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hi, i am back with merman!jimin. SWAMP MERMAN IS MY SHIT

also flat brushes are nice to do digitally bc it easy but someone teach me to paint with round brush pls, i am so bad at this

somebody save Seungkwan from his lack of self worth! The poor boy wrote that his weight is 20 watermelons! If the average watermelon weights 7.35kg, 7.35 x 20 = 147. 
*takes a very deep breath*

moonlight-mancer  asked:

(Please forgive, this is too long to fit in one ask ahaha)I love your short thing about Hux being angsty that his dog tags are gone and the double meaning thing and I came up, with this,,,monstrosity,,Au where Kylo goes with Han and returns to the light side. Disappointed, heartbroken, almost angry, Hux throws himself into his work. He tries to ignore thoughts of Ben and those lost dogtags. One day, in a simple update meeting with Snoke, the supreme leader senses it.

(cont.) One day, in a simple update meeting with Snoke, the supreme leader senses it. Perhaps it was masked by Ren’s strong force presence when he was in the chamber alongside the general, or an effect of their bonding, like he summoned it into Armitage through their close proximity—but now…It’s a spark. A spark to ignite, to be his new apprentice, to fight Ben Solo and the resistance. Doesn’t hux want revenge? He’s not quite sure, but eventually, he realizes it will give him a chance to meet kylo on the battlefield, not exactly to fight him, but to ask him why. Ben looks heartbroken watching hux deftly destroy parts of the resistance, calculated, calm, genius as ever. They come to odds one day, finally, months, possibly a year or two after being apart. Can end in angst or kissing or whatever comes to mind. I just want surprise-I-have-the-force!hux and what-do-I-do-now Kylo

 Hux has felt differently ever since Kylo left.

There’s an almost constant tightness in his chest, like an anticipation of something else that’s waiting to attack him whilst he’s vulnerable, biding its time until it devours him.

He’s aware of how Kylo had betrayed him; he’s heard the stormtrooper’s reports, he’s watched the grainy, recorded footage that the officers on the Finalizer had managed to recover after Starkiller’s destruction. Hux bites his lips, recalling the images of Kylo standing on the bridge in the oscillator chamber, dropping his helmet to the floor and handing his lightsaber over to a scruffy-looking man with a Wookie watching their every move.

Han Solo, obviously. Come to rescue his only son from the evil clutches of the First Order, the ones who have kept precious Ben prisoner all these years.

Clearly, Hux thinks sarcastically. The infamous Jedi Killer, the Master of the Knights of Ren, the grandson of Darth Vader himself, lost to the light.

Hux slams his fists against the desk and groans in frustration. The dim lamp on his desk flickers and the stylus of his datapad vibrates, but Hux doesn’t notice, his head hanging between his shoulders as he tries to suppress his sobs.

Kylo Ren is the only being in the entirity of the galaxy who’s ever known and loved Armitage Hux, told him he’s beautiful, promised him eternal love and protection.

“Liar,” Hux whispers aloud, hoping that somehow, Kylo—Ben—hears him. And he hopes it hurts him.

“General Hux, you are late.”

The Supreme Leader’s leering hologram stares disapprovingly at Hux, his gaze following the General’s steps along the walkway to the raised platform at the end.

Hux gives a slight bow.

“My apologies, Supreme Leader. I was indisposed with—er—well, for lack of a better word, panic.”

Snoke frowns. “Panic? Elaborate.”

“The truth about what has come of Kylo Ren has somehow circulated amongst the First Order, and many are believing that, with no Force-sensitive in our allegiance, our cause is already lost,” Hux explains, maintaining eye-contact with Snoke, but can’t help but be alarmed at the creature’s change in expression. “Most officers, of course, remember a time where Vader and the Emperor spread fear across the galaxy in their mighty duo, master and apprentice, one to rule and one to enforce. Many…seem to think that the same hierarchy should be the new leadership of the First Order. Sir.”

Snoke sits back as though processing Hux’s words, one of his bony fingers tracing the shape of his own bottom lip as he thinks. Hux swallows, still feeling vulnerable facing the Supreme Leader without Kylo by his side.

“Tell me, General. How do you feel?”

Hux frowns. “Feel, sir? I’m afraid I don’t follow—”

“You had quite a deep connection with young Kylo, did you not? Not only were you the most intimate of lovers, but you trusted him, didn’t you? Loved him?”

Hux feels the pain in his chest worsen.

“Yes,” he answers with a slightly hesitant tone. “I did. With everything I had. And he ripped it away from me.”

Snoke nods, hums. “Go on.”

Hux suddenly can’t help himself; the tears on his cheeks are burning, falling with such emotion that Hux can almost feel the strength of each individual one.

“I thought I meant something to him,” Hux says, focussing at a spot on the floor, teeth gritted. “He was a mess when he came aboard this ship, a broken boy with a wrecked heart that needed someone to just hold him and tell him that he’s good enough. And I jumped, I drowned for him, gave him everything he needed from me and he took it but he was happy. Stars, I made him happy—but, no, no, no—he’s taken everything away from me, left me behind to rot whilst he pretends to be something he hates. Some false hero with a tainted name, blood on his hands that won’t be cleaned no matter how hard his mother tries. He—

Suddenly being too weak to stand, Hux falls to his knees, catching himself on his hands, shoulders trembling. His tears drop onto the stone floor below him, and Hux feels like he’s the only person left in the galaxy. Just him, and his aching soul.

“I loved him. I loved him. I love him.”

Only when Hux’s ears stop ringing for a moment does he hear Snoke’s voice.

“Congratulations, General,” he says, and Hux looks up, puzzled. “I believe you have just made an excellent case for my next apprentice.”


“Get up, my boy,” Snoke says, curling his fingers inwards to his palm slowly. “Do not allow a weakling like Ben Solo to keep you on your knees for a second longer. He is unworthy of your newfound power.”

Hux stands up slowly, knees trembling, baffled by Snoke’s words and finds himself wondering whether he’s dreaming, but the pain in his chest confirms that he’s still in his miserable reality.

“Can you not feel it, Armitage?” Snoke breathes, and Hux shivers at the sound of his name. “The Force. The Dark Side. It’s calling to you, manifesting around you. Let it consume you. Let it fuel your hatred for the man who stole your lover away from you. ”

Hux lifts his hands up, palms open, suddenly feeling as though there’s electricity at his fingertips, pooling in his palms and spreading through his veins, making his heart beat faster and his mind think quicker.

“This can’t be possible,” Hux mutters. “I’m not—”

“Oh, but you are, Armitage,” Snoke says, eyeing Hux carefully. “Or, should I say, apprentice.

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12 days of stydia
    ⤷  day two:
favorite episode (3x11)

2D x Reader

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this came out only a week later;; I went through about 12 drafts and this one was the only one I liked. Also please note I write songfics not only based on the lyrics but on the feel and emotions I get from the songs. Enjoy! ~ Robin

Word Count: 2187

Song: Bad Things by Milky Chance

Description: The blue haired frontman of Gorillaz seems to be running in circles to get to the reader. Things aren’t going as planned and his hope is waning leaving the flower boy in a bit of a romantic dilemma.

2D’s face had been illuminated by the light of his phone screen. It was well passed his bedtime and he had long been struggling to stay awake but he couldn’t help it. His tired eyes watched your lips move from the other side of the screen. The way your voice sounded as you talked about a story he was no longer following. The way your eyes would flick from the camera to something in your room. Every time you asked him if he was keeping up he’d respond with a small ‘hm’ and you’d continue with your stories. Every night for the past few weeks had been like this. Every night the two of you would talk over the phone until either one fell asleep although it was usually him. The pretty frontman was absolutely head over heels for you and you had no idea. Even now, the way he looked at you through the camera flew right over your head as you continued the one sided discussion. The world slowly grew mute as the flower boy’s exhaustion caught up with him. Your voice was too soft and his eyes were too heavy to keep up.

A few months had passed and Stuart Pot was a little more than frustrated. You just didn’t get it. He was so blatantly obvious but you never responded or maybe you just didn’t notice. It was to the point where he might as well say it but he wasn’t confident enough to do something like that. No amount of advice from the band and no amount of flowers and video calls seemed to do the trick. You just didn’t seem to get that he was in love with you.2D would always reach for your hand only for you to move it away unknowingly. He’d always go in for a kiss only for someone to call your guys’ names. Honestly, what does a man have to do to get the person he was in love with to love him back? He’s spend his days thinking of nothing but you. Your loud laugh that filled the room and that vibrant smile you always showed him. He spent days wondering if you felt the same way. If there were ever days where you felt as raw and as vulnerable as he felt. Did your pain subside and did you look forward to the calls every night like he did? He felt like he was running in circles but oh how he loved it. And he was willing to continue running if that meant he would eventually catch up to you.

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this kinda got out of hand sorry

and its a follow up to the season 11 william doll thingy…  

@starbuck1013 and @shalomksenia your wish is my bored ass’s command lol 

Scully hadn’t released his hand since he offered it. Mulder didn’t even complain when he drove three hours with it in a death grip. If it were any other situation, Mulder’d make a joke that it was payback for not being there to hold her hand in labor, but now, standing on that house’s stoop, neither having the courage to knock, he was grateful for the purple fingers. Looking over at Scully, he saw tears forming in those big blue eyes he’d fallen in love with, and before even one could fall, he reached around her and took her other hand, pressing both to his mouth and kissing each knuckle individually. They locked eyes when he reached the knuckle that held the far too new wedding band, and he forced himself to give an encouraging smile. They’d have time for emotions later. They’d have time to talk about it. They’d have time for him to take her into his arms and run his hands through her hair and rock the two of them back and forth while whispering loving words into her ear. But now wasn’t the time. Now, they had to pull it together, and they had to meet their son.

Mulder’s finger had barely made contact with the doorbell when the door swung open to reveal a cheerful woman in a bright floral dress.

“Are you Fox and Dana?” she asked, maintaining the wide, welcoming smile.

Both nodded, their voices caught in their throats, to busy blinking back tears to respond.

“Come on in!” she stepped aside to allow them to walk through the threshold. Mulder took a step inside before realizing Scully wasn’t following him, her feet glued to the front step. The woman -Lisa?- opened her mouth as if to say something but instead, Mulder took a step towards Scully and pulled his arm around her shaking shoulders. Together they stepped into the house and followed Lisa to the living room.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” Lisa said, “you know, I always wanted to meet you two, but I completely understand why we weren’t able to do so until now.”

They sat down in the living room, Mulder keeping his arm clasped around Scully’s shoulders, his attention much more focused on her than Lisa’s attempt at conversation.

“If you’ll excuse me for a second, Will was cleaning his room and probably just lost track of time. I mean, Tom was supposed to check on him, but they’re probably just joking around…” her voice trailed off.

Mulder made eye contact with her and smiled as best as he could. “Thank you so much for doing this Lisa, we really appreciate it. And we’re sorry that-”

“Nonsense, Fox,” she turned back towards him, “I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you two.”

Mulder opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted when Scully buried her face in his chest and gave a muffled sob. Mulder immediately reverted from awkward estranged father to Scully’s Mulder, and pulled her tight to him, one hand rubbing her back and the other holding her to him. He buried his nose in her hair and whispered a few things that Lisa couldn’t make out as she approached them.

“Dana, honey, can I get you anything? A glass of water?”

She nodded against Mulder’s chest, still not showing her face.

“Okay, just a second.”

When Lisa had disappeared, Scully managed to pull her head up to meet Mulder’s eyes.

“I’m sorry-”

“Shhh, theres no reason for you to be.”

“This was supposed to be happy.”

“It still can be, its just emotional too.”

She nodded.

“You wanna tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, brushing some of the hair that was now plastered to her tear-stricken cheeks away. “I mean, other than the hair you spent three hours on now being slightly disheveled.”

She giggled, but quickly became serious again. She pulled out of Mulder’s arms enough to turn and point at a doll that was lying face down on the table next to the door.

“Scully, you don’t have to worry, not all dolls are haunted…” and his voice trailed off when he recognized it.

Not all dolls were haunted, but that one definitely was.


“He kept it, Mulder,” she burst out crying again.

“So the kid has bad decorative taste-”

“And the onesie… that’s the UFO onesie you bought for him. I remember you came traipsing into the apartment two weeks before William was due looking so damn proud of yourself and making me promise not to be mad when I saw what you’d bought.”

“Okay, first, I still can’t believe that you didn’t think it was as cool as I did when I found a space themed baby store, and second, look at how well worn it is, I don’t even know how you knew that that’s the onesie.”

“It is.”

“But don’t you see how loved it’s been?”

“Your point?”

“Even if we weren’t around to see him grow, even if he doesn’t remember us, he still grew up with a piece us, and clearly loved it to death,” he reached out and brushed the tears off her cheeks, “so relax, Mrs. Spooky, he’s gonna love you.”


He smiled at her. “Right. He’s gonna love us.”

Lisa found her way into the room at the right moment, handing Scully a glass of water.

“You feeling better, honey?”

“Yeah, thank you so much Lisa.”

Lisa smiled. “I’m going to go see what’s taking those guys so long.”

She walked towards the stairs but paused briefly and picked the doll up cautiously. Her eyes met Scully’s and she could tell that she remembered the doll, but the tears in the woman’s eyes told Lisa not to bring it up. She proceeded to walk up the stairs.

Mulder reached over and took Scully’s hand again, squeezing it reassuringly. She squeezed it back and they looked towards the stairs as quick footsteps got louder and a very tall boy with a mop of red hair appeared in front of them.

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Barba and Elisa, for @booyahkendell and her lovely series, To Build A Home.


Buckle up kids it’s rant time.
Today’s topic; People who say his relationship with Chris is toxic and try to bash him for the way he treats Chris.

[If people will request, or if it’ll get too long, I’ll just put it under read more. But I intend for it to be short and to the point.
Also excuse me, English is not my first language and I also have speech problems.

*Clasping hands together, inhaling*

I know that Piers is being very harsh on Chris, trying to force memories on him, basically kidnapping him on a mission, scolding him when he has the chance and going as far as saying “It’s good that Finn isn’t around to see you like this”.
Chris is suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt, then picked up drinking. He lost his team which he counted as family, and at Chapter 3, beginning to lose his men one by one with “Ada” just waving with her presence. He doesn’t need Piers to yell and remind him that he is fucking up. Right.

But they don’t have time for that. They don’t have time to sit down and collect their thoughts, Chris can’t afford to have a breakdown in the middle of the mission, they need to act, they need to work, and Piers put his relationship with Chris at risk to make sure they do it.
You can’t always comfort a person. Sometimes a person doesn’t need comforting. Sometimes a person needs a good slap in the face with reality. It’s not a new concept. Hell, Chris ADMITTED that Piers was right after he cooled down for like half a chapter.
Piers didn’t play a “I told you” card or “I’m always right”. He moved on like an adult should do.

After Marco’s death, when Piers was “bashing” Chris for his behavior, no matter how angry Chris got, going as far as to almost raising his hand on the other, Piers didn’t show any fear and you know what?
It was easy to see how Chris realizes that Piers was right.
He couldn’t beat him, not only because he has [Some] self-control, but also because he was right. It’s also shown further when after each stare-down with Chris, Piers only allows himself to express his shock only after the point has been taken, and Chris isn’t watching.

Piers’ role in the game was to put Chris back on track after what happaned in Edonia. He’s supposed to be his moral compass, his sense of duty. As soon as they reached Chapter 5, where Chris begins acting more and more like his old self and their conflict is over, Piers realizes he’s not needed anymore and allows himself to stay behind after he did everything he could.

Piers would do anything for Chris, and that’s exactly what he did. People act like he wasn’t affected by any of the shit happened in Edonia, that he wasn’t affected by losing Alpha Team again, but the man was on a mission. He wasn’t as emotionally invested, but he did have to drag his unconcious Captain from B.O.Ws which were his F R I E N D S and T E A M, while Chris couldn’t even do that. He HAD to. He couldn’t hesitate because Chris would die. He dragged him out and likely put his friends out of their misery, and then he had another team for six months. A team that HE was their Captain, HE leaded them, for SIX MONTHS, until Chris came back and killed them on his first night.
After all that he still believed in Chris and put his own life in his hands, trying to set him back on the right path and going as far as to sacrifice his own life 

Also don’t say that Piers was flat out shit to him. He tried to approach him gently more than once but he saw that it isn’t working, that Chris is stubborn and that vengence is eating at him and that’s when you’ve gotta take the big guns.

Screencaps of this below the cut because it’s too long already and I’m sorry everyone for having this block on your dash. It just bothered me.

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Here’s some lailvarez as part two of your gift!!! Im posting them separately cause I have a few headcanons I wanna share on lailvarez (i know it’s not evident on that it’s lailvarez but this is how i get out of drawing faces and it’s aesthetic) (ps i did not draw those flowers it’s a texture i canNot draw tht well)

  • Laila is an aesthetic hoe
  • Like Aesthetic Hoe
  • #doitfortheaesthetic
  • She loves roses and converse and converse with roses
  • She’s also T I N Y
  • Like
  • alvarez could pick her up in one hand
  • Come to think of it
  • I bet she’s done that too
  • Sara alvarez is a lipstick lesbian
  • Dont fight me on this
  • She has so many different lipstick colors
  • So many
  • Laila likes to do alvarez’s makeup
  • She does a decent job
  • For the most part laila doesnt wear too much makeup
  • But she was that girl in middle school who wore glitter eyeshadow
  • She still does on occasion
  • Laila and alvarez go stargazing all the time
  • Sometimes it’s a team thing
  • Sometimes just with jeremy
  • Sometimes by themselves
  • They’re the actual embodiment of the no homo bro memes
  • Even tho every knows they’re together and really fucking gay
  • “Bro,,the stars are beautiful but,,ur beautifuler bro”
  • “Bro” “bro”
  • they both say “no homo” and “that’s gay” v regularly
  • the moral of this story is that they’re in lov and i lov them
meant to be

okay so this is my second go at writing this, the first time it got super weird and I was not happy whatsoever but hey that happens. so this is a different version from the anon who asked for angsty dan, and apologies if its shit, so yeah. 

also as I’ve said ( a lot) I am not writing until july after tomorrow, but would you like a masterlist of sorts posted or kept until july? (it is just a way to sort of have them all in one place if you’d like)

and this may be too much to ask but of late I’ve received a lot of positive comments about my work and if you have a favourite piece or moment I would love to know before I go. thank you :)

hope you enjoy

The hard reality of falling for someone is knowing that the options and outcome are limited. Sitting on the edge of my bed I waited for him to come round to watch a film, something we would try to do at least once or twice a month when he’d be off from touring, time to catch up with my best friend. All I could hear was my heart beating through my chest, the pressure becoming overwhelming as I pictured his smile, the one I’d missed and only seen whilst he was anywhere and everywhere. 

I’d kept in touch with Will more than anyone else, informing me of how he’d lull around on nights out and slur drunkenly about me. About how he felt. I’d always had a gnawing in the back of my mind when he sat next to me, the way his hand would just sit on my thigh as if it were nothing. Unable to keep still my mind wanders to the thoughts of us, what if we were an ‘us.’ 

“Just keep your cool, it’s only Dan.” I tell myself as I stand up, brushing my clammy palms against my pjs. 

As I paused the doorbell rang, my eyes went wide as I realised he’d be behind the door. Through the panel of wood the one person I’d silently wished to see for months was there, but I stayed still. My feet felt as if they had become glued to the ground, that any attempt I had of reaching out, putting on a smile was lost. The bell rang again and I snapped out of it, quickly moving towards it. 

Opening the door I prepared a smile, something realistic to my normal one. Standing before me I struggled to hide my wide eyes, his hair had grown marginally, the bright blue of his eyes only increasing as he focused on me. The sweet smile he wore hidden amongst his stubble that he had grown across the months he was gone. “Hi.” I beamed, unsure how else to hide my awkward self that he had grown to accept. 

“I’ve missed you.” He smiles, and I can already feel the tension surround us. Unsure if he knows what Will told me I remain quiet as he walks into the main space, a collection of films in his grip. “Before we start watching anything I think it is best to talk.” Rubbing his forehead I stand still, taking a small breath. 

“Say what you’ve got to say.” I state and await for his mini speech. 

The way he stands is different to others, especially when he has something to say or exclaim. Unlike singing or performing he doesn’t have the confidence, instead it just streams out like the tears I cried when he left, knowing I’d missed my chance to tell him. 

“Will, he erm, he called you didn’t he.” His first move is pacing around, avoiding eye contact. “And you don’t have to tell me he did as I know he did and there were so many better ways for me to tell you, I had it all planned and now my drunken arse ruined it.” He groaned and clutched at his hair. 

Moving closer to him I reached out, but he snapped out of it. “Why, why does it matter so much?” I reply, it didn’t matter to me how he told me. The fact that I had to wait this long, he said he had feelings for me for years. 

“Because I have been in love with you since I first performed in front of you, just you. And, and knowing you I was afraid you wouldn’t commit.” Pausing he looks to me, my heart slowly sinking like the Titanic. “You don’t have to tell me I’m wrong, I know you.” 

Collapsing down on the sofa I bring my legs close to my chest, unable to deny his claim. After the last time I allowed myself to let my barriers down I got hurt, the pain I went through and the aftermath Dan witnessed was all too much. I was afraid of getting hurt so I didn’t allow myself to get too close with Dan, yet somehow my heart let this happen and over ruled my mind. 

Sitting down next to me he placed his hands on my knees as I started at the blank TV screen, not wanting to look at him. His eyes are too enticing, the way they hold too much emotion for my heart to take, to accept and allow willingly. It pains my very soul to care for him the way I do, my barriers are just too strong. 

“Why can’t you just let me in?” He cooes as I sit still, tilting my gaze to his. 

Immediately I break off eye contact, sighing. “I just don’t know how.” Choking back the silent sob he pulls me in and I rest on his lap, his arm wrapped over my frame. “I love you too much to risk getting hurt. We both know it, we know each other inside and out and at some point we would get sick of each other. I’d hate you being away and you’d hate the need to check in on me.” The more I explain the more damp his trousers become from my tears. 

“Don’t you get it?” He asks meaningfully, shuffling I look straight up at him, sniffing loudly. “You are not like the others, you are the one who I would never tire of. I love you.” I search his eyes for anything, something misleading or that’ll cause me pain. 

Except there is nothing but love laced in those blue orbs, the smile that reflects my own as he leans down. Just before I let him I hold him back, “This is it? After all this time?” I sarcastically remark to him, receiving a light chuckle in response. 

“And I never thought I’d see the day where I’d thank my drunk self.” 

I’m so done right now. Don’t worry, not in case of drawing, but with life in general. My mom is very sick. Like, you know, seriously. And it’s bullshit. I hate it so much, I hate this desease, I hate that this kind wonderful woman has to go through all of this fucking shit, I hate that our family can do nothing about it.
This is the most exhausting work ever - taking care of somebody who is seriously ill and can’t function like they used to. My mom had to do the same with my granny for several years. SEVERAL FUCKING YEARS. Now when I understood how awful and emotionally and physically hard that is I hate the situation with my mom even more. Because I had to cope with it only for some weeks. And she’s been doing it for several years.
I feel so unhappy and lost right now. I’ve never experienced such a low point in our family. Our appartment is no longer a place I call home but a place where I return to struggle and witness the awfulest shit every single day. And I am so done with it.
I have no strenght to do anything. I feel worn out. I want to cry and I want to beat smb up. I am constantly angry or sad or afraid and nothing changes about that. Everyone say something like “everything will get better eventually” BUT IT DOESN’T. It just doesn’t become better! It always gets worse and worse. And it’s fucked up.
This post is for you if you are wondering why I don’t draw your requests.

am I really the only one who doesn’t see the chin grab as ~romantic~? I don’t know to me it was just Gaston being a manipulative asshole and taking advantage of LeFou’s love and loyalty to force him to lie, it’s not a thing to be ‘aawww they’re so cute I ship them so hard *heart eyes*’ about, but anyway

if you ever begin to think youre important to someone just remember, you will always be second