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I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

Some things are better gone (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: I’m kinda stalking your blog rn dont mind me bUT YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER OH SHIT. Is it okay if you do me a drabble at some point, if so could it be 14,15,21,35 and 44? Love your work so much and i hope its not too much to ask for!!

A/N: This is very angsty as I was(and am) in a pretty bad mood while I was writing this and I needed a way to let it out.

Drabble 14: I do not like you

Drabble 15: I love him 

Drabble 21: Are you jealous?

Drabble 35: You hurt me

Drabble 44: I’m sorry

List of drabbles: http://imaginingspiderman.tumblr.com/drabbles

‘’Please, let me explain’’ Peter tells you as he enters the living room, seeing you laughing at a movie on the TV.
You quickly turn around to look at him and furrow your brows, an angry expression on your face.
‘’Leave me alone’’ you hiss at him, feeling the rage burning inside you, turning back around to return your attention to the TV.
He tries to sit next to you, but you get up, turning off the TV and walking to your room at the Stark Tower, the happy mood you had, instantly gone.
‘’Oh, come on, don’t be mad’’ he says, following you.
‘’Leave me alone’’ you repeat, not even turning around to look at him. He ignores you and just keeps walking behind you, trying to catch up to you. He walks into your room a second after you and closes the door behind him, turning around to look at you. ‘’I didn’t tell you you could come in.’’
‘’Why are you so mad at me?’’ he says furrowing his eyebrows.
‘’Are you serious?’’ you say, finally turning to look at him. ‘’You hurt me. You slept with her out of nothing but spite because of the fight we had. You didn’t even have the guts to tell me until a month after. And you wonder why I’m mad?’’ you shout.
‘’I told you I was sorry! And don’t go playing the victim. A month later you already had a new boyfriend, as if nothing had happened between us’’ he says, getting closer to you.
‘’Are you jealous?’’ you ask, a harsh laugh leaving your mouth. ‘’You know what? I love him. He has done nothing to me but love me, not like you.’’
‘’Don’t act as if you didn’t love me anymore. We dated for years, [Y/N]. You can’t just forget about that.’’
‘’Oh, watch me, because I can and I will. I don’t love you anymore. I do not even like you. I just feel disgusted when I look at you, so leave my room before I have to kick you out myself.’’
‘’Please, [Y/N]. I’m sorry’’ he says, a begging look in his eyes.
‘’I said leave. And do it now’’ you tell him, turning around and not letting out a breath until you hear the door close.
Some things are better gone.

Klaus literally wrote “However long it takes” at the end of the letter and I am not okay, I’m crying! (I mean the ending in general made me emotional but anyways) and my precious cinamon roll Jeremy was there and Klaroline and “Hello, brother”…tvd killed me and I can’t believe this is the end

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I've taken 5 painkillers and 4 antidepressants and I'm debating whether to take 4 more painkillers. Help.

hey fuck i just got on this, please don’t take more. tell someone right now, find someone and let them know what you did. get help, maybe the hospital, i’m not sure but if you’re trying to kill yourself you need serious help. go get help okay? 

please message me that you’re okay


    I’m going to be blunt about this, before I go and make my coffee and continue with more memes. If you want to reblog this─── I don’t mind. That’s up to you but I’m not very happy with certain behaviours right now.

       Let me be blunt with this,

This blog will not, nor will it ever, tolerate any kind of vagueblogging directed negatively at anyone in this fandom.

   It doesn’t matter whether I know them, or whether I do not. It doesn’t matter if we’re enemies, or the best of friends, THIS IS BULLYING. This is toxic, unhealthy behaviour that situates someone in a position in which they are unable to defend themselves. This is not okay ──── this will NOT be tolerated, by any means.

    Vagueblogging on its own, can be something very hurtful. People neglect the facts of saying, IT CAN PUSH PEOPLE TO HURT THEMSELVES. Let me say that for the people in the back, a little louder,


   Tumblr is a communal site. What does that mean? It means that just like an out of school hobby, there is an underlying responsibility to take care of eachother. Does that mean you have to twist and turn in every direction to babysit someone you don’t even know? No, but it does mean you need to AT LEAST, be aware of possibly concerning content you post and it’s affect on others.

   Again, I’m going to be blunt ──── if you have no intentions of at least TRYING to censor your content, be it through tags, or readmores, or just not posting it at all, I have no time for you. I don’t care how much we’ve talked, how nice I’ve been, I do NOT care───

I will NEVER tolerate someone attacking another person.

I will NEVER tolerate someone HARASSING another person.

I will NEVER tolerate someone thinking it is in THEIR RIGHT to PUT DOWN someone in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

I will not tolerate bullying here, and that is absolute.

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A. Age: 23
B. Biggest fear: not amounting to anything
C. Current time: 19:58
D. Drink you last had: unsweetened almond milk
E. Everyday starts with: my alarm clock and me thinking ‘10 more minutes.’
F. Favourite song: right now: priceless by for king and country
G. Ghosts, are they real?: nah
H. Hometown: west coast usa
I. In love with: languages, math, friends, family, the beach, adventures
J. Jealous of: people who have their life together
K. Kill(ed) someone: no
L. Last time I cried: last week i think
M. Middle name: elizabeth
N. Number of siblings: one
O. One wish: for things to be okay
P. Person you last called/texted: my sister
Q. Question you’re always asked: where is your accent from and how tall are you
R. Reason to smile: flowers, nice days, rain, the sound of crickets, friends
S. Song last sang: hypnotize me by taylor berrett
T. Time you woke up: 7:00
U. Underwear color: pink
V. Vacation destination: japan/taiwan
W. Worst habit: not getting enough sleep
X. X-rays you’ve had: teeth, feet, pelvis, spine, knees i’m a walking disaster lol
Y. Your favourite food: homemade chinese food or indian food
Z. Zodiac sign: libra

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requested by anon

You were bitter; more than bitter actually. All week you’d been avoiding Bellamy which was much harder than you thought it would be. You knew that he’d corner you down eventually, you just hadn’t expected it to be right now.

“Okay, so why’ve you been avoiding me?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he stood at your tents door blocking the exit. You opened your mouth to deny his accusation but he knew you better than that, “Don’t say you haven’t been; skip the lies.”

You sighed, “Fine. I’m jealous, Bell.”


“Of you being in love with Clarke!” You almost yelled, “It kills me to watch you be in love with someone else-”

He cut you off by storming towards you and kissing you hard on the mouth. He pulled back quicker than you wanted, “I don’t love Clarke, (y/n). I love you, got it?” You nodded quickly before pulling his lips back to meet yours.

  • Friend: Hm.
  • Friend: *cups hands around mouth to form a megaphone*
  • Me: *somewhere in the distance* *cries and moans* Oh gaawwwd noooo, why?!! WHY!?! Someone please, PLEASE put me out of this misery and kill me right away!! OH GAWD PLEASE I can't, I'm not ready for more tears and sorrow... *lies on the ground*
  • Friend: ah, there she is, that piece of trash
  • Bakugo: "Fight me!"
  • Izuku: "No!"
  • Bakugo: "Then I'll kill you for wimping out!"
  • Izuku: "Okay, okay, I'll fight!"
  • Bakugo: "You dare to actually fight back? I'll kill you!"
  • Izuku: "...I'm really confused right now."
  • Bakugo: "Your confusion pisses me off! I'm gonna--!"
  • Izuku: "Yeah, I'm done here."
  • Bakugo: "What? Hey! Come back! I need to fight someone or else my life is meaningless!"

  Imagine: Having dated Theo, who broke up with you after cheating on with Malia, leaving you heart broken. Now as a fight breaks out you sacrifice yourself to save someone else. Only for the biggest shock to come at the end.
Part 2   

 Okay, so this is based kinda based on my imagine right here

    This is kinda has some crossover references to The Vampire Diaries. Also somehow when vampires die, they don’t look the way they do in the show. And gold kills any supernaturals (idfk).

    Anyways, I had this requested, but I didn’t get to everything so I’m planning on a second part.


    Alone. That’s all I can feel right now. It covers the heartbreak from Theo leaving me for Malia; the pain from Stiles now longer talking to me as punishment for trusting Theo. Besides from Scott and Lydia I am utterly alone…

  My phone began going off, wakening me from my moment of self-pity. Scott’s name flashed over the screen.

“Hey Scott. What’s up?” I answered.

“(Y/n) no time for talking. We think we found the Dread Doctors laboratory. We need to go.  Meet us by that place Stiles used to skateboard at,” Scott wasted no time in hurrying through his words.

“I’ll be right there,” I responded grabbing my car keys.

   Driving up to the place I could already feel the eeriness of it, but then again the dark sky and fog probably added to it. Parking I could already see the pack waiting for me.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked walking to them.

Stiles immediately turned his back to me, almost bringing tears to my eyes. How could I have been so stupid to pick some guy I knew back in 4th grade over my best friend?

“(Y/n), (y/n)… Hello,” Liam waved his hand in my faces bringing me out of my thoughts.

Only for me to then notice Malia and Theo standing side by side, way too close for my tastes. No, I have to pay attention; I spoke to myself making me refocus on Scott talking.

“Ok, so Theo, Malia, and I will go this way,” he point in the direction of their path. “Liam, Kira, and Brett will go that way. Stiles, Lydia, (y/n), and Mason will wait here unless you hear me howl. Okay?” Everyone shook their head yes, “Ok then let’s move.”

   As the supernatural half of the group went inside, an awkward silence overtook the outside. After only a few minutes a howl breaks the silence. I took off running inside.

“(Y/n), wait for us!” Lydia yelled to me.

I couldn’t force myself to stop, images of my friend hurt running through my mind. The strong bonds making me willing to do whatever I have to  to keep them safe.

 Following the sounds of fighting I entered the room where they all were; the pack and only 2 of the doctors. I looked around for some sign of the 3rd, wondering if they hand defeated it.

“MALIA! “ Someone screamed.

I turned to catch sight of the 3rd doctor behind her, ready to attack with a knife from their ‘surgeries’ in his hand. I took off being the closest to her, pushing her out of the way… Then I felt it, the sharp blade going into my abdomen.

Yells and fighting clouded my mind as I touched where I had been impaled; bringing my hand out to see it covered in blood. I began to fall to the floor, as someone caught me just before I fully collapsed. I my vision began getting blurry making it hard to see my savior, until I heard his voice.

Bring my close to his chest, looking into my eyes he began, “You’re going to be fine. Kira went to go call 911. It all over, we defeated them. I’m so sorry for the way I’ve been ignoring you.”

I cut him off before he could finish. “Shhh,” I said putting my finger to his lips. “Don’t waste my last few minutes apologizing,” I tried to joke, laughing a little bit before coughing blood out.

Looking around I could still see most off the pack standing around me, but not very clearly.

“Why did you do it, (y/n)?” A voice asked, anger and sadness laced in it. “I would’ve healed. I would’ve been fine.”

Now I could tell who it is; Malia. Despite ending up with my ex-boyfriend, I still wouldn’t let her die. I couldn’t let Stiles (whom she had left for Theo) or Theo go through that pain of losing her. I didn’t matter like she did. As far as anyone knows, besides Lydia, I’m just a tiny human girl who doesn’t make any contributions to the pack.

“Malia, we both know the knife was covered in pure gold, something that would kill any supernatural,” I began, trying to stay in the land of the living as long as possible. “I still care about you Malia and I could never let you die.” Looking up, changing my focus to others, “And I still love Theo and if you make him happy, I can’t put him through the pain of losing you. And I know you still love her Stiles,” I spoke softly looking up at my best friend putting my clammy hand up to hold the side of his face. “And I hurt you enough with placing my loyalty elsewhere; I couldn’t let you hurt more.”

“(Y/n),” Stiles began before I cut him off.

“ And I’m just a human (yeah , right) and I don’t make any contributions to the pack, Malia matters and makes a difference,” I tried making it lighthearted and giving a little laugh, but blood came up again.

I knew this was it; I could feel my time in Beacon Hills coming to a close. Exhaustion taking over my body.

“Lydia don’t forget to…” I tried reminding her of our plan for a situation like this, but I didn’t make it to finishing it.

      Waking up I could feel the heavy florescent light shining from about, making it hard to open my eyes. Before I had regained my sight I could hear distant mumbles, voices that sounded familiar. Slowly sitting up, my eyes becoming accustomed to the light, I moved my legs off the metal table I was previously laying on, now fully sitting. Noticing where I was finally, the vet’s. Moving to stand up I became a mess, falling into the counter, knocking things over.  

“Thank god you’re awake,” Lydia bounded into the room, leaving Deacon in the other space. “Don’t every do that again. I know you’re a vampire and all, but I still felt like I was losing you,” her tone scolding, along with worry.

Now racked with guilt with just putting her through that I thought about the big kicker; telling her she has to keep acting like I died. I really wish I didn’t have to, but I have made a promise to myself when I came to Beacon Hill. I couldn’t go back on that promise, the one where I vowed if I died I would find my brothers, who I have been playing hide and seek with since we became vampires.  

“Lydia, I can’t stay here,” I decided to get it over with.

“WHAT?” her voiced raised, she began screaming. “You can’t leave me; you’re my best friend. If this is about Theo and Malia or Stiles, I’ll find a way to fix it,” tears began rolling down her face, breaking my heart for what I was doing. “Please… You can’t leave me; I can’t be all alone again. I can’t lose someone else.”

Moving in to give her a hug, tears started clouding my vision too. She was so strong, even though she had lost so much, like Allison.

Not letting her go yet I whispered, “You are the strongest person I know. You can make it. You’ll still have me I just won’t be here. I’ve overstayed my welcome.” We began pulling away as I continued to speak, “It’s not safe for you guys or this place for me to stay here this long, supernatural being always bring trouble.”

Now being fully apart, silence took over. I patiently waited for some kind of response.

“Okay, but you have to call me every day, so I know you’re safe. And I’ll need some help knowing what to say to everyone else,” finally agreeing to let me leave.


     A few hours later I was on my way, having picked up some of my things. Following my brothers’ latest tracks, leading me to my hometown…

Mystic Falls.


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thejulietfarciertlove  here  is the first half of your request. This was getting a little long so I had to break it up, but i’ll have the second half out as soon as possible.

honestly please fucking take pmdd seriously!

suicide mention tw

pmdd is not v well known but it affects a lot of ppl who menstruate. its short for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and its like Super Hell PMS !!!

it causes things like extreme mood swings, feelings of depression or hopelessness, and it seems to effect ppl who have anxiety or depression more.

@ ppl who menustrate: if u feel like almost irrationally suicidal every month right around ur period i srsly recommend doing some research on this.

i suffered needlessly every month, for YEARS, i would be okay one day, and the next day id be thinking of different ways to kill myself. now this wasnt like. an abnormal thing for me ive had pretty severe depression most of my short life but like man this was different, this was always the worst and whenever i would ask for help i would get shot down and told that im just on my period! (!!! FUCKED UP EVEN IF SOMEONE IS “JUST ON THEIR PERIOD” ur emotions r always valid, bbs)

its time to start taking this kinda shit seriously. its time to start listening to ur child if u they share feelings like this w u. do NOT write off these feelings as just “hormones”. so much pain would have been avoided if someone actually took me seriously about this. i dont want to let this keep happening to people. pmdd is more common than you think. please do some research, and warn young people about this.

also guys, dont come into my inbox asking me to explain this stuff for you. google is gonna be a lot more helpful than im gonna be!

thank you for reading, and please try and spread awareness for pmdd if u can!

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What are the things you like most about Mary?

WARNING: Long post

First off, so SO sorry for making this Answer longer than it should be because I guess you were expecting a simple answer? :/ Your Ask has inspired me to make a proper post for her! So, I owe you one, let me know if you ever want any gifs/edits made and I’d try my best. :’D

Okay… So, what do I like about BBC Sherlock’s (then Ms. Morstan, now) Mrs. Watson?

I like that:

She is someone with strong principles.

People like Magnussen should be killed…

…that’s why there are people like me.

Right in front of the man whom she should be trying to make herself out to be sympathetic like we all expected her to do. Yet, she didn’t back down one bit and got defensive when her choice to harm Magnussen was questioned.

But she still can be kind and accepting of others in her own way.

She is very smart and skillful.

But she knows that she has limits and sometimes needs to step back and let others take charge.

She can get things done. Since I personally value efficiency, I find this trait of hers highly appealing.

But she is not without flaws and that is something I like about her too. Yeah, sure she could get things done but some of them are quite unsavory which made me go “No, Mary, no.”

And ultimately, she is courageous. I have to admit, I like the cliché. She has the courage to not just starting a new life, no, but also the courage to build relationships as well. I imagine some, knowing that there is a chance that the relationships that they make might fall apart due to the truth about their past, would maintain some distances from the rest of the world. But Mary - she seems to know what she has done in the past is shameful yet she did not choose to distance herself away from relationships. She did not shy away from possible heartbreaks and had her mind set to fight for the life that she wants. Maybe it’s because she’s a romantic, and maybe she has decided that John is that one man whom she is willing to take the risk for.

She has done some terrible things before her secret was revealed to the person she loves and her actions seem to tell us that she is a determined person. But, it also turns out that she would take a step back when she thinks all hope is lost - people whom she came to cherish knows about her past. She would not proceed to force them to return her love, but to step away and give them their space.

And I’m glad that she has found some friends and family who accept her for who she is…

(And I shall see if future episodes would invalidate these traits I like about her, but for now, this is my answer. x)

*me in a western saddle* eh, it’s okay that one stirrup is hanging below my foot and the other is normal. no big deal. i’m too lazy to get off and fix it, haha

*me in an english saddle* my left stirrup is 1/16 of an inch higher than my right stirrup and if i do not adjust them right now i am going to kill someone

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Oh God, please tell me that sound isn’t what I think it is





You know, I wanted Vamp!Laura but right now I’m willing to give that up for Vamp!Danny in a heartbeat

Looking at Dean through deforming goggles

This interesting discussion about Dean’s state and Cas and Sam’s perceptions of it has given me an idea. Dean (at least in my opinion) is actually trying his best to handle the Mark situation. He is aware he has violent impulses; he tried several possible solutions (eating healthy etc) and, in a ‘trial and error’ way, scrapped out the ones that didn’t work. Now he seems to have found a fairly good balance - he channels that violence in situations where it’s okay, like killing monsters and, in 10x20, being rough with a guy that sent a young girl to the hospital, not exactly someone that deserved to be treated with velvet gloves, right?

But Sam and Cas don’t see this. They are overattentive to any sign of violent impulses Dean show, and don’t believe he is able to handle them. They’re waiting for him to snap, and even when he acts quite normally for their ‘lifestyle’ (you can find a million instances of Sam, Cas and Dean without the Mark treating people like Dean treated Ronnie…) they interpret it as something not normal. We could say that Sam and Cas are looking at Dean with ‘every display of violence he has is obviously due to the Mark of Cain’ goggles.

In a way, the show is telling us that looking at something with deforming goggles is wrong and damaging. Those goggles prevent Sam from seeing that Dean is better than he thinks, that he’s not ‘getting worse’ like he told Cas and Cas told him - thus Sam believes that the only solution is to resort to desperate measures.

Sam has gone to Rowena and is trying to use the Book of the Damned because he’s looking at Dean through goggles that prevent him from seeing Dean the way he really is. Dean is strong, smart, even hopeful right now. Sure, he doesn’t know if he’ll be fine, like he told Claire, but he has hope. He tells spell!Benny that he’ll kill himself… IF that’s what he has to do. He hopes that he won’t have to. But Sam’s goggles make him see only a part of Dean, the part of him that is scared, lost and broken. But Dean isn’t just that. He’s more than that.

In conclusion, we have the show telling us that there’s more to Dean than what we might see looking at him through some deforming goggles. That goggles don’t let us see all of Dean, but a partial, and ultimately wrong since incomplete, version of him. That looking at Dean though goggles is damaging. That we lose sight of important, positive parts of Dean. That we might end up hurting others, as Sam seems to be about to do. And that we ultimately are disrespectful to Dean, the real Dean, the full Dean.

If you replace ‘every display of violence he has is obviously due to the Mark of Cain’ with ‘heteronormativity’…