okay so it was supposed to be something angsty

Coloured image from last year’s Fluri week 
I liked this one best out of all I drew and I was drowning in my angsty fluri project and urgently needed something cute ;;

I have never uploaded something with a background that showed so little effort…. but somehow it amuses me greatly /) x u x (\

spider-man and juliet. (peter parker x reader)

pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
summary: Requested by Anonymous: “Could you maybe do a Civil War one shot where the reader is Clint’s little sister and is very strongly on Steve’s side but feels torn because she’s dating Peter Parker and she has to sneak out to see him and she tells him she’s worried that the pressure of the fighting will tear them apart and he tells her that he’s not going to let anything separate them and cute, angsty Romeo and Juliet-esque fluff idk. Thanks!”
word count: 2936
trigger warnings: none.
a/n: apologies for the cringy title. also, I altered this a bit to where the reader is Clint’s daughter instead of his sister, I hope that’s okay! this takes place during CACW, so it does contain spoilers! read at your own risk!

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10 + 12

Being spoiled by anons is the liiiife *sips cocktail by the sunset*

10. alternate universes, canon divergence, or in-canon?

Oh hunnie how am I supposed to choose? Okay okay.

In-canon IF it’s focusing on something that’s not covered in canon, like I have no interest in reading about some other sex time Feysand had in canon, they done it so many times before. However some characters deep angsty pain whilst the POV was shifted away from them, I’m down for. So, for angst, I LOVE ME SOME CANON PAIN.

If a relationship won’t work with the canon I need me some altering or diverging. Canon ships aren’t really my thing because I’m hipster trash and also they’re all… mostly… um. straight. 

By this point I don’t even remember canon through all the fanon and headcanons and AUs so fuck it, if you want to remind me everything I know is a lie I need everything ti be PAIN AND BURNING.

12. fmk the narrators of 3 of your wip’s

I’m hardcore so let’s say that K stands for kill. Narrators: Cassian, Azriel, Lucien

Fuck Lucien my beautiful twinky twinkle twink

Marry Cassian because he’d be good for hugs for life and can cook and also is the most likely to love my dog and that’s all I care about in someone I have to cohabit with

Kill Azriel so he can go chill in the afterlife and finally get a break from all his ANGST poor boy

eh these are all so heteronormative monogamous fuck u all I’m fucking them all and we’ll unite to kill our enemies with our epic poly love you fools

Send me Asks to indulge my insatiable narcissistic need to talk about my feels and fanfiction

Going to the Chapel

A/N: “Hey can I get some angsty Steve? Maybe he and the reader are supposed to get married, but something happens? I love your writing!” Okay so I hope I did okay, I had some major Gnash vibes going when I wrote this. I just love their new song. 

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    Planning a wedding with Steve Rodgers was easier than you expected it to be. You had the date picked, the flowers chosen, and the cake tasted. You just needed to meet at the alter, and you’d both get your happily ever after. It was walk in the park, much like your relationship with Mr. Captain America. 

      You met Steve Rodgers two years ago at the park. You were playing with your dog when he took off running after a squirrel before he could get far though the blue-eyed superhero caught him. You couldn’t thank your dog more for taking off after a squirrel that day, which is exactly what you said. Both yours and Steve’s face flushed in embarrassment, but you weren’t let down when Steve introduced you and invited you to get coffee. Coffee that one day turned to coffee once a week, and eventually you were making him coffee nearly every morning after his shower. You learned to deal with the long missions and late nights and while it got hard sometimes he would always make it up to you when he got home. Although his way of making it up to you was spectacular and you enjoyed it, you also loved the late night talks the two of you had.
   You and Steve could stay up all night talking about everything. He would tell you stories about the forties, him and Bucky when they were younger, Howard Stark and even Peggy. You loved listening to the stories, but your heart went out to him when he talked about Peggy. You weren’t naïve; you knew he loved Peggy. You could see it in his eyes when he told you stories, but everyone had that first love and thought that maybe he got that look when he talked about you too. You also enjoyed these discussions because late night Steve was always the most open and honest Steve. Something about the evening brought out his vulnerability which is why during one of these late-night talks that he asked you to move in with him. He was worried that you’d become a target since the press got wind of your relationship and that you could be in danger when he wasn’t around. You were reluctant at first, worried that it was too big of a step for the two of you but Steve insisted, and you soon found yourself involved in the everyday life of the Avengers. While you loved having your girl’s nights with Wanda and Natasha the person you grew the closest to was Bucky. His quiet demeanor matched well with yours, causing a close bond to form. Steve often remarked how happy it made him that the two of you were friends but was quick to detest it when the two of you teamed up on him. Bucky was also the one to push Steve to get the nerve to propose, at least that’s what he told you. Steve denies it, though.      

    You were thinking about everything when you felt Steve approach behind you. His arms wrapped around your waist and he pulled you to him as you looked out the window towards the New York skyline. He kissed your neck causing you giggle and turn around. 

“Hey, stranger.” He smiled at your greeting before kissing your lips. 

“What time are you and the girls going out?” You were so wrapped up in his kiss that you forgot that tonight was the bachelorette party. 

“Mm, nine I think, what about you guys?” Steve’s bachelor party was being hosted by Tony, but he promised to have all the men at the wedding sober tomorrow night, so you weren’t worried. Okay, you were a little worried, you’d witnessed firsthand how wild Tony’s parties could get. 

“The same I think. Any idea where you all are going yet?” Shaking your head, you went back to the most important task of kissing your fiancé. His hands trailed up and down your body before resting on your lower back and at your waist. His lips trailed kisses up and down your neck before finding your sweet spot causing you to moan in pleasure. 

“You sure you want to go?” His smugness pulled you from your bliss, pushing him away you laughed. 

“It’s my last night as a free woman Captain Rodgers, or course I’m going.” His eyes darkened at you addressing him as Captain, and you smirked knowing just what you were doing. He stalked towards you until your back was up against the wall and gripped your hips. You were flush against his firm body and the solid wall and very tempted to explore solidness of him. Before you could give into that temptation, though, Natasha cleared her throat by the door. You laughed out loud at the defeated look on Steve’s face and pushed him away.
“Sorry old man, you can have her tomorrow.” Natasha threw a wink his way before ushering you out the door. Before you got on the elevator, you turned to Steve and shot him a smile.
“I love you!” His answering grin sent butterflies in your stomach. Natasha laughed at how bad you had it until you got to her room to get ready for the night. 

   You were having a blast with the girls, laughing and dancing until your feet gave out. You wanted to continue to dance the night away, but your feet weren’t into it, and you knew you needed to get some sleep if you were going to be awake for your wedding night. So, you and the three other girls all piled into a cab and made your way back to the Tower. Each one departing on their floor until you were alone on the elevator with your thoughts. This time tomorrow you would be Mrs. Rodgers. A thought that never would have crossed your mind a few years ago. You were smiling to yourself when the elevator dinged, and you were released on yours and Steve’s floor. As you made your way to the bedroom, the sound of male voices caught you off guard. You snuck towards the voices and peeked around the corner. Sitting in the living room was Steve, Sam, and Bucky and judging by Bucky’s face the conversation they were having was pretty serious. You couldn’t see Steve’s face, only his back but you could hear him with ease. You shouldn’t have listened; you should have just walked into the bedroom and fell asleep. But you were nosey, and when heard Steve say your name you wanted to know what they were talking about.
   “Y/N, she just isn’t like Peggy, you know?” Was that a good thing? Why was he comparing you two?
   “Y/N’s amazing Steve, you love her.” Steve shook his head and took a deep drink from his beer.
    “I’m not sure I do Sam. Sometimes I think that I’m with her only to forget about Peggy. But I can’t, all night long I’ve been thinking about how it should be Peggy and me.” His hands tiredly rubbed down his face, and your heart pounded in your chest. You couldn’t breathe, why would Steve say this? Jesus, he didn’t love you, he still loved her. He would always love her. Your breath hitched at the realization, gaining the attention of Bucky. His eyes lifted towards you and widened in surprise.
   “Man you just have pre-wedding jitters.” Sam was leaning forward while Steve just shook his head no. Tears fell from your eyes as Bucky gripped Steve’s arm. It was clear Steve didn’t get the message though because he just kept talking.
   “Tonight when I kissed Y/N, I wished it was Peggy. I was even going just to tell Y/N but-“You stepped out and finally had the attention of all three men. Bucky looked at you sadly while the other two looked shocked.
   “Were you going to tell me at the alter or three years from now, Steve? How long were you going to let me live this lie?” He didn’t answer, still stunned by your sudden appearance. He watched you with shaking hands you pull your engagement ring off your finger. Your hands were shaking so bad that the ring fell to the floor, the sound of the white gold band hitting the marble floors echoed throughout the room. You went to pick it up but Bucky was already there, he left the ring but put his arm around your shoulders, pulling you towards him he guided you out the door and down the hallway. You didn’t register Steve calling your name only the sharp pain in your chest and Bucky’s gruff whisper on the phone. When you got the elevator, you began to process what was going on around you.
   “Nat I need you to handle him. Yeah, no I’m with her. Okay. Okay, bye.” He hung up his phone and turned his attention back to you. You looked up at him and began to panic.
   “Bucky I-I don’t have anywhere to go. Oh, god, all of my stuff is up there. Shit, shit, shit.” Your breathing sped up, and your chest began to feel like it was on fire. You sank to the ground and tried to get your breathing under control. Bucky crouched in front of you but kept his distance; he spoke calmly to you telling you to copy his breathing. After a few minutes of doing what he said you regained a regular breathing pattern, and your heart rate slowed. Once he was sure you were okay he offered you his hand and helped you up.
   “You’ll stay with me.” You only nodded. Your attention focused on your reflection in the steel doors of the elevator. Your mascara was smeared under your eyes, and the veil you wore to go dancing with the girls was askew in your hair. You looked just as bad as you felt but the worst part of the reflection you stared at wasn’t the messed-up veil or makeup, not even the white sash that said, bride, to be in bright pink letters. No, the worst part of your reflection was the empty eyes staring back at you.

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Nooooo ghost AU was not supposed to be angsty!!! whyyyyyy my heart!!! ;; Please consider Star interrogating Ghost!Tom since he's dating Marco. She needs to make sure he's actually an alright guy and not just somehow using ghost powers or something to make Marco like him. No angst, just good ole' comedy ;;

I’M SO SORRY! I didn’t mean to upset you!!!! Please take this as an apology! This is 100% sweetness, I love Ghost!Tom! Again, I am so sorry I don’t want to make anyone sad!!!!


“Are you sure you’ll be okay here for the weekend?” Marco asked Star. She nodded.

“It’ll be fine! I promise.” Star assured. Marco was going into the city for the weekend for a school assignment. He had to shadow someone for a day, but Star didn’t really pay attention to that part. All she heard was that he wanted her to watch his house for the weekend, and she agreed. This would be the perfect opportunity to talk to Marco’s new boyfriend. Star was curious as to what kind of guy… or ghost, Tom was.

“Okay well, I’ll be back Monday.” Marco told her. He picked up his bag. “And… I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see Tom but… just be mindful.” Marco explained. Star nodded and pushed him out the door.

“I know I know, you need to go you’re going to be late and miss the bus.” Star warned. Marco nodded and went to leave. He waved at the stairwell, which Star could only assume was where Tom was. When Marco was gone she looked at the stairs. Star couldn’t help but get a spooky feeling, she knew Tom was nothing to be afraid of, but a real ghost was still something to be getting used to. Star went over to her bag and took out the ouija board.

“Okay, Tom. You’re dating my best friend, so I have a few questions for you.” Star said. She placed the board on the table and placed her hands on the piece. “Are you here, Tom?” She asked. The piece slid to “Yes”.

“Okay then, I have some things I want to talk to you about. You’re dating my bestest friend, so I want to get to know you.” Star told the ghost. Tom was looking at her curiously, although she couldn’t see. “How old are you?”

Tom pushed the piece to “235”. That was the truth.

Star looked confused. “I mean… how old were you when you died?” Star rephrased.

The piece moved to “19”.

Star smiled. “So you’re only a year younger than Marco.” Star thought for a second. “How did you meet Marco?” Star asked. Tom thought for a minute before moving the piece.

‘HE MOVED INTO MY HOUSE’ The ouija board spelled out. Star smiled.

“This is your house?”

The piece moved to “Yes”.

“Are you mad that people came into your home?” Star asked.

‘NOT ANYMORE’ Tom moved the piece. Star thought of another question.

“Tell me the truth. Are you using your ghost powers or something to brainwash my friend?” Star demanded. Tom looked a little shocked and moved the piece to “No”.

“How can I be sure that’s not what’s happening here?” Star asked, mostly to herself. Tom watched the piece, unsure for a minute before he pushed it.

‘YOU CAN’T’ he admitted. ‘JUST KNOW THAT I LOVE HIM’ Tom continued. Star smiled, something made her believe him. She trusted him. Star thought of another question and smiled big.

“Do you think Marco’s cute?” She asked in a teasing way. Tom knew she was joking around but couldn’t help but blush a bright blue. He put his hand back on the board and pushed it to “Yes”. Star squealed. “I knew it!” She exclaimed. Tom laughed.

“What was it like when you were alive? That would have been… 1781?” Star confirmed. Tom pushed it to “Yes” and began to tell her what he knew. Star had to write down what he was spelling so she could read it.


“That’s my grandma! Well, like my super-great-grandma.” Star corrected herself. “How do you know her?”

‘I DON’T REMEMBER HOW, BUT HER NAME STUCK WITH ME’ Tom admitted. Star frowned.

“Oh, okay then. Let’s talk more about Marco.” She smiled mischievously. “What do you like most about him?” Star asked. The piece moved.

‘HE STAYED WITH ME’ Tom spelled. ‘HE MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I’M ALIVE’ Tom was glad Star couldn’t see him, because he was blushing like an idiot. Star squealed and put her hands back on the board.

“He makes you happy?” She asked.

‘HE’S MY EVERYTHING’ Tom admitted. Star smiled at this.

“Marco really is great.” She said. It wasn’t a question. “I think you’re a good match for him. From what you’ve told me, I really like you.” Star told him. Tom smiled big. “One more thing though,” Star continued “why were you so mean to me when I first came here?”

‘I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO TAKE HIM FROM ME’. Tom admitted. Star shook her head.

“I’m not taking him away from you. I ship you two too much for that.” She told him. Tom looked confused and pushed the piece.

‘I CAN’T GO ON A BOAT’ Tom told her. Star sighed.

“You need to catch up with today’s lingo.”


I hope you like it! I tried to make this 100% sweetness and cute fluff to make up for before. I’m sorry I made you sad!

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Just going to drop a prompt for superpower week here-actually it could work for any pair but I'd prefer either Markjin or 2jae. Basically person A (either JB or Jr, depending on pairing) wakes up one day able to read minds, which makes him realize that someone (Youngjae or Mark) thinks about/fantasizes about/is in love with him, which forces him to deal with his own feelings for the other. (I picture lots of awkwardness with 2jae or teasing with Markjin, but I'd love a happy ending!)

Warnings: Mild sexual reference and light swearing.

Wordcount: 4K

Author: Bi

Hello! New writer Bi here! I really liked this prompt but I think I kind of butchered it but I hope you like it, anon! ; 3 ; ♥ I think I made it more angsty than what was supposed to be awkward so I’m sorry if I have failed. ;; Okay, enough of me rambling jfhsjdhfsjdfh.

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okay but how does Ennoshita not have anything? can you write something cute and v v v fluffy with him, his wife, and their daughter?

I accidentally started writing an angsty ending to this before catching myself and remembering it was supposed to be tooth-rottingly fluffy. So I hope this did the trick! -Admin Mom

It was a beautiful day. One of those storybook days, really. The sun was shining, and it was pleasantly warm with a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean. Considering how nice it was, you were surprised to see so few people on the beach, and most of them were further down by the rocks. You, however, were content right where you were—standing knee deep in the water with your feet buried in the sand.

Though that might have been due to the happy child splashing through the water.

“Mama!” she squealed, lurching forward and taking your hand in both of her small ones. “Come in! Come in!”

“Megumi, if we go too far, it’ll get too deep! You’ll be underwater!” you exclaimed.

“Carry me!” Megumi cried, releasing your hands and instead lifting her arms to you. “Deep! Deep!”

You conceded easily enough, pulling your feet from the sand and sweeping your daughter up in your arms. She squealed with joy, arms wrapping around your neck for support. Her laughter was infectious, and soon you were giggling right along with her.

“Papa might get mad if we go out too far,” you noted, stepping out into deeper waters. “What if he yells as us?”

“Papa doesn’t yell!” Megumi argued. “Papa likes to talk about his problems like a radical adult.”

You froze midstep, peering down at your daughter curiously. “Radical?” you repeated.

“Papa says he’s radical and…” Her face screwed up in concentration, like she was thinking extra hard. “Radical and pradical.”

“Wait… Rational and practical?” you asked.

“Yeah!” she cried, her face lighting up. “He said Uncle Ryuu and Uncle Yuu taught him how to be radical and pradical.”

You had to throw your head back and laugh. It sounded just like him. You took a few more steps into the water, letting the waves splash against your hips. When Megumi felt her feet getting wet, she practically screamed with laughter.

You weren’t surprised to hear the “Be careful!” from the beach.

Looking over your shoulder, you could see Ennoshita sitting on one of the towels you brought along. At least, you assumed it was Ennoshita. His face was covered with a video camera pointed in your direction. At least he was wearing Ennoshita’s swimming trunks.

“We’d be even safer if you were out here with us!” you called back.

Even though he didn’t move the camera, you knew he had to be shaking his head. Maybe even mumbling his favorite phrase when it came to you and Megumi.

“Megumi,” you murmured, retuning your attention to your daughter. “We should go back where the water isn’t so deep. I think papa might be getting lonely.”

The immediate fear that marred her features would have made you laugh again if you weren’t more in control of yourself. The last thing in the world that Megumi wanted was to see her father sad.

“Hurry mama, hurry!” she cried, her palm slapping against your shoulder insistently. “Papa can’t be lonely! Hurry!”

“Alright, alright, I’m moving,” you huffed with mock irritation. You splashed back to the shallower water and set Megumi back down. She splashed out of the water and high-tailed it straight for Ennoshita.

The camera dropped away from his face, revealing a concerned pair of brown eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Papa!” Megumi cried, arms outstretched as she thundered toward Ennoshita. “Papa! Don’t be lonely! I’m here!”

“Lonely?” he repeated, putting the camera down on the towel next to him. He didn’t manage more before Megumi plowed into him with such force, she managed to knock him onto his back. She was strong for one so small. You approached the duo sprawled on the towel, looking down on them fondly.

“I think we made it just in time,” you sighed, unfurling another towel and taking a seat next to them. “We beat the loneliness.”

“Yay!” Megumi cheered.

Ennoshita turned his head to look at you, an eyebrow raised in confusion. You just shook your head and laughed. “We just couldn’t bear the thought of you being lonely, papa,” you said, reaching out to pat his hand gently.

“How could I ever be lonely with you two around?” Ennoshita asked, lifting both himself and Megumi into a seated position.

“Yay!” Megumi cheered, leaping off of his lap. “I’m gonna build a big sand castle for us to live in!”

“How many bedrooms?” you asked.

“Four!” she cheered, taking off and heading for the wet sand where she’d abandoned her bucket earlier.

“I think she’s subtly trying to tell us she wants siblings,” you laughed, shifting closer to Ennoshita.

“I think that’s the opposite of subtle,” he replied.

You saw him reaching for the camera again, his eyes on Megumi as she carried the bucket over her head toward the water. But you were quicker, scooping up the camera just before he reached it. His head whipped toward you on a swivel.

“What are you doing?” he asked, eyes narrowing accusingly.

“Playing cameraman,” you replied, holding the eyepiece up to your face. Ennoshita’s blurry face swam into view, followed by him waving a hand over the lens.

“We’re missing some of our daughter’s finest moments.”

You just scoffed, trying to scoot away from his hand. “You’re always the one behind the camera.”

“I just like looking—“

“—at your favorite people in the world,” you finished for him, batting his hand away. “You say that every time. Let me look at one of my favorite people in the world without this monstrosity in front of his face.”

A moment passed, and then Ennoshita’s hand dropped abruptly. He was grimacing, glancing away from you, a flush of pink spreading across his cheeks. Always so bold when he was behind the camera, when he was the captain of his team, when he was dealing with his troublesome friends—but when it came to you, his confidence always seemed to falter.

“How can this be exciting?” he asked, fingers drumming against his thigh. He really didn’t know what to do without his camera in his hands.

“Looking at you is always exciting,” you replied, zooming in on his face—though you went a little closer than you’d meant to and ended up on his nose. Your finger worked the zoom back frantically. “Believe it or not, I am in love with you. Did you know we even have a child together?”

“Yes, was there for all of it, and believe me, what she’s doing is a lot more exciting that me just sitting here,” he murmured.

“Well then perhaps you could go join her and I can look at both my favorite people in the world,” you retorted.

Ennoshita seemed to chew over his words, fighting the urge to argue with you while you were filming him. With a sigh, he rocked forward and stood up, heading over to Megumi, who was already on her third upturned bucket of sand. The lens of the camera followed him the whole way. You didn’t want to miss a minute of this—not the way Megumi’s face lit up as Ennoshita crouched down and helped her make a doorway in one of the sandcastles, not Ennoshita’s genuine smile as he peered down at her, and not the way he looked over his shoulder at you, the same smile still etched onto his face.

“My favorite people in the world,” you murmured.

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So delighted you are taking prompts again, my dear! How about...They are no longer living together, so it might be a bit awkward when Oliver finds a cache of Felicity's panties mixed in with his clothes. But now he gets to return them.

Authors note: So I’m posting earlier in the day than usual because it’s the only time I can get on my laptop atm, so I thought I’d update whilst I have a chance! I’m not even sure where my brain went with this, it was supposed to be funny but my brain turned it angsty but I hope you enjoy it regardless and it’s okay for you Lisa!

Awkward Exchange.

Oliver knew that he needed to get used to this place, it was after all his new home. But something seemed to be missing, well someone actually. Felicity had had his belongings sent there after his team in the office found him a new place to live, after he insisted Felicity stay at the loft. He hadn’t needed many possessions in the lair, just a small bag with a selection of his clothes. But now he had an apartment that could fit all the possessions Felicity apparently thought he needed.

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Say You’ll Remember Me 1/12

A/N: Okay so I’ve been talking about this fic for fucking years, and I know that but here it finally is!  Basically @neiljoustens asked for something based off Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams years and years ago and it grew into this, the 12-part fluffy but also angsty Bellarke summer romance AU that has been my life for the last six months.

Updates will be posted on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

AO3 // playlist

The first time Clarke sees him is at the Kennebunkport River Club’s Season Opening Gala.  She’s stopped listening to the conversation she was supposed to be a part of five minutes ago and the dark-haired stranger, scratching at the collar of his over-starched polo is the most interesting person in the room.

Clarke herself is uncomfortable in her flippy summery yet formal dress, not that she’d ever let on to that.  She’d been trained out of such habits a long time ago.  After all, the daughter of world famous neurosurgeon Abigail Griffin and Wall Street trader Jake Griffin could hardly be allowed to look out of place at a gathering such as this.  Not when her future husband could be the blonde in the Harvard rowing pullover.  Or the brunette by the punch bowl trying to surreptitiously slip the flask he emptied into his glass back into his pocket.

But this dark-haired man is different.  There’s something about the way he holds himself, vigilant and watchful, like he didn’t know how he’d gotten there.  And yet, he blended in.  Collared polo, ironed khakis, spotless Sperry’s.

In a town where Clarke knew everyone, or at least everyone worth knowing, a stranger was a rare occurrence.  Especially one who was well connected enough to earn an invitation to an event like this one.  He was an enigma.  And with the Jahas’ absence in Kennebunkport this year Clarke could do a lot with a good enigma.

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Okay but Fogwell's gym is also supposed to be the gym from the beginning of Avengers. So just imagine Matt and Steve both trying to have Angsty Punching Time alone, after hours, and the manager's just like "you both pay in cash maybe you should just fight it out between the two of you."

Both boys just want to angstily punch punching bags while making grunting noises and giving the camera an excellent view of their, uuh, assets.

They are both too hyped up for safe sparring. It turns into something else instead. [eyebrow wave]

but yes both of them torn between their Good Catholic Boy politeness letting the other have the time and their intense desire for Angsty Punching Alone Time

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Okay, kinda knew they had to do something horrible to make up for Tuesday's mature relationship conversation and happy makeouts. I suppose having Carmilla's long relationship history brought up isn't the worst it could have been... Also, Laura's reaction on "love" was interesting...

Oh I agree it was quite a contrast to Tuesgays fluff and “stargazing” but also everyone has a history, and ignoring Carmilla’s past isn’t something that would be good for their relationship, so as much as it may get angsty, I’m glad it came up because it can only move things forward for them.

The reaction to ‘love’ was priceless!

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I adore every one of your leverage fics, thank you for blessing my dash with them. Seriously, the manipulation in that episode always bothered me especially with the way their hackles raised before on the "don't con your crew" and I'm so glad you wrote a tag for that episode involving trust, though I'm also curious on what you think Sophie's reaction would've been if Eliot had confronted her too? :)

Thank you! So, you intrigued me. Here is a Sophie sequel to this ficlet. This isn’t Eliot directly confronting Sophie so much as Sophie getting the fallout of what just happened.

They don’t see each other for several days, but once they’re all back at Nate’s place again, waiting for Hardison to begin a briefing for their new client, Sophie is quick to find something has changed.

Eliot is watching her and Nate like a hawk, like he watches a particularly troubling adversary before a fight begins. He keeps putting himself between them and Parker and Hardison.

Even at the briefing, Eliot sets up the couch so there’s an empty seat next to Parker, with him on her other side. He gives Sophie a hard look when she goes to take that seat, and she gets the hint, going to sit with Nate.

Once the job starts, Eliot seems to forcefully maneuver the two of them away from Nate and Sophie, keeping himself between them. He muscles into Nate’s space as team leader and changed up plays to achieve this and, amazingly, Nate lets him. He grits his teeth and Sophie wonders how long it will be before Nate snaps, but, right now, he lets Eliot get away with this.

When it’s obvious that there’s no way around Sophie and Parker going into the office together, Hardison, Parker, and Eliot all look at each other. Eliot’s whole body tenses, but he nods. He murmurs to Parker for a minute–she doesn’t catch what, but she does see him tap his earbud twice–and Parker nods at them both before following Sophie out, tense, not looking directly at her.

Parker does her job as well as ever, but she doesn’t talk to Sophie unless she has to, doesn’t even look at her, is more awkward on the grift than usual. They get in and out as fast as they can, and Parker is straight to business. Sophie feels like she’s lost something, even as she knows she’s missing something.

Eliot and Hardison check on Parker over the comms no less than five times. Each time she assures them that she’s fine, but not like she usually would, frustrated by their overbearing protection. No, now it sounds like a statement of fact, like their asking isn’t overkill at all.

And that’s the thing about this. Eliot keeping two of his team members at a distance, physically throwing his body between them and Parker and Hardison should look like overkill. But neither Parker nor Hardison have complained, or told Eliot to back off. Eliot hasn’t relaxed any. They all seem nervous, to put it mildly.

Once the others are gone for the night, she backs Nate into a corner and demands to know what’s going on. If he’s letting Eliot call shots, disorder his plans, then he knows something.

Nate looks over her shoulder. “Eliot, uh, mighta made some things clear the other night. Apparently they’re a little upset with us. After what we did to Hardison.”

“What we did?” she says, eyebrow raised. “You hypnotized him.”

“You helped me,” he says. “And you can pretend all you want you just answered a question, didn’t know what I would do, but I don’t think they’re going to buy that, do you? Besides, Eliot might have mentioned the tea thing.”

“Is he going on about that?” she says, rolling her eyes. “It was just a joke–harmless, really–”

“He says they feel used,” Nate interrupts. “Like they can’t trust us if we think it’s okay to do things like that.”

Sophie opens her mouth but closes it again. It’s ridiculous, really. They got a job done, and she might find what Nate did objectionable, but honestly, he’s right. It got the job done, and maybe was the only way to do so. They saved a small country.

“He may have mentioned them leaving,” Nate continues. “Taking them and running.”

“I told you they might leave, if you–”

“Don’t act like I’m alone in this,” Nate snaps. “I am not the only one in this, Sophie, dammit.”

The words settle heavily in the space between them for a moment. 

Sophie could go back to being an actress. She could go back to grifting on her own. She and Nate, if they could manage to keep it together, would make a halfway decent team. But then she thinks about the crew, and what they do. And she’s not ready to lose that.

“So, what do we do?” she asks.

Nate shrugs. “We convince them to stay. Figure something out.”

The words seem empty, especially as Sophie considers Parker today, stiff and unwilling, Hardison and Eliot in her ear, reassuring Parker they were listening, making sure she was okay. It will take a lot to fix that.

But, if they don’t want this team to crash and burn, she supposes they’re going to have to figure this out.

Break In

Entry for Swan Queen Week day five, Caregiving. 

Set after 3x16 - I don’t buy that Regina would have been completely unaffected by that fight with Zelena, and cause it was mentioned in the show I took some liberties with it.

Summary: After the fight with Zelena, Emma takes Regina home to make sure that she’s okay. Once there, Emma reveals something by accident, and Regina starts to see her in a different light. NSFW. A little angsty but there’s a happy ending.

Also on fanfic and AO3 because once again, I have no self-control - this was supposed to be 3k and turned into nearly four times that. 

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