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Sheith, questions 1 through 18!

bro. so many. okay. sooooooo some of these I already did, so I’ll just copypasta my responses. 

1. Who is the most affectionate?

  • they both are, just in different ways. this kind of goes with one of my later answers about initiating kisses, but it used to be that Shiro was the more affectionate of the two with Keith kind of holding himself back, but over time Keith realized that he didn’t actually have to hold himself back anymore with Shiro. he realized that he was entirely free to love Shiro, express that love, and be affectionate with him. so now, Shiro is probably still the most verbally affectionate (he lives to be able to tell Keith how much he values him, how important he is, how much he cares for him), but Keith is the most physically affectionate (Keith may not always speak his feelings, but he loves to show them. he loves to touch Shiro, to kiss him, to stand near him, hold him). 

2. Big spoon/Little spoon?

  • they definitely trade off. (of course, when Keith’s the big spoon, it’s really more like JetPacking ^ω^.) but yeah, Shiro really loves to hold Keith close but at the same time, he finds so much comfort when Keith holds him. when Keith drapes an arm over his waist, tugs him back, presses his chest against Shiro’s back, Shiro feels safe. Keith holding onto him like that makes him feel safe in a way he rarely gets to. so yeah. they trade. 

3. Most common argument?

  • which one of them is the most wonderful. Keith absolutely insists that Shiro is the most wonderful. and Shiro is just SO TIRED OF THAT CRAP because Keith is CLEARLY the most wonderful, perfect being alive. It’s a very loving argument. 

4. Favorite non-sexual activity?

  • their favorite physical non-sexual activity is probably back/muscle rubs. Shiro and Keith both like to take care of each other, and after all the physical shit they go through, there’s nothing that really helps them heal and makes them feel connected to each other like massaging each other, rubbing each other’s aching muscles, and helping each other feel better. it isn’t sexual, but it’s still intimate and caring, and they love the moments when they can just be together and tend to each other like that.
  • their favorite non-physical and non-sexual activity? they like to play games together. they aren’t really picky about what kind of games; it could be card games, or board games, or guessing games, or even mindless time-wasting games like I Spy. but they like it because it gives them time to relax, to let go, and to instead just focus on something they enjoy together. after they went into space, their options for games dwindled, so one night, after everyone had gone to bed, Keith hand-made a makeshift deck of cards (it was a little ugly, but it served its purpose). he made it as a reminder of who they used to be, who they always were, and who they still are. he made it so they could relax and unwind together when they had time, just like they always used to.

5. Who is most likely to carry the other?

  • Practically speaking, Shiro is usually the one who carries Keith (plus, come on, Keith is all about hopping on Shiro’s back and having him charge at the other paladins like a mighty steed while Keith shouts “RAMMING SPEED!”), but don’t for an instant think that Keith won’t deadlift Shiro up any time he feels like it (or when Shiro’s had too much nunvill - he’s a bit of a lightweight sometimes) 

6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

  • Keith’s favorite physical feature(s) of Shiro’s (now) are his scars. he knows how insecure Shiro gets about them, he knows how unsure Shiro feels about the way these scars make him look. Keith knows that Shiro feels like every scar makes him a little less human than he was before. but Keith loves them for how human they show that Shiro truly is. Keith hates, hates how Shiro has suffered… Keith hates that Shiro ever had to go through all the awful, horrible things he endured. but those horrible things are done now, and there’s no way that they go back and change them (and if Keith could, he would). the scars are there now whether they like it or not… but rather than hate them, Keith wants Shiro to see his scars for what they are: they’re reminders to Keith of just how strong, how resilient, how breathtakingly human Shiro really is. Keith knows these scars are Shiro’s least favorite things about himself… but Keith wants Shiro to see their beauty. to see that they are a sign that Shiro made it despite every horrible thing he went through. they’re the marks of Shiro’s survival.
  • Shiro’s favorite feature of Keith’s is his willpower and strength. Shiro often sees himself as weak…fragile…fatalistic, whereas to him, Keith is resilient and determined. in Shiro’s eyes, Keith is the one who never gives up. and Shiro truly admires every ounce of drive, determination, and fight that Keith has inside him. Keith inspires him - Keith is often the one who reminds him that Shiro is stronger than he thinks he is. it’s Keith’s drive and reassurance that ultimately reminds Shiro that they’re in this fight together, and that they’ll come out of it together.

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

  • their physical boundaries change once they realize they have feelings for each other. they touch more - small, quiet touches - they stand closer together, they look at each other more, seek each other out more. they’re more willing now to embrace all those feelings that had hung between them that had been previously unrecognized or unacknowledged. after they realize how they feel for each other, there’s a sudden need to seek out all the contact they’d refused to share before.

8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

  • ya know, they don’t really have that many nicknames for each other. I mean, naturally they have the usual ones - “baby”, and the likes. and occasionally, Keith’s southern charm will slip out and he’ll call Shiro “sugar” or “darlin’”. but mostly they prefer to call each other by their names - there’s something so intimate about they way they say each others’ names. (although there was that one time when Keith dead lifted Shiro off a couch just to prove he could, and afterwards Shiro called him “Keithcake the Beefcake” for like two months). 

9. Who worries the most?

  • have you seen these two? they exist in a constant state of worrying about each other and each other’s wellbeing. but all in all, Keith tends to worry a little more, just because he’s lost Shiro before and doesn’t want to lose him again. 

10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

  • Keith does - but he mostly just does it because it’s amusing to throw Shiro for a loop sometimes. Keith tends to be the more reserved one of the two, and Shiro sometimes wonders if he’s just zoning out or if he’s actually listening. So every now and then, Keith will pull a “I know your order inside and out” move because “just cause I’m quiet doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention biotch (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ “ 

11. Who tops?

  • they switch because they both love bottoming and they both love topping

12. Who initiates kisses?

  • It used to be Shiro when they first got together - because Shiro has never really shied away from expressing how he feels. But after a while, once Keith grew more comfortable with himself and came to understand his desire for physical contact, once he realized that he didn’t have to be so touch-starved (especially when it comes to Shiro) he ached for every single touch he could get. eventually, Keith was the one to initiate their kisses, their touches, ultimately because he realized that he could.

13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

  • Keith does. He has a lot of things he wants… he’s been so starved for contact with Shiro for so long that he aches to be able to touch him and feel Shiro next to him. but even though he’s the first to reach out for Shiro’s hand, he’s usually the first one to hesitate and stop himself from taking it. Shiro usually always notices, and silently reaches out so Keith can take his hand like he wants to. 

14. Who kisses the hardest?

  • Shiro, definitely. He’s a very physical man. Like I said before, he’s never shied away from expressing how he feels. When they kiss, that expression is breathtakingly physical. Shiro kisses hard and deep - tongue eager to touch and taste. His fingers are quick to cup and cradle and caress. When they kiss, his arms are always around Keith, always pulling him in close, urging their bodies more tightly together. He’s learned to kiss this way because he’s never sure how long he’s going to have it - their lives are always hanging by a thread, and Shiro never knows if this is the last kiss they’ll share, the last taste he’ll ever have, the last time he’ll ever feel the cambre of Keith’s body against his own. He kisses hard because he never wants to forget it.

15. Who wakes up first?

  • Shiro is undoubtedly the early bird of the two. Shiro is the one who’s bright eyed and bushy tailed before the sun is even up, ready to go for a jog, while Keith leers at him from where he’s buried in the covers still. the only time Keith is ever okay with how early Shiro wakes up is when Shiro wakes him up with soft, gentle kisses on the back of his neck, and a warm hand palming suggestively at his hip and ass. morning sex is about as physical as Keith wants to be before the sun is up. 

16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

  • like I said in #15, Keith is the one who groans and glares at Shiro when he gets up too early and wants to do stuff. however, when woken up with lazy, morning sex, Keith can pretty easily get Shiro to want to linger in bed.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

17. Who says I love you first?

  • Shiro does, but it’s completely unplanned. It’s said in the moment. they’ve been dancing around their feelings for so long now, everything obvious and yet so very unspoken, and he doesn’t mean to say it, but it just kind of slips out. they’d been sparring together, a long night of practice and friendly competition, and it’s late, they’re tired, and Keith finally has beaten him. Keith has him pinned to the mat, their chests are heaving, and Shiro is just smiling as he stares up at Keith’s look of proud determination. he doesn’t mean for it to slip out, but on the tail of one of his breathless pants, Shiro mumbles a soft “god, I love you”. Keith kisses him before he can really even process what he’d just said. 

18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

  • holy god this is 100% Shiro, and it started back when they’d first become friends in the Garrison. Keith was always a bit of a loner, and once they became friends, Shiro could tell that Keith was the type to appreciate little bits of thoughtful encouragement. he’d sneak little notes into Keith’s bags or books or with his lunch/snacks - just simple things like “good luck on your exam, you’ll crush it!”. after they got together, they stayed about the same, but the notes got more frequent and just a little bit more saccharine. “good luck on your pilot sim, i love you!” or “i’m proud of you, babe”.
    ….the last note Shiro ever left him was just before he left for Kerberos… Keith didn’t find it until after Shiro was declared dead. 

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In this conspiracy style video, I will explain to you why Ralvez is undeniably canon. Put on your seatbelts my fellow shippers, because it’s a wild ride.


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*and yes, the star fade was a nod to Matthew’s star fade in the episode*

(I might make a follow up like Bi-Prentiss if people actually enjoy these lmfao)

Hottie in snapback | Joe Sugg imagine

“Yeah mom I’m coming. My train leaves in twenty minutes. See you soon. Love you too.” I said to my mom as I walked in the train. It was Friday so I decided to go home and stay there over the weekend. I haven’t visited my family in weeks. I just couldn’t find the time. We just got new client at the firm so I had to work extra hard over past few weeks. 
I sat at the front of the train so I could get off first. As I walked to the front I said hi to workers there. I knew them all because I used to travel with this train every week when I went to UNI. Which wasn’t long time ago. 
“How was your week Hun?” asked Mary when I passed her seat. “Busy but I can’t complain. How are John and Elizabeth?” We chitchatted for a moment and I went to take a seat. I took a seat to the window and dropped my bag on the floor next to me and my coat on the table leaving seats around me free so someone can use them. 
“Is this seat taken?” Asked guy and when I nodded he took the seat opposite me. I smiled and opened my laptop because I had do get some work done before I get to the house. 
After few moment our train left the station and I concentrated on work. 
I was editing a video for our new marketing ad when I heard someone sneezing. I looked away from my computer and took a look at stranger with whom I was sharing a table. He was wearing red snapback and grey hoodie. He had headphones as well on his ears and was doing something entertaining on his laptop because I saw him trying hard not to laugh. He had blue eyes and brown hair and he was definitely a hottie. He sneezed again and I without thinking said ‘bless you’ to which he kindly replied ‘thank you’. For some reason this made me smile. And in no time my focus was again on screen in front of me until I saw someone’s hand in front of my screen. I took my headphones out and looked at the boy. 
“I’m sorry I didn’t know how to get your attention. I was wondering if by any chance you had a tissue. ” He asked with a smile.
“It’s okay and I have just wait a minute.” I said and searched for tissues in my bag. While I was looking for them I heard someone call my name. When I looked up I saw Andy one of the train drives in front of me. 
“Hey Andy how are you?” I asked when I handed the pack of tissues to the guy in front of me.
“Great. I haven’t seen you here in a while.”
“Work was crazy in the last few weeks.” 
“Yeah I know how it gets. I have to go but say hi to your mom when you get a chance.” 
“I will. Say hi to Mark at the front.” I said and he left. 
“So you go often to Brighton?” Asked guy with red snapback.
“Yeah my family lives there. What about you?”
“Not as often as I should but I try my best. So I guess you don’t live in Brighton?” 
“No I live in London but I grew up there.”
“Same. I mean I live in London as well but I’m visiting my sister in Brighton who lives there with her boyfriend and Alan. Their dog. Well technically her name is Nala but I like to call her Alan which is backwards from Nala. I’m sorry. I’m rambling.” He said and took a deep breath.” I’m sure you’re busy with stuff you were doing on your laptop and I’m only wasting your time so thank you for the tissues and sorry again. ” He said and blushed. 
“It’s okay actually I liked your rumbling it took my mind of my work. And I need a break anyway. My parents always say that I never take breaks of work and that I should take some time off and have fun.” 
“Then you found the right person to have fun with. “ He said and again I could see that he blushed a bit. “Sorry that came out wrong.” Which made me laugh a bit. 
“It’s okay. So what are you working on?” I asked and closed my laptop. I decided that for once my work can wait.
“Just editing a video. I have this youtube channel where I post videos for people’s entertainment…” and with that I started a conversation with hottie in red snapback. 

shsl heir komaeda for gummyfang!!

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I don't mean to rude or anything, you seem like a very nice person but, how can you be 26 years old and be so into fandoms + find the time to read and write fanfiction, don't you work or go to school?

anon I’m sure you’re a lovely person so believe me I’m not being a bitch with this answer, but ;)

  • I’ve been into fandoms since I was thirteen and I wrote my first fanfic at fourteen. back in the day I went to school every day bar weekend for five hours, in hs I went every day except sunday and maybe saturday some years for five or six hours and I had homework, and then I went to uni for six years, and I still managed to find plenty of time for fandom and fanfic. like. you manage time, it’s not too complicated. actually I wrote most of the fanfic I ever wrote in my life during university, I think I have like 400 fics on lj at least still, and I went to class and studied and took finals. actually I write less fanfic when I don’t have anything to do for reasons still unknown to me, but anyway.
  • now I’m working/doing a traineeship/whatever and it’s sucking about 80% of my free time but like… okay so now I’m answering you right? at the same time I’m editing in photoshop pictures for the booklet that’s supposed to go to the refugees studying in the school I work/train at and I probably could watch some show I don’t particularly care for in the background if I felt like it. I can write fanfic ten minutes and switch to school planning for another ten. If I come home at six pm on monday I can watch got at six thirty and discuss it online through the evening.
  • I can read fanfic on my phone while I go to work or before I go to bed. I can write it when I have spare time or in breaks from work or whatever. Same as reading books. I can think about what I’ll write in my fanfic while I go to work on the metro or so on. It’s called managing your free time.
  • also like there’s people who are into fandoms who are twice my age. some of the first people I befriended in fandom back in the day were well into their forties and had been around fandom for ages. heck I used to be in old school bandom when I was seventeen, I was friends on lj with someone fifty who had three kids and it wasn’t weird or anything - we sent each other mail for that matter. I’ve been friends with people who were thrice my age back in the day. I’ve had some of my best conversations/exchanges/beta relationships with people fifteen years older than me who found time for fandom while writing their phd or teaching. I could go on for ages for that matter.
  • heck, I’ve just been to a SPN convention and like there are people who’ve gone for the last seven years same as me who are way into their fifties. I’m fairly sure there’s someone from england who has to be retired by now. for the first five rounds there was a whole family coming - father, daughter and possibly the mother at some point. I’ve seen a lot of people older than forty and younger than me. like they’re older than the actors they’re getting pictures taken with. and guess what, no one cares. we all love the same people/show, we’re there to have fun, so what if they’re not fourteen anymore?
  • like, I don’t get what’s so strange about people older than idk nineteen or out of college (which is still school btw) being into fandoms. fandoms are places you’re supposed to enjoy yourself in and talk about something you like and share it with others. like if I asked you ‘how can some guy be older than twenty-five and find the time to follow fifteen different european championships, go to football games every two weeks or every week if they follow the team, talk about his friends about the results for the entire next week’ and the likes it would be the exact same question, but somehow following sports is something that no one questions how you find time for, but writing fanfic should be?
  • furthermore: it’s not like there’s a set age to stop enjoying fictional stuff. like, there isn’t an expiration date on being into ships or fanfics or shows or the likes. like, I know you don’t mean to be rude but the gist of that question is ‘how can you be into fandom when you’re 26 that’s old’ and like it’s not… old at all? I’m not even thirty. sure I’ve been into fandom more than half of my life. I’d never change it tbh. but like I’m at what, one third of my lifespan hopefully? does that mean my expiration date already arrived and from this point on I can’t enjoy fictional stuff or writing fanfic or reading it? then what about people who enjoy it at fifty? (spoiler alert: some of the best porn I’ve ever read in my life came from people older than thirty-five. thank fuck it existed or mine would have been entirely more horrid.) people can have children and find time for fanfic or fandom. it’s called time managing. same as people can work or have kids and find time to go to sports games or music gigs or have nephews probably and watch supernatural. and so what? it’s cool. it’s a hobby.
  • not even going into fandom: at my first bruce springsteen concert I was in line with this fifty-something year old woman behind me. she was a huge fan since the eighties and never could see him live. her niece who was like - I was sixteen, she was twenty-something - had brought her as a birthday present even if she didn’t care for springsteen. we then ended up sitting with her one row behind me and I can 100% swear to you that she was every bit as enthusiastic as I was as it was both our first bruce concert and at the end we were both crying and it made zero difference. at my last springsteen concert I was in third row and in second there was a sixty year-old woman who camped there for the whole day and at some point called her son to go like ‘listen dinner is to be heated like this and that if you call later because you’re useless you’re on your own I’m seeing bruce bye’. and behind me there was a thirty-somethings couple who brought along their five year old kid who was as excited about bruce as all of us. enjoying things or people or music doesn’t have an expiration date. I’ll still be reading and writing fanfic when I’m into my thirties probably and I’ll enjoy every moment of it. and I won’t think I’m old except when I see people complaining that *old people* are in fandom spoiling their fun when we actually do want to have fun ourselves. (this isn’t aimed at you it’s more of a general attitude I see on tumblr and tbh when you’re old past early twenties according to people then idk what to tell you.)

tldr: because I manage my time and I find it for things I like. even if I work or go to school. and fandoms/participating in fandoms doesn’t have expiration dates. :)