okay tessa take a deep breath

  • Jem: *in a crowded room* Will is Tessa here with you?
  • Will: No I haven't seen her since this morning
  • Jem: That's okay I got this*takes a deep breath* "A Tale of Two Cities was a terrible book!!"
  • Will: *From the other side of the room* DA FUCK YOU JUST SAY?!?!?!
  • Jem: *Looks at the Will right beside him* you're Tessa aren't you?
  • Tessa as Will: Yup, when are you guys gonna stop falling for that!

Dog Sitter; Chapter 2



The next several hours were a blur. A weird blur.

I was introduced to Mr. Holland and found out where Tom got his jawline from.

Harrison took a selfie and realized he had stickers on his face; since the middle of our last flight.

I called to talk to my mom for a few minutes letting her know I was there. Most of the call was her asking me about the boys we saw and me trying to answer her without seeing super obvious that I was talking about them.

Then Mrs. Frost kept asking about the flight and gushing over the fact that she has her son and honorary daughter home.

And Tom didn’t talk.

I watched him scroll through Instagram, glance at me, and then would scroll through again.

Why was he acting so strange? We had just spend the last half day with each other and now this?

When he got to Mrs. Frost’s home is was even more strange.

As soon we get got there I was greeted by Harry, Sam, and Patrick who they call Paddy.

And Tessa.

“Ohh, Tess, Darling!” Tom gushes, finally showing some emotion as he kneels on his lawn, taking her into his arms.

Tessa is a blue Staffy with a short silvery grey coat.

As soon as she squirms from Tom’s arms she wiggles toward Harrison and Harry and Paddy and Mr. Holland and then finally to me.

Her nose is twitching toward the sky as she steps closer to me.

I glance between her brown eyes and Tom’s and he smiling.

“Yeh, go on girl.” Paddy’s small voice comes from beside his eldest brother.

And finally the anxiety began to ease. Because now there’s a dog. And that’s what I’m good at.

“Hey there, cutie!” I kneel on one knee and reach into the side pocket of my backpack to pull out a small brown treat in the shape of a heart.

Tessa’s ears immediately perk up and her timid eyes become excited. She sniffs rapidly at my finger tips, my palm, and then in one single slurp she laps up the single treat, crunching it twice before swallowing.

“What a good girl!” I sit on my knees now and ruffle her ears like I would ruffle the hair of a child.

“I knew she’d love you.” Mrs. Frost smiles as she leans against Mr. Holland who has a bright white smile across his face.

“Boys,” she addresses the two youngest, “will you please make sure Tom’s room is tidy?”

The boys nod and the younger skips to the front door.

“I’m sure you’re exhausted, Angie.”

“I’m tired too, Mum.” Tom pouts and I can tell they he’s only partly joking.

“Yes, you too my darling.” She steps toward Tom and takes his arm. “Now if you’d show Angie to your room. Your father and I have made some changes-“

“To my room?” Tom asks, now being turned toward the front door by his mother.

Tessa is still next to me, watching me closely and I give her another treat.

Once inside I’m almost surprised at how homey everything is since I’m thousand of miles away from my own home.

“Angie, please make yourself at home. I will give you the grand tour after you’ve rested. Dominic has prepared dinner and we will be eating soon, but please,” she steps closer to me and takes my hands, Tom’s smile spreading across her face, “if you just want to sleep, we understand.”

I take in a deep breath, about to say ‘Oh no, that’s okay’, but then I feel the ache in my back and the heaviness in my eyes.

Before I could respond Mrs. Frost squeezes my hands. “I’m just so happy you’re here!” She has my hands and pulls me into a comforting hug and I start to feel my eyes sting.

I look up and can see Tom watching with a soft smile before looking away.

Mrs. Frost loosens her grip and when I come away from the hug I see her eyes just as shiney as mine.

We laugh and she wipes her right eye.

“Son, will you show her to her room?”

I look toward Tom and he stiffens up. “Yeh, let’s bring your…” his voice trails off as he spins looking for my suitcase that was behind him.

“Just let me know if you need anything.” Mrs. Frost smiles and then leaves for her other sons who start to tell her about something interesting, but then I’m alone with Tom.

He smiles quietly and we both can feel how awkward this is.

I follow him into what I assume was his room based on what Mrs. Frost has said and once I enter the door I’m sure it is.

The floor is a light beige carpet, the walls are white. One wall is just a bookcase from carpet to ceiling filled with different sizes and colors of books. A guitar in one corner and a computer desk with a black rolling chair. A large window letting in so much natural light and two twin beds on either side of the room.

I’m snapped out of my daze when Tom drops my suitcase onto the red bed.

“So this is your, well, our room.” He rubs the back of his neck and steps back, his calves meeting the blue bed.

I step forward as I slowly slip my backpack off of my shoulder and next to my suitcase. I glance over my shoulder before sitting down and see that the door is only slightly open.

I take a deep breath and look up at Tom.

“So… you gotta admit, this is fucking weird.”

He immediately laughs and sighs.

“Bloody bizarre.” His shoulders relax.

“Can we just, get it all out?”

His head tilts slightly.

“Like, full transparency.”

He nods once, “Ahhh. Yes. That’s probably best.”


We are quiet a few seconds. Both sat on a twin bed now only a few feet apart.

“So…” he copies my tone.

“So you’re Spider-Man…”

He’s quiet a few more seconds. “Yeh.” He smiles and rubs he knees. “And you’re the girl my Mum’s been talking to for months about taking care of Tessa.”

“Yep.” I rub my knees the same way and nod while sucking my lips in.

“And you honestly didn’t know who I was the entire time?”

I laugh. “No clue. My mom and I saw you and Harrison leave behind that crowd in California… I mean I felt like you were familiar… but-“

“Does your Mum know?”

I laugh again. “Yeah.” I scoot back slightly on the bed and sit cross legged. “But if you’re Spider-Man, is Harrison…”

“Just my best mate.” He smiles and holds his hands in his lap. “Same as I told ya on our last flight.”

“This is insane.” I shake my head and look at the floor.

“I mean- I’m just a normal guy,” he holds his hand to his chest. “I might know people that a lot of people know, but I’m also a son, and a brother… just normal.”

His voice is somehow softer and he’s right. He is just… normal. If it hadn’t been for the airport crowds he would’ve been like any other guy. He’s got an accent and he’s pretty cute, but nothing too special.

“Yeah, me too.” I nod making him laugh. “I’ve been in a couple movies too, ya know?”

“Movies, eh?”

“Yeah.” I let one leg fall as I shift on the bed slightly. “There’s one about this little girl. She’s real smart, but kind of clumsy, and she gets this ruby red tricycle for Christmas…”

I am obviously describing a random home video I’ve seen hundreds of times, but Tom is smirking and nodding, playing along.

“So she is trying this bike for the first time, but plot twist!” I raise my hands making Tom jump, “she’s too scared and actually never uses it or learns how to ride any bike for the rest of her life!”

“You don’t know how to ride a bike?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Nope.” I chuckle, but he’s quiet.

“Well, it looks like we’ll be roomies until… well until my next gig. I’ll give you some privacy.” He stands and almost bows making me smile, but then he’s gone and the door is closed.

“What the hell is happening.” I lay onto my back and stare at the ceiling for a minute before sitting up again. As much as I’ve enjoyed talking to him, I am so wiped.

For the next hour or so I unpack some of my stuff, find the bathroom that is fixed between my door and another which for now I’ll guess is the room of one of Tom’s brothers, and wash up some.

Just as I’m putting some of my things out on the counter I hear laughter.

I peek my head out of the bathroom door and look across the cozy home.

“Awe, come on!” A voice shouts, maybe Sam.

“Try again!”

That was definitely Tom.

I put some things back in my room and slip on my shoes before walking toward the back yard.

“Just remember, you’ve got to tuck your head in. Like this.”

I close the sliding glass door and see a large backyard with Tom, Paddy, and Harrison standing on a large blue mat that takes up most of the space.

“Hey, Angela!” Harrison waves which distracts Tom and just the right moment, causing his front flip to come up short.

He goes up and then flat on his back and Harrison and Paddy immediately burst into laughter.

“Oh- oh my gosh, are you okay?”

Tom is coughing and gets on his hands and knees.

“He’s fine.” Harrison smiles and smacks his back.

I slip my shoes off, since the boys are in their socks on the mat, and I step up to join them.

“Fuck off.” Tom laughs through a couple more coughs and then he stands.

I can’t help but smile at their antics and I see Tom’s cheeks flush pink for a second before he turns away to try again, and this time he is successful.

“I’ll never get it.” Paddy is quiet a moment.

“You’ll get it, Pads.” He ruffles Paddy’s curls before glancing at me. “Do you want to try, Angela?”


“Yeh!” He laughs.

“Like, try to front flip?” My stomach feels like it’s already upside-down.

“Yeh, come here.” He gestures for me to come closer.

I look at Paddy and Harrison and they’re both smiling and watching me.

“So the first step is tumbling. So you’ll just get on your knees, tuck in your head, and push!”

And I watch him roll forward.

I take a deep breath and kneel. “Don’t laugh at me.” I say, putting my palms on the blue mat.

“I would never.” He smiles, holding back a laugh already.

I do as he said. I tuck in my head and push. The first time not enough and the second time probably too hard because I tumble but land pretty hard on my back.

I hear laughing from all three of them. When I open my eyes Tom is standing above me and extending his hand.

“You said you wouldn’t lauuuugh.” I groan and roll onto my stomach.

Tom’s hands are suddenly at my waist and he helps me to stand.

“Let’s just get step one down, yeh?”

Who couldn’t resist that smile.

For the next hour or so Tom and I take turns tumbling and each time I feel like I’m smacking on my back.

Harrison and Paddy try a couple tricks themselves across the yard and occasionally Harry and Sam come into the backyard to talk to them.

“Tommm, don’t make me flop again.” I’m on my back, panting.

“You can do it, Angie. Come on. Up up.” He takes my hand and helps me to my feet.

If I was tired before this, but I feel like I could sleep on this mat, right here and now.

“If you just touch your chin to your chest, I promise you’ll get it.”

“You promise?”

He takes my hand and smiles, but then immediately drops it.

“Let’s try once more and then we’ll rest for the night.”

“Who knew… I move to England to take care of a dog and now I’m the one learning the tricks.”

Tom laughs and does his tumble, as easy as ever.

I kneel, my hands on the mat just as it has been the at least hundred times I’ve tried.

“Touch your chin to your chest.”

I do. And I push.

And I land.

“Fuck, yeah! You did it! Angie did it!” He shouts toward where Paddy and Harrison were only to see the rest of the yard was now empty.

I stand and feel tired, but accomplished.

“Thanks for teaching me, Tom… but I am so tired.”

“Oh! Yeah! Of course-“

He quickly steps down from the blue pad and extends his hand, helping me down.

“Th- thanks.” I take my hand away and hold them behind my back.

“You two still out here?” Mrs. Frost pokes her head out of the back door.

“Yeh, Mum. We’re coming.”

Tom follows me inside and it’s quiet.

“You two outlasted even Paddy!”

“Everyone’s asleep?” I ask, still walking toward my… our room.

“Yeh.” Tom smiles. “My family likes to be up early.”

“I hope that’s okay.” Mrs. Frost says from behind me.

“Yeah! Yeah, of course. I mean my sleep schedule is weird right now anyway, so I’ll be able to adapt to whatever you need.”

“Then I’ll see you bright and early.” She smiles and extends her arms.

We hug and my eyes sting again, remember my own mom and how far away she is.

“Goodnight, son.” She then hugs him and kisses his cheek.

“Night, Mum.” He smiles and she leaves.

He extends his arm signaling for me to take the lead.

I walk into our room and flop face first into my bed.

“Me too.” He says.

Over the next hour we take turns in the bathroom; showering, changing, brushing our teeth.

When I’m finished I bring my things back into my room and toss them on my suitcase to be tended to later.

Tom is already under the blue blanket. It’s only up to his waist and he’s on his phone.

I get into my bed and do the same, just a small lamp between us keeping everything visible.

“Is it weird being famous?”

I can hear Tom turn toward me, but I keep my gaze at the ceiling.

“Well. Weird no. But overwhelming sometimes. Yes.”

“Do you have like… a secret Instagram that only your close friends and family have?”

He chuckles. “Yeh.”

“Can I have it?” Still looking at the ceiling.

“I mean, sure.”

“In the morning though…” I wave my hand in the air.

It’s quiet again.

He laughs a little and turns off the lamp.

It’s quiet again, this time for a bit longer.

“Does it suck being in public?”

It’s quiet a moment and then he answers, sounding tired now.

“Sometimes. Sometimes it feels like people forget I get tired too. But I love seeing fans and meeting people. Just sometimes I’m fucking tired.”

I don’t say anything. I’m almost asleep.


After a moment I answer, “Mhh?”

“Thanks for being so… kind. It’s not often I meet somebody new and enjoy it so much.”

I’m almost asleep, but I smile.

“I’m happy that even if we weren’t on the same flight that we would’ve met anyway.”

I can barely hear him now.

“I hope you like it here.”

It’s so muffled I can barely make out his words.

And then I’m asleep.

And then I’m back home.

Mom is on the porch and there’s such a nice breeze coming through the doors.

“Mom!” I shout and burst into tears.

It’s only been a day, but I feel like it’s been years.

“Mom!” I shout again.

She doesn’t move.

“Mom!!” I yell louder.

Nothing. She sits on a dark wicker chair and looks out over the city.

I take a step closer, and closer, and closer, and I’m not moving. I’m not moving when I step and step and step.


Then each time I step I feel like I’m walking through mud, but I’m sliding backward and back and back until-

“Mom!” I shout as I sit up, this time actually shouting into the dark silent room.

I’m panting and realize my eyes are wet as Tom turns on the light.

His blanket is already off of him exposing his white t-shirt and black shorts.

“What’s wrong, Angie??”

I can’t talk. I’m panting and my mouth is dry.

He jumps from his bed and leaves the room, but is back quickly with a glass of water. He sits at the foot of my bed and I gladly take the water, coughing slightly as I drink most of it.

Breathing between sips helps calm my breathing and he takes the cup back when he realizes I’m done.

He’s quiet, just watching me as I’m still sobbing.

After a few minutes I’m sniffling and I finally start to breath normally.

“Angela. You alright?”

I look up at him and he’s blurry through my tears. I nod, but still do not say anything.

He moves closer. “You sure?”

I nod and use my tank top to wipe my eyes.

“I probably look crazy.”

He doesn’t laugh like I thought he would. Instead he takes my hand.

“You don’t look crazy, Angie. Tired. And sad. But not crazy.”

He’s still holding my hand and the kindness causes me to choke back tears again for a minute or so.

He’s stroking the back of my hand with his thumb when I calm down again.

“I just miss… my mom.” I gasp.

He nods and lets go of my hand.

“It’s hard. It is. We are all here for you and you’ve heard my Mum already say, you are to make yourself at home here.”

I nod.

“Let’s…” his voice trails off and then he stands. “Hey could you stand a minute?”

“Stand?” I sniffle.

“Trust me.” He smiles.

I push the red blanket down and stand.

“Over here.” He points to the foot of my bed next to my suitcase. “Perfect.” He says when I’m standing where he pointed.

Next I watch as he walks between our beds and then grips the bottom of his bed before tugging. He rolls over it and then pushes it further from the wall, now a foot closer to my bed. He does the same to my bed and now they are only maybe a half a foot apart.

To finish he looks through his closet a second before pulling out an old teddy bear. He gets onto the blue bed and places the bear over the place between our pillows.

“Nigel will be here. He likes cuddles. And I’ll be right here. If you need anything.” He points to his bear and then himself.

I smile and my cheeks feel warm making the new tears seem almost cold.

“Oh, Angie.” He stands.

“It’s okay. It’s a good cry. Thank you, Tom.” I crawl into the red bed and lay down before taking a deep breath, my breath still wavering slightly.

“Night, Angie.”

And I’m asleep again before I can respond.

I’m ready.

“Do you know what’s happening?“ 

Mary Winchester glanced up at the ceiling with a sigh as Tessa helped her up. 


The reaper smiled comfortingly as she held out her hand.

“Are you ready?” 

Mary hesitated. 


Tessa smiled comfortingly. 

“They’ll be fine. I’m not here for them.” 

Mary breathed out a huge sigh of relief. 

“Thank God.” 

She glanced at the reaper uncertainly. 

“Would it be all right if I just… walked out of the house? Just to make sure they’re okay?” 

Tessa smiled sympathetically. 

“Of course." 

Mary walked unhindered through the flames and out the front door, her gaze lingering on her family as she passed them. She paused next to the Impala and ran her hand gently over the sleek, sun-warmed, black metal. Mary leaned down as a single tear fell from her cheek and rolled down the window, leaving a streak in the dust. 

"Take care of my boys,” she whispered. 

Straightening up, she turned to face Tessa and took a deep breath. 

“I’m ready.”

At one point in their lives (at least once)
  • Will: *takes a deep breath*
  • Will: I love -
  • Literally everyone else: Yes, you love Tessa, I know, you love Tessa so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Tessa, I KNOW, you love Tessa, you fucking love Tessa, okay I know, I get it, YOU LOVE TESSA. I GET IT.
Shadowhunter Ship Weeks - Jessa

Tessa woke up to a kiss.
It was a small peck on the cheek, but it filled her with happiness, and she smiled as she stretched all over the bed, shoving Jem to the side.
“It’s the day.” Jem whispered in her ear.
Tessa mumbled something, and rolled onto her side. She wiggled herself closer to Jem, burying her face into his chest, breathing in his scent. His usual burned sugar scent was gone, but Tessa loved this new scent, the scent that filled her nose wherever she was in their home. The scent of Jem.
“We should get up and dressed.” Jem poked Tessa’s chin, and the only reaction he got was a squeeze of Tessa’s hand on the back of his neck. “You know, you’re a lot like Church.”
“I’m not.” Tessa looked up at Jem, her face unreadable.
“Yes, you are. You take up the whole bed, you like to curl up beside me, and you are soft and small.”
“I am not small.” Tessa said defiantly. “And I curl up to you because I love you.”
“I know that.” Jem said leaning in, kissing her.
They were in bed for a few more long minutes, enjoying themselves, loving each other.
When they finally got out, took a shower, and dressed, Tessa ended up in tight black jeans, a deep red, frilly blouse, and black flats. She looked cute, like Tessa. Jem, on the other hand was dressed in more formal wear. He had dress pants on, and a shirt that matched Tessa’s in color, with a black tie. They looked good together. Like they were meant for each other, and they were.
The train ride took a long time, but they hoped they would get there in time. They had dinner reservations, and then Jem would take Tessa to her surprise.
They had snacks on the train, and Tessa was trying to guess what Jem had in mind for the surprise, but Jem was quiet. He started talking about anything but the surprise, and Tessa gave up in the end.
Fortunately, they arrived in time, and had about an hour for their dinner.
Tessa frowned at seeing that the day’s specialty had chocolate in it, and she ordered herself some ice cream instead. No chocolate.
The dessert felt good. It cooled Tessa down, and she needed it, because it was sweltering outside. The sun decided to shine like the holy fire.
“Okay, we can leave now.“ Jem took Tessa’s hand, and they walked to their next destination.
It wasn’t so far, but it wasn’t that close either. Tessa was glad she had flats instead of high heels. Her feet would ache from all the walking.
“Are you ready?” Jem asked, and took her hand.
“You know it.” Tessa’s smile was filled with love and excitement.
They soon reached a big building, which, as they walked in turned out to be an arena. It was filled with people, voices were carried over to Jem and Tessa.
Jem handed something to a man dressed in all black, and Tessa realized they were tickets.
They went in and found their seats.
“Are we about to see a play?” Tessa asked.
“Not telling.“ Jem smiled back at her.
“Okay, you are not allowed to surprise me anymore.” Tessa faked a pout, and crossed her arms.
“I love it when you do that.“
A moment later a woman stepped on the stage. She wore a beautiful dress, a modern version of a Victorian era dress. Tessa’s heart clenched at the sight of it. She took a deep breath, and Jem squeezed her hand.
And then, the woman took out her violin and started playing. The whole arena went silent, and the melodic sound of the violin filled every part, every crevice of the place.
Tessa was in awe. She couldn’t take off her eyes of the woman, the girl, because she looked so young. What Tessa didn’t realize was that Jem looked at her in the same awe. He was listening to the violin, of course he was, but his eyes were on Tessa. His eyes were always on Tessa.
Some time passed, and another melodic song started, but this time another girl appeared on the stage. She looked different, almost like a Shadowhunter, and Tessa looked at her intently, watching, in case a stray rune would appear on her, but there was nothing, just fair skin.
The two of them were in harmony. The girl with the violin moved, no, flowed across the stage, while the other one sang, her voice deeper than expected, almost gravely, strong. But beautiful.
There was a part in the song, about a mechanical heart, and Tessa couldn’t not think of her clockwork angel necklace. It was still hanging around her neck, not ticking.
When it all finished, she felt almost sad. Tessa wanted more of that, but she knew that she didn’t have to go far to get it. She had a personal violinist who could wake similar feelings in her.
Right after they left the arena, Tessa threw her arms around Jem’s neck, and kissed him hard, passionately. Jem’s arms snaked around her back, and he pulled her closer, until they were flush against each other.
The train ride back home was agonizingly long. Tessa was sighing the whole way, while Jem played with her hair.
“You’ll have to play the violin for me tonight.” Tessa said between sighs.
“I will.” Jem said, and his fingers got even more tangled in Tessa’s hair.
“No, you Jem.” Tessa smiled at him, and he couldn’t keep himself from laughing.
“Yes.” He breathed, and then kissed her.
That night the neighbors got their own concert, because Jem played until the wee hours of the morning.
Tessa never heard these melodies before, and she knew that Jem must have come up with them right there, channeling his feelings into it, making her feel special. Jem’s violin sang to her soul, and she was loved as only Jem could love her.