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STRANGE SENTENCE STARTERS —— for the creative writer in you. Send these in and see what your partner comes up with as a scenario!

*These are completely interchangeable, they’re just in categories to make it easier for all of y’all.


  • “How many times are you going to do that, exactly?”
  • “You were right. As per usual.”
  • “Sometimes it’s hard to see the lines you’ve drawn until you’ve crossed them.”
  • “You’re surprised because you have a soft spot for hot blondes.”
  • “Is that – that’s a naked Scarlett Johansson on your fridge.”
  • “You can stay, but for no more than two nights.”
  • “Please don’t look in this drawer. Please.”
  • “I told you not to pick him up, he’s very sensitive.”
  • “Yes. I might have given you rabies. But in my defense, that’s ridiculous and I didn’t.”
  • “I’m sorry, my cell phone data coverage does not cover the bullshit zone you’re in.”
  • “Hey! Give me your pants. Quick, give me your pants.”
  • “No, I’m serious. Stop it right now or I won’t give you the last cookie.”
  • “You think I’m kidding. But I’ve never been more serious about anything in my entire life.”
  • “How much would a stripper cost and why so much?”
  • “I’m going to buy you a drink. Next week. On Thursday. When I get paid. Can you swing this one?”
  • “Hippos are hungry, hungry! And you are considerably larger than a small piece of lettuce!”
  • “When I was little, I used to be afraid of mummies. And now look at me. I love dead people!”
  • “I don’t even miss my ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, I just miss my glockenspiel.”
  • “It happens to everyone, you just sell your skirt for some coke.”
  • “Please do not pull your pants down in front of baby Jesus.”
  • “That’s not the phrasing you want to use.”
  • “Because nothing says heterosexuality like a gold sash.”
  • “Please don’t take it out on my boobs.”
  • “When it gets really windy I look like a bizarre combination of Marilyn Monroe and Cousin It.”
  • “We have to change our names and run away to Mexico. It’s the only way. Adios.”
  • “How much money do you have on you?”
  • “Please tell me that’s a raisin and not a tiny hamster shit you’re eating.”
  • “Life is a lot better when you put things on your head.”
  • “For someone who’s not very deep, I’m incredibly not shallow.”


  • “I need you to remind me what it feels like to love you.”
  • “I love you. What? No I don’t. Forget I said anything.”
  • “I need you to tickle my feet but like, sexually.”
  • “If we got married, would I have to take your last name? Or could we just make up a new one?”
  • “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”
  • “I heard you say his/her name in your sleep last night. Want to explain or should I just leave?”
  • “I want to spend the night with you tonight. But I also want to sleep on your side. And without you on the bed. So technically I just want your bed.”
  • “Please don’t be proposing to me in an empty parking lot.”
  • “Stop saying you’re sorry, you stupid fucking broken record. It’s done.”
  • “I’m not jealous, I’m curious. About the things you were doing. With him/her. Without me.”
  • “Your mother’s looks could kill. Actually, are you sure they haven’t before?”
  • “If you’re breaking up with me tonight, can I at least eat first?”
  • “Stop sweating. It’s not attractive during sex, and it’s not attractive now.”
  • “Are you – are you checking me out? In the line for the confessional?”
  • “We have to go. I might have told your mom I’m pregnant. I don’t know why I said that. I’m not.”
  • “So what you’re saying it that you’re snorting sugar to get excited for sex.”
  • “My dog licks better than you do.”
  • “But through every stupid thing you do and say – and those are a lot, by the way – I love you.”
  • “I don’t care if you’re growing another head. I’ll talk to both of them. I love you.”
  • “And I’d take fifty years of not talking to you for just a day of doing so. I promise that’s a compliment.”
  • “I don’t want to hide this anymore. I’m not some dirty little secret, you American Reject.”
  • “This is a bit too dramatic for my taste, so can we skip it and have sex instead?”
  • “I don’t want you to think of me as your personal sex toy.”
  • “Thanks and all, but that makes me feel like a low-class escort, so.”
  • “A kiss in exchange for every nice thing you say about me. Deal?”
  • “Promise me you’re not like him/her. I need to hear it from your mouth. Promise me.”
  • “Look, I’ve had my heart broken before. I’m not ready to let you in just yet. Anywhere.”
  • “Don’t leave me here. Anywhere else, okay, but not here.”
  • “I wish I could say that was the worst sex I ever had, but I’ve had worse.”
  • “I just blew you. Could you look a little happier about it?”
  • “I’m attracted to shiny things, so if it looks like I’m staring at your chest, it’s because I am.”


  • [text] This is upsetting my poop.
  • [text] Hey, are you up? If you’re not, can you wake up? I need some help.
  • [text] So it involves feces and large birds.
  • [text] She said that to you? Why?
  • [text] Please come back. I miss you.
  • [text] What are you good for if you’re not gonna bring me ice cream?
  • [text] Can you ignore that last text? It wasn’t meant for you. I’m sorry.
  • [text] …did you just send me a nude?
  • [text] I don’t know why I said that.
  • [text] Leave it to you to fuck the simplest of requests up.
  • [text] Do we have to go to their wedding? He’s only my first cousin.
  • [text] How much does ‘I love you’ mean to you?
  • [text] I am not stalking you. But you should do something about your bathroom, it’s gross.
  • [text] Please. I need this so badly.
  • [text] I trust you completely.
  • [text] I’m a genius. You’re a peasant. Everything makes sense again.
  • [text] Hey, buddy! Got like, five hundred bucks I can borrow? Times ten.
  • [text] She lost it. She completely lost it. She said her uterus was attacking her bone marrow.
  • [text] I will not get you donuts.
  • [text] Please? I love you.
  • [text] I think I’m gonna go to sleep now, but you keep thinking that.
  • [text] I can’t say this out loud. They might be listening.
  • [text] I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t think he’d duck when the ball came at him, I’m sorry.
  • [text] You’re cute.
  • [text] I just need you to understand how important you are to me.
  • [text] Fuck off.
  • [text] Okay. Guess we’ll leave it at that then.

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Honestly my reaction to this prompt was pretty much as follows:
*Reads prompt*
*Deep inhale*

That being said I don’t think any Bumbleby proposal could be better writing than the one in The Downward Spiral by @studiogible2016


Blake watched as Yang stood, clearing her throat and unfolding the crumpled piece of paper in her hands. “So I’ve never been one for speeches,” she began, “I almost improvised this, but my wonderful girlfriend convinced me to come prepared.” She paused to shoot a wink at Blake, who did her very best not to blush. “Anyways,” Yang took a deep breath. Blake couldn’t help but notice that her hands were shaking.

But when Yang spoke again, her voice was clear and strong.“We’ve all been through a lot. Everyone here has lost so much. We have had so many reasons to break down and give up. I…very nearly did.” At this, her metal hand curled into a fist and her eyes went dull. Then she shook her head and turned to look at Ruby, and her whole face lit up. “But Ruby–my beautiful, amazing baby sister–you didn’t! You fought, and you kept fighting even when nobody else would. You have always been the light of my life. I know if mom were here, she’d be proud.” Both sisters were crying now, and Blake realized that she was too. Yang looked positively radiant as she spoke, and with each word Blake found herself falling a little more in love. “And now you have someone else to share that light of yours with, and I could not be happier. I’m so glad you found Weiss and she found you. I hope… I hope you guys are happy. You deserve it. I love you, Rubes.” With a small sob, Ruby leapt from her chair to wrap Yang in a tight embrace. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

They eventually broke apart, and Yang made her way back to her seat by Blake, wiping at her red, puffy eyes.

Blake beamed, reaching out to take her hand. “Yang, that was beautiful.”

“R-really? I thought it might have been too sappy or something. Like I said–speeches aren’t really my thing.”

“No way.” Blake leaned in to plant a kiss on Yang’s forehead. “It was wonderful. You were wonderful.”

Yang smiled, looking over her shoulder at Ruby and Weiss, who were looking at one another like nobody else in the room was there. “Thanks. I just-look at them. They’re so grown-up and happy. I can’t– I think–” Yang’s voice broke and she let out a frustrated huff. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to get so emotional.”

Blake reached up to wipe the tears off of Yang’s face. “It’s okay. Do you need some air?”

Yang nodded. “That would be nice.”

The two of them stood and slipped quietly out the doors and into the garden outside. Blake spotted a bench and led Yang over to it. For a while they sat in silence while Yang composed herself.

Even in the state she was in, Yang was the most beautiful thing Blake had ever laid eyes on. But it wasn’t her hair, or her stunning lilac eyes, or the golden dress that suited her perfectly that Blake saw. It was…it was Yang. Yang, who loved her sister more than anything in the world, Yang who took care of everyone before herself. Just…Yang.

“Will you marry me?” The words were out of Blake’s mouth before she knew what she was saying.

Yang stiffened, turning to stare at Blake. Blake stared back. What should she say? Should she take it back? Apologize? Wait?

“You–you want to get married?” Yang asked at last. Blake couldn’t read her expression, didn’t know if Yang wanted her answer to be yes or no.

And what did she want for herself? Marriage hadn’t been something she’d thought about or planned but… “Yes.” What she wanted was Yang, now and forever.

There was a long pause, and Blake thought the tension was going to kill her before Yang exclaimed “Yes! Oum, Yes, Blake I’ll marry you!”

Blake gave a cry of delight and pulled Yang into a deep, long kiss.

“Dammit, Blake.” Yang sniffed as they finally pulled apart. “You made me cry again.”

Blake just grinned. “I love you Yang.”
I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Spideypool Proposal
  • Wade Wilson: [goes down on one knee, and presents the finest of candy ring pops] Peter, will you marry me?
  • Peter Parker: Aren't rings supposed to be like 10% of your salary?
  • Wade Wilson: I stopped killing people with your help, so I am officially out of the mercenary business. In fact, I don't even have this month's rent.
  • Peter Parker: [starts tearing up] We're both so poor.
  • Wade Wilson: Are you okay?
  • Peter Parker: I'm just a little upset.
  • Wade Wilson: [stands up] Why??? Did I do something wrong? If you need more time, that's okay!!! I'm sorry for rushing things.
  • Peter Parker: No, it's just-- [gets down on one knee] You beat me to the proposal. [presents a plastic Spider-Man ring]
  • Wade Wilson: [gingerly takes ring and puts it on his pinky since that's the only finger that it barely fits] You've made me the happiest man alive, I'll keep this until it breaks! Which might not be too long because I will probably lose my hand during a fight or some shit. [pulls him into a hug]
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] Don't worry, I have more. [pulls out a whole bag]
  • And I'm sorry, but I'll probably eat yours when the ramen supply runs out.
  • Wade Wilson: You have a problem. But I got you covered, babe. [pulls out bag of ring pops] And they're all red.
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] I love you. [pulls him into a kiss]
Chocobro Scenarios

So a cute little idea I thought up the other night, and I thought I would write up. It got me thinking to all the different kinds of reactions people would have in this situation. But we know we can always trust in the Chocobros to support their s/o in whatever crazy plans they drag them into.

SFW with suggestive themes

Chocobros x Reader (Gender Neutral)

The Chocobros take a trip to the lingerie store with their s/o.


  • Noctis had a rare free day to himself and his s/o asked if they could do a little shopping in the morning. Promising that they would be back by afternoon to relax for the rest of the day, and that they could even take a nap.
  • Excited about the prospect of spending time with his s/o, making them happy and getting what he wanted was a definite okay in his book. So he agreed.
  • It wasn’t his favorite thing to do, but he knew they enjoyed it, and he would never admit it. But he enjoyed spending time out in public with them, because he was able to show off what an amazing s/o he has.
  • They went into a few stores, just browsing mindlessly before his s/o decided it was time to go into the store that they had set their mind on even before the trip.
  • “Hey Noct, I want you to help me pick out a new outfit. You can pick whatever you like, okay?”
  • He gave a nod in reply and let them take his hand and bring him into a store he had never been in, or really noticed, that was across the street.
  • Walking in, he immediately knew what his s/o had dragged him into, and his face went beat red.
  • He tried to make an excuse of why he had to leave, but they weren’t having it.
  • “I thought you might like to pick something out for me to wear. Whatever you like. Just for you to see.” They say with a wink and a smirk.
  • Noctis takes a deep breath before pushing away his embarrassment and deciding it was an offer he quite liked. So he marched further into the store with confidence and started looking around.
  • Once finding something, he walked back over to them as they ideally browsed, and handed them a lacy blue and black set, complete with a corset and matching panties, along with a garter belt and black thigh highs.
  • His s/o nodded their approval before taking it in hand and going to the register to buy it.
  • Noctis followed along quietly and stood behind them, before the cashier made a comment to the prince and he took their hand as soon as they were done and took their bag, walking as fast as he could before making it outside.
  • Walking away from the store, his s/o looked up at him with a smile. “Sorry for dragging you in there, but I thought you might like to pick something you wanted out.”
  • “It’s okay, you’ll just have to make it up to me tonight.” He said with a light smirk, leading them back in the direction of their shared apartment.


  • Ignis needed to go out to the shops and get a few things, and his s/o decided to accompany him.
  • Going through some food stalls and in and out of shops for possible potions and materials the prince or their group may need, his s/o followed behind patiently. Making idle conversation as they walked alongside him.
  • Noticing they would pass by a certain shop that peaked their interest, a small smile came to their face before turning to Ignis as he glanced at some fruit in front of a shop.
  • They grab his hand to get his attention before he turns to them with a quizzical look.
  • “Can we pop into that store over there? There’s something I think we may need to get.”
  • He looks up to the shop that they pointed to, not having remembered been there before, but not seeing any harm to take a look, especially if his s/o showed an interest. “Of course, let’s go have a check inside then.”
  • They lead him to the store and walk inside. He is quickly aware of what kind of shop it is as he looks around at all the intimate attire.
  • He just chuckled to himself as he looks at his s/o, who has a smirk on their face, knowing exactly what they would be bringing him into.
  • “I thought it may be a good idea to take a peek in here, see if there was anything you may like that I could get for you.” They say with a knowing look in their eyes.
  • “I think you made a very fine choice. I think I’ll go do just that.” He says before walking with them through the store, taking things from their place on the pegs. Holding things up next to them to see how it may look, checking for good colors and sizes. Taking this opportunity to pick something he knew would be perfect for them.
  • Finally deciding on an ensemble, one which was a matching red set with silk bra and panties, along with a little silk and transparent robe to go on top.
  • Happy with his pick, he went to buy his selection for his s/o, insisting on paying for it himself. Before it was put in a bag and handed back off to him.
  • Exiting the shop, he heads back in the direction to their apartment.
  • “Are we heading back? I didn’t think you were done shopping.”
    “It seems I have more important things to attend to back home. I’d like to sort and look at the purchases we made before I assess what else I may need to buy.”
  • His s/o was just happy Iggy was as excited as them to try on their newly bought articles. He was bound to love it. And it made them even more excited to think Ignis planned to purchase more of the kind, in the future.


  • Having gone out on a lunch date with his s/o, they were wandering around the town, just browsing the surrounding shops.
  • Prompto seeing a thing or two, or a store that they would check in to see what they may have to offer.
  • Before he asked his s/o if there was any store they had wanted to look into.
  • They had just the idea.
  • It was a little bit of a distance, but since it was a nice day out, and Prompto loved spending time with his s/o just walking around and talking with no plans to be had, he didn’t mind.
  • They walked up to a shop that had no indication to what it might be, but as far as Prompto could tell, it was a clothing store.
  • But he didn’t mind either way, happy to go wherever his s/o wanted to go.
    Hand in hand, they led him into the shop.
  • It was instant realization as soon as they walked in the door exactly what kind of store it was. And it was just as instant the Promptos freckled cheeks lit up in a deep blush.
  • Standing stock still, his s/o had to convince him to walk further into the store with him, but he was so nervous he found it hard to do anything but stay still.
  • “Pick out anything you want, I want to wear whatever will make you happy, whatever you would enjoy the most. And I’ll buy it. This is all for you.”
  • He needed a minute to collect his thoughts that immediately went to a less innocent mindset, before he nodded slightly and bravely walked further in the store.
  • It took some prompting, but he eventually wasn’t so embarrassed as he saw other couples probably with similar intentions as his s/o’s.
  • And after some thought, he had decided on an outfit that he thought would compliment them the best, and could only think about how much he wanted to see them in it.
  • Picking a forest green, lacy and transparent one piece, he paired it with a darker green short skirt and white thigh highs, before handing it to his s/o to take up to the register to purchase.
  • Although he was nervous to be there, he could only think about how amazing they would look in what he picked out for them.
  • After paying and bagging the new outfit, they head out the door. Prompto grabs their hand and starts off to home at a faster pace than their leisurely walk they had been on before.
  • “Someone in a hurry?” They say with a chuckle.
  • “Of course! So let’s hurry home.” He says with a slight blush to his cheeks again, but you weren’t gonna complain. When you surprised him with things like this, he was always easily excited to see them through.


  • Unlike most, Gladio was very straight forward and wasn’t afraid to show his attraction for his s/o, even in public.
  • So that morning they had asked if he’d like to accompany out for a little shopping, being they had a day to themselves for once.
  • Gladio shrugged, not minding the idea of strolling through town in the shops with them, he hadn’t much else planned for the day.
  • So the both go into town around noon, walking through the streets with his arm around his s/o’s waist, pointing out things of interest.
  • As they walked, his s/o noticed a little shop up ahead that they knew would be a good idea to check out again with a certain boyfriend that had accompanied them today.
  • “Hey Gladio, I thought we could go check out that shop over there.” They say, pointing to a store Gladio didn’t recognize. But he agreed nonetheless, seeing no harm in looking inside, and it was his s/o’s idea to walk around and check out shops anyways.
  • They stepped inside and as soon as Gladio got a good look around, he let out a hearty laugh before turning to you with a wide smirk that showed off his teeth.
  • “Its like you know me too well babe. How did you know I wanted to get you a new outfit?”
  • “You mumbled something the last time, the other night, so I thought we could come check out this shop, and I’d let you pick out whatever you want.” They say with a wink, motioning to the store with a wave.
  • “You’re the best.” He takes their hand and walks along, scouring through the store for possible new choices he had yet to see them in.
  • There was a large selection but in the end, he found something he had the most pull towards. A black, lace up corset with matching black panties, and fishnets that he just couldn’t say no too.
  • Knowing him well, as his s/o passed by another section, they picked up a pair of heels to before heading to check out and buy their items.
  • And once his s/o’s items were bagged, he took it for them and headed back outside into the street.
  • All the while, Gladio whispered things he would do once his s/o got back home and was able to model their purchase for him.
  • It was his s/o who grabbed his hand and walked in a fast pace to get back to their apartment.
  • “If you end up ruining this new outfit like the last, you’re buying me two new pairs.”
  • “Well you better start deciding what you want when we go back there again in the next few days babe. Because you know I won’t hold back.”
  • There was no objection from his s/o as they hurried home.



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dear evan hansen
evan hansen/jared kleinman


tw panic attacks, described in at most three to five sentences
post-canon, canon divergent
this is evan hansen’s pov in second person C: thought it was better that way hahaha
jared’s hands smell/taste like bath bombs


“You work at a flower shop.” You use your foot to open the trash bin and dump the pot in, turn to sweep up the soil and put it in the back for later use. Very funny.

“You work at Lush.”

“Ouch. Okay, fine. This place looks cool. I just didn’t expect to see you here.” Well, you didn’t either. Who’s he buying flowers for, anyways?

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Imagine Being Snowed In With Natasha

For @sailover2

“Ready to wrap up this mission Agent Romanoff?” you ask as you shove your clothes into a suitcase.

“I don’t think that’ll be possible Agent (Y/L/N),” she says and places a hand on your shoulder. You nearly shiver at the casual touch and stand up straighter. “We won’t be able to get to extraction with this weather.” You glance out the window and nearly swear at the sight. Snow is coming down hard and covering everything.

“Solid point,” you huff. “I’ll call Agent Coulson and update him.”

“No let me,” she insists and squeezes your shoulder in a comforting manner. You give a wordless nod and she saunters out. As soon as she’s gone you let out a sigh and swear under your breath.

This isn’t good, this mission was only supposed to be a few days and if it in anyway endangers your getting home for Christmas you’ll throw a fit, or your daughter will.

Angrily you toss your clothes back into the drawers and flop on your bed. Across the room sits Natasha’s bed and her drawers.

You had to share a small shitty apartment for your intel mission.

“Agent Coulson says he’ll get us out as soon as he can,” Romanoff reports and strides back into the room. “Until then he says ‘have fun.’” She casually reclines on her bed and grins at you. A grin you’ve rarely seen, a grin that makes your heart flip flop.

You’ve been crushing on Agent Romanoff a long time, how could you not she is the epitome of a flawless human being. You disregard her past as you do everyone else’s. To you it doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, what only matters is who you are now.

“If we’re gonna be spending down time together you have got to stop acting so professional,” she remarks and you stiffen.

You’ve always kept to yourself and never really developed a solid relationship with any of your coworkers. The high level agents all seem to be very close so when you got promoted there just didn’t seem to be room for you. However that didn’t stop you from crushing on the Black Widow from afar.

“You can start by calling me Natasha,” she suggests and you nod.

“I can do that if you call me (Y/N),” you counter, surprisingly composed.

“Deal (Y/N).”


“Tell me what is the mysterious (Y/N) all about? What are her secrets?” Natasha drawls playfully and drapes herself over the beat up couch. You try not to let yourself overthink the question or the look she’s giving you and clear your throat.

“There isn’t much to know. Unlike you and the other high level agents I don’t have a backstory or a puzzling past. I joined Shield to protect my family and that’s all,” you reply attempting to be casual.


“I just barely got promoted,” you joke sardonically and she frowns.

“You earned this promotion (Y/N). You deserve it just as much as the rest of us. Just because you weren’t brought in or you don’t have some special power doesn’t mean you are any less deserving to be a high level agent.” Her words are sincere and touching and her expression is authentic. You sigh and smile thankfully.

“Thanks Natasha, I’m glad to be here with you,” you admit and she grins.

“I wouldn’t want to be stuck here with anyone else,” she returns.

You can feel your face heat up at the remark though you know it’s only friendly.

You have to keep reminding yourself this is only friendly.


Christmas morning comes around and you’re still stuck with Natasha Romanoff in a shitty apartment. You can’t even call your daughter to top it all off.

At least Natasha and you have been getting along amazingly. You’ve really gotten to know her in the past few days.

You awake Christmas morning to a red haired spy instead of you (Y/H/C) daughter.


“Merry Christmas (Y/N)!” She pauses and frowns slightly. “That is if you celebrate Christmas.”

“I do so thank you, and Merry Christmas right back at you,” you reply and yawn. “What’s the plan today?”

“Well because it’s Christmas I pulled some strings, threatened some people, and got Shield to play purchasing any movies we want on the tv and the people next door lent me some ingredients to make an actual breakfast.”

“Nat that is wonderful! You are the best and I’ll love you till the end of time,” you hush and throws your arms around her pulling her into a hug.

It’s only a minute later do you realize what you’ve said and what you’ve done.

Before you can panic she chuckles and hugs you back.

“You know I’ve never gone from "Agent Romanoff and yes ma'am” to Nat and hugs in under two weeks before,“ she remarks and you pull away with a blush colored ok your cheeks.


“Before you apologize I also snagged some mistletoe from the neighbors,” she confesses and holds up the plant with a sheepish look. “If I recall the rules correctly you-”

You cut her off by smashing your lips to hers on a whim. She kisses you back, much to your relief.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” you breathe out after you pull away for air.

“You’re saying I didn’t need the mistletoe? What a waste of a creative threat,” she teases and you giggle.

In that moment you have no worries or cares. It takes about five minutes for your stressors to return; you have a daughter, you’re missing Christmas with your daughter, and Natasha doesn’t know about your daughter.


You don’t get a chance to tell Natasha about (Y/D/N) and before you know it the extraction team is arriving and you’re being sent home.


“Natasha there’s something you should know about me,” you blurt out. She raises an eyebrow and eyes the taxi driver.

“Should this be a private conversation?”

“Maybe I just need to get it out there before-” you stop short upon realizing the cab is already parking in front of your home. “Before we get here.”

“What is it (Y/N)?” she inquires, a concern look is etched on her face.

“I-I-uh maybe I should just show you,” you stammer and open the cab door. As soon as you step out your little girl comes stumbling out of the house with her nanny trailing behind.

“Momma!” she cheers and runs right into your awaiting arms.

“Oh my baby girl I missed you so much! Oh I’m so sorry I missed Christmas! I love you so much,” you ramble and hold your four year old close.

“I missed you,” (Y/D/N) cries and buries her face in your neck.

“I know baby I missed you too,” you say and lean back to see her face. She’s staring right behind you at Natasha who’s gaping.

“Who’s that?” You turn around and carry your daughter closer to Natasha.

“This is Natasha, she’s my very very close friend,” you answer carefully. You don’t want to tell your daughter girlfriend in case it doesn’t last. “Natasha this is (Y/D/N) my daughter.”

Natasha pauses for a horrible second, and you dread her reaction, but then gives a wide smile.

“It’s very nice to meet you (Y/D/N),” she greets. “I’m very sorry to have kept your momma over Christmas, I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“I forgive you,” (Y/D/N) announces after a careful moment of deliberation.

“Thank you very much!” Natasha’s whole demeanor has altered for your daughter.

Your daughter starts wiggling so you let her down and she immediately starts rooting around in your luggage.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” you apologize. “I need to keep (Y/D/N) so the less people that know about her the better…and I was scared.”

“It is okay, I understand (Y/N),” Natasha assures and you let out a sigh of relief.

“You do?”

“Of course, some things you keep secret to protect, I get that.”

“Are we still gonna-are we-can we?” you stutter incoherently.

“We can date yes, I’ll kiss you right now if that’s okay with you?” You glance at your daughter who’s watching with wide eyes and nod. Natasha grins and kisses you tenderly.

“Ew mom gross!” (Y/D/N) exclaims and covers her eyes. Both you and Natasha chuckle while (Y/D/N) runs in circles while making faces.

This could be really amazing.

Love Is Weakness/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Peter!” I squealed running through the forest of Neverland every time I visited we always played games. I was always upset when I had to leave. 

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Hey Kara?

I don’t know if this is okay.

I swear I didn’t mean to read your letters to my Mom, but my dad keeps snooping around the house so I thought it would be better if I kept them when John the doorman brought them up. Then I thought it might be important, so I read just a little bit. I’ve hidden them in my room, so don’t worry.

Mom’s alive, okay? I think I’m allowed to tell you that. If this doesn’t get to you then the agents watching me have burned it. They’re not from Mom’s job, they don’t have those uniforms. I think they work directly for the President. They’re okay though. Not really friendly but they let me have soda whenever I want.

But Kara, it’s not okay. I’ve only seen Mom one time and she’s hurt pretty bad. There’s this special hospital but I don’t know where it is. I haven’t spoken to her so I don’t know what she would want me to do. I think she wouldn’t like that you’re so worried. Mom always wants to know the whole story, so I guess maybe you’re the same?

I’m scared. I don’t want to live with my Dad all the time, and I don’t like him here in Mom’s house, looking at everything like he’s wondering how much he could sell it for on ebay. I know I should be nicer to him, but he’s said some pretty bad things about Mom and about her new job, so I’m mad at him.

Is it okay that I’m mad at him? I don’t know what to do. I just want my Mom to come home. She would know.

I know I was a pain sometimes Kara, and that I got you in trouble with my Mom. I’m really sorry about that. I’m glad you and Mom are friends. She needs a good friend.

I’m leaving this on the balcony you wrote about. I’ll leave another note if I find anything out or I get to see Mom. I would text but these agents took my phone because secure lines only or something. If you want to write back you can leave your letter behind the big gray plant pot. I only get to come here sometimes, the agents keep us on the move a lot. But I’ll get it.

Yours sincerely,

Carter Grant

Sakura’s Parenting

Okay, I am just gonna tackle this head on. I half don’t want to, because I know I might get so many hateful comments, but I just wanna say it: Sakura is not an abusive parent.

Now, as always, I’m gonna put a disclaimer up: I am pro-sakura and pro-sasusaku. You can obviously continue to read this, because I have no control over you and this is the internet, but the disclaimer is here just in case you are anti and don’t want to waste your time reading it. I’ll also be getting personal in this about my own abuse experiences, so please do not read if you’ll get triggered by that too. And please don’t just spit out insults for fun at my expense.

So, the ONE moment that started this whole freaking theory of Sakura being abusive was when Sakura punched the ground out of frustration when Sarada was being rather insulting towards and upset with Sakura.

Alrighty, so first off, not only did Sakura punch THE GROUND, she immediately felt terrible for doing so and for upsetting Sarada. And I already can hear people yelling “But she still punched the ground in front of Sarada which is aggressive” or “If she is willing to punch the ground that hard, what else does she punch!” SO I’ll get a littler personal with this to explain my position and feelings:

I was abused as a kid. I got a good mix of emotional and physical abuse (not from my mom. I just want to clarify that, because I love my mom). When I read this part of the manga, it didn’t even phase me as abusive or scare me (and yes, I actually have PTSD from some of my abuse, so there would be reason for me to freak out if it triggered anything for me).

Now I’m not saying that I represent all children who suffered abuse, because I DEFINITELY do not. But as someone who did go through it, I can honestly say I would prefer a ground punch. Punch that ground please, because taking your emotions out on the ground is better than throwing objects at my face, locking me in my room, or dragging me around the ground so you can listen to me scream sorry while in pain.

(Okay, now I’m actually kind of crying a little remembering some stuff, but I’m gonna power through this.)

And from the other side of this, being in Sakura’s position in other words, I have punched things before too in anger, but have never punched a person. I have punched walls especially (left a dent in one before) because I had emotions I didn’t understand or just needed to get out (and had no other outlet available to me). But I have never hit someone out of anger, and I never ever want to. People actually tell me I am too nice sometimes too. I’m not a vicious person at all. (The only time I ever hit someone was when I was fighting back in self defense. I was hit first.)

And when I was abused, my abuser certainly did not feel guilty about it AT ALL. He actually laughed about it usually. Sakura only just scared her daughter and immediately feels guilty and apologizes.

Honestly, Sakura’s moment of frustration was not only provoked by Sarada, but also likely a result of Sakura ALWAYS having to cover for Sasuke. (I am not saying Sasuke is a bad guy here, by the way, so don’t get mad.) Poor Sarada is asking questions all the time about her dad, and Sakura simply has NO answers besides the fact that he’s out on a mission. And with the threat of the mission being Uchiha related, she can’t give her daughter too many details I’m sure, just in case her daughter could then become a target somehow. 

Then throughout the rest of the manga, Kishi shows us all these other heart-warming moments of Sakura’s kindness and love towards her daughter, just in case people get the wrong idea.

(I never had my abuser ever give a fuck that I was sick, let alone watch over and worry about me. Pretty sure he would rather me die, honestly.)

(My mom would often give me super tight hugs when I was in trouble or sad, and it comforted me so much, and made me feel safe. I actually teared up at this part because of that.)

(Sakura passing on Sasuke’s little tradition to Sarada, even though Sarada doesn’t know it yet. Sakura’s trying her best to not only comfort Sarada, but also somehow express her father’s love for them both without him even being there.)

(Sakura, exhausted, still trying to protect her daughter from whatever she can. I mean, Sakura is limping and beaten down from the crazy Shin dude, but she loves Sarada and wants to get between her and any existing or potential danger.)

(Okay, again, this hug had be in tears. I miss my mom so much right now, I may have to call her after this.)

ANYWAY, to wrap this up because I actually am crying (I am a little ashamed of myself right now, I honestly did not think I would cry at all writing this), Sakura had one moment of anger, and Sakura-haters grabbed onto it excitedly to create new reasons to convince people to hate Sakura. Sakura, in my eyes, is nothing but a worried and caring mother. She was basically a single mom for 10-ish years too. She raised her child on her own, and Sarada obviously benefited from her mother’s love and parenting. She’s strong, intelligent, healthy, and level-headed (for the most part).

(In case you are wondering, though I am sure you aren’t, my mom got divorced when I was a teenager so I had some decent teenage years to help me recover and all that. So my mom is definitely safe, as am I, and she is married to a wonderful man now. So no one needs to worry about me, though I’m sure you weren’t at all.)

So, that’s my quick defense for Sakura.

This is pretty touchy for me, so if you do want to argue, please be civil. I honestly don’t know if I should even post this, but I get so angry when I see people accuse her of being abusive. Because I look at all those sweet moments Sakura has with Sarada, and I FEEL that love. And it hits my heart every time. (My eyes are totally watering up again, I am so lame!!)

Thanks for reading :)

(And if you do want to discuss anything with me privately, feel free to message me about it. I doubt you do, but hey, if someone out there is reading this and needs someone to talk to or confide in, I’d be happy to!)

Updated LGBTQIA+ Starters

For trans, genderfluid, genderqueer, gay, bi, pan, ace, non-binary, demi, and all other labels/terms under the lgbtqia+ umbrella.. Also some ally-friendly things too  // also feel free to add more

I needed to make some adjustments / fix a sentence && add a bunch more very important sentences

  • “So, you wanted to talk to me about something?”
  • “I’m just a little different from before, it’s not bad but.. I don’t know how you’ll react.”
  • “You seem anxious today, is everything okay?”
  • “I need to tell you something really important!”
  • “Whoa sorry, i didn’t know you were changing in here-! Wait?”
  • “Ah-! Get out of here! Forget what you saw!”
  • “Why should it matter?”
  • “I thought you’d think of me differently..”
  • “Hey, stop crying, what’s wrong? What did you want to tell me?”
  • “Ple-Please don’t be mad o-or dislike me..”
  • “Why are you looking in the mens/womens section?”
  • “I’m only looking in the boys/girls for a bit, shut up!”
  • “Um.. I found this in your closet?”
  • “Why were you in my closet? What did you find?”
  • “Why is there a ton of makeup in here?”
  • “My mom leaves her stuff everywhere, gees..”
  • “..It’s okay.. It doesn’t change how i feel about you.”
  • “Thank you for understanding so well..”
  • “So.. You’re not a boy?.. But you’re not a girl?”
  • “I’m not a boy or a girl, I’m just-!.. Me.”
  • “Whoa.. ..That’s so cool!”
  • “I know, I’m sorry i didn’t tell you this sooner- Wait what?”
  • “This is news to me. I have to think for a while.”
  • “Please don’t leave, please!.. It’s nothing new!..”
  • “I’m confused about my gender.”
  • “I’m confused about my sexuality.”
  • “I’m confused about my gender and sexuality.”
  • “My romantic orientation and sexual orientation are two different things.”
  • “But I like ladies and I like guys”
  • “I realize it’s a surprise…..”
  • “I’m gettin’ bi”
  • “Oh yeah, I’m lettin’ my bi flag fly”
  • “I’m a bi kinda guy/gal”
  • “My, oh, my, it’s a fact I can’t deny”
  • I”’m bi, bi, bi until the day I die”
  • “Oh, you’re just gay, Why don’t you just go gay all the way?”
  • “I’m afraid someone might say “Oh, you’re just gay, Why don’t you just go gay all the way?””
  • “That’s not it ‘cause bi’s legit”
  • “Whether you’re a he or a she, we might be a perfect fit”
  • “Whether you’re a he or a she, I’m here. I love you.”
  • “I don’t know whether I’m a he or a she.” 
  • “Being bi/pan does not imply that you’re a player or a slut”
  • “You might just catch my eye because I’m definitely bi/pan/gay/etc”
  • “It’s not a phase; I’m not confused; Not indecisive.”
  • “I don’t have the “gotta choose” blues”
  • “I don’t care if you wear high heels or a tie”
  • “It doesn’t take an intellectual to get that I’m bisexual /etc”
  • “This is how I want to see my body..”
  • “ i kissed a girl/boy and i liked it. ”
  • “I’ve always been this way. This has always been me.”
  • “Nothing’s changed because I’m ___”
  • “Nothing changes for me. I accept you.”
  • “I swing the other way.”
  • “It’s cool that you swing the other way.”
  • “I don’t know what my gender identity is. I just know what I’m not.”
  • “If I hear one more pan sexual joke…”
  • “Pansexual? Does that mean you like pans?”
  • “I’m ____”
  • “I am _____, that’s what I wanted to tell you.”
  • “Pansexuals are magical.”
  • “Yup, I’m pansexual, which means I like pans.”
  • “I’m not going back into the closet.”
  • “Well, looks like the cat’s out of the closet.”
  • “Let’s let this cat out of the closet? I’ll be here for you.”
  • “Let’s let this cat out of the closet.”
  • “You’re coming out… I want you to be comfortable.”
  • “I am tired of hiding.”
  • “I’m tired of lying.”
  • “I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission.”
  • “I suffered for years because I was scared to be out.”
  • “I’m here today because I am gay.”
  • “You know if you reversed that Death Note character, Light’s last name, Yagmai, it spells out I am gay.”
  • “I didn’t realize how many people actually knew…”
  • “Was it that obvious?”
  • “Oh trust me, you aren’t that straight.”
  • “I’ve seen the way you look at me.”
  • “Be who you are.”
  • “I’m not ashamed to be me.”
  • “I’m not ashamed of you.”
  • “What’s wrong with being unique?”
  • “I am proud of everything that I am and will become.”
  • “ There are so many qualities that make up a human being…”
  • “Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”
  • “ I don’t have any secrets I need kept anymore.”
  • “Gay people don’t actually try to convert people.  That’s Jehovah’s Witnesses you’re thinking of.”
  • “Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common.”
  • The fact is, I’m gay/bi/trans/___, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.”
  • “There is no gay agenda – it’s a human agenda.”
  • “All of us should be treated the same… Long live love.”
  • “It’s okay. It may not seem like it right now, but you are going to be fine.”
  • “ I know it’s scary, but don’t be afraid.”
  • “You are who you are, and you should love that person.”
  • “Let’s get one thing straight…. I’m not.”
  • “I’m not gay, I’m not straight, I’m GRAIGHT!”
  • “Cupcakes are just gay muffins.”
  • “Spaghetti is straight until it gets wet.”
  • “I’m not straight, I just bend both ways.”
  • “I’m from lesbos, I only come in peace.”
  • “I’m more of a graceful ace.”
  • “I’m a space ace kinda of guy/gal/__.” 
  • “Instead of ‘gay friends’ can we say ‘homiesexuals’?”
  • “Not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you.”
  • “Be a fruit loop in a world of cheerios.”
  • “Don’t ask me about my orientation because you’re not going to get a straight answer.”
  • “I like my men like I like my wallet, big and covered in leather.”
  • “I like my women like I like my coffee, hot and sweet.”
  • “You come out as yourself.”
  • “I’m not a dude, I was born intersex.”
  • “You don’t get someone to fall in love with you. They fall in love with you because of who you are.”
  • “I’m a triple A threat; agender, aromantic, asexual.” 
  • “I have a medical condition called androgen insensitivity syndrome.”
  • “It’s not something you can get.”
  • “I was born with XY chromosomes, but I developed as female, okay?”
  • “The pills I take are estrogen/testosterone because my body doesn’t make any.”
  • “That little bitch is threatening to tell my ___ I’m a _____.”
  • “I’m proud of my __(intersex/bi/etc)___ ___(child/friend/etc).”
  • “I meant what I said, I don’t care if you were born a little different.”
  • “I was born a little different…”
  • “I have something to tell you…”
  • “I am not a man nor am I am woman.”
  • “I exist outside of the two binary gender.”
  • “I am neither gender. I identify as genderless/gender-neutral/agender.” 
  • “I am genderfluid/genderqueer, let me explain to what that means for me.”
  • “My gender identity and gender expression don’t line up.”
  • “My gender identity and gender expression are two different things.”  
  • “No one should be pressured to slap on a label so that someone else can define them.”
  • “What are your preferred pronouns?”
  • “These are my pronouns, ____, please use them and respect them from here on.”
New York- Brendon and Sarah Urie (poly) Part one

You and Sarah were out shopping in New York City while Brendon was rehearsing for the Broadway show Kinky Boots. He’s always wanted to do theater and you and Sarah were more than willing to moving to New York for a while to be with your husband.

“Brendon said he’s done at 2 today, so do you want to start heading over there. He should be done in about 20 minutes.” Sarah asked.

“Yeah. Do you know if we’re doing anything later?” you asked.

In all honesty the past month or so has consisted of the same things everyday. Waking up and walking around the city. You were happy to be with Sarah, but you didn’t really have time to be with Brendon. You also were starting to miss your quiet home back in California.

“I don’t think so. We’ll probably just hang out. Brendon has been pretty tired lately from rehearsals. Why anything you want to do?” Sarah asked.

You shook your head no. you understood that Brendon needed rest, but you couldn’t help but feel trapped in the big city. For the past few days you’ve wanted to just be on your own. You loved Sarah from the bottom of your heart and you love Brendon too, but you needed space. You had been spending basically 24/7 with Sarah and barely any time with Brendon and it was starting to make you feel distant from the two of them for some reason.

“Y/N you’re being pretty quiet today. Are you okay?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, just missing home.” you said and she dropped the topic knowing you weren’t up for talking.

After walking the 20 minute walk back to the theater you stood outside the exit Brendon came out of everyday. There were a few people standing by the door and when you got closer you realized they were fans of Panic at the Disco.

“Oh my god. It’s Sarah and Y/N. Hi.” one girl said.

“Hey there. You all waiting for Brendon?” Sarah asked trying to start conversation to pass time.

“Yeah. Can I get a picture with you guys?” she asked.

You both nodded and the girl took a picture with the two of you.

You were in the middle of taking a picture with a boy when you saw Brendon on the phone screen photobombing. You finished the picture and all the fans took picture with Brendon.

“It was nice meet all of you, but we should get going.” Brendon spoke to the fans.

They were understanding and Brendon started walking with you and Sarah on either side of him.

“So how did you two pass the time today?” Brendon asked once down the street a little.

“Oh just some shopping and talking.” Sarah said.

“Right, spending all my money.” Brendon joked and Sarah nudged him to stop laughing.

You had been quiet since you started walking and you knew they both knew something was wrong.

“What’s up Y/N? You don’t seem yourself.” Brendon asked.

“Nothing, just tired I think.” you said monotoned.

You saw Brendon look at Sarah and her shrug her shoulders. Brendon put his arm around you and pull you closer.

His touch was nice, it was the first time in a few days that Brendon gave you one on one touch. Not that you were jealous of him and Sarah, because neither of you had been Brendon’s number 1 priority. He didn’t realize it, because if he did he would have changed that. He was just really busy, so you couldn’t be mad at him.   

When the three of you finally reached your New York home Sarah and Brendon sat on the couch continuing the conversation they were having. Instead of spending time with them you wanted some space to yourself. Just take a minute for you. Only you.

“I’m going to walk the dogs. I’ll be back later.” you said grabbing the leashes and putting it on Penny and Bogart.

“Wait up. I’ll come with you.” Brendon said jumping from the couch.

“No.” you said quickly. “I mean, no I’ll be fine.”

“Y/N you know I don’t like you guys going out alone in the city, it’s not really safe.” Brendon said.

“I’ll be safe, I just need some air.” you said walking to the door, but Brendon held on to your arm so your couldn’t move.

“Babe, talk to me. You’re acting really strange. What’s wrong?” he said low, that way Sarah didn’t hear.

“You don’t have to whisper. I’m fine, now please Brendon, a little space.” you said and he dropped your arm from his grip.

You left and when you finally made it out of the building you were relieved to feel the warm spring air. The feeling of suffocation was the only way to explain how you’ve felt. You had never really been in a city for longer than a week before and the large amount of people around you all the time was making you feel like you were losing your independence. You felt bad that you snapped at Brendon and lied to both of them, but you felt stupid saying you didn’t want to be around them. You needed a break, but how were you supposed to just leave. You didn’t want them to worry, or be mad.

What was only supposed to be a walk around the block turned into a 2 hour walk around the city until you reached the park.

You were currently on a bench in central park with Penny and Bogart in the shade under the bench. You were taking in how free you could feel in the park. A huge park in the middle of a city, the only peace you could find.

You started to think of all things you missed back home and all the things that have changed since you had come here.

‘Maybe Sarah is feeling the same way, suffocated. I hope not.’ you thought to yourself.

When you felt a raindrop hit your leg it pulled you from your thoughts. You realized you were about 20 blocks from your place. You pulled out your phone to text Brendon or Sarah that you were on your way back now, but your phone was dead.

You started your walk back to the place, you didn’t care that it was raining. It felt kind of good and the dogs didn’t mind, they’re dogs.

After a 1 hour walk back home you were soaked. You walked into a quiet dark apartment. You dried the dogs, then decided it was probably best if you just showered and went to bed. You first plugged your phone into charge incase you had any texts from Brendon or Sarah.

From Brendon

Are you okay. It’s been like 3 hours and we’re starting to get nervous.

Received 5:34pm

From Sarah

Where are you Y/N. Brendon is starting to freak out. Please answer your phone.

Received 5:36pm

From Sarah

I calmed him down enough and we are going to grab some food. Your phone probably died. Text us soon, please. Love you.

Received 5:45pm

From Brendon

I’m sorry if I did anything to upset you. I love you and I’ll see you later.

Received 6:02pm

It was now nearly 7:30. You sent them a text to the group chat you had saying you were at home and you love them.

You got in the shower and felt worse than before. Something about this apartment made you feel like you couldn’t go anywhere. You needed out, you needed to leave. It broke your heart saying that, but you knew what was best for you.

Once you got out of the shower you got online and looked at plane ticket back home. The soonest one was at midnight. You looked at the time and saw that it was almost 8. You booked it without thinking of Brendon nor Sarah and got dressed.

You remember all those times when you were dating that you would book flights to go see Brendon and Sarah while he was touring, but this was different. You were leaving quickly to get away from them. Maybe it wasn’t them, it was the city.

You had just closed your suitcase when you heard the dogs start barking, meaning Brendon and Sarah were just coming in.

You heard your name being called, but there was no rush to get out there. Something wasn’t right inside of you and you knew it. You had no excitement that you usually do when you see Brendon or Sarah. ‘Maybe this whole relationship was a mistake. A wast of 3 years, a waste of wedding, or maybe you were just a waste of life.’

“What’s the suitcase for?” Sarah asked when she came into the bedroom.

“I- I’m, leaving.” you said with a lump in your throat. You were holding back tears.

“What? What do you mean?” Sarah asked voice clearly concerned.

“I’m sorry. I really am. I just need to go.”

“Go where?” you heard Brendon’s voice from behind you and you turned around.

“My flight leaves in about 4 hours. I should probably get going.” you said trying to leave the room, but Brendon blocked you in.

“Y/N, what’s wrong. I don’t want to hear that you’re fine, because I know you and I know when you’re not okay.” Brendon said holding your face up to look at him.

You felt Sarah behind you rubbing your back soothingly.

“I just feel like I’m trapped. I don’t really know, I just need to go home and sort some things out, for me. I love you guys, but I need this for me. Please understand.” you begged with tears filling your eyes.

“We understand Y/N.” Sarah said and she hugged you.

Brendon joined the hug.

“I love you. Call me when you land?” Brendon said and you nodded.

With one last goodbye, kiss, and hug you were gone. You knew it wouldn’t be for long, but leaving you husband and wife just like that tore your heart to shreds

anonymous asked:

hi, i had to deal with some dude calling himself a "true trans" and saying I wasn't trans because I wasn't handling my dysphoria like he does? (Like he got on me for not using binders even though I said they bother me due to back issues) and I just need some positive vibes. I'm sorry if I sound like a bother..

okay so most important thing about knowing if you’re “true trans”:

do you fully identify with the gender you were assigned at birth?? no?? then you’re valid.

there is no right or wrong way to be trans. you don’t have to bind or tuck or get surgeries or hormones or change your hairstyle or dress differently or even come out to anyone.

if you can’t do something that people think you should do as a trans person because of medical reasons or any reason at all, you’re still valid.

people who try to tell others that they aren’t real trans people because they don’t want to or can’t do anything stereotypical for trans people affirming themselves are assholes. forget that shit. you’re valid.


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prompt: sick fic where Danny is super sick (like gross embarrassing sick not just floofy sick?) and arin is super super gentle and kind and patient (but a little worried)

well shit? i’m trash for taking care of our favorite floof and motherly selfless arin. how’d you know?

also i hope this met your definition of embarrassing sick? like he’s got a fever and nausea and a migraine so he’s really sick

hope you like it!


The only thing on Danny’s mind is that Arin must not know.

He woke up that morning feeling a little gross, but it was just a headache and a scratchy throat. He could deal with that, right? Besides, he had a busy day planned. Voice lessons, a bit of shopping, an impromptu writing session with Brian during lunch, and then to the Gru//mp Space at one o’clock to record with Arin for a few hours.

He certainly didn’t have time to feel sick, especially when it was one of the rare days where he and Arin didn’t have to film for their YouTube Red show and they could actually get a substantial amount of recording done.

Danny’s not 100% sure why he’s so desperate to keep the fact that he’s sick from Arin. He knew he was getting sick; he’s not an idiot. But perhaps he can keep it toned down enough that his friend won’t notice. Really, when it came down to it, he just really doesn’t want to let Arin down.

So he goes through his day, although a bit different than normal. Voice lessons are a nightmare. His throat is already red and swollen, and although he does his best, he can tell his instructor notices the pain building because he ends the session early. Danny doesn’t outright tell him that he’s sick because he’s too stubborn, but the instructor knows anyway and makes a remark to him about taking care of himself.

Shopping is easier since he goes by himself, but he has to meet Brian in an hour to eat lunch. If Brian suspects anything, he’ll immediately text Arin because he knows Danny won’t. Danny knows he does it out of love, but the last thing he wanted was Arin knowing his condition before he even got there.

Carrying a few bags, he plopped down in a family restaurant and arranged his face into a careful smile as Brian arrived. Brian sat and starts chattering about something his daughter did earlier, and Danny tried to give him full attention. But now his stomach is curling from the smells of food all around them, and he’s fighting the urge to cough every two seconds.

He didn’t trust himself to speak very much, but he managed to present a pretty good image. Brian is suspicious, but Danny managed to pass off his hoarse tone from lessons and his demeanor from a lack of sleep. After promising Brian he’d get more sleep that night, Danny leaves him, congratulating himself for keeping Brian from texting Arin.

Danny arrived at the office on time, ducking into the bathroom as a wave of nausea hits him. He can feel his arms shaking as he gripped the sink, willing himself not to puke. He’d hardly touched his lunch, but now he had a migraine and his coughing fits were more noticeable.

He wasn’t sure how long he stands in the bathroom, but a rap on the door startled him. “Dan? Is that you?”

It’s Arin’s voice.

Danny panicked slightly, biting his lip and taking a deep breath. “Yeah, dude, I just needed to take a shit,” he called out, keeping his voice as level and normal as possible.

A pause.

“Okay, man. I’ll be in the recording room whenever you’re ready to get started. We’ve got some funny ones today.” Arin snorted as he left, and Danny can hear his footsteps as he walked away.

After a few minutes of deep breaths, Danny left the bathroom, skirting around the office to keep contact with the others to a minimum. His stomach is getting worse every minute, and he hoped sitting down and relaxing on the couch would ease the pain.

Arin smiled at him as he entered. “Hey, Dan. Which one looks like a winner?” he gestured to the three games he’s got splayed across the table. “To be fair, they’re all shit, but I wanted a second opinion.”

Danny sat carefully, not looking directly at Arin, and gripped the pillows a bit harder than necessary to stop his arms from shaking. “I think that one’s a winner,” he replied, forcing a grin as he waves his hand.

Arin didn’t respond right away, and Danny swallowed thickly. “What?”

“Are you okay, Dan? You’re kinda pale.” Arin reached forward, presumably to check Danny’s temperature, but Danny pulled back.

“Yeah, dude. I just didn’t get much sleep last night. It’s nothing.” He tried to brush it off, even offering a shrug and smile.

“D’you wanna take a nap? We can postpone for a couple hours,” Arin offered, his eyebrows creased. “You don’t look so hot, man.”

“Rude,” Danny joked, but Arin’s serious expression didn’t waver, and he bit the inside of his cheek as a fresh wave of nausea hit him. “I, uh. I’m fine. I swear. Just–” in that moment, Danny interrupted himself with a coughing fit after suppressing it for so long. When he finished, Arin’s eyes were full of worry.

“Really, Arin, I’m–”

“You’re not okay,” Arin cut him off, his mouth pressed into a thin line. “We’ve talked about this, Dan. You need to tell us when you’re sick. It’s fine if we don’t record today. You need rest.”

Danny began to protest. “But–”

“No.” Arin wasn’t this serious often, but Danny always gave in when he was. “I’m taking you home. You’re in no shape to be working.”

Danny opened his mouth to protest again, but his stomach suddenly flipped and he groaned in pain. His head pounded and a wave of dizziness overtook him. He struggled to stay upright.

Before he had the chance to even say anything, Arin picked him off the couch like he weighed nothing and carried him out the door. The others looked at them curiously as he walked past.

“Dan’s a little under the weather,” Arin announced. “I’m driving him home.”

Danny could hear the faint well-wishes of his friends, but he felt so tired and weak, and it felt so good to be carried by strong arms, that he just went limp against Arin’s chest. Faintly, he thought about the talking-to Brian would give him later for not telling him, but he was too sick to care.


When they pulled up to Danny’s house, Arin looked over at him in pity. Danny was curled up in the passenger seat, and he could feel his stomach beginning to churn at the prospect of moving.

“C’mon, buddy. Let’s get you inside. Have you eaten?”

Danny feebly shook his head, keeping his eyes closed. He heard Arin’s door open and close, and the next thing he knew he was enveloped by strong arms once again as the younger man gently lifted him off his seat.

He didn’t resist, bringing his hands up to clutch at Arin’s shirt. He buried his face into Arin’s chest, breathing in the familiar scent of the artist’s soap and a hint of sweat. It didn’t take long for them to enter the house.

Arin set Danny on the couch, pulling a blanket around him. He went to pull away, but Danny reached out and made a noise of protest.

“Sorry, buddy, but I need to get some food and medicine in your system. Just wait here, okay? I’ll be right back. I promise.”

Danny reluctantly allowed the artist to retreat into the kitchen, but didn’t relax until he returned a few minutes later, juggling a plate of pills, some toast, and a glass of water.

“Here, Danny. Think you can try and swallow these?” Arin asked gently, setting the things down and sitting next to the older man. “And try to eat something. Are you nauseous?”

Danny took a moment to examine himself, but it was okay to sit up, so to please Arin he meekly accepted the pills and swallowed them one at a time. He’d always hated swallowing pills, but the reassuring rubs on his shoulder and Arin’s smile of approval made him see it through to the end.

Arin tried to get him to eat, but Danny shoved it away after only a couple bites. His insides were crawling and his head was feverish. He only wanted two things at that moment: sleep and Arin.

He couldn’t quite comprehend what was going on anymore, since his head was so muddled from exhaustion and fever, but when Arin got up, saying something about changing Danny’s sheets, he started to cry when Arin left the room. Huddled on the couch, tears trailed down his cheeks until the artist reentered the room, looking pained.

“Arin!” he cried, shuffling around and reaching out to his best friend. “Don’ go again…please.”

His words were slurred, but Arin understood and accepted Danny’s clinging hands as he sat next to him. “I won’t go, Danny. C’mon, I’m gonna take you to bed so you can sleep, okay?”

Danny relaxed again as Arin picked him up, taking him to his bed. Arin carefully tucked him under the covers, placing a bucket next to the bed just in case. “There we go. Get some sleep, alright? We’ll try to get you to eat something when you wake up.”

Arin stood, and Danny panicked. His mind was fighting for sleep, but the echo of Arin Arin Arin Arin was too much to ignore. He flailed, reaching out to grab Arin’s sleeve. 

“Don’…go!” he pleaded. “Stay.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Arin assured him. “I’ll be in the living room if you need anything, okay? I’ll stay until you’re better.”

That just upset Danny more, and he shook his head violently. “No! Here.” he patted the bed. “Stay here.”

Danny felt his body settle down as Arin climbed to the other side, gently tucking the covers back over Danny’s shivering body. “See? I’m right here. I won’t go anywhere. Now please, Danny, try to get some sleep.”

However, the musician wasn’t satisfied until his head was buried in Arin’s chest, snuggled up close and his hand clutching Arin’s. Feeling the soft rise and fall of the younger man’s breathing, he finally closed his eyes.

Danny’s mind was still foggy, and as sleep overtook him, he didn’t hear himself mumble out: “Luh you, Ar.”

When he woke up several hours later, Arin, true to his word, was still tangled up next to him. He hadn’t left his side.


Joe had opted out of going out that night, even at the boys instance, but he shook them off, telling them he really needed a night off and plus he had to get some work done.

Jack had whined the loudest, claiming that he wanted his boyfriend to come out with him, that it wouldn’t be as fun, but Joe had rolled his eyes and told him that he was sure Jack would still have plenty of fun with the others, and they could spend all of the next day together.

With the promise of cuddles, Jack finally dropped it, leaving to go out with the other boys, and Joe sighed a breath of relief, knowing that he could get ahead on some of his work.

Now though, it was nearing three in the morning, and Joe was still awake waiting for Jack to come back home.

He had just finished his work a short while ago, and figured that the younger man would be making an appearance fairly quick. Yet time kept going, and there was no word from Jack, or any of the boys really. None of them had posted on Snapchat in the past couple hours, and the few messages Joe had sent to their group chat remained unread.

Waving it off as the boys simply having a good time, he decided to throw a movie on to kill some time until he either fell asleep on the couch or Jack stumbled through the door.

What he didn’t expect was a phone call from an unknown number at half three in the morning.

For some reason, Joe decided to answer it with a hesitant: “Hello?”

“Don’t freak out.” Jack’s rushed words hit him, “But I need your help.”

“What happened? Where are you? Is everyone okay?” The worry flooded Joe’s body as he jumped off of the couch, already searching for his shoes and keys.

“Everyone’s fine. But I may be in a little bit of trouble…”

“Jack, explain. Now!”

“I’m at the police station.” Joe froze, shoe in hand, staring in shock over at the wall.

“You’re where?!”

“I’m sorry, babe. It’s a minor thing, but I need someone to come get me because I was drinking. And the boys can’t do it because they were drinking too. And now the nice officer is giving me a look, so I think I’m out of time, but can you please come get me?” Jack finished, sounding hopeful.

“You bloody idiot,” Joe muttered, putting his shoe on, “Which one are you at?”

Once the location was determined, Joe hung up and called for a car, sending a quick and stern message to the boys in their group chat before heading outside for his car.

The ride from his place to the station is long, and Joe’s worry only churns in his stomach as his knee bounced, fingers tapping against it.

What in the world did Jack do?! Why did he have to be so bloody stupid!

“Thanks,” Joe told the drive before slipping out of the car, glancing up at the looming building. Taking in a breath, he headed for the entrance, pulling the heavy door open.

The place is fairly empty, but then he reminded himself that it is about four in the morning on a Saturday night, and he smiled over at the cop watching him from reception.

“Hi, my boyfriend got brought in…Jack Maynard?”

“Just take a seat, dear,” The older woman replied, “We’ll be with you in a moment.”

Nodding, he glanced across the room behind her before taking a seat, his nerves causing his knee to bounce once again.

Nearly ten minutes pass before he’s called up, and the charges are explained, to which Joe inwardly groans because his boyfriend is a right idiot, and then once everything is settled, he’s told that Jack will be released in a few minutes if he’ll just take a seat again.

Except this time he can’t sit, and so he began to pace, chewing on the top of his thumb as he waited.

At the sound of a door buzzing open, Joe spun around, staring at the doorway Jack appeared from, grinning sheepishly over at him.


“You bloody idiot.” Joe shook his head, “Let’s go.” He turned and headed for the doors that lead to outside, knowing that Jack will be on his heels.

“Joe, please, I’m sorry!”

“You’re sorry?!” Joe faced Jack once they were on the sidewalk, “You scared the shit out of me!”

“I know…”

“What were you thinking anyways?! Getting naked in public!”

“I was drunk. And stupid. And dared.”

“Don’t you even try to blame the boys for this,” Joe poked Jack in the chest, glaring at him, “This is on you. On your record too, you idiot.”

“It’ll get waved,” Jack grabbed Joe’s hand lightly, twisting their fingers together, “Just like the last arrest.”

“I just…what were you thinking!”

“I wasn’t, and I’m sorry.” Jack wrapped his free arm around Joe, pulling him closer, “But thank you for coming to bail me out.”

“I should have left you there.” Joe muttered, the anger already fading.

“You didn’t though.” Jack grinned down at him, leaning in for a kiss, but Joe turned his head quickly. “Wha-?”

“No. No kisses. No sex. No cuddles tomorrow. We’re going home and I’m going to sleep.” Joe stepped back and out of Jack’s arm, heading for the car that just pulled up. “Get in.”

“You’re cruel.” Jack muttered, climbing into the car.

“And you’re an idiot who got arrested. Deal with it.” Joe replied, climbing in behind him.

I’ll See You Soon? (Joshua of Seventeen)

Originally posted by lovejoshua17

Title: I’ll See You Soon?
Character: Joshua Hong (Seventeen) x OC
Genre: Fluff (A lot of people I know is having a hard time right now, probably because of exams and such, so here’s a little comfort for all of you.)

It’s a quiet night, almost half past midnight and literally anyone who is normal would already be wrapped up in the comfort of their blankets, drifting into the wonderful world of dreamland. Besides, it’s Monday tomorrow.

Well, everyone except you, of course.

It’s not that you’re not normal, you’re completely sane, to say the least. But with your midterms starting in a few days, and from the way you had been studying your head off for the past few days, maybe you are starting to lose your mind a little, from studying, that is.

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anonymous asked:

hili! I didn't get tickets for HS1, and it's fine, i'm okay, but I really need some angsty/painful fics so I can let the tears out and just get over it... some new ones / not so famous ones if you know any? thanks so so much!! that would help me so much!

I’m sorry love :* :* Here’s some recent painful and/or very angsty fics for you :

- Feels Like Coming Home   : The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten. This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives. (60k)

- When We Were Younger  : About a week after Harry started visiting this particular chat room, he was watching some kid argue with the whole room about football, personally disinterested as he tipped a bag of crisps into his mouth. He happily chomped on the crumbs, taking a swig from a glass of Ribena to wash them down, glancing at the screen and very nearly spat the squash back out again. His heart was pounding wildly. The display icon of the argumentative newcomer had caught his eye, and not in a good way. He gulped as he clicked the picture, and when it popped up in full resolution, his heart nearly fell right out of his arse. - Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.  (76k)

- Emperor’s New Clothes   : The fact that Louis’s most precious belonging was a cat with a face like thunder and an uncanny ability to cover every single inch of Louis’s clothing with cat hair was something that Louis chose not to think about too much.or: Harry’s a pop star and Louis isn’t, and there’s a non-disclosure agreement where there used to be a relationship. (92k)

- Looking Through You  : Just  Louis and Liam were starting out in the music industry, writing and producing for up and coming artists, a fateful meeting with new pop singer Harry Styles changes everything. Four years later, just as Harry is set to embark on his next world tour, a drunken confession causes a rift between once inseparable friends. As Harry tries to make sense of his feelings for Louis, he begins writing his next album to express them as it may be the only way to break through the walls that Louis has built between them. (41k)

- Life Was a Song, You Came Along  : Louis is a songwriter trapped in a lie that could ruin his best friend’s career. Harry owns a record store, distrusts everyone in the music industry on principle, but loves Niall Horan’s newest album. A modern retelling of Singin’ in the Rain. (37k)

mercules-hulligan  asked:

32 for bencutio (I'm in a bencutio mood apparently)

32 - “It looks good on you.” 

Benvolio yawned and stretched. For a moment he couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but then he realized there was emptiness where he was supposed to meet flesh. It was hard work, but finally he managed to open his eyes, only to confirm that, yes, he was all alone in the bedroom.

“Mercutio?” he called, feeling an edge creeping into his voice against his will. Last he had woken up to go to the bathroom Mercutio had been clinging to him with his seemingly eight arms—if Mother Nature hadn’t demanded it Benvolio wouldn’t even have imagined getting through the hassle of freeing himself—and when he lied back down it only took a few seconds for Mercutio to pull him back into the same position. The thing that made him nervous was the fact that that was the situation Benvolio always found himself in whenever he woke up, because Mercutio was the master of coming up with excuses to not get up. In all the years they had known each other Benvolio had never woken up after Mercutio—if the latter had ever gone to bed, that is. And Benvolio was very, very certain that Mercutio had, indeed, fallen asleep. Eventually.

“Mercutio?” he called again, throwing away the covers to get on his feet, already looking for his jeans. If he had to go looking for his boyfriend he refused to do it in just boxers.

“Heeeeey, y’re ‘wake.”

Benvolio’s head jerked up from where he’d been looking at the floor with such speed that his neck ached. In the doorway Mercutio stood bleary-eyed with a coffee mug in hand, dressed in nothing but a half-buttoned dress shirt that Benvolio took a moment to recognize.

“Made coffee. ‘s in kitchen,” Mercutio said and yawned hard enough that Benvolio’s own jaws hurt.

“What’re you doing up?” Benvolio asked, staring at the green garment and feeling quite lost.

“Mmmeeting,” Mercutio mumbled as he poured coffee into his mouth, rather than drinking it. Benvolio felt like he would have absorbed it straight into his veins if he could have. “With Uncle. Can’t be—” paused for huge yawn, “—late, see. He’ll kill me. Or worse. Lecture me.”

“Okay.” Benvolio nodded, his head strangely empty. He kept staring. “That’s my shirt, isn’t it?”

Mercutio made a noise of confusion and blinked several times before a light-bulb went off and he looked downwards with wide eyes. “Hey, you’re right. Was so tired I didn’t notice. Sorry, will find one of my-”

“No. No, it’s okay. You look good in it,” Benvolio said quickly, then caught up to his mouth and cursed himself for actually saying such a cheesy thing out loud.

Mercutio blinked at him some more, then beamed and winked, because even a sleep-deprived Mercutio recognized a compliment. “Thanks, babe. Just need to find some pants then, I guess. Uncle’ll get so mad if I show up without any again,” he muttered as he turned away. Benvolio could hear him continue to talk as he made his way back to the kitchen, although he wasn’t sure if Mercutio was talking to himself or not.

“So didn’t think this wasn’t mine. It fits good, doesn’t it? You’re so small, never would have thought one of your shirts fitted me. Weird.”

A Little Lesson in Joy: Part Two

Authors’ Note: Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mommies out there one and all!!! The time has come for Rafael and Natalia to welcome two new Barbas into the world!!! But naturally there will be some drama first!!! @vintagemichelle91 and I so hope that you enjoy!!!

          “Guess we’re having the reception at the hospital.”

           Despite Fin’s lame attempt at a joke, Rafael instantaneously shifted into frantic father mode. Snatching the bouquet from Natalia’s palms, he tossed the flowers to Rollins.

           “Now you’re the bride, Barba?” Rollins quipped.

           “Does this mean that you’re next in line, Amanda?” Carisi teased. Focusing on them for the smallest of seconds, Rafael saw the other detective blush, but just as quickly turned his attention back to his wife.

           Yet he still heard them speaking…

           “Sonny, this is not the time or the—”

           “I’m only fooling around, Amanda,” he said.

           “It does mean that someone else has to get married, Momma,” Jesse pointed out as Rollins groaned, and Lucia said the flowers looked like a perfect fit in her hands.

           “Can we all please focus on the fact that my wife is in labor?” Rafael’s voice rose an octave, and he winded one arm around Natalia’s shoulders, his hands finding their way to hers as she clutched her belly…

           …and softly laced her fingers in his.

           “It’s okay,” she murmured, shooting him a quick smile. “I… I kind of wanted them at the wedding. Guess they sensed that much.”

           “And I think they’d appreciate it if their father was a bit more civil in the presence of his friends,” Lucia said. Rolling his eyes at his mother, Rafael turned away from her, not in any mood for her words of wisdom.

            And no chance of saying anything else when Alessia rushed forward.

           “Oh, Natty!” Alessia cried, taking hold of her free hand. “We should have waited. Or done it sooner. But I didn’t—”

           “It’s on me,” Trevor cut in. “We should have eloped or—”

           “Well I wouldn’t have wanted that,” Alessia said.

           “Me neither,” Natalia said. “It… it was a lovely ceremony. And I… I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the…”

           But they were going to miss the reception. Her legs wobbled, and she breathed deeply. Rafael continued to ease her towards the door, suddenly surrounded by every other guest.

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anonymous asked:

Rel? What are some good things? I don't want to be here anymore, but I dont want to let anyone down... What is there to look forward to? You don't have to answer, I know this is a lot to ask. Sorry.

Hey, friendo, here are some things that cheer me up a bit when I need it! My messages are always open if you need to talk, okay?

-the sound of rain against a window or a roof
-the way fog blurs things out and makes everything softer
-the feeling you get when you’re anticipating something - what, you don’t know, but something
-the feeling of cold cement under your feet
-the feeling of hot asphalt under your feet
-that new book smell
-the smell of old paper and worn books
-getting immersed in that story
-the glide of new pens on paper
-the clack of a keyboard
-the soft glow of a computer when you should be sleeping
-freshly tuned violins
-soft grass
-fluffy clouds
-that feeling of insignificance you get when you’re walking through mountains or a forest
-brand new sheet music
-singing for the first time after recovering from a cold
-the ache you get when you’ve been smiling too much
-the feeling of completely filling a notebook with ideas and phrases and sentences that all came from your soul and no one else’s
-that cool summer’s breeze
-the first snowfall
-deciduous trees in autumn
-the way the stars twinkle like they’re winking
-the way the moon’s beauty is almost all stolen from the sun but no one cares and calls her stunning and gorgeous anyways
-how you feel when you’re too tired, but not quite ready for sleep, all giggly and open and too blunt too honest
-the way metaphors can be woven from anything
-language. Language is such a beautiful thing
-the way that there’s seven billion people on this earth and yet not a single one is the same
-the way snowflakes are much the same way, every one’s unique and what are the odds of that?
-all of you amazing people. I love all of you
-the feeling of taking a break and getting a hot drink on a bad day
-clover!!!! Love that stuff
-oversized sweaters

See, really, it’s the little things. I hope this helped a bit! Remember, I love you so so so much, and you’re so strong for being here. I love you. 💚💚💚💚💚