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We all followed the match [Saturday]. We’re obviously disappointed for Antoine. But I think he also showed a lot of character because after he missed his penalty during the match, he scored his penalty during the penalty shoot out. He’s a competitor. Evidently, he’s coming from a long season but a Euro is priceless. He will come with a lot of motivation and we know he will give us his all during this competition.
—  Hugo Lloris on Antoine Griezmann’s performance in the Champions League final

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Send “✍” And I’ll draw your muse.  || Accepting!


((I drew a Napstabot based on your icon, I hope this is okay! ;v;))

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okay so. you've reminded me about cut it out, and then restart again, which means i have an extreme craving for fics with pining!dean and promiscuous!cas again, but i can usually only find fics with that dynamic the other way around. so, help me please?

Hey, you’re right! Fics with pining!dean and promiscuous!cas are pretty hard to find. Promiscuous Cas is kinda staple in end!verse fics, but rarely a focus of the story. And we use 2014!cas tag for free spirit/ drug addict/ promiscuous Cas in AU fics. Fics on our virgin!dean and prostitute!cas tags also usually have more sexually experienced Cas. Be sure to also check out this ask about slutty Dean and Cas fics. 

I. Fics where Cas sexual escapades took place before he met Dean 

II. Fics where pining!dean is aware of and affected by Cas/Other sexual relationship. These recs don’t include fics with Cas just dating or Dean misunderstanding the situation.
Note: quite often our Cas/other and Dean/other tags are added to indicate past relationships and not the one that happens in the story. 

III. Some spoilerish fic recs where Dean thinks that Cas is promiscous or in a serious relationship with other, but it’s not actually true.

For those interested here is cut it out, and then restart (ePub is below the title). If any of our followers have suggestions that fit perfectly, please drop them in our ask box. Thanks!


personalized gifsets 2/??: anisah ( @lavenderbyun ​)

you’re amazing, everything about you is perfect
you’re like a single rose that can’t be compared with anyone else
you’re more beautiful than a flower

Headcanon 8

Wow! Two headcanons in this short amount of time?! This on spawned from something that popped up in headcanon 7. Thank you @kaiyeti and @vitt-99 for reminding me that I had this headcanon.

Okay so this one revolves more around Taiyang than anyone else. Basically I imagine Tai being a very very proud father. He loves his daughters more than anything else in his life and is always willing to support them. Like them wanting to become huntresses, he was all for that and even helped them train.

Qrow is also a very proud uncle as those two kids and Tai are the only family he has left after Raven bolted. Sure he sees her occasionally but (stretching into another headcanon here) he knows Raven is bad news. He doesn’t support her choices. So he helps when he learns Ruby and Yang want to be huntresses.

So Tai has like multiple picture books just filled with pictures of Ruby, Yang, Summer, Qrow, and himself all together. He even has separate books for each of the girls and now stretching into some Bumblebee. When Blake first comes to the house to meet him he has to pull out the picture books. Yang warned Blake he’d do it saying please to not accept his offer to look. But Blake accepts anyway and Yang just lays face down on the floor embarrassed and groaning.

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sorry this is random but do you have songs that remind you of derek? or maybe of sterek or both?

Okay so I wasn’t sure if you meant just songs that remind me of them in general or because of something specific so because of that I just went with a bit of everything. Each song title is a link to a video where you can listen to the songs if you wish to do so. 

Also, if you wanted something more specific feel free to ask or let me know. 

Watch and listen with care. There are 100 songs all under the cut. 

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Have you ever had a cicada stuck in your house before? There so much louder indoors then out. T.T

Okay this reminds me of a really cute memory of my dad!! We have this lil cat named Mary which is short for Nightmare and my dad was nice enough to give her a cat door even though she really should not have been trusted. She had a special collar that was the only thing that would unlock the cat door so no raccoons could come in and out.

But the loophole was that Mary could BRING anything in she wanted if it were in her mouth and one night she just started bringing Cicadas inside and putting them under my dad’s bed. She got like eight under there before he woke up. She’d never done it before and she hasn’t done it since and I guess we’ll never know what her motivation was that night.

when i say i love you it’s never out of habit
i admire your heart and wondered if i could have it
like im too polite to just reach out and grab it
maybe you could help me, cuz mine’s all damaged

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OKAY SO SERIOUSLLY YOU REMIND ME SO MUCH OF A CROSS BETWEEN BARRY AND LISA OKAY? Like you are a super precious cinnamon roll but at other times you are really fierce and stuff. I felt like I had to tell you that.


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OH IT WAS GREAT!!!! Really different from how I thought it would be!!!

  • One of the girls got engaged last week and today was her first day back so there was a mini office party at the beginning of the day and that was so cute! It made me happy to see how much everyone cared about each other. 
  • I spent a lot of the day proofreading things and that was good because I’m really good at that!! And I got to learn about how I’ll manage pinterest accounts, balance accounts/clients, that sort of thing! It was cool!!! :D 
  • I had to set goals and apparently the goals I set were good! :D 
  • I’m honestly really tired and it’s weird to think how I’ll be back in ~14 hours or so, but that’s okay! XD It reminds me of high school a little because of the schedule. 
  • It was nice to get dressed up and attempt to brush my hair (I’m honestly such a mess when I don’t have to go out and hold myself accountable to eating and sleeping like a normal person so I have to pull my life together now XD) 
  • I have Fridays off so that’ll be nice! And everyone was really relaxed, it was such a good working environment. Someone really needs to inform my PR professors of this fact, that not all environments are the same… O_O 
  • I sort of feel weirdly like I’m back at high school in some way because the firm is near my old school, and the hours are kind of similar. I like the consistency! Especially considering how weird the last 2 years have been, hahaha. 
  • I started to miss my friends and stuff so I’m glad that I’ll have something to keep me busy until August… XD 
  • So it was good!! :D I missed talking to everyone all day but it’s fun to catch up like this as well. 

How was your day?? :D 


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So I haven't stopped thinking about your Oikawa since the latest chapter of Sayuri, and Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! at the Disco really reminds me of him

OKAY so I listened to this song like fifty seven times and OH MAN thank you so much for sending it to me!!! I kind of use songs as a mnemonic device, and this one is amazing. It absolutely makes me think of him too. I’m kind of floored this is so good!

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I'd be interested in hearing about the possessed!Pap fic. Like, possessed by who? Gaster? Also, if you want an awesome Pap is Gaster fic, I'd suggest reading "I Am In The Past, Never In The Future" by Khilari if you haven't already. It's amazing.

oh my god my friend actually sent me a link to that fic when there was like, one chapter, and i never got around to reading it, and now it’s coMPLETE??? (welp i know what i’m gonna do today) thx u much for reminding me ♥

okay so, the possessed!Pap fic:

basic idea is that the Void itself is sentient. and, much like Flowey, it.. becomes fascinated with Papyrus.

post-pacifist, the Void contacts Papyrus through, well, i haven’t figured this point out exactly, but the point is that it contacts Papyrus.

and Papyrus befriends it, because of COURSE he does. the Void isn’t like, mean to Papyrus; it’s fascinated by Papyrus because of how he functions, how no matter what happens, he continues believing in people.

the Void is curious about Papyrus, and therefore, has no grounds to be ‘mean’ in any kind of capacity.

so, Papyrus befriends the Void: after a while, the Void kinda.. i haven’t figured this point out exactly either, but basically it boils down to the fact that the Void can’t interact with ‘reality’ and it’s curious about it.

and Papyrus wants to help, because of cOURSE he does. so the Void tells him that, if Papyrus would let it into his soul, he’d be able to… experience, how reality feels? and, of course, it doesn’t mention that, technically, it would be able to take over his SOUL.

at first, nothings really going wrong. the Void creeps into Papyrus’ SOUL slowly, so as to not damage it; there’s some things happening there, idk yet

and of course, eventually, it goes to fucking SHIT.

Papyrus starts… ‘dreaming’ of Sans. dreaming of killing Sans, again and again, and it feels REAL. he can feel the dust on his hands, he can FEEL the betrayal Sans feels, and




It keeps on happening, again and again, and soon it leaks into reality- moments where he looks at Sans, and all he sees is snapping his brothers spine like a twig.

Papyrus, about that time, knows it’s the Void doing that. there’s lots of interactions between them. so, Papyrus tries to tell Sans what’s going on.

but the Void takes control, and stops him.

so it gets even worse.

so one day, he finds himself standing over Sans’ bed, hand inches away from killing him.

the next day, over dinner, Papyrus tells Sans that he’s moving out.

there’s looooads more after that, with Sans basically spiralling into a pit of despair and lying on the floor like a weenie, and Papyrus spiralling completely into self-loathing, trying to kill himself numerous times but always being stopped, having to kill innocent, real, people

it’s uh, not a fun time. for anybody.

… in my head, i kinda just call it the Papyrus Suffers fic


time check: 11:08 AM // so i just woke up guys.

I’m really thankful about last night. I want to thank some of the bloggers here for reminding me about my spiritual life through their posts. and this morning i started reading again some blog posts and my impression was “wow ang banal nila” so i thought of posting my testimonies/devotion every sunday— you know, just to keep me reminded. okay so let me confess you something. I bet some of u may relate.

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even though no one asked about it, I’m gonna share it anyway because I have no self control

okay, so this post totally reminded me of my days at Marley Park Elementary god those days were hell and I somehow remember most of the lines from two different Barney songs, and they’re morbid and I’m gonna share ‘em

okay, so the first one was:
I hate you,
you hate me,
let’s get together and kill Barney
With a great big ax and a
shotgun for me and you,
what do you say we kill Barney?

or something like that; I’ve always messed up the ending tbh

and the Joy to the World one was:
Joy to the world
Barney is dead
We barbecued his head!
But what about the body?
We flushed it down the potty
‘Round and round it goes
‘Round and round it goes

and I also can’t remember how that ended and I still just end up repeating the last two lines over