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The Sorting Hat
  • Sorting hat: </b> you belong in Slytherin, bro
  • Harry: </b> no, pls anything but Slytherin
  • Sorting hat: </b> no drarry is my otp
  • Harry: </b> but Gryffindor-
  • Sorting Hat: </b> did I FUCKING STUTTER
  • Harry: </b>
  • Sorting hat: </b>
  • Harry: </b>
  • Sorting hat: </b> SLYTHERIN

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Mob boss Alec and just an ordinary guy (but still fabulous) Magnus.

oooh okay i can work with this

  • so you say magnus is an ordinary guy but like…… it’s magnus
  • magnus fucking bane is not capable of being an “ordinary guy”
  • so surprise! he works as a human rights lawyer
  • he also runs his own charity to help lgbt+ teens and young adults in the new york area find their feet
  • so you know, if anyone gets kicked out because of terrible parenting, magnus runs a hostel for them to stay at for as long as need be
  • and provides help for them to stay in school and sort out what they need to sort out and feel loved and appreciates and okay with being gay
  • (that’s absolutely a bus slogan somewhere)
  • so you know, sure… magnus is “ordinary”
  • and then there’s alec
  • alec who was born a lightwood, born maryse and robert’s son, and he wishes to god he could change that
  • because his parents are into some Bad Shit
  • they run a corporation that specialises in science and technology, but it’s really not the important thing to them
  • the important thing is the underhand deals and the competition they remove out of the way and having every inch of their territory under their control
  • and they tell alec it’s for the “greater good” because people don’t know what to do if left alone
  • sure the lightwood corp controls the drug trade, but at least they can control it - it’ll be there with or without us, and imagine how bad it would be without us, son?
  • alec doesn’t buy it for a minute, neither does izzy or jace, but they have no choice and no safe way out
  • and really, izzy is pretty happy working in the genetics lab and staying the hell away from the crime
  • and jace is pretty happy working in public relations for the company, and staying the hell away from the crime
  • it’s alec who has to get his hands dirty so they don’t have to, alec who arranges the deals and the trades and threatens those that won’t do as they’re told
  • because that’s what his parents want from him, so he does it
  • and he meets magnus at a charity benefit magnus is running for his charity and holy shit, does alec fall a bit in love right there, just listening to what magnus is trying to achieve
  • alec signs a really, really big donation away then and there, and leaves in anonymously
  • his parents go mental because what the hell are you doing giving that much away to that cause
  • “well, mom, dad, i’m gay, so actually this matters to me quite a bit. and if you have a problem with that, i suggest you deal with it”
  • (it’s magnus who inspires him to come out, with his confidence and his grace and his brilliance)
  • anyway magnus is just as smitten, and they start off slow, going for drinks, dinner, taking time here and there
  • and alec finds it harder and harder to resolve who he is and who magnus is with what he has to do
  • so one night when alec finally comes clean about his mob connections, magnus just smiles softly
  • “yeah, i know. i knew from the moment i met you. but you… seemed different. so i decided it didn’t matter”
  • alec falls in love right then and there
  • it’s magnus who convinces him to finally take that step and turn his family in, finish the family business and get them to go clean for good
  • they’re his parents but… it’s the right thing to do
  • they’ll cut a deal somehow, alec already knows that
  • long story short in a few months alec is no longer a mob boss, but is the head of a very successful cutting edge science & tech company
  • maryse and robert do indeed cut a deal and end up living their days out on some remote, tropical island with the money that alec gives them to get them out of their lives for good
  • they are very much not invited to his wedding a few years later
  • and that is the story of how alec is too righteous to be a mob boss, the end

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!!! 21. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..” with strangers please @ soymilk

The young man at the bar was crying. Not loudly, he made hardly a peep beyond a few sniffles, but Mikleo could see the glimmer of tears tracks on his cheeks. No one looked at the youth (perhaps twenty at the oldest) besides Mikleo.

But Mikleo saw him, and his heart ached.

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my sister has this disgusting habit of thinking people, mostly girls, do things for attention.

there is this one girl who is a lesbian and my sister said that she says that she is pretending to be gay for attention

there was another girl who self harmed and my sister claimed that she said she was depressed and suicidal for attention

and there was this nb person who told my sister they thought they were genderfluid and my sister thought that they were doing this for attention

yeah uh can we not do that? its not any of our business to determine whether or not someone is doing something for attention and its really shitty to assume that sort of stuff. If this person says theyre gay okay! theyre gay. but lets consider this person finds out that theyre actually bisexual later. this doesnt make them any less valid!! they were still figuring it out

and seriously if someone is hurting themselves????? they need help!!!!!!!! dont just say that their feelings are fake and push them away. that will only make things worse.

this has been a god awful psa and i hope that not many other people actually do this.

I Am Not My Coming-Out Story: Deeper Representation in YA Lit

There’s been a lot of discussion these days about YA–about girls in YA and about diversity in YA made by people who are far more eloquent and well-spoken and informed than I am, at least on those topics. But I wanted to throw my two cents in, because I’m tired of sitting back and watching these discussions and reblogging and never saying anything. So this is me trying to articulate the jumble of thoughts in my head in a hopefully relevant way.

I first started getting into YA when I was 13. Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak is the first YA book I can really remember reading, and the first book that made me go “Holy cow YA is amazing hey maybe I could write that.” So after a few failed novel attempts I sat down and wrote my first YA novel (which five years later I’m still working on, so there’s that, but I digress). This was also the age where I thought I was “better” than other girls because I read and I was smart and wore black and not pink and I didn’t read things like Twilight, but that’s for another time, too.

13 was also when I first began to realize I was gay, so being the bookworm I was, I wanted to turn to literature. At an age where I didn’t have a car, I had to rely on my mom to drive me to Barnes and Noble so I could buy books. My mom, being the wonderfully overprotective woman she was, liked to approve my book choices before I checked them out. 

Well, one night I tried to sneak Julie Anne Peters' Keeping You a Secret past her, and she read the back and asked “Is this a gay book?” and that lead to a really long, uncomfortable discussion about my supposed sexuality in which I was too young to know what I was talking about so I got shut down. And I hurriedly scrabbled back into the closet and tried to forget that I was gay, which worked until high school when I developed a massive crush on my best friend (who luckily was brave enough to admit she liked me back and now here we are three years later).

During my heavily closeted, “there is no way in hell I can be gay” time, I would sneak to the local library or get a parent to drop me off for homework and I would browse the YA section hoping for something, some sort of a sign that yes, this was okay, being gay was a thing that was okay. 

Guys, it was hard for me to find. I could say it’s because I wasn’t looking hard enough, I could say it’s because I live in North Carolina and back in 2007 YA lit hadn’t boomed to the size it was and GOD FORBID we stock something with a gay character, and those were indeed factors in it, but the fact of the matter was I couldn’t find a lot of queer YA because there wasn’t any, save for Geography Club which I read in a hurried afternoon, and Keeping You a Secret which unfortunately I never got my hands on. My library’s pickings were slim. Anything I could find about gay teens was usually about attractive white gay boys or about the angst of coming out of the closet and the (usually horrible) repercussions. There simply wasn’t “happy” YA where I could read about two girls who were gay or who fell in love and everything went well for them. It got to the point where I was tired of reading YA literature, and anytime I saw an LGBT YA book I scoffed or refused to pick it up, because I was sick of books that revolved around a character’s “coming out” as the sole plot of the book. 

Thankfully, the landscape of YA is slowly changing. Is it as good as it should be? Absolutely not, particularly with representation of characters of different races or different sexualities, but again as I linked to in the beginning of this post, far more eloquent people have written about that than I have. Are a lot of LGBT YA books still centered around coming out? Yes, but you know what? To a thirteen year old kid, to little thirteen-year-old Nita, those books are necessary. 

However, they cannot be the only literature we see. We cannot settle for the bare minimum, the bare story, being reduced to one experience or to a stereotype or to a stock character in the background. As YA readers (and YA writers), everyone deserves to see an accurate, thoughtful representation of themself in literature that isn’t reduced to a singular narrative, a singular experience. I am not just my coming-out story, POC are not just your white MC’s “exotic” best friend/love interest. We are people with far, far more facets than just one aspect of ourselves, and we deserve to see that in YA literature. We’re inching towards that landscape, but not fast enough. I hope we get there soon, for our sake and for those teenagers who deserve to know that they are not a stock character, a background piece to fill a diversity quota, they are not their coming out story.

They’re so much more than that. And they deserve to see it in literature.

Schrödinger’s Sexuality: The state of a character being both canonically queer and straight at the same time, depending on who is writing the character.

See Examples: John Constantine, Piotr Rasputin, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Wade Wilson, Dr. Pamela Isley, James Howlett, Paul Varjak, Mary Jane Watson, Raven Darkholme, Irene Adler, Pussy Galore, Dean Moriarty