okay so this is my first attempt at coloring

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You have a small tutorial on painting environment backgrounds? Or tips? I saw ur practices and they're pretty cool

Well hello Anon!! 

First of all, let me start by saying I’m sorry this took me three thousand years to answer you but I wanted to make a little walk-though sort of dealio!

Okay, now on to it! So I want to begin this by mentioning that up until I think autumn last year I wouldn’t even touch attempting backgrounds, they terrified me. But then I started looking at things differently and had some success with it. So my first tip is this — look at the shapes, not the objects you’re drawing.

I’m no expert by any means at all this, but I think that’s really the biggest thing that’s helped me in art in general, but especially in backgrounds. I have pretty bad anxiety with stuff like this so once I started looking at everything as like lovely shapes of color instead of a thousand tiny object in one painting it really helped me chill out and be able to start doing this stuff. Okay! Walk-through time! 

1. So, I use references for enviorments pretty much always just because I think it makes more sense and it looks a lot better once it’s done. A lot of times I compile a bunch of images from Pinterest and mentally put them together. For this one I watched a 4k walking video on youtube and took a screenshot of an image I liked to repaint! I think all the ones I posted recently were from 4k walkthroughs of Japan because I’m homesick or whatever and like to watch people walk around. So if I’ve taken a screenshot of something to draw I open it in photoshop so I can have that window open as I draw, otherwise I just shrink my internet brower down and my photoshop too so that I can see them both at once. In this first step I just make some scritchy lines to give myself a vague idea of what I’m going to be painting. Don’t worry too much about making these look perfect (unless you specifically want to keep the lineart in the image, then just ignore me.) 

2. For step two I just underpaint the vague colors and shapes. This is a little easier on a picture like this one because it’s not a city with lots of tiny different colors, so I definitely suggest starting with something like that at first! For this part I just use a brush that replicates oil paints. I really like textured/traditional brushes personally! 

3. So at this point, everything is pretty roughly blocked out so I hide my line layer and grab a more textured brush and go to work on detailing the main shapes. I generally stay zoomed out for all of these steps just so I can see the bigger picture. (Literally ha) 

4. Almost done! Now I zoom in and work on the smaller details until I feel pretty satisfied with it! 

 I like to keep things pretty textured and rough, and I know that’s not for everyone, but I hope this still helped some of you guys! Sorry it was a thousand years long. In case you’re curious at time, this probably took me 25 minutes from start to finish, so not too bad. Like I said, I’m not an expert on enviornments by any stretch of the imagination but I want to encourage anyone reading this that if you feel like you want to learn, you totally can! Just remember to think shapes, not objects! 




Im drawing this Ace Attorney/Ghost(Mystery Skulls) AU and i may or may not download flash to try and animate these don’t look at me

It was really fun emulating that style!! I pulled back a bit on the cartoony proportions though, I thought this would fit a bit better. Edgeworth takes the place of Lewis and Phoenix takes the place of Vivi. Originally I was going to have Larry as Arthur to match the color scheme (and the role) but I think I’ll end up going with Maya if I do continue this.

I tried to exaggerate their differences in body type slightly (esp since Lewis is pretty big compared to the others) but i think i made Edgeworth a bit too buff??


©btsmee | Do not steal or repost anywhere else

Jin took a deep breath, then stepped into the cafe for the first time since it was completely finished, decorated, and stocked for the grand opening coming soon. 

He had come alone.

It was a sunny day, warm but with a pleasant breeze, and he took a moment to soak in the way the sunlight seemed to glow on every surface it could reach; the little succulents he had carefully place throughout the shop, the antique tea cups and pots adorning shelves on the walls, all the different machines behind the counter. 

His heart swelled at the sight.

He stepped in, and basked in the feeling of running his hands along the counter, in slowly pulling out coffee beans and the tools needed to make a fresh cup of coffee - the first one that would be made here, in his new cafe. 

His cafe. He couldn’t help the small rush of pride and delight at the thought.

He went through the process, motions practiced and at ease in this environment, and sighed with utter contentment when he finally sat down with a steaming cup in his hands. He knew he still needed to finish up the training of the new baristas, still needed to finalize the menu, make sure everything was perfect and in check. Needed to add just a touch of pink to the place - nothing flashy or outrageous, but a subtle, classy sort of pink. 

He giggled. 

He’d figure it all out. Everything was so close to being finished. And then… then he was the boss man, and if he decided to show up in a bright ass pink apron for the last day of training and announce that they would all have to wear ones just like it (which was, of course, not true), just to startle the new employees and give them a taste of the glorious days to come working under him… well, that was his prerogative. 

The Wobble Process

Finally getting around to uploading this! This was for our good friend, amazing artist and fellow (former) coworker, Nate Simpson. Nate designed this adorable character, and with the support of all the awesome folks at work, I was able to make him into a squishy foam toy (which, I admit, was something I was dying to see since I first saw Nate’s design so.. dream fulfilled!)

Here are the steps for those who are interested:

First, he was modeled in Zbrush. This is the final model:

(Click for Interactive Turntable)

I used Shapeways for the 3D print. I had the body, the eyes, the fingernails and the toenails all printed separately. This is the body, which is hollow on the inside– the shell is about 3mm thick. (sorry for the poor quality)

First, I tried to do a latex mold, but it didn’t end up curing properly and was too soft in some parts. This is the first coat, but I did about 10, total. It took about 4 days, doing 2-3 layers each day and letting them dry in between.

Oh well. Lesson learned, I made the 2nd mold out of oomoo 30 silicone by placing the model upside down in a flower pot and pouring the silicone around it. Next, I made a cast out of Flex Foam-IT V polyurethane foam which I mixed with So-Strong polyurethane red dye. I got all this stuff from Smooth-on.com! There was a ton of stuff I ended up sticking into the silicone mold while I was making it in order to displace it enough to rise to the appropriate level on the model, so that’s the explanation for all the knives, pens etc. that you can see sticking out of the sides. The foam itself is just messy because it goes in as a liquid and then expands something like 6-8 times its volume.

I ended up doing this twice because the first cast had a few flaws where the CO2 bubbles from the foam had formed holes in certain parts of the model. That’s okay, though. I was able to make the 2nd one a more appropriate color of red, and ended up being able to use the first cast as a test subject :) (from left to right: original 3D print (with silicone stuck to the insides), first attempt foam cast, final foam cast)

And they’re squishy! (this is my test cast)

In the mean time, I was painting the nails and eyeballs. I had these made out of the same white 3D printed plastic that the body was. (I actually had the toenails being shipped separately so they weren’t here for the picture ;) ) I used blue and black nail polish and a couple coats of clear top coat for glossiness!

I painted the foam body using red and white fabric paint

Finally, I fitted the nails and eyes into the foam and secured with super glue. Tada!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Birthday Nate, thanks for being awesome and thanks to everyone who helped make this possible :)

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Okay, number 8: top five Liam Payne moments.

Okay WOW so basically you decided to send me an ask that was GUARANTEED to derail my entire afternoon, no no, that’s cool, I really needed to go down an epic I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT LIAM PAYNE spiral, so thank YOU, really. This answer is completely non-scientific and WITHOUT QUESTION will be missing some of my favorite Liam moments because a. THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM TO KEEP IN MY HEAD AT ONCE b. I tried to only include moments that were predominantly about Liam alone and not about lilo or ot5 too much (ha ha I was VAGUELY SUCCESSFUL, at best) and c. I was fundamentally incapable of capping it at five but DID MANAGE to keep it to ten, which THE RESTRAINT I HAVE SHOWN HERE, DEAR LORD. But anyway HERE WE GO:

10. Liam with babies. FOR EXAMPLE:


9. But some people won’t even eat with their crew. That’s terrible, that.

I have so many feelings about this, about a boy who was totally shocked to discover that as a massively successful band 1D could hold themselves apart from their crew and their team and everyone who is part of what makes them so fucking successful. Even the idea of that never even occurred to him. He is so fundamentally decent at heart, the very definition of fair play, and I love him for it.


7. It’s alright boys, I went for it. I believed in myself like you said.

I mean GOD LIAM JUST GO RIGHT FOR THE JUGULAR WHY DON’T YOU. He just always tries SO HARD and being in this band with these other boys who love him SO MUCH and completely unconditionally has allowed him to trust in himself like he never did before, and know that even if they do make fun of him it is always with love, and I just. I MAYBE HAVE SOME FEELINGS ABOUT THAT. ALSO IT’S SOCCER AND THEY’RE IN BOSTON AND LOUIS IS WEARING A REVS JERSEY EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.


5. Ha Ha!

I love every single thing about this. I love his little smug face, I love his little shit-eating grin, I love his little head tilt, I love Zayn CRACKING THE FUCK UP AT HIM, I just love it. Liam “NOT HERE FOR YOUR BULLSHIT” Payne, YES PLEASE.

4. Rainbow caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

I mean so obviously the entire video is pretty much magic, but Undercover Wizard Auror Liam Payne is one of my favorite things to think about. Muggles are so amazing! They have cakes that are MANY COLORS! HOW DO THEY DO THAT!!!!! And like meanwhile he’s attempting to save the world or whatever but he keeps getting distracted by like electric kettles or velcro and muggles, man! WHAT WON’T THEY THINK OF IN ORDER TO SURVIVE WITHOUT MAGIC. Also his FACE.

3. I cannot get that spoon fork out of my mind.

2. Liam Payne, real life superhero

Okay so true story this piece of Liam canon was one of the main things that got me into 1D in the first place and that started me down the path of my deep deep love for him. At this point last spring I still barely knew anything about Liam or even the band as a whole, but harriet_vane tweeted about this and I thought ‘oh no, SURELY NOT’ and clicked on the link and you guys, just the VERY IDEA of a nineteen year old member of a boy band standing up to four footballers in DEFENSE OF A WAITRESS just completely destroyed me. Especially since like I know that in comparison to his band of pixies Liam seems like a brickhouse of pure muscle but like put him up against four footballers and all of a sudden that boy will not look so intimidating. But would that stop Liam Payne? NOPE ABSOLUTELY NOT. And like I swear to god if you need any more evidence that, as much as he may worship Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, Liam is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT THE ENGLISH STEVE ROGERS IF SUCH A PERSON COULD EXIST, then I don’t even know what to SAY.





Wow guess who decided to do Sonictober 4 days in? I’m gonna attempt to do it every day, so most of the art is just gonna be a really quick and messy sketch. The only decent art is gonna be stuff that I was already working on.

Anyways, here’s the first 4 days all in one post.

Day one: Super. Okay so tbh none of my characters had a super form? So I gave one to Pluto and wow their colors are the same as Shadow oops

Day two: Love. I haven’t actually posted about her yet cause I made her like, 2 days ago but basically that’s Silvers sister and she made the rings around his wrists

Day three: Freedom. I didn’t know what to do for this so I just drew Julian cause he’s a bird

Day four: Machine. This character started as a joke. There was a thing where you match your eye color and birth month to make a hedgehog name so this is Nutmeg Vonpicklesworth and she works for Eggman. She’s part machine.

imagine :: newt helping you take care of your garden~

umm so this is my first attempt at any sort of imagine thing or anything like this so I hope it’s okay! I hope it brightens your day a bit! reader in this case is a muggle or no-maj. no warnings, just fluff!

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  • He loves to sit in the garden with you after a long day of caring for his beasts, relishing this little quiet spot of peace you have created. 
  • He loves the homemade meals you make with fresh vegetables from the garden (though not always the prettiest or biggest, they always taste wonderful to him).
  • He’ll sometimes change the color of a few flowers just to surprise you, and you’ll encounter all sorts of charmed flowers: rainbow roses, daisies that blush pink when you touch them, and all sorts of other little treats you love finding.
  • Sometimes Pickett plays hide-and -seek with you among your tomato vines and rosebushes.
  • On hot days he brings you glasses of water to make sure you stay hydrated and when it gets chillier he brings you tumblers of piping hot tea.
  • He helps you carry heavy bags of dirt and mulch by hand (though he could use magic, he low-key likes trying to impress you).
  • He does use magic though to put up a barrier so all creatures (magic and non-magic) are deterred from eating all your hard work.
  • Some days he’s just overwhelmed by the sight of you gracefully working among blooming explosions of flowers and he just can’t believe what he did in life to deserve such beauty.
  • He’ll try his very best to help you in his own way, though he is more used to magical plants such as Mandrakes, and is always pleasantly surprised how calming muggle gardening can be.
  • So he’ll be stuck out there with you sometimes for a while and he’ll tell you all kinds of stories about plants he’s encountered in his travels, like exploding indigo carrots and snapdragons that try to bite your fingers off.
  • Though it’s near impossible for you to grow them as a muggle, Newt lets you pour over his old Herbology textbooks and finds no greater joy than when he sees your eyes light up as you reach the page with gravity-resistant trees.
  • It takes your breath away sometimes just how the green of his eyes matches the leaves surrounding you.
  • You see a glint of curiosity in his eyes every time he spots a bee or butterfly flitting around your flowers (“Absolutely amazing, love, how something so tiny is so vital to the ecosystem of the whole world,” he mutters to you, getting that far-off look on his face).
  • You bring a good book out to read on sunny days and he brings out his manuscript to work on (not so much to be outside as to be by your side).
  • He likes to surprise you with little trips all around London so you can see some of the most famous English gardens in the world, and he likes strolling hand-in-hand with you, not saying much because his contended little smile says it all. 
  • He eventually builds you your own shed, quite similar to his own in his case, but filled with all kinds of gardening supplies and seeds…making you happy beyond measure. 

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Hello! Do you know how I can create my own text edits such as this one?: t. co/0DMDHMVCk7 (just the first picture/ also to view the link, just remove the space in between the "t." and the "co/0DMDHMVCk7" since asks don't allow us to include links) Thank you so much!!

okay buckle up anon because this is notgonnabeaverylongrideatall lmao this is honestly quite easy and i’ll show you how to do it  right now. so with text edits like this:


it’s simple really so long as you have the right tools. (the harder part of the edit is the manip of the idol onto the background…like this person did in the second part of their post, so much admiration!! that takes skill and time to mask!!)

1. first get the background, you can make your own but usually (since i’m lazy lol) i just google it with keywords like “blue grid background” and scroooll down to find this

which is not exactly the same but that’s okay because we can modify it. Save that.

2. you choose your preferred photoshop program, i go on this free one online called PicMonkey.com and make most of my edits there. So you choose “Edit” on the homepage and open up the grid you just saved.

3. you modify the background to match it to what you want. now i’m gonna follow the original and I’m going to click on “Crop”. they have a bunch of different crop choices there like 3x4 and other measurements, I’m just gonna go by hand drag the crop out to where i want it to be.

4. you add the little details, for example in the original edit there is a thicker border going around everything so i’m just going to add that here. click on the little frame icon, underneath the butterfly and above the crosshatch. surprise surprise you’re in “Frames” now click on “Simple edge” and that should add a black and white type edge to your grid. so first click the “inner color” thickness bar and draaag it so it’s on 0. that get rids of the white inner frame. now click on the “outer colour” and just click on the black colour part, when you do there should be a little pen icon, click that. then drag it to the grid and onto the blue part of your grid. the black frame should turn the same blue that your grid colour is. now draaag the thickness of the outer color to what you want click “apply” and et voila! you have a border.

5. add the text shadow, okay so once you’re done with the background. click the “Tt” icon above the butterfly and below the lipstick on the side. now pick a font! usually with edits like this, the simpler fonts are used so scrooolll down and find “Verdana” then click “add text”. Okay so type in the text/quote/whatever that you want. In this one, I’ll follow the original edit and type it in ALL CAPS, then bold it and italicize. Then you just pick out the colour for the Shadow, remember this is just the shadow of the text. and bam, there’s your text shadow

6. just about the easiest step ever tbh. click out of the text, then click on it again with a right click. and it should come up with a list of options of what you want to do with the text. click “duplicate text” and it will do exactly that. now for your second text, just change it’s color to a lighter blue, to highlight that the first one was a shadow. and you’re done!

okay so comparison, we have the original:

and my shitty half-assed attempt 

okay so i could have done better, but there you go anon! a very basic tutorial on typography grid edits. i hope this helped and honestly just remember, the more you practice the better you’ll get!

thank you for your message!

- leziel


Tony Stark Redux!

So months ago, I made Tony Stark cookies again for a fan event and found a better way to make the arc reactor, or at least a way I thought better. 

I used blue isomalt edible cake jewels, and affixed them to the cookie on a bed of white icing so they refracted light brightly. To get the black lines for the arc reactor surface, I used food coloring markers. The only thing that made this a bit tricky is that I’d sprayed them first with edible shellac, which makes it okay to touch them (though you still shouldn’t handle them–skin oils make the jewels dull and pit). Apparently, one can make one’s own edible jewels, which might be nice for getting better color control and a flat disk shape, but I’ve not acquired the skill yet. 

Other than the arc reactor, though, he’s pretty much a repeat of my earlier attempt, though the gray icing isn’t as weirdly patchy as last time, which is a plus.  


Okay, so I’ve finally decited to post some stuff onto tumblr! AOT stuff, yay! I made all of these, a good reason that I put my name on them. The colored one was my first attempt at Jean, so.. yeah xD
And the last one was inspired from my friend’s drawing!
(I know I’m great, right?)
(No no no you don’t have to applause me this is just doodles)
*feeling flawless*


Animated Wednesdays* - Darkest before the Dawn

(*Thursday is the new Wednesday edition)

Concept by Remy (surroundingsound), janky execution by Pete (pbcwrites).

First time I’ve tried something like this, so it’s a bit rough. 

Good - the night sky color.

Okay - lighting effects.

Not great - I originally had the writing appear, the stars appeared as it scrolled, but the animations didn’t sync up.  This is the compromise.  I wrote “the” and “Dawn” under my camera stand, one stroke at a time, which was freaking hard.  I guess they still turned out okay. 

It’s kinda silly, but okay for a first attempt!  Or so I hope!