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Being a Salvatore would include... Nicknames

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Things you call them:


The Demon

“Stefan, where is The Demon today?”


“Calm down, Grandma, this isn’t 1863 anymore.”


“Relax, Dracula, you can put the fangs away.”



“Yes, Mother?”


“Oh, Steffy, you can be such a bore.”


“Why can’t you have some fun, Grumpy? If you keep frowning like that, the wind will blow and you’ll be stuck that way.”

Things they call you:


Baby Spice

“C’mon, Baby Spice, no need to go on a murder spree quite yet.”


“Okay, Buffy, you might be a little confused but we are the vampires, we don’t kill them.”

Short Stack

“Oh no, Short Stack, immortal danger is my thing, not yours. Mom would not be happy if I let you get killed.”


Little Angel

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Y/N, you’re still our Little Angel.”

Party Animal

“Okay, Party Animal, I get it, I’m boring.”

(This one is based on Stefan without his humanity)

Mother’s Favourite

“No, I couldn’t kill you, could I? Not Mother’s Favourite…”

I don’t know if Arakawa really thought about it but I love the fact that she gave the pretty pink princess/alkahestrist we all know and love the name May/Mei. Depending on how you write/pronounce it, it could mean  美 (měi) “beautiful” which she totally is or 妹妹 (mèimèi) “little sister” which she obviously is to Ling.

But it could also mean  梅 (méi) “plum” aka plum blossoms which are known to bloom during late winter. The Chinese regard the plum blossom as a symbol of strength coz I mean like how many flowers bloom in winter? Plum blossoms also symbolize hope and endurance in difficult times.

In the series, May/Mei travels crosses a freaking desert to travel to another country for the sake of her clan. She stayed by Scar and Al’s side even when things were going rough. She had to transmute the soul of the man she cared about even if she obviously didn’t want to but did so anyway because she also had to save the life of that young man’s older brother. Not many preteens can handle that kind pressure and life-threatening experiences, but May/Mei pushed through it all and survived all while giving hope to others that they can survive too. Much like the meaning of her name.