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My loot from my Tokyo trip this past weekend!

The Marui shop had a lot of things sold out, including the ribbons I wanted. (Which they restocked THE DAY AFTER I WENT) So I at least managed to grab Akashi’s shirt. To be honest I didn’t know what the print said apart from Emperor Eye because the text was so small on the website, so I died when it said “Always Right” XD NBA collab had a lot of merch sold out too so managed to get the keychain and pen. Got Midorima and Kagami for my cafe coasters and tried a couple badges and at least managed to get Akashi and Midorima, my top 2 GoM. I also tried the Special Room-Kuroko and Kagami chapter at J-World (The attraction where you get to interact with 3D Kuroko and Kagami) and since I bought a presale ticket I got a Seirin club entry form clearfile!

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i was tagged by @melvdrama and @colorsinautumnsobright, i love u both 💞

a: age: 16

b: birthplace: são paulo, brazil

c: current time: 6:32pm

d: drink you had last: water

e: easiest person to talk to: my best friends

f: favorite song: clean by taylor swift

g: grossest memory: this time when we were doing a little play for school and i was an owl so i had to stay on top of a tree and while climbing it i fell down in front of everyone and then there was mud and leaves all over my clothes and my hair dhsjjdkd (embarrassing™)

h: hogwarts house: ravenclaw

i: in love? no heart who dis

j: jealous of people: a little bit

k: killed someone: maybe so

l: love at first sight or should i walk by again? walk by again bitch thanks

m: middle name: i don’t know her

n: number of siblings: i don’t have any :(

o: one wish: i just want to keep sane enough to finish the school year, do well at my entrance tests and enroll in college pls

p: person you called last: my mom

q: question you are always asked: stuff about what i wanna do after school - little less worse now that i kinda know but i still hate how random strangers seem to be so concerned about my future - they can chill and leave the worries for me, thanks!

r: reason to smile: flowers!!! the sky!!!! cats!!!!! dogs!!!!!!! my friends!!!!!!!!

s: song you sang last: gorgeous by miss swift

t: time you woke up: 6am

u: underwear color: pink

v: vacation destination: england i guess

w: worst habit: procrastinating

x: x-rays: i had a lot of them this year because of my ankle injury ugh

y: your favorite food: pasta!!

z: zodiac sign: sagittarius

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fault lines of the heart

a/n: wut are dis?? not smut?? ummmmmmmmm, not exactly one-sided but kind of is??????? sugapark lol sorry i tried ;u; at least it’s kind of angsty?????


yoongi’s thoughts may still be thick and muddled by drowsiness, but he has a very clear idea of who might be knocking on his front door at three in the goddamn morning. he rolls over under his sheets, hoping that if he ignores it, it might go away. out of sight, out of mind.

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i don’t wanna sound like a selfish son of a bitch ….but umm…
My birthday is comming up soon ..Halloween time and umm…if anyone would like or care to or whatever …i dunno i’m not forcing anyone ….just …ughh this is so hard ..XDD …basically it would make me happy to get a present for my birthday ….there i said it ….i’ve been making an amazon wish list for a long time now ….and im like …Here! …if you want….if you don’t that’s fine as well ….i can draw something in exchange is this way if you want ….i can even start making commissions in this way ….like exchange ….(cuz i cant take money atm but i’d love…nay need to take money if i could cuz my family is in totally financial shit )

 so here’s the Amazon wishlist thingie or whatever …..i’m just gonna float away now ……..BYEEE


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Hey, it me. I’m wearing my flower crown that perftroyler got me :)

P.S. You guys are all so beautiful and perfect and sweet and funny and ugh it’s a lot to handle. Come talk to me if you want :) <3