t even agree on one stupid assignment?
  • Maya: But that doesn’t change how you feel about him does it?
  • Riley: Not even a little bit. *getting more emotional now* But I will always love him as my friend before I like him as some boy, and as someone who loves him, I wanna do what’s best for him. And it’s best for everyone that we just forget this ever happened.
  • Maya: So we’re back where we started? Squishing down your feelings till they go away?
  • Riley: I’ve made my decision, Maya. *she means it*
  • Maya: *sigh* Whatever you want, sunshine.
  • Riley: *chuckles* It’s not what I want. (She puts her head on Maya’s shoulder, she proper crying despite her stubbornness to be rational) But it’s the right thing to do.
  • ~THE END (for now lol)~

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Looking for a daring Nude look that will turn heads? Here it is! I created this makeup look inspired by the new StyleHaul series “Vanity” that I’m featured in! I got to play myself in the first episode. How cool is that?! This was my first actual acting role. I was so nervous! I think I did an okay job. I’ll stick to playing in makeup and leave the acting to the pros. Lol! I hope you enjoy this makeup look and I hope you enjoy the episode I was in! Don’t forget to watch until the end to get a chance to see it. I love you and thank you so much for helping me live my dreams. I couldn’t do it without you! You all are truly a blessing to me. 💜💜🙏🏽

Watch Episode 1 of VANITY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STQVQ8EXGvU          

Comment RayeNation when you watch it!!! Love y'all!!!!😘😘❤️❤️❤️

Thick of It, 6

Chapter 6: O'Donnell’s

Summary:It’s been a long time coming. Starting fresh can’t be that hard, right? Meryl and Maks take a step back in time to try and rediscover each other and find out who they are now.

Man I’m so good to you ;) lol. JK! Okay guys I had some time that I could write today- just thank Maksyl and Valenna and you guys’ comments for this one! I hope you enjoy! Love you! Always- J.

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Hi again! I have another prompt? Amy is waiting for Sheldon at the train station when he comes back from his trip. I'll leave the details up to you but I'm curious as to what you will put :) thankyou!

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt.  I know enough about the premiere (which is honestly just the information in the press release) to know that this is not accurate in the slightest.  I felt a little silly writing this because I know y'all know what happens and I don’t, but that’s okay.  It’s fic.  It can be whatever I want it to be.  None of the versions of Sheldon’s homecoming I wrote were going to be accurate.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Thick of it, 17

Chapter 17: Home
Summary: Alabama. Arkansas. I do love my ma and pa, not the way that I do love you. Holy moly me-oh-my you’re the apple of my eye, everything comes easier when I’m with you.

Okay okay. This is way late and probably too short but it’s something. I’m super swamped with school and junk. Please note on Tumblr I call this chapter 17 because I void the smut chapter, but Ao3 does not make half chapters so- hence 18 in the title. :) But thank you for the continued interest! Love you! Always- J.

Thick of It, 7

Chapter 7: Pompeii

Summary: Rushed. Havoc. Harsh. There wasn’t enough words in the dictionary for today. Everyone hates Mondays, right?

PLEASE READ: Hey guys! I can’t believe I’m posting another chapter?! Lol. Okay I want y’all to know that when I wrote this I wanted* it to feel rushed. I wanted this chapter to go boom-bang-pow. I will say that I didn’t plan this out but I did have this idea from the get go. So, as always, thank you in advance for any kudos, reviews, and subscriptions. I hope you enjoy! Love you! Always- J.