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Everything is the same but John Laurens is now Joan Laurens

Okay but imagine how the duel with Lee would go down-
I n f a c t—–
(Just ignore the fact that women weren’t allowed to fight in the war mkay okay)

Joan was so many levels done with this bullshit. In fact, there were such a multitude of levels that it had become a video game trilogy, though sequels were still in the making. Alexander had tried to talk her out of it at first, he really had. That’s what she decided to act like he did at least. It was more of saying one thing and meaning another. She couldn’t help but smile slightly as she thought back to what he had said. “And while I understand that our frustration is shared in Lee’s ignorant behavior, I would rather you only duel if you find no reasons not to.” He knew how she felt about Lee, so finding a reason not to duel him would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

She stormed across the muddy ground of the camp, defiant curls tied up in a loose ponytail and forest like eyes filled with an umbrage that seemed like it would be around for awhile. Alexander trailed close behind her, bewildered on how someone so small could hold so much frustration and anger. “Charles Lee, get your shit talking, no respect having, general wannabe, dumb ass out here!” She snapped, standing in front of the tent she believed belonged to the man. Her foot tapped against the ground, impatiently waiting for him to exit as she let out a soft huff. Once the ‘general’ stood before her, she stood a bit straighter, brows furrowed and eyes still holding that rage that she couldn’t let go of.

Lee looked down at Joan in amusement, and already she had a feeling that he wouldn’t even think twice about taking her seriously, but that wasn’t about to stop her. “Can I help you, Laurens?” He questioned, arms crossed over his chest. “Yes, actually. You could help me a lot by keeping your damn mouth shut. Washington has-” “Washington has done nothing but constantly change orders in the middle of battle. He’s indecisive no matter what the situation is.” If one could ever be killed by a mere look, Charles Lee would have gone beyond the definition of dead from the one that Laurens held on her face. “That’s it- I tried to be as nice as I could be about this, really, I did, but I can’t handle the overwhelming dumbassery that is you and your thought process. I challenge you to a duel, right here, right now.” Laurens stated, reaching her hand out to Hamilton, who she knew already grabbed his pistol for her while she was storming over like an ominous rain cloud.

Lee scoffed before bursting into a small fit of laughter, a few of his colleagues joining in as well. “Laurens, I’m not dueling with some temperamental woman who clearly has no clue how to keep her mouth shut and wasn’t taught that it isn’t lady like to swear. I’m guessing you’re only here because you’re such a prime example of what happens when you let a woman exercise her freedoms too much.” He stated, a small chorus of ‘Ooooh’s filling the air. Laurens held up her hand, already knowing Hamilton was ready to say something, anything, honestly a million things to Lee. She merely handed him the pistol and her coat, cracking her knuckles. “Then fight me. You don’t have to duel with me, but just prove you’re not all talk. I’ll be satisfied.” She stated, not budging an inch even as she only earned more laughter. “Fight you? And what’s a tiny little thing like you going to do? Kick my shins?” Lee questioned, a look of guile clear on his face. Anyone who knew Laurens knew that she almost did a complete 180 when she was put into a nettled mood, especially when it was done by someone as disagreeable as Lee. She went from talking about home to talking about how some assholes gonna wish he was in hell once she gets done with him.

Hamilton placed a hand on Laurens’ shoulder, as if trying to silently tell her 'This may not be a good idea’ to which she verbally responded, “What? You don’t think I can do it?” He retracted his hand quickly, shaking his head like a child denying that they stole a cookie. “I never said that.” “You didn’t have to. Look, my goal isn’t to win, it’s to hold Lee to his words. Though winning shouldn’t be that hard if all he seems to know how to do is retreat.” She asseverated, making sure that Lee heard her loud and clear. The man was clearly offended, walking closer and looking down at her, brows furrowed and eyes narrowed. “Fine. I’ll entertain this little conflict of yours.” He grumbled, removing his coat and holding it out for a friend to take. Once the navy blue fabric was secured, he looked at Laurens expectantly, causing her to do the same.

“Who’s gonna throw the first punch? What, do women slap each other first or som-” Lee was cut off as Laurens punched him straight in the gut, causing him to keel over. Before even thinking give him time to recover, she grabbed his shoulders and forcibly slammed his head on to her knee before tossing him to the ground. She grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him up before punching him in the face a few times, slightly encouraged by the few cheers of the slowly growing crowd. Laurens gave Lee time to get up, watching as he wiped the mud off his face and the blood from his nose. Right as he gaining his balance, she wound up her fist before punching him right in the crotch, watching Lee crumple to the ground as the small crowd cheered and laughed. “When women fight, we don’t slap. We kick ass” She stated, turning back to Alexander with a smile. “We have better things to do than watch him cry, let’s go.” She stated casually, beginning to walk away as she put her coat back on.

“You’re adorable when you’re angry, you know.” Alexander teased, causing Joan to blush softly and scoff, shaking her head as she pushed a few curls from her face. “Please, more like adorabloodthirsty.”

Tyrus Wong, whose watercolors helped define the look of Bambi, died Friday, Dec. 30. He was 106.

Like most animation fans, I first heard of Tyrus Wong via his work on Bambi. Legend has it, that’s the first time Walt Disney heard of him, too!

Okay, so the story goes…

Walt was chomping at the bit to make Bambi, only he was having trouble finding the ‘look’ he wanted for the film. He’d tried ultra-realism, but nixed it. He switched to super cartoony, but again, nope. It was beginning to look like the film would get shelved until late one night, while wandering through his studio, Disney happened upon a small stack of unusual watercolors. They were by a fella named ‘Wong,’ and they were…well, different.

What do I mean by ‘different’? Well, for one thing, these watercolors were tiny. Most of them measured no more than 4″ x 5″. And where the rest of the studio’s painters tried to pack as much detail into each picture as possible, Wong’s paintings were sparse, vague — almost suggestions. Wong would later say, “I tried to keep the thing very, very simple and create the atmosphere, the feeling of the forest.”

It worked. Walt was so impressed with what he saw that the very next day he promoted Wong from his job as an in-betweener (kind of like an animation line cook) to concept artist (think: Michelin rated chef)! Not only that, but Wong’s watercolors came to define the look of Bambi‘s backgrounds, providing the film with its sensitive, poetic and often ethereal mood.

After working at Disney, Wong moved on to Warner Bros. There he provided production art for quite a few live-action classics, including Rebel Without A Cause, The Wild Bunch and Sands of Iwo Jima. He also did freelance commercial work, where his gorgeous watercolor and calligraphic art came to adorn everything from greeting cards to high end pottery.

After retiring, Wong began making kites. Not your typical, four-cornered diamond shaped kites, but HUGE, ornamental, multifaceted kites in the shape of dragons, centipedes, flocks of birds and swarms of butterflys.

Upon first discovering Wong’s work fifteen years ago, I wrote him a number of gushing — and probably pretty embarrassing — fan letters. Wong responded to each and every one of them graciously.

I still have the envelope from his first response, where he drew a small, singing bird in pastels, sitting atop my name. (See above.) Another time, I literally teared up when I opened my mailbox to find a Christmas card that Wong had designed decades earlier. It was a winter scene, featuring a mother deer and her young buck. Inside, Wong not only signed it with his English name, but also embossed it with a red stamp bearing the Chinese characters for his name! Needless to say, I treasure both of these items to this day.


All of this rambling is really just my way of honoring a man whose work has meant so much to so many. I hope he knew how truly appreciated his wonderful work was.

R.I.P. Tyrus Wong  (Oct. 25, 1910  - Dec. 30, 2016)

still your gushing fan,

Ju-osh M.


sterek week (2016 edition) ▷ day 4: Were!Stiles Blue Is Just Pretty by @malmao

Stiles opens his mouth a few times, like he wants to say something. He can’t at first, just shuts his jaw as his heart rate picks up at a steady pace.
Finally, he clicks his tongue against his teeth and says, “They’re blue,” with a little crack around the end.
Derek eyes his profile warily. None of the pack knew why Stiles had chosen to sequester himself in this room, but he’d had his suspicions. The teen doesn’t meet his gaze now. Just gives a little look up at the mirror then goes back to plucking at the denim of his jeans.

“Can I see?”

Stiles head snaps toward him, and Derek raises his eyebrows in silent response. He tries not to let his eyes flick down to the boy’s mouth out of habit. Fails.
He’s surprised when Stiles complies effortlessly. He always knew Stiles would make a good werewolf. He’s almost too good, picking up control like it’s a skill he’s had hiding beneath his bed.
Derek thinks of himself. Thinks of Paige. Thinks of being alone and heartbroken with blue burning behind his eyelids. Think of his mother crouched down in front him with her hard jawline and soft smile.
With his heart lodged behind his adam’s apple, he reaches out and rests his hand on the side of Stiles’ neck, his thumb brushing the turn of his jaw beneath the ear. Stiles’ eyes (still brilliant, glowing blue) scan his face. Right eye, left eye, mouth, and back.

“Still beautiful,” Derek says finally, “just like the rest of you.”

so I was going through the loss.jpg tag and people are getting angry because of how miscarriage isn’t a funny thing. And that’s true! Miscarriage is a sad thing and not at all something okay to laugh at!

But the thing that makes loss.jpg funny is because of how it’s bad storytelling. When you want a funny comic, you often have simplistic, similarly arranged panels to deliver the punchline. It’s funny because of either something being said or something changing! (Buckley could work on the funny though.)

See, Garfield is a good example of this:

Almost all of those panels have the same two figures in roughly the same spot. This helps accentuate how the last panel (the punchline panel, if you will) is different!

Ctrl+Alt+Del is a comic series that kept to this pattern:

Here, again, we have panels arranged simply, and the figures in the same  arrangement (height and placement, if you will) so that people pay attention to the text. The text is the funny part here, so there is no reason for the figures to change much.

But loss.jpg is a serious piece. I mean, I’ve never experienced this, but I’m willing to bet that if I or my spouse or my friend experienced a miscarriage or something, I’d be devastated! However, it kept to the silly, simplistic format.

“Well, okay.” you say. “How do you convey serious emotions in comics?”

And that depends on the emotion! The regular squares of the above comics enforce a sense of regularity. Meanwhile, with, like, an action comic, the panels will often be misshapen and crooked to give the idea that woah! something is happening.

Woah!! that guy almost go eaten by a dino thingy. It’s chaotic and confusing- meanwhile if you had put that into our “loss” format, the action would seem to have been much less important. In fact, you could almost say that it looked funny! See what I’m getting at?

“Okay. But whateverhisnameis from CAD isn’t fighting dinosaurs. Would he need those wacky panels?”

Well, sort of! You might want a misaligned panel for the panel when he opens the door, because I’m pretty sure he’s slamming it open, not gently pushing the door aside. But for the other panels, it would seem DragonBall Z levels of overdramatic to have WOAHH ACTION panels. You’d want something that isn’t too repetitive, thought. Something like this!

Here, the panels are pretty regular. But the placement of the figures is different according to each panel, creating that difference that we need to keep the actions from seeming funny. Sure, nobody is throwing punches, but there is something serious going on!! This isn’t perceived as funny because the figures are different per each panel.

Compare to loss.jpg and what do we have?

we have figures all positioned about knee height, with our protagonist always on the left, and always facing right. The last panel is almost always the punchline panel- that’s why people think that loss.jpg is people laughing at miscarriage. It’s not.

So what would make loss.jpg look like the serious story it’s trying to convey?

I scribbled this in 5 minutes in paint, but here’s my idea of what a better “loss” would look like:

He bursts through the doors and rushes to the receptionist, who directs him to the doctor. As he steps into the hospital room, he sees his wife crying and approaches to comfort her.

Is this perfect? Probably not! I’m honestly just learning comic theory right now. But does it convey the serious and honestly sad story of loss.jpg? Yes! You can’t tell a serious story in a silly manner. It’s like trying to tell a WWII survivor’s story with wingdings font. Using the wrong tools and techniques will get the wrong story across.

TL;DR loss.jpg’s punchline is that Tim Buckley needs to learn how to tell a story, not that miscarriage is in any way funny


Okay so this is my little zine I made!

I googled many different ways to deal with dysphoria (since I don’t really know how to deal with my own dysphoria xL) and I found these 6 to be the best (in my opinion)

Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup

I’ll Be There - Part 15

|Part 1|
|Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10| |Part 11||Part 12| |Part 13| |Part 14|

Member: Hoseok

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 6275 

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: Okay, I know I’m a little late, but here is finally is. THERE WILL BE AN EPILOGUE. I didn’t want to make this too long and it wouldn’t fit in, so an epilogue it is. Also, none of this is edited, so i’m sorry if there are a lot of typos. I tried to get this out asap. Thank you for reading and enjoy Xx 

Also, I wanted to do a quick birthday shoutout to @kristiniec​. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎉 🎉 🎉

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“Kiss the bride!” One of the parents say.

“What —” Hoseok turns towards your and gives you a peck on your lips. Wait. What?

“I got the picture!” Your mother shouts with joy.

“Hobi. What did you do.” You look towards him and he gives you a toothy grin.

This was the first time you ever felt your heart flutter in response to Hoseok’s actions. Everyone in the neighbourhood was well aware you and Hoseok. They knew that you were the best of friends. Inseparable since day one, complimenting each other’s qualities, and some more extreme among those that you knew believed that you and Hoseok would get married one day. Perhaps your little five year-old heart started to believe everything that all these people said.

Endless comments of

“Oh, look how cute they are together!”

“I wish my daughter could find herself a friend like Hoseok.”

“Hoseok, you be good to Y/N now or she’ll never marry you!”

At the time being, you and Hoseok had no idea what these comments meant. The two of you were just best friends; is there anything else the two of you would ever ask for?

You thought that your crush for Hoseok developed during your high school years, but turns out your heart was years ahead of your mind.

“Yah! HOSEOK COME BACK!” Hoseok runs off with the plate that you had just made for yourself. Through Hoseok’s persistent requests, the two of you have decided to do movie nights at the end of every week. You didn’t think that there would be enough good movies to last even a month, but you’ve been doing this for almost five months now.

It has been a while since the incident with Sumi. Every once in a while. you will think back to what happened. A few days after you got out of the hospital, you and Hoseok were notified that Sumi won’t be arrested for what she did. The police said that they didn’t have enough evidence of your other claims to press any charges, however that one time where she pushed you onto the road was enough to grant you and Hoseok and restraining order. Without any hesitation, Hoseok called a lawyer to get the papers ready. You told him that you wanted to think about this whole situation at first, but he didn’t let it pass so easily.

“I don’t know Hoseok.. shouldn’t we get Sumi some help first? I’m pretty sure that there’s a lot more to this whole situation that we don’t know about.”

“What if she hurts you again Y/N? I can’t let that happen, not possible. Think about it Y/N. Once we get these papers, she will never be able to even come near you unless she wants to get arrested.” Hoseok pleads you with his eyes. They’re very convincing, but you deep down, despite all that she’s done to you, you want to help Sumi.

“I just want to help Sumi get past this stage of her life…just like how we’re trying to move on as well.” You grab Hoseok’s arm and hope that he understands where you’re coming from.


Instead of answering you, he moves to the couch. He sits and places his face in his hands.

“We can just find her a psychiatrist or a therapist. That’s all I’m asking. We’ll give her the contact and if she still doesn’t want the help, then we forget about all it.” You sit next to him.

“What about the papers?”

“I’ll sign them.”

“Just a therapist right?” You nod and give him an encouraging smile. Hoseok lets out a heavy sigh and then agrees.

“Fine, but we’re getting the paperwork done first.” You nod. “AND I’m never letting you out of my sight!”

“Okay! Thank you Hoseok! I know this must be super hard for you, but just know that I’m doing this also for our sake and the sake of other people. We don’t want Sumi to keep hurting more people right?”  You place your hands on his shoulders so you can genuinely look at Hoseok.

“I know…” Hoseok nods slowly and then hugs you without anything to follow.

One thing’s for sure. It wasn’t an easy journey to get where the two of you are at today. Just like anything else, there were up’s and down’s. Hoseok took it extremely hard the second month following everything. As if reality decided to get up and punch Hoseok senseless, he would be unresponsive to everything. You felt like you were reliving the time when Hoseok was again, heartbroken from Sumi, but for different reasons this time.

Hoseok would stay out late at bars, getting drunk until he couldn’t even see straight. It hurt you to see him like this. It hurt you even more that you couldn’t do anything to help him. Because of Hoseok’s reckless behaviours during his drunken state, which was all the time, he did many things that are unlike him.

Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean your boss has changed much. You once again are stuck at the office with a heap of work and files to type up. To motivate yourself, you make a nice cup of steamy coffee as well as treat yourself to some nice aromatic bags of all sorts of chips. Unhealthy? Most definitely. Do you care? Most definitely not. Anything to get you through all this work.

What seems like years of endless hacking at  your keyboard, you finally type in the last word and press the print button. Never in your life would you think that the noisy printer at your office would sound so peaceful.

As you’re enjoying your fourth cup of coffee, the annoying ring of your phone interrupt the printer.


You brace yourself for loud club music and endless screaming.

“Hoseok?” Immediately your ears are hit with the obscene music.

“Y/N! Wheeeerrrreeee aaarrrreee yooouuuuuuu? Comme haave fuunnnn wiiitth mee!” You can already picture what Hoseok looks like. Sweaty, sloppy, slurring his every word, stumbling on every step he takes, and the smell of alcohol washing off of him.

“Which one are you at this time.” Yes. This time. Hoseok has become the frequent customer to many bars.

He tells you the location, and then you gather your things. Since this has become such a routine for you, you no longer bother with even asking why Hoseok drank so much. You’ve tried all you could to get him to stop, but nothing seems to work. At this point, you would even let Hoseok date a frog if it meant that you would no longer have to make late night trips to the bar.

As Hoseok has become a regular to many bars in the city, you’ve become a regular to his apartment. The security guard on duty during the night always gives you a look of pity as he sees you drag Hoseok up to his apartment. However, you declined his offer just to avoid all the questions that would be asked. The guard meant no harm, but with already so much on your hands, you don’t know if you can bear to even explain the simple details.

“Mmm Y/N your hair smells sooo gooood.” When you’re rummaging through your purse to find Hoseok’s keys, he brings his face into the crook of your neck. If it weren’t for the fact that Hoseok was drenched in the smell of alcohol and threatening to vomit on you at any moment, you would definitely be flustered at this moment.

“Okay there big boy,” You manage to open his door without any issues and plop him down onto his bed. “…stay here and don’t move. I’m going to get the towels okay?” You set down all of your things and then get a small bucket of cool water and some towels as well.

Back in Hoseok’s you sigh as you see that he’s already stripped himself of a few articles of clothing. Fortunately, he was decent enough to leave his pants on.

“Alright Hoseok, you know the drill.” You mumble just to amuse yourself. You place the cool, damp towel on Hoseok’s head to cool him down and take another to wipe away the sweat that’s forming on his face and neck. The biggest struggle was just to not get distracted by Hoseok’s bare chest.

“Mmm.” Hoseok groans and rolls on the bed so that he is now facing you. His hands find his way to your waist somehow and then he pulls you down so that you’re now lying down next to him on the bed.

“Ugh Hoseok…” You try to push him away, but his grip around your waist only grows stronger.

“Y/N…You’re so comfortable. I like it.” Now this makes your heart flutter. You hate that even in his drunken state, Hoseok has this kind of effect on you.

“Hoseok you’re all sweaty and gross!” Trying to protest your way out of this, you continue to push him away, but then he does something unexpected. He flips you around so that he’s straddling you. Now this. This leaves you speechless. Not just speechless, frozen. Every muscle in your body expect your heart decides to stop moving.

“Y/N, your eyes are so sparkly.” He moves his face closer to yours and you swear you just lost your ability to blink. “Soo sparkly.” Hoseok says in awe.

“H-Hoseok, w-w-what are you d-doing? G-get o-off me r-right now.” You have definitely lost your ability to speak because your command sounds like anything, but assertive.

“Our Y/N is so pretty.” Hoseok blurts out while he strokes your hair.

“Hoseok I think you should get some rest now.” Your voice cracks every now and then as you try to regain some sanity from this whole situation.

“So….Pretty….” With every word he speaks, he moves his face even closer and with his hands, he cups your face.

Before you can even react to all this, you can feel the ghostly touch of Hoseok’s lips.

No, it can’t happen like this.

You anticipate for the connection, but it never happens? Suddenly you feel a lot of dead weight on your body.

Hoseok is fast asleep.

This causes you to let out a sigh and you laugh silently to yourself.

Who are you kidding. Sober Hoseok would never do anything like this.

You don’t know what happened after that, but something just clicked within Hoseok and he took a complete 180 turn. One day he was the local alcoholic, and then the next he was back to his old, if not better, self. As shocking as it was, you’re glad that Hoseok managed to sort things out by himself because if not, you’re not too sure if you would have even made it today. If anything, you would probably still be dragging Hoseok out of a bar if it weren’t for his sudden change of mind. Despite being so curious as to how he changed everything literally overnight, you didn’t push him to tell you. It probably took a lot of will power and determination so you let it be.  

“Jung Hoseok! You better give me my food back or else I’m never watching another movie with you ever again!” This time Hoseok listens to your threat and he steps out of the room which he locked himself in. He walks out timidly while holding out the plate of food towards you. You smile as you rightfully earn your winning stance and sit down on the church.

“You can choose a move this time.” Hoseok browses all the option that are available online and he settles for one that looks like an action movie. He presses “play” and leans back into the couch beside you.

It doesn’t even take you a quarter of the movie until you’ve completely devoured all the food. In your defence, Hoseok did already eat half of what you prepared. The movie itself was quite interesting, but often times you found yourself quite distracted by the minimal space between you and Hoseok’s thighs. You are already leaning against the armrest of the couch so there is nowhere left for you to go, but Hoseok, he has the rest of the couch to him yet he chose the position he’s in right now.

Knowing that he probably did this unintentionally, you try to take your mind off it, but every now and then, Hoseok would shift in his position and his thigh would rub against yours. You and Hoseok are close, but it doesn’t help that your feelings for Hoseok grow deeper and stronger with every passing day. You know it’s wrong to feel so strongly about him, especially at this point because he just go out of a relationship, so you put in your best effort to hide any signs of you possibly showing your affection for him.

To calm yourself from all this, you place your hands on your thighs to stop them from shaking, and to hide the fact that you palms are becoming extremely sweaty. Does this happen almost every movie night? Yes. Does it get very awkward? Not for Hoseok, but for you it does. Then, Hosoek does a little stretch and you swear your heart stops for a moment because his hands come behind your back, but then he quickly brings them back to the front.

“Ah I’m getting a little hungry. Do you want anything Y/N?” Hoseok stands up and points to the kitchen.

“That’s okay. I’m going to go get some blankets though because I’m getting a little cold.”

“Okay.” He says nonchalantly as you rush into his room to get some spare blankets.

Truthfully you are getting the blankets, but at the same time, you’re also taking this moment to calm yourself of everything.

“Deep breaths Y/N. You’ve done this so many times. It’s nothing new. It’s just a movie.” You whisper to yourself over and over again. When you deem yourself worthy of presenting yourself to the public eye, you quickly grab some blankets and head back to the couch. Hoseok is already seated with his bowl of popcorn. Thankfully there is more space between the two of your this time. Now you’re able to watch the rest of the movie comfortably without having to go crazy.

You wake up with a very unpleasant cramp in your leg. You groan as every move you make makes your leg sore. Perhaps the blankets are too comfortable and warm, but you don’t want to get up. Then you feel something strange. Pillows aren’t supposed to move…. You try to shift your position to figure out the whole situation, but from a very soft bed, you find yourself meeting the hard ground, butt first.

“Aish, what is this?” As you rub away the pain, you take notice that you weren’t in fact sleeping on a bed, but instead on a couch. A couch—Ah. Oh. Somewhere throughout the movie, you must have fallen asleep. Then your eyes diverge to the figure that’s seated on the couch. Hoseok? What is he doing on the — Oh no. You didn’t? Aish stupid Y/N.

The only thing you can think of is that you fell asleep on Hoseok’s lap and the two of you stayed there for the whole entire night. You look at how his upper body is bent at an unnatural angle while his feet are flat on the group. It must have been so uncomfortable for him. You frown at this thought and then standup to place the blanket around him.

Maybe it’s the earliness of the morning, but somehow you manage to step on the blanket and end up tripping yourself.

“Ah!” You let out a scream, but thankfully you fall on something soft.

“Ughh…” Hoseok groans as you open your eyes to see where you landed.


“Y/N? What are you doing?” Hoseok rubs his eyes to focus his vision and you scramble to get off him.

“O-oh. N-Nothing! I just tripped on the blanket! Don’t worry about it. It’s fine!” As you’re scrambling get away from Hoseok, you don’t notice how much of the blanket has actually accumulated at the bottom of your feet and once again, you step on some of it and you fall backwards.

However, just like the other times when you fall, you don’t feel the impact.

“Aigoo Y/N. It’s too early in the morning. Can’t you give me a break for once?” Hoseok says jokingly as he has a firm grip around your waist. Your face reddens as you notice how close his face is to yours.

“A-ahhh sorry! I just w-woke up too so t-that’s probably why!” Hoseok lets you go so that you’re standing up straight and he takes the blankets away from you.

“We don’t want you falling again right Y/N?” He laughs, but you only manage a forced smile.

Yeah…no falling indeed.

You hate to admit it, but you’re falling hard. Thankfully it’s like a gradual thing so your mind is able to catch up with your heart, but unfortunately, Namjoon and Jin don’t let you live a day without reminding you about this. Whenever you meet up with them, the first thing they will ask you is if Hoseok has asked you out yet. Every single time, you give them the same boring old answer that Hoseok doesn’t actually like you, yet for some reason, that never sticks to their mind.

“Have you told him that you like, I mean loooovee him?” Jin teases you as he stares at the display of watches.

“Jin. Why in the world would I ever do something like that? Hoseok doesn’t look at me that why and he never will so why bring so much embarrassment to myself? Can’t we just live peacefully as friends?”

“Namjoon! You heard that? This girl wants to live peacefully as friends! Honey, we both know that that’s not going to happen.” Jin pats your shoulder lightly for support, but you only glare at him.

“I hate you Kim Seokjin. I hate you so much.”

“Think about it though Y/N. What have you been telling us these past few months? That Hoseok has been a lot nicer to you? Getting you to go out on little adventures together? Taking you places? Always being there for you? Don’t you think that’s gotta mean something?” Jin gives you a wink and nudges your side, but you’re not taking any of it.

“He was always like this Jin, what are you talking about? The feelings are completely one sided.”

“Your brain is one sided.” He mutters underneath his breath and you glare at him.

“Seokjin I hate you so much I hope you never—”

“WOW Y/N!  THIS SCARF IS SO PRETTY! YOU SHOULD TRY IT ON!” Jin immediately wraps a thick wool scarf around your neck and covers everything but your eyes. Good. You think. At least you can still glare and rip out his soul.

“Y/N! HURRY! COME OUT OF YOUR APARTMENT! I HAVE SOMETHING REALLY URGENT TO TELL YOU!” One day, you’re going to teach Hoseok some manners and have him not scream every time he calls.

“Can’t you just tell me over the phone? I’m kind of busy right now.” Your eyes are fixated on your laptop screen as the newest couple on ‘We Got Married’ appears.

“Y/N, I’m telling you. This is really important and if you don’t come down, I’m going to flip shit right in front of your apartment building and I don’t think the security ahjussi will like that very much.”

“Hoseok I swear to go—”

“Pleeeaaassseee Y/N! Just this one time! For me?” Hoseok says in a sing-song voice and you reluctantly shut your laptop.

“Fine, but just for this one time. Don’t think it’s going to happen again.” You make your way to your room to get changed.

“Thank you Y/N! You won’t regret it! I promise!” Before you can even say another word, he hangs up. Quickly, you get dressed, grabbing whatever you can find in your closet. You also take your bare essentials with you, assuming that Hoseok is going to take you God knows where.

The moment you walk out of the elevator, the security man sees you and gives you a smile which you return. He also points cheekily outside. At first you’re confused as to why he’s pointing something to you, but then you follow the path of his finger and notice where he’s point at. Hoseok. He’s pacing back and forth in front of the shrubs while rubbing the back of his neck. People from the neighbouring country could even sense his nervousness, but for what?

You decide to sneak up on Hoseok. You clutch your bag so that it doesn’t make any noises and tip-toe towards Hoseok until you’re ghostly close to him.

“What are you doing?” You whisper in his ear, and just like you intended, Hoseok jumps up in freight and you fall to the ground in laughter.

“Y/N! What are you doing?! I could have died you know?” Hoseok glares at you while you’re still on the ground, unable to catch your breath.

“You seemed so nervous! Why are you walking in front of the shrubs like that? You’re going to scare all my neighbours away!” You manage to get up and dust yourself off. Hoseok on the other hand, tries to hide his uneasiness, but you can sense that something is a little off.

“Nothing! Nothing’s wrong! Come on lets go before it’s too late!”

“Too late for — Ah!” Hoseok grabs you by your arm and drags you towards his car which is not parked too far away.

The whole entire car ride, you try to tease Hoseok so that he will tell you where he’s taking you, but no matter what you do, what you say, he doesn’t give in. Huh. Shocking. Normally when you bug him enough, he will tell you something. Maybe it won’t be important, but he still tells you something.

As the car continues to move, you notice the change of scenery. The blur of concrete buildings disappear and the clusters of people grow smaller and smaller. Soon, the horizon is no longer blocked off by the cityscape. Trees come into sight and for the first time in a long time, you’re able to see beyond everything. You open the window slightly and let the wind run through your hair.

“Hoseok, where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see.” He takes his eyes off the road for a brief moment to look at you.

“The beach?! Oh my God!” As soon as you catch sight of the water, you jump out of the car, take off your shoes, and run towards the sparkling blue ocean. The rush of the wind mixes in with the crashing roars of the waves. It has been a long time since you’ve been out of the city, and now you’re just realizing how much you needed such a trip.

“Hoseok! Why did you bring me here?” You ask immediately as he stands beside you in the water.

“I was just thinking how you’re always stuck ten feet under piles of work and I was getting bored so why not come to the beach? I also heard that they’re doing a firework show tonight so I thought we could stay to watch it as well?” You can only stare wide-eyed at Hoseok. He looks at you with a confused expression, but you just want to take in this moment.

You promised yourself that you wouldn’t show any signs of your affection in front of Hoseok, but you can’t help it. The sun is shining at such an angle that makes every curve and line of his face stand out. It’s not the perfect angle, no, but it’s enough to capture the warmth of Hoseok’s heart.

“Well? Do you like it? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this earlier. It was really last minute and I thought it would be nice to give you a small surprise so —”

Without even thinking, you give Hoseok a quick peck on the cheek. Only after doing so do you realize what it is exactly that you just did. No turning back now.

“Thank you Hoseok. Sincerely, thank you.” The Sun is burning brightly, but with the heat rising to your face, you think the sun is going to have some serious competition.

Hoseok looks stunned for quite a while. He opens and closes his mouth several times, trying to find the right words to say, but nothing ever coms out of his mouth.

“Well come on then! We don’t have all day!” You throw you purse a fair distance away from the water along with your shoes and splash some water on Hoseok before running off.  Hoseok finally comes back to his senses and he too, throws his belongings at a safe distance and chases after you.

The idea of Hoseok chasing you alongside the edge of the water seems cliche, but every one enjoys a little bit of that in their life once in a while right? Hoseok manages to catch up to you and he attempts to grab your arm to stop you from running, but you quickly pull away. Consequently for him, he looses his footing and falls into the water. You’re about to run away, afraid of the wrath-of-Hoseok, but then you hear his shouting and feel bad. You didn’t meant to push him into the water, so you retreat back to help him.

“Are you okay Hoseok—AH!” He smirks widely and drags you into the water along with him. Luckily the water isn’t deep at all for it’s only the edge, but it’s enough to get your pants and some of your shirt wet.

“Yah! Hoseok, let me go!” Hoseok’s smile only grows wider and he continues to hold you down against the warm sand.

“Payback Y/N. Should have thought about that before pushing me into the water.”

“But now I’m more wet that you are! You’re only a little bit soaked, but my entire shirt is getting soaked now.” You put on your best sad expression possible to make Hoseok feel guilty.

“Oh…I’m sorry,” Hoseok loosens his grip on you. “I didn’t mean to do that…” This is your chance.

Catching Hoseok off guard, you get up immediately and push him back into the water.

“Y/N!!” Hoseok screams after you as he struggles to get back up, but you’re already meters ahead of him and running away.

The two of you continue to play at the beach like this. Some time after the two of you are exhausted from running around, you decide to lie down on the sand so that your wet clothes have a chance to dry before the sun sets and the air gets cool.

“This is nice.” You say as you admire the blue sky, slowly getting stained from the orange of the upcoming sunset.

“It really is. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had this much fun.” Hoseok says as he lays next to you.

“I agree. We should do this more often. I like it like this… a lot.” It’s true. You really enjoy spending time with Hoseok. All your burdens from emotions are gone. Nothing mattered anymore except for the fact that you’re enjoying your time. There’s nothing like worrying about whether or not Hoseok will feel awkward from knowing your feelings, or you being embarrassed because you accidentally said something that you’re not supposed to. Everything just seems…right.

“Yeah…it’s nice.” Hoseok agrees with you, but you notice that there’s something off with his voice.

“Are you okay Hosoek? You seem like there’s something bothering you.” You roll on your stomach so that you can look at Hoseok. He too, leans over to his side so that he’s facing you.

“Nothing’s wrong. Why would you think that?” He tries to push away the topic and brushes the sand off of your hair.

“I don’t know. Earlier today, it looked like something was bothering you. You know you can tell me anything right?” Hoseok gives you a soft smile, and then flicks some hair into your face. “HEY!”

“Come on Y/N! Let’s go get some ice cream!” He stands up and brushes himself off and then offers a hand to you. You gladly accept it and the two of you walk over to the ice cream stand.

One thing that catches you off guard is that Hoseok never lets go of your hand. Hoseok continues to walk as if nothing is wrong, but you can’t help but just stare. He swings his arm, along with yours happily and adds a light bounce to his steps. Occasionally he will look over to you and smile, meanwhile you’re still caught in bewilderment.

What does all this mean?

Before you know it, Hoseok has already bought the ice cream and he hands you your cone as he’s already devouring his own. You slowly eat your ice cream as you’re still replying the moments that just recently happened.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N! Now you’re the one that looks like something is bothering you!” Hoseok waves his hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Oh, what? Sorry I just blanked out for a while.”

“Aiggoo. My Y/N is working too hard.” He gives a playful frown and pats your head.

My Y/N? Since when does Hoseok say “my.”  What is happening? Did you hear incorrectly?

Then you feel something cold against your face.

“Yah, Hoseok! What did you do that for!” You’re just about to reach to your face to wipe off the ice cream, but Hoseok is one step ahead of you. He doesn’t answer your question. He only wipes off the ice cream from his finger and gives you a cheeky smile.

“This is war Hoseok. War.” You give him your meanest glare and threaten him with the amount of ice cream that you have gathered on your finger.

However, the ice cream war doesn’t last long. The sun is just setting and the ice cream in your hands is well on its way to melting. You, being a lover of ice cream, wishes to savour what’s left of your half-melted treat so you take a seat in the middle of the beach, complete ignoring any activity around you.

“Ahhh Y/N is so clumsy. Look at all the ice cream she got on her face.”

“What—” You say with a mouthful of ice-cream, but when you turn your head up, you notice that Hoseok’s face is dangerously close to yours. You manage to swallow the ice-cream without choking, but the you’re left just staring at Hoseok’s face. He looks extremely concentrated as he’s wiping off all the ice-cream on your face.

The close proximities of your faces makes you heart race even faster than it was when you were running away from him. The sky is getting darker, yet for some reason, you’re still able to clearly make out every line on Hoseok’s face. His fingers brush over your skin lightly, but with every additional touch, you skin heats up even more. You’re almost sure that all the ice cream has melted by now.

“All done.” Hoseok gives you a bright smile, but you’re still left there in shock. “Just in time too! I think the fireworks are just about to start.” He stands up and takes the garbage to throw away then. “Come on then, let’s go on the boardwalk so we can get a better view of all the fireworks!” Without saying another word, Hoseok takes his your in his, not dragging you by the wrist, and he guides you towards the boardwalk.

There is a considerable distance from where you previously were to the boardwalk, yet the entire time, Hoseok keeps holding your hand. Not that you’re complaining, but something so foreign seems so at home. His touch is so warm compared to the cool sea breeze. Just right.

Hoseok picks up the speak and brings the two of you to the edge of the boardwalk. Just in time too. Everything almost seems too good to be true.

You’re still focusing on the touch of Hoseok’s hand around yours when the first crack of the fireworks hits the sky. You jump a little from the sudden sound, but then you’re immediately welcomed with a spectacular sight.

The sky lights up in various colours. There is a variety of shapes and sizes, some big and some small. Some are the traditional round fireworks, while others are the special ones where they make curved paths. As the sky lights up, your eyes light up. You’re so mesmerized by the fireworks, that you don’t even notice that Hoseok has brought his arm around your waist.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” He says in your ear just loud enough so that you can hear over the crackling of the pyrotechnics.

“Mhm..” You nod, still in awe from the sight in front of you.

“Hey Y/N?” Hoseok nudges your side a little, but all your attention is on the show in front of you.


“There’s something I’ve been wanting to say….”

“Mm.” You’re finding it difficult to focus on Hoseok’s words because of how beautiful the colours are.

“Y/N,” He turns you away from the view and you frown for a brief moment. “Hey, you’re right. There has been something on my mind recently.” You notice that Hoseok’s tone is very serious, very unlike him. “I’ve been thinking a lot recently and I feel really shameful for only realizing this just now, but…better late than never right?”

“Hoseok, don’t worry. You can tell me anything, you know that. I’ll always there here for you.” You grip his arm lightly and he gives you yet another one of his charming smiles. This time, Hoseok doesn’t say anything. For a while he just stands there. His eyes, light up almost the same way that yours did when you saw the fireworks. What could he possibly be thinking right now?

One by one, he brings his arms around your waist to bring you closer to him.

“Hoseok..” You say, but your voice is too soft and it’s covered by the sounds of the fireworks.

Even with all the booming and crashing behind you, the world becomes quiet. Everything is silent and you can only focus on one thing. Hoseok.

He brings one hand up to brush away the hair on your face and he tilts your chin slightly so that the sparks shine on your face. Slowly, but surely, he moves in. No, you’re in fact not daydreaming. This is one hundred percent real.

“Hoseok..” There is a sense of panic in your voice, but it immediately disappears once you feel Hoseok’s lips connect with yours. It’s foreign, yet you’re sure you’ve felt something like this before, but where?

Hoseok’s touch is gentle. The overall situation is overwhelming enough, but Hoseok manages to make you feel like you have your own display of fireworks happening inside of you. You don’t know what to feel. Shock? Excitement? Confusion? There is only one thing you know how to do.

You kiss him back.

At first you’re a little unsure, but the moment you return the kiss, you can feel Hoseok’s smile against your lips. His hold around your waist tightens and then he pulls away.

“I’m sorry Y/N, for everything. You truly do deserve better. I’m sorry for making you go through all this, for waiting for so long. I truly don’t deserve you and you truly deserve someone better..” Hoseok’s eyes fill with guilt.

“Hoseok, it’s okay. Like you said, better late than never right?” You bring your arms around his waist as you can’t stop smiling. Your cheeks are going to hurt from smiling so hard, but that’s the only thing you can do to express how you feel at this moment.

“It’s not going to be easy.” He says while cupping your face.

“I know.” You smile and he gives you a peck on the nose.

“Thank you Y/N. For everything.” The two of you stay like this for a while as the firework show continues behind you.

You take this time to admire the true beauty of Hoseok. You wouldn’t say that he’s perfect, but who is? He may not be perfect, but he presents himself in a way in which you truly admire. You admire how he’s able to be so passionate about the things he does. You admire how Hoseok is able to carry this aura of warmth and comfort everywhere he goes. You admire how he’s right here in your arms.

“Oh by the way…”

“Hm?” You look up at him, slightly amused as there is the occasional flash of colour projected onto his face.

“That wasn’t our first kiss.” He smirks.

“What do you mean?” You bet your life that you haven’t kissed Hoseok before.

“That time when you were drunk—”

“No. No!” You think back to that dream you had months ago. You’re almost so sure that everything was a dream.

“Yup.” His smirk grows wider.

“Jung Hoseok, I hate you so much!” You try to get out of is hold, but he holds onto you even closer and kisses you again.

Still Beautiful. (Pack/Scott McCall Imagine)

Request: Hey can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Derek’s little sister and is covered in burn scars from the fire so she is really self conscious about her body, but the pack tries to make her feel better about herself. -thanks!

Okay, I’m sorry I’m incredibly inactive when it comes to actually writing and posting things. It’s really hard to this when you have school and finals. But now that I’m on Winter Holiday, I think we’re good…

Another note, I felt as if this would be really cute as a Scott McCall imagine and seeing as I haven’t written anything for Scott, I went ahead and made it a Scott McCall imagine as well. I hope you don’t mind that I did so.

REQUESTS ARE OPEN! But bear with me. :)

I hope you enjoy!

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Scott has only seen your body once. It was the night of a full moon and Derek called him in a panic as he realized you, being a young, evolved wolf, had shifted and ran off into the forest. After Scott roared at you, you shifted back into your naked human form that had burn scars and marks all over your body. But even though you saw yourself as a complete monster, fangs and scars and all, Scott assured you that he saw nothing short of beauty.

But Scott’s constant compliments and Derek’s support never stopped your wavering confidence. Although most days you’ve come to terms that you will never heal nor share the same physique as your sister Cora, some days you never felt at home in your own body. And today was one of those days. 

The pack decided to go to the beach, of all places. And although Scott urged them to choose a new location, in fear that the venue would upset you, you encouraged their plans. He drove Stiles’s jeep, with Stiles as passenger, and you and Lydia in the back. Lydia was sporting a summer dress with her swim suit underneath while you wore Scott’s baggy sweater and some cut offs that showed off the only part of your body that hadn’t been burned by the fire.

Scott glanced at you in worry, getting a whiff of your anxious chemo signals, but you gave him a reassuring smile. The others had been looking forward for today and you certainly didn’t plan to be the kill joy. 

As the pack unloaded, you offered to stay back to watch their things. Only Malia, Lydia, and Scott found this odd but the two girls rushed off into the cool ocean waters, thinking that it was just girly problems. But Scott knew. 

“You okay?” He asked, sitting down next to you. You nodded. “I’ll stay with you.”

“Go, have fun with the others. I’m fine.” You assured your boyfriend. And although he knew better, Scott nodded and discarded his shirt before giving you a peck on the lips and running into the waters. 

As time went on and as the beach got more and more packed, you couldn’t help but feel out of place in Scott’s sweater as you watched other girls show off their blemish free bikini-ready bodies. A group of teenage boys parked themselves next to the pack’s belongings, you sat on a beach towel and they snickered as they whispered. You being a werewolf, heard every single word and “prude” had been their popular phrase. And their comments never stopped. You closed your eyes in fear that tears would fall from your eyes.

You didn’t realize that the pack had soon surrounded you, taking a break from their fun. Scott nudged you. “What’s wrong babe?” He whispered. You shook your head, feeling a tear roll down your cheek. 

“Aw… She’s crying. Bet you he broke up with that prude for the hot girl with the red hair.” A boy joked loudly to his friends, causing the group to laugh. Malia growled, hearing his comment. 

“Hey, leave her alone.” Liam snapped. 

“She can’t fend for herself?” A boy laughed. You took a deep breath, feeling your canines expanding. Scott grabbed onto your forearm and rubbed it soothingly. But you snapped your hand away and got up. “She doesn’t even let him touch her. She is a prude.” You heard Stiles’s voice arguing for your defense but you were too busy listening to the ocean, in an attempt to block out the voices, to pay attention. 

Scott had grabbed onto your waist and nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck. “I love you, you know.” He whispered. You nodded. “Those guys are asses. You’re beautiful.” You turned and smiled at him, giving him a peck on the lips. 

“I don’t care what they think.” You whispered back, more to convince yourself than him. “You are the most truthful person I know, Scott. You wouldn’t lie.” 

“No I won’t.” Scott said, pecking your lips once more. 

“Well I want to show you something.” You smiled, feeling a rush of confidence you never felt before. Scott gave you a confused look as you bolted for the water, his sweater flying through the air. 

Scott ran after you and splashed into water. You greeted him with a long, passionate kiss as he took in what was in front of him. You wore a black bikini, that showed off your werewolf physique and although you were self conscious about the scars that detailed your every curve, you knew that Scott found you beautiful and in his gaze you felt beautiful. 

“Woah, there’s that boy with a hot chick.” You both heard the familiar voice of that boy from earlier. 

“That’s the same girl you idiots called a prude.” Lydia smirked as Scott pulled you into another kiss. 

“Scars or no scars, (Y/N). You’re Still Beautiful to me.” Scott told you, lovingly. 

for even.

you get a camera when you’re thirteen, and it hangs around your neck; shining when it catches in the sun. it’s old, and it’s heavy, and it feels like your heart, so you think you’re going to do amazing things with it.

you find a girl a few years later, only she mostly finds you. lifts your chin and makes you smile and asks, are you okay? like she means it, like she knows. and no one knows. no one’s tried to.

(and you lose to the darkness for a while, like some kind of intermission - where the story could go either way. what, and why, and who am I, and you dig and you dig and it’s black.)

and you meet a boy when you mostly feel done, when all the stories seem tired, like you are. you meet him again, and again, like some sort of pull, like a string on a finger on a pulse.

he has gaps in his teeth and the sea in his eyes and he wants you to know that he wants you. he has music in his lungs and hope in his bones and you laugh, you laugh, you start laughing again (when was the last time you laughed?).

and you know about love stories, and tragedies, and you know how this ends. how it must.

but he kisses your mouth and you die anyway, because it’s perfect.

he’s perfect.

and you’re not.

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Im in the hospital rn bc someone decided to hit me with a car, but its all good lol, so I was wondering how maybe the main boys of Alola would wind up in my situation? Like in the hospital, Sorry if its a lot or if youre uncomfortable with this thing

Oh my jeebus, I hope you’re okay and feeling better!

GUZMA would be super dazed and confused. Like, why is he here again? Plumeria has to explain it to him like five times, and by the sixth time he’s still not getting it because he’s so high on pain killers. She video tapes his entire drugged out experience and shows it to him to make him feel better.

GLADION wants to go home. Lillie told him that she’d sit on him if he tried getting out of bed again, and he’s too afraid of her following through on that threat to fight her on it. He’s really snippy with the doctors and nurses, and Lillie snaps at him for being so rude and makes him apologize.

HAU thinks this is hilarious. Hala and MC are so confused as to why he’s so chipper when he’s in the hospital, but Hau just wants to keep hearing the story of how his butt got here in the first place. Eventually they realize it’s because he has a concussion, and MC gets him like five malasadas.

NANU (#sadman) is like, completely calm even though he’s running a fever of like 110. He’s casually dying and he’s reading magazines and making fun of tabloids with Acerola. The nurses ask him if he’s okay with a certain treatment and he’s like yeah whatever. He scares the staff.

Merry Christmas @that-otaku-chick!! I’m your secret santa!! I’m so sorry for being late, thank you for understanding why though <3 <3 <3

I tried a bunch of different of new things while making this, I hope it turned out okay! I know you said you love the dragon slayers, but I wasn’t sure if there was one you liked more than the other, so I decided to go ahead and do the main seven!!

I hope you like it ^^ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, sweetie!!

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Edit: I literally do not understand anything about Tumblr and image sizing, so it probably looks weird as fuck on desktop and if someone can help me with that, that would be awesome lmao

  • Me at night: *running around doing things, totally exhausted* okay I'll get back to work on this in the morning.
  • Me in the morning: *stumbles out of bed* *eyes won't focus* *tries to get caffeine but can't remember all the steps to making tea* *tries to take meds but forgets what the glass of water is for* *yawns 1000 times* *decides on one thing to do* *forgets and re-remembers 20 times before doing it*

Okay, so, I ended up having to airbrush this guy 3 times. The first two schemes and styles I tried didn’t really fit. I’m not 100% sold on this, tbh. The plan is to continue the sketch-like lines, and then glaze over them to make things a bit softer without obliterating the sketchiness. I want to convey an extremely old, bruised, cracked, husk of a monster. No idea where I’m going with the tentacles yet.

Feels weird to post something this heavily in progress.

okay but demi lovato is SO extra like who the fuck slams a fan of theirs because of fan art? honestly, attacking a fan because they made your body “unrealistic”? really? you were a damn mermaid since the beginning so the drawing was basically ALREADY unrealistic tbh…demi wyd? i feel like she tries so hard to make herself seem “socially aware” in the public eye, it is starting to get so annoying because it’s SO FUCKING EXTRA HONESTLY. this was literally the dumbest thing she has ever done.

Demo: that’s so unrealistic

Demi: I am all for empowerment and I hate body shamers
Also Demi: *body shames Taylor Swift and her whole squad for being too skinny*


  • Shiro: Keith you okay?
  • Shiro: Is this about the 'I cradled you in my arms' with Lance thing?

Happy Birthday To Jennie <3

I covered this song a  few days ago and I was finally able to edit and it happened to be the same day as Jennie’s birthday <3 So I’ll dedicate this cover as a gift for my Queen Jennie >.< I’m just doing this for fun, pls don’t kill me for ruining such an amazing song lol. I tried my best to make it sound okay >.< ! I really fell in love with this song and the flow of it <3 In fact it’s the first time in my entire life to attempt rapping, so pls go on easy me. I couldn’t record the entire thing though  :( 

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“Why are you moving around so much?” you asked, peering your head out your bedroom door to see Allison coming up the stairs. “Stiles and Scott are coming over, there’s some stuff we gotta talk about and check out so I’m making sure things are tidied” she explained. Hearing a certain name your eyes evidently widened, though you tried to dismiss your reaction with a shrug. “Okay, just maybe keep it down if you don’t mind?” you asked, slowly slipping back into your bedroom. About ten minutes later you had heard the boys arrive yet you’d stayed in your room. Venturing out you went towards the bathroom to go to the toilet. Once finished you unlocked the door and exited though it wasn’t a smooth exit as you quickly collided with something else. “Oh, sorry” his voice said. Looking up you saw it was Stiles and a blush quickly rose to your cheeks. “I-It’s fine” you laughed it off waving your hand. “Um, all yours” you gestured to the bathroom before stepping aside and hastily walking into your room. Closing the door behind you, you furrowed your brows. “All yours, what was that?” you questioned yourself, face palming.