okay soos is my favorite ever

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Can we talk about how much JI likes flowers and how KS apparently has perfume that smells like flowers? Hmm.


Istg, Soo has a thing for flowers, this is CANON! Every time he gets a bouquet of flowers, he smells them with a shy and content smile on his lips ;___; it’s so freaking cuteeeeeeeeee!!!! 

And now we hear that his favorite perfume is one that smells of flowers as well T___T 

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Ji must buy flowers for him often given the fact that his hubby loves them ^o^ 

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Hey! I really adore you and your blog! ❤❤ Pass it on to 5 people who's blogs you love! &&&& YOU ARE A RAY OF SUNSHINE🌞 SEND THIS TO 8 PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THIS AND TRY NOT TO BREAK THE CHAIN💛I adore you soo much and your blog, and all your hot mens, okay well mostly your hot mens. hahaha just kidding, Jules you are so amazingly talented, when I read your stories I feel like I'm watching my favorite TV show. it blows me away. Love you!!!!

*sniff, sniff* Don’t make me cry like this! You’re messing up my badarse looks. I love you too! I will give you all the hot men you want! All the hot men ever! <3 <3

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Okay, thank you very much! Kyungsoo's my bias and I love reading these reaction. They make me go, "aw, he's so cute" and then I fall for him all over again

Nuuu, thank you! Heehee I’m so happy you like them, we try really hard to make them great for you guys. And who doesn’t love Kyungsoo? hehe. We all ship Ara with Soo because she likes him so much ^3^ hehe. But he’s such a squish ball (that’s actually terrifying). 


(my favorite Kyungsoo gif EVER) 


I just got back to the hotel, I JUST GOT BACK FROM SEEING PAUL MCCARTNEY IN CONCERT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Holy shit. How to put it into words? I have no clue. There ARENT any words that can describe how amazing and surreal this experience was.

So, I got emotional from the minute they were dropping me off. I saw a couple signs saying “PAUL OUT THERE TOUR SOLD OUT!” and stuff and I got so emotional because I had dreamed for this day for so long. So I cried a little bit, my mom was judging me saying im over-dramatic (she doesnt understand). I got there and it was like one more hour left for the show to start so I got in line to buy shirt. THE DAMN LINE TOOK AN HOUR -_- it was 8pm and I was barely getting to the cashier to get my shirt. I was desperate and nervous…I DIDNT wanna miss Paul’s intro. So I got it (yey! Beautiful shirt too) and I HAD to go to the rest room it wasnt even a question if I should go or not I had to because I didnt wanna leave the show AT ALL for nothing. So I did (that line was way way way faster lol). SO FINALLY I was headed to my seat, it was like 8:15pm by then and thankfully the concert hadnt started. I got to my seat and I actually chilled there more like 20 more minutes before he came on.

SO HE CAME ON AND IT WAS THE BEST FEELING IN MY LIFE EVER OKAY (“: THERE HE WAS…A LIVING LEGEND STANDING RIGHT THERE BEFORE MY EYES. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. I had to take a few deep breaths and hold my tears back because it was overwhelming. He is the wittiest most sassy most adorable most silly 72 year old ever (”: He told us a few stories from when The Beatles played that same stadium in 1966 and how he was proud to be back again ever since <3 He did a mini tribute to Jimi Hendrix as well as (of course) John and George (in which I cried). He did tributes to Nancy and Linda as well. SPEAKING OF NANCY! She was two sections down from me in the audience (: I didnt get to meet her or anything but I saw her from afar! Anyway, he sang all my favorite songs (basically all songs hes ever written are my favorite soo) and damn he did a great job ;_; He took two fans onstage with him and gave them an autograph (LUCKY DUCKIES)! (:

OKAY so but the most magical moment (one of anyway) was..okay so….it was a stadium show which had no roof, obviously and tonight was a FULL MOON. The full moon was right beside the stage and it was PURELY magical…BUT thats not all, there was a moment where Paul was singing, the full moon was out so bright and beautiful and suddenly out of nowhere I SEE A SHOOTING STAR. A massive shooting star passed right across the stage…a real shooting star ok not like a fake one that the production added or something lol. IT WAS A MOMENT OF PURE BLISS AND HAPPINESS AND MAGIC. Full moon + Shooting Star + PAUL MCCARTNEY = A MOMENT THAT I WILL NEVER FORGER IT WAS PERFECTION IT WAS MAGICAL. Seriously wow I dont even know how to explain. It is rare to see shooting starts down here like that it was really big and bright it passed for like 3 seconds then it vanished it was beautiful having that happen at that moment with Paul in front of me. (“:

Anyway, so many performances I wanna talk about…ugh so Something was freaking beautiful and Here Today made me cry :C LIVE AND LET DIE WAS FUCKING PERFECTION I DONT THINK IVE EVER BEEN SO HAPPY?! I MEAN IT WAS JUST MAGICAL THE ENTIRE SHOW WAS REALLY ;_; Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End was phenomenal!!!!! OMG JUST ALL THE PERFORMANCES WERE JUST AMAZING, SO AMAZING. 

There was a drunk guy sitting next to me, he was actually really nice and it made me happy there was someone so hyper right next to me (’‘x So I wasnt alone! OH and I bumped into a lovely tumblr fellow at the show (message mee!!) took a photo and everything ^_^ ITS SO GREAT MEETING ONLINE BEATLEMANIACS IN REAL LIFE (: WOW im probably leaving loads of stuff out but this is long now!?? I took photos and beautiful videos (well my camera sucks the quality isnt the best but by beautiful I mean the experience and the memories I have) which I will post TOMORROW once I get home (at night probably)!! (”:


As Paul was singing his last song and saying goodbye I felt a bit sad but then I remembered Im going to see him again next month and all was well (“: BEST NIGHT EVER, I LOVE YOU TO FUCKING DEATH PAUL. I MEAN IT.