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Author’s Note: Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything’s right. I bring you here a one-shot of fluffy Steve! I hope you all like it! I promise one day I’ll continue the series I have been writing, okay? Sorry!

Warnings: FLUFF. And some ass smacking 

Words: 1,126.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

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good morning, neighbor » jhs » m

» request: can we have some neighbor // fuckboy au hoseok smut? thanks! love your writing (especially fuckboy jungkook,,, that shit had me hot and bothered).

» genre: smut

» author’s note: ughhghgh okay so i’m not really happy with how this turned out, but i hope you guys enjoy??? (the ending really sucks, i’m sorry!!!) i wanted to spend a bit more time on it, but i really needed to post something, so i decided to write this. i love you all so so so much and thank you for requesting!

» word count: 2.6k+

» warnings: neighbor au, fuckboy au (sort of, not really), dirty talk, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, etc.

[nsfw under the cut]

“Y/N, can you file these reports before you leave tonight?” Your boss’s voice startles you as you finally finish packing your things into your bag. Your heart drops into your stomach and you stifle a frustrated whine, turning to look at her with a fake smile painted on your lips. 

“Of course,” you say sweetly, nodding politely to your boss. She passes you a stack of papers, and says a quick thanks before disappearing out of your office. You groan audibly, kicking your feet up on your desk as you flick through the files; you rub your eyes, yawning as your eyes scan over the uninteresting contents of the files. 

Shoving the last file into place, you grab your bag and your shoes and shuffle out into the dimly lit hallway, your stocking-clad feet cold as they come into contact with the polished hardwood of the hallway. You find yourself almost dozing off as you stand in the elevator, your body resting against the wall in exhaustion. You’re the last person to leave, so you punch in the code to lock up the building, and disappear out into the parking garage to your car. 

As soon as you get home, you drop your bag and your shoes in front of the door, slamming the door of your apartment. Your glance over at the clock and frown as you see the time, 1:23 A.M. You sulk down the hall to your bedroom, and fall into the soft sheets of your bed, curling up in the warmth while still wearing your work uniform. You wriggle out of the pencil skirt, kicking it to the floor and unbuttoning your blouse with tired fingers. A loud yawn leaves your lips as you finally settle into the bed, tangled in the cool embrace of your sheets. 

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oh my god i was just literally walking through pride holding a rainbow flag and a guy touched my shoulder and said, “do you have an extra flag for me?” and i was like, “no sorry just the one” and kept walking, and he put his hand on my shoulder AGAIN and said, “i just had to say hi to you” and i just ran off like… not that it would be okay in any other circumstances but it’s literally pride and i’m holding a rainbow flag like read the fucking mood asshole

dear best friend;

i am sorry i fell in love with you
i am sorry for not accepting your rejections
i am sorry for being so suicidal when all you do is care

you are a flame i scorched myself on
desperate to feel again after she broke my heart
& i wanted to love you harder than ever
yet you took my hand & sugarcoated “no”
in the sweetest way i had ever heard

you are a dream-catcher above my bed
lulling me to sleep, knowing that i might not be okay
but you still tend to my wounds, no matter how old
& i swamp you with unsolvable problems
yet you still find solutions to cure the ailments

i am sorry i’ve been a terrible friend
an itch you can’t scratch, a scar you can’t heal
i am sorry that i couldn’t be someone you wanted
a beautiful & loving piece to fit inside your broken heart

you are an escape, a field of wildflowers to lay in
after a long night of wiping my tears on pillowcases
& your gentle hands caress my head & promise me
it’ll be okay, someday, somewhere, when i’m finally free

you are the best friend i never had
& i can’t express myself enough in words
just how special that place in my chest for you is
a golden city for a golden boy who truly understands
what it means to be a human being to someone like me

a safe space for me to let go of my armor & let the oceans flow

twelve step program / making amends / letter eight

Blog Update: WE’RE ALIVE!!

Hey guys! Sorry we kind of went MIA these past two months. I had a lot going on, and I forgot to post a message letting everyone know I’d be away from tumblr for a while. THANK YOU  to everyone who sent asks, messages, and emails checking in and asking if we were okay. It meant a lot to me. You guys are awesome. 

A couple updates…

I’m officially a high school graduate!

Sounds small, but one year ago I was walking into the school ready to drop out. I was done with missing so much class due to drs appointments, migraines, horrible panic attacks, depressive episodes, and other health related reasons. I was done with falling behind in my classes, failing tests, and trying find extra hours in the day to finish everything I needed to complete just to stay afloat. I was done with it all. However, a little voice that day told me to keep pushing. Now I’m glad I did. 

For everyone who’s struggling through school thinking they can’t, PLEASE don’t give up. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here. I know how hard it can be trying to manage your mental/physical health while trying to balance your schedule and pass your classes. It DOES get better though! 

We leave for Ohio in August!

Faith and I will be going to a small college in Ohio starting this August. I’ll be majoring in animal science/pre-veterinary in hopes of later becoming a small animal vet and studying theriogenology. Faith and I will be living in the dorm with my (awesome, animal loving) roommate for the first year until we can find an apartment to rent.

Thank you everyone for all your support over the years! I’ll be getting to my ask box as soon as I can.

  • Moffat: Okay, to break the myth about me being a mean person, I gave you this 'wish jar'. Put in what you wish and I'll try to put them on script.
  • Peter: *scribble* Guitar in the TARDIS
  • Moffat: granted
  • Pearl: *scribble* stay alive
  • Moffat: I'm sorry.
  • Michelle: *scribble* The Master and Doctor kisses.
  • Moffat: You've already had that - no touching this series. I'll leave kissing for John Simm.
  • Moffat pull out one more 'wishlist'.
  • Moffat: Mondasian Cybermen? - Peter, only one wish each - well - okay, I'll be nice for ya!
  • Pearl and Michelle roll eyes.
  • Moffat pull out another paper.
  • Moffat: Who? Missy dabbing? Michelle - you've submitted more than one...
  • Louis: It was me.

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Number 3 brotzly?

Your wish is my command! <3

Todd never thought he’d actually start to miss the sound of Dirk’s voice. Usually the guy would just let his never-ending stream of consciousness spill out of his mouth in real-time, so keeping up was a daily Olympic-level endurance event.

But it had been half an hour since Dirk had so much as mumbled to himself. He wasn’t even singing along to the radio- and Todd had switched it over to his favourite crappy pop station, so something was definitely up.

Problem was he knew exactly what was up. But since it was mostly his fault, he wasn’t super anxious to bring it up.

But Dirk had gone from just staring out the rain-specked side window to angrily flicking it, so…

“Look,” said Todd, shoulders hunching in discomfort. “I’m sorry I yelled at you, okay?”

Dirk made a non-committal sound of acknowledgement. Shit, he was really mad. He flicked the window again, watching a raindrop on the other side of the glass jiggle and roll down rather than looking at Todd’s face.

Todd sighed, clenching the wheel a little tighter. “I know you’re pissed at me and, yeah, okay, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that, but…” he shrugged irritably. “Look, it’s been a long day, we’re both tired, let’s just call it and start over in the morning, okay?”

The car fell into tense silence again, and Todd kind figured that would be the end of that until Dirk shook his head and straightened up from his moody slouch.

“No,” he said, with a slight shake of his head. “No, we should sort this out now. I read in a magazine that you should never go to bed angry.” It would have sounded a lot wiser if Todd wasn’t 90% sure the magazine in question was Cosmo. “So we need to… de-escalate the situation. And quickly- I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted, I’ll conk out in minutes when we get home.”

“Okay, so… how do we do that?”

“We could…” Dirk frowned, stumped. “…Tell jokes?”

“You should be a marriage counsellor.”

“Excellent energy, Todd, but I think jokes at each other’s expense might be counterproductive.”

“Damn. There goes most of my material.”

Dirk rolled his eyes. “Really, Todd? Two in a row?”

“Come on, you walked right into it.”

“Oh, you mean like you walked right into that glass door last week?”

“…Dirk, that was you.”

“Damn. Hoped you wouldn’t remember.”

Todd snorted. And then he giggled. And then he gave in and full-on laughed, shoulders shaking.

And a few seconds later, so did Dirk.

Okay. Maybe Cosmo knew its shit sometimes.

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How come your legacy is just like calebvatore's?

It’s super unintentional! I realized the similarities in the legacy waaaay too late into playing, considering my queue is in the triple digits and I just had to accept it? CalebVatoreand I are best friends, and I draw a huge amount of inspiration from her, and I even asked if she thought it was okay for me to also use Liberty and if it would bother her at all and she said it was fine. 

Also, Hunter wasn’t going to end up with Liberty, I had planned for him to be in a relationship with Miko but, he would also find Liberty and flirt with her. 


Chapter 8: I Hate Myself and I Want to Die (Part V)

Somewhere around four p.m. Věra fell asleep. She did so with gusto, sliding to her left until she was partially sprawled over Teo, who, as a true gentleman, did not utter a word of complaint. It was a deep and restless sleep, riddled with nightmares and black slimy shadows. She could hear shots in the back of her mind and see blood, slowly trickling down obsidian black walls. More than once Teo had to shake her awake to stop her trashing around.

At eight p.m. the doctor exited the emergency room, his face set in a grave expression, all hard lines and sharp edges. He stopped before them, searching their faces before his lips broke into a pleasant smile, ‘Miss Vávra, I presume. Your friend just cleared the surgery.’

‘Will she… I’m sorry. Will she be okay?’

‘The next twenty-four hours will be critical, but she is doing just fine. She is a fighter.’

‘She is,’ she mumbled. ‘May I see her?’

He shook his head. ‘She is in intensive care for now. It will be best not to disturb her. Plus, you seem like you need some rest yourself.’

She looked down on her bloodied, crumpled dress and nodded. She did need some rest. But she wasn’t about to get it. She had a date later tonight. Looking back up at the doctor she tried for a smile, ‘Thank you.’

‘It’s what I do for a living,’ he said gently, then turned on Teo, expression getting hard. ‘Now make yourself useful, boy, and take this fine lady home. She needs a warm meal and a bed.’

Toe huffed, helping her to her feet. ‘And I need a better uncle.’

‘Funny. Your mother used to say something similar when we were little.’

They left the hospital, Teo promising to take care of her and she promising to listen to her escort. When they walked out into the cold night she looked up at the starless sky asking, ‘So the doctor is your uncle?’

‘Yeah. Pretty handy considering my own career path.’

‘Listen, bro, you don’t have to do this,’ she mumbled. ‘I live a block away. I can walk home just fine. It’s no problem.’

‘No question. You heard the doctor! I’m bound by police oath. So, please, do get into that car and stop arguing.’

She did have to stop at home one way or another and so she nodded and followed him to his Toyota. Seeing her home safe would ease his mind and save her the effort of trying to convince him she was fine. Plus, who the hell knew what will go down tonight. She was better off having an alibi.

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Favourite song on blurry face ?

What’s a blurryface? Sorry it had to be Dun. Okay I will kms. But I will answer ummmmm Fairly Local bc it was my first song to hear at a concert and plus it’s the intro to the concert and it just gives me chills.

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hey, sorry to bother, but I wanted to ask some advice if that's okay. I have to audition for something in three days and I barely know the excerpts, but I did so much practicing yesterday that my fingers still hurt a little when I press down on the strings. how do I keep practicing without blistering my fingers

I’ve never actually had this problem on the violin. anyone have advice?


Some pointless doodles I did last night while I was at a baseball game.. (Yes, me! At a baseball game! Weeeird, isn’t it??) The pitcher for the other team had really fabulous hair…. I’m thinking about basing a character design off of him. XD

(Me, about the last sketch: Maybe they won’t notice who it is if I crop it.
My brain: How could they not notice? Why are you even posting it?

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How about fluffy MarcoAce on a date at an amusement park?

Marco couldn’t believe that Ace had never eaten cotton candy in all his life. While he wasn’t exactly fond of the sweet treat, he had tasted it nonetheless when Thatch had tried to make it once. But it was just so adorable how his boyfriend’s eyes sparkled each time he saw something new - especially food - and wanted to try it out, and he eternally thanked Izo for suggesting going to an amusement park.

Did you know you’re adorable, yoi?” Marco finally voiced with an affectionate smile and leaned in to kiss Ace’s cheek that felt a little sticky due to the cotton candy he happily devoured. In his other hand, Ace was also holding a candy apple he took a bite of once in a while until it was gone.

I’m not! Quit saying it all the time–!” came the immediate protest from Ace, whose freckled cheeks quickly gained the colour of the cotton candy he was eating, caused by the unexpected kiss of those soft lips he often found his eyes drawn to.

Marco licked his lips and chuckled amused, before wrapping an arm around Ace’s waist, looking happier than ever.

I won’t.” The smile morphed into a smirk, as Marco loved to tease his boyfriend, because the reactions he received in return were just too good to stop with it. “Now, where do you wanna go next, yoi?” He didn’t mind anyplace, especially because so far, they had only seen about half of the park - mainly the food booths.

Ace hummed in thought while finishing his cotton candy, gazing around to find something interesting. Everything was so colourful, lights of various rides illuminating the park, demanding his attention so it was hard to pick just something. But eventually, his eyes halted on the huge ferris wheel that towered over everything, bright lights blinking in the night sky.

Let’s go to the big wheel, Marco! I bet you can see everything from up there!” Ace pointed at the ride excited, his eyes once again sparkling like he was a little boy in wonder. There was no way Marco could resist this endearing side of his boyfriend, and simply nodded before starting to walk towards it, arm still wrapped around Ace, who secretly snuggled a little more against Marco.

They were lucky, not having to wait that long in the row before the entrance, and like they could hear from others, the ferris wheel needed more than thirty minutes for one round. That excited Ace even more, and Marco just smiled fondly as they entered a cabin for themselves.

For a while, there was a comfortable silence as they sat beside each other with their hands intertwined, while Ace gazed out of the window to watch everything below them becoming smaller and smaller. When they reached the highest point, Ace was nearly glued to the window in awe.

Ace..” Marco spoke softly to get his boyfriend’s attention, who turned around in question. A smile spread over his lips as he gazed at Ace, the lights of the city shining behind him which made Ace even more beautiful than he already was.

I love you.” These three powerful words caught Ace by utter surprise, and Marco took the chance to claim the soft pair of lips in a tender kiss that spoke of his feelings he hadn’t voiced until now. When he pulled back, he saw the dark blush on Ace’s cheeks and the way those dark depths held a certain shine.

I– love you too..!” And with that, Ace threw himself into Marco’s arms with the biggest smile ever, the view on the illuminated park and city long forgotten.

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So I've been doing some research on Buddhism (Mostly because I've been interested in it for a while and always wanted to be a part of it) and I've found like different things of Buddhism (Like, Zen Buddhism etc. I forgot the actual name sorry) and I was wondering if you had some information on some of the main ones.


Zen Buddhism etc. are the different branches that Buddhism has taken as part of different cultures, time periods amongst other reasons.
I’m not sure if there are any “main” branches of Buddhism, depends on your perspective but I can tell you some of the ones I’m most interested in if that is okay :)
Zen Buddhism is said to originate from an Indian Monk (Bodhidharma) who went to China in the sixth century and challenged the way Buddhism was at the time. He found it to be too scholastic and feel the approach of Buddhism should be more simple and aim to wake up our true nature in the present. In a nutshell, Zen Buddhism focuses more on meditation rather than study with underlying Buddhist principle in the practises.
The main difference to what people identify Buddhism as and Zen Buddhism is the concept of enlightenment. Zen Buddhists aim to see directly into one’s own self-nature with everything else being purposeless, enlightenment included. It is about awakening in the present moment rather than aiming for a gradual enlightenment through accumulating merit.
It’s a very different approach to mainstream Buddhism and fascinating to study and I definitely recommend reading more about it.

The other branch of Buddhism I also find fascinating is Tibetan Buddhism. The sheer dedication and devotion that Tibet Buddhism involves is admirable. Whilst the practises of Tibet Buddhism are diverse the remaining core principle is the receiving of detailed instruction and advice from a lama. By devoting and surrendering to the lama (its called Guru Devotion), students are inspired to cultivate their own behaviours to alleviate suffering and confusion for all beings.
The diversity of Tibetan Buddhism is huge and for that reason it would be hard for me to give more information without going into specific branches but as always I recommending researching in more detail :)

I hope that answered your question! Sorry I took so long to reply, I’ve been receiving a lot of abuse on this account.
Namaste :)

C xo

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Okay, now I'm curious. Why do you call your Great Dane the worst thing that ever happened to you?

Oh my dear Anon if you only knew the trials I undergo daily.
NOTE: I would like to preface this by apologizing to the people to whom I’ve already complained about Sonja, and also those people that love all dogs regardless of their possible relation to fire-breathing hellhounds. I’m sorry. But not THAT sorry.

Okay. So a few years ago my baby brother, who was about three at the time, started asking (seemingly out of the blue) when we were “getting his dog.” He seemed very convinced that he was getting one and that he DESERVED one, which I’ll admit is enchanting and probably hypnotized my parents. The thing is, we’ve had dogs before. We KNOW dogs. Or at least, I know dogs.
Here’s the thing about dogs. Puppies are adorable. They’re freaking CUTE. 
Here’s the thing about puppies. They grow into dogs.

My parents began to consider actually getting a dog, and I had war flashbacks to our last puppy misadventure, which was a Terrible Idea and ended horribly. My dad’s grandparents had great danes, and he’s always wanted one, so the inevitable family meeting was called and getting a great dane was proposed. I was the only voice of opposition, but in fairness, i was a VERY LOUD voice of opposition.
Here’s the thing. Dogs are loud. We have seven kids in my family. They are also loud. Dogs need to be walked. They need to be fed and cleaned and cleaned up after. Great danes do everything that little dogs do, but they do more of it.

I made a pros and cons list. I petitioned. I begged them to wait until AFTER i left for college. I am easily stressed out, I am a neat freak, I don’t like noise, and while I am okay with dogs, I’m okay with them in so far as they are other people’s dogs. I tried so hard.
I should have tried harder.

Sonja showed up about a week later. 
And yet, there she was. She was tiny. Yes, she was cute. But it was not to last. 

She just. Kept getting bigger. My siblings all adored her. I was the Bad Guy, who had no soul and Still Didn’t Want a Dog. 
“It’s okay, Sonja,” my baby brother whispered to her as I walked past. “I love you.”

And then. That summer. My family went on vacation and I stayed home with my brother and this puppy, who was no longer small in any sense of the word. 

And she ate the leather off of our couch the first night my parents were gone.

It was all downhill from there. She has these droopy jowls, and when she drinks water, it hangs in rivulets of saliva from her mouth, and she lays said saliva’d jowls on your bare legs. Her tail wasn’t trimmed when she was a puppy, and it’s a WHIP. She gets excited and you get in her way, and it feels as though you’ve been shot in the leg. When she barks, it jars your very soul and resonates through your frame. She races around and knocks things over. Our kitchen door and staircase both have permanent baby-gates in front of them now. 

The day before the dog came was the last blissful moment of peace in this household. I can’t really have friends over and hang out downstairs because this monster won’t leave us alone. If you eat anything anywhere near her, she gets up in your face and then barks when you don’t feed it to her. 

And you want to know the very worst part of all? If you say that you don’t like your dog, people look at you like you have personally offended them. Not liking dogs? Are you a monster? You don’t like Sonja? But she’s such a good girl! She’s SUCH A GOOD GIRL.

My little brother still loves her, and my siblings have a lingering sort of affection for her. But my mom admitted a while ago that a great dane might have been a little bit… much. And I was just. Mom. I tried. I tried so hard to tell you.

But does anyone care? No. 

No one listens to me and now I’m the sorriest of all.

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lol um okay I will go make a side blog RIGHT NOW about a stupid BEE MOVIE that literally NO ONE even likes. Because that just seems like a better thing to complain about than a book series where people are totally fine that the boyfriend, an actual humanoid character let me add, punches his lover in the face and mentally and physically hurts her. :D Yep. Seems legit.

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Yes could you please make a tutorial of how you make your gifs i would appreciate it ^^ thank you ~~

oh my god i’m so sorry this took an eternity! but i’m finally not tied up with a lot of work so i thought to make it today. the whole process of making this might seem long and convoluted but trust me, it’s really easy once you get the hang of it.

we’ll be making this gif:

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