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Shay hi! I saw that you reblogged the post that said that something about wished people wrote headcanons and theories and I'm just here to tell you that yesterday Gio and I were talking about all your stories and how they're so great and how we're going to end up writing a whole album about your work owo stay amazing <3

I hope you don’t mind me publishing this, but I need to preserve this forever because dfhsfhajajfhpjdofhfphfpjhfjaf…!!! 


You both are too sweet, I swear! I just… hhhnngggggggdsjgjsspjpa Just saying that is such a huge compliment! Ahhhhhhhhh *hugs you both* <3 <3 <3 Thank you for the wonderful words! ;-;

Okay so I was watching BOM again and it reminded me of one thing that always stuck out to me - when Kevin and Arnold talk to the others, and Kevin decides to transfer after seeing the guy get shot in the face, even though they were standing right next to each other moments before - Kevin is the only one with blood on him.

So it’s my headcannon now that even if he didn’t consciously intend to, Kevin instinctively stepped forward to help while Arnold (and literally every other sane person in the vicinity) jumped away.

Bc Kevin might be an asshole 95% of the time, but lets also remember that he…

  • was so excited that he was going to have a chance to ‘help heal the world’
  • stayed up and comforted Arnold who was having really bad self esteem issues because of his dad, long before they were actual friends
  • tried his best to help elder mckinley feel better about his gay thoughts, even though he knows it’s against the rules he’s been taught to live by his whole life
  • accepted a baby from a complete stranger, immediately made sure that it was okay, and then looked after it until it’s mother returned
  • still felt guilty about getting his brother into trouble 14 years later

and in the end. he didn’t really care if he got to Orlando or not - he just wanted everyone around him to be happy and hopeful.

Deaf/HOH Penpal (Round 2)

Okay so lovely Anon reminded me that I had a project I need to get going with… 

A while back @amputeeot​ and I decided to create something called Deaf/HOH Penpals so we can exchange letters, decorative HA/CI stuff, and just you know, have a Deaf/HOH pal who care share your struggles and life experiences with. 

I/We kind of been neglecting this project because life is too busy or we just completely forget (not going to deny I did forget for a little bit! But it was in the back of my mind.). School/work/life got in the way.

But I promise you know it’s back up again!

Yes this is for d/Deaf/HOH individuals only. 

Facebook Group  and the Survey to be completed as well please. (To those who filled it out before… Can you do it again please? Thank you!). Thanks to @anditwaspun for setting up survey #2! This lovely is very wonderful!


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okay so i thought i would include more but if i were to go lower down on my bias list than these top 3 i would have to list like 20 people so…

as you might have noticed, my ultimate has never actually changed since the beginning, it’s always been Key :’)

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okay so i was watching Love, Rosie and this speech reminded me SO much of Rucas it broke my heart like someone make a video

“Choosing the person that you want to share your life with is one of the most important decisions any of us makes,ever.
   Because when it’s wrong,it turns your life to grey.And sometimes you don’t even notice until you wake up one morning and realize years gone by.
   We both know that one,Alex.
   Your friendship has brought glorious technicolor to my life.It’s been even in the darkest of times,and I am the luckiest person alive for that gift.
   I hope I didn’t take it for granted,I think maybe I did.Because sometimes you don’t see that the best thing that’s ever happened to you is sitting there,right under your nose,but that’s fine too,It really is.Because I realized that no matter where you are or what you’re doing,or who you’re with.

   I will always honestly,truly,completely love you.

   Like a sister loves a brother and a friend loves a friend.I’ll always guard over your dreams,Alex.No matter how weird or twisted they get”

like she confesses her love and then hides behind “brother/sister” because she wants him to be happy and jfc i ship alex and rosie so much and i ship riley and lucas so much

Am I the only one who gets irritated at cliche jealousy scenes in stories? 

Like, misunderstanding scene happens and it’s obvious that Heroine is upset and failing to hide it, and Hero notices that and decides to tease her about it–whether they’re together or not?

Uh, yeah, no.

That is so overused.

Why can’t the girl be good at hiding her emotions for once? Why can’t the guy cut her some slack and quickly explain the truth instead of milking her obvious indignation? Why can’t we have a scene that doesn’t blatantly show how “jealously in denial” a character is and instead, show how frightening someone can be when they handle the “betrayal” they saw.

Because I, for one, won’t pout at my man.

I will smile at him and pretend that he’s not in some deep shit. 

I will cock my head innocently when he hints at the possibility of a stupid thing such as me jealous.  

And I will most definitely sweetly inform him that I don’t need to feel such a thing.

Because I know that he won’t be leaving my side any time soon.

Whether he’s mine or not.


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SorMik: What are Alisha and the other’s thoughts on their relationship?

sorry this has taken so long I LITERALLY LOVE THIS QUESTION SO MUCH

like i saw that you were sending it to other people and i was like “I WANT THAT ONE”

So, okay, here goes:

Alisha: Alisha reminds me SO MUCH of the “classic” Tales of protagonist in that she’s idealistic, loyal, knightly, etc. So I LOVE the idea that she just doesn’t get it until Sorey and Mikleo kiss or something or someone mentions Sorey’s boyfriend and she HAD NO IDEA

Anyways after that she’d probably be very supportive, like she knows they’re special to each other and so happy to be around each other so she’s happy for them, you know? And she probably remembers how worried Mikleo was when Sorey slept for three days and when Sorey was trying to describe Mikleo to her, and she’s like, yeah, I ship it.

Lailah IS THE ORIGINAL SHIPPER. Like, I’m pretty sure that when Mikleo stormed off early on she thought they were already together, and she probably held on this belief for quite some time. The way I read it, she was in love with Michael before, but either way she’s been in love and that makes her pretty happy for the two of them. She’s not one to mess with a natural process, so she wouldn’t try to get them together, but she’d be very glad when they finally got together for real.

Edna: She knows there’s SOMETHING going on with them, but she doesn’t care if it’s mutual feelings or one-sided or what and she doesn’t particularly care, so long as she can tease Meebo about it. She teases a lot that Sorey and Mikleo are disgusting saps. Once the relationship is confirmed, she finds she enjoys teasing both of them at the same time almost as much as she likes teasing just Mikleo. Of course, Sorey’s a huge nerd, so sometimes her teasing results in them sharing a romantic moment and she makes huge retching noises off to the side.

Rose: Rose has really good emotional intelligence, so she was probably one of the only people to realize that Mikleo was a little jealous of her. She mentioned the “Sorey needs another human” fear Mikleo had, so she seemed to understand that fear really quickly. But while she’s really interested in Sorey’s Shepherd status and find she likes him as a friend, she also sees immediately how well those two click and thinks Mikleo’s a bit silly for not seeing how in love with him Sorey is. She’s one of the ones that might secretly push them together a bit.

Zaveid: Zaveid isn’t quite sure WHAT’S up with those two until the sauna scene, when he figures out that “Sorey’s gay for Mikleo!” and this leads him to asking about their relationships “subtly” in the “Wind brings many things… maybe love?” conversation. He doesn’t tease them as much as Edna, but he does try (along with Rose’s more subtle efforts) to push them together because 1. he thinks they’re cute when they’re all flustered and 2. i get the feeling he’d be happy with a happy ending for them.

*casually remembers she has old and terrible fanfic floating around the internet somewhere, cringes*


Okay so as the new Civil war trailer came out today it reminded me of some anxiety I am having over the movie. I, like many others, am looking forward to the movie and particularly the development of the characters, particularly after that shit storm of AoU. So, since I was so excited I decided to look up some information about the movie (i.e. rumors and fan theories). Among the most talked about rumors and spoilers is the death scenes. According to the Hashtag Show, four death scenes have been shot among those dying is Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch.

Now, as an avid reader of the comics and watcher of the films, I recognize that the MCU Scarlet witch is problematic. Most importantly, she is very white. In the comics she is Jewish and Romani, both of which play a large part of her personal identity. This is not addressed in AoU and actress chosen to play her does not reflect this identity. So this is obviously problematic and related to the larger issue of Hollywood’s white-washing. (Also her powers are not really what the should be & her character was hardly developed (thanks whedon) but that is not all that important in comparison to her horrific white-washing). 

Having said this, I do still like the character. As a young female I am able to easily connect with her. In the male dominated superhero world, I find her presence (along with the presence of other female characters/ heroes) comforting. I think her being an Avenger can also help little girls and boys see that women can be incredibly powerful heroes too. I also believe that she has a lot of potential from a writing stand point. Her story arcs in the comics are among the most interesting out there and her powers have the possibility of really expanding the cinematic universe. I also think that her mental struggles can present a very positive message if played out correctly. 

Thus, I will admit that the MCU Scarlet Witch is my problematic fav. So when I heard about her possible death scene I was fairly angry. First of all, what would be the point of her character if she died in CW? She has been in one movie so far and her character/ story have not been developed enough to warrant an emotional reaction from the audience. Plus what would be the point of having the Maximoff twins in the MCU at all if they were simply going to die in two consecutive movies having made little to no impact on the other characters, world, and audience? If they kill her off, they would be losing incredible potential.  Also, the death of the only other female Avenger would probably not be a great move for Marvel as much of their fanbase, despite what their PR department might believe, is composed of females who desperately want more female characters. I;m afraid that if they kill off Scarlet Witch I will stop watching the MCU because I would have so few characters to connect with (unless they added a shit ton of female (preferably WOC) characters and dumped a few of their mediocre white boys). 

Among the rumors I have also heard that Scarlet Witches death would be what motivates Vision to go into space as he is thought to be doing at the end of CW. This brings up another whole set of issues. The death of a female character, particularly a love interest, acting as a motivator for a males story is a popular, incredibly sexist trope seen in many comic books, movies, and video games. This trope, often called “women in the fridge” or just “fridge-ing,” is particularly troubling as it reduces the female character to a prop in the man’s story. Also everything that makes up the female character as her own person is suddenly thrown out the window as only her death and the man’s actions after said death are what is seen as important in the story. Feminist Frequency did a great video about this trope which goes into much more detail than I did. Overall this trope is disgusting and so old fashioned and sexist that I will be absolutely furious if that is what they reduce Scarlet Witch down to because she is so much more than that. 

To wrap this up, I desperately hope they do not kill scarlet witch because that is a bad, bad, bad decision. 

Side note: I also hope they do not kill Falcon or War Machine either because they really should not make their pasty cast any whiter. Also both characters are amazing, fan favorite, under appreciated, gods of brilliance. I could make another two whole posts about why they should not kill off these characters but I just wanted this one to focus primarily on Scarlet Witch because she has been on my mind lately. 

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Lets play the song game!!! I start: " there's gotta be something to get you to want me like before"

hang on i like the idea of lyrics with a fic because i feel like people could use fic recs right now so it’s like DOUBLE useful so okay!!! that lyric reminds me of

Core ‘ngrato

It’s been over a year since Louis broke up with Harry and Harry still believes in forever. And maybe the world does, too.

Cause she’s just like the weather, can’t hold her together
Born from dark water, daughter of the rain and snow 

Anyways here’s Seven. She’s very happy that I drew her.

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question... I forgot what the directioner blackout is. can you remind me?? :) xx

Okay so, it’s a great project. Everyone who participates basically goes offline tomorrow. Don’t post anything, don’t blog at all. That’s the rule. To show how powerful we are and how we can cut the bullshit if we want to. XX


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Okay, so, you remind me a lot of Ariel because you're nice person and wanting to mingle recently. As for the villains, I got to say it's a toss up between Cruella Di Vil and Captain Hook. : D

AAAHHH the little mermaid is my CHILDHOOD okay, this is the greatest thing.

Also for the villains let’s go with Captain Hook because pirates are super awesome and Cruella wanted to kill puppies which is totally not awesome.