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  • This twitter account live-tweeted the event!!


So, we’re gonna get a movie?

I’m thrilled.
I’m excited.
I’m peeing myself!!

This is gonna be so great. Also … Takeshi, you naughty boy. Is it okay to let a cute Korean boy kiss you just like that? 

Btw, I have not a single doubt whatsoever, we’re gonna get a 2nd season eventually. How stupid would they be to miss the chance of making even MORE money, seriously? This is a money printing machine - and I dont mean it in a bad way. The economic success of YoI is what guarantees me that I’m gonna get more.

I’m completely fine with that XD.

(Jumin, Yoosung, and Saeran are my top faves! But if I don’t fit with any of them I’m curious to who you’d think I’d fit in with the most!)

It’s slightly very embarrassing talking about myself, buttttt….

- Very big lover of Halloween, Skeletons, general scary things. Loves Silent Hill, Horror Movies (Good ones at least ahfb), Batman, painting, writing (fellow MM hc/fic writer orz), video games (With good plots!), sci-fi, and …so much stuff.

- Sleepy a lot, loves dressing in a failed punk style, loves stuffed animals, usually advice friend/mom friend, stressed 24/7, works a lot. Loves watching youtube too much (lets players) and reading smut often (…a bit of a pervert I guess dhsbfsj). If not smut, then mystery/thrillers. Ends up staying up too late playing dumb rhythm games. Embarrassing selection of music, usually tries being as nice, patient, and understanding as possible, unless the person is a relentless asshole. 

- Coffee is the best, so are jackets and obscure weird shirts. Black/dark lipstick is a must! Has a hidden set of piercings and a wrist tattoo! But embarrassingly cheesy at times with not very good self confidence. Likes to try and pump others up if they’re feeling down! Proud big sister to a dorky little brother!

…..I’m too embarrassed to keep going on! But thanks for reading, haha!

HIII FRIEND after our talk last night I went and binged buzzfeed blue anyWAYS I’ve shipped you with *drum roll*


The first time I saw your selfie he IMMEDIATELY popped into my head. You guys would be perfect together as long as you don’t mind sharing eyeliner with him. He would LOVE your piercings and “failed punk style.” Also, anytime you have a birthday, expect him to get you a shit load of stuffed animals. He knows you like them and now that’s ALL HE GETS YOU he’s just so bad at shopping


  • “This is an absolute joke.”
  • You watched as the cheesy special effects make the ghost pop up again
  • “I mean, this isn’t even scary! It’s more of a comedy, right Sae-”
  • You stopped
  • When you looked over at your boyfriend, he was petrified
  • Seriously? He can join an evil organization without batting an eye, but this scares him? 
  • “Uhh, Saeran?”
  • He glanced over at you
  • “I know what you’re thinking,” he sighed, “and no, I’m not scared of this movie.”
  • You scooted closer to him and furrowed your eyebrows
  • “Then why-”
  • Saeran held up his phone, shoving the screen in your face

“Hey bro, let’s hang tomorrow! I’ll pick you up at 10am, be readdyyyyyy~”

  • You looked back up at Saeran’s distressed face and felt laughter escape your lips
  • “It’s not funny!!”
  • You turned away, desperately trying to stop
  • “I-I can’t help it, you look so scared… and of your own brother!”
  • Saeran grabbed your hand and pulled you toward him
  • He lowered his voice to a whisper
  • “If you don’t stop laughing, I’ll tell the entire RFA about your little… smut reading habit.”
  • and that definitely made you stop
when I am yours, when we are home - thatgirlwho - Kingsman (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
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Relationships: Harry Hart | Galahad/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin
Additional Tags: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Post-Movie(s), First Time, Frottage, Porn With Plot, Porn with Feelings, Kingsman 2 trailer spoilers

These things, these second chances—they usually never worked out. Not for people like him. Fleeting hopes that never amounted to much, bitter reminders of what he always came so close to having.

This time, though, he was lucky. Beside him in the jet, all the way home, Harry had slept soundly—Eggsy’s only reminder that, sometimes, things could be okay.







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Train To Busan - Astro AU (3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Okay so I highly recommend you watch the movie or read the plot bc it’ll make more sense when you read it

special shoutout for @literal-ktrash @puppycat-eyes for helping me through my writing slump and @mystic-astro-trash for motivating me when I was gonna abandon it

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The odds of an international theatrical release for the Yuri!!! on Ice movie?

Okay so by now every one knows that Yuri on Ice is getting a movie! Yay awesome! 

But then, if you’re an international fan, it hits you, “wait… that means I have to wait longer. Or fly to Japan myself to see this movie in theaters if I want to see it asap. But even then plane tickets are expensive and a Japanese movie theater probably wouldn’t have English/(your respective language) subtitles. Crap. That sucks. So I have to wait months and avoid spoilers that whole time.” D:

Not much we can do about it, sadly. That’s what happens with theatrical anime films, international fans just have to wait. 

So there are two possibly ways international fans will eventually get to see the Yuri on Ice movie. 

1) We wait x amount of months for the movie to be released on BR/DVD, and then fellow fans will put it up online with subs for the rest of us to enjoy. I don’t know how long this wait will last. With High Speed! Free! Starting Days, I believe it was an 8 month wait between the movie being released in theaters (early December), and it coming out on BR/DVD and some lovely people right here on Tumblr fansubbing it for the rest of us (mid-late July). I’ve already seen posts of people in the yoi fandom willing to fansub the movie already, and it’s not even out yet! So I’m sure we’ll see the movie very soon after it’s released on BR/DVD, because we have such an awesome fandom.

Or 2) It comes to theaters in the states (and maybe other countries too).

Crunchyroll and Funimation, both of which simulcast Yuri on Ice (CR came out with the sub every week, and Funi was a few weeks behind with a dub), have both recently brought anime films to theaters in North America. 

Funimation got the license to release the the Makoto Shinkai film Your Name. in July 2016. The movie first premiered at Anime Expo in July, was released in Japanese theaters a month later in August, and finally released in North American theaters this month in April, both subbed and dubbed versions. This was an 8-9 month wait. It was also a limited release, so if someone didn’t live in a city where it was showing, people probably had to drive to the nearest major city to watch it. Easier than flying to Japan though.

Crunchyroll, just earlier this week, released Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress in theaters for one night only. I believe this was a compilation film, and it came out in two parts in Japan in late December and early January. Four months later, in April, it was brought to North America, but once again in limited theaters and for only one night. Still, it was only a 4 month wait, that’s pretty nice, and I’m sure the lucky fans who got to see it really appreciated it and enjoyed themselves. 

In other anime film news, Fairy Tail Dragon Cry is scheduled to be released on May 5th in Japan… and now has plans to expand the screenings to several other countries: the US, UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, nine Latin American countries, and Thailand. When will this happen? Well not everything has been announced yet, but Anime Limited reported that the film will hit UK and Irish theaters on May 17. That’s not even 3 weeks after the Japanese release. I’m sure Fairy Tail fans are very excited about that. If they’re able to release it to European theaters less than a month after the Japan release, there’s hope that they can do the same in other countries too. 

So what does this mean for the Yuri on Ice movie?

I honestly have no idea. I was just thinking about if maybe it could be released to international theaters, and did some digging to see the chances of that happening. 

I don’t know all the ins and outs of how the anime business works. I’m sure lots of things come into play. The animation studio (MAPPA ,for Yuri on Ice) has to work with either Funimation and Crunchyroll… or both, because they actually now have a partnership themselves. Then it will come down to which will one license it. A lot can happen. And I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but this is just some food for thought! 

I think the chances are good though! Funimation released Your Name in both the sub and dub. If they did that with yoi, the movie would probably fair quite well in the box office because with both a sub and dub, that will reach more people. 

The only problem I see with this is… yoi is kind of a… niche anime. People who haven’t seen season 1 probably aren’t going to watch the movie in theaters. Whereas Your Name was an original movie that could appeal to anyone because you can go in knowing nothing, you didn’t have to watch and enjoy a 12-episode anime prior to watching Your Name. Your Name appealed to a more general audience. Whereas Yuri on Ice will have to rely on its already existing (yet very dedicated) fanbase. 

Hopefully anime films like this (the upcoming Fairy Tale movie for example) do well in international box offices to show Funi and CR and whatever other groups make the decisions that it would be good business to bring a niche anime like Yuri on Ice - an anime with an already established audience, that won’t necessary appeal to general audience who hasn’t seen it - to theaters. Bringing an anime to international theaters is no easy feat, so they have to see that it would be worth it. For more reading on this topic, here’s an interesting article on Crunchyroll about the future of international releases of anime films.

So what can you do to increase the likelihood of Yuri on Ice coming to theaters in your country?

  • Show both Crunchyroll and Funimation that you’re excited for the movie. 

Go comment on news stories about it on their websites. If they post about it on their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), like the post, share/retweet/reblog the post, add a comment saying how excited you are! Especially on Crunchyroll’s Facebook and Twitter. Yuri on Ice posts are always filled with such hate from salty people who think yoi is overrated. Don’t turn into a crazy, rabid fangirl, the haters already think that we’re all crazy fujoshi, please don’t live up to that stereotype. But do leave comments letting CR and Funi know you’d like to see the yoi movie brought to theaters in your country. 

  • Support the anime legally on CR and Funi’s official websites!

I know sitting through ads suck. But please watch and support yoi in a legal manner. You want to rewatch yoi for the 20th time? Watch it on Crunchyroll! You already know what’s going to happen, you can sit through a few ads. Take a bathroom break or get a snack while the ads are playing. You want to show it to a friend? A friend who only likes dubbed anime? Watch it with them on Funimation. Support yoi legally. 

  • Follow the official Yuri on Ice social media

Go follow the official yoi Twitter accounts, and Kubo-sensei and other crew’s Twitter accounts too. I’m sure they are all already well aware that they have international fans, but again, like and retweet, leave a comment (in English or in Japanese) saying how happy you are to hear about the movie, and how you hope there can be an theatrical release in your country. Remember to show your excitement, yet stay respectful and polite

  • Basically show Crunchyroll and Funimation and Studio Mappa and Kubo-sensei how much the overseas fans love the anime, so they will see that international fans will support a movie as well

While I would be fine waiting for 7+ months for a fansub of the BR/DVD, I would much rather have a month (or a 2-4 month) long wait and see the film in theaters myself. Even if it’s a limited release, and I may have to take a day off and drive to a farther away theater, won’t it be an awesome experience to watch the Yuri on Ice movie in an actual movie theater on a large theater screen with other fans? I got to see Your Name in theaters and it was so wonderful. 

Again I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes of an international theatrical release. But it’s been happening this year with other anime, and it could happen with Yuri on Ice too, and I really hope it does!

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okay... i watched through all of hiakyuu (seasons 1-3 not the movies yet) and i just,,, love them all,,, so so much and Tobio!! he got the thing(no spoilers) whats he gonna do???? just AHHH I love this show and im hooked now :)))) thanks mina

………….the thing?

im so far ahead in the manga i have no idea what ‘the thing’ is bc so many ‘things’ have happened since lmao 

but im glad you liked it!!! haikyuu is such a fun series i love it to bits :)

Dewey’s readathon 2k17

Woke up thirty minutes past starting time, so I was fashionably late in my opinion. Finished reading Twilight this morning, (haters gonna hate) I know it’s a cheesy vampire romance, and it promotes the absolute wrong qualities in a relationship to some people, but I have never read the books and after having several conversations with a good friend of mine, I decided to read the book. Usually, when I read a novel after I’ve seen the movie I tend to like the movie better, I’m not sure why it’s just a thing that happens, okay? So anyway, I actually enjoyed this book, I really liked it, it was ten times better than the film adaptation, it had so much more information and insight to all of the characters, naturally.          

Now Bella, let’s talk about her for a sec. She cooks! She cooks, she was making dinner and preparing food throughout the whole book for Charlie and herself, and that is awesome. I was glad to learn about some things that she enjoyed doing. Also, I think a lot of her good qualities get ignored by the majority of people. Scorners of this series say that it promotes severe dependency and gives no strength to the female population, but I think I am going to dare to disagree there. She chooses to leave her home, her mother and stepfather, the life that she was used to and enjoyed living, she chose to leave it all to go live in a small rainy town so that her mother could go and be happy. She didn’t even want to leave, but she did; I would call that selfless. When she’s falling for Edward and finds out what he really is, a scary human eating vampire, she doesn’t judge him. He tells her that he’s killed before and et cetera, and she doesn’t judge him for the things he’d done in the past. I think that’s a pretty admirable thing to do. Sure, there are a few things she shouldn’t have done, like being majorly dependent on him and falling into turmoil when her boo wasn’t around; which is relatable to a point to many I’m sure but not as extreme. But looking past all the numerous flaws in the novel, I was able to enjoy the story and all it offered, and am probably going to venture on and read the next installment at some point. Is this series going to be a new guilty pleasure? Most possibly, and I’m okay with that.

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 Now to get back to the readathon, I am going to continue reading days of blood and starlight and hopefully finish that (finally) with more updates to come throughout the day. 

still not ENTIRELY sure she isn’t a mirage but like when she came onstage my mouth was open for like 3 minutes and from the angle i was sitting i watched her profile talk and like she has THE profile and the fucking nails and the hair and she isnt just this character from the movies shes like REAL and i am just SO GAY and I am NOT OKAY

Heeyyy, the amazing @prophet-rebellion tagged me!! Thanks and I hope your day is amazing!!
-Relationship status: Single

-Favourite colour: Sea green
-Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick
-Last song I listend to: “Galway girl” by Ed Sheeran for the 10000000+ time :3
-Last movie watched: The Golden Compass, I love itt
-Top favourite TV shows: Nanbaka, Gravity Falls, The Walking Dead, Teen Titans, Over the garden wall, etc. (Damn I have a lot!!)
-Top three characters: Jyugo (Nanbaka), Starfire (Teen Titans) and Ashley Spinelli (Recess)
-Top three ships: Uhh Hajime/Momoko, samoneika ( @whos-gonna-love-you ) uhh that’s all I can think if rn :3
-What are you currently reading/rereading: AHHH, okay so I’m currently reading the maze runner series, the 5th wave series and charisma (I highly recommend all of them!!) Tagging: @tauceti-e @prisonimagines @madamemooncat @kingshadows1001 @iamafanofeverything @aphrokitty

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What are some things that you like?

This is like… a super general question lol. I love so many things! Ahhh… Okay, let me do brief categories?? This doesn’t even begin to cover it though omg

Music: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Lady Gaga

Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nightmare Before Christmas, anything Marvel, anything Disney

Shows: Supernatural, Parks and Rec, anything Marvel

Musicals: Hamilton, Rent, Mary Poppins

Animals: CATS, owls, any dog ever

Other general things??: Reading, writing, painting. Leggings? Pizza?? Thunderstorms??? Party planning, hot tea, long drives, babies that smile at you when you walk by, always having more candles and blankets than one person could possibly need??

Please feel free to send another, more specific ask if this didn’t answer your question!!

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Peppermint tea, Green tea, Kombucha :)

My favorite gif at the moment?

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I tried to think of an explanation, but… do I need one?

First movie I saw in the cinema?  Okay, so the first movie I remember being at the theater for was Gremlins, but we didn’t finish it because my twin brother freaked out.  We were 4, I think?  Anyway, for movies that I watched all the way through?  …God, it’s hard to remember!  It would have been whichever came out first:  The Princess Bride, Little Mermaid, or Little Shop of Horrors.  I know I saw all three of those in the theater, but I don’t remember in what order.  LOL!

What do I order on a pizza?  Well, I’m not that picky, TBH, and most people I know either want everything, or just pepperoni.  I can tell you what I’m not a huge fan of though.  Hawaiian pizza, and BBQ Chicken Pizza.  I just like that classic zippy italian flavoring, and it MUST be thick crust.  Thin crust pizza is like… why am I here?

Thanks, my dear!

Seriously, my first thought was “okay, excitement at low levels because of course it’s going to be a fucking recap movie, it’s always a recap movie because Got To Make $$$$$, and then maybe we’ll get S2 or a new movie”….but no? Sometimes the universe loves me and it looks like it is a new movie?

Ta for that universe, I knew you loved me after all.

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Tell us a story?

Ight imma tell ya the story of how me and my girl met okay. Long ago (like 6 years ago) in a hood in ny my friend came up to me in school and was like “yo I know this girl she your type she mad cute” and I was like “Ight bet introduce her to me” and when he did I was like “yo shawty (not really) Valentine’s Day coming wanna go to the movies” and she was like “sure” only to text me a few days later that she couldn’t go. So she dubbed the shit outta me. And I was like Ight got you. But we stayed friends and three and a half years ago we got closer right became somewhat best friends and one thing led to another and I was like “be my girl” and she for whatever reason said yes and I was like yas. We survived stalkers, car accidents and crazy exes.