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I just wanted to remind you all that, canonically, felix has mentioned he is concerned that he is, indeed too good looking.

“what if i am too good looking” are actual words that he has said


what an arrogant piece of shit


just Jongdae being his usual unfly cute self


Yowamushi Pedal mpreg version

In which everyone tries to figure out who is the father of Onoda’s baby. #How I Met Your Father #Everybody Loves Onoda

  • me, a mentally ill person: *talks about my mental illness and how it affects me personally*
  • somebody else: okay but.. could you like.. stop promoting mental illness??

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have you done bigbang as one direction? because you should do bigbang as one direction.

Daesung is Liam

Seungri is Niall

Taeyang is Louis

TOP is Zayn

GDragon is Harry

short and random kandreil headcanons
  • I like the idea of Andrew being a secret handyman. Like, the pipes in the dorm burst and water is spraying EVERYWHERE and Kevin is freaking out because now they’re going to be late to practice. Neil has never experienced anything like this and its kind of comical so he’s just standing in the doorway and laughing. Andrew comes into the apartment and sees whats going on, shoulders Neil out of the way so that he can pull his toolbox out from under the sink (how have they never seen that before??) and just starts wrenching shit. Kevin and Neil don’t even know what to say because they didn’t know that Andrew was good with his hands like this (((I mean, they knew he was good with his hands if you know what I mean)), so they just watch with their mouths hanging open. 
 + Neil starts “accidentally” breaking things in hopes that Andrew will get
tools out to fix them. Andrew isn’t stupid, but he humors Neil and    
       fixes them anyway (and also wears sleeveless shirts and does some 

       extra flexing because Neil isn’t aware of how obviously he stares)

    + Kevin notices that the tools in the box are rusty and pieces are broken.    He buys Andrew a brand new, really expensive and shiny kit. He
       doesn’t say anything to Andrew, just leaves it under the sink next to the
       old one, feels warm and content every time he sees Andrew using it.

  • Sometimes Andrew re-strings his racket at the kitchen table. Neil and Kevin fan themselves like eighteenth century maidens and get handsy with each other while they watch

  • Santa(Andrew) buys them a HUGE TV, we’re talking like 80″+, for Christmas. Andrew doesn’t even watch TV, what a sucker
    + He only lets them watch ONE game that day (and boy do their dumb,
       enraptured faces make it totally worth it)

  • Random and usually late night weekend road trips. They alternate who picks the destination. 

    Andrew and Neil always drive (and Kevin always complains)

    + Kevin usually takes them somewhere Exy related. 

    + Neil shows them places he blew through, towns that knew him only as
       a ghost. He connects scars to hotels, broken and bruised 
memories to
       park benches and train stops. They hold him tighter on those nights
       and by the time the sun rises the next morning - Neil and Kevin sleepily    buckling in and Andrew behind the wheel - Nathaniel Wesninski 
       feels a little more ephemeral than Neil Josten ever had the
       chance of becoming. 
    + Andrew doesn’t usually choose a destination, he chooses direction.
       “Go left here.” “Drive North until I say stop.” He doesn’t care, as long
        as he has Kevin and Neil with him he’s content to drive until the road

  • Kevin and Neil getting into prank wars with each other because we all know how competitive they are. Neil dyes Kevin’s clothes the color of a team that he hates, Kevin retaliates by hiding all of Neil’s long racquets so that he has to play with the awkward short ones during practice. Neil replaces all of Kevin’s health food with cheap candy and his alcohol with orange juice, so Kevin sets all of the clocks in the house back by two hours (Kevin sinks victoriously back into sleep after Neil goes off for his 3am 5:00am run the next morning).
    + Andrew grows increasingly unimpressed, and when he realizes that this
       is 95% just foreplay for them he locks them in the bedroom and
       doesn’t let them out until they deal with it (oh honey do they deal with
       it) ((Andrew also deals with it but from the other side of the door))
       (((okay maybe he opens the door and watches)))((((somebody stop

  • Sleepy mornings where they all sit at the kitchen table (which is right under the window so they can look out and see the city) in comfortable silence. Andrew eats a really sugary children’s cereal, Kevin eats toast and an omelet and a protein shake, and Neil steals some of Kevin’s eggs and makes himself bacon egg & cheese on a bagel. They don’t feel the need to talk, just get lost in their own heads and the security of each others company

  • Neil goes through a phase where he’s into cooking and baking. Andrew doesn’t care enough to cook (besides grilling. boy can grill a meeeeeaaan steak) and honestly Kevin is weird as f and eats like thirty different times a day and very specific portions and foods and he has a s/y/s/t/e/m Andrew
    + Andrew likes to watch Neil in the kitchen (I mean can you imagine Neil
       working a kitchen really confidently, like stirring pasta and winking at
       the same time or something because i can and i’m having heart
       palpitations) and he oftentimes ””helps”” by adding random spices
       from the cabinet and hiding ingredients when Neil has his back turned
    Neil likes to provide for his loved ones, okay, so on nights when Kevin
       pushes himself too hard at practice and can’t even make it to the bed,
       passes out on the couch with one shoe still on, Neil covers him with a
       blanket and takes extra time putting together his favorite hot dinner 


I have an headcanon that eretria doesn’t love herself, and every time she sees her reflection she sees a girl who is unworthy of love and affection. that’s until amberle draws her portrait. from her point of view, the princess draws a beautiful strong woman with caring eyes and a sarcastic smirk, and puts so much passion in the drawing it almost looks real. and eretria starts appreciating the little things about herself.