okay so i'm bored

when you wake up remembering that you’re supposed to remember something but you don’t remember what it is that you’re supposed to remember


Chen (Kim Jongdae) - Exo phone wallpapers/Lockscreen.

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well i found a lot of season 2 boring bc it was a cishet storyline, but i'm loving season 4 so far

Okay. I found season two boring because it romanised a man not respecting a woman saying no and him pressuring her about sex when she said she wanted to wait and that they never had chemistry or fell in love with each other’s personalities and him ignoring her after she told him his brother raped her and STILL got together with him in the end and when she wanted to have sex with him he said a super rapey comment even though he knew that she had only had terrible experiences with sex and men in general so far.

But that’s just me. If they had been two girls or if William was trans I would still hate the season.

listen no one was more of a sarcastic little shit than me growing up so i get it, but as i’m solidly in my mid-30s now, i have to tell you that life is so much better when you let yourself just feel honest emotions on a genuine and authentic level

and yeah sometimes that will be cynicism but not nearly as much as you’d think. 

Because we all know what state JiKook were in when this masterpiece was created…


icecream sundaes till sunset….

After ordering triple scoop sundaes topped with wafers and fresh fruit, Pia, Katy and Beau sat down and chatted happily until the sun began to set~

The second half of my Trashcans United Collab with @pottery-sims and @something-wicked-sims. I think I like these pictures better! I’m so jealous of our simmies, look at that beautiful scenery .__. Again, credit to @rubyred-sims for the lovely caravan I got to renovate!