okay so you just jumped

The other day I was really spaced out in my english class bc I haven’t really been sleeping enough, and a guy was calmly reading something he had written for class when he screamed “FUCK” as loudly as he could. I love my classmates, I never stay bored for long. 


Yes, let’s leave Sakura-chan to Itachi-san. That’s a perfect plan.

There are plenty of things I need to work on and a few things I’d like to eventually finish but I’m craving something new to the point of it being painful.

Okay guys, so the r*ylos have declared june24th as worldr*yloday, and I just want to warn you guys just to be careful online on that day if r/eylo triggers you (or if you just don’t wanna see r/eylo stuff) - they’re using it as a hashtag and I’ve seen people comment the tag on people’s general SW posts, so it might show up here and there. Be careful!