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Nozomi phone backgrounds ( ´ ♡ ` )

(happy belated birthday Nozomicchi!!) 。.:*♡

liking gay things is fun and all like yes i love representation but it’s such a pain to get involved in the fandom bc you always have a ton of straights obsessed with anything gay and its sooooo uncomfortable trying to figure out who is lgbt and who just enjoys the show and who treats us grossly and should be avoided at all costs


Favorite moments of ACoTaR-trilogy (3/∞) ⇛ The encounter with Lucien on the steppes

Lucien backed up a step. “What did you do to yourself?” I gave him a little smile. “The human girl you knew died Under the Mountain. I have no interest in spending immortality as a High lord’s pet.” Lucien started shaking his head. “Feyre-”

“Tell Tamlin,” I said, choking on his name, on the thought of what he’d done to Rhys, to his family, “if he sends anyone else into these lands, I will hunt each and every one of you down. And I will demonstrate exactly what the darkness taught me.


do you feel that too?

a davekat comic thing

Twelve years postgame wherein Dave and Karkat have an overly-heartfelt conversation, and Dave makes a confession.

(Contains non-canon events.)

Posting this (kinda late) for davekat week day 7, which was a free choice. So, I decided to do this! :D I’ve been working on this quite a bit for the past few days, so I hope you enjoy! BD

KARKAT: Is something wrong?

DAVE:… yeah.

DAVE: i’ve just had a lot of things on my mind lately.

DAVE: little things, big things.

DAVE: …hey, I just wanted to ask. have I ever…told you how I feel about you? like, as a person?

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With the possible exception of the Equator, everything begins somewhere.

C.S. Lewis quotes cycle 18/32

Percival Graves x Reader - A Pound of Flesh - NSFW

Title: A Pound of Flesh

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Rating: M (Or maybe E??)

Word Count: 3530

Warnings: Sex. Like kinda explicit in parts. NSFW for sure.

I really like Shakespeare and so that’s where the title comes from. Okay. Also, sex isn’t something I write often (ever) and I’m pretty sure it shows. So yeah. Apologies all around.

Also I went ahead and assumed this was a female reader, if not please do tell me and I can edit it. PS. I tried for dark? More under the idea of intense? Don’t know if it worked…

Request - Anon: Hey there! I just read your Graves x Reader and I loved it so much. <3 I was wondering if you might be able to do another, perhaps smutty and maybe a bit dark? Only if you’re comfortable of course.

Shout out to @fantastic-fanfic-beasts , @darkestbefourdawn1 , and @smalldogmemes for helping through this!

a/n - Honestly this fic has taken so much out of me. I’m not gonna do smut for a little while after this…But I am super proud of it.

Originally posted by just-a-lunatic

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Live and Let... Love?

Summary: Sometimes, going out of your comfort zone is worth it in the long run (Fluffy/Kinda Angst-y??)

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Warnings: Mild swearing, self-esteem issues (?), Modern AU

Request: 49 and 50 with john laurens (x reader) (anon)

Tags: @psychedemigod for editing and looking over this! You are a literal blessing, thank you so much @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens I gotchu babe!

A/N: Here it is. The long awaited for first fic. Wow, this is exhilerating! Go easy on me, but feedback and *constructive* criticism is perfectly okay! Prompt list that the request is from is here. Also, listen to this for the full ~immersion~ effect


“Hey, barkeep! Another round over ‘ere!”

You placed a hand on Gilbert’s shoulder. He whipped around with a drunken grin spread across his face. With a stern look, you said, “Laf, don’t you think you all have had enough? I don’t need barf all over my backseat.” Oh, why did you ever agree to be their designated driver? He tipped his head back and laughed heartily, the sound loud in the almost empty bar.

“(Y/N), I don’t think you understand, mon amie. Tonight is the night we let everything go. I think we deserve a little fun, no?” He kissed you sloppily on the cheek, but you just shook your head - although, you couldn’t help but be amused. You’ve learned that the gang unleashed a whole other side when they were drunk. Alex, the usually loud-mouthed bother, was sweet and attention-seeking. Was that him cuddling with Seabury? Hercules proved to be an amazing dancer, with Burr as his partner. As for John… Usually, he was a quiet boy, not one known for being ‘outgoing.’ But put a couple shots of tequila in him… well.

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anonymous asked:

Hi omg I love your blog so fucking much! I'm new to the fandom and wanted to know some blogs to follow.

hello hello welcome to the ~gang-gang happy to meet you!!!!!

hang on lemme whip out my mobile app so i can just list all the ones i love lmao

@ihaveabadreputation is my bff, pen pal, my adventure buddy, and the brian to my shawn and i love her with my whole heart. she’s also a brilliant writer, but she’ll write something with a big ass cliff hanger and then not make a second part for three months lmao

@illumeshawn will fuck you up with her series like The Ellen Show and A Higher Education ripped me apart. and then she’s just fabulous as a person and also shares my love for Sidney Crosby which not many people know of, so we’re #bonded.

@babyshawwn is wonderful and so sweet omg like her heart is just so pure and so good and she writes so amazingly and i have also heard she writes really good smut (i’m not a smut person myself, i more skip over it and read the fluff at the end lmao) so if you’re into that then she’s a babe.

@happylittlecoffeebean i kind of new but i’ve read all her stuff and it’s so cute and good and i love it and her url just makes me so happy ugh

@fairfieldct i just recently discovered (i think she might be new not sure???) but her writing is so amazing and cute love love

@permanentguitar i’ve read her bullet lists and they will mess u up like this is just a warning lol they’re so good and she is so amazing and yes thx

@wordsandshawn the classic, my OG for shawn writing. first shawn blog i ever followed and has never ceased to blow me away. she did a Moments series a couple months back and i still go back and read it when im sad sometimes and just everything she puts out is so well thought out and well executed and great.

@mend-es has my heart and forever will be a fave. her writing is amazing and she’s so sweet and yes thank you for your existence bb

@nike-shawn also one of the OG’s i followed. She’s phenomenal and she is such a good writer and a great person and i love her to pieces.

@shawnandzoestories has created this magical amazing world with her writing and it’s so amazing go delve into it and get absorbed by her writing magic

@mendescutie MENDESCUTIE IS A CUTIE. i love her to bits and her blurbs K I L L M E AND I JUST DIE ALL THE TIME  

@welldamnshawn gets me every damn time. her writing is just so wonderful and amazing and i’m addicted. Like i don’t usually go search people’s blogs for their writing, but like i will actively find myself searching her blog to see if she’s updated

@illumninate amber my girl. the only other person who knows about Raisin’ Canes. a phenomenal writer and a sassy friend that i love so much

@shawnmreads is a good one to follow, because if there’s ever something really good written by someone you don’t follow, they’ll reblog it and you can read it and that’s high key how i stay up to date in the world of writing. 

@thugshawn makes AMAZING gifs and edits and they’re so funny and pure and amazing and just happy and i love love love love lovelovelvoe their blog so much

@shit-to-kinda-okay is a forever favorite. Georgia, you’re the bomb, love you. her writing is amazing and the URL is by far the best on this website just sayin. 

@raineshawn is a great writer and such a funny amazing person!!! i’ve edited/helped with some of her stuff before and it’s just amazing like i died while reading them like someone actually had to resuscitate me

there are so many more that i’m missing but this is getting really long, so i feel like this is a good starter pack!!!! also like look at the people i reblog from and follow them because they’re also amazing. 

but if you ever see @ftsgerald on here don’t follow her she’s a cunt-sac that drinks milk from a bag. don’t follow. 


okay im rambling now bye thx

[ ♛ ]   But love—love is weakness.

anonymous asked:

I'm fairly new to this fandom so I'm wondering what are some shawn blogs you recommend?

welcome!! where do I even start there’s so many?!

my faves are;

@babyshawwn Camilla is so so sweet and always makes me feel loved. She also writes amazing stories that always leave me wanting more and feeling less like a cougar since we’re the same age ;)

@foreverlostinyourlight is the Shawn to my Geoff and I desperately want her to come visit me so we can go see Harry together!

@canadianshawn we’ve only spoken a few times but she is really nice and I love her blog so much

@coldncss Anna and I have only recently started talking and she is super sweet and her blog is so aesthetically pleasing

@illuminateshawn keeps us updated with new videos and photos and is the queen of Shawn memes

@wordsandshawn is the best of the best when it comes to imagines. Her moments series is one of my favourites things on this site and I constantly reread it

@whitechocolateperfection I love that Emily doesn’t take shit from anyone and speaks her mind. I look forward to seeing her comments and hashtags each day

@illumegeoff writes amazing stories. Her series Higher Education is the best and I highly recommend you read it

@shit-to-kinda-okay makes the best video edits

others I absolutely love and highly recommend;

@ihaveabadreputation, @ftsgerald, @imjessscott, @nike-shawn, @illumninate, @fairfieldct

I’m sure there are plenty of others I’m missing but this is all I can think of off the top of my head!

‘The Lie Of The Land’: Biggest covfefe of Doctor Who series 10

Un-popular opinion time.

I like dystopian plots. I like 1984. I like Brave New World. But I don’t completely buy everything when it comes to The Lie Of The Land

1: The most edging part of the whole episode was the “heart-attack” I got with Twelve’s fake regeneration. It wasn’t funny at all. I too, was ready to beat the sh-t out of Nardole. (Nardole does redeem himself with that pinching thing. Matt Lucas played that scene very well.)

2. What was with the whole editing of the episode? I didn’t get the whole point of trying to splicing scenes together. Not sure if the script asked for it or if it was the director’s prerogative. Kinda made the whole thing feel a bit more surreal. I will say, this is a family show, so perhaps was done so the mind isn’t fully taking in the bleakness of some scenes, which were quite intense on the whole.

3. Bill concluding that it is okay to act on your feelings to threaten and kill someone you used to love and/or admire was NOT okay. I get that Bill felt desperate in that moment, but I don’t buy that level of aggression is part of her character. Bill is not Clara. When Clara threatened the Doctor, it was believable because Clara was ambitious and a bit selfish. But Bill isn’t like that. Bill is a pure soul. She has love inside her that breaks through to everyone, just like the sun shining through the cracks of a dark basement. So, I don’t get why Toby wrote her like that. It felt out of line. Worse than this, it was not addressed later. Apart from wanting to beat Nardole, there was no time allotted for her to reflect on what she had acted on. That isn’t right. It is unnatural to think that a sane person would pull out a gun on a friend (and shoot them) and later blow it off later. Unless the whole point of this is to show how humans are weak. We have no control of our feelings and the Doctor completely understands this. Also, how was Bill to know that the Doctor would regenerate? She didn’t know that. I did love the whole sequence though. The dialogue was powerful and the actors were mind-blowing. Even so, the overall writing consistency of this scene with the entire series isn’t great. Can’t do anything about that now because Bill tryna kill the Doctor is canon.

4. So; what did I like? Literally, everything else. Without the melodramatic bits. (Honestly, most of the episode felt like a visual Big Finish production.) 

What else can I say? Pearl Mackie is an amazing young actress with an exceptional future. Peter’s Doctor is crazier than I remember. Matt Lucas is Nardole for me and forever. Ah, yes, I haven’t talked about Missy yet.

5. Missy, Missy, Missy. I am going to say that Michelle’s Master is the best acted/developed-as-a-character Master ever. I really wish we spent more time in that vault with her understanding what rehab is like. When she was crying, I thought, “Oh my, crocodile.” Except, she also chided the Doctor for not warning her what remorse feels like. Confusing, right?

Take away: The best line from the entire episode came from Missy, “Your version of good is not absolute. It’s vain, arrogant, sentimental. And if you’re waiting for me to become all that, I’m going to be here for a long time yet.” (Toby, I forgive you for Bill. And 200,000 points to Slytherin.)

anonymous asked:

Any good Shawn blogs?

i’m probably going to forget some, it’s not above me, but here are some that i’ve been appreciating recently:

@illumeshawn: honestly one of my favorite people on here; she’s an amazing writer and friend and we’re a very dangerous combination i’m not sure who allowed us to be friends

@ftsgerald: lu is absolutely incredible when it comes to imagines as well, plus she’s hilarious & full of life. she needs to be protected at all costs

@ihaveabadreputation: my main homie allison who i’m going to get married to because we’re meant for one another. she’s phenomenal and any time you can bother her about TiC, do it ;)

@whitechocolateperfection emk is G R E A T and seriously has when Shawn says “no obviously not” to that one girl at the airport as her text tone. and she always has me laughing and following her 11/10 people recommend

@starrynightshawn: my beautiful love m, she’s so kind and beautiful and just the greatest person to talk to

@shit-to-kinda-okay: george is great and made that stupid fucking honey video that i watch on a daily basis and cry about

@thugshawn: who is a great editor / gif maker and should be appreciated a lot more for her work bc making gifs & edits is hella hard

@wordsformendes: who is absolutely beautiful & kind and i love her writing as well

@babyshawwn: you probably follow her already. if you don’t, what is you doing. she’s amazing. #wifey

@ruinrose: beautiful human being, beautiful blog, loads of love to her !!

@ruinriff: the real mvp, copped me tnhmb when i was unable to get it & sent it to me, she’s really sweet and will do anything for you which is fantastic

@latteshawn: she’s great and funny and just a ball of sunshine that loves Shawn and so many other people. give her love.


@thesmutofthemendes: i keep mentioning m in these and she’s probably sick and tired of me but she’s sweet & will get you all up in your feels

@permanentguitar: has been killing me with her bullet lists recently like damn ma slow down. 

but anyway, i love these people and there’s probably more that i’m forgetting but everyone i follow you can see on my mobile layout or on my blogroll :) 

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I'm new to tumblr and to the Shawn fandom and I really like your blog! What is your opinion on these bloggers? I'm just curious! babyshawwn, sippingchai, shawnandzoestories, whitechocolateperfection, latteshawn, nobravery, foreverlostinyourlight, illumegeoff, shit-to-kinda-okay, anothermendesfangirl and ihaveabadreputation? Thanks, love ya!

@babyshawwn a pure undiluted gem. an amazing writer. and the sweetest bean 

@sippingchai the cutest cutie to ever have cutied. 

I don’t know those two so I really can’t say :)

@latteshawn IS MY SMOL DARLING she’s so pure. and so so kind. 

@nobravery a really great human bean. and.i love my mustard girl so much 

@foreverlostinyourlight the first person who talked to me on here. she’s so sweet and so enthusiastic and I love her okay?

@illumegeoff the best Canadian I know. so patient so sweet so nice just amazing her edits. give. life.

@shit-to-kinda-okay MY BRITISH BEANNNN I ADORE HER  her compilations are bomb!!!!!!!!! 

@anothermendesfangirl she’s really nice and makes great edits!!

@ihaveabadreputation I don’t talk to her that much but she’s amazing I just kinda creep on her blog sometimes


@ruinrose , @illuminateshawn , @illumninate and @honest-for-mendes and @purebeanshawn and @ortenmendes

Hello everyone! I recently hit 400 followers, recently meaning around two weeks ago. I didnt come out with this sooner because im in the middle of moving. But currently I ave 463, so i mean. At least its here.

But thank you all so much for all the follows, i appreciate it  so much. I cant even believe i actually got to 400 followers and is almost to 500! Thank you all so much, I appreciate it so much! I have so much appreciation for you all, so thank you! 


Mbf this anime nerd

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blacklist #tylerdoesstuff if you dont want to hear it

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anonymous asked:

u seem to be the jason expert tm so what is ur like ideal characterization of jason?

Gina linetti + Rosa Diaz from b99.. that’s it that’s the Jason I want… Ginas dramatics.. her whole “I’m better than everyone else” vibe… but also Rosa’s whole personality related to how.. she’s closed off and “’”“doesn’t care”“” about anything.. how shes lowkey emotionally stunned but it doesnt mean she doesnt care about people in her own way… yeah… idk its kinda late i might edit this later w #meta but I’m just bad at explaining stuff


Okay I couldnt go to sleep without giving more of my Jason interpretation but I’m in mobile so sorry for the lack of read more… and how fake deep this is..

I love.. live.. for bitter Jason.. who still isn’t okay w anything that happened to him and who has a hard time letting go of his grudges… but who also tries not to that.. who’s tired of always being angry and bitter.. who wants to let it all go but he can’t, his whole life is shaped by his trauma.. it’s impossible not to think about it.. not to feel that anger and bitterness…..

A jason who’s remorseful of all the shit he did regarding his family (how he hurt Tim… how he treated and keeps treating the others…) but who also like… still feels bitter towards them?? Like idk how to explain it but talking from experience sometimes it’s hard to get over stuff.. and sure he might know and understand it’s no ones fault what happened and that.. no one replaced/tried to replace him.. not really.. but that shit is still going to hurt u know? Like.. idk.. that kind of trauma is fucked up especially for someone that has abandonment issues like him and that always felt second best in everything.. idk… I think he would be able to fix his relationship with the batfam but it’s not gonna be easy and both sides have to compromise and understand that things are probably never going to be as they used to be idk.

Anyways i got fake deep so quick, so uuuhhh also I love when people write him being into literature.. good shit… and i feel like there are some things that aren’t really personality traits but are relevant to his character.. like how drugs cases and violence against women and children are the things that really get to him… how he’s convinced his methods are effective and he wouldn’t work under someone else’s moral code unless he’s forced to..and he has a pretty black and white mentality in #my onion

There’s also how.. back to fake deep stuff.. sometimes people forget his way of dealing with his trauma was to like.. take control of it, you know? Joker fucked up his whole life? Okay, red hood my city now. Died via explosives? Okay, time to learn how to diffuse any kind of bombs. And like, his approach to clean up Gotham is to take charge of the criminals and stuff? Like he knew he wasnt going to be able to erradicate everything from one day to another but he pulled the strings to keep kids out and try to make it better idk… And talking about things people seem to forget.. he doesn’t just kill because he wants to… he kills for a reason, to achieve something… not meaningless…. bang bang everyone is dead..

Anyway… uuuum what else… he has.. big trust issues… I doubt he would trust any of the bats, not wholeheartedly and definitley not with his life.. or at least it would take a really really long time for them to trust each other… he trusts a handful of people with his life but still is closed off.. probably tries not to give people ways to hurt him… probably also has a hard time believing people are to be trusted and not everyone will turn on him…

He’s.. super emotionally stunned like I said before.. doesn’t know how to express his feelings correctly.. doesn’t know why he has to share his feelings with people at all.. he’s like lol you wild when people ask him to talk about how he’s feeling and try to vent and talk things out..

Uuuhhh… now some minor personality traits…? he’s extremely loyal to his allies.. and protective… hes also stubborn as hell to the point you want to fight him… doesnt like accepting help… thinks he can handle everything by himself.. a fucking dumbass… makes too many “but did you die” jokes in a super annoying manner like yeah we get it you died.. has learned not to care about anyone’s opinions.. petty as fuck… definitely doesn’t use the nickname baby bird or little/pretty bird to refer to his siblings.. kiddo, kid, etc maybe.. is generally an asshole (and not in the cool way.. he wants to hurt people and get under their skin.) and a lot of people are irritated as fuck with him.. can be soft I guess but like w 2 people.. it’s independent and prefers to be a loner.. truly cares about the opinion of like four (4) people and even then he always put his own moral code and ideology first.. sometimes he compromises but it has to be under super particular conditions.. he will always keep his word, and even if he can manipulate people he prefers to be upfront about his intentions, he doesn’t hurt kids or people he believes are innocent… uhh idk this got too long and too fake deep.. there’s some other stuff but this is the most essential I guess?