okay taking dog for a walk

if you see this post try to do any of these right now
  • drink a glass of water
  • put on chapstick/lip balm
  • clip/file/paint your nails
  • take three deep breaths
  • put on fuzzy/comfortable pants
  • say something outloud that you’ve been thinking
  • look up pictures of dogs or cats (or any animal you like basically)
  • walk around your house
  • go outside (if you can) and look for plants/flowers
  • take pictures of said plants/flowers
  • stretch your arms
  • if you’re sad try to smile as big as you can and take a picture of it
  • cheer up
  • it will be okay
  • Remus is a dog walker. It’s a perfect job, okay? He gets the dogs and the money. Also there are hot owners of the dogs, if you must. Well, just one hot owner.
  • Remus has been walking with Padfoot, Sirius Black’s dog, for almost three months now and he is so gone. Sirius is probably the most wonderful person he’s ever met. 
  •  But that’s beside the point because Remus is totally professional, yeah. 
  • Or maybe he’s not, he thinks every time Sirius happily greets him and makes a small talk. Anyway, he never seems to be eager to take things further, so it doesn’t matter. 
  • Padfoot is a good dog. He misbehaves a lot, but he’s really funny to watch. Remus enjoys those walks and he loves chatting with Sirius, but the thought that he should probably end it comes to his mind more and more often. 
  • Until one time he comes to pick up Padfoot as usual and Sirius is totally panicking. He’s mumbling something that sounds like he’s sorry and he should have called, but Remus doesn’t understand any of it. 
  • He frowns, but Sirius’s bubbling doesn’t become more coherent. It’s confusing. 
  • Finally he can make out some sense though. It seems like Padfoot is sick and Sirius doesn’t know what to do because apparently no one told him that vets were invented decades ago. 
  • Remus tries to quickly take the situation under control and tells Sirius to get Padfoot ready to go out. The closest vet is still a short ride away. Sirius’s face is still panicked, but he nods and disappears in the bedroom. 
  • Remus waits in the living room, inspecting endless rows of photos on the walls. Sirius is there in all ages and surroundings along with two guys, James and Peter (Remus met them a couple of times), and an unfamiliar redheaded girl. The photos are nice and Sirius looks so happy that it makes Remus smile involuntarily. 
  • When they are at the vet, Sirius is even paler. Remus clasps his back reassuringly and talks to the doctor himself. It is nice, knowing that he can help Sirius. 
  • Padfoot turns out to be fine, his sickness is not a serious one and Sirius smiles as the doctor tells them what to do. Remus only can coo at how much Sirius cares about his dog. 
  • “Thank you,” says Sirius as they drive back home. Remus shrugs. 
  • “Glad to help.“ 
  • “You know,” Sirius starts after a moment of hesitation, “You really help me a lot. Not just now, I mean… I really enjoy your presence. Really.“ 
  • Remus holds his breath. It takes his hardest effort to not let out a surprised “oh”. Well, he didn’t expect that. 
  • “So do I,” he answers instead. 
  • “That’s good,” Sirius smiles. He has an unapologetically beautiful smile. “So maybe we could, you know, hang out some time? As a date." 
  • Now, Remus really didn’t expect that. Wow. 
  • "Oh. Oh yes. Hell yes,” he blurts out. 
  • Sirius grins and shyly reaches to gently stroke Remus’s free hand with his thumb. It suddenly becomes very hard for him to concentrate on the road. Padfoot barks loudly from the back seat. Remus doesn’t think it could be more perfect.
Service Dog

Lafayette x Reader

“I’m sorry miss but you can’t bring your dog in here,” the employee at the store that you needed to shop at told you.

“But she’s my service dog! You have to let her in!” you protested, feeling as though you might cry.

The grumpy looking employee just shook their head and stood their ground.

“I don’t care. You need to take your dog and leave.”

The employee walked away, yourself just standing there, your eyes welling up with tears. You looked down at your dog Lily, seeing her looking at you worriedly. Just in the way that dogs can. It was sweet.

A classmate of yours, Lafayette, walked up to you when he noticed that you were just standing there.

“Y/N? Are you okay mon ami?” he asked concerned.

You shook your head, a few tears falling down your face. Your service dog nudged your leg with her head, knowing that you were stressed out and tried to comfort you.

“What’s happened?” Lafayette asked, making you face him. You hiccuped.

He wiped the tears off of your face and helped you over to a bench.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked you again, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

You took several deep breaths before calming down enough to tell him what had just happened.

“They won’t let me go into the store and get my stuff with my service dog. But I can’t leave her out here! She has to stay with me.”
An angry look passed on Lafayette’s face before he calmed himself down.

“Isn’t that illegal? I mean, I may still be new to America but I don’t think that they should be able to do that.”

You shrugged, looking down at your dog who was staring back at you.

“I don’t know. I just want to get my stuff and go home. But now I have to go all the way across town,” you mumbled.

“I’ll get whatever you need. You can sit here with your dog and enjoy the nice weather while I go get whatever you need!” Lafayette suggested.

“Oh no, I can’t ask you to do that,” you told him, starting to get up. He forced you to sit back down.

“Nonsense! Please, let me do this for you,” he replied, giving you the puppy eyes.

You groaned. He wouldn’t let you go would he.

“Alright fine. Here’s my list. I’ll pay you back when I see you at school.”

He jumped up and gave you a kiss on the forehead.

“I’ll be right back!”

You looked down at your dog. She looked back at you, then stood up and licked you on the face.

“You’re so cute Lily,” you told her, petting her on the head. You looked towards the doors of the store that Lafayette just entered.

“And so are you Lafayette. Thank you.”

Okay Tara, time to be productive!

Take your meds
Get in the shower
Put on your new awesome marauder shirt that you made rob buy you (remember to love him.)
Look good = feel good
Clean a little bit. He’ll be proud of you, you’ll be proud of you.
Take a break to write some fic. The ship crew will be proud of you, you’ll be proud of you.
Walk the dog. She’s proud of you anyway, but just pretend her pride will increase…
STUDY STUDY STUDY. The world will be proud!
And then you get to enjoy the walking dead.
GO Tara GO!

Weighing You Down - Bart Allen x Reader

Requested by Anon -  the reader, who is dating Bart Allen, has trouble walking and is insecure because they think that they’re ‘weighing him down’, and seeks reassurance from Bart.

You knew this was a bad idea. Bart had wanted to take you to this new amusement park in Central City for weeks now. You kept saying no, but then he looked at you with those green puppy dog eyes, and your heart melted. 

After about ten minutes of walking around slowly, you had to sit down. Bart quickly led you to an empty bench near the swing ride. You collapsed onto the bench, sighing in relief. Bart plops down next to you and gently takes your hand in his.

“You okay, Babe,” Bart asks, squeezing your hand. He studies your face with concern.

“I’m fine, I just need a minute,” you gasp as you try to catch your breath. Absentmindedly, you entwine your fingers with his. Taking a glance at Bart, you notice him watching the swing ride with interest. “You can go on without me if you want.”

“No, we can go together once you’re ready,” Bart replies sweetly, pressing a quick kiss to your cheek. 

You both sit in silence for a moment while you were lost in your thoughts. “Why do you stay with me,” you question, gazing off into the distance. In the corner of your eye, you see Bart give you a startled look. 

“What are you talking about,” he says, while trying to get you to look at him. You keep your gaze away from him. 

“You know what I mean,” you explain, tears filling your eyes. “I can barely walk sometimes, and you’re one of the fastest people alive. You are so strong, and I’m so weak. I feel like I just weigh you down all the time because of my problems.”

Bart hushed you before gently sliding his arm over your shoulders to pull you closer to him. He buries his face in your hair. “I stay because I love you. I love the way you see the best in everyone you meet. I love how you make me laugh at the simplest things. You are so much stronger than I am that I don’t know how you could possibly be interested in me,” Bart whispers into your ear as tears slide down your cheeks. “If anything, I think I weigh you down.”

“No, you don’t,” you shoot back, turning to meet his gaze. “I love you, you couldn’t possibly weigh me down.” 

“Then you understand how I feel about you,” Bart laughs at your wide eyed expression while brushing away tears on your cheeks. He begins to press butterfly kisses all over your face at super speed, making you giggle.

You push him away, saying, “Bart, stop. We’re in public.”  

He playfully raises an eyebrow at you. “I can have us to your place in a minute,” he teases seductively. You shake your head at him.

“I thought you wanted to go to this amusement park,” you ask, tapping his nose. 

“Yeah, but I have a different ride we can go on,” he whispers with lust in his eyes. 

“Down Boy,” you warn, giving him a stern look. “I’m ready to ride the swings now if you’ll help me over there?”

Bart grumbles before helping you stand and slowly walk towards the swing ride. “I’m totally feeling the mode.” You laugh at his grumbling before giving him a quick kiss.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you later,” you promise, loving the way his eyes lit up.

“That would be crash,” he exclaims as he scoop you up in his arms to spin you around. You laugh when he carries you over to the line for the swings, knowing you were secure in his arms.  

Okay so because of my amazing rp w @mostladylikeladythateverladied where Chuuya leaves the Port Mafia and joins the ADA I’ve been thinking a lot about something lately and the idea of Ranpo, Yosano and Chuuya being a #squad is really really important to me like just take a moment to consider

  • A gay, a bi, and a lesbian walk into a bar
  • The gay is the only one there who isn’t drinking alcohol. He’s drinking ramune, as per usual, because what else would he drink. In hindsight this is probably not the best idea because the gay is also the only person in the group who cannot drive or navigate a train station
  • The bi and the lesbian are totally drinking buddies and appreciate the same brands of wine and sake
  • The bi likes to brag about his collection of vintages and casually mentions that he wouldn’t mind opening a bottle with the lesbian sometime
  • Fortunately for the trio, the lesbian is not a lightweight, unlike the bi, so even if she cant drive she can at least get all of them on a train and get them all back home safely
  • The three of them spoil Kyouka rotten, probably. Kyouka is their baby girl. Yosano takes her shopping, Chuuya makes clothes for her and braids her hair and does her makeup with her. Ranpo buys candy and soda for her and they just genuinely entertain each other because in all honesty they both have the same mental age
  • Speaking of shopping though, Chuuya and Yosano are definitely shopping buddies and they also get manicures together and get their hair done together and they gossip the whole time. Sometimes they drag Ranpo along just because he needs to stop cooping himself up in the office all day
  • Ranpo loves Chuuya because Chuuya is a well of information for him. Chuuya isn’t as secretive about his past as Dazai is and doesn’t have the same kind of PTSD that Kyouka does, so Ranpo can ask Chuuya about crime from a criminal’s perspective and get the detailed answers that he’s always wanted. The two of them can talk for hours without getting bored of each other. Chuuya is very fascinated by the way that Ranpo’s head works. They’re both intrigued by one another so they get along well together
  • The three of them gossip over coffee together, about their daily lives but also about things that they’ve seen or heard around the office. They also give each other advice on their love lives and vent to each other about their respective significant others
  • whispers i’m partial to soukoku, ranpoe and kousano but ya know
  • They’re just best buds man aint nobody can mess with that motherfuckin clique 
Baby Blues

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Reader finds out she is pregnant and Steve has seveal different reactions.

Warnings: Swearing  

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name, 

Y/N sat on the toilet looking at the 4 positive pregnancy tests sitting lined up on the sink.

“Well I am definitely pregnant.” She said to her dachshund puppy Penny.

Penny yawned and and then walked out of the bathroom leaving Y/N alone in the bathroom.

“Hey get back here, us girls have to stick together pooch.” Y/N called but the pup didn’t return.

“Alright fine, I can do this alone. I can handle this. I am not freaking out at all!” Y/N yelled after her dog.

She was starting to feel light headed so she put her head between her knees.

“Okay I might be slightly freaking out.” She mumbled and began taking deep breathes.

She was in the middle of calming down when she heard keys in the front door lock, then heard Steve’s voice shushing a yapping Penny.

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Okay but DAO modern, semi-real-world AU where, instead of walking and camping, the warden and their companions are driving across Fereldan (several times, as the game usually works out).

Flemmeth gives you a ride to Lothering, but after that she insists on keeping the car she and Morrigan share for herself, and the persuasion check to talk her out of it is impossible. After you kill the bandits, you can just take one of their cars. You start out in five-seater that’s in *decent* condition, making it the best of all the choices. (Who gets to sit up front and who has to share the backseat with Dog?) Once you get to Redcliffe, though, Teagan will offer you his 8-seater chevy. He mostly uses it for hunting, so you don’t have to worry about it if you get blood on the seats or if Dog sheds everywhere.

Is your warden a careful driver? (Morrigan disapproves.) A reckless one? (Wynne disapproves.) Always five miles over the speed limit? (Sten disapproves.) Does Mahariel know how to drive at all, or does only the Keeper (if even) learn how to drive, since the Dalish have no need to travel to shemlen cities and use shemlen roads? Does your warden drive all the time, some of the time, or never? How does your warden settle the inevitable argument between Alistair and Morrigan about which of them gets to drive?

Alistair constantly wants to play road-trip games. (“My grandmother went to Kirkwall and she packed…” and of course Alistair will make Sten play I-Spy with him at some point.) Morrigan finds road-trip games extremely annoying, so unless you put a stop to them (netting disapproval from Alistair and whomever he was playing with), she disapproves and pulls out her MP3-player and becomes impossible to communicate with the for the rest of the trip. Wynne does crossword puzzles, and when she can’t figure out a word, she’ll ask you about it, giving you approval if you can figure it out. Sten mostly stares out the window silently. Oghren sleeps, and snores loudly. Leliana reads in the car a lot, but if you don’t remind her to stop every now and then, she’ll get motion-sick and make you stop the van for a little while. Zevran is easily bored and asks “Are we there yet?” a lot. Loghain is THE WORST back-seat driver, but he remembers long road trips when Anora was little, so he’s good at soothing Zevran’s boredom.

There is an ambush waiting for you at every gas station. All of them. Every single one. A pit of dread grows in your stomach as the gauge nears E. Does your warden start trying to siphon gas from innocent cars at night, to avoid the gas stations? Nice try, but you get ambushed while siphoning gas. 

And the most important question of all: Who controls the music? Is your warden dictator of the music? Is there a schedule? Or does your warden wield the stereo like a political weapon? Why spend money on gifts when saying “Zevran gets to pick the music from here to Orzammar,” nets you +15 approval (though varying degrees of disapproval from other party members, depending on how much they hate Zev’s music) and is free?

But consider carefully. Morrigan knows all the words to every Evanescence song. Sten ONLY listens to classical. Zevran has a surprising affinity for Taylor Swift. Leliana’s tastes are all over the place and more than half of her music is in Orlesian, but she will INSIST you sing along with her. Oghren likes heavy metal, but he won’t pay attention and Zevran will change it on him after five minutes. Loghain doesn’t believe that anyone has made decent music since Elvis died (and Maker help you if Leliana plays Orlesian music when he’s in the car). Wynne prefers to keep the radio off and make everyone talk to each other. Alistair is all alternative rock, all the time.

What song was on the radio when your warden and your chosen LI got busy in the backseat for the first time? When you stopped to sleep for the night (because not everyone can sleep in the car), what song did Leliana find on the radio and beg you to dance to with her? Did you do it?

Everyone has a smart phone and there is only one charger in the car. Managing this will require all of your warden’s political skill.

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G͡ỉv͍ẽ̀ ̷̗m̰e̓̀ ̻̾.̞͆.̦ͥ.̭ͮ̀ ̨͇y͍̆oų̽rͨ ̄͏b̈e̛s̸͕t ̴pͫ́u̵n͎.̀

that was,,,, underwhelming. but okay. (I’d really give you my best one but its rly long and would take 3 years to type out)
what do you call a snobbish criminal walking down stairs?
a condescending con descending.
alt: a man walked into a zoo. the only animal in the zoo was a dog. it was a shih tzu. (give it a second.)

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This is some tough love bc I feel like I need it. Get ur shit together Olivia. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something abt it. We've all been there. Stop asking people for favors and donations and do something There are lots of ways you can support yourself and others w/o having to beg people for stuff. Tell your mom to straighten herself the fuck up. Go around your neighborhood and ask for odd jobs. I used to walk around mine and give old ladies manicures for $5. There's always a way.

okay i get what you are trying to do but get my shit together? my shit is as together as it can be for 17 i’m trying to help my mom get HER shit together. Ive tried to find different ways to support myself but how exactly am i going to get to and from work without a car? Ive tried posting babysitting signs, dog walking, ive asked to even take out trash all of those fell through. I tried online that fell through. I have one job that only needs me every other weekend on Wednesdays after school and i get $8 an hour. this last check i got $200, $140 of which has to go to car insurance, leaving $60 until April 5th for me to eat, help my mom if she needs gas, i bought my dad food last night because he’s getting put out of his house

i asked because this is my last resort, don’t come to me telling me not to feel sorry for myself???? i’m trying my damn hardest to help my fucking family right now and people were gracious enough to help me. You don’t have to help, and you don’t have to like it either, but don’t you dare come to my ask box and tell me not to feel sorry for myself. What was that supposed to do besides make me feel like shit?

Welcome Home


“I’ll be back in three weeks Lass.” Chibs said as he fixed his duffle bag onto his back. I nodded my head before reaching up on my tip toes to lay a kiss on his lips.

“Okay baby. See you then.” Chibs nodded his head as he began to walk out the front door and out to his bike. Chibs threw his leg over the side of his bike before starting it up; he waved goodbye before backing up and taking off down the road. I watched with wandering eyes as he drove out of view before turning to go back in and close the door.

‘What to do? What to do?’ I thought to myself as I walked into the living room and took a seat on the couch. Chibs was going on a run with the club for three weeks to settle a deal out of town. I was flipping through channels to find that there was nothing on.

"Ugh! This is going to be a long three weeks.”

                                          One Week Later.

“I’m so lonely and bored without him here.” I said to Gemma as I took a sip from my coffee.

“Well, don’t you have some toys?” I almost spit out my coffee as Gemma chuckled.

“I’m not that kind of lonely and bored!”

“Well, have you thought about taking a class, trying something new or even getting an animal to keep you company?” Gemma questioned as I stopped mid thought.

“You’re right Gemma!” I said laying my cup of coffee down on the table.

“When am I not right?” Gemma said sarcastically. I chuckled before beginning to stand up and say.

“True. Thanks for the coffee and advice Gemma!” I said as I began to head for the door.

“Where are you going?!” Gemma said as she began to stand but I was already gone. I walked to my car and began to get in. I started it up before heading down the road.

‘It’s time for a change. It’s time for a new addition.’

                                          Two weeks later.

I walked into the pet adoption centre before being confronted by a cheery woman in a nurses uniform.

“Hello, can I help you today?” She said in a cheery voice.

“Uhm, yes. I want to adopt a dog.” I said in a confident voice.

“Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have all types of dogs and they come in all sorts of breeds, sizes, etc..” the woman said turning around and walking down the hall and to the second door on her left. I followed the woman as she led me too a room full of very excited dogs in cages.

“All of our dogs are healthy and have had all of their needles.” The woman said as I began browsing through the various dogs.

“These ones over here are our puppy’s,” she said pointing at a section of cages. “Then we have our middle to older dogs over here.” She said walking to the other cages.

“Most of our middle and older aged dogs don’t get adopted as much as our younger ones but we still keep them here.” Said in a saddened tone. I nodded my head as I walked over to the middle/older dogs cages. I was browsing through all these dogs when I came across this beautiful husky with one brown eye and one blue eye.

“Tell me about this one.” I said kneeling in front of the cage.

“Oh! This is Nevaeh she’s 4 years old and she came from an abusive home but granted she wasn’t the one being abused, it was the female owner by the male owner so she is protective of the female owner and she’ll be aggressive to the male but she’ll soon warm up.” I nodded my head before standing up.

“I’ll take her. My husband is usually on… business trips so I’m alone some of the time so she would be perfect.” The lady smiled a big smile before turning and saying.

“Oh, perfect! Let’s go get the adoption papers in order and she’ll be all yours!” I smiled back before turning towards Nevaeh.

“You’re finally going home.”

                                         Three weeks later.

Three weeks were finally up and Chibs was coming home today. I was sitting on the floor in the kitchen with Nevaeh when I began to hear the rumble of a motorcycle come up the road.

'Chibs must be back.’ I thought to myself as I got off the floor and dusted myself off. I began to hear the door open and I saw Nevaeh run to the door.

“Lassy! I’m back!” I hear Chibs yell out before I heard Nevaeh begin to growl and bark. I ran out to the front door to see Chibs holding his duffle and his hands in the air.

“Who and what is that?” Chibs said as he pointed a finger towards Nevaeh.

“Nevaeh meet Chibs. Chibs meet Nevaeh. Our new dog.” I said kneeling down and taking a hold of Nevaeh’s collar and pulling her next to me.

“Our new what?” He said putting his arms down and laying his duffle bag down.

“You’re always going on runs and I’m lonely so I decided it’s time for a new addition to our family.” I said while standing up.

“And maybe it’s good practice for starting a real family.” I said as I leaned into his chest and looked up into his eyes. Chibs chuckled before saying.

“That it is Lassy.” He said before placing a kiss on my lips.

“That it is.”

adjusting the top of her string bikini, addison let out a small sigh as the wind hit her and she suddenly regretted wearing minimal clothing to this stupid carnival thing. luckily, she’d shoved a hoodie in her backpack so quickly telling sunny to sit, she pulled the fabric over her head. she wasn’t necessarily a big fan of events where the general public were crawling the already narrowed streets of surfside but she’d gotten okay tent-mates and she figured if she brought her dog along, it’d give her an excuse to bail and go back home at any given moment. plucking a corona from a small cooler, she handed the vendor a five dollar bill, taking a seat right on the sand, watching as a few different people walked past her and over to the boardwalk. “it’s gonna be a long week, bud,” she mumbled as the black dog took his spot next to her, a look of excitement on his face. “at least one of us is excited.”


“Meet Reagan! She and her brother Ronald were dumped together as a pair at a local shelter in December of last year. We found a great foster that could take them both and is working with them to see if they are a bonded pair or would do okay solo. Reagan has an adorable underbite and is sweet little dog who loves to go on walks & play in the backyard. She is very friendly to other dogs and people. She would love to have a furever family to get all the love and attention she deserves.”

Me: I’m taking the dog for a walk, mom!

Mom: Really? You never do that.

Me: Just felt like mixing it up.

Dog: *dances around my legs excitedly*

Me: *leans down and whispers* Now make no mistake I am bringing you along with me to act as a buffer so I don’t look creepy when I’m aimlessly walking around trying to catch Pokemon. Don’t be weird about this, okay?


Me: Good.

11 Questions Game [From @icarushugo]

The other set of questions from the two lovely users that tagged me to do this. :>

  • rules:

1. always repost the rules 
2. answer 11 random questions posted for you
3. create 11 new ones
4. tag 11 ppl 

  • okay, now to answer the stuff…

1. Talk about your dream trip: A road trip to visit Denver, Colorado during the winter, hang out at some nice cafe and walk through the city. Maybe to hop around some venues/clubs to see what’s up. Then maybe take a hike through the mountains and take in some nature.

2. Do you have any pets? Would you like a pet?: 2 cats, 2 dogs. If I could have yet another pet, though, I’d love a weasel.

3. Cloudy or sunny?: Either, tbh.

4. Do you like road trips?: Heck yes, they’re mega fun.

5. Most hated food?: I don’t really hate food, but I just don’t like mayonaise. Tastes weird, idk.

6. Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?: Not to be cheesy, but Disney Epcot’s Thailand was pretty dope.

7. What animal are you the most afraid of?: I’m not really afraid of animals.

8. Favorite color of sunglass lens?: I kinda stick to lenses with more of a lavender/turqoise tint to them.

9. Do you wear glasses or contacts?: Contacts. 

10. Ever dyed your hair? If no, would you consider it?: Yep, got some ginger highlights.

11. Name the famous person (or people) you’d like to meet the most.: Lol, so I’m allowed to make a list this time.

Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun from TOP |-/,
Meryl Streep because omg she’s so pUre,
I mean obviously Robert DeLong bc he’s that cool,
Daft Punk, they’re pretty rad too.

  • And now for the next 11 q’s for your a’s.
  1. What’s your star sign (or zodiac)?
  2. Converse or Vans? (or other?)
  3. Do you play an instrument? If not, what are you interested in?
  4. Favorite animal?
  5. Favorite artist?
  6. Talents?
  7. Most memorable vacation place?
  8. Anywhere you might want to visit someday?
  9. What just doesn’t work?
  10. Know any good “life hacks”?
  11. You can only choose three things/people to bring with you to a deserted island. What will those three things/people be?
  • Last but not least, tags~

11 Tags: @meowers57 @people–allergy @ixometric @mad3on @mixoiswierd @noise1991 @rage-or-die @hittheretrowave @vhsheaven @audiovisual-dept @comeonandsmash (I think I retagged some peeps on here, so sorry for the inconvenience =v=) and anyone who wants to do this thingy, too!


Requested by @janaespecter14

I thought it was cool you requested this cause today is my birthday!!  Happy birthday to me :D (all the imagines posted today have something to do with a party or cake because I’m celebrating myself.  Is that selfish?  Oh well.  Too late now)

“Just a few more steps.”  Lydia chimed in your ear, pushing you blindly forward.  She had convinced you to put on a blindfold and let her drive you somewhere, repeatedly telling you that it was a surprise, and to trust her.  It was hard to fight Lydia on anything, so obviously you agreed, and that’s how you winded up walking blindly with Lydia as your ‘seeing eye dog’.  “Okay.  Take the blindfold off.”  She directed.  You reached up and pulled the blindfold down off of your eyes.

“Surprise!”  A collective shout rang out, making you jump slightly but smiling widely.  The pack had all gotten together, Derek included, and had rented out the back room of your favorite restaurant ever.

“You guys!”  You wailed, laughing lightly as you pulled Lydia into a hug since she was the closest one to you.

“Happy Birthday, Y/N!”  She told you, hugging you back before releasing you to let everyone else take their turn.



I convinced myself it was worth it to go outside incase I came across some cherry blossoms- I didn’t, but just as I was heading back inside my neighbours were leaving to take their dog for a walk and the tiny lil pupper ran up to me and licked my ankle, ‘cause it’s so nice out I decided to wear capris and 10/10 that lil pupper made living through this damn day worthwhile. 

wonderseverythingabove  asked:

The way you write the sexual tension between Eren and Levi in Street Brat is soo intense I have to take a break from reading every few paragraphs to walk around the house and share the story with my dog, Pepper. She looks at me with so much concern smh. I'm literally tearing up thank you so so much for your amazing writing. But also how dare you- a shy Levi initiating affection is an actual punch to the gut. Oh boy, love when Levi shows sensual love with out thought. These love birds are goals!!

pEPPER IS AN ADORABLE NAME FOR A PUPPER omg what breed is she?

i KNOW okay im glad you appreciate because every time Levi does the thing it takes a LOT of courage so he deserves kudos. Levi and tentative physical affection are my lifeblood.