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a/n: Tried my hand on the fluffiest InuKag fic I could write lol 900 words. Modern Teenage AU.

Kagome was propped up against a tree, her nose in a history book and her right hand holding a green highlighter tightly, while the the other supported her head. She had chosen something bright for the start of summer, an orange dress with peppered white monarch butterflies, and a blue bow to keep her hair out of her face. Her feet were bare, tucked beneath her neatly; toes peeking out like pebbled diamonds, painted a pretty sapphire hue. Her lips were pink like she had been nibbling on a strawberry, and her eyes were covered by black-tinted sunglasses with tiny white dogs on the side.

And that was how Inuyasha found her. Seated on the earth like a chest at the end of a treasure map.

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Just Roommates: Part 2


HEY GUYS! A big hug and a bigger thanks to everyone who liked my story.

Check out part 1.

Here is part 2! 

Plot- Jungkook as your roommate + College adventures lol. 

Characters- Reader, Jungkook. 

Word count- 1.5k+ 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  Part 4  

casual texting shit- part 1, part 2  



Anything in the world would have been fine, but living in the same apartment as a GIRL was just a no for me. The reason why I had moved into an apartment was so that I could avoid being around the campus girls. But look at me now, I’m crying into a pillow, seeing a girl almost naked in my house. I’m so mad at everyone. They said that they will send in a ‘nice roommate’ who is perfect for my lifestyle and comfort… but no one told me that when I meet that person first will be like this. I want to die.

“I’m sorry are you okay?” a surprisingly soft noise and a warm hand lands on my shoulder. I got startled at the touch and quickly sat up straight.

“Uh I think so- never mind- I-I-I f-freaked out.” I stammered hard. From the corner of my eye I saw her, she was still in her towel, I noticed her eyes… they were very deep and from candle light reflection made them even more deep. I could feel her empathising with my situation from the look on her face.

“So, did I… I mean I should have waited and had a talk with you- “I cut her off and gave her my jacket looking away. “You will catch a cold.” I went into my bedroom without any delay or talks. I couldn’t have her sat there like that, talking to me. It was just really weird. I open my windows to just see how dark it was outside. This ‘Girl-Phobia’ of mine was really getting me to the edge. 

After all, I am a 19-year-old with raging testosterone.

I was blanked out at the thought of living with the opposite gender. Things could be just fine or maybe just so much worse. Either way, I was going to suffer.

It was 10pm and I was hungry fuck. I exit the room to see that girl was sat by the window in our living room, looking a bit sad. Now obviously, I had to do something about the person living with me being sad. Not going to lie, she was kind of cute.


“Um, so, hi.” I awkwardly went up to her and just spat the most awkward greeting of my life.

“Oh, hey.” She looks up at me, fixing her hair and face and gave me a cute smile.

Aiggoo. Wae?!

“Earlier was really awkward and bad, so sorry about that.” I tried to makeup and apologise.

“That is fine I guess. I’m Y/N, by the way.” She told.

“I’m Jungkook. You’re new, here right?” I asked her trying to keep it chic.

“Oh, yeah I am. I think you helped me earlier today?” she said.

“Did I? I don’t know, I think I did, but, I don’t know, well, I must have, I’m too nice you know.” WTF JEON JUNGKOOK DA FUQ YOU SAYING?

“Haha, oh god, I think it was you so thanks!” she gave me shy look.

“You’re welcome, y/n.” I went to shake hands with her.

As I was proceeding towards her, I tripped onto the cushion and fell all over her.


I was on top of a girl, ashamed and feeling awful af. She smells amazing though. OKAY WHAT-

“I’m so sorry! Oh, my god!” I locked my eyes with her as I apologise. I could almost feel her boobs which wasn’t helping at all. But I had to compose myself up. It was 10 seconds later, before I could get up off her and leave back to Korea. I felt my stomach rumble. She covers her face up and giggles in second-hand embarrassment.



“Jungkook” he is. And he is literally on top of my soul right now. Jesus fucking Christ, I could see his muscular arms and those clavicles and that slaying jaw line and that fucking face of his-


I had my eyes locked with his but my eyes were silently scanning him through, in those 10 best seconds of my life so far. I was surly heated up a little, but god, HIS STOMACH WAS HUNGRY, SO WAS MINE!


“Ahem, Jungkook.” I awkwardly spoke.

“Aish.” Typical Korean boy; He gets up off me and fixes his grey t-shirt.

We didn’t speak for like, 5 minutes. We were just sat there, in a dark room with candles and silence.

“Excuse me.” he barely heard him as he quickly left the apartment.

I just laid down on the mattress and had a mild thought on how cute this boy was. He didn’t seem like Jimin at all assuming how they could even be friends at all. I lay on cold mattress contemplating on what had just happened. I turned on some music for distraction and soon after went to pee.

It was 12 am almost and as I got out of the washroom, I noticed a pizza box. As I went near, I saw a little letter kept underneath. I was blank for a moment. I opened the letter and read it,

~~~~“Hi. So, I’m sorry about everything. I never planned on getting things so awkward on meeting my roomie for the first time. I hope I didn’t freak you out too much TT TT. 

Since you are my roommate now, have my contact- 0xxx0x00x0. And remind me to give you the keys later :).

p.s. this is my little apology delivery. Please eat well and dress warm for the night, y/n. 


I clutched my heart and almost stabbed myself with those words in the heart.

CAN THIS MAN BE ANYMORE SEXY?! WELL, I MEAN NICE?! I was just worried for nothing. I was pretty sure he got uncomfortable too. This gesture of his made me feel all warm inside and things were no longer feeling strange from what happened earlier. I hope everything goes well.

“I wonder if he has eaten or not?” I say to myself as I stuff my mouth with the as delicious pizza as himself. Jesus Christ.

I read that letter about 15 times before saving his number in my phone. I kept the letter safe inside my diary and recalled the whole day in words. Soon after I went to sleep peacefully.




I saw the balcony glass door was ajar. I rubbed my eyes before focusing on what was going outside.



“Oh mah gerd.” I screamed internally on seeing him wearing a vest, bandana and shorts and flexing those arms as he did the shoulder press exercise.

I went closer to see the proper image and only saw something inevitably hot. How his sweat was dripping down his neck to his chest and god had given me the chance of seeing his dark eyes being really charismatic. asdfghfjgkhlj. If this is what I was going to wake up to every morning, then I ain’t even complaining no more. 


Without making a sound, I moved away, not letting him know that I was lurking on him. I quickly freshened up and took a shower. I straight up went to the kitchen and thought of returning the favor, I guess. I made us both, toast, omelettes, some pancakes and orange juice. What a typical breakfast though.

“Woah, Y/N!” Jungkook exclaimed from behind me.

“You scared me!” I was trying to stay calm there.

He just giggles at the little table all full with food.

“Care to have some?” I offered him a seat which he gladly took.

“Yah, this is great!” his face had the sexiest look besides looking like a child in that moment.

“Thanks. And, thanks also for yesterday.” I told him.

“I think we’re good now?” He asked as he offered me a bite of his pancake. I just nodded and took the bite.


“Ah~ I’m so full. Thanks again, Y/N! I will go wash up now.” He says before walking towards the washroom. 

After a few seconds of him leaving, I widen my eyes in realization.



This girl is really sweet! She made me breakfast. I think I will survive living with her. It doesn’t seem too bad. But I can’t let her know that I am actually uncomfortable and really intimidated by her presence. And I have major issues with her being a girl JFC. The letter really helped me when I utterly had words to say. No need to worry JK, let’s go and have a shower. Chill man.


As I entered the bathroom and was about to turn the water on, the sight I got greeted with was Y/N’s “woman stuff” and by that, I mean, serious woman stuff.

Please kill me.

Did I just see a fancy black lacy bra and its matching underwear, owned by my roommate of 12 hours?

Living with a girl was going to get a bit untamed.


Thanks, y’all for reading. <3 xD PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKED IT OR NAH. TX.

(Part 3: coming soon!)

Jimin: Titleless Chapter 10 (Series)

Chapter 10 ft. Yoongi

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Ch. 5 HERE | Ch. 6 HERE | Ch. 7 HERE | Ch. 8 HERE
Ch. 9 HERE | Ch. 11 HERE | Ch. 12 HERE

A/n: Lots of Yoongi in this one, don’t kill me.

You didn’t feel like getting up this morning. You unexpectedly came home extra late yesterday. The unsettling vibration of your phone on your nightstand was the only thing thing that encouraged you to move. It wasn’t until you dropped your phone when realization hit you, it was Wednesday and you had class.

“Holy fuck! What time is it?!” You immediately sprung up and searched for your phone, forgetting you had dropped it. “Shit! It’s already 10:23!” Which meant you had 37 minutes to get to uni before you were late. You quickly grabbed a change of clothes and dashed into the bathroom. There was no time to take a shower so you just tied your hair up, not too messy to be appropriate for school.

You mirrored yourself just to make sure you didn’t look too much of a wreck. There was no room for you to get dolled up so your choice of clothing was just a pair of skinny jeans and one of Yoongi’s peachish-white v-necks he stored in your room.

“What the heck.. why didn’t they call me up?” you asked in frustration as you fumbled for your keys and found no one left in the house. At 10:34, you were out the door, if you were lucky, you might make it to university in time.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t your day and you were stuck in traffic the moment you turned the intersection right outside your house. “Oh my god, what kind of day is this?” you ask yourself, trying to shimmy through the lanes, but you were in a car so that wasn’t happening.

With barely a few seconds left to spare, you made it into your classroom just in time. Your professor gave you a beaten look and didn’t greet you good morning. Some luck you had, lady already disliked you for some odd reason. Maybe it was because you had long hair. All your long haired friends have made note several times how all the students she was on the downside were girls with long hair. Maybe because her hair was short. In the past years you’ve seen her, the length of her hair has never changed one bit.

You attentively move to the back of the classroom, not wanting to draw anymore bad attention towards your grouchy professor.

You stepped out of the crowded classroom, feeling refreshed. Just as you were walking out to your car, your phone vibration went off once again. It was a text message from Yoongi. Just then, you didn’t even have to read his text message to know what he wanted. Last night you too had planned on going somewhere, though you didn’t know where.

Buggerhead: I’ll pick you up at home.

Yep. Just like you thought. It was something about the plans, which you nearly forgot due to binge sleeping.

You entered the house, and since he said he would pick you up at home, you weren’t expecting for him to be waiting at the door.

“You look like you’re ready to go on a hot date,” he remarks sarcastically.

“Shut it! Why didn’t you guys wake me up this morning? I was almost late for school!” You complained.

He chuckles, “We called you up multiple times! You kept say ‘okay! okay! I’ll get up in a bit!’ You said that till the last person left the house.”

“It’s your fault for keeping me out so late last night!” you immediately blame, though you were the one insisting to stay a little longer everytime he urged you to go home.

“Says the girl who wouldn’t leave the studio,” he retorts. Yup he had taken you to the studio he worked at, where he wrote music when he wasn’t busy with school or the restaurant. You, having a huge heart for dancing got to spend time with the popular Hanbin and the one and only Taeyang, along with the rest of of the upcoming hip hop group iKon.

You were madly in love with them. You’ve been to several Mix and Match shows with Yoongi. Those were unforgettable moments but last night was sensational. You were very, very, very luck to experience something so incredible. Which explains your lack of luck today but you couldn’t even be mad at him because you loved it so much.

“Shouldn’t I change?” you asked when he was already moving towards the door. “Nah, you’re perfect like this. But actually….” He takes off the bandana from his head and puts it around yours. “Great!” He knew it was his shirt and he loved it, of course.

“Where we going?” You ask curiously the moment he stepped into his car.

“You’ll see when we get there,” he answers discreetly.

You remembered the last time you heard, it was from Jimin and he brought you a great surprise when he told you that you two were at the light festival. You secretly hoped whatever Yoongi planned was just as exciting. But then again, he just surprised you yesterday so you doubt he can surprise you again. Unless if it was meeting Lee Hongbin or Jung Taekwoon because you could swear they were the hottest guys ever alive. But that was too much to ask for since Yoongi was only a small-time producer and lyricists. It would be difficult for him so get such hook-ups.

Not long after, pulled into a parking lot of an expensive apartment complex. You guessed it was his grandparents since you remembered something about them moving to a really nice complex not to long ago. But that was strange that you he would suddenly take you here on such an odd basis.

Soon you two were approaching on of the dorms on the higher levels of the luxurious building. “is this your grandparent’s place,” you asked. He chuckles deviously, shaking his head. His attitude was sort of scaring you. Without ringing the doorbell, he punches the passcode him. This scared you even more, it couldn’t be his parents house, you knew where that was.

“You better not be planning anything inappropriate,” you warn him was he opens the door to enter. He smirks and ignores your comment.

He enters first, since you were too unsure. “Hey, wassup man,” you heard two sexy voices greeting Yoongi before you saw them. “I didn’t know you were coming so soon, i was working out. Did you bring your friend,” one of the guys asked. “shit,” you mumbled to yourself, you didn’t like the sound of this. Were they doing to gangbang you? The expression on Yoongi’s face earlier had confirmed everything. Okay you were ready to punch Yoongi and run. You only agreed with Yoongi to be each others counselor but not to anyone else.

“Yeah, she’s right here,” Yoongi comes back to the door and pulls you by the wrist. “Yoongi I think we have a mis-” “Hongbin, Leo, this is my friend ________. He’s a huge fan of you too.” Yoongi cuts you off. You didn’t believe the two names that had just slipped from your mouth but you turned to the two strangers to verify you weren’t hearing things.

“oh my-” your words were caught in your throat. Standing right in front of you were the two men you dreamed about every night. “Hi, _______. I’m Hongbin and this was Leo,” he bows and gestures at Taekwoon. You hadn’t realized he was shirtless until he apologizes for meeting him in such state and explains he was working out.

So I heard you’re a really big fan of us, what specifically?” Leo finally says something.

Crap, you still weren’t ready for this.”Yah, why didn’t you tell me to change?” you mumbled softly to Yoongi. “You look fine, don’t worry,” he replies.

“Well I love the way you sing, I just get so many feels,” you start off, then turning your attention off to Hongbin, “You might hear this a lot but I, oh my gosh, you’re just perfect! I’m totally in love with your deep voice!” Yeah, you probably sounded like a typical fangirl.

“Yeah, your boyfriend had planned this meet forever ago, but we were so busy on schedule,” Leo tells you. “The only person you’ve probably met recently was Hyuk right? I heard your boyfriend saying something about him and Jungkook having class together.”

Oh yeah, that’s right, Hyuk was like their little bro but he stuck with you guys so much you almost forgot.

“Yoongi must really love you a lot, I remember Ravi’s girlfriend wanted to come see N, but would always say no or make an excuse” Hongbin says.

“Actually, we’re not going out,” you point out in laughter.

“What? Really?” they both ask dumbfoundedly and look over to Yoongi.

“I told you we were just friends,” Yoongi protests.

“Sure doesn’t sound like it, the way you talk about her,” Leo mumbles.

Hongbin interrupts the discussion, wanting to prevent the conversation to take an awkward leap. “Hey what ________, what about a picture?” You nod like an idiot, “Yes. Oh my god. Yes please!” “Show your friends, just don’t post it on SNS, alright?” Leo asks. You nod.
“Yoongi! That was the best!! I never thought I’d be able to see them so soon! I thought i’d never see them all my life!” You cheered when you left their house. You think yesterday was great? Today was even better!

“They just gave you the passcode to their house?” You questioned.

“Nah. That’s they’re gym. Their house is kind of messy so they decided to meet here instead,” he explains. You nod your head in comprehension.

“Oh and sorry about the girlfriend/boyfriend thing. I’ve told them many times were just close friends but they don’t believe me,” His voice sounded like all the energy had drained from his body, which was normal since he always stayed up so late, and because of you yesterday, he had to sleep later too.

“Haha, why are you sorry? People think that all the time!” You bump his elbow, making him smile. He was stressed out a lot so you liked it when he smiled. You hated it when your friends were down and being the reason of their smile made you smile. Cheesy but true.

Back at the house, Yoongi parked down the street next to the Got7 boys’ house like he always did. They a bunch of empty parking spaces. They only had seven members in their household and two of them don’t drive while the blonde hair, somethingJae, shared cares with guy that referred to himself as Junior. Why? You had no clue. The only members you were close to was Mark and a little Jaebum and Jackson.

You and him strolled down the streets, taking your time to get back to the house. His leather jacket draped over your shoulders. Your whole attire down to your hips were literally all Yoongi’s. You were walking slowly but at the same time, you were skipping as well. You had such an amazing day you couldn’t even describe it into words.

Not even ten feet away from the parking lot of your house, a familiar, expensive black car pulls into the parking lot. You were very well aware of who it was but you didn’t feel the need to point out. “Oh, Hyung and Noona sitting on a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Jungkook teases the moment he jumps out from the passenger seat.

You were used to the teasing so you didn’t really react. Next thing coming up, Jimin stepped out of his car like a badass and slammed the door shut. An arrogant expression swept across his face. He looks over to you then to Yoongi, then to you and back to Yoongi…. for a long time.

Yoongi didn’t bother to noticing, since he knew exactly what Jimin was thinking and feeling righ now. The same way he felt when Jimin took you out. Jimin wasn’t the last one to exit his car. Hoseok and Taehyung stepped out next. All for of them looked so badass with their leather jacket on and hair up. “I think Min was crabby all day because you didn’t come,” Jungkook says. “Or because of Jaeni, she didn’t over all day either,” Hoseok answers obliviously.

“Nuh-uh! It’s because of _______ noona!” Jungkook argued.

“Uhh… hi?” you greeted them. Seeing that they weren’t going to stop arguing about something stupid, you, Yoongi, Jimin and Taehyung go inside. None of them really say a word about you still fangirling about seeing your dream husbands in real life. Jungkook and Hoseok brought their argument inside, this time who would kiss Jimin first. You rolled your eyes, know Hoseok was most likely the one to lead the conversation in that direction.

“Hey ______! “ Jin greets inside the house, he was in the kitchen like usual and everyone else joined. “Aren’t those Yoongi’s?” he pointed at your shirt, jacket and the bandana in your head. You nodded. “Looks great right?” Yoongi jokes. “You’ve been Suga-ified!” He jokes, which was always typically lame.

 [To be continued…]

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