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Im sixteen & about a month ago I got my first job, so its been going really well, i've come to know my coworkers & I get to spend time with friends & make money. The thing is when I first got the job the main boss had just resigned & like for the past month we've only had one boss, she's okay & all but they're waiting to hire a new manager & out of all people who have applied so far, one of them is my mom. Everyone keeps saying how they think she's gonna get it & idk what to think about that??

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what do you like th most abt charliemac?

all of it!!

okay but like…. for starters the ships i’ve been attracted to most in my lifetime have ALL been “best friends since childhood become lovers” so that was already one point for charliemac over macdennis on my scoreboard

and like…… idk i just like their dynamic better than i like mac and dennis’? like i feel like their relationship would be…. less toxic than a relationship between macden would be. charlie doesn’t really manipulate mac as often as dennis does (and not because he can’t– we KNOW how good at manipulation charlie is) and i just get the feeling that he’d be really affectionate? which maybe is not necessarily what mac would want from a relationship but like. I Want To Believe mac is a soft boy who just wants to be loved

this one is admittedly more headcanon than actual canon but i just LOVE the idea of trans charlie/mac…… like a relationship between them would be so mutually affirming? charlie gets to go to sleep every night KNOWING his best friend really sees him as a boy because his best friend is gay and also dating him!!!! and he tells mac every day that he’s not doing anything wrong bc obviously if nothing bad’s happened to charlie after 40 years of being trans then nothing’s gonna happen to mac for being gay either!

so i guess at the end of the day i’ll just say their dynamic is my favorite part of charliemac because that’s what just about every point here has boiled down to. that or the height difference

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okay so i was just thinking about having a ravenclaw groupchat? on imessage or kik, we could share ideas and give eachother advice and proof read writings or poems. idk if it would work but i though you would be a good person to organize it if it was possible :)))

Thanks to this beautiful anon, I have kik now. So if you’d like to be in the Ravenclaw groupchat, my username is andallwaswell_ish, just shoot me a short message that you are one of the Ravenclaws!

Love, Admin Leah

Mystic Messenger but its an Alternate Universe in which they’re characters from Shrek
  • Rika
    -even better because its like,,, fuckwad,, i am so salty at her fight me
  • Saeran
    -one of those,,, u kno…. these i cant remember what theyre called lmao

          -I mean fuckin ruined by Fuckwad Farquaad so ya kno

  • Yoosung
    -Gingerbread man
    -idk i just? at least the way i took it, Rika/Farquaad manipulated him
    -sweet boi, great support
    -dont anger him
  • Zen (A few spoilers for his route in this one!!!)
    -I mean?? At least when he was younger his family tried convincing him he was ugly
    -shitty parents
    -Doesnt want a s/o that cares about his appearance but personality??
    -so,,, Shrek
  • Jaehee
    -Shreks supporter and pal
  • Jumin
    -Puss in Boots
    -you know
  • Seven
    -seven crossdresses s o
    -tries to hide the “ugly” parts of himself until he realizes he can be accepted, like Fiona with being an ogre
    -Fairy Godmother
    -Suspected to be good until the end
    -but then theyre revealed as a villian
    -i still lov u tho V
    -dies in the end
    -or one of the three blind mice
  • Mc
    -terrified viewer

man but honestly few things fuck me up as much as when adam says in trb “i think you’ll find i do pretty much everything quiet”, because on one hand, as a massive introvert, i super relate– but on the other hand, when you think about the heartbreaking implications of that sentence, it’s like, fuck. fuck, of course you do

you laugh quietly because your dad is always angry, you cry quietly because the neighbors don’t care about your bruises; you’re quiet about your achievements because the kids from the trailer park don’t really care about your straight As, and you’re quiet in school because you’re ashamed of your accent; you think quietly because it makes it easier to pull apart your emotions and sort them into logical containers, and you love quietly because you don’t quite know how yet, and because in the dusty back roads of henrietta, virginia, a boy who loves girls and boys is not quite safe.

you brave, lonesome boy, of course you do everything quiet; how could it be otherwise? 

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.

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FIRST of all I love your art and your blog you're so talented! Secondly, if you're still doing the expression thing, can you please draw some marichat with Chat as 1A and Mari as 2C? If you don't want to draw both that's okay too! Thank you for your kindness and continuing to create such wonderful art! Oh! And Happy Holidays 😘

One sided reveal! :P

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C:

when I wake up in the morning I usually check tumblr’s trending topics on my phone to see if I missed anything big while I was sleeping so this morning I saw ‘Betty White’ trending and my first reaction was ‘wtf no, not another one’ (even though she’s fine) and if that isn’t an accurate description of what 2016 feels like then idk what is

Okay no but

Yavin 4 is Poe’s home planet so no matter what he definitely knows all the stories about cassian andor, and then some. His parents probably told him them when he went to sleep and he has at least 2 (more like 10) posters of cassian andor, he even takes them to D'Qar with him (because cassian is his inspiration and also his first crush let’s be honest here guys)

But Finn was taught a warped version of the rebellion, wouldn’t have known about bodhi rook. One day, Poe realises Finn seems down and asks if he’s okay and Finn explains that he feels hopeless and doesn’t know what to do because he knows what the first order can do, and doesn’t know how to help. So Poe tells him about bodhi rook, and how he defected from the empire, and was essential to the rebellion in their time of need, and of his courage facing the enemy he knew so well, and that he sees the same courage in Finn, so Finn goes and learns all about bodhi rook and realises that he can do this, he has that same courage and the same hatred of the enemy, and also that its the small actions that sometimes carry the most impact in a rebellion

Yet another HP FT AU

Okay so I know this has been done hundreds of time and well. idk tbh :D. I always see Natsu in Gryffindor, but to me he always felt for like a Hufflepuff, cus the stem for all of his violence and the main point of his actions is family. To find his family, to protect it, and he gets most upset when he sees people disrespecting their family. Not to mention how level headed Natsu can be when he wants to, and the strategy he uses. What I’m saying is that I disagree with fanon Natsu lol.

 And ofc if I see Natsu I have to think of Lucy and then this spiraled and welp. 

(Shout out to @thehexperiment for letting me beta her own beautiful hp au and planting the seed for me to do this lmao)

  • Natsu:
  • Hufflepuff and hoo boy does that child have issues with it at first.
  • He was raised by Igneel after his parents were killed at the age of 3 by his homicidal and power hungry brother, Zeref, who claimed that Natsu was his by birth right and the only family he had left bcus he’s literally insane
  • Anyhow
  • Igneel was a dragon keeper and World Renowned Gryff, an expert and the only one who had ever successfully communicated and had been brought into a nest. He later taught his team of dragon experts the language and they too were adopted.
  • before The Accident
  • He lived with Igneel until Igneel died a week after he went to Hogwarts.
  • The sorting hat said Hufflepuff within seconds and Natsu had a loud fight with it before storming away in tears. His last letter to Igneel was one complaining, and he didn’t even ask Igneel how the trip was going
  • Natsu never forgave himself for ‘being a terrible son’
  • He remained closed off and had loud but shallow relationships with everyone, bcus no one believed that Igneel was still alive even though Natsu swore it
  • He was also mocked bcus of his punk hair which was a result of Natsu accidentally spilling one of Igneels dragon scale cleaning potions of his head while trying to get chocolate. It was specialty from an exotic island and it made the person breath fire. It was Natsu’s favourite
  • He eventually finds friends with all of the Strauss family in his house, and if something explodes/is a minor inconvience they know Natu had something to do with it. 
  • His pet is a salamnder named Happy who he enchants to be able to chnage shape, including having wings and speaking, but bcus the magic is forbidden to anyone under seventh year and Natsu did it in second, well, no one is really allowed to know.
  • Everyone knows
  • Happy likes being a cat best, but he can turn into a small dragon.
  • His best class is Defense Against the Dark Arts, which is taught by Gildarts, and his worst class history of magic bcus it’s just so??? boring??? who cares about the war or who Mavis was. 
  • His favourite class is Magical beasts bcus of his dad, but he doesn’t get the best marks due to constantly cuddling the animals and trying to smuggle the babies back to his room. Does Natsu run an underground beast babysitting service? Who knows.
  • the answer is yes 
  • He has a room alone due to a lack of boys in his year, which is fine bcus the boy is a hoarder. He also has a painting of Igneel that he talks to in his room, and sometimes its almost like his dad is still there.
  • Almost.
  • Lucy:
  • She comes from a long line of pure blood slytherins
  • Her mom came from the most prestigious of bloodlines, the Heartfilias, and there was a minor scandal when she married a man from a much lower, tho still pure and respected, family.
  • When her mother died Jude threw himself into meeting the standards of the family and in turn became cold hearted and ignored his only daughter in favour of his own pride
  • Lucy became an embarrassment when she broke the long chain of Slytherin by being chosen as Ravenclaw, a decision the hat came to immediately
  • even though after five minutes there was still a debate with Lucy as she tried to understand if he had a soul or not. The hat considered hufflepuff when Lucy asked if he was doing well, but that was quickly extinguished  by her winding questions and her love of solving riddles/proving her point.
  • Her father all but disowns her and scoffs at her blue scarf and books, instead setting up marriages to maintain his image and trying to keep ‘her worth’
  • Is best friends with Levy, fellow Ravenclaw, and is somehow always partnered with the Hufflepuff boy who makes things explode ala Seamus Finnigan
  • Her fave class is potions bcus she always finds a way to improve them, and is easily led astray by Natsu’s questions until the two have created a new horn cleaning serum that helps with growth rather than the simple potion they were supposed to. Porlyusica loves/hates them.
  • Lucy’s worst class is also History of Magic, but that’s bcus she gets too involved in it and never actually answers the essay question.
  • Lucy wasn’t allowed to get a pet and was supposed to use the family owl, but her father banned it from her when she was put into Ravenclaw.
  • So she enchanted a stuffed animal her mother had gotten her.
  • Plue constantly shakes, Levy saying bcus the spell is fighting to stay connected. Natsu says it’s cus he’s cold.
  • Lucy loves her tiny shaky not-dog
  • Her mother is constantly called the brightest witch of her age, and Lucy struggles to live up to that namesake. Lucy uses her mother as proof that not all Slytherins are bad. 
  • All the celestial professors love her bcus of this, as they were very fond of her mother. Especially Aquarius, the astronomy teacher. (Aquarius hates the dual Astrology/divination teachers, the pieces twins. No one knows why)
  • Gray:
  • Slytherin along with Cana. Cana doesn’t really care about bloodlines, and Gray’s father was disowned and torn from the family portait for marrying a muggle born Mika. His parents died in an earthquake that followers of Zeref set off trying to summon their master.
  • He and Lucy are family friends, as Lucy can relate to being throw aside. 
  • He and Natsu are frenemies and have ganged together to beat up other bullies before trying to beat one another up.
  • His pet is an owl named Ice Beak bcus he was ten and it is pure white.
  • He and Natsu get into little passive agressive spats in which Gray will freeze Natsu’s entire room and Natsu, in turn, will pour an entire packet of fire beans into Gray’s soup.
  • Lucy is Tired
  • Gray tried to doge Juvia the first two years after she transferred to Hogwarts from Drumstang their third year. She was placed into Hufflepuff as well, much to everyones confusion. They eventually started dating after Gray grew attached to her presence and hopefulness. He still doesn’t know how to show affection, but Juvia has an unmeltable ice heart she keeps beside her bed.
  • Natsu teases Gray about it constantly.
  • Gray retaliates every time Lucy has another little fluffy animal poking it’s nose out of her robe pocket.
  • Erza:
  • head of Gryffindor house 
  • literally everyone is terrified of her, even those not in her house.
  • orphaned at a young age and stolen by a group of Zeref’s followers to eventually be used as a sacrifice with hundreds of others to summon Zeref.
  • Escaped and was taken in by Hogwarts Headmaster Makarov at age 9.
  • Raised alongside fellow Gryff Laxus
  • Pet is a red owl that was the runt of the litter. He likes to sleep in Erza’s hair.
  • No one can find it in themselves to let their fear be diminished as Erza is hunting them with a sleeping owl nested in her hair 
  • Even Makarov is terrified of her when she’s in a rage
  • Natsu is usually about to die get detention

This got long but whoops it was fun :D

   It’s okay, boy, I feel it too
                            Let it beat, baby breathe
                                                   I swear   I’m right here
                                                                             We’ll be good; I promise.
                                           We’ll be so good

philkas @ pride

okay so i havent seen this done and i wasnt feeling like doing an actual fic but i have so many headcanons about this

  • philip is the one that initially brings it up. he doesnt even ask lukas to go; theyre just hanging out and he mentions that its happening that weekend. 
  • he isnt expecting lukas to ask if he could go. he agrees, of course, because all he wants is for lukas to be able to accept who he is. 
    • lukas is shocked he even voiced his wanting to go. but part of him wants to go somewhere where absolutely everyone is okay with who he is.
    • he knows that being gay isnt inherently wrong; he knows its the homophobia he grew up around/internalized
    • he cant help but be excited. terrified, but excited. 
  • lukas ends up talking to rose, who tells him that shes going, and taking this girl she kinda likes, and some other kids from school are going, too. 
    • all of a sudden lukas is exposed to other lgbt people at school. theyre accepting and seem to just get it
    • anyways, they all plan to meet up for the parade and walk around and see everything 
    • “its your first pride we have to go all out”
  • lukas doesnt want to dress up or anything, but when rose shows up to philips house the morning of with two black shirts with rainbows on the front, lukas takes it. he puts a flannel on over it, and laughs when philip comes out wearing one of his flannels, too. 
    • rose has on a shirt proclaiming Pan Pride
  • before they leave, helen and gabe come down the stairs outfitted in rainbows head to toe
    • Gabe has a love is love shirt on
    • philip is kinda embarrassed, but the minute she sees Helen’s shirt (im not gay but my son is) he just gets this giant smile on his face.
      • philip didnt grow up around homophobia, not the way lukas did. it was around, but in the city, being gay wasnt as taboo. 
      • still it isnt something he ever broadcasted. he definitely didnt have his mom walking around with a shirt like that.
      • but here is helen and gabe, and theyre supporting him and his dumb boyfriend, and they accept him for who he is.
  • so they get there!! and lukas is super overwhelmed. its bright and loud and there are so many people. theyre all happy and theyre dancing and lukas can feel the excitement radiating. 
    • he’s never been open about being gay like this. he didnt even think it would be something he would ever be okay with
      • hes getting there. but he isnt quite there yet
    • anyways!!! he sees all these people (girls holding hands with girls, boys holding hands with boys, etc)
    • there are people kissing and laughing and dancing and lukas has never felt so okay
    • he super tentatively reaches over and takes philips hand. philip just looks over at him and gets this tiny smile on his face. he doesnt say anything, of course, but he pulls lukas into the crowd
    • gabe and helen end up talking to a set of lesbians who recognized gabe from the vet.
    • in the middle of the parade, rose catches a beaded necklace and gives it to the girl she came with, giving her a huge smile. 
      • eventually the two sneak away. philip and lukas see them kissing in an alleyway, the rainbow paint that was smeared on Rose’s cheeks now all over the other girls fingers
    • they meet lots of people. sometimes they ask lukas if philip is his boyfriend, and he doesnt hesitate to say yes. yes, he is. isnt he adorable?
    • it isnt just new for lukas. philip is happier than hes been in weeks. standing here, surrounded by love and acceptance, he doesnt even remember what if feels like to hurt. 
    • ryan kane, his mom, the cabin, all of it goes away.
    • it goes away because lukas is holding his hand, and kissing him in public, and giving him that goofy smile philip loves so much.
    • and it goes away for lukas, too, because he feels more loved than he ever has. he feels loved by philip and by his friends (new and old) and he feels loved by every other member of the lgbt community. 
      • on days like today, theyre all a big family. happy. free. proud
      • and that, that is everything. 

Okay but imagine Nancy and Eleven being friends.

Like it could start with El pulling Nancy aside one day and just apologizing and sobbing because she couldn’t save Barb and how it’s fault and Nancy just hugging her and telling her it’s okay and it’s not her fault. So now when El starts to feel bad she goes to Nancy who tells her stories about Barb and eventually Nancy starts to talk to El about her problems (mainly about Steve and Jonathan) because even though El’s clueless about boys and love she always listens to what Nancy says. And one day El asks Nancy what nail polish is and that’s how Mike found Nancy and El laughing and painting nails and honestly it made him so happy to see that El and Nancy got along. And to know that El made a friend and that Nancy is starting to be her old self again.

  • Them: are you okay??
  • Me: yeah I'm fine
  • Also me [5 seconds later]: Bellamy screaming "NOOO" in the season 4 trailer is causing me actual physical pain and I want to crawl in a hole, curl up into the fetal position, and die; while simultaneously wanting to hug Bellamy and punch whoever the fuck is making him cry out like that, in the face... with a chair... wrapped in barbed wire.

Carry On Countdown // Day ten {December 2nd} // Youtuber AU

carry on cast + youtube, my personal hc/au (?????)(it’s post canon but also au anna why do u always have to make things complicated idfk)

  • okay so i think it would all start with agatha
  • she would start a youtube channel with one of her friends in california
  • it’s like all aesthetically pleasing beautify + life style blog. 
  • picture make-up/ hair/ nails/ idek videos but also baking videos, house/apartment tours anything hauls. 
  • the kiddo’s over in london would start watching her, first just because it’s nice to see what agatha’s up to in ca, but they get low-key addicted to her channel because her video’s are just so nice and the aesthetic is on point.
  • i feel like baz would get hardcore addicted. like he’d love all her video’s and would literally text her about the nice clothes she showed in her haul and stuff like that. (such bonding)
  • simon would try out recipes from her baking videos and sent agatha pictures of the results and aah it’s just all so cute and nice. 
  • penny enjoys the make-up vids way more than she likes to admit.
  • anyways, baz is so into agatha’s channel and just the entire youtube thing that he’s thinking of starting one of his own
  • agatha finally convinces him to just start one and see how it’ll go. 
  • so he starts one but gets lost quite quickly because he doesn’t know what to make video’s about
  • his first video is a clothing haul and like, he does enjoy doing it, but his heart just isn’t fully in it.
  • so he makes like one meh video every 2 months, not really knowing what he’s doing until he decides that he needs to rearrange some stuff here.
  • baz starts daily vlogging.
  • lbr baz can talk a lot and just is such a snarky person. imagine him filming his day with his witty comments on the things that happen. 
  • penny and simon find it stressful at first because they always need to be sure baz doesn’t accidentally film simon’s wings/tail or penny using magic or something.
  • but like they get used to it and baz is just having a lot of fun. 
  • he notices that, because he’s filming his everyday life, he gets more out of his way to do more new stuff to make the vlogs as entertaining as possible. and it just somehow makes him more excited about just living life if that makes sense. somehow it becomes this whole therapeutic thing for him. 
  • simon and penny appear a lot in his vlogs. baz’ viewers live for sassy conversations and discussions between penny and baz. and penny has no problem with being on camera.
  • for simon it takes some time to get comfortable with speaking in front of a camera. he’s not a talkative person so this whole vlogging thing is just ???¿¿?¿?????¿? to him, but baz’ viewers find simon cute and nice.
  • baz and simon never really said anything about their relationship on baz’ channel and they don’t really act like they’re in a relationship in front of the camera. (they’re just normal them in front of the camara, but no pda stuff) so the viewers don’t really know about their relationship
  • though……after some time the viewers start to suspect things because of the way the boys sometimes look at each other and stuff.
  • sO that’s how the ship SNAZ comes about ((yes, baz’ viewers do choose the cool ship name))
  • once the shipping starts baz’ channel really starts to grow (because lbr that’s how a lot of those things work in the world of fandoms. sorry.)
  • simon and baz start to notice how baz’ viewers are shipping them and like, posting edits and fanfiction of them on the social media and they think it’s great. 
  • simon and baz are very amused by the shippers and start to act a tiny bit more pda on camera. just to make the viewers flip their shit
  • like simon will shortly rest his head on baz’ shoulder or baz brushing smudged chocolate from simon’s chin on camera and giving simon an Intense Look™ that u don’t give to ‘just friends’ ppl
  • the snaz fandom is dying. leGIT DYING 
  • simon and baz are just dying of laughter. 
  • but then the fights start on social media
  • the ‘you should say all this stuff because it’ll make simon and baz uncomfortable and i’ll ruin their friendship’ drama.
  • simon and baz see all this unfold on social media and just face palm.
  • they’re like “should we just tell them that we’re dating?”
  • they don’t want to be forced to be open about their relationship online just because people are fighting about it, but at the same time they never really wanted to hide it either. they didn’t even feel like they were purposefully hiding it.
  • it was just that at first they didn’t do pda stuff in front of a camera because simon didn’t feel fully comfortable whilst being on camera and after that it just kinda became a silent rule that they didn’t do pda stuff on camera.
  • but they never actually cared about if people knew about their relationship or not so…..
  • one day baz just starts his daily vlog whilst still being in bed, barely woken up, and you can see simon next to him in bed in the background. 
  • once that vlog is up everyone DIES
  • but the Not Shippers are just like “nono baz was just sleeping over at simon’s and penny’s it’s totally normal for them to sleep in the same bed”
  • simon and baz: *sigh*
  • second attempt of Exposing™ (not actually on youtube): baz posting a picture on instagram roses with the caption “buying flowers for my special boy @~simons ig~”
  • people die again, but still there are people like “special boy as in Special Good Friend” 
  • simon and baz are ready to cry
  • so is the snaz fandom
  • so. next vlog. there’s baz and simon in the same bed again. there’s baz calling simon “love” and there’s baz just talking to the camera about something that happened (idk, him rambling about a film he just saw with simon?) whilst simon is sitting next to him with his head resting on baz’s shoulder.
  • the entire snaz fandom is crying happy tears and feeling blessed and thanking baz for bringing this level of adorableness into their lives.
  • there are idiots tweeting. “no baz isn’t dating simon u stupid fangirls”
  • and baz being so done just tweets back. “sorry sir/madam but simon snow, cute kid, crazy hair, is in fact my boyfriend who i have been happily dating for some time now. gnight.” 
  • and the whole snaz fandom just explodes. 
  • snaz is real ya’ll 
  • (((also later, when snaz is big™ they’ll bring out sweaters and beanies with the words ‘snazzy’ on it and it’s great)))
  • ((((also also. in an interview: “so, baz, since many big youtubers are brining out a book as well?” baz: “yes. it’s called twilight. it’s out september 6th 2006.” interviewer: ???¿????¿¿?¿??))))
Finger Guns - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asks: “Okay but like imagine Jay and his SO lying down and making out on a couch (fully dressed no NSFW stuff happening) and then like one of Jay’s bros or Roy bust in and start pacing and ranting and so like Jay sits up but his so is still laying down and so the person ranting doesn’t realize they are there, but then like after a couple minutes Jay’s SO sits up and is like "Is this very important or can it wait?” and like Jay starts laughing. IDK I thought this was cute and funny.“

Warnings: swearing, nothing other than that I believe but tell me if there is

a/n: oh my god this is so short, but I’m actually pretty pleased with it. Also I used Roy because if it was one of Jason’s brothers he’d just be like "go. fucking go.” anyways, I hope you enjoy this anon! As always, I am open to rewrite it if you are not pleased.

Laying back on the somewhat uncomfortable white couch, your mind is elsewhere as you tug slightly on your boyfriend’s hair. Lips locked in a kiss that had lasted for what felt like hours, you weren’t focusing on the sound of a motorcycle coming to a stop outside of your apartment. You weren’t focusing on anything but Jason’s lips against yours and your growing need to take this situation to the bedroom. Or the kitchen table. Or you know, any stable surface in the apartment, you really did not care.

“Jay, let’s go.” You murmur, trying to urge your boyfriend to stop prolonging things, to stop teasing you. Really, you knew you weren’t going to get through to him, Jason was cruel when it came to things like this, testing your patience each and every time, without fail. But alas, tonight it seems you would finally get your wish.

Jason nods, rushing things along as he attempts to unbutton and unzip your jeans. He’s half-way through the process when… BANG! The door slams open hard and loud, making you jump so violently you can feel your teeth collide with Jason’s and your foreheads bang together.

“What the fuck?” You mutter, rubbing your head and feeling your now bleeding lower lip. Turns out when you jumped a mile in the air Jason reacted by accidentally biting your lip, really, really, hard. Before either you or Jason can even blink, Roy Harper comes bursting into the room, pacing and ranting at 500 miles per hour.

At his friend’s distress, Jason immediately sits up, eyebrows knit together in concern, causing you to give him a look that reads ‘what-the-shit-Jason-we-were-literally-about-to-fuck-what-is-going-on’. Now listen, you loved Roy, Roy was your best friend, you were ecstatic whenever Roy came over, but right now was terrible timing. Looking between the two man-children you consider family, your irritation builds as your arousal dies. You were still laying down, hoping that maybe Roy would get over his rant quick enough where you and Jason could get back to what you were doing. But no, no that was not going to happen. You laid back on the couch for another 15 minutes before finally sitting up, an eyebrow raised in the way that scared men to their cores.

“Okay, so is this important or can it wait? Like cause unless you’re bleeding out or the world is ending, it can wait.” You deadpan, re-buttoning your jeans, adjusting your shirt, and finger-combing your hair into place. At your sudden comment Jason bursts out into hysterical laughing, giggling so hard that he actual falls on to the ground. This situation really was a unique one. You sit on the couch, resting bitch face at 100%, Jason lays in hysterical fits of laughter on the floor, and Roy paces the room with what you now see is an arrow lodged in his thigh. Unique situation, not uncommon. This shit had to happen like 3 times a week, at least that was your estimate.

“Why are you laughing?” Both you and Roy simultaneously ask Jason. The aforementioned incredibly hot zombie tries to reclaim his breath, giggles still pouring out of his swollen lips. “B-because…Y-Y/N is ready to…murder you.” Jason manages to squeak out through wheezy laughs, clutching his stomach because laughing so hard had made it hurt.

Roy, with a somewhat hurt expression on his face, turns to you, green eyes confused. “Why do you wanna murder me? I already have an arrow in my leg…” He asks, looking like a little lost puppy. Sighing, you realize that even though he completely ruined what could’ve been a very fun time, he did have an actual arrow in his leg…oh god and he has one in his back too. You didn’t notice that.

“Because Roy, you are a pain in my ass, and a complete cockblock. But you know what? I love ya, gingersnap, so I’ll take that arrow out of your leg and the other one out of your back, okay?” You explain, getting up and lightly kissing Roy on the cheek. His eyebrows raise in understanding, as his eyes grow mischievous. “Well, I mean I could go? Leave you two to it.” He speaks, smirking at you.

“Yeah babe, Roy can take care of himself.” Jason says, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you against chest from behind. Apparently, he had composed himself from his earlier laughing fit.

“Yeah, how about no? This whole situation has turned me off like a fucking light-switch, and Roy has arrows in his leg and back, I don’t think that’d be comfortable to drive home with.” You articulate, shrugging Jason’s arms off of you as you go to get the first aid kit.

While checking up on the supplies, you hear muffled arguing, so you creep to the door, hearing what you can.

“Nice going man, I could’ve gotten laid, but noooo.”

“You dropped to the floor laughing, and you think I ruined your chances?”

“I will fucking shoot you.”

“Go ahead!”

“Blam, blam, blam!”

“Really Jaybird? Finger guns?”

so idk about you guys but that one magazine article was like “oh the episode will start off nice and light with sherlock high as a kite and tweeting lol” and like??? idk he almost died and i don’t think that’s light like? he almost od’ed????? like someone give him some food and a hug don’t leave him to his own devices. LISTEN I’M ALL FOR HAPPY TIMES BUT DON’T BRUSH SHERLOCK’S ATTEMPTED SUICIDE TO THE SIDE OKAY HE NEEDS HELP

anonymous asked:

hi !!! can u help me stan Loona ???? I always see u reblog abt them it's just idk where to start!! how many members are there??


Okay so loona has not debuted yet, they’re set to debut in december this year.

They have this thing where each month BlockBerry Creative introduce one of the members to us, as well as release a solo song for that certain member and another song with the other introduced members. Each members have their MV shot in different countries and different animals!!!!!

So far, the introduced members are (in order):

October’s girl: Jeon Heejin
DOB: October 19, 2000
Position: Vocalist, Leader
- Scared of pigeons (this kid cried at the shooting set in Paris bc of this save her)
- Can play guitar
ViViD / ViViD (Acoustic Ver) / ViViD (Acoustic Live) / ViViD dance practice
Location: Paris | Animal: Rabbit

November’s girl: Kim Hyunjin
DOB: November 15, 2000
Position: Vocalist
- Can play piano
Around You / Around You (film ver.) / Around You (Acoustic Live)
I’ll Be There (ft. Heejin)
Location: Tokyo | Animal: Cat

December’s girl: Jo Haseul
DOB: August 18, 1997 (thats my birthday!!!!!!!)
Position: Vocalist
- Scared of pigeons
- Was in a lot of art related activities in school
- Can play guitar
Let Me In / LAYBACKSOUND’s The Starry Night (Haseul Acoustic cover)
Location: Iceland | Animal: Bird
The Carol (ft. Heejin & Hyunjin)
Location: London

January’s girl: Im Yeojin
DOB: November 11, 2002
Height: about 160cm / 4'11" (According to a fanacc)
Location: Taiwan

They have a series called LOONA TV where they upload a short (when i say short i really mean short theyre like 20 sec) video of them behind the scenes, traveling to the MV shooting locations and stuff on their Youtube channel

Honestly all of their stuff are so high quality and aesthetically pleasing, and they’re such talented sweet kids as well. 

I promise, if you check out just their solo mv’s you’ll be hooked. pls support my baby girls, anticipate their future members and debut!!!!