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He a good ice cream boi.
He totally doesnt have drugs anywhere. Look at that pure face. How could that face be anything but lawful.

  • jungkook: bitc h wh at th e hel l im not gay or anything lol no homo allowed nuh uh im a child of God™ sinning ? i dont do that
  • taehyung:
  • jungkook: list en ... okay maybe a 1/4 of me is but everyone does right ???? its not that dee p just a little
  • jimin:
  • jungkook:
  • jungkook: lord father im sorry
  • jungkook: im so so sorry for lying, i truly am the gayest of the gays . the g in jungkook means gay im fuckin g gay as hell
sincerely three waking up to their s/o touching themselves; headcannons

If you’re still taking smutty headcanon requests how would the bois react to waking up to their s/o touching themselves and moaning Connor/Jared/Evan’s name?

mom is back at it again with the sin 

gender neutral 

these are really slopppy and shitty tbh i wanna die


lezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz go

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The Gift (Steve/Bucky x Reader)

Request: I was wondering if you could do one where the reader has some kind of powers and causes a little trouble for herself not meaning to so Bucky or Steve try’s to catch her and maybe recruit her for the avengers. Sorry if it’s to much this is my first request and your a good writer!!!

Summary: Exactly that^

Requests are OPEN

Warning(s): A few swears

A/N: Okay this has really helped with some ideas and inspo!! I kinda make you the reader like Jessica Jones if thats okay (im watching that series and i love it and im inspiring this off her ok) ?? ahh i didnt want to be cliche and make you shoot fire or something !! Also, thankyou anon! You’re so sweet and thankyou for the request !

“(Y/N) (L/N)?” Bucky muttered, looking down at the file.

“Yeah, thats her name.” Steve responded quietly.

Bucky pursed his lips, before biting it as he studied each word of the file on the desk. It explained how you had surprisingly picked up a man twice your height and weight with one hand and threw him through a brick wall as well as stopping a moving car in the process. 

Not to mention, police were on the search for you as well as the FBI.

“So we’re going to get her?”


“Oh boy.”

A grunt left your lips, pushed up against the brick wall by the middle aged man who was seething with anger and shame.

“Where… where did you get that?!” He spat in your face, venom rolling from his tongue in his words.

“Which, this?” You smirk, again holding up the treasured wedding ring between your index finger and thumb and twirled it within your touch.

The man seethed even more, reaching to grab it from you but you hold quickly shove it away before he can grab his belongings.

“Tsk, I don’t think so. Your wife would be very interested on knowing how I found your beloved wedding ring. Don’t you think…” You teased, a playful tone in your voice, “Logan Lewis?”

The man quickly retorted with a vein pulsing on his forehead, “How the fuck do you know my name?! And you wont tell my wife anything!”

You giggled tauntingly as you stare up at the man despite being cornered you still had the upper hand with the information you had stored.

“I also know your wife’s name, Debra Lewis; the woman you’re sleeping with is Francine Davies. Other known as your boss, isn’t that right?” 

Logan was furious. If his red flushed face didn’t explain that enough already, his words would.

“You little stalker bitch! Give me back my fucking ring.. Y-you.. You don’t know me!”

You relaxed against the cold wall casually, your boots sinking into the defrosted snow under you.

“I’m planning on giving it to your wife, Logan- as of course she would love to know that you took it off yourself. Not to mention on your way to fuck the living shit out of your boss, am I right?”

Now it wasn’t your plan to get caught by the man, Logan, but this was pretty entertaining thus far.

“You better shut your fucking mouth or-”

“Or else what, Mr. Lewis? You’ll shut me up yourself?” You shove him back to get some space as your face quickly becomes fierce. 

“You don’t want to find out what I’d do.” He snarls, walking forward once again.

You roll your eyes, “Your wife already had the suspicions of you cheating, she asked me for-”

“Bullshit!” He lifts his fist, swinging it at you.

You waste no time and quickly grab his fist, twisting it away as it was inches from your face. You whistle in clear amusement.

“Did you just raise your hand to me?” Your voice quickly darkened. “So you now not only cheat on women, manipulate feelings and prostitute yourself for more cash from your boss- but you go to hit an innocent woman?” You teased, gritting your teeth together.

Before an answer is shot back at you, you raise your own fist and slice it against the tall male’s face- a satisfactory crunch rippling into your ears as your fingers are coated with a quick running velvet liquid, droplets staining the white bed of snow beneath the two of you. The amount of strength into your single punch sends Logan back a good five steps

“How pathetic.” You smirk, stepping forward.

“Shut up..” Logan growls,  his frothing saliva mixing with the metallic blood- spitting the awful taste onto the ground.

To add to this, Logan begins to pace at you again with white bruised knuckles and all of his blood rushing to his head. You couldn’t be so nice with him anymore, not now. Not with a hot headed, middle aged pissed off man storming at you.

But you knew this could easily be dealt with.

But you wanted fun.

Before the man could take a step closer, you raise one hand and shove it under his jaw and sweep the man from his feet effortlessly into the air. Choking noises submit from his throat and you smirk.

“This’ll teach you to not pick on little girls like me and not to be a cheating cunt.”

With that, you toss the man ahead of you with the amount of strength you had. However, you did not know that your strength allowed you to throw people through walls. 

You did now.

The man quickly vanished into the building, bricks collapsing on top of him and on top of the clouds of snow causing your eyes to widen- knowing he could actually be genuinely hurt which wasn’t your intention whatsoever.

“What the fuck?! David call the cops!” A voice croaked from inside the building where Logan had fell into.

Your eyes stretch wider even more and you stumble backwards out of the alleyway- shock flowing through your bloodstream as you don’t even realise that you have stumbled into the busy road.

That was until a large honk awoke you from your mental shock, your senses on high alert as you turn to your right and see a large truck coming your way. 

You quickly do your first instinct and hold your arms out against the large vehicle coming towards you at full speed- ready to accept your fate.

You squeeze your eyes shut, ready to embrace the pain of bones snapping

However, the only thing that happens is a large weight stopped by your strength which makes you slowly open your eyes to see the gigantic truck stopped by the force of your palms. The man driving the truck looks distraught and shocked- already dialing a number on his phone.

“Oh shit..” You whisper, without any further actions you quickly run home without glancing over your shoulder.

The shot of whiskey burned at the back of your throat, trailing down  and vanishing into your core. 

You type away at your laptop as you study one of your cases, which was coming to a close. These cases usually involved you taking pictures and being paid to investigate private situations. For example, your current one involving a man perhaps cheating on his with with another woman. So far you had found out that when the man leaves his home, he removes his wedding ring. Not only that, but he is sleeping with his apparent boss from his job for extra cash in his job. This explains the sudden late shift that his wife had complained about to you.

You clicked and dragged your pictures on the screen, organising them in order with your free hand dangling the empty shot glass.

You wince as the familiar burn echoes against the back of your throat from the strong whiskey, quickly beginning to fill up your glass with more.

A chuckle leaves your lips as you remember how fatal it was when he found out yesterday, the situation not being at all funny. 

The police were most likely looking for you after it was seen on street cameras and witnesses speaking about the situation.

You, (Y/N) (L/N) were gifted with the curse of not being normal.

As you grew up, you realised that you had an unusual amount of strength for a girl who lacked muscle.

Not many people have lived to tell the story that they have stopped a truck, but you were one of them thanks to the curse that was given to you.

It wasn’t something you wanted but in some occasions it was most definitely not a flaw. It has protected you in dangerous situations many times. Now though, your secret was out and there was no doubt that you were being hunted down slowly by the second.

So it was a perfect time to get drunk.

You quickly threw the fresh shot past your lips, the burning sensation growing stronger and stung your tastebuds with wild fire.

“Fuck!” You hissed, dropping the glass on the table and groaning.

Your fingers quickly tangled into your (H/C) roots and you pulled a bit to sense your pain elsewhere.

“Tastes like fuckin’ metal..”

“Thats what you get for drinking whiskey.” 

You were quickly alert by the new voice, standing up and snatching your butter knife which was located inside your half full nutella jar and pointing it at a man with long brown hair and a metal arm visible. A blonde man climbing in through the window behind him.

“Get the fuck out.” You hissed, pointing the ‘weapon’ towards the two.

Steve raised his hands a bit, “(Y/N) we aren’t here to hurt you-”

“Yeah but you’re here to fucking take me to some fucked up animal lab aren’t you? Ready to fucking make me into one of your guinea pigs for your tests, hm?” You questioned, moving away from your desk slowly.

“What- no! Shit, look at him for gods sake…” The brunette pointed to the very muscular blonde, “He’s captain America.”

You turn your head and eye the blonde without letting your guard down, your (E/C) orbs narrowed as you take in his body.

“I don’t give a shit who you are, I just want you to leave.”

The brunette rolled his eyes and Captain America spoke up to you.

“Look, we are here to make some kind of an offer which could turn out better than you becoming a lab rat, okay?”

You silenced yourself and you nodded, an answer you gave for him to carry on.

“So, since we’ve read your files and looked into the situation- it seems as if a lot of people think you’re a bad guy…” Steve trailed off, “i don’t think you are, by the looks of you. You live in a beaten up apartment in downtown New York, you live alone and your job is to be a private investigator to help citizens with everyday troubles.”

“Its a little more complicated than that, but go on.” You urge for him to continue.

“You have abilities.” The brunette butts into the conversation, staring at you, “Witnesses are scared.”

“They have the right to be scared-”

“Not if you take our offer, they wont.”

You sighed and looked away, still wondering what the offer even was.

“Who even are you if you’re friend is Captain America?”

He smirked, bowing slightly. “James Buchanan Barnes at your service, but you can just call me Bucky.”

It was your turn to roll your eyes and you decide to place your nutella coated knife to your desk and you fold your arms over your chest.


“R-right..” Steve cleared his throat, “So stopping a truck with your bare hands is impressive- however, did you really need to throw that man through a wall?”

“He was being threatening! Plus, I didn’t know that I could!” You poked at your chest as you defended your actions. “Its not as if I randomly thought, ‘oh yeah, lets throw this man through a fucking wall because that is just so fun!’”

“Watch your language.” The Captain commanded, frowning which caused you to smirk.

“Basically,” Bucky sighed, “What we’re trying to offer is a chance of you getting out of this safely and perhaps using your strength for better causes.”

Steve quickly followed up, “now we haven’t personally spoke to the rest of the team about this but I am personally offering you a chance of getting a slot in the Avengers.”

Your eyes widened as you choked on a laugh, “excuse me?”

“Do you want a slot in the Avengers?” Bucky asked this time, leaning against the door frame of your kitchen which was connected to your study room.

“I..” You sighed, “I appreciate it, but I don’t know if you notice this about me but I don’t necessarily find it appealing to be in the same team with a huge green monster and some random God with a huge hammer.”

“Its not really a ham-”

“I don’t care, he gave it a damn name!” You sigh again and pause for a second, “I’m also not really the “superhero” type of girl. Besides, I stopped a damn truck- what makes you think that I’m worthy enough to be on the Avengers?”

Steve eyed you with his charming crystal eyes, “I see potential. By reading your files, I saw you’ve had a quite rough history with criminals and bad partners in the past.”

This caused you to flinch, which the two men picked up on.

“What you’re doing now is helping others with bad relationships or struggles, why not step it up to a higher level?”

You didn’t have a good enough excuse, making you remain silent.

“Exactly. The only difference is would be that you will save the world and not just small families.”

The two men before you seemed quite firm on this idea of you joining the Avengers which intrigued you even more than possible. You lean into your pale wall behind you, combing your (H/C) hair back with your fingers.

“What will happen to me if I don’t go with you both?”

“You will most likely be pushed to your limits by people who want to use your abilities for nothing but bad.” Bucky said quietly, rubbing his metal arm. “You don’t want that, do you?”

“No.. I suppose I don’t.”

“So you’re coming with us to see if you can join?” Steve asked, tilting his head in a puppy-like manner.

“I have no other option.”

This brought a smile to Steve and a smirk to Bucky’s lips.

“Follow us then, doll.”

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Part 14 - Dear Cyrus

Back then I was 17 (3 years ago) Memories that I had of him were fragile but I still could recall some bitter sweet moments. It was just a normal day after school scrolling through JackD replying some messages and I stumbled upon his profile.

Spiky short black hair, perfect jawline with piercing on both ears. lean fit, tan skin tone but slightly shorter than me and with quite a number of tattoo on his body. We were pretty straightforward and hit up the other night at his place, Setapak. Back then I couldn’t drive yet so I decided to put a little effort for taking a taxi to his place instead of asking a free ride.

I was way too young. I could recall I took a taxi nearby my house, chewing a gum (nervous) a 15-20 mins journey from my place to his. As common as any taxi drivers tends to get a little chatty.

Taxi Uncle : So do you study there ? (assuming I was a college student)

Me : Ya I am (I’m still in my Form 5 and didn’t really want to explain myself so I just said yes lol)

Taxi Uncle : There’s a lot of working adult and student stays there.

The moment the car step foot in Setapak. I couldn’t believe what I saw on my JackD. ALL of the profiles were so close to each other in less than 1km. Some are 100m , 200m , 500m. The max was 1km away. It was a jaw dropping moment for me as I told you ( I was only 17 that time please forgive this innocent boy haha) In shocked , thinking

Me : “Holy shit there’s so many here ! , but why didn’t he just get some here ? or has he already fuck all of them before ? lol”

As I got off from the taxi. I waved at him standing there with his cigarettes.

As we walk towards his apartment his place was a mess. Bottles of red wine were left on the dining table, some were empty and some were just left open unfinished. Dozens of used cigarettes on ashtrays, wrinkled and unfolded clothes flooded the couch. I have never seen such terrible mess.

Me : I need to use the bathroom (placing my bag on the floor)

Cyrus : sure its over there on the right.

Water tap running as I washes my face. Walking out of the bathroom, one of the room’s door was left ajar, as I gently push the door I saw him lying on the bed with his eyes closed and both hands on the back of his head naked with a semi-hard cock waiting to be fully erected.

My heart was pounding fast. “Gosh that body. And he’s handsome!” Pretending to stay calm, I slowly strip myself naked and the next thing I knew was my face’s in between his legs sucking his semi-hard cock. Started slow sucking in my mouth swirling it in between sucking his balls as he moans :

Cyrus : Mmmm (let out a heavy breathe)

Moving up to his chest taking turns licking his nipples 1 by 1 as he runs his hands through my hair as he moans softly. While my hand was stroking his wet hard 7 Inch cock while licking his nipples as he say :

Cyrus : I wanna fuck you now.

Position switched with my legs rested on his shoulders he took the lube and gently inserts his fingers one by one to stretch my tight hole as I moan loudly.

Cyrus : shh dont moan too loud. The neighbors could hear you.

As he was taking his time to finger my hole my shy face was revealing to him.

Cyrus : Tell me if it hurts okay ? I can stop.

As he wore the condom and lube his hard cock adjusting the position I could feel his cock inserting slowly. My hands were holding on to the bed sheets so tightly as it feels to good but I cant moan too loud.

Cyrus : Does it hurt ?

I shyly shooked my head giving it a sign of no. He start the phase slow but my cock was already so wet that my precum was leaking byy the time our body moves. As he lay back his body and his hands, his hips were moving on its own while I hold on my own thigh. God its so fucking hot.

As soft as I could moan. He then lean towards and lick my nipples while his cock are thrusting in my tight hole making me want to moan even louder. My cock was begging to cum as I stroke it so hard I utter :

Me : Cum cumming !!

He reacted to it when I cum he then grab my legs with his hands moving his cock in and out of me ramming even harder he spoke :

Cyrus : Diu (Fuck) Ahh !

Gently pulling it out from my hole. I took the tissues and wipe. He was laugh and said :

Cyrus : you’re very cute. (pinch my cheeks)

Me : ( i was just smiling god damn this is too much ! so flirty !!)

Cyrus : you make me cum so much (Pulling out the condom from his cock)

After both of us cleaned up. I was on my phone replying messages, he took away my phone and put it aside and hugged me from behind saying : 

Cyrus : Come over here (Putting my phone aside)

Me : (god I swear I blushed) What ? 

Cyrus : let me hug you a little while before I send you home later.

As I turned around and gave him a proper hug, we ended up lying next to each other resting on the bed. I broke the silence by asking : 

Me : are you sad ? 

Cyrus : Yeah. I just broke up with my boyfriend. 

Me : Sorry to hear that. How long was it ?

Cyrus : 7 years. I don’t feel like talking about it. 

Me : Ok. Im sorry, shouldn’t have ask in the first place

Cyrus : Are you okay going back this late ?

Me : Yeah. Don’t worry about it.

Cyrus : wanna drink with me ? 

Me : Er I’m not really a drinker…

Cyrus : a little won’t hurt.

Off he goes to take the wine glass. At that glance, I somehow understand why he’s house were a mess and I felt something there. Maybe it was something I shouldn’t feel in the first place. So that night we were just chit-chatting nothing serious, I guess he just needed a company at this time.

Thank you for following and reading ! I will try to write more frequent !

PS: All the stories were true and based on my own sexual experience. 

Till next time ! xo

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RFA+V with a mute MC?

A/N: I’ve only come across one person who was mute so I don’t know too much about it, I hope it’s okay??? I made it very general because of this im so sorry ;A; ~Admin 404



           -He didn’t really understand why you didn’t talk at first

           -You were so talkative in the messenger? Why not in person?

           -You never pick up the phone….did he call at all of the wrong times??? Did you just not want to talk??

           -Maybe you were shy… He was too! Only he rambles when he’s nervous, not silent

           -Saeyoung had to explain to him that you were mute, and have been since birth (Since he did the background check on you of course)

           -This little cutie immediately started studying everything he could about it

           -He’s a little bad at communicating though

           -You have to type out what you want to say on your phone and show him, otherwise he has no idea

           -He doesn’t treat you any different because? Why would he. You can’t maintain eye contact for long periods of time? Neither can he, he gets too nervous

           -So you don’t/can’t talk, he respects that!!! He’s very capable of reading what you have to say on the phone. It’s actually a blessing because if he physically heard some of the things you say to him he’d melt immediately he just loves you so much and is nervous 24/7


           - so we can’t have disney song duets??

           -He’s an actor, so he’s got a very big voice

           -Can and will use it in place of yours

           -Not to mention he talks enough for the both of you, so it’s okay MC

           -He tries to steer you away from large, loud groups of people

           -Don’t worry about attending every single show of his MC, he’ll have someone record it so the two of you can enjoy it at home

           -He literally spent a whole day over at Saeyoung’s creating something to help you communicate


           -Now you have multiple devices full of these messages so you can play them to communicate

           - loves when you play the one telling him that he’s cute go ahead MC, play it again


           -She wasn’t mute, but she did go through a period of time (a few years at least) where she didn’t talk much

           -Maybe a few sentences a day, because she had to, otherwise nothing

           -Knows it’s hard to get close to other people, but she’s willing to take it slow and wait for you to be comfortable

           -She’s spent hours thinking and researching better ways to communicate, because she doesn’t want you to get frustrated if you can’t talk to her!

           -Invests in TONS of books full of words, phrases, and the alphabet

           -Also gets books full of illustrations of emotions, places, things that are easier explained when shown

           - tried to carry them all with her all the time until you made her stop

           - jaehee you cant carry seven large books around all the time it’s okay

           -The two of you sat down and made your own compact helper book!!

           -She’s always so patient with you as you form these sentences, and will suplex anyone who upsets you jaehee pls


           -He immediately started to communicate with you through sign language

           -The mix of relief and happiness on your face made his heart jump

           -Sometimes he doesn’t even speak to you out loud

           -He’s so used to using sign language that sometimes he does it during meetings and Jaehee has to remind him where he is

           - well why doesn’t everyone know sign language assistant kang, maybe they should learn

           - this dork tried teaching elizabeth sign language just so she’d understand you

           -When you get clingy, he’s completely okay with it

           -Loves being close with you anyway, it doesn’t bother him at all

           -Most of the time, he’ll invite you to come with him to work, out on a business trip before you even have to chance to get clingy

           -All of his bodyguards know sign language now just for you and it’s seriously the cutest thing to watch them stumble over some of the words and watching Jumin school them like a teacher


           -He knew from the start, so it wasn’t a surprise

           -It didn’t bother him, either, you’re still you

           -Immediately started working on a program for your phone so you can communicate. He created a computer generated voice for you!

           -Type whatever you want, and it’ll say it out loud

           -You were thrilled!!! Finally, you can talk to anyone, since not everyone knows sign language

           - you can finally ask for directions to the restroom

           -He’s also very good and guessing what you want without you having to say it anyway

           -Uses the app too so you can have a robot voice war

           -Both of you had problems with establishing new relationships with people, but that actually helped the two of you bond quicker than you would with anyone else!

           -HE ALWAYS MESSES WITH YOU BECAUSE IT TAKES YOU A LITTLE BIT TO TYPE OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY!!! “Hey mc if you want the last piece of pizza say my name. no? okay cool im eating it” SAEYOUNG YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME ENOUGH TIME TO TYPE MY ANSWER


           -He’s okay with it, he likes the atmosphere to be soft and quiet anyway

           -So he’ll be completely okay with you not talking

           -That and he’s okay with staying away from large, loud crowds

           -He buys any notebook that he finds cute for you

           -Because that’s how you talk to him! You may not vocally speak, but you can definitely write down what you want to say

           -Loves it!! A persons handwriting can say a lot about them

           -So what he can’t hear in your voice, he can deduct from your handwriting!!

           -He likes to leave little notes in your notebook for you to stumble upon

           -When you come home from a stressful event, and see’s you upset and aggravated, he feels terrible! But tries everything he can to calm you down

           -Makes you some tea, gives you space if you need it, and will hold you close when you let him. You don’t need the notebook, because he does all the talking at times like this, all the sweetest, comforting words he can say will be said


           -He didn’t talk for the longest time, so he understood that you didn’t either

           -After a while, he was actually extremely clingy to you

           -Which means he studied every little thing about you

           -You didn’t need to talk, he could read your body language

           -Sometimes it was almost as if he could read your mind (which was great because then you didn’t have to worry about telling him)

           -Otherwise, you taught him a little sign language

           -He prefers just reading your lips though, it’s easier

           - that and he just likes staring at your lips

           - literally has to hold himself back from kissing you while you’re talking sometimes what a lil cutie

           -“I don’t like that tone of body language, MC, walk out of the room and walk back in”

You Should Have Known

If you are willing, could you do a credence x reader. It takes place during the New York subway thing and Percival shoots the spell obliviate at her and it’s just angst because they are all in the middle of a battle and everything just freezes because she’s just standing there confused and Credence just loses it - Anon

All done x sorry it took so long - it’s quite a long one too. Not directly angsty I don’t think, more so in context hope this worked out okay x

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/sorry, rant/ okay okay so. because me and three of my friends where sleeping over and talking abt crushes and stuff, we found ourselves talking abt something personal to the host and then gender and like... apparently my three closest friends dont think non-binary genders exist, and that pan-sexuality doesnt exist bc they think nb genders dont exist and im abt to cry but luckily the host has a cat so i can pet him until that feeling is gone but im still sad bc im non-binary

ah dunk, that sucks :/ maybe try educating them a little bit if you’re feeling up to it; something I’ve noticed is that people are quick to dismiss these identities if they’ve had no personal experience of them but will often reconsider if given a real-life example of ‘well X is pan’ etc. etc. but don’t out yourself if you would feel unsafe.  just remember that we 100% do exist, there’s nothing wrong with us and we’re awesome. <3

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vixx's Ravi + cuddling + "I really need you"

➸ word count: 579

➸ fluff/tiny bit of angst

➸ general audience

It’s not often that ________ finds herself awake at half past two am. However, it was a particularly hot summer night and the room felt incredibly stuffy. Even with the air conditioner running, she could still feel the humid heat radiating from outside. 

She looked over and envied how Wonsik did not seem one bit perturbed with the heat. He even had the entire blanket wrapped around his body. 

As she tossed and turned in hopes of finding a semi cool spot on her side of the bed, she grew more hot. Huffing in annoyance, she threw herself off the bed and headed towards the kitchen for a drink of water–maybe she could even stuff her head in the freezer or rub an ice cube all over her face. 

Anything was welcomed of she was being frank.  

Leaving the room, she missed Wonsik’s small whimper. 

Wonsik wasn’t sure if he was having trouble breathing because of the summer night heat, or because of the nightmare he’d just awoken from. 

Either way, he’d shot up in bed, startled and drenched in sweat. He peeled off the bed sheets from his body and sighed as he fell back on his pillow. 

Reaching out towards the left side of the bed in search of ________’s sleeping body, he came up empty handed clutching only a slightly cooled and empty side. 

He surged up in bed once more, a wave of panic bubbling in the pits of his chest as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room. 

“Jagi?” he called out softly his voice a bit shaky. He was just about to get out of bed when ________ walked into the room, a cold glass of water on her hand. 

“Wonsik?” she called out once she noticed him sitting up on the bed. She was sure he’d been deeply asleep when she first left. 

“Jagi” Wonsik breathed out in relief. ________ sensed his distress and quickly made her way actoss the room to kneel by his side. 

“Baby, what’s wrong?” ________ asked worriedly as she placed her glass of water on the bedside table next to Wonsik’s side. 

“I just–I had a bad dream” Wonsik sighs closing his eyes when her hand comes up to caress the side o his face. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked him sweetly. He shook his head and kissed the inside of her palm. 

“I–well, all I really need is you. Just you. I really need you” he confessed. ________ smiles softly and rises up on her feet to kiss him on the forehead. 

“Come on, let’s get into bed yeah?” ________ whispers squeezing his big hands in her smaller ones. 

She walks around the bed and hops back on on her side. She settles against the headboard, pepping a pillow behind her. She pulls on Wonsik’s hand until she has him face pressed to her chest. 

She begins to card her fingers through his hair while humming a lullaby. Wonsik sighs in relief, his body sagging against ________’s finally letting go of the tension he had. He drapes an arm over her stomach and nuzzles closer to her. 

“I love you ________, so much” he whispers. 

“I love you too baby”

She kisses the top of his head and smiles fondly. Soon enough she can feel Wonsik’s breathing steadying, giving away that he’s fallen asleep once more. 

Forgetting her initial struggle with the night’s heat, ________ finds herself finding comfort in Wonsik’s warmth and she too soon falls asleep. 

a/n: hello! this was pretty short, but i think this might be the length I’ll try to continue for the last remaining drabbles in my ask. hope no one minds. mind you, i said I’ll try. sometimes i get carried away. but anyways i hope some of y'all find enjoyment in this little piece. 😘 I’ll be opening my ask again soon, maybe post another drabble game or something who knows or we can keep the old one. okay I’ll stop rambling I’m sorry. thanks for reading!

ps. as always please forgive any typos and mistakes there’s only so much i can do when writing on my phone ;____; im sorry lol

okay so this is my beach holiday with boyfriend!taeyong (??) moodboard because @fresh-and-ten tagged me to do the bias moodboard tag (thank you💕)

this was actually really fun even though I have no idea what I’m doing because I’ve never made a moodboard before in my life - hopefully it isn’t too ugly (yours was so cute thalia omg)

I’m tagging @jeno-jeyes @ilysmjeno @hydranoel @reikojinxx @baeked-kookie @lemmetalkaboutkpop (I tag you in everything lol sorry) @teewhytrack @odetonct @vkookgotmeshook @1-2-3-4-im-jaeyongs-little-whore and @sorrysorry-suju

biqueuerious  asked:

saw u wanted prompts in the fahc tag & im i huge jeremwood fan SO 🙏🏽 what about angsty fahc "i care about you maybe a little too much maybe a little more than my teammates and uh oh abandoning you is mission critical but im not sure i can handle that". (sorry for being vague i hope you can glean something from mess)

Here we go! I hope it’s okay (it’s technically my first time writing Jeremwood…) and that I filled the prompt the way you hoped!

Pairing: Jeremwood
Word Count: 1,023
Summary: After their position is compromised, Jeremy is ordered to leave to leave, but he can’t bring himself to leave Ryan behind.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

sorry to bother you, but i just had a huge panic attack. I havent had one in ages, and i thought i was getting better at dealing with the situations that set them off, but this one just sort of happened and now im on the floor crying over nothing nd i just feel scared for no reason. Can you please write me a little thing about how some of the egos (maybe dark or anti, or mare?) would react to finding someone like this? thank you

(Hope Dark is okay, I need more practice with him. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time friend. The worst thing is that feeling that you don’t have control, even though logically you know you should. Take care of yourself, and the fact that it has been so long since you had one says how far you’ve come with it!)

Some of the others might consider it a sign towards being a stalker, Dark merely considered it a sign of his affection. Having shadows monitor you when he wasn’t around was his way of ensuring you were alright. 

When his shadows told him that something was wrong, he smoothly exited the room. 

Getting to the house and finding you in tears on the floor, he wished he had remained that day. He kept his steps quiet as he approached. He sat down next to you and made sure you saw him before he did anything else. Once he had your attention he slid his arms under you and pulled you into his lap. He drew your arms around his waist, letting you press your face against his stomach. He didn’t say anything, just sat and soothed you until you calmed.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I know requests are closed right now but October 22 is my 20th birthday so I was wondering if requests re-open on my birthday if I could get a little hesitant alien gee wishing me a happy birthday? If you can't that's a-okay with me, I just wanted to get the request in just in case ^.^

hi anon!!! ty 4 sending such a polite ask :’’–00 im very sorry though i dont think requests will be open again for a while like maybe mid-december when winter break starts for me?? :’’-(( HPPAY EARLY BIRTHDAY THOUGH i hope u eat lots of cake n have a good day (of course i hope ur having good days anyways but i hope that day is even BETTER than usual!!!) mini g will b reoccurring though im too attached to let him go now :’-0

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Where do you think Got7 would put their hands whilst making out with someone?

OKAY ANON GOT FUCKED UP BC NOW IM THINKING!!!! okay these are so outta order bc i did them in the order i was inspired sorry anon lmao

  • Mark
    Okay so Mark would touch the back of their neck, maybe squeezing a little omfg fuck me up, and he’d love kissing them sooooooo much that if they tried to pull away to breathe or just stop he’d pull them back by their neck gotta blast lmao mark got me mad swerving rn
  • Jackson
    My baby! My bias! Jackson is all about touching legs. so like making out on a couch with him right beside his significant other and him turning towards them with one hand on their thigh, kinda rubbing closer and closer to their pussy (or dick tbh lmao i just say pussy bc i have one) and he’d moan into the kiss thats not really relevant but still in all
  • Bambam
    I think he’d really be into making out with someone whilst they’re on his lap, so he could grab their ass lmao. idk the details here but yeah bambam wants  to grab ass while kissing
  • JB
    Okay so he’s gonna push them against a wall or onto a bed or some surface where they can’t move away from him and it’s all him you feel, and he’s gonna put his hands on their waist
  • Youngjae
    Youngjae gonna be holding onto their chin, and stroking their cheek softly. making out with that sunshine would be so sweet omfg bye everyone is wrecking me rn fuck this
  • Yugyeom
    Baby wants to hold their hands. and maybe if they bit his lip he’d squeeze your hand, and if he bit their lip, he’d stroke their skin, kinda apologizing but he low-key liked it lmao bye
  • Junior
    He’s gonna wanna hold the back of his person’s head, and kiss so passionately omfg fuck thisgtgtgtgtgtgtsgtsgssshsh

Sooo I may have kind of maybe not answered my best friend’s messages for days and she kind of maybe got a little bit mad at me so I bought her windflowers and wrote her a note

Dear Mary
Im sorry for taking so long to answer your messages
Please still love me

I even drew a flower! (it was ugly af but I tried okay??)

Anonymous asked:

Hey sorry if i bother you guys, but i’d like to ask for some good, fluffy, maybe a little bit smutty ReiGisa fics, Im in fanfic hell right now and i would love you if you help me to stay there forever. Thanks *cry desu*

Hello, Anon! I’m sorry it’s taken us so long to answer this, but we’ve been super busy and we wanted to give you a thorough answer!

I promise I’ll actually rec other fics, but we have written some of our own Reigisa fanfiction and it can be found here, as well as at our AO3 accounts at ButterfliesAndPenguins and NoveltyPineapple.

*Ahem* Okay, onto the real recs. :) All of these are finished fics unless otherwise noted.

XO - T - This is probably maybe our favorite Reigisa fic. I’ve read it like twelve times, it’s so cute. And Lesbiopterix is a rad human being. Nagisa convinces Rei to practice kissing with him.

Rhythm of Happiness - T - This is one of my other favorites, it’s so sweet and adorable and has gotten me through some bad days. And Point0k is a total sweetheart. Arabian AU where Nagisa is in an arranged marriage to Rei.

Some of Us are Looking at the Stars - E - This masterpiece of a fic by Autoeuphoric is still ongoing, but it’s incredible and better than some actually published sci-fi that I’ve read. Cyberpunk AU where the Iwatobi kids are in the space military and Nagisa is an android… actually a sexbot. But I die for her prose and descriptions.

Sugar-Spun Kisses - G - I can’t believe Brumal wrote something rated G. :) But this one is fluffy and cute. “I’ve been wondering for a while,” the taller boy said, his hand resting on the side of Nagisa’s neck warmly, “but why are you always giggling when we kiss?”

The Monsoon of our Love - T - Somehow this fic was written right after episode 3 of season 1 of Free! aired and it is perfect and perfectly charactarized. Domestic-ish future AU one-shot.

Down to You - T - I just love Lesbiopterix’s fics. They’re so fluffy and cute. Nagisa encounters some rude classmates and is comforted by Rei. Also I’m a sucker for first-kiss fics.

Sleep - T - Nagisa falls asleep on Rei’s bed. Also first kiss. :)

Change the Facts - T - Another first kiss. Rei is increasingly distracted by Nagisa and it starts to negatively affect him.

Close to Home - T - Future AU. Nagisa and Rei waking up together in their apartment.

Lost in Translation - G - This one is set entirely in the format of text conversations, but it’s really cute and works out well.

Relation - G - Short fic, but I’m always a sucker for Reigisa dads.

Ink on Paper - G - Rei writes Nagisa a love letter. Short one-shot.

A Beautiful Confession - G - Rei thinks he has messed up his confession to Nagisa. Also first kiss.

Blue Lotus, White Lotus - M - Shions-Heart is a total sweetie. Arabian AU where Nagisa is a slave and Rei is a royal guard. TW for some abuse and violence.

Emergency Contact - M - Okay, this person wrote a perfect Thug!Nagisa fic and it is hilarious.

Those are the ones I could scrounge up, if anyone else has any fic recs to add, please message us with them! Happy reading!

anakinlandwalker-deactivated201  asked:

luke notices that jason has a crush on annabeth and he asks jason about it like with the intent of helping him so he doesnt look like such a nerd and jason is like "aHH NO WHA T" and he's blushing really hard but then he admits it and they end up talking about it idk im trash im sorry

(I hope you like this, now I’m super nervous about writing for you! Also, hope this cheers you up a little.)

This was supossed to be easy, after all, how big of a crush a 8 year old could possible have?

A massive one, Luke had discovered.

Also, he may have made it worst.


Okay, he made it worst. But how was he supposed to know that the girl Jason had been talking about (stuttering, really) was Annabeth?

Looking now at how easily Jason got flustered around her and how he gazed at her when he thought she wasn’t paying attention was pretty obvious, though.

And you gave him shit advice, Luke. No girl would have fallen for that, reprimanded a voice in his head that sounded awfully like Thalia.


He searched for her brother, that stood with this arms crossed beneath the oak tree, apparently refusing to trying to fly to retrieve an Apollo’s kid arrow that was stuck in the highest branches.

He stills doesn’t control it, Thalia”, he thought, and old habit he was trying to get rid off. “And he gets upset when he can’t get down by his own means. The other day he sat on the roof of his cabin for 15 minutes pretending he was ‘hangin out’ there on purpose

Luke chuckled despite himself and walked down the path towards the little blond, that was looking out the sky in deep concentration.


“Luke!” Jason’s face lit up and he tried to not search for any similarities in his round face. At least his eyes were a complete different blue.

“What you doing?”

Jason blushed a little and looked around him again. “I’ve been thinking about… wind”

“Wind?” Luke smiled.

“Yeah. It’s friendly, I think” Jason’s golden brow was furrowed. “I think it’s trying to help me.” He looked up to Luke and made a little ‘o’ with his mouth. “That sounded weird. Sorry”

“It’s alright. So, how did it go with Annabeth?”

Jason’s face fell.

“She still wont talk to me. She thinks I’m an idiot”, he lowered his head, sounding miserable. “I said I was sorry and that I thought she could beat me without my help but it didn’t work”

Luke sighed.

“Did you mention her height in any way? Like ‘I know you can beat me even though you are shorter than me’? Or something like that?”

Jason blushed.

“I—- No?”

Luke covered his face with the palm of his hands.

“But isn’t more impressive that she is so tiny and can kick my butt?” Jason blurted out.

“Yeah, but she is Annabeth”

Jason sighed and Luke chuckled.

“You’ll figure it out, big guy”, he promised, ruffling the kids hair.

Hip hop unit reaction to their S.O. stressing over school

Request: Hip hop unit reaction to their girlfriend stressing over school?

S.Coups: He would initially not know how to react and just either give you a hug or say something like “Aw that sucks…” but after some time he’ll be the best at getting you less stressed about school stuff (im already sorry for the gif he’s just surprised and not in able to answer okay)

Originally posted by swaghao

Wonwoo: would tell you ways how to relax like saying you should take short break maybe eat a little so you can concentrate again, not much into pitying you but offering solutions to your stress and he’ll probably even help you study if that’s what makes it easier for you

Originally posted by hosoeks

Mingyu: will go full mom mode on you and ask if you’ve slept enough that night and if you’ve been eating enough. When was the last time you did something else than homework? He wouldn’t give a lot of solutions though, he’ll try taking your mind of the your hw, that’s something

Originally posted by littlemingyu

Vernon: really knows a lot about school problems and will ask what you’re doing and if he knows something about that subject he’ll try to explain stuff you don’t get. And if he can’t help he’ll be there to listen to your problems. (ignore Wonwoo he’s looking at your homework, u get it?)

Originally posted by hanwooz



For Kyouhaba week 2016!

Day 3 (6/21): different team(s) I sports swap 

Chapters: 1/1

Rating: Explicit 

Words: 13,428

AU: Football / Cheerleading  


Yeah, okay, maybe it’s a little cliché . 

Yahaba is a cheerleader, after all. 

Still, Yahaba’ can’t look away; he can’t help but fall for Sixteen - he, who tears past the defensive line like a mad dog. 

Sixteen, all strong muscle, deep words, and gorgeous eyes. 

Sixteen, Yahaba’s new favorite number. 

Yes, it’s a little cliché indeed. 

read here