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I NEed something with Emily and Alex with a baby

Oooooh my god

Alex being so afraid to hold Emily’s niece, because she’s so tiny and fragile and oh god why had he agreed to help Emily babysit her tonight?

And Emily is so sweet. She’s already so maternal and lovely, and watching her with this baby does something to Alex that he can’t quite explain. Especially when she looks up at him from her spot on the couch and smiles. “Want to hold her?”

Alex instinctively takes a step back and shakes his head. “S’okay.”

And Emily only giggles. “Alex she’s not a bomb. She’s a baby. And she loves cuddles.”

Alex nods his head towards Emily. “Well you seem to be handling the cuddling aspect pretty well.”

Emily rolls her eyes. “Oh honestly.” She sighs and looks down at her niece again. “Uncle Alex is a bit of a crab sometimes but I promise you’ll learn to love him.”

The words ring in Alex’s ears over and over and over. Uncle Alex. He steps forward slowly. “Em…” But he doesn’t even know what he wants to say. Maybe he just wanted to say her name in that moment.

“Why don’t you hold her, Alex? She doesn’t bite. She hardly even has teeth yet.”

Alex swears that Emily could get him to do just about anything with that smile, and this instance is no different. So he sighs and gives in, walking over to sit beside her.

It’s been ages since Alex has held a baby, and he feels awkward while Emily transfers the little bug from her own arms into his. “Now careful with her head,” Emily instructs, and Alex raises his elbow a bit to give the baby a bit more of a cushion.

Emily allows her hands to linger for a bit more support once the baby is in his arms, but then she pulls away. “Good! Look at you, Alex!”

Alex can’t take his eyes off of this beautiful little thing in his arms, and he suddenly feels such an indescribable pull towards Emily. He wants one of these. One of his own. And he wants it with her.

“You should give yourself more credit,” Emily says. “You’re a good cuddler, too.”

Alex smirks. “Yeah well. This is just like holdin’ you.”

Emily’s jaw drops at that. “What’s THAT supposed to mean?”

The dimple in Alex’s cheek is on full display. “Well, you’re small. And you’re adorable. And you’re sleepy 90% of the time.”

Alex notes the redness in Emily’s cheeks and it makes him smile. “You’re a baby, Emy.”

“Am not,” she mumbles. “Be quiet.”

Alex chuckles and turns back to the little thing in his arms. “Hi there,” he coos. “You like me, don’t ya? You’re nice and cozy, huh?”

The baby reaches up to grab Alex’s dog tag that hangs— still— around his neck. He blames the fact that he still wears it on pure laziness, but he and Emily both know he wears it for the memories and because, slowly but surely, he is learning to be proud of himself. To wear it like a Medal of Honor. He survived.

And seeing it now in this baby’s dimpled hands has his eyes welling up with tears. He doesn’t know why, but he thinks he may just be overwhelmed. He swallows what feels like a brick in his throat. “Like that?” He says, pretending like his voice isn’t cracking. The baby goes to put it in its mouth, and he chuckles. He reaches for it and pulls it away, tucking it into his shirt. “No, lovey, we don’t chew on that.” He pokes at the baby’s lower lip and gasps at the two little white teeth that are coming in. “Emy, she’s teething.”

“Ooh, yeah, my sister mentioned that,” Emily says, nodding. “Might be why she was so fussy earlier. She needs something to chew on.”

“Here.” Alex wiggles his finger between the baby’s parted lips, and she chomps down. It doesn’t hurt, of course, but Alex still lets out a little wince. “Sharp little things aren’t they? Poor little bugger.”

Emily giggles, watching Alex completely melt over this baby. Little by little, he is coming back. Her Alex, who he used to be before. And she loves being here for it all. She loves watching him soften, and she loves cracking away at the walls he’s built around himself.

“Looks like you’ve got the cuddling aspect down as well,” she says quietly.

“Hmm? Oh… yeah.” Alex’s cheeks turn the lightest shade of red, and Emily wants to kiss them and feel their heat against her lips. “S’not really that hard is it? Common sense and that.”

Emily knows she wants to spend her life with this man. She knows it’s not going to be easy by any means, but they belong together. Looking at him feels like home. Familiarity. Like she’s looking at something she’s known all her life. She smiles. “Yeah. Common sense.”


Hey guys! I’m still here. I haven’t posted any fitbit pictures because there hasn’t been anything spectacular to report honestly. It’s been kind of chilly and I’ve been exhausted. My steps haven’t been stellar but they’ve been okay. I’ve been averaging about 6,000-8,000 recently, which I feel terrible about because I was hitting 10,000-12,000 not too long ago. But I’ll get back there 👍🏻

The good news though, is that my water intake has been improving this week and I’m back to getting some salads and other such goodies in recently. Thank the lord. So things are looking up finally. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and all that entails also 😍

Hopefully I should be on the upswing of this whole baby exhaustion soon and can start posting some better stats here soon.

I hope everyone is crushing their goals this November. I believe in you! ✨


Rae stood out on the porch answering her call, and Alex poked his head into the room watching the crying baby. He didn’t know what to do so he picked him from the bad. He was a lot lighter than he originally thought. He was so tiny and fragile and he brought him in close and he was so warm.

Alex: (soothingly) Hey little guy, it’s okay.

At the sound of his voice the baby looked up at him and once he saw the look in his eyes, he couldn’t help but get teary-eyed.

Alex: Hey, you have my eyes. They’re same shade of green.

my femme girlfriend: [hour and a half later] ok I’m ready to leave the house

me: [throwing on shorts and a tank top] okay baby i love you and you look so pretty

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Harry would ramble on FOREVER about what he was thankful for. It would take five minutes of only half the things making sense and everyone is getting uncomfortable, the way you do when your great uncle has decided to make the prayer a sermon and you can feel your dinner getting cold (or is that just my uncles...). Finally your Aunt Carol just kinda cuts him off and starts in on hers and you've just been silently dying of laughter looking at his cute little confused face.


He turns to you during dinner, his glass in hand and the champagne making his voice thicker. “Did I do it wrong?” His voice is low so that only you can hear and you giggle, putting your hand on his knee and squeezing.

“You were fine Harry.”

He nods. “Okay. M’just thankful for a lot , y’know?”

“I know baby. And so am I.”

“And m’mostly thankful for you.” He kisses your head. “Thank you for inviting me tonight.”

in order to save his mother who got sick after some dead bisexual guy woke up from a 100 year coma, a japanese-british-italian teen and his friends - a horny old man who can’t stop screaming, a gay egyptian fortune teller, a literal mother fucker, a french guy unable to go four minutes without fucking up, and the world’s saltiest dog - must defeat villains like bette midler, mariah carey, terence trent d’arby, and vanilla ice in incredibly tense challenges, such as:

  • the “is this really a boat” challenge
  • the “do you know literally anything about your friend” challenge
  • the “can you not die from a bullet shot by the wild west version of a stormtrooper” challenge
  • the “is the amount of sand in my eyes really worth not dying” challenge
  • the “figure out if the car moving on its own is weird or not” challenge
  • the “should we do something about these zombies or nah” challenge
  • the “how long have we been walking and isn’t it kinda hot” challenge
  • the “what if freddy krueger was remote controlled by a baby” challenge
  • the “is this trap too obvious to be a trap and can you bond over watersports” challenge
  • the “is it okay to throw dogs at blind people” challenge
  • the “how gay can we make this look” challenge
  • the “can’t read my pokerface” challenge
  • the “can a noob beat a leet” challenge

and many more

Losing your virginity to Peter Parker would include..

- excuse the gif but it fits because homeboy is a whole ass NERD LMFAO

- anyways

- it happens at the absolute best moment when the both of you are ready

- peter being an absolute angel about it

- but also super duper nervous 

- not gonna lie he probably watched some porn beforehand

- ‘there’s no way i’m doing that’

- still has no idea what to do

- buying like 3 boxes of condoms because he didn’t know what size to buy (stay safe, kids!)

- literally wanting to die at the register, nearly runs out of the shop afterwards

- being the one that kisses him first, your heart jumping when you hear him moan and melt into your touch

- he’s in awe of your body 

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I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin’. I’m happy again
I’m laughing at clouds, so dark up above
The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Singin’ In The Rain

Fangirls’ logic:

*when we hate the good guys*

OMG they are so freaking annoying LOOK there they go again trying to save the kids from the fire ridiculous BITCH you can’t even save yourself go drown in a puddle or something UGH so annoying

*when we love the bad guys*

LEAVE THEM ALONE OKAY they are just misunderstood babies so they killed a few people SO WHAT they were not even good characters anyways DO YOU MISS THEM?? I DONT LEAVE MY BABIES BE


365 days of ryan ross; day 39 (oh my god look at jon)

His Pet-names For You|T.Holland

Baby cakes:

  • This would be one of his favorites
  • Calling you baby cakes when he wants your attention
  • You’d be reading a book and he’d be staring at you with a pout
  • “Baby cakes come snuggle in cold.”
  • So much whinnying
  • “Baby cakes won’t come give us attention Tessa..”
  • making the give me more hand motions as you walk by
  • Calling you baby cakes when he finally sees you after a long time
  • Finally giving in because he looks so cute and snuggly


  • Would be reserved for when you were upset
  • He’d always call you an angel because angels don’t deserve to be upset
  • “Oh angel.”
  • Lots of forehead kisses and tight hugs
  • “Everything will be okay angel, I’m not leaving you.”
  • “Oh sweet angel of mine.”
  • Soft kisses to you lips as he softly whispered ‘my angel’ between kisses


  • Would be an everyday thing
  • He’d never call you by your actual name
  • “Darlin’ you ready?”
  • Always waking up to soft kisses and a ‘good morning DARLin’”
  • “Darlin’ have you seen my shoes”
  • Him loving how your cheeks would turn the loveliest shade of scarlet when he called you darlin’ in public
  • He’d simply calling you darlin’ because you were in deed his darlin’ and he loved you to pieces


  • Is what he called you when he wanted you to feel special
  • “You’re my FlOr..”
  • You looking at him confused making him have to explain
  • “Flor means flower in Portuguese and I wanted to call you something unique because you are so special.”
  • Secretly loving this pet name the most because it wasn’t used often so when he did call you Flor you’d be a stuttering mess
  • “Flor you ready to you.”
  • “Bloody hell Flor, you look breathe taken.”


  • This nickname came about after you got your wisdom tooth removed
  • Your cheeks were all swollen and his heart was swelling up at the sight of you
  • “Oh peaches!”
  • “Harrison, peaches needs me!”
  • Having to fly home to take care of peaches
  • This becoming your nickname for whenever you got sick
  • “My peaches is sick, I need to go tend to her every need.”


  • Would be your nickname when talking to others about you
  • “My sunshine is coming to see me!”
  • “Who the fuck is sunshine?!”
  • “It’s y/n..”
  •  Screaming out SuNShINE when he sees you walk on set
  •  Running up to you and spinning you around before pressing a soft kiss to your lips
  •  Screaming around saying that sunshine is here to see him
  • Explain to everyone why you’re his sunshine
  • “Simply my sky’s are always grey when she’s away cause she’s my sunshine.”


  • Would be reserved for bedroom actives
  • “Fuck Baby girl right there”
  • Knowing he wanted some sexy time when he would hum out “Baby girl come here..”
  • Calling you baby girl softly when out just wanting to get you alone
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear
  • Cause BAbyGIrl did things to him