okay so this reminds me

“So while I was in hospital, I somehow managed to stumble upon a list of 21 baby names voted the worst of 2016 so far; and while most were absolutely horrid, there was one I actually sort of liked… Did you know someone’s actually called their child ‘Gotham’, like from Batman? How much do you want to bet they did that just so in the middle of the night when their baby cried, they could turn to their partner and say ‘Gotham needs you…’?

ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ Jacksepticat

R U HapPy @totoro492

i had so much fun drawing this .it’s almost indecent. // ROLL ROLL//

Jack is so damn cute, begging for some  daily “milk” IUh. that’s too much for meh. //unsexy sobbs //


//cough cough// YES. MH . OK. I have big thing for “cat/dog” relationship ( so i might draw jacksepticat again…) (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆


Xiumin’s always ready to fight Baekhyun

Pretty sure Part 4 is my favorite so far, Part 3 coming in really close. I should do more Jojo art…

Please do not use/crop/re-upload on any site, thank you!

🎩 @relitashes !

     A frown crossed the professor’s face. His expression cold and calculating, he couldn’t help the anger that was rising in him. Good thing he was good at hiding it underneath an uncaring expression. 

      🎩 Is there something I can help you with? Or are you just here to waste my time? ❞


i’m having another really :-( day and idk what my issue is even lol

Okay so Beyonce calling out Jay Z has reminded me of one of my favorite classic hollywood stories:

Debbie Reynolds was married to Eddie Fisher, and her best friend was Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor’s husband died, and eventually, Taylor and Fisher started sleeping together. So Debbie Reynolds called a hotel, expecting to get Elizabeth Taylor and instead her husband picks up the phone. Her response was to calmly tell him, “Roll over, darling and let me speak to Elizabeth.”

After Eddie Fisher begged her for a divorce, Debbie Reynolds gave it to him, but only after warning him that Elizabeth Taylor would leave him in 18 months. Which she did, for Richard Burton.

Debbie Reynolds went on to forgive Elizabeth Taylor years later, and has publicly stated that the men she has married have all been “idiots” and has said “I don’t waste money on men any more.”

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go watch this its my Life i have seen it. like a lot of times. It kicks my Ass.