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Dating Jimin;

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- him loving to play with your hair
- having pillow fights all the time
- soft neck kisses
- you always squishing his cheeks
- because they’re just so cuteee
- HiS gOd DaMn ThIgHs
- him calling you 24/7
- “good morning, sleep head,”
- jimin waking up before you, just so he can watch you sleep for about 20 minutes
- whenever you two hold hands he’d just giggle and smile cheekily
- him always complimenting you
- “baby, you’re so gorgeous,”
- jimi always walking round with his shirt off because he knows what it does to you
- ThAt LiTtLe ShIt WiTh HiS gOd DaMn AbS
- him waking you up at 3 am just to look at the stars
- I think he’d get quiet emotional when he has to leave you to go on tour
- and when he is on tour he messages you all the god damn time
- he’ll tell you everything he’s doing, how much he misses you and that he wishes you were by his side
- “y/n, i miss you so much. i didn’t realises leaving you for 3 months would hurt so much,”
- him just being a little ball of fluff
- like god damn, he’s just the most adorable boyfriend ever
- whenever you’re sad he’d scrap everything and buy you chocolate just so he can watch films with you whilst you cry to him.
- “just let it all out baby, i’m always here to listen,”
- always sneaking out with the maknae line, just to piss around
- whenever he’s drunk him doing girl group dances in front of everyone
- him getting jealous of your celebrity crushes
- like really jealous
- to the point where he won’t talk to you because he thinks you want them over him
- “i guess he has things that i don’t then,”
- him getting super insecure about himself
- jimin you is beautiful and dis celebrity crush aint shit against you
- it’d take him a while to admit that he loves you
- even if he has loved you for the longest time
- whenever you get into arguments he’d cry because he hates arguing with you
- he never shouts, like ever, it’s just not him
- however he does get irritated easily
- he’d want to be the first one to say “i love you,”
- holding your hands A LOT
- him sending you “i miss you,” texts even when he’s at the studio
- i think jimin would want to get married
- he’d also want quiet a lot of kids
- he’d be the cutest father ever
- sweater paws
- jimin would buy you flowers all the time
- he’d say they were to “brighten your day,”
- tou’d always reassure him that he’s prefect and that there’s no need for him to be insecure, and he’d do the same to you.
- “jimin, you’re all i want. you’re perfect, and don’t ever forget that. i love you, okay, chim chim,”
- his raspy morning voice
- waking up to him twirling your hair slowly
- promise rings
- cute and romantic restaurant dates
- whenever he’s upset with you he’ll give you the silent treatment
- him randomly blushing when you walk into a room, even though you’ve been sating for over 2 years
- the boys teasing him for blushing the moment you walk out
- “dude, you’ve been dating for ages. you still shouldn’t be blushing whenever she walks into the room,”
- “but she’s/he’s to amazing, i still get butterfly’s every time i see her,”
- him remembering everything you two did together
- him keeping a photo book, putting in every single photo you have of each other
- skinship, skinship, SkInShIp, sKiNsHiP, SKINSHIP
- him being very lovey dovey
- pointless conversations at midnight
- “you’re my whole entire world,”
- koala jimin
- he’d lend you his hoodies all the time
- jimin would insist his phone case matches yours
- endless pampering from his end 
- whenever he talked to someone about you he’d say “my girlfriend/boyfriend,” because he still can’t believe your his
- whenever you do anything silly or clumsy, such as trip over, you’ll never forget because he’ll remind you of it ALL THE TIME
- he’d just be a adorable little shit
- giggles
- giggles
- GiGgLeS
- “you’re so adorable, i hate it so much,”
- whenever you were stressed he'd sing you lullabies
- aka your favourite bts songs 
- face timing whilst he’s on tour
- sloppy kisses all over your face
- basically, he’s just an amazing and adorable boyfriends that’ll love you and compliment you and pamper you until you die. he’d just be, in my opinion, the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.
sup, hey, how ya doin!
hey-o, so that’s it and i really hoped you liked it.
i just wanted to dedicate this to the anon who actually inboxed me about it; i really hope you liked it love, and thanks for your lovely words.
anyway, thanks so much for reading and i really hope you’re shook over how cute of a boyfriend jimin would be- bEcAuSe I Am!
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fic snippet

hi! this is a snippet from a fic i’m currently working on, which will hopefully be done soon! lauren @daggersau read some and really kindly drew me this lovely piece of art to go with this part of the fic, so i really wanted to share it! i hope u enjoy x

Harry shifts closer and closer to Louis on the sofa as another film plays on (they’ve been at this for a while now, light from outside steadily creeping away, film afternoon having turned into a film evening), and Louis is slowly losing his ability to regulate his breathing properly. He can feel the warmth from Harry’s body, can feel Harry’s thigh touching his, and even though it’s a small couch, there’s still plenty of space, so Harry doesn’t strictly need to be this close. Louis doesn’t dare say anything, though. Doesn’t want to.

Harry does get up, though, and Louis misses his presence immediately. Jesus. He spends an hour with Harry in close proximity to him and now he can hardly bear being apart for a mere minute? How pathetic. 

Louis’ not suffering for long; Harry’s just come back, along with even more drinks for them all to have. He also brought a blanket, the same one that he’s now draping over them both, all soft and fuzzy and pink. Louis realises, as Harry’s arranging the blanket, that it almost matches Harry’s nail colour; a glossy, pale rose that he hadn’t noticed before. And of course. Of course this hardened boy who wears tough leather and harsh black eyeliner, and does too many drugs to count, also owns a fluffy pink blanket. How very Harry.

“Love the colour, H,” Louis whispers once Harry is settled, because fuck it, if Harry’s allowed a nickname, Louis is too.

“It’s my favourite,” Harry smiles shyly, as if there’s anything to be shy about. Louis focuses his eyes on Harry, and in the low light, the colour of his glowing cheeks almost seem to match the blanket. Louis is helplessly endeared by this boy. Of course his favourite colour is pink, too.

“Hey, lovebirds, stop your whispering,” Louis feels his cheeks heat up at the comment, and he also feels called out. Is he being that obvious? He’s going to kill Niall, honestly, “There’s a time and place for that. You’re the ones who wanted to watch this film in the first place,” Louis head finally whips over to the source of the sound, to see Niall grinning, who’s not actually irritated in the slightest.

“Shut up, Niall,” he hears Harry mutter from next to him, after a beat, voice slightly breathless, and he sounds a bit distracted, attention probably back on the film already. Maybe it’s not such a big deal then; it’s probably just a joke to Harry, Niall’s comment. Louis wishes it could be just a joke to him, would make things, controlling his feelings, mainly, a whole lot easier to deal with. Louis lets out a deep breath. He’s going to be having words with Niall later. “It’s those two you should be worried about, anyway,” Harry adds, gesturing to Zayn and Liam sitting next to Niall.

Niall looks over - they all do - to where Zayn and Liam are sitting together. They’re all curled up to each other, oblivious to the conversation around them even more oblivious to the attention on them. They’re in their own little bubble, reciting the lines from the film to each other. It’s sweet.

Louis remembers the conversation he’d had with them in the pub, weeks ago now. Remembers what they’d said about feeling secure in each other, how they just knew.

“They’re adorable, aren’t they?” a whispered voice travels to Louis’ ear, barely loud enough. He knows who’s said it though.

Without looking away from the couple, he responds, “Yeah. They’re lucky.”

“They’ve always been my gauge, you know? Ever since they first got together. They fell in love straight away, I think, even when we were kids you could tell,” Harry continues, voice low so as not to earn another comment from Niall. Also, perhaps to keep their conversation private, too. Louis stomach flutters at the simple prospect of him and Harry having secrets together, exclusive discussions that only they hear. Fuck. Louis’ already in so deep if this is what he gets excited about.

“Your gauge?” Louis whispers back, confused at what he means.

“Like, my measurement. For relationships, I mean, people I meet. I’ve always been a bit nervous that I’d never actually find anyone, because my standards are so high, but it’s important to me,” he continues, a bit sheepishly. “I say to myself, if they don’t seem like they’re gonna make you feel like Zayn and Liam make each other feel, that almost tangible feeling of just… pure love, then what’s the bloody point?” Harry responds, light humour in his tone, but Louis can tell, is able to tell now, when Harry’s being genuine or not. And he is, with this. He obviously admires his friends’ relationship a lot.

“Oh. I see,” Louis says softly, and then decides he’s just going to risk saying the next thing he says before wimping out, “So… has anyone lived up to that yet? For you?” Louis doesn’t know why this question makes him so nervous, why he has to work on regulating his breathing yet again in preparation for the answer. (He knows. Of course he knows).

“Hm.” Louis can feel Harry’s gaze latched to him now, and he moves his eyes from Zayn and Liam back to Harry. It’s always back to Harry, it seems. “Not until–” Harry stops then, a puzzling look on his face that Louis can’t quite decipher. Then, unmistakably, in their close proximity, Harry’s emerald gaze flickers from Louis’ eyes, to his lips, and then back again. Louis is almost fully sure that he stops breathing for a second there. “I’m not sure, now, actually.”

Louis has to avert his gaze, has to vacate the intense moment immediately. Harry’s heavy stare is almost too much, never mind the weight behind the words. Louis can’t, doesn’t want to think about what Harry could possibly mean, doesn’t want to take it the wrong way, because Louis always takes it the wrong way. Louis’s past, whether with his family or relationships, has been disappointing, to say the least, and he’s been let down too many times to count. It’s ironic, too, because now Louis barely ever lets himself feel anything, will never admit to himself properly how feels, out of fear of disappointment, but he can’t really help it when it comes to Harry. He doesn’t want to be disappointed, though, it’s happened too often before. Harry’s his friend, and that’s enough. It has to be enough.

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Gentle Giant - Simon Minter

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Pairing: Simon Minter/Miniminter & Y/N
Words: 2.4k+
Warning(s): none
Summary/Request: An imagine with Simon we’re you’re a youtuber and you’re having an interview and the interviewer asks who you like to watch and you’re like “I actually watch all of the sidemen” then you get asked who your fav is and you say you’re not telling them later on at the like party type thing si gives you a sdmn hoodie and you’re both tipsy and you joke about si being your fav and you both hit it off? 
A/N: its like 1 minute to 12 so i got it up on Friday!

You were currently in Anaheim in LA for VidCon. You were a gaming/comedy sketch YouTuber with just over 7 million subscribers, and were happy that you could meet your more international viewers.
You were walking around the convention, quickly waving and hugging any people that recognised you, however you were in a rush as you had an interview with Chelsea Briggs in about 5 minutes and you had no idea where you were going.
Spotting a security guard, you asked which direction she was in, and when he saw your creator badge he offered to go with you. You spoke with the man that was about ten times bigger than you, in both muscle and height while you weaved your way around the growing crowds of people. You thank him when you get there, the back-stage hands quickly giving you a microphone as someone introduced you and lightly pushed you out onto the stage.
You waved at the cheering crowd, smiling at Chelsea while you sat on the sofa.
She was very bubbly and happy, however asked questions that were quite generic, nothing that people didn’t already know about you, and about upcoming projects that were already spoken about in full detail on your channel. However, you were a bit stumped when she asked you the following question.
“So who are you watching on YouTube at the minute?” Although it was a simple question, it took you a minute to think up who you had been watching while you weren’t swamped with work.
“I’m actually really getting into the Sidemen at the minute, their stuff is pretty good.”
The look on her face was one of joy in the fact that she could continue the conversation.
“Do you have a favourite?”
“Well it’s definitely not JJ,” you laughed, “He doesn’t upload anymore.” The crowd chuckled slightly.
“But honestly, I do have a favourite, however I know what you people are like,” you say, pointing at the crowd with an accusing finger, “Shipping will end up happening and I don’t want to creep them out before I’ve even met them.”
Chelsea laughs but looks out at the crowd and into the camera that was filming you, “When this goes up later, tweet the link to all the boys, maybe they can get who her favourite is out of her.” She turned back to face you, “But really though, I’m pretty sure they’re in LA, you should all meet up. That would be such a great collab.”
The rest of the interview went on smoothly, with no more awkward questions.

The video of the interview came out a few hours later, just as you were leaving the convention to go to your hotel room. Your twitter was bombarded with tweets about the Sidemen, freaking out about how their faves like each other.
In the car on your way to the hotel your phone buzzed, a DM coming through on Twitter.
You looked and it was from the sidemen official account, asking if you wanted to come to a party tonight at their house they had rented in LA.
You accepted their offer, however were curious about who it was behind the message, however they refused to answer it, saying you would find out later.
Albeit you were confused, you began to get ready for the party.

The party had been going on for quite a while, the house massive and especially with these boys, there was a lot of alcohol flowing. You dandered about the house, drink in hand, having short conversations with very drunk ‘influencers’, who at that moment in time wouldn’t be all that of a positive ‘influence’.
You made your way up the winding staircase and past the multiple people making out on them. You walked down the corridor, not wanting to invade privacies but to get to some fresh air, you opened the door to one of the bedrooms. However, you realised that was a bad idea as soon as you heard two people shouting at you to get out. You hurriedly apologise, backing out of the room as fast as you could. But since you were in such a hurry you weren’t looking behind you, and therefore bumped into someone walking behind you.
“Shit sorry,” you replied, turning around to make sure that they were okay.
When you turned around you looked up to see Simon standing there, a smile on his face and a slight tipsy look to him in general.
“It’s okay, y/n right?” he says, his head tilting to the side slightly at the question.
You nod, looking down at your feet and then looking to the side to see if there were any balconies or windows as it was still quite stuffy in there.
In his tipsy state he understood what you meant and grabbed your hand, pulling you down another corridor and into the room at the end of it. You saw the glass double doors leading out to a delicately lit balcony.
You both go out onto it, looking over the railing to see the mountainous view that was beside the house.
You begin talking, general YouTube stuff, upcoming projects, somewhat more personal stuff that wasn’t on camera. As you were talking it had become chilly, you were only wearing jeans and a string strap top but you assumed that the LA summer heat would make you better.
Simon noticed you shivering a bit, goose bumps rising on your arms.
“Wait here two secs.” He says, setting his drink down on the small outdoor table and running into the room.
“Speaking of new projects, this is the only one fans have seen on any of us.” he said, coming back with a hoodie in his hands.
He gave it to you, and you marvelled at the warmth it brought you as soon as you put it on. It came down to your mid-thigh but at that moment your warmth outweighed your need to look cute.
“So, who actually is your favourite?” he asks, breaking the peaceful silence there was as you overlooked Los Angeles.
You looked over at hm with a smirk on your face. “It’s you,” you say nonchalantly, looking back over the railing.
“Really?” he says, a sound of joy in his voice.
You looked over at him, a smile on your face. “Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s Tobi.” You say, watching the smirk on his face falter. “He seems like the sweetest. He’s cute too.” You continue, internally laughing at the dismay across Simon’s face.
You sigh dramatically, a small giggle escaping your lips, “Fine, fine. It is you. Happy now?”
He smiles over at you, nodding his head slightly. “You’re my favourite too.” He says quietly, hoping you wouldn’t hear.
You both talked into the night, joking about the people messing about below the balcony, having some deep chats mixed in with some very light hearted ones. Eventually the night turns into early morning and you could feel yourself needing to go back to your hotel.
Simon walked you to the front door, weaving through the passed-out bodies on the floor.
You were walking down the driveway when you realised that you still had his hoodie on.
Turning back you saw him watching you from the front door to make sure you got into your taxi safely.
“Do you want this back?” you ask.
He shakes his head, claiming he had a load back home that he could wear.
You nod, walking to the waiting taxi, ready to finally go to sleep at 5 in the morning.

You woke around 3pm, your phone continuously buzzing.
You turned over and reached for it blindly. Your twitter mentions were going crazy about you and the Sidemen actually meeting, and the fact that you had been on loads of peoples snapchats throughout the night, a non-comical version of you that the camera usually didn’t see.
There were many tweets asking if you were okay, as the last thing you had posted on any social media was a lot of partying and someone setting something on fire in the kitchen.
You looked at yourself briefly in the mirror, grimacing slightly, you found your makeup/face wipes and cleaned your face of makeup, replacing your jeans that you had fallen asleep in with a pair of Nike running shorts.
You went over to your full length mirror, snapping a quick picture of you and putting it on your snapchat story, the caption promising that you were safe and well.
You had got a few texts from Simon, whose number you received in your tipsy state last night. They were ones from this morning asking you to text him when you woke up to make sure you were okay, then later ones asking you to come over later to chill with all of them.
You replied to him, saying you’d be over in an hour.

You eventually got to the house, and were immediately roped into helping to tidy up before you all filmed a video. You protested a bit at the start but agreed that a group of boys were useless at cleaning up after seeing what little they had actually managed.
You all filmed a video of never have I ever for Simon’s channel, however you knew how much would actually have to be cut out when he edits it.
You check your phone for the first time in a couple of hours and go onto your Twitter.
You found a lot of screenshots of your latest snapchat, accompanied with question marks. You scrolled a bit and found one with, ‘is that Simon’s hoodie?’.
You smiled at it and replied to her.
‘It’s mine now’.

You hang out with the boys for the next couple of days until you need to go home to London. In those few days, you filmed some more group videos, hoping you’ll be able to get it edited on the plane journey home. Over those days you also found out that it was Lewis who had messaged you through the Sidemen’s twitter, as, and you quote ‘all the boys were being pussies’.
You strolled through the airport towards your gate, knowing that you would be on time.
After getting the assistance of the nice man behind you to put your hand luggage in the compartment above you because you were too short to reach, you sat down on the seat closest to the window, plugging in your earphones you waited for the plane to take off.
“I’m sorry for the delay, there are a few passengers not aboard the flight but we shall be taking off shortly.” You hear the pilot say over the tannoy.
You closed your eyes to try and make yourself more comfortable on the flight before you began flying, it not being your favourite thing in the world.
You briefly heard voices apologising to those on the plane for being late, the voices becoming louder as they walked up the aisle.
“Well, if it isn’t my favourite YouTuber.” You hear a voice say, a smirk in his voice. You open your eyes to see Simon standing beside the row of empty seats beside you.
You smiled but sent him a quick glare. “Sit down, I just want to go home.” You whined.
He chuckled, slinging his bag into the compartment above him and sitting down beside you.
Not that long after, the plane took off and the chatting began.
You squealed a bit when a head popped between your and Simon’s chairs, “Hey guys.”
You looked to your right and saw Ethan’s grinning face.
You all talked for hours, much to the dismay of the other passengers wanting to sleep.
You eventually felt your eyes begin to drift close, you fighting to keep them open but you just couldn’t.

You woke up to the sound of muffled laughter and a quick ‘shut up!’
Opening your eyes you saw a vlog camera pointed in your direction, you quickly realising that you were resting on Simon’s shoulder as a pillow while he also slept.
You swiftly moved your head to bury between Simon’s shoulder and the back of his chair, you being too tired to be on camera. You heard Simon grunt from the sudden movement, but he cuddled back up to you, pulling the blanket further over the two of you.
“Look at how cute they are,” you heard one of the boys say.
“It’s my new favourite ship,” says another.
“OTP, OTP, OTP,” one chants.
You giggle slightly but finally fall asleep again, all thoughts of editing going way down the drain at this point.
You eventually wake up again, but this time it was because the plane was landing, in the unusually sunny London.
You walked to pick up your luggage with the boys, walking with them to the pick up car park. You spot your best friend who had come to pick you up to take you back to your apartment.
You turn to the boys, giving each of them hugs goodbye and promises to see them soon, you get to Simon last. The boy you had bonded most with over this holiday.
You smiled up at him, his giant arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you into a tight hug.
“I better see you soon shorty,” he whispered in your ear, a laugh escaping with it.
You both step back, looking at each other somewhat shyly when he leans in, his left hand cupping your jaw as his right found its way to your waist.
Your lips meet in the middle, small butterflies of excitement erupting in your tummy. You both smile into the kiss, at the feeling but also at the boys cheering you on in the background.
You break apart, a light blush across the apples of both your cheeks. You grab your suitcase and your backpack, getting into your friend’s car.
“So this is what happens when I leave you for two weeks then?” she asked, her joking mother voice coming on.
You smile at her comment but are too caught up in the fact that you and Simon had just kissed.
As you pulled out of the car park you felt your phone buzz.

‘I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7, dress casually x – Simon’

SPOILERS: the michelle / MJ hullabaloo.

i will post my review on the overall movie when i get home so i can put it under a read more and tag it and stuff (i honestly loved it). but seeing as i think the majority of people know about this, i’m gonna give my thoughts on it first. i’ll still tag it tho just in case.

there are 3 ways this mj/michelle thing can turn out. 2/3 of the ways i would be fine and content with. i hope it’s either of them.

  1. the first way, the whole ‘my friends call me mj’ is nothing more than an easter egg. that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously or written into canon for michelle’s character, that people actually call her mj. it was just something there to excite fans that mj may be appearing in the next instalments. because they teased mj a lot in the comics. she was teased in issue 15 and didn’t appear later until issue 42. there was even a plant covering her face before her reveal. they really teased her. and if they’re just doing that now in movie form and mj will come later, i am okay with that.
  2. the second way is if michelle revealed she’s mj, but also reveals later that she is mary jane. i honestly don’t understand the whole point of that at all, every theory i hear or come up with on my own is convoluted and silly, making me not understand even more why they wouldn’t just name her mary jane to begin with, but whatever. i love zendaya so much and she embodies mary jane more than any actress i can think of, that i would be okay with the Mess™ , if it meant she would be mary jane through and through within the next movie. give her the red hair, slowly start giving her the characteristics (but keeping the main core of what she has in homecoming because i did truly love her), have her come out of her shell, show her awful home life, make her more important and fleshed out (they did say that her character would be bigger in movies to come). so that i’d be okay with too. i mean… not how i’d do it, but i mean we can never really have it how we want lol.
  3. and the third way is she just always is this michelle/mj person and mary jane doesn’t exist in this universe. mary jane doesn’t exist in the MCU. that will be a tough pill to swallow, and i don’t think i will ever get behind that. :\ i will try to enjoy the future spidey films but they will always be a little bit empty for me because my favourite character isn’t in it, it will feel like i lost my best friend, and they just exploited her name because it brings in views, but they didn’t respect her enough to utilize her. and that’ll always burn. so i don’t think i’d ever come to terms with that direction.

but i am going to try and remain optimistic and hope for option 1 or 2. i would be very happy with either of those. i honestly loved this movie and zendaya’s portrayal i’m hoping for the best!

Boyfriend Haechan

~Bullet Points~

  • Okay so where do I even start with this little *sigh*
  • Yall most likely started as best friends but then he asked you out after a fudge ton of persuading from the boys
  • When he did and you ended up together not much would actually change apart from the fact he’s a hella a lot more clingy and now says ‘I love you’, he’d probably tease you even more now too though
  • With Haechan I don’t think he has any shame whatsoever
  • Like if he was in a cuddly mood and the boys were there, he’s gonna cuddle you
  • Just he has his limits, he wouldn’t ever kiss you anywhere in front of the boys, but innocent fluffy things he would fine with
  • Doesn’t even care if he gets teased because he’d just tease them back 100x worse like ??? come on now it’s Haechan we’re talking about
  • His two favourite ways with cuddling you would be him having his arms around you whilst you snuggle into him
  • or
  • Him snuggling into you whilst one of your arms is wrapped around him, your free hand would be playing with his hair or drawing random things into his back
  • He’d be such a tease if you initiate skinship, like he would say something like
  • ‘Am I that attractive?’ or ‘Wow someone’s clingy.’
  • But if you attempted to get up or go away from him he’d instantly pull you back into his arms
  • Just because he teases you doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you to cuddle him I guess
  • Yall are always pulling pranks on the other members, especially poor Mark
  • You guys once played a prank on the whole of NCT 127…. let’s just say they definitely wanted a word with both of you… yeah don’t mess with the hyungs guys
  • So instead you target Dream a lot nowadays
  • Your pranks aren’t too extreme because you insisted that they were only children so only needed small baby pranks
  • They all hate you both
  • But as much as they all hate you they see you both as a power couple
  • Like you both like to stand your ground so when a roast battle happens between the two of you, which believe me it happens a lot, the members get the popcorn out and crowd around you both
  • You both don’t really argue a lot, just about small petty things really your young to be worrying about all the big stuff
  • It’s more like who gets to pick a film for the movie date or who gets to pick where you both eat on the next date
  • Just small cute stuff if I’m honest
  • When he gets jealous he just becomes extra clingy, like clingy as in he has to be holding you 25/8
  • Even would go as far as clinging onto your pinkie or the hem of your shirt
  • You just go with it too because you already knew what would be up, so you’d probably be extra affectionate when he acts like this
  • Because even though Haechan may act like a big brick wall and nothing hurts him, he’s actually a little insecure bean who needs protecting at all costs
  • If someone makes a comment about his tanned skin or anything about him in particular he’d be really down for the whole day, but would fake a smile so no one worries about him
  • But you and the members just know something’s up
  • Like if he was acting up at the dorms they’d invite you round asap
  • When you get there you go straight for Haechan, asking if he’s okay
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he cries yanno, I see him as the type of person to bottle everything up and just break down when someone asks him why he’s upset
  • Would ask you really insecure questions
  • ‘Do you think my tanned skin is bad?’
  • ‘Am I too rude to the hyungs?’
  • ‘Do you even like me?’
  • You would just tell him how you feel, how everyone else feels and how he shouldn’t take notice of all these haters no matter how hard it may be
  • He has you and his members and all his family and friends who love him just for him and couldn’t care less for how he looks
  • He’d shake it all off and yall would end up having an unplanned date
  • Just Haechan is so precious and needs protecting (yes I said it again because it’s true)
  • Please love this baby and treat him good, because he loves you more than anything and isn’t afraid to show it

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Guys I love Haechan, it’s official he’s my ultimate bias in NCT. Mark I’m so sorry but, Haechan!!!!

Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed this boyfriend Haechan and I should be posting a Luhan one later! Idk if you guys heard either but I’m also hoping to join an NCT network called NCT writers, I think it’d be a really good experience and help me get to know so many other writers with similar interests to me!

I love all you guys so much~

~Admin Stroni~

little all too well things
  • the first line is ‘i walked through the door with you’ which to me is so interesting because this image of crossing the threshold suggests them both bravely entering something new together
  • ‘the air was cold but something ‘bout it felt like home somehow’ is kind of sad don’t you think??? i have always wondered if the cold air feels like home because she’s been treated so coldly in the past??
  • and if we take it that way then the fact that she left her ‘scarf there at your sister’s house’ is like taylor giving up her defenses against the cold way the world has treated her in order to trust him
  • and he still has it in his drawer even now??? she gave away her defenses against the coldness of the world and she never got them back!!! he left her vulnerable.
  • like i mentioned in a previous post taylor uses cars and travelling as a metaphor for relationships of different kinds so them ‘singing in the car getting lost upstate’ suggests how comfortable they felt in their relationship and how long term they thought it was going to be 
  • autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place is like a punch in the face every single time because to me it means ‘when i saw all of nature dying and coming to an end it reminded me of us’ what a thing to say wow their relationship was blossoming but now is decaying and they are spiraling uncontrollably???? what a powerful image!!!
  • again with the car metaphors ‘you almost ran the red ‘cause you were looking over at me’ seems to suggest how they almost ignored all the warnings signs that they needed to end their relationship because they were so caught up in each other
  • i feel like the phrase ‘i was there’ is so important in this song because it shows the distance that taylor feels from the relationship now like it’s not ‘wind in my hair, i am there’ because it’s impossible to revisit those moments and live in them again
  • alternatively i feel like maybe it’s ‘i was there’ because it was her ‘old self’ that she mentions later who had all those beautiful lovely memories and she is not that girl anymore she ‘was’ but not now
  • i always thought that the description of ‘a little kid in glasses in a twin size bed’ is so sweet because it emphasises how big and lonely everything seemed when he was younger and how much growing he had to do
  • ‘you taught me ‘bout your past thinking your future was me’ is also so cute because he is teaching her so she can take over and write his future in the best possible way??? he is literally trusting her with his entire future???
  • ‘lost in translation’ is a beautiful way of saying that they could not communicate with each other but to me it has always meant that they could not adapt to each other’s worlds without losing an essential part of themselves much like when a book is adapted for film for example 
  • now for my favourite line of the whole song okay ‘but maybe this thing was a masterpiece before you tore it all up’ is so interesting because it brings into question beauty and value and whether something is only beautiful for as long as you can own it and it is tangible, like an old famous painting, for example, or whether it remains valuable and precious long after it is destroyed because it is the thoughts and people it inspired that had true value. this idea is revisited in sad beautiful tragic when taylor seems to decide that something can be beautiful and ruined simultaneously and that things do not cease to be beautiful when they are over (just like those autumn leaves falling earlier in the song)
  •  this song is just full of powerful images and ‘a crumpled up piece of paper lying there’ is so interesting because a piece of blank paper holds so many possibilities it is literally a symbol of untapped potential so the idea of her being a crumpled up piece of paper suggests all that potential between them being discarded all those pages of their love story that will now forever remain unwritten
  • this is a tiny thing but the repetition in the line that follows of ‘but i remember it all, all, all… too well’ just to me feels like taylor being trapped in the moment unable to move forwards to the next word and mirrors her being trapped in her grief about this relationship

May 2015

Harry didn’t go to many weddings; he’d been to three in his life. The last had been his mother’s two years ago, Louis’ mum last year and before that the last wedding he’d been to have been his Auntie Doreen’s when he was eight and had to be a page boy. He didn’t really know what to do at weddings or what to wear so when Ben and Meredith had invited him, he immediately asked his mum what to do. She’d washed her hands of him though when she reminded him of the outfit he wore to last years’ wedding. She didn’t agree with his half buttoned silk shirt and scarf combo, and she’d despised his hat.

Having been left to his own devices, Harry decided to replicate last years’ assemble, only he didn’t add the black hat this time and he buttoned his shirt a little higher. He was glad of his higher shirt when he kept seeing all the old ladies Ben inexplicably knew staring at him, most of them winked and he was happy to be more clothed.

The wedding ceremony and reception, like Harry assumed most were, had been full of sweet messages and crying. He didn’t cry but he did have a watery eye when Ben took Meredith for their first dance. Now it was the after party and Harry had undone another button and discarded his jacket somewhere and was making his way to the bar. He’d come alone, meeting up with Niall and Louis in the church both of them were already hammered and he needed a few more drinks before he could reach their level.

He spotted her for the first time all day, leaning against the bar with her trademark scowl as she surveyed the room. She had a bottle of Corona hanging from her fingers, which Harry had come to learn was her favoured beer, though she was partial to red wine and a brandy. He couldn’t help but smile when he looked at her, he loved the way her lips naturally pouted and how her face was always so blank yet her eyes were so expressive. She didn’t give a shit about anything and he loved it. She was like an egg he wanted to crack, a book he wanted to read every word of and a puzzle he knew he’d never finish.

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Some Jacob Kowalski Love/Appreciation

Yay, I wrote it! Okay, so let’s get started here and talk about all the wonderful reasons I love Jacob Kowalski and think he’s a precious cinnamon roll :3

In case it’s not obvious, SPOILERS FOR FBAWTFT AHEAD!

Alright, so where do I start with the wonderful amazing super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot No-Maj that is Jacob Kowalski? I mean, seriously, where do I freakin’ start?

First, we have before the film; we know that Jacob fought in the First World War and then stayed for quite some time afterwards. Think about how the survivors/veterans of the First World War were traumatised and ruined by their experiences; Jacob has almost certainly seen comrades – maybe even friends – killed in battle, been close to being killed himself. He would have probably been in the trenches, cold and frightened and wondering if he’d ever get to go home again. It’s obviously affected him (rooftop scene) and it will probably affect him for the rest of his life in some way or another (World War Two, nightmares etc.).

Now, let’s talk about Jacob as a baker, I mean…wow. Baking is typically viewed as a very feminine hobby/skill – you wouldn’t expect to see a man such as Jacob wanting to own a bakery/bake himself as a profession, so I think that that’s wonderful because he’s following his dreams. He wants to bake because, quote, “it makes people happy”. Jacob wants to make people happy, which just warms my heart because seriously he’s so sweet – I also like to think that baking makes him happy too because it reminds him of his grandmother (I think it’s pretty much canon that his grandmother was the one who kindled his love of baking when he was young) and it allows him the chance to be creative (especially with the beast pastries at the end of the film). Honestly, the idea of a baby!Jacob Kowalski in the kitchen with his Grandma baking makes me want to melt into a puddle of goo because it’s so fucking sweet and pure.

The fact that Jacob can find solace and happiness in baking his wonderful pastries – despite his experiences during the war – is so beautiful and heart-warming.

My next point I want to make is that he’s funny as well as sweet and charming; it’s obvious to many, I’m sure, that Jacob is seen as the ‘comic relief’ in the group of the film, and while I maintain that he’s so much more than just “comic relief” I can also agree that he’s hilarious. He’s got amazing comic timing, says some of the funniest lines in the film, and he’s just genuinely very funny (his laugh/scream of alarm is a real gem in the film, I find). Personally, I love guys who can make me laugh – I think that if a guy can’t make me laugh/giggle, then what’s the point? If you can’t laugh with the person you love, then do you really truly love them? It’s one of the reasons why I love Ron Weasley from Harry Potter so much – because he’s funny and doesn’t take things too seriously. A guy who can make me laugh has my heart, any day.

Speaking of hearts, let’s talk about Jacob’s relationship with Queenie; I won’t go into too much detail because I’m saving it for another post dedicated to their relationship, but what I will say is that their relationship is fucking beautiful – while I’ll admit Newt/Tina is my ultimate OTP, Jacob/Queenie is so pure and special and it made me weep like a baby on all my viewings. You can tell that there’s a genuine interest in each other, right from the very start (again, I’ll explain fully in a full-out Jakweenie post) and their attraction towards each other only grows as the film progresses.

In my opinion, it’s incorrect to say that she’s only in love with his personality – because while, yes, I agree, his personality is a big part of why she probably fell in love with him…have you seen him? Like, look, we’re all attracted to different things so maybe he’s not your type, but he’s definitely Queenie’s type – and I think we can all see why. Jacob Kowalski is attractive as hell – and not just to people who have a kink (it’s not a kink, he’s actually very hot). First of all, he’s got a full head of dark hair, he looks dapper as fuck in a suit (I do love a good suit tbh), he’s got a big smile, and really ridiculously nice eyes; like, he’s so adorable and cute and hot and sexy. To add, if you watch him moving about in various scenes, he moves like he’s dancing – like, sign me up for that please! I like men who are good on their feet! I just really love him, okay?

I hate that a lot of people see that he’s chubby and immediately go “oh, he’s got a nice personality that’s why she loves him” – like, no, Queenie is clearly very much attracted to him physically too, thank you, and so are a lot of people. If you don’t think she took one look at him and thought “holy shit, I would bang him” then you’re wrong. And if Queenie doesn’t get on it then I fucking will.

As for Jacob’s feelings towards Queenie…well, we all know she’s obviously gorgeous, but he loves her for more than her looks – again, I’ll go into greater detail later, but what I will say is that while he’s firstly attracted because of how pretty she is, when he really gets to know her over dinner (learning about how she likes to cook, for example) and over the film, he really starts to fall in love. You can see it in his eyes that he’s falling in love with her hard, because she’s not only beautiful but also because she’s brave, kind, sweet, quick-witted (MACUSA escape, fight me on this), and courageous. (also because he doesn’t objectify her in his head or anything – he thinks she’s sexy of course, but she knows that he also loves her for her and not just her looks)

I was reading through one of the “making of” Fantastic Beasts books and I found a quote that said that while Jacob is a No-Maj he’s still magic in his own way – and he is! You see him smiling or in awe, or see him with his baking or around Queenie, and you see that he’s got his own kind of magic. He’s sweet, gentle (with the exception of punching Gnarlak – who, I think we’ll all agree, deserved it), kind-hearted, attractive and just such a wonderful guy. The fact that anyone could hate him greatly confuses me to be honest.

We need more love for our favourite baker – why is there not more love?

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Jakweenie appreciation post will be up soon! :)

No matter what ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘’Heyy! Would you’ve able to write an imagine about ethan dating a black girl? I dont really see too many of those stories floating around so it would be nice to actually have one lol thank you!’‘ and ‘‘Heyyyy! Would you be able to do an Ethan imagine where he is dating a girl of color & they get hate for it & ethan trys everything he can to comfort her? Thank you love!‘’

Response: Of course!! But I do have to mention that the girls in my imagines aren’t per se black or white, you can choose for yourself :) Also, I have nothing against black girls! I love all girls, we are amazing! I hope you enjoy xoxo

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘And this is my girlfriend, Y/N!’ Ethan grabs you with both of his strong arms and puts you gently between him and Grayson. You chuckle nervously, raising your hand to wave at the camera. ‘Hi, I’m Y/N,’ you say. Ethan was so happy that he  finally had been able to convince you to be in this week’s video. He was so proud that you were his girlfriend. Although you were a bit reservedly because there would be so many disappointed fans, you thought it was very cute of him.

‘Do I have to say something else, or…’ You look up to Ethan, who looks at with a goofy but admiring smile. ‘What?’ you ask nervously. ‘Nothing,’ he smirks and gives you a kiss on the lips. ‘Get a room!’ Grayson yells and gives Ethan and you a playful poke. Ethan and you giggle.

After filming the video you guys go back to the living room, where you also had filmed the intro. It had been a fun day and you felt very content. ‘Well, that’s it for this week’s video! Thanks for watching, and we see you next week…’ Ethan says while he puts an arm around you. ‘…on a Tuesday!’ Grayson adds, while he also puts an arm around you. You felt so warm and happy, sitting between these two idiots. You were so lucky to have these wonderful boys in your life.

It was a few days later and you were lying in bed, watching the video of Ethan and Grayson. Today it actually was Tuesday, the day that they had posted the video. You decided to watch it to see how it had turned out and of course, to see yourself. This week the twins and you had done a challenge; ‘‘Hat of dares part 3’’. Of course you had gotten the worst dares, but you didn’t really care since you could laugh about it now. And hopefully many others could also.

Your heart flutters at the way Ethan looks at you in the video. Normally you didn’t really notice it, but from a screen it was so obvious that he liked you. A lot. He was watching you during the entire process and touching you whenever he had the chance.

It made you so happy that he loved showing you off and let thousands of people know that you were his girlfriend. You couldn’t believe that he actually was your boyfriend, though. Not that you were very insecure about yourself or whatever, but sometimes you thought that you weren’t good enough for him. He was so kind, smart, funny, adventurous, creative and really, really handsome.

Of course there were another million amazing things about him that you could think of. But you? You were just so ordinary… so normal. Just like any other girl. What did you have to offer him? Sometimes it was hard to believe that he’d chosen you. But you were so glad he did. He made you the most happiest girl in the whole wide world.

After you watched the video you scroll through the comments with a big smile on your face. The first comments you read were very, very sweet:

‘’you guys are literally couple goals’’
‘’she looks so sweet! ethan’s one lucky guy’’
‘’so happy for the both of you! you are great together’’

But slowly your smile fades from your face. There were also a lot of very mean comments, and the more you read, the more you noticed that there were more rude than nice reactions.

‘’lol why is she black’’
‘’they can’t be a couple, it just doesn’t look right’’
‘’i don’t understand why he would date a black girl’’
‘’she is so ugly wtf’’
‘’she doesn’t deserve him’’
‘’am i the only one that thinks it’s weird he is dating a black girl?!’’

And there were so many more. Tears are welling up, and you angrily rub them away. You weren’t going to cry, you wouldn’t let yourself. Those girls could think what they want. But it did not help, you were just crying even harder now.

You wish you could delete all those mean comments. Or just unread them. Anything to erase them from your memory. But of course, that was impossible. You couldn’t stop reading, and with each comment you felt more sad.

As the day went by, you couldn’t stop thinking about all the comments. How could people say things like that? What had you ever done to deserve this? Maybe they were right, you thought. Maybe you weren’t good enough for him. Just thinking about this made you start crying again.

Oh, how could you fool yourself like this? It wasn’t going to take long before Ethan was going to break up with you. Soon or later he would get tired of you. You were so boring, of course this relationship wasn’t going to last.

As you slowly doze off to a restless sleep, you suddenly wake up at a sound nearby; it was your phone. You look at the screen and see to your surprise that Ethan was calling you. You sniff and wipe the already dried tears from your cheeks.

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‘H-Hello?’ you say, trying to speak normal. ‘Y/N?’ you hear Ethans voice. ‘Yeah?’ you say, but you already knew why he had called you.
‘Are you okay? Have you read, ehm, the comments? Of the video?’ His voice sounds soft, but also a little nervous. ‘Yes,’ is all you can say, before you start crying again.

‘I’m coming to your house,’ Ethan says with a deep voice, a little angry now. You immediately go sit straight up, wiping your hair that gotten all wet from the tears out of your face. You didn’t want him to see you like this. ‘No, no, it’s fine E. I’m fine.’ You hear keys rattling and doors slamming. ‘I’m on my way,’ was all he said before he hung up the phone.

As you’re lying in bed with a blanket up to your chin, you hear a soft knock on the door. It opens slowly and there is he is, the boy of your dreams: Ethan Dolan. His hair was all wet because of the rain outside, but you thought that it made him look even hotter.

He was just wearing sweatpants, nothing special, but he still looked so handsome that your heart starts beating faster when he walks up to you. In one hand he holds his phone and car keys and in his other one he was holding a big bouquet of flowers. Roses, your favourite.

You go sit straight up again and wipe the mascara away from under your eyes. You were still crying. Ethan comes sitting on the bed and he strokes his hands up and down your arms. ‘Baby, look at me,’ he demanded quietly. You look him in his beautiful dark eyes. ‘You don’t actually believe what those girls said, right? Do you? They’re just jealous.’

You close your eyes while another tear rolls down your cheek. Ethan wipes it away with his hand. Your skin feels cold under his warm touch. You don’t say anything, afraid that you start sobbing again. It was embarrassing to admit, but those comments really did hurt you. You grab his hand and place it back on his thigh. He looks hurt.

‘E… I think that we…’ you sigh, picking your words carefully. ‘Us together… It’s not right. I don’t think I’m good enough for you. You should date a girl that is just as awesome as you are.’ He grabs your hand again and squeezes it lightly. ‘I already am. You are awesome,’ he whispers, leaning closer to you. Your heart flutters at his words and you open your eyes.

‘Y/N… You really think that I care what people say about us? I am so in love with you and your skin tone has nothing to do with the feelings I have for you. I am crazy about you and I really hope you don’t want to give up on us. You’re an amazing girl and I don’t want to lose you,’ Ethan says with a sweet voice.

You grab his face and pull him closer to you. ‘Of course I don’t want to lose you…  God, I love you so much. I’m sorry for being such an emotional mess,’ you say, and before you know it Ethan leans in and puts his smirking lips to yours.

You feel a pleasant tingle running down your spine when his lips touch your skin, trailing down your jawline and neck. You let out a loud giggle as you fall back onto to the bed, your head between the pillows. Ethan pulls back with a wide smile and tenderly strokes his fingers through your hair. ‘I love you so much. No matter what.’

In Case of Emergency - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: You get a little overwhelmed by emotions whilst Sebastian is away. 
Warnings: Just a pile of fluff tbh.
Word count: 1423
Tagging a few of my favourite writers: @jarnesbrnes , @bovaria , @imaginingbucky , @wlntrsldler , @thenightmarebeforesam 

A/N: Okay, so here it goes. This is the first thing I’ve ever written fiction-wise off my own back, and I’ve been thinking about starting to write for a while now because I did enjoy it when I had to do it at school. I’m pretty scared to post this, and it’s probably not very good, I’m always messing up my tenses and I haven’t studied English as a school subject for over a year so I’m pretty rusty! I’m sorry if Sebastian’s too OOC, I couldn’t really think of any endearments or petnames he’s use, and I’m sorry that he’s not in it as much as he probably could’ve been! I think I might’ve requested this on a page before, I can’t remember but if I did please don’t take offence, I just wanted to try my hand at writing something and I love the idea. I’m just going for it and hoping for the best right now, I hope you enjoy this, message me what you think! 

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anonymous asked:

All the rfa (if thats ok, just zen please if it's not) coming home and seeing their fiance sleeping and she's only wearing one of their shirts?

a/n i wanted to do different scenarios so that they all wouldn’t be the same when they find her sleeping??hope thats okay with u ^^///


  • after coming home from work you you’re tired and soaked from the rain and just want cuddles from yoosung 
  • but then again when do you not?? and who doesn’t
  • you find him playing LOLOL and he barely notices you when you come in
  • not wanting to argue with him you go straight to your room because it always ends up with one of you bawling (i wonder who)
  • you thought things would be different once you got engaged but it seems like u were engaged to him AND LOLOL
  • you change into one of his gamer shirts and lie down on the bed before a few tears slip out
  • god damn it am I jealous of a fucking game?
  • you feel stupid crying so you bury your face in the pillow and somehow just drift off to sleep
  • meanwhile the 4 y/o i mean yoosung sees the time and gets worried that you haven’t arrived home so he sends a text
  • tf why is there buzzing upstairs omg shit shit theres a bee (he’s so slow)
  • he sees you upstairs in his shirt and he just
  • freezes
  • heart palpitations heart attack call the ambulance can I give myself CPR
  • he literally doesn’t know what to do so he ends up sitting beside you watching you sleep because how do I express this??
  • you’re wearing the shirt he wore when you first met him
  • he realises in this moment how much of a huge impact you are in his life like this is way beyond love
  • when he sees that the pillow is wet and your the area around your eyes are red he pretty much cries as well because your pain = his pain
  • spoons you and in the morning quits LOLOL after you explain to him why you were crying
  • I’d give up my life for you let alone a stupid game
  • you don-
  • puts his finger to your lips and he literally never touches the game again
  • end up wearing his gamer shirts more often because you love seeing shocked blushy red yoosung who has to put ice to his cheeks to cool himself down


  • after an expected ending from your date night 
  • ie having to run home after it started raining while you guys were having a picnic 
  • since none of you had umbrellas you both had to sprint home getting soaked in the rain
  • as you both scrambled through your front door you take one look at each other you both broke down into a fit of giggles
  • zen’s ponytail slicked down looking shinier than usual and you couldn’t stop thinking of toothpaste 
  • he tackles you to the floor because how dare you diss this beautiful creation (yeah but it looks like elly’s tail)
  • he tells you to change into dry clothes so you don’t get a cold (ok dad) and since you’re still thinking about tails and toothpaste you mistakenly put on his sweater and strip your wet leggings off
  • when you notice how big the sweater is on you -  you look into the mirror think shit i look cute i’m going 2 steal this thanks zen
  • somehow zen walks in at the exact time ur bending over to pick up your clothes off the floor and boy
  • oh boy oh boy 
  • his eyes are fixated on you and he watches the sweater cover ur ass again
  • he doesn’t know whether to focus on your sweater paws or your glistening legs or the hemline of your underwear and oh shit
  • when you catch him looking at you he looks dazed and is just frozen
  • hello earth 2 zen are you here?
  • he responds by suddenly walking to you until you feel his breath on your face and grabs both your wrists tightly with both his hands
  • omg please
  • who gave you permission to wear my sweater?
  • i- i just picked- it was a mist- i’m sorr -s orry?
  • he responds by giving you a demanding lingering kiss before pulling away and walking backwards towards the door 
  • next time -  i’m not going to let you off so easily.. alright?
  • ok don’t let me off now come BACK where have you goNE WHO IS THIS SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU BEEN SO DADDY


  • don’t kill me guys PLEASE
  • but i genuinely think that sharing shirts/clothes between you guys would be like a normal thing
  • like a couple thing just swapping clothes n stuff?? no?yes??idk
  • shes kinda envious of your style so she sneaks into your closet and takes some shirts and skirts because these look cute
  • BUT 
  • one day you come into her office 
  • wearing HER suit because you have a job interview later on and omg
  • the human emotion equivalent to: asdfghjkl
  • she doesn’t show anything and just says ‘you look suitable and smart enough for the job’ wow thx 4 the encouragement
  • and a small smile creeping onto her cheeks and her cheeks are tinted pink like jaehee how u feeling really
  • when you’re not looking she takes a sneaky picture and looks at it while ur gone
  • omg how can someone look so adorable in a suit but so sophisticated
  • fUucuK (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • does that thing where she presses her hands to her cheeks because oh god gotta cool down jaehee ur in a work environment please don’t turn red not now not today
  • the type to tell you not to return those clothes because they look too cute on you
  • jumin walks past the room and just sees jaehee pressing her palms against her cheeks grinning and he shrugs because it’s probably zen not today boy
  • not today


  • waking up to jumin is so blissful (this needs a whole another post)
  • after an eventful (yes it’s what ur thinking) night he’s loosely wrapped his arm around your waist 
  • and he’s sleeping peacefully with his hair flopped over his eyes and he looks super peaceful (aww)
  • after playing with your engagement ring for a while (too long)
  • you gently slide away from his grasp to make breakfast and grab the closest shirt to you that was tossed away last night
  • ..it’s jumin’s white shirt but he won’t mind so…
  • jumin is much a worrier so as soon as you slid away from him he woke up & you didn’t see him watching you as you put on his shirt
  • as you’re about to leave the bed you hear a husky voice
  • fuck fuck fuck imagine his husky voice goodbye
  • “MC, thats my shirt..?”
  • you turn around to face him and he’s for the first time in his life clueless on what to do or say
  • his shirt loosely hung on to you and the fact that you didn’t do up the first 3 buttons on his shirt didn’t make the situation better
  • Oh, sorry I didn’t think you’d mind?
  • so you start unbuttoning the shirt (wow way to make things better)
  • NO
  • ..no keep it on, it suits you very well…unexpectedly..
  • you’re just a bit like oh ok well then i’ll just leave th-
  • wait..just come back to bed..please
  • (OH?!((;)
  • dives back into bed
  • you relieve last night once more as he can’t help himself and this time you end up this time keeping the shirt on
  • he makes a mental note to buy a lot more of these shirts 
  • spends the rest of the day cuddling you and trying to figure out ways to get you to wear just a shirt more often

Saeyoung (707)

  • it was getting late and for some reason you guys had been in a gaming war all day
  • shit was it that obvious i’m losing my tou-
  • soz I’ll give you my dr pepp- sHIT
  • there goes the dr pepper.. all! over! your! lap! :(:
  •  at this point you give up and just lean back on to the couch and cross your arms and he adds a sarcastic comment as he literally snorts with laughter
  • it doesn’t even look like you’ve peed myself it looks like you have diarrhoea mc!!
  • thats it
  • you just pour the remaining contents of the drink over his head slowly and he just sits there accepting his fate
  • he knew it was coming soon
  • you both sit there laughing at the mess that the game has caused you before calling a truce
  • well then are you going to get me some clothes??
  • oh right yeah sorry
  • yeah no its fine i’ll just sit here in my own ‘diarrhoea’
  • you get up yourself and go to your shared bedroom before picking out saeyoungs favourite orange and black hoodie and taking off ur pants because now they were sticky
  • stop thinking about that u dirty minded creeps
  • you come down the stairs to find him putting on a film and so you walk back into the room before 
  • saeyoung looks and you and has to double take
  • t-thats my hoodie
  • yeah I know and what am I not allowed?? take a picture it’ll last longer
  • (he does)
  • he has to zone back to earth and mentally slap himself a couple of times before his face turns the colour of his hair
  • his glasses are foggy and
  • error 707
  • he can’t focus on the film that he put on and gives side glances at you(r bare legs)
  • clears his throat several times before you tell him to shut up 
  • not being able to stand this any longer he turns off the film and grabs your hand dragging you upstairs
  • hey waIT where are you taking me??? 
  • no time. hoodie off. bedroom.
  • whaa??..
  • OH
  • yep sure okay! nice!!!
Touchy touchy

Request: Can you do something where you help Cara get back at the papz and Justin doesn’t approve because cara told him she thinks you’re hot and he doesn’t like that you’re doing things with her because he has feelings for you?

I giggled at my phone as I was going through my Twitter feed. All of the comments about what Cara and I did yesterday, were absolutely hilarious. Cara has been my best friend since I jumped on the modelling band wagon. She was always so supportive and genuine with me, I always enjoyed being with her.

So when the paparazzi basically harassed her and she asked for my help, I was quick to respond. I came up with the idea to squirt those photographers with water guns. Cara was very determined to use eggs but I talked her out of it because that would’ve been a little too extreme and violent. She absolutely loved the idea of using water guns and we went through with the plan. Apparently she had asked someone to film it while we both were ruining some paparazzi cameras and she later posted it. I was reading the comments of that video and they were cracking me up. Honestly, I thought the photographers got what they deserved, nobody deserves to be violated in that way.

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First Date - 2/4

A/N: I was going to do 4/4 but I couldn’t think of any more ideas than the two I did? Like I know there’s loads of different types of dates you can go on but they’re all going to be the same really… If you want the other 2/4 then just message me asking for it and I’ll do it in another post. Sorry! 


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phan Oneshot : Pinof 8

Time for another PINOF! 8.
Phill set up the camera, then took out the sharpie and smiled. “Whiskers!” He came at my face. I laughed as he drew them on me, and I drew them on him after.
“First question! ‘How was tatinof?’.” Phil read.
“Tatinof for those of you who don’t know, is the amazing tour is not on fire. Why you wouldn’t know that? I don’t know.” I laughed. “Uhm. It was very fun.. Experimental. Never been in the United States or in hotel rooms that long.” I said.
Phil cleared his throat at the mention of hotel rooms. We had some pretty memorable moments in those suites.
“Next question! Will Dil and Tabitha have a baby?” I read.
“Well they-”
“Woah! Spoilers Phil! Spoilers.” I shook my head. “You’ll have to wait and see uh.. 'Dilitha16’.” I pointed at the camera.
“Question numero très.” Phil put three fingers up. “'Do you plan on living together forever?’.” He read.
My face brightened. “We are ultimate best mates!” I said
“Yeah we do! We’re gonna be friends forever. And even more. I mean uh.. Even longer.” Phil shook his head, then laughed awkwardly.
“When will you guys get snapchat?” I read.
“What even is the point of snapchat!?” Phil laughed. “I don’t understand. It’s just like.. Vlogging.”
“Yeah. Uh. If someone teaches us how, maybe.” I laughed.
“'Dan! Why are all your clothes brighter than my future?’.” Phil read. “What? All my clothes are black. I-oh. OHHH! Uh no. You have a bright future ahead of you! Uh.. 'PhantasticPhan’. You jokester you!” I chuckled awkwardly.
“Phil. Why are you so adorable?’.” I read the question then looked at him.
“You realize this is definitely going to be a gif set. Right?” He said, laughing.
“Oh definitely.” I laughed.
We answered a ton more questions about the tour, about our favourite things, about each other. All while doing crazy fucked up shit. And then we got sad.
“Uh oh. Phil this is the last question.”
“Oh no!” He frowned.
I cleared my throat really loud. “Cut this out later but, which one should I read?” I asked him. One was asking how real Phan was, and the other was asking us to kiss.
Phil looked at me and smiled. “I’ll do it.” He took my phone from me.
He turned back to the camera. “Youtubeforever4 and amazingDan have similar questions for our last ones.” He said. “How real is Phan?” He looked from the phone to the camera. “That was YouTubeforever4’s question. But to answer it, we’re gonna answer AmazingDan’s question.” Then he turned to me, and hurriedly pressed his lips to mine.
We stopped the video. Edited, inserted a screenshot of the question before our kiss. We added the usual descriptions and everything.
Then he hovered the mouse over “upload.”
“Phil?” I asked, rubbing his back.
“Are you sure about this?” He said suddenly, looking over at me.
“Yeah.” I nodded, with a smile. “Are you?” I put my hand against his cheek.
“I uhm.” He cleared his throat. “Dan. You know I love you but-”
“But nothing. If you don’t want to post it, don’t. We can wait until you’re ready.” I crossed my legs to face him.
“I’m sorry. I..” He sighed and looked down at the space in the bed between he and I.
“Shh. It’s okay Phil. Really. We can wait. Here look” I took my phone out and wrote a tweet. 'pinof 8 is postponed but we can film a gaming channel video. what should we play???’ I showed him, then tweeted it. “See? It’s okay. No worries, baby. Okay?” I kissed his whiskered nose.
He flashed me his adorable smile and nodded. “Okay.”
I smiled and leaned forward, “maybe the filming of that video can wait though.” I smiled, leaning forward and pressing my lips to his.
He laughed and wrapped his arms around my neck.
We later…… much later, filmed our video. Phil edited it and then uploaded it. Then we cuddled, watched anime and fell asleep.
“Phil!” I whined. It’s been a week that he’s been waking me up early… and by early I mean before 12.
“Dannnnnnyyyyy.” he smiled and lay on top of me.
“What.” I frowned.
“Don’t hate me.” he smiled, snuggling his face into my neck.
“I need my beauty sleep.” I laughed.
“You’re already beautiful.” he kissed my neck.
I chuckled. “What’s so important you had to wake me up?” I asked.
“Check my Twitter.” he said.
I groaned and reached for my phone. I went on his Twitter and saw his tweet about PINOF. “PHIL REALLY?” I sat up, retweeting his tweet and liking it.
“Well what? It’s been a week.” he smiled at me.
I grinned and tweeted about it too. “Well, Philly, let’s do this” I smiled and sat up.
He opened his laptop and pulled up the saved video. “Ready babe?” Phil rested his head on my shoulder.
I smiled and nodded. “ready.” so he uploaded it.
The response was mostly incredible. Joey, Connor, Alfie, Zoë, Louise, Cat.. everyone tweeted about how proud of us they were.
In a video, a month later for my channel we were doing some sort of baking video. “hello Internet! Today I’m here with mah boyfriend.. Phil!” I inserted the 'yayyyyy’ sound effect when he jumped into shot. “and today we’re gonna attempt to bake a cake.” I flashed them my dimple. “oh.. but Dan.. what’s the occasion? You ask. Well. There isn’t one. I just want to make a fucking cake.” I said, Phil chuckled.
So we started the video. “Phil! You put the egg shell in the batter! That’s not where it goes.” I sighed.
“Sorry!” he laughed.
“You’re really lucky you’re cute, otherwise I would kick you out of the video.” I said, fishing out the shell.
he laughed.
All in all, our coming out was pretty great and we got to just be ourselves on our live shows, in our videos and in real life.

With regard to The Woman

I’m doing a post about this because it bugs me more than it probably should. Partly because this is one of my favourite women in fiction and partly because it shows up some rather uncomfortable things about the way women (and relationships between the sexes) are portrayed in popular media.

Because when your representation of women has gone backwards from 1891, something, somewhere, has clearly gone wrong.

This is Irene Adler. She appears in A Study in Scarlet, the first of many short stories to feature Sherlock Holmes. Her biggest claim to fame is that, in the series, she is one of the few people ever to defeat Holmes (“he was bested only five times in his career, and only once by a woman”). It was not only her intelligence, but also her graciousness in victory, only wishing to secure her safety and her marriage to her beloved husband, that earned her Holmes’s undying respect.

This is Irene Adler. She appears in the films Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, directed by Guy Ritchie. She is a criminal who has bested Holmes, and, having casually divorced her husband, was his on-and-off lover. While ostensibly competent and formidable, she repeatedly has to be rescued by Holmes (though it would be remiss not to mention that she comes to his aid in turn) and is killed off early in the second film. Her relationship with Holmes is characterised by sexual attraction rather than intellectual respect.

Are we seeing a problem here?

This is Irene Adler. She appears in the second season of the BBC series Sherlock. She is a dominatrix with whom Holmes develops a complicated relationship as she gradually secures his aid against the people hunting her, only to reveal that she has manipulated his feelings for her in an attempt to obtain state secrets. In the end, Holmes defeats her with clues based on her own affection for him, and later rescues her from her former employers. Their relationship is one of intellectual sparring partners with a great deal of sexual chemistry.

Hmm. Not as bad as the movies, but are we spotting a pattern?

This is Irene Adler. She appears in the first season of the ABC television series Elementary. She is depicted as Holmes’s former romantic partner who was murdered by the criminal mastermind Moriarty. It later transpires that Adler is not only still alive, but that she and Moriarty are one and the same. Adler/Moriarty’s plans are eventually undone by Holmes’s partner Joan Watson. Their relationship consists largely of Adler/Moriarty using sexuality to manipulate Holmes (though it should be pointed out that she remains a highly intelligent and dangerous adversary without this element).

See, this is the thing.

The last three out of these four women are pretty cool, and quite strong characters in themselves (I’m not hating on either of these. Sherlock in particular is a damn fine show and A Scandal in Belgravia was a great story), but none are Irene Adler. Indeed, the film and ABC versions have absolutely nothing in common with the original character aside from the name. Not a single character trait. But it’s okay, because if there’s a woman in a Sherlock Holmes story, and obviously that means she’s Irene Adler. It’s not like Holmes ever met any other women in those fifty-six short stories and four novels. Certainly not any that he had much more chemistry with (cough the copper beeches cough). And, of course, if she’s a woman, she’s obviously a love interest. Not like a woman can be anything else in a story, right?

The other reason this annoys me is because I love how their relationship works in the original story. Holmes isn’t attracted to her (“it was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for Irene Adler”), but he respects her. He admires her, and she, in one fell swoop, earns that admiration and undercuts his sexist assumptions (“He used to make merry over the cleverness of women, but I have not heard him do it of late”). It is arguable that Holmes puts her on on a pedestal (“in his eyes, she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex”), and indeed that sexist attitude is not entirely gone, but for Adler to have proven herself, in Holmes’ scrutinizing gaze, as exceptional is no small feat. But no, apparently that kind of female character just wouldn’t fly nowadays.

Let me pause and make it clear that I’m not saying having a romantic interest means a efmale character lacks strength. But when a strong character has been changed so that she is now defined by romance and sexuality more than her intelligence, we have a problem.

The only faithful adaptation of Irene Adler I’ve ever seen was in the ITV version of Sherlock Holmes, which was basically a word-for-word adaptation of the original story.

What? A woman not being in love with the protagonist? One who is simply an intelligent, worthy opponent by her own merits and requires neither rescue nor defrosting? What kind of backwards Victorian notion is that?

TL;DR: Irene Adler was not a love interest. She was so much more awesome than that.

reecesking  asked:

hey pals, so how do you stay focused on studying?

So we’ve gotten similar questions in the past (specifically, from a few anons who’ve asked how we stay motivated), so I figured I’d better just collect all of the ways I stay focussed/motivated on studying here, on one post. 


Being organised (a.k.a NOT PROCRASTINATING)

Everyone suffers from procrastination. I play Tetris, I (ehh-hem) go on Tumblr, I do other tasks that are more appealing to me. No one is immune to procrastination. But procrastinating sets a habit for you, and can have adverse effects on your personal and academic life.

One of the best ways I’ve found to battle procrastination is to literally have no excuse to do it - be organised. Have all of your supplies laid out, all of your books ready, and have a to-do/task list set out. The way procrastination works is that it tells you that something else - something more immediate, like playing Angry Birds - is more important and appealing. But being all ready to study will make it easier to just get started. (For more information on the sciencey side of things that isn’t boring, one of my favorite YouTubers has an old video on the mechanics of procrastination.)

Studying during the best time of day (for you)

This one’s pretty intuitive. I like studying in the mornings, so I can have evenings off to screw around and watch movies, and especially so I don’t have to dread the studying period all day - I can just get it all over with. Just give different times of day a shot and see what works.

Taking breaks ~ Rewarding yourself ~ NOT OVERDOING IT

This one is so important. Studying in chunks with breaks in between is much better in the long run for retaining information. I use the Pomodoro technique when I have a lot of in front of me. It’s also important to reward yourself between your chunks, whether that involve getting a snack or going for a run. Some recommend ‘active’ rewards that involve getting up and doing something, but I see nothing wrong with rewarding yourself occasionally by checking your social media.

I cannot even stress the importance of not overstudying. You marathon ten hours of studying, you don’t retain much, and you’re exhausted, grumpy, and totally done with studying. It’s just not worth it. Just like you can study too little, there is totally such a thing as studying too much.

Setting deadlines that are realistic ~ Self discipline

Set deadlines, and stick to them. But set realistic deadlines. You can’t get everything you need to study done in one day in most cases, so dividing up deadlines works well. Challenge yourself to meet the deadline, employ self discipline in order to reach that deadline and not procrastinate, and reward yourself when you do meet it!

Using active revision techniques

Like the ones

study-well has talked about here


Seriously, active revision techniques are hella important - highlighting or (even worse) just reading will not allow you to retain any information. The best way to learn according to sciencey people is to teach others. Have a dumbass friend or sibling who’s willing to listen to you talk? Teach them the stuff you need to know! Have a less-dumbass friend or sibling who’s studying the same thing you are? Discuss/review it with them! 

Having a to-do list ~ Prioritising tasks ~ Having a bullet journal

Yes, obviously it’s more fun to do the subjects you like first, or the easier tasks first. But it’s almost always better to get the harder/longer stuff out of the way first. Writing down and having a visual of what tasks need your attention and what don’t works well for me…

And that is where having a bullet journal comes in! When I first got a studyblr, I was like ‘ewww so much effort I can’t do that I don’t stick to lists when I study’ but what a dumbshit I was. Having a bullet journal is the reason I’m even remotely sure I passed my GCSE exams - a visual is so important, knowing what tasks are in front of you for the day ahead is so important, and being able to tick off boxes is just a lot of fun. 

Block the world out ~ Music

Apps like in this masterpost are good for blocking sites (especially social media like Facebook or EHH-HEEEMM Tumblr) that could potentially distract you. Personally, I just use an app called Concentrate, but it’s what works for you!

Also, MyNoise.net I’ve found is extremely helpful in maintaining concentration for long periods of time. Or, if that’s not your jam, if you go on YouTube and type in ‘binaural beats’ or ‘binaural audio’, that kind of music can help get you in the zone. Some people just get distracted by this sort of thing, though, so be careful!

Coffitivity! Rainy Mood! Studying at Hogwarts! Ambient sounds on Youtube! Spotify playlists! There’s literally hundreds of thousands of resources out there.

(Film soundtracks, bro. My primary blog is literally a film hoe blog, so I know that shit. Pick your favorite movie (some suggestions of movies with good soundtracks are The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and American Beauty. I might make a full masterpost later, actually.) and get the soundtrack! Additionally, I have a film soundtracks 8tracks collection - link provided below.)

Have I mentioned how much I love 8tracks? My 8tracks (yes, my username is a nostalgic holdover from my Supernatural fandom days) is mainly collections, and I do have one giant studying collection which I would recommend. (Links down below under the ‘Masterpost’ bit.) 

Another option is Infinite Jukebox, which I absolutely love. You pick a song and it repeats ad infinitum. Personal favourites of mine to repeat are Tiny Dancer, and Live and Let Die.

Studying with friends

This technique is touch-and-go. I have an absolutely fabulous friend who I revised GCSE History with intensively, where we went out to a local hawker centre, laid out all of our resources (mine were printed, while she had digital notes) and just motivated each other for hours at a time, until we had reviewed all of our units. We had to split our revising sessions into chunks, but it worked really well for the both of us. If you have a friend/classmate who’s good at the subject and you’re sure won’t goof off during your study session, arrange to meet with them, definitely. I’d even say stay away from using your closest friends as study buddies - the temptation to (even accidentally) distract each other with inside jokes, stories, gossiping, etc. is too great (at least for me. It may work better for others.)


Having a studyblr

Seriously, I’ve found this so helpful. 

The power of positive thinking

Self-explanatory, but thinking “I can do it!” is a hell of a lot more effective than “I’m never going to get it done. :(((((”


So this is a personal motivator (especially since I’ve met the cartoonist and find him super-inspiring), but there’s something I love about reading some of ZenPencils’ cartoons in order to motivate myself.

Some of my favourite/most motivating comics include: A Lifetime of Learning, Full-Body Education,  A Screenwriter’s Advice, It Couldn’t Be Done, Great People Do Things Before They’re Ready, The Woman In The Arena, I Have The Right, Produce Your Own Dream, (my favourite) The Fire Within, and (motivating, but in a negative sort of way) The Fig Tree.

The motivation/studyblr/studyspo tags on tumblr

Browse it. Draw motivation. Return to studying.


Okay. I promise I will eventually get around to making a full blog rec post (especially if I get some asks requesting it HINT HINT), and this is far from a complete list, but here are just a few out of the many studyblrs I look at to get motivation:













A Small List of Masterposts/Collections

A masterpost of study-well’s tips

study-hack’s How to Get Motivated to Study

My 8tracks studying collection

My 8tracks writing collection

My 8tracks ‘classique and epique’ collection

My 8tracks film soundtracks collection

study-well’s music masterpost

revisicns’ study playlist masterpost (the similarity between our urls has got to be a good omen)

studyign’s motivation masterpost

Hope this helps!

Chapter 1 - Can A Man And Woman Ever Be Just Friends?

Disclaimer: Hello everyone! This is the first chapter to the series prequel of The Thing Is… I Love You. This work is purely fictional - any mentions of real persons or events are coincidental. Please read, reblog and enjoy :).

Sprawled against the warm leather of the car, I watched as the raindrops slid slowly down the window. We hadn’t been on the road long, a mere fifteen minutes, but it was already pouring. The rain was so thick I could barely see past the glass. At this point though, I didn’t care. I was exhausted.

I was coming straight home from the 2014 Golden Globes. It went about in the most spectacular fashion. From the glittering parade of designer gowns to the prestigious awards, the night didn’t disappoint. Although I’d established a solid acting career, I didn’t feel like one of the ‘elite’. I was still the young girl from Louisville, Kentucky.

As the car stopped briefly at an intersection, I found myself reflecting on the event. The first category they presented was the award for Best Supporting Actress. I was so deeply engrossed in staring wide eyed at my favourite actress Meryl Streep that I almost didn’t hear my name being called over the microphone. I blinked, glancing around the table in confusion.

Nick had squeezed my waist, leaning close so he could whisper in my ear. “Go on, babe, you’re up. You’ve won.”

He kissed me very briefly, surprising me, before giving my butt a gentle pat. Too bewildered to even object, I hitched up the skirts of my white tulle Dior gown and clumsily made for the stage. As I walked, several hands patted me on the back. My heart stopped when Meryl Streep herself pulled me aside, her feather-light fingers brushing my bare shoulder as she whispered her congratulations.

My hands shook as I slowly climbed the steps. No way in hell would I let last year’s spectacular fall happen again.

A beaming Tom Hanks pressed the small yet heavy Golden Globe into my hands. I stuttered my thanks as Sandra Bullock, THE Sandra Bullock, kissed my cheek. Clutching the globe tightly, I addressed the audience.

“Wow. Uh, thank you so much for this.” I suddenly became very aware of how breathless my voice sounded. “God, I don’t know why I’m shaking but yeah, um, thank you so much. I wanna thank David O. Russell, you’re a brilliant man in so many ways.”

The crowd was filled with several smiling faces; all of which telegraphed genuine pride. I paused for a second, collecting my thoughts. I knew at least half the room, having only interacted with the other half in passing.

My heart beat along to a strange rhythm. I was euphoric, literally on cloud nine. And yet, I knew something was missing. Or more accurately, someone.

“Uh, I wanna thank my family, my team. I would not be up here without you guys. Aargh. Who else? OH yeah! I wanna thank my fellow nominees, it’s such an honour to even be nominated with you. I am inspired by your work so thank you.”

I swallowed, hoping I could inject some much needed volume into my voice. “Oh god, I’m still shaking! Seriously, please don’t do this again. It’s freaking scary.” I say breathlessly as the crowd roared with laughter. I held up my Globe in gratitude as music echoed across the great hall.

Miss Golden Globe, a pretty young lady whose face I didn’t recognise, led me briskly from the stage, escorting me to the press room. I blinked rapidly, eyes watering; almost blinded by the lights. Journalists were clamouring, like angry bees, taking my picture, hurling questions in my direction.

“Jennifer! Hold it up for us!”

“Smile, this is for People Magazine!”

“You look gorgeous, Jennifer!”

“How do you feel about winning the first award of the night?!”

“Tell us about your acceptance speech. Are you really still that nervous?”

I felt the adrenaline recede from my system as I shuffle slowly along the platform towards the microphone. Flushed from my speech, I spotted my assistant and friend, Justine, lurking in the corner. She beamed at me, hands outstretched, preparing hold the Globe while I addressed the press.

Acquiescing almost immediately, I passed the little marble-gold award to her, then turned to face the media. I narrowed my eyes, squinting against the blinding glare of the cameras. “I’m sorry. Could you please repeat the question?”

“Oh, tell us about your speech. Are you still really that nervous about talking in front of crowds?”

I felt a momentary stab of irritation as I glanced down at the young woman who posed the question. She held a silver iPad in her hands but it wasn’t the gadget that captured me. It was the badge on her lapel; the yellow E! embossed in a gold circle.

The gossip channel held no attraction for me, it never really did. A derisive laugh escaped my lips. They saw me as an actress; not an actual human being who suffered from the occasional stage fright.

“Yeah, I mean, talking in front of a big group of people is nerve wracking.” I say petulantly. “Especially when the people watching you are your favourite actors. People you’ve admired since you were a little kid.”

Luckily, they didn’t detect the obvious petulance in my tone. Eager to coax more answers from me, they scrambled among themselves, debating on who should ask me next. I shuffled my feet restlessly, waiting.

“Jennifer, you’ve had a stellar award season so far. Firstly, congratulations. Second, what do you plan on doing after? Do you have a post-ceremony relaxation routine?”

“Well uh, I dunno. I’ll probably catch up on my drinking. There’s so much alcohol there callin’ my name, you know what I mean?” I laugh, longingly picturing the glass of champagne I’d left, still full, sitting on the table.

“Do you have any other projects in the works right now? Projects which could attract the same Oscar buzz?”

“Yes I do, although I don’t know if the 'Oscar buzz’ part is true. I’m shooting the last Hunger Games movie which has been split into two parts. But we’re filming it in one whole bunch so yeah, very busy.”

“Has the film been disrupted because of the awards?”

“No, I don’t think so.” I frown, biting my lip. Production was currently on a two week break to accommodate the hectic awards season. We were still based in Atlanta and had at least another six weeks there before moving overseas.

“Okay, ah, how do you see your future in the film industry? Is directing a movie something you’d consider later on?”

“Definitely. I’d do directing at some point, yeah. But I’m still a newbie at this stuff so I think I’ll keep learning for awhile. I’ve worked with incredible directors so I’m learning a lot from them.” I reply cheerfully; Francis’ face was vivid in my mind.

“Jennifer, over here! To your right.”

I started shuffling in the opposite direction before bursting into laughter. “Oh my god, you said right and I went the other way. Hah. Anyway, I’m sorry. Interrupt me quick!”

“You were at the Governor’s Ball last year, your family was there too. They were having more than you celebrating backstage.”

“Because they didn’t have to go through this. It’s hilarious. I really miss them though. I don’t know what they’re doing now so I’m gonna call em’ right after the press thing.”

“As a young actress, how do you stay grounded?”

“Family. They’d stop me before I get my head stuck up my own ass. Plus, I have a group of really good friends. Friends I’ve known for a long time..” Despite my lighthearted remark, I felt my heart clench painfully. I guess I’d be lying if I didn’t wish he was here too.

Amidst the rapid-fire interrogation, I thought of my loved ones. My family. Throughout my career, they’d remained steadfast in their support for me. This was the first awards ceremony they couldn’t attend. My parents. My two older brothers. I missed them all and wished, more than anything, that they were standing here there beside me.

When the press conference concluded, I slowly made my way back to the great hall. Nick was enjoying himself, deeply engrossed in an avid discussion with Amy. He kissed me briefly when I got back, then resumed his conversation. I sat down, fingers curled around the champagne glass, feeling a bit lonely.

The rest of the night passed by quickly. I watched esteemed actors win well deserved accolades. I didn’t stop acting like an obsessed fan all night, somehow neglecting my costars as I stalked my favourite actors. When the event concluded however, I was strangely relieved.

Nick didn’t stay long; he was flying out early the next day to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. So he bundled me up in the town car, still wearing his black blazer. The blazer had since been clumsily folded up and put away.

It was still pouring outside. Sheets upon sheets of rain pelted the window, obscuring the glass, making clear vision difficult. From what I could see though, the roads were still wet. There was barely any vehicles on the road, save the limousine, traffic was almost non-existent.

The car pulled into my street, cruising slowly past the darkened houses until it parked beside front gate of my condo. I didn’t live here alone, I shared the apartment with Justine. I couldn’t find her after the backstage press conference at the Globes; for some reason, she’d disappeared.

Don, the driver, flitted to my side, kindly offering his arm as I climbed awkwardly out of the vehicle. He held a large black umbrella over our heads as we approached the gate. Through it all, I didn’t stop talking, thanking him for being my chaperone.

“No problem, Miss Jennifer.” He smiled, somehow reminding me of my father. “Please don’t apologise. It’s an honour for me to escort you. Plus, it’s raining. You wouldn’t want your lovely dress to get wet.”

“Okay, if you say so.” I reply, shuddering in the cold. “Thank you again. I hope you didn’t wait too long. The awards show took forever.” I dig through the silver purse for my keys. “I can take it from here. Go home, it’s late, your family’s probably waiting up for you.”

“Are you sure, Miss? I can wait if there’s no one at home..”

“Very sure.” I smiled warmly at him. I paid him handsomely, making sure I added a generous tip. He waited until I was safely inside before departing. Such a lovely gentleman. Definitely a father.

I clambered up the steps of the front porch, slowly; gritting my teeth as I concentrated on not slipping in my sky high Louboutins. I peeked through the window, seeing that it was dark inside. So Justine wasn’t home.. Oh well, maybe there’s still time for a pizza.

The lights flickered on all at once as I pushed open the door. I let out a high pitched shriek, clutching my chest as my family members came into sharper focus, screaming the word 'surprise’. I laughed through my tears as several sets of arms embraced me.

My mom, Karen, was the first to claim me. She looked younger than her fifty one years, her golden hair shining. She peppered my face with kisses, the way only a mother could. “Surprise!” She cried. “Congratulations, darling. We are so proud of you.”

“Oh my god, I didn’t know you guys would be here! When did this happen?”

“Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you, now would it?” My father Gary’s blue eyes, so like mine, twinkled mischievously. He folded me into his arms for a tight bear hug. “We landed in LA this afternoon, booked a room at a hotel downtown.”

“Really? Oh my god, you guys should’ve told me. There’s plenty of room here.”

“Yes but like Dad says, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you.” My eldest brother, Blaine, teased. He ruffled my pixie cut, easily avoiding the punch I aimed at him. “Congrats, little sister. You look nice!”

“Thanks, bro. Where’s Meredith and Bear? Are they here too?”

“No, they’re in Louisville. They couldn’t make it but they wish they could be here. I know Bear misses his Aunt Jen.”

“Aw, well I miss him too.” I say, thinking of my cherubic, golden haired nephew. He was five years old and already a precocious child.

“Look who it is, it’s Bambi!” My brother Ben crowed, nudging me playfully in the ribs. Ever since I tripped at the Oscars in 2013, he’d taken to calling me 'Bambi’, which I secretly liked but never admitted out loud. “I saw what you did to Taylor Swift. Interrupting her, how dare you?”

“Hey, I was joking around!” I protested indignantly. “Come on, she found it funny. Plus she was very sweet about it.”

“Considering the last time we talked to her, you fangirled so much, you freaked her out.” A familiar voice teased. My heart thumped to a strange, irregular rhythm at the sound. I turned, slowly.

I’d know that voice anywhere.

There he was, standing beside my brother, hazel eyes gleaming. He wore his favourite black leather jacket and a pair of matching motorcycle gloves. He was still devastatingly handsome but it wasn’t his obvious good looks that captured my attention. It was the warm smile on his face.

“JOSH!” I shrieked joyfully, flinging myself at him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me close. He even smelled the same; like cinnamon. The tears started again, mingling with my laughter. “JOSHY! OH MY GOD! What are you doing here?!”

“Hey beautiful. I wanted to surprise you. Congratulate you on your award.” He chuckled, planting a kiss on my forehead. “I’m so proud of you!”

I beamed at him. “Thanks. Holy shit. I actually can’t believe you’re here! I didn’t think you’d be in LA right now.”

“Me neither. I flew in from Madrid and was going to go straight ahead to Union but then I thought I’d stop by.”

Oh, Madrid. My heart clenched painfully again. Better shut that door. He was here now. It’s all that matters.

“Don’t cry, you. It’s your big night.” Josh chided gently, brushing away my tears. “Besides, I ordered a late night feed for everyone. Feel like some good old Pizza Hut?”

“GOD YES.” I started marching towards the kitchen as fast as my dress would allow when suddenly my mother’s voice stopped me in my tracks. I turned sheepishly, catching her stern gaze.

“Jen, change. You don’t want pizza toppings all over that gown, now do you? Go now. We’re still gonna be here by the time you finish.” She said briskly, giving me a slight push in the opposite direction. “Actually, you might need help unzipping the dress. Come on, I’ll go with you.”

With no other choice, I marched up the stairs, my mother trailing behind. In my bedroom, I quickly singled out my favourite sweatpants and Louisville High sweatshirt. My mom held me by my shoulders, spinning me round until her soft fingers found the zipper.

I waited impatiently as she unzipped the dress, somehow reminded of my years as a teenager in Kentucky. After every prom, every high school dance, this was something my mom did, no matter how old I got. It was the way we talked. She’d ask me if it went well, whether I had a good time. Being the only women in the family; we shared a close bond.

Living a few states apart made me appreciate my mother’s presence even more. Once I was out of the dress, she stayed to replace it back in its plastic sheath, smoothing the folds until all the creases were out. I quickly changed into my sweatpants while she hung the dress on a hook by the door.

“Thanks for helping me out, Momma.” I say affectionately, carefully removing the Neil Lane earrings. “I missed you a lot. You know, this reminded me so much of prom. Do you remember?”

“How could I forget, honey?” She smiled fondly at me. “You’re as beautiful now as you were back then. Now I’m not just saying that because I’m your mother.”

“Yeah, I know. So how did you guys get here? Did Justine swing by to pick you up?”

“No, actually Josh did. He got in touch with her, I guess. When he did swing by, he told us he was ordering pizza, in case we were hungry.” The look in my mother’s eyes was unmistakeable. It was a look of pride, wistfulness.

“He’s great.” I say honestly. “I actually can’t believe he did all this for me.”

“Well, sweetie, he’s got a big heart. Like you. Now come on, otherwise they might eat all the pizza. And we sure as hell can’t let that happen.” She winked at me playfully, making me laugh as we descended down the stairs.

Sure enough, we found the boys playfully squabbling over the pizza. At least my brothers anyway. Josh was sitting with my dad, trash talking one of his favourite teams, the Louisville Cardinals. It was something they often did, something that made my father see him as another surrogate son.

I sat down beside my best friend, pulling the box of cheese pizza towards me. I dug into it without hesitation, nibbling on the delicious crust. “You’re not really insulting the Cardinals, are you? They’re on pretty good form at the moment, aren’t they Dad?”

“Well I think it’s time they change coaches.” Josh said, raising an eyebrow. “In basketball anyway. They gotta knock the number ones off the leader board at some point. Come on, I can’t even remember the last time the Cards won a championship.”

“Twenty thirteen, mind you.” My dad retorted playfully. “Since 1982, the Cards have been in the top five. You weren’t even born then, son, so you wouldn’t know.”

“Oh no he didn’t..” I teased in singsong as my brothers laughed.

“Yeah well, the Cats are gonna kick ass this season. I know they will. They’ve recorded over 1700 wins. AND they’re two time National Champions. I mean, granted this was back in '62. Nick Van Exel was a graduate from Cincinnati, he’s been coaching the Texas Legends since forever. We got Cats champions in the NBA, man.”

“Wow, when did you learn all this stuff?” Blaine asked, impressed.

“I do watch ESPN sometimes.” Josh chuckled. “Plus, you know I got this from my best pal, Google. Just then. I actually got scared.. I’m like 'Oh, shit. I need more basketball trivia. He’s gonna kill me with his awesome knowledge.” He shared an impish smile with my father.

My father, bless him, smiled back. “Okay enough sports, we can talk some more after the Cards kick your ass next month. Jen, honey, tell us about the Globes. Did you have fun?”

Josh pretended to be offended as he reached for another slice of pizza. “I’ll take that bet. You’ll be sorry you ever cursed the Cats.”

“Bring it on.”

“The Globes was fun.” I answered loudly, giggling. “I had a great time, acted like an obsessed fan. Stared at Meryl Streep for hours. No joke, I watched her eat, drink. I was THIS close to following her to the bathroom.”

“You’re such a weirdo.” Ben quipped, shaking his head as he chewed noisily.

“Ugh, I should not be allowed near people ever.” I laugh. “Meryl’s gonna get a restraining order put on me, I swear. But she actually congratulated me when they called my name. I almost passed out.”

“Speaking of.. I’m surprised you didn’t fall over on your way up there.” Blaine teased, roaring with laughter at the way my face reddened. “I remember last year your dress got caught on the step.”

“This year, I made sure the Dior people didn’t give me a train. Freaking hate big dresses. I swear, it’s the last time I’m wearing a dress that makes me look like a pastry.”

“Did you eat enough while you were there?” My mother asked sternly. She knew I had the tendency to neglect the basic human needs whenever I got overexcited.

“Yes, Mommy. Amy made sure I did. It’s the motherly instinct coming out of her. She was all bossy. Her partner, Darren, apologised afterwards. He said it’s because Aviana started eating solid foods recently so Amy’s making sure she eats it all.”

“Who’s Aviana?”

“Amy’s three year old daughter.” I smile, remembering the first time I’d met the bubbly little girl with tufts of bright, strawberry blonde hair. She looked exactly like Amy. “She’s a cute kid.” I snapped my fingers, remembering something. “Oh! Guess what? I met Sam Worthington.”

Josh sat up straighter, swallowing the mouthful of pizza he was eating. “You did?! Oh my god. That’s awesome.”

“Uh huh. I even got a picture with him.” I say happily, fishing my phone from the pocket of my sweatpants. I scroll quickly through the images until I found the picture, then scooted my chair closer to his. “See? We took a selfie.”

“Wow, very nice! Did you tell him we loved him in Avatar?”

“Yeah, I did. He said he really liked The Hunger Games. I almost passed out then too, I was like 'Oh god, Jake Sully just told me he liked the Hunger Games’. I texted you as soon as he left. I’m like 'Holy shit. Josh has gotta hear this.’”

He smiled, his eyes glowing. It sent a strange yet welcome warmth searing through my veins, making my heart beat a little faster than usual. “Oh yeah I did get your message. You texted me from the bathroom… I’m all 'Dude, shouldn’t you be up there presenting?’”

Laughing, I nudged his shoulder. “Well, I needed to pee. But I also needed to text you. So I thought, 'Why not do both?’”


I took another bite of my meat lovers pizza, ignoring the knowing look on my mother’s face. I had no doubt that she observed the casual exchange between us. The affectionate, almost tender, way we touched.

Despite the lateness of the hour, the conversation flowed easily. I served some coffee and rolls when the pizza was finally gone, beaming fondly at my loved ones. They chatted happily about the goings-on in their lives; so far removed from my own.

My father was amidst yet another project at his construction firm. He was building townhouses for a real estate company. He talked animatedly about concrete, bricks, cement. While my brothers rolled their eyes, I found myself listening aptly. Normality was so rare these days; my father’s talks brought that closer, even if only for a brief moment.

Blaine was navigating parenthood with my sister-in-law Meredith. So far he helped Dad out at the firm while raising their five year old, Bear. His wife was still on indefinite leave from her job as a paediatrician, holding play dates, forging friendships with other young moms in the area.

Although the summer had long since passed, my mother was still busy. She planned ahead for the coming season; adding more activities, booking venues, hiring new counsellors. As a teenager, I often assisted her, going along as a trainee counsellor when my brothers couldn’t. Now that we had our own lives however, she had a team of college graduates around her.

Wedding bells were ringing for my other brother, Ben, and my future sister-in-law, Carson. Like my parents, they still lived in Louisville, never straying far from their roots. The ranch ceremony would be held in the spring. This was something I couldn’t miss, being one of the bridesmaids.

Everyone was happy, healthy. Just as I hoped they would be.

Try as I may, I couldn’t stop myself from yawning. Against my will, the exhaustion was creeping back into my system, extinguishing what was left of the adrenaline. At first I thought I was doing well hiding my yawns, but when I stretched, my mother flicked her fingers.

“Oh, someone’s sleepy.” She said, rising from the table.

“No. No I’m not.” I protest feebly.

My mom laughed, shaking her head. “Sweetheart, you’ve been yawning for the last, oh I don’t know, ten minutes now? I think it’s time you call it a night.”

“But come on, stay. It IS a weekend, isn’t it?”

“Yeah but we’ve got a plane to catch. There aren’t many flights headed for Louisville.” Blaine reasoned, getting my mom’s message. He started gathering the empty plates, piling them on top of each other.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. It’s late anyway. We know you’ve had a long day.” Dad replied, kissing the top of my head. “You actresses need your beauty sleep.”

“Especially you. You get so crabby in the morning when you haven’t had a full twenty hours’ rest.” Ben teased, carrying the empty coffee pot into the kitchen.

“I do NOT get crabby.”

“Hah! Okay. You don’t get crabby.”

Shaking my head, I stood up to help clear away the mess. I’d spent years being the brunt of my brothers’ jokes. There were nights when I even cried over them because I was too young to understand. But now that we lived separate lives, only seeing each other when there was free time, I missed them so much more.

As tired as I was, I felt guilty having my family clear the table. But my mother insisted I relax while the men helped her with the work. So, I hung around in the living room, drifting in and out of sleep. When they were done, they each prepared to leave, grabbing coats, beanies, gloves.

My mother pulled me into her arms, holding me tight. “You were wonderful tonight, Jen. I’m proud of you, alright? Don’t forget.” She whispered, stroking my hair. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom.” I say, feeling my throat constrict. “I’ll see you in a few weeks.”

“Take care, squirt.” My father said, embracing me. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Work hard but stay relaxed, okay?”

“Sure, Daddy. Thanks for coming. Really. I missed you guys tonight.”

My brothers were next, tackling me so fast I was lifted off my feet. Laughing, I screamed, begging them to put me down. When they did, they both ruffled my hair. “Go and sleep, little sister. Congrats on the Globe.” Blaine replied, grinning.

“Yeah, it’s a miracle you didn’t fall over, Bambi. Really shocking.” Ben quipped, pulling his beanie low over his head.


“Coming, Mom!”

I chuckled, watching my family walk down the path. Five minutes later, they all but disappeared into the night, leaving behind a trail of white smoke. I shuddered, closing the door. The house seemed colder without them here, less lively.

Desperately craving some warmth, I shuffled into the kitchen. To my surprise, Josh was still there, washing the dishes; his elbows caked with foam and soap. The sleeves of his plaid shirt were rolled up, revealing his fair skin.

He smiled when he saw me come in. Warmth gushed through my veins, turning my limbs into jelly, making my hands tingle. My heart skipped a beat, thumping along to some strange rhythm. I smiled back, grateful for his presence.

“What are you still doing here?” I ask, combing through the cupboards for a mug. “It’s late. You should go home. I can do all that in the morning.”

“No, don’t sweat it, Jen. I got this.” He reached for the last plate, coating it liberally in dishwashing liquid. “You’re exhausted, so I don’t mind.”

“But, you know..” My voice trailed into nothingness. There was no point arguing. I sighed, conceding defeat. I brewed some hot coca and poured myself a mug, sitting at the kitchen counter with my fingers curled around the handle. “Thank you, though.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled, drying his hands on a dish towel. “Wow, that hot cocoa smells good. Can I have some too?”

“Help yourself.”

Once he had filled up his own mug, he joined me in the living room. We sat together on the couch, talking quietly, sharing stories. Like my family, he enquired about the Globes, wondering if I had a good time. I said I did but when I reflected on the memories, I suddenly found myself wishing he was there.

If it were up to me, I would’ve stayed up longer. Exhaustion crept back into my system, making me feel so sluggish I almost spilled my hot cocoa. He pushed it out of the way before it could fall on the rug.

Strong hands steadied me by the shoulders. Half a second later, I was lying on my back, my head pillowed by a cushion, with a blanket spread over me. I vaguely registered the sound of boots scraping across the floor. Oh no, was he leaving?

“Wait, don’t go.” I say, heart thundering in my ears.

“Relax, Jen.” He murmured gently. “I just moved my boots. I’m not going anywhere, okay? Shh. It’s alright.” He sat down again beside, shifting so that he cradled my head in his lap. His soft hands brushed my hair soothingly. “Shh, it’s okay.”

My body calmed at his touch, my heartbeat returning to its regular rhythm. I yawned, turning so that my face was almost touching the fabric of his shirt. My skin tingled as he pressed his lips to my forehead.

“Stay.” I whisper as the tendrils of sleep pulled me under.


EXO-M as Boyfriends

Hello!! Thanks so much for your request, and thanks, I love my theme too, haha! This is my first request so I hope it’s okay! I kind of got carried away, soo I’m doing it in it in two seperate posts, as EXO-M and EXO-K

Hope you enjoy, and if you want any of the points made into a full one-shot or imagine, just ask!!

Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine.

~ Moon


Chen (Jongdae):

  •  Chen would be quite stubborn and competitive, betting that he could hit and hold a higher note than you, even though you’re a girl, insisting that he can cook the rice to perfection and doesn’t need your help, even playful pillow fights/water fights become a war. In the end, though, Chen usually resorts to team work, resulting in duets, delicious rice, and poor D.O drenched in water, vowing revenge on the two of you.
  • He would play with your hair a lot, and in return you would play with his. This usually ended up with your hair braided on one side, and backcombed on the other, and his hair slick with gel and combed into perfect, symmetrical curtains, which was quickly messed up as he rolled around the floor laughing when you looked in the mirror at your own hair.
  • Chen would rely on you for a lot, especially after a long day/week. He would stumble in, greeting you with a kiss on the cheek, then dropping onto the couch, only rising when you announce that dinner is ready. Its even worse when he’s sick, every few minutes you can hear a raspy voice calling for you from the bedroom. He’s very grateful for everything that you do for him though, repaying in hugs, kisses, and….other things…

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  • Expect a LOT of selcas. A LOT. Usually when you’re both looking your best, pre-award shows and parties etc, but his favourite selcas of the two of you are the ones where you have both just woken up, or are about to go to sleep, both without makeup and looking completely natural. Although he would never share photos of himself online without makeup, he keeps these close to his heart because he thinks you’re gorgeous, makeup or not. He loves the intimacy of these pictures.
  • Every now and then you both have fashion days, parading up and down your make-shift runway of your hallway, showcasing your favourite designer outfits and strutting your stuff. It would usually end in him insisting that you didn’t own enough designer clothes, and planning a shopping trip in the near future to spoil you.
  • You would be in charge of ensuring that Every. Single. Bug. was taken care of, otherwise you would hear screams from the other side of the house, startling you, as Tao sprinted into the room, leaping to hide behind you, his protector, spluttering about a cockroach in the bathroom which was YOUR responsibility. But when you took care of it, you would be rewarded in lots of hugs and kisses!!

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Xiumin (Minseok):

  • Ultimate Netflix and Chill sessions where you two don’t even settle on a film to watch before Xiumin starts to play with your hair, quickly beginning a heated make-out session as he hovers above you. After a while, you erupt in giggles, confusing him as he jumps back, only to notice you pointing at the screen with the Netflix menu. He chuckles, “Maybe we should restrain ourselves and actually choose something to watch first, jagi”, you agreed.
  • Playful wrestling and contests where Xiumin would go easy on you, letting you win. Until you got cocky. Then he would let his ego take over, he would get rougher with you, until he had you pinned to the ground, giggling underneath him, begging for mercy. Then things would usually take a turn…
  • You being the Primary Taste Tester for Xiumin’s barista skills, waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly ground coffee, and Xiumin calling you from the kitchen. You’ve tasted every type of coffee under the sun, and you can’t help but think of him when you pass a coffee shop on the street.

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  • You both share a lot of facial products and like to have pamper days every now and then where you wear face and hair masks together.
  • Kris would often teach you little sayings or phrases in English/Cantonese/Mandarin/Korean (depending on your own native language). He enjoyed sharing his knowledge with you, enjoying teaching you “I love you” in several languages.
  • You would have to bully Kris into eating a lot of foods which he refuses, claiming its not his “style”, but he would be thankful when you introduce him to a variety of delicious foods which he would have never tried due to his stubborn attitude.
  • Kris would insist that he doesn’t like cuddling, yet you would often wake up in the middle of the night to his arms tight around your waist, his head buried in your neck, and smile to yourself.

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Lay (Yixing):

  • A lot of “Netflix and chill” which is really just you and Lay watching films together, inevitably falling asleep and waking up 2 hours later when the credits roll, legs and arms entangled together, too comfy to move to the bedroom.
  • Lay would enjoy playing guitar for you, you would close your eyes on the bed/couch and lie back as he strummed the guitar quietly. He would range between popular, upbeat songs, and his own slow, sad songs, until you convinced him to sing something happier. He would serenade you in Korean, often switching to Chinese, and sometimes dropping English phrases in. Lay would wait until your eyes started to droop and finally close, before strumming loudly and singing to jolt you awake, chuckling when you playfully hit him on the arm.
  • You would often get texts from the other members informing you that Lay, as per usual, forgot his phone, keys or other belongings at the apartment, and needed you to take them to him at work. On arrival, you would usually find out that this was a trap planned by Lay, because he misses you so much during the day, as well as the fact that the other members complained that they never get to see you, as they all ran towards you when you entered the training room, Lay always reaching you first and pulling you into a hug.

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  • Dating Luhan would include him buying you lots of matching hats, especially animal themed ones, to match his own. It would then include him begging you to wear them in public, as a sign of love between the two of you, but really because he thinks you look adorable in a fluffy panda hat.
  • You would love watching Luhan playing basketball and soccer, attending matches regularly, and cheering for him, even if he got embarrassed. You REALLY liked how he looked afterwards, sweaty and full of adrenaline…damn does that boy looks good in shorts.
  • Dates would be his time to shine as the man in the relationship, from taking you to the Fair and winning you teddies and plushies, to taking you hiking/rock climbing to show his strength. He lets this slip for you though, when he pouts and asks you if he can keep the wolf plushie he won for himself, or when he prepares an entire picnic for the two of you to eat during a break in the hike. You loved that he let his guard down around you.

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Spontaneous Vacation - Michael Clifford Imagine


Warning : some strong language towards the end

You were sat at home. You had just arrived back from spending Christmas with your family. Michael was in Sydney with his parents. You had wanted to spend the holidays together but both of you rarely saw your families so you decided to go your separate ways for the Christmas break. You had arrived back at your shared apartment. Michael was due to come home the next day. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You picked it up.

“Hey baby” you heard Michael’s voice on the other end.

“Hey” you reply you hadn’t spoken to Michael since you dropped him off at the airport so it was nice to hear his voice again.

“I’m going to be taking off in a minute, just wanted to let you know” he said he seemed nervous which was weird as he flew all of the time.

“I thought weren’t coming back until tomorrow” you ask confused as to why he was coming back early.

“Yeah about that, the guys and I are gonna go to Bali for a while for vacation so I won’t be back tomorrow” he replied

“Oh” you say slightly surprised at his words, you were unsure of what to say.

“I’ve got to go, see you later baby” he says before you can say anything. He didn’t give you a chance to say goodbye before he hung up.

You put your phone down. You had barely seen Michael recently, you had only spent a week with him before he left for Sydney. You were looking forward to seeing him, so you were quite unhappy that you would now be sat at home for god knows how long while he was out in Bali without you.

You called your best friend and told her about your situation. You spoke to her for a while about what she had been up to. You then proceeded to watch some of your favourite show on Netflix.

After a couple of hours your doorbell rang. You answered it to see your best friend. “Hey” you say hugging her, slightly surprised as to why she was here. “Pack your bags, because we are going…” she pauses, you stare at her and signal for her to go on, “to the Cayman islands for a relaxing vacation” she finished dramatically. You were confused, she must have sensed your confusion as she went on to explain that it would cheer you up and it would give you something to do other than watch Netflix all day. She knew you too well.

“When are we leaving?” you ask. 

“We have to be at the airport in two hours, oh and Matt and Dan are coming too” she said. You were quite happy to hear that. The four of you had been really good friends for ages, but you had barely seen them the past few weeks as you had either been working or with Michael. This trip was exactly what you needed.

The next hour and a half was full of frantically running around packing your suitcase making sure you had everything. You rushed to the airport and caught your flight, arriving at midday.

You checked into your hotel which was right by the beach. You stood on the balcony in your hotel room and looked out over the deep blue ocean. You felt your phone vibrate as it rung in your pocket. You picked it up not bothering to check the caller id. “Hello” you say.

“Hey baby” you hear him say.

“Are you enjoying your vacation?” you ask you still were not happy that he just took off telling you at the last minute, but you didn’t mind so much now that you were with your friends beside the beach.

“It’s good the guys and I are having fun. I tried calling you earlier but i couldn’t get through” he says you can tell he was slightly worried which you found sweet.

“Oh yeah, I was on a plane” you had been in such a rush you completely forgot to tell  him you were going.

“WHAT” he raises his voice. “why were you on a plane?” he asks.

“My friends took me on vacation so that i wasn’t sat at home on my own” you say. You hear a knock on the door to your room, as your best friend was in the bathroom, you go to answer it “Oh hey Dan, give me a sec” you smile at him.

“Michael I’ve got to go, have fun in Bali, I love you and I’ll talk to you later” you hang up on him before he can say anything else.

The four of you go down to the pool. Hours passed and you were very relaxed. You were lying peacefully in the sun watching the sunset, but before you knew it you were being picked up. You wriggled you looked up to see who was trying to carry you, it was Dan and he had finally got a hold of you and was carrying you towards the edge of the pool. You realised his intentions and started to try and escape his grip. You were giggling uncontrollably, you knew there was no way you were escaping his clutch, he was too strong.  He tries to throw you in but you pull him down with you. You felt your body hit the water. It was slightly colder than you expected but it was still refreshing. You surfaced in the water and looked towards Dan. You smiled and started to splash him, he copied your actions. The two of you started laughing as you splashed each other. You were quickly joined by the others turning your little game into a water fight, you and your best friend against Matt and Dan. You were genuinely enjoying yourself. You finish your antics in the pool before drying off and heading back to your room.

You had left you phone in your bedroom, you checked the screen you had four missed calls, all from Michael.  You became worried that something had happened. Before you can do anything your phone rings again.

“Hello Michael are you okay?”  You ask as you answer the phone.

“No I’m not okay Y/N I’m on the other side of the world and you’re getting off with another guy” he shouts down the phone. You are immediately confused as to why Michael would think that.

“Michael what the hell are you talking about?” you respond to him slightly more aggressively than you had intended.

“I saw the video on Snapchat" he says, as if that would clear things up.

“Michael i haven’t used Snapchat in weeks” you had no idea what he was talking about.

“Matt posted the video of you and Dan in the pool” he said his voice was angry but a hint of sadness. You didn’t realise there was a video but when you turned to your friend, the look on her face told you that her and Matt had filmed the entire thing.

You sighed. “Michael he threw me in the pool and we all had a water fight I don’t see what the problem is”. You could tell this was just him being jealous.

“You don’t see what the problem is? He had his grubby hands all over you” He growls down the phone.  You roll your eyes at his words. 

“Michael nothing happened why can’t you just trust me” You respond to him, you are trying to keep calm about the situation as you know Michael is just jealous, but you are quite hurt that he thinks you would ever think of cheating on him.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust him, why do you have to hang out with him anyway?” You were trying so hard not to lose it completely but he was not making it easy.

“So you want to pick my friends now? I can’t hang around with the guy I’ve been friends with for years all because you don’t like that it’s him with me making me feel better after you fucked of somewhere without telling me until you got on the fucking plane” You shouted at him.

You had lost it, you were on the verge of tears you could feel it in your voice. Your friend had been silently sat on her bed until she heard you. Michael had started saying something but you couldn’t hear him, she had taken the phone from you and hung up.  You started crying, you had no idea what was going on.

“Babe I’m so sorry, if I knew he would react like that I wouldn’t have let Matt post it” She said, sitting you down on the bed and putting her arm around you. “It’s okay it’s not your fault” you say to her. She comforts you; she kept hold of your phone so that you could calm down. You went to bed, unable to sleep properly, phasing in and out of consciousness all night.

You woke up in the morning, you felt empty. You didn’t know if you had completely screwed everything up with Michael and the thought made you nervous. Your friend was yet to return your phone. She said it was for your own good.

The others went down to the beach but you stayed at the hotel. You told them that you were going to take a nap. You had only been on holiday for one day and you already wanted to go home. Despite feeling tired, you still couldn’t sleep properly so you sat on the balcony staring off into the distance for several hours until you eventually fell asleep. When you woke up it was dark. You walked back into the hotel room. There was a knock at the door. You assumed that it was your friend and that she had just forgotten her room key. 

You opened the door. You were incredibly shocked when you saw the tall red head. You couldn’t decide if you were happy to see Michael or not. You didn’t know what to say so you resorted to just staring at him. He had bags under his eyes; he obviously didn’t sleep very well either.

“Can I come in” he asks quietly, he seemed nervous.

“I guess” You shrugged turning around and walking over to your bed and sitting down on the edge of it. He sat down next to you; he took your hands in his. When you didn’t remove them he spoke.

“Y/N I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you felt that way about me going to Bali, it was a last minute decision, if I knew you felt that way, I would never have gone.“  He began, he was speaking fast, his voice was desperate. You tried to speak but he cut you off “I was being stupid and jealous and I guess I just didn’t like that you were here without me having a fun time. Bali sucked without you and all I wanted the entire time I was there was you. Then I see him with his arms around you and your having fun and I overreacted, I’m really sorry Y/N, I love you” You don’t say anything, taking in what he said. When you don’t say anything he gets worried. “Y/N please say something” you can see the worry in his eyes. You knew you couldn’t be mad at him. You didn’t know how you felt before but it wasn’t anger, it was more like frustration.

“I love you too” you say to him quietly.  Even though you always assured him he had nothing to worry about, you knew Michael got jealous sometimes. He smiled at your words, putting an arm around you and pulling you into his chest. You tilt your head up towards his you smile at him “You’re an idiot you know that right?” You say to him sighing.

He returns your smile “Yeah but I’m your idiot”. He pulls you up the bed, kicking off his shoes. You lie down together, pulling the covers over the two of you. You cuddle into his side, and finally drift off into a peaceful sleep.

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Erotomania (Harry Imagine)

Trigger warnings: stalking, harassment

Hello, dear Anon, I don’t think you’re crazy. This is a super interesting idea and so… Here it is! You asked for it to be “a long one maybe” and somehow it turned into 3500+ words - yikes!
I really hope I’ve done your idea justice!

This is called Erotomania, because it is a real delusion and the stalker in this piece is experiencing it.

Dating Harry Styles had its perks, but it also came with a few disadvantages. Going from being a completely unknown, regular, girl to being worldwide renowned (pretty much overnight) was a hard thing to deal with. Most people were positive and friendly and genuine, but there were always the odd few that could be cruel and hostile and… dangerous?

He started following you pretty much as soon as he saw your picture popping up on gossip sites and in magazines. He thought that you were beautiful. Only this following wasn’t just on Twitter. He had been surprised at how easy it was to track down where you lived. He found you so easily, and keeping his head down wasn’t too difficult either. Outside your house there was now always at least one photographer or journalist or fan to skulk in the shadow of. When you aren’t expecting to see someone, it’s surprising how easy it is for them to go unnoticed by you.

At first, just seeing you go about your day to day life, in the flesh, was enough for him. He never even felt a need to approach you. He could just admire you from afar. It really was all he wanted… Until you and Harry started to get more serious. Rumours started flying around the internet about the two of you moving in together or engagement being on the cards, and then Harry started to stay the night at your place more and more. Eventually you did move in with Harry and that’s when his obsession with you got worse.

Despite his efforts for you to notice him now, you never did. Now you lived with Harry it was so much more difficult to be seen. There were more cameras, journalists and fans around you than there used to be. He had missed his chance. One night as you attended a film premier, as Harry’s plus one, he managed to get a spot at the barriers. You even approached him and took a selfie of the two of you. But you took so many selfies with fans that day, his face didn’t really register and after you passed him back his phone, with a sweet smile, you went and joined Harry in having your photos taken together for the press. The way that you looked at Harry, with such love in your eyes, made him angry. And now he’d had just the smallest taste of your attention… he wanted more of it.

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