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Tom Holland - Four Simple Steps

this wasn’t requested this was my own idea and i hope you like it there will be a part two and I’m super excited to write it!!!

part 2

requests are open:)) i now take tom/peter chris/steve and seb/bucky requests

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“harry this summer is gonna be amazing” i smiled as we walked with locked arms down the busy streets of london. there was only a month of school left which meant the end of the year peprally and a school dance. i could tell he looked over at me and just smiled.

“what?” i asked. i looked over at him and he just shook his head but his body was vibrating with laughter.

“harry! tell me what” i stomped my foot like a child, this gained the attention of a few pedestrians walking near us. this just made harry’s laugh louder and made my cheeks flush with red due to the embarrassment.

“well i mean if you really wanna know” he looked over at me with a mischievous glint in his sparkling brown eyes.

“you gotta beat me in a race back home” he rushed out as he began sprinting. i let out a loud laugh and began running quick after him. harry’s house was probably five or so minutes away walking so this shouldn’t take long. yeah sure he longer legs then me but i was the star sprinter on my track team.

i moved my little legs as fast as they could possibly go, passing harry i could hear him let out a groan as i took the lead and i just let out a loud bark of laughter knowing i won.

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2. If Robert is dead, who becomes Inquisitor? Who will exile Emma? Will she be exciled at all?
4. What was up with ANNABEL disappearing and the Unseelie King’s symbol appearing?
6. Now the Dearborn’s are discredited, who will step in as head of the Institute when Alec has to step down? Will he at all?
I am S H O O K
9. Why didn’t Emma and Julian try their super love powers to heal Livvy if it makes them more powerful?
14. WAIT I DON’T REMEMBER WAS THE CARK/MISTINA (??) BOND THINGO BROKEN OR WHAT (It was, I had lost my marbles all g)
20. *incoherent screaming*
29. Rip what is going to happen with Helen and Aline :(((
31. Annabel was all family this, yay JULIAN that then BAM
33. Bridget???? Is that you???? (*CC has stated that it is her, she’s not immortal but her long life will be explained in the next book)
34. Who is the Queen of Air and Darkness? Is it the Seelie Queen? Cause from what mythology I know it is, and CC said we know her already.

Roommates: Part One

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Summary: Reader is a ghost that lives in Tom Holland apartment and Tom doesn’t believe in ghosts. Or does he? Let’s play with a Ouija board like all stupid 21 year olds do and find out. 

Warning: Rape mentions, swearing, death, spooky shit, dont play with ouija boards (especially while drunk)

Words: 2k

Special thank you to @axolotlnerd for betareading this for me. <3

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what to expect when you and tom are expecting

Part 5 of the White Dress series

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

  • you are so happy when the test is positive and tom is away filming his new film so you hop on a plane as soon as possible and surprise him at his set 
  • he’s so haPPY to see you, he picks you up and spins you and kisses you
  • you don’t tell him right away, you wait until you go to dinner that night
  • “could i interest either of you in one of our specialty drinks?” the waiter asks you and tom shakes his head “we’ll just have a glass each of chardonnay please.” he always orders your drink for you. “a-actually i’ll just have an iced tea with lemon, thanks.”
  • “is everything okay love? you usually have a drink with dinner…”
  • “well, i just found out some very important news that-”
  • “yOU’RE KIDDING?! darling don’t be joking with me right now!”
  • “having a child is hardly something to joke about thomas.”
  • he gets sO excited and kisses you so much and he can’t stop smiling bc he’s going to be a dad!!!
  • “we should do one of those cute reveals for our families, you know what i’m talking about?”
  • you guys visit tom’s family in london a week later and you bring his parents gifts. they’re so excited to see you and are really surprised when you have gifts for them. you tell them to open them at the same time.
  • they’re matching tea cups that say “world’s greatest nana” and “world’s greatest grandpa” on them
  • it takes a minute for it to sink in but when they get it tHEY SCREAM THEY’re almost as haPpy as tom!
  • let’s not forget when you tell hARRISON. you invite him over to your house and the lights are dimmed and tom’s sitting in a huge leather chair on the opposite side of the wooden desk.
  • harrison is so confused bc tom has tessa on his lap and he’s caressing her and you’re sat on the couch in the corner of the room that he didn’t know you had.
  • “please have a seat.” tom says in a fake raspy voice, he has two cotton balls in his mouth.
  • “what is going on here? i feel like i’m about to be executed or something.”
  • “listen, harrison,” tom puts tessa on the ground and walks over to lean on the desk in front of harrison, “i’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse” harrison knows where this line is from, everyone has seen the godfather, but he has no idea why tom is doing this. “we want you, to be the godfather to our child, who should be around in about 8 months.”
  • you can’t help but smile when harrison jumps from his chair yelling “WHAT?! yOU GUYS ARE- oh my god no way!!! yes oF course i’ll be godfather are you crazy bro!” he pulls tom in for a huge hug and you can’t stop smiling bc you live for this bromance
  • you wait three months and decide to get a 3-d ultrasound to determine the baby’s sex early bc you and tom are dying to know and tom’s been keeping this secret from the media for long enough you told him that once you found out the sex of the baby he could tell the world 
  • he may or may not have researched a bunch to see how you could determine it early.
  • he holds your hand the whole time and you are so nervous, yet really excited.
  • its a bOY and tom is super happy and so are you and he just kisses you really softly and takes a picture of the screen he’s so excited for everyone to see him, the beautiful boy you created.
  • “what if we named him peter tony holland. before you get angry, hear me out, nobody will know we’re naming him after peter parker and tony stark. and besides peter is an adorable name, like peter rabbit, peter pan, peter parker, all lovable characters.”
  • “tom we’re not naming him after spider man and iron man.”
  • you post on your social media before tom is able to bc he’s driving you home.
  • you post a baby picture of tom and caption it “hope he ends up looking just like you ❤️”” and eVeryone gOES NUTS  
  • tom posts the picture from the ultrasound and captions it “like this post if you agree that his name should be peter tony holland”
  • you comment back “i would quicker name him rumpelstiltskin harrison holland before peter tony holland thanks”
  • robert comments “you promised to name your first born child after me remember thomas?”
  • “you promised him what?!” you yell at tom in disbelief
  • “i thought he’d forget about it, but i mean it was for good reason!”
  • “and what would that be?”
  • “i didn’t want him to tell anyone that he uh, he caught um,” then he mumbled incoherently
  • “he what tom?“ 
  • “he caught me taking a dick pic okay?!” he blurted out, “i freaked out and i may have said ‘please robert don’t say anything i’ll do anything! i’ll name my first born after you!’ and it was so in the moment i didn’t think about what would happen when we actually had kids." 
  • you end up talking to robert and you agree that your kid’s middle name should be robert, because when he comes over it’ll be hard to differentiate the two of them. (robert didn’t understand your reasons but went with it anyway bc he doesn’t like to admit it but he would do anything for you and tom) 
  • omg yOu catch him looking at kids rooms online
  • anD if you think your son ain’t gonna have a spider man room you’re wrong 
  • he take things from the set and puts it in his room 
  • you guys take a lamaze class bc tom wants to be rlly prepared 
  • you and tom search extensively for a good name for your boy, tom is stuck on peter, but you won’t have it 
  • "what about matthew?” tom asks one day 
  • “matthew robert holland…” you trail off and smile at him 
  • “i love it” you both say at the same time 
  • tom is always by your side no matter what and never lets you lift a finger, he’s so quick to help you off the couch or out of your clothes
  • he goes grocery shopping for you bc your shoes are too tight from your feet being so swollen. 
  • every time he hears you say “ooh” he rushes to your side to see if you’re okay, it’s usually just a kick but he wants to make sure. 
  • your little boy is late, it’s been two weeks since your due date but you still won’t pop, and you refuse to medically induce labor, so you try a bunch of home remedies but none of them work. 
  • “i read once that sex induces labor…” tom says one day, looking at you out of the corner of his eye while you sit on the couch. 
  • “help me up.” you say and he smiles and let’s just say the next morning your water broke 
  • tOM was freaking out and rushing to get everything into the car even though you already had a bag packed for the hospital. you were panting, contractions happening closer and closer together, tom called everyone from his car, his parents, your mom, harrison, robert, jacob, zendaya, chris, anthony, sebastian, everyone.
  • when you got to the hospital you got into your private room and people started piling in to congratulate you and you tried to smile through the pain of the contractions.
  • you are in active labor for hOURs and you keep asking the doctor how much longer, she reassures you that you should be starting your transition phase shortly 
  • your contractions are getting closer and closer and growing more intense, you yell at tom bc he got you into this mess and he’s just saying how good you’re doing and how wonderful you are.
  • “darling, you’re doing great, i love you so much.”
  • “okay it’s time to start pushing! can we just get dad in here, you all can wait in the lobby.” the doctor says as tom smiles widely at you, he pats you with the towel bc you’re sweating like crazy!
  • “ready, darling?” tom smiles and holds your hand, trying to keep you calm, he kisses your forehead softly and you give him a weak smile. 
  • two hours of pushing later, you hear your baby boy cry and you can’t help but cry, tom kisses you softly and he’s crying too.
  • “you did so great, love.”
  • “dad, do you want to come and cut the umbilical cord?” and tOm iS sO excited. he’s pretty much sobbing bc his little boy is laying on the counter and tom touches his hand and his baby grabs his finger as tight as he can, and now tom’s even mOre of a meSs.
  • after they clean him up they put him in your arms and tom looks at you both with the most love in the world and he’s just thinking about how he’d do anything to protect the two of you. 
  • “so how about another? a girl this time?” he just laughs little did you know a year and a half later all of this would happen again with a baby girl.
  • harrison is the first person other than you two to see him, they’re looking at the baby through the glass. “wow, man, you did that, you made that.”
  • “i know, it’s incredible”
Dares: Part 2 (Tom Holland x Reader)

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Hey everyone!! I’m so glad I get to finally post this! I’ve had this done for like a week now!! I hope you all enjoy this!! (also, I highkey feel like Sorry by Halsey is Tom’s feelings during this?? So if you want a lil something to listen to while reading this, listen to that :D)

Word Count: 1608

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, some platonic reader x Zendaya??

Warnings: Cursing (i think?), angst, Harrison (i have to warn about him, he’s too fucking amazing)

Part 1 | Part 2


He couldn’t believe he’d fucked up something so wonderful. It tore his heart into pieces to watch you run away from him, tears threatening to fall out of your eyes. How could he do that to you?

He watched as Zendaya walked up to him, anger evident on her face.

“What is wrong with you?” She shouted, getting close to his face. “What in the world would make you think to do something so cruel and ignorant?”

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all to myself: vlog 3

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info (i suggest reading this first) | 1 | 2 | 3 | on-going

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You're Beautiful

Pairing: Sam Holland x female implied reader

Requested?: Yes, this is just what the doctor ordered, and by doctor, I mean myself.

Word count: 712 (super short I know I’m so sorry)

Summary: Reader is feeling insecure so Sam does his best to help make them feel better.

Note: This is pretty awful if you ask me, but I’ve been feeling v insecure (wayyy more than usual) lately and I decided to try to make something positive to combat it and who knows maybe it might help someone else feel a bit better. Anyways, enjoy, loves!

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Bad Day

I based this off Daniel Powters song Bad Day.

Warnings: fluffiness, crying, sadness.

Ship: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count:

My request are still open!!!


Tom had had some crazy past few weeks with training, flying and filming. He just needed some time to himself.
“I’m gonna head out and get some fresh air. Go for a run or something.” He told Harrison and Harry who were both distracted by their phones. “Whatever anyways guys.” He murmured to himself and tied his runners and left the house. Tom just went exploring. Walking up and down the streets to this new town he knew nothing about. He found a quiet spot under a tree where he knew he could hide from people so he could call you. He waited for your phone to ring. Whilst it rang, he kicked the leaves around. He sighed as it went to voicemail. Usually you would pick up your phone within four rings. He sighed. Why isn’t she picking up?

Tom tried again.


“(Y/N). Babe. It’s me.”

“Tom! Sorry I didn’t even take a look at the ID. Sorry. I just go home from walking Tessa. My phone literally just went flat.” You sigh into the phone as Tessa runs around your legs wanting some dry food after her walk.
“What’s up? How’s filming?”

“Oh no. It’s okay. I uhm, I just wanted to talk to you.”

“Cool. What about?”

“Uhm, how was your day?” He knew your day was going to be a lot better than his so he decided to distract himself by asking you questions.

“Really good! I finished that uni assessment I was telling you about the other day. I found a new cake recipe, I tried that. I caught up with your mom the other day as well, and uhm, yeah just took Tessa for a walk and now she won’t leave me alone. You’re still cool with her sleeping in your bed yeah? Cause I swear, she doesn’t leave your spot. It’s like she knows your not here.”

That broke Toms heart.

“How was your day though babe, busy I assume?” You giggle grabbing from water from the fridge. Tom didn’t say a word. “Babe?” You pause. “Are you okay?” You could hear Toms voice crack on the other end of the line.

“I-I’m not. No.”

“Babe. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“I uhm, I don’t wanna talk about it.” He muttered. You had seen numerous articles on twitter about Tom’s poor mental health and how he hadn’t been doing so well. You didn’t know if these were rumours or not.

“Oh. Okay. We can talk about something else…” you trail off starting to feel worry. “How is Harrison and Harry?”

“N-not bad.” He spoke and wipe a tear.

“Do you want me to do the talking?” You ask him sitting on the couch. You could tell he nodded because he didn’t say anything. “Alright. Well, I’ll tell you about the new recipe I found. It’s a lemon and strawberry cream cake. It’s really nice. I added some extra orange zest because-”

“I want you here with me.” Tom finally spoke up. You knew how hard this was for your relationship. You sigh heavily as Tessa jobs on the couch and burrows her head into your lap.
Meanwhile Tom was till under the tree, wiping flowing tears from his eyes. He genuinely missed you and you knew it was hard for him because he had barely any rest time. Sure Harrison and Harry were with him to keep him company, but he missed the rest of his family. “Forget I said anything.” He muttered.

“No babe. It’s okay.” You weakly smile. You had an idea. “Hey! I went to that coffee shop we had our first date in. Remember, when it rained and we both needed a hot chocolate to keep ourselves warm.”

“Yeah. I remember.”

“Yeah, well they sell these new orange and poppy seed muffins now, and they’re really nice. We should check it out again when you come back.” You tell him.

“I-I’d like that.” You smile sadly. You missed him so much too.

“I don’t know if me talking is helping or anything.”

“It is, believe me.”

“Is Harrison or Harry nearby?”

“Nah. I left them at the place. It’s starting to get dark though.” Tom spoke as the clouds above his head turned from white to grey. “Do you think you can join us soon?” He asked. Not in a needy way, more in a ‘I need to be comforted by you’ way.

“I can try.”

“Please, even if it’s just for a day.” He weakly asked.

“Of course I’ll try.” You tell him. “Are you willing to talk about your day yet?”

“It was just shit.” He grumbled.

“Yes Tom. Use your words.” You sarcastically spoke and he laughed.

“It was shit. Nothing went right today. You know, it was just one of those days.” Tom didn’t have many of ‘those days’ but when he did, they were pretty bad.
“Today felt like, I woke up and my passion for acting wasn’t there anymore. I just felt exhausted and tired. I couldn’t even get up to get to the gym.”

“Oh no.” You exaggerate.

“Yeah.” He whispered and a couple of rain drops begin to pitter patter on his jeans. “Babe, you should see how good this looks.” He said looking at his view of the rain against the road in front of him.

“Are you sitting in the rain?”

“It’s therapeutic.”

“I don’t want you to catch a cold though.” Secretly you did because that would mean he could take a couple of days off work and relax and catch up on sleep, because from his lack of Instagram posts and stories, you could tell he was exhausted.

“I won’t. I started taking those ginger and garlic shots in the morning to prevent me from catching a cold. I’ve been spending so much time in the water, I’m surprised I haven’t gotten sick yet.”

“Same. Knock on wood though.” You laugh and Tom knocks the tree. Tessa started barking at something so you decided to end the call. “Babe. I’ll call you later okay?” You tell him.

“I love you (Y/N). Thank for you this”.

“No worries. I don’t think I did anything though.”

“Believe me. You did.”

“I love you too Tom.” You hang up put your phone down. Tom gets up from his spot and begins walking home in the light rain. Nothing he couldn’t handle.

“Dude, where have you been?” Harrison asked opening the door for him.

“I went for a walk.”

“You could’ve told us, we were worried sick.” Tom wanted to clap back with 'you could’ve call me’ but he felt composed after your chat so he have Harrison a fake smile just to leave the conversation.

“I’m going to have a shower to warm up.” Tom told him and left.


It had been about two weeks since that phone call, and Toms calls weren’t getting any better. He would call you every three days, and was really interested to chat. Sometimes he would tell you want he had for breakfast (which was good so you knew he was eating) and what he was now doing at the gym. He didn’t like disclosing his feelings much. Heck, you had only heard him cry twice before that phone call. You knew you needed to see him, but it was tough with college and work. You decide just to do it. Fly over for the weekend. Be back by Sunday night and go to university Monday morning. All you had was your handbag and a small suitcase with just the essentials. You makes your make up (which, let’s be real here takes up half of your bag) and some clothes for the weekend. You had never been to Canada before so you didn’t really know what to pack. Harrison had mentioned he had seen a bear, but you didn’t believe him because he didn’t take a photo, he refused to give you a reason why.
But here you were, waiting for Harrison to pick you up from the Canadian airport. Breathing heavily, purse and phone held tightly in your sweaty hand.

Harrison: I’ve parked in the blue car park, level six. Also, if you’re still in the airport can you get me one of those massive toberlones? Thanks.

You had actually already brought him one as a thank you for driving and picking you up. After a good ten minutes of walking you found the car park and Harrison was waiting by the elevator for you.

“Hey! So glad you could make it!” Harrison said hugging you and taking your bags to the car.

“It’s the least I can do. I need a break too. I have exams next month, so it’s either I come now or I just don’t.” You shrugged getting into the car and doing your seat belt.

“Tom is still on set with Harry. They’re gonna grab dinner on the way home.” Harrison informed me.

“Cool.” I simply said looking out of the window and looking at the wild and beautiful scenery that was Canada. It was like their place was literally in the middle of no where. Harrison helped take your bags inside and left then by the front door. It was around six ish when you go there. The boys were to be due back at 7.

“Is it cool if I take a quick shower? I feel like I’ve been on that plane forever.” You joke do Harrison.

“Go for it. Remember to turn the handles left, not right.” He pointed out. After the warm shower, you headed back out fulling clothed meeting Harrison in the kitchen. He was preparing a salad of some kind. I really call it a salad because it was only lettuce, tomato and cheese, but whatever.

“They’re gonna pick up some sausages and meat on the way. They’re like two minutes away.” Harrison said and I grabbed some cutlery from the draw and began to set up the table.

“Cool.” I said and nodded.

“So, what’s been up with you? Anything exciting?”

“Nah. Not much.” You tell him as you head a car pull up into the drive way. Your stomach began to form butterflies. “Just work and some assessments, like I said before.” You tell him.

You head Harry and Tom walk into the house. Tom stumbled over your luggage.
“Harrison. Move your shit out of the way. For god sakes-” Tom raised his voice angrily but stopped when he saw you. You stepped forward slowly to him so he could compose himself. He took a deep breath and you wrapped your arms around his neck and his around your waist and he just broke down in your arms. You just let him cry into your neck and shoulder.

“It’s okay baby. Let it out.” You whisper in his ear soothingly. His tears became sobs. You could tell he was embarrassed to cry in front of his best friend and brother but he didn’t care any more. “You’re alright baby.” You tell him and rub his back. “I’m here. You’re okay.” You tell him and let go of him, leaving your hands on his arms. “Oh look at you.” You smile weakly. His  face was extremely lifeless and pale. You take a look at his appearance. He was wearing a TSS blue cap, a burgundy tracksuit pants and a t-shirt. He looked like he had no strength, although his eyes were full of life. You smile at him calmly.

Your visit was definitely needed. “Wanna talk about it?” You ask him and he sniffles and rubs his nose with the sleeve of his jumper. He nods and you take his hand and lead him to the other room. He shakes his head.

“My room.” He muttered and you nod and follow him. He shuts the door and you sit on his bed. You longed for his lips, his taste, his feelings. But you knew right now wasn’t the time. You had built your rapport with Tom and you weren’t going to ruin that. You sit on his bed and he lies down next to you.

“I’ve missed you.” He whispers and you nodded.

“I’ve missed you too.” You tell him and he placed his head on your stomach, hugging your waist. You run your fingers though his hair.

“My life has been way off line. I’m literally falling to pieces everyday and I don’t know why. Someone times I leave set, and I don’t speak to anyone. I probably sound like the biggest dick on set. God they must hate me.”

“Babe, your work is stressful. Everything is catching up to you at once. You need some sleep. Those bags under your eyes aren’t Gucci.” You tell him and he cracks a smile at your poor joke. It was a genuine smile. Something you hadn’t seen in a while. The smiles and grins in the Instagram lives you knew were fake. “You’ve just had a couple of bad days, that’s all.” You siencerily say.

“How long are you staying here for?” He asks sitting up looking at you.

“Until Sunday night.” You tell him. He nods.

“Thank you for coming darling.“ 

"Of course baby.” You tell him. He was slowly becoming his normal self. He caresses your hair and follows down to your arm.

“Did you cut your hair?”



“I think it was last week. Yeah, last Thursday or something.” You tell him.

“I like it like that. It suits you.” He smiled and you grin. “I was meant to say that when I first saw you, but I uhm, I don’t know what got into me.” He said bowing his said.

“Hey, you can have a couple of bad days, you’re a normal person. Normal people have bad days. You’re no superhero.” You giggle and he raises an eyebrow.


“Tom.” You say in a serious tone but couldn’t help but smile.

“God I love you so much.” He whispers.

“I love you too.” You said back and share a sweet and short kiss before there’s a knock at the door.

“We might save the meat and things for tomorrow night. Haz and I feel like chicken instead. You guys are willing to join us if you want, or if you guys want some space, to, you know.”

“Thank anyways Harry. But we’ll probably just get some rest.” You tell Harry before it gets awkward and he leaves shutting the door. Tom lies back down and take his cap off and throws it somewhere in his room. He puts his hands behind his next. You place your head in tween his bicep and neck and cuddle into his side. It only took you a couple of minutes of your eyes bing shut for you to actually fall asleep. Before falling into a deep slumber you here six words leave Toms mouth.

“How did I get so lucky?”

anonymous asked:

"#the last hours #not gonna lie #i want nothing to do with this series if matthew and james aren't canon" really? wtf?

yes, i said it.

first of all, james and matthew are very gay/bi/pan-coded in nothing but shadows, the book from shadowhunter academy where they meet and basically follow the classic enemies to friends to lovers trope that we all love so much. there are so many quotes that made myself as well as my best friend (we are obsessed with this otp together) believe that james and matthew were into each other in a non-straight/bro way. here are a few:

“That was when Matthew Fairchild said, “Sir,” and smiled.

James had forgotten about The Smile, even though it was often broken out to great effect at family parties. The Smile won Matthew extra time before bed, extra Christmas pudding, extra anything he wanted. Adults were helpless to resist The Smile.

Matthew gave his all to this particular smile. Butter melted. Birds sang. People slipped about dazed amid the butter and birdsong.”

okay sorry but does one really wax that fucking poetic about some guy they’re not attracted to? no.

then later, to further prove this point:

“Matthew glanced at him and smiled: it was The Smile, gradual and illuminating as sunrise, and James had the sinking feeling that he might not be immune after all.”

ha. not immune to The Smile. james refers to matthew’s smile as a proper fucking noun. that’s not gay at all, folks. also, referring to your bro’s smile as being akin to the sun, just bros being bros.

“I was jealous of you first. I was jealous of everything about you, and I still am.”

“Wait,” said Matthew. “Wait, wait, wait. You don’t like me because I am so very charming?”

He threw his head back and laughed. He kept laughing. He laughed so much that he had to come and sit beside James on the step, and then he laughed some more.

“Stop it, Matthew,” James grumbled. “Stop laughing. I am sharing my innermost feelings with you. This is very hurtful.”

“I’ve been in a bad mood this whole time,” said Matthew. “You think I’m charming now? You have no idea.”

James punched him in the arm. He could not help smiling. He saw Matthew noticing, and looking very pleased with himself.”


“He found Matthew looking at him. Matthew had known, all the time, exactly where he was.

“Jamie,” Matthew said, sounding unsettled but impressed. “That was terrifying.”

“It’s James, for the last time,” said James.

“No, I’m calling you Jamie for a little while, because you just displayed arcane power and calling you Jamie makes me feel better.”

James laughed, shakily, and that made Matthew smile. It did not occur to them until later that a student was dead, and the Shadowhunters feared and distrusted the demonic—that somebody would be blamed. James did not discover until the next day that his parents had been informed of everything that had transpired, and that he, James Herondale, was now officially expelled.”

to quote my best friend and roommate “when ur gonna be expelled but it’s chill bc ur crush smiled at u”

“Father, please,” James said in a quiet voice.

“Mr. Herondale, please!” said Matthew. “We cannot be parted.” James braced himself for the explanation about truth and beauty, but instead Matthew said, with devastating simplicity: “We are going to be parabatai.”

James stared.

Father said: “Oh, I see.”

Matthew nodded encouragingly, and smiled encouragingly.

“Then nobody should come between you,” said Father.

“Nobody.” Matthew shook his head as he said “nobody,” then nodded again. He looked seraphic. “Exactly.”


now here comes the gayest quote

“We don’t … have to be parabatai,” Matthew said, his voice quiet under the sound of the blast. “I said it to make your father take me with you, so I could execute my new plan, but we don’t … have to. I mean, unless you … maybe want to be.”

James had thought he wanted a friend like himself, a parabatai who was shy and quiet and would enter in on James’s feelings about the terror of parties. Instead here was Matthew, who was the life and soul of every party, who made dreadful hairbrush decisions, who was unexpectedly and terribly kind. Who had tried to be his friend and kept trying, even though James did not know what trying to be a friend looked like. Who could see James, even when he was a shadow.

“Yes,” James said simply.

“What?” said Matthew, who always knew what to say.

“I’d like that,” said James. He curled his hands, one around his father’s coat sleeve, and one around Matthew’s. He held on to them, all the way home.”


moving on to my actual points.

i feel like it’s important to take into account that so far, emma and julian are the only parabatai relationship that’s been canon. (unless you count michael and robert, but since they never acted on those feelings in canon, and it never actually came to fruition bc robert had his Big Gay Panic, i’m not counting it for the sake of this argument.) if cassie is really telling us that in her four main series, as well as her side novellas and miniseries, etc. the only parabatai relationship we get to actually see be together and fall in love is a cishet couple, i will fucking scream. that’s really homophobic and gross, considering. but honestly cassie has never been into qu**r-baiting, that’s not her style. and homophobia has never been her thing. which is why i have to believe that matthew and james will be canon.

also, matthew is obviously not straight. and i’m not going to search for the ask, but cassie was once asked about matthew’s sexuality specifically, and she was like “i would rather… wait… till the books come out… for you to know.” or something to that degree. like, fam she would never say that if matthew was straight. like i said, not a qu**r-baiter. matthew is obviously into james, and their relationship as i said before was gay/bi/pan-coded in nothing but shadows. BUT you say, MAYBE james is straight and matthew’s love for him is just one-sided! and then he just ends up with a random dude side character!! um, no. that’s the same thing that happened with alec-jace-magnus in the mortal instruments. it would be lazy af to run with that same storyline again, and i honestly would fucking lose my mind if i had to deal with another unrequited gay parabatai love story ever again.

next, and honestly this is REALLY important to me as someone who’s not straight. clary, tessa, and emma. the three /main/ characters of the last three series were fucking straight. they were written straight in the books. canonically straight. yes obviously we all headcanon them as lgbt bc why wouldn’t we, but the point is that the narrative painted them as straight. (disclaimer, i have not read lord of shadows yet, so if emma and christina somehow got together in that book, i take this statement back.)

with her fourth and possibly final (??) series coming out, how could she pass up the chance to make the main character lgbt? the world has changed since she started publishing her books ten fucking years ago in 2007. readers and publishers are much more open and willing to accept lgbt main characters and main relationships. she made alec gay back in 2007, which honestly seemed groundbreaking at the time, but having a side lgbt relationship in your novel is hardly groundbreaking in 2017. everyone’s doing that. but, she has a chance now, with all her popularity and money, and the fact that her books no matter what are instant bestsellers, to finally make her /MAIN/ main character non-straight. she can do anything she fucking wants. so!!! why!!! not!!! make!!! james!!! fucking!!! herondale!!! bisexuall???

and another thing, while i’m ranting like the crazy person that i am. yes, clearly james and cordelia get ~married and have kids or whatever the fuck according to that family tree we saw when clockwork princess came out. BUT keep in mind that at the time, cassie herself said that the family tree had purposeful inaccuracies and she left out the fairchild family line on purpose.

cordelia imo is obviously going to bi, pan, or a lesbian, and end up with anna. that’s just my two cents, and honestly i’m really happy about that because in all her fifty or so books, the amount of wlw is astoundingly low. obviously theres helen/aline, but they are background characters and a background relationship, and we didn’t even see them get together. so i’m glad there will be a wlw relationship in the core main group of the last hours. STILL though, still, that just means that cordelia and james got fake married so they could be with other people. but back to my original point: it makes more sense for that person to be matthew, rather than grace.

another thought to consider is that tlh and tda are meant to parallel each other in multiple ways. i know this seems obvious, but i have to believe that one of these parallels is the whole falling-in-love-with-your-parabatai-making-you-both-monsters drama that jem brought up. JEM, who had a very close relationship with his favorite nephew james and tried to comfort him when james thought he was ‘becoming a monster’ in nothing but shadows. i haven’t even read lord of shadows yet but idgaf bc this obviously still holds up.


tldr; obviously james and matthew should and can be together. and like i said in those tags, if they aren’t i have no interest in the book series.

Tessa didn’t remember when she had fallen, only that her knees ached as the cold of the bathroom tiles seeped into her bones.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought about it. It was something she knew—something she had always known that she wanted and that she had wanted to give to Jem.

She had thought about it often, even more so recently. Jem was getting older and she knew better than most how time could get away from you if you weren’t careful. She just hadn’t expected it to happen without any preparation.

Her mind wondered to when she had found out about her Jamie. Little Lucie had been easier, no less frightening, but easier in that she could better deal with the fear. But now…

Was it wrong, she asked herself. Would they hate her for moving on and having more children? Would they think that they were only a passing moment? Would this little one think that?

Then a new vision entered her mind and it calmed her somehow. In it there was a little brown haired girl brutally debauching a note on a violin and Jem standing over her and adjusting her grip, the note coming out strangled still, but less so than before. Then a little boy flew into her mind, sitting in her lap with a child’s book and mispronouncing almost every word wrong while she gently corrected him and he would repeat the word wrongly a few more times before he got it right. She saw her and Jem and the little boy and girl sitting at a dinner table, smiling at one another and laughing at jokes that their family shared between only their selves.

It was as lovely as it was frightening.

“Tessa?” The voice was Jem’s. The crinkling sound of plastic bags altered her that he had been grocery shopping. She could see him in her mind’s eye with bags weighing him down, walking in the door to their little London apartment and kicking it shut behind him. Then she pictured it again, but this time she changed one detail. He still carried the bags, but this time there was a little child, pulling at all of them, trying to find something of theirs. “Tessa, I’m home,” he called out again.

She wanted to answer enthusiastically, to come out of the bathroom beaming like a soon-to-be-mother should be, to kiss him and tell him of a new someone who would share their future with them.

But that wasn’t what she did. Instead, her mind went to Will and James and Lucie. Would she be the same with her and Jem? When he aged and finally died—she shivered at the thought—would she run off and leave her child or her children like she did to Jamie and Lucie—visiting rarely, watching from afar and only knowing that they were gone from this world through the words of others?

She remembered Lucie, who had gone first. It had been two years after her death before Tessa had even found out. Once they had reached their sixties she had cut off all contact with them, knowing that their deaths would be soon.

She knew of James’s though. He had written her a letter just a few days before he had gone, one she still kept with her, though she rarely read it.She had memorized it, but somehow looking at the words, written in his handwriting that was aged with him. Shaky because his hand shook. He had been so old—seventy-seven, and she remembered wanting to pretend that the dried and crinkled droplets on it were from something other than his tears, though she knew that they were not.

He had written so many beautiful things—Will’s lovely way with words had been passed to their son. In the letter, he had expressed his wish to die. It had and still did make her heart ache. When she had gotten it, it had filled her with envy and empathy. Envy because he would find his peace, and empathy because he, just as she, had watched everyone he loved wither and die. He had watched his parabatai, his sister, his wife—but most of all she felt pain, because the letter was signed two months before she ever had the courage to open it, and she had known then that he was gone. Her golden-eyed baby boy was gone.

Would she feel the same pain she felt looking at the Herondale and the Blackthorn families when she looked her new baby’s family in the future when her own was all gone?

A cabinet banged in the kitchen.

Shakily standing up she took the pregnancy test and threw it in the trash, wrapping some toilet paper in her hand and throwing it over, though she doubted Jem would know what is was anyway. Then again, he had formed a certain affinity with modern soap operas, so she wasn’t taking any chances.

She walked into the kitchen, praying to the Angel that her hands weren’t still shaking. Jem was staring at the label of a can of something, brows furrowed and fully engrossed in whatever he was seeing. When she had first taken him grocery shopping, he had been surprised and delighted at all the things that you could buy canned. But that had gone out the window when he realized he couldn’t pronounce half of the ingredients.

She went up and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Hello,” she said, kissing his neck and leaning her head against his back. His sweater was soft and she felt herself close her eyes and lean into him even more. “You didn’t have to go to the store. I could have done it.”

He unwound her arms from around him and turned to face her, his face alight with gentle love. “It is my apology.” His hands were still wrapped around her wrists. He brought them back around his waist and then put his own around her and pulled her close so that they were chest to chest. “Since you are the only one who can cook, I decided that I would be the one to get the groceries.”

Her heart swelled with love. Even Jem, who was from a time when it was solely the woman’s job to take care of everything at the house, thought to help her out. Only her Jem would have listened to her when she made the comment that they were almost out of laundry detergent and go and buy some…

Her heart stopped as she gazed at the laundry detergent that he had purchased, sitting on the counter behind him in all of its accusatory wonders. It was a brand made specifically for infants and was meant to be gentle and non-allergenic.

“You bought detergent meant for a child?” It came out accusatory. Did he know? He couldn’t have, could he?

Jem looked bashfully at the blue bottle sitting on the counter. “I must have grabbed the wrong one,” he admitted with a shrug. It was the truth. Jem had always been a terrible liar when it came to her. “Sorry,” he ducked his head down. “Perhaps my trying to help is more of a burden for you than help if I can’t get the right things.”

Tessa immediately felt bad. She hadn’t meant for her words to come out like that. “Don’t be ridiculous Jem. We can use the detergent just the same. Besides,” she added, smiling at him warmly. “How do you know that I am the only one who can cook? Have you ever tried?”

At this, his face became very red and he ducked his head down even more. “No,” he said. There was that terrible liar.

“Oh, now you’ve got me interested.” She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed his chin lovingly. “I must hear about his.”

He smiled down at her. His face was still red but it had diminished a bit. He nuzzled her jaw, and she imagined that it was more to hide his embarrassment that it was anything else.

“I attempted to cook a meat loaf once while you were out with Catarina.” He leaned back up and bit his lip, scratching his neck. “Even Church would not eat it.”

Tessa giggled. “Well, I appreciate the thought.”

He grinned and his eyes crinkled at the corners. “I should probably put the milk up before it ruins.”

Tessa stepped back reluctantly and allowed him to grab the milk cartons and put them into the fridge. All the while she was eyeing the detergent.

“I can take it back you know,” Jem said seriously. He had stopped what he was doing and stood looking at her, a box of cereal in his hand. “It really isn’t a problem Tessa.”

“No,” she murmured. “No, that’s okay. Who knows, we might need it.” It had been a suggestive thing to say, and she carefully gauged his reaction. He only tilted his head to the side and furrowed his brows, sticking the cereal into the cabinet before turning around and grabbing some more groceries.

“Well, yes.” He put something else in the fridge. “I know that. I doubt you’d be able to stand me if I did not use soap. You might still smell okay, but I would not. What I mean to say is that while we will certainly need it, it doesn’t have to be that specific brand meant for infants. I can go and get another brand.”

She cleared her throat. Her palms felt slick. “What I mean to say,” she spoke and was surprised that her voice wasn’t shaky, “is that we might well need that brand.”

Jem had stopped what he was doing and had leaned back against the counter top. He was truly confused.

It was in that moment that Tessa realized that of course, he wouldn’t have any idea what she was talking about, and for not the first time in her life, she felt pity for him.

He had been so young when he had been told he was dying. At just eleven he would have never thought about having children, and after that, he had been sick and dying and still could not have thought about it. Even after he had been freed from the brotherhood and had been with her for almost five years he did not consider it because it was always so far away—so impossible for him.

“Tessa, why would we need a brand designed for infants?” he asked, looking at her strangely. He looked like she had lost her mind and then, all of the sudden his eyebrows shot up and she thought, he has finally realized. But that was not so. “Are you allergic to the other detergent?” he asked.

It was such a very bizarre thing to say that she might have laughed had she not been so sad that that was the first conclusion he could come to. It seemed more realistic to him that she had been hiding an allergy towards their laundry detergent for five years than it was that she could have been talking about a child.

She walked up and to him, close but not touching.

“We might not need it,” she told him. She looked down at the musician’s hand that hung at his side, and reached out, grabbing it loosely. He watched her downturned eyes. “But someone else might.”

She didn’t dare look him in his face, but his chest seemed to rise and fall faster and his hand tightened in hers.

“Who?” His voiced cracked and he cleared it. “Who might need it?”

“A baby?” she shrugged and then added a soft, “perhaps”.

It was whispered so softly that she didn’t know if he heard until he asked, “A baby?” He still held her hand in his but it had stiffened. His voice had risen an octave. “Where would we get a baby?”

A nervous giggle left her mouth and before she could stop it, it had turned into a full tide of nervous laughter that she couldn’t get to stop. When she finally, did her eyes were full of tears that she knew were not from the laughter. One rolled down her cheek unchecked. “You don’t know what it is we’ve been doing all this time? I assumed you realized that that might result in one.” One—a baby, but if hung between them unsaid.

He had been staring at their joined hands and now he looked up at her through dark lashes. A darkness that she had to become accustomed to after so long of silver—after so long of closed eyes, though they were never unseeing. “You want to have a baby?” he whispered. He was breathing so fast now. He dropped her hand but quickly moved it to cup her cheeks. He was so close and his breath fell against her lips in short, warm bursts. “You want to have a baby with me?” His eyes were wide with wonder and something that looked like… hope. “Tessa, I—” he broke off looking flustered and shaking his head in amazement. “I had never even considered. It—the thought. It was always so far away—impossible. It has never been an option for me. And I did not know if you wanted to—not after…” James and Lucie. The words were unspoken between them. He above all knew the pain that came with losing her children. The unnatural deep ache of not going before them. “Tessa?” his voice broke and he looked at her with wide eyes that held such hope and happiness and fear that she was forced to look away. “Do you want to have a baby?”

She gave him a crooked smile. “Actually,” another tear broke free from her eye and rolled down a path beside where the other one had. “I already do.”

She gently took one of his hands off her face and brought it down to where she rested it against her stomach. His eyes remained on her face for a moment before they followed the trail of his hand.

She was not showing yet and her stomach was as flat as it had always been, but something about the gesture must have done something to Jem.

“Oh God.” It was somewhere between a choke and a sob as he fell to his knees, burying his face against her stomach and holding her against him. She kept her eyes up, stroking his silky hair. Though it had changed colors, it had never lost is texture. It still felt like pinfeathers between her finger.

Something about it all, the way he grasped at her as if she was his living and breathing salvation, the way his hands gripped at her back almost painfully, how she could feel his sobbing breaths through her clothing—and she remembered the night he had proposed to her. The heartbreaking proposal of a man who knew he could only offer her nothing but himself and a short time but promised to give everything of himself in that time. The disbelief in his silver eyes when she had said yes—everything was so similar to that night that she could not help but fall down in front of his and bury her face against his neck so tightly that she could taste her own salty tears against his skin.

And there was no thought about the future or the past, about James and Lucie or Will, or the inevitability of how she would be forced to watch the man in her arms and the child in herself age and die. It was just Jem and Tessa and the one new addition to their strange little family.

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blackstairs baby one shot

alright!! i’m finally writing a jemma baby one shot bc i have wanted to for sO lONG. i highlt blame @daddyblackthorn and @emmacordeiiacarstairs‘s blogs for putting this idea into my brain because i neVer wAnteD iT unTil tHen. 

also requested by @loveyoulikedirection & @turtlesnook!!

spoiler free :)

Julian’s head pounded. He paced back and forth in the Institute hallway outside the infirmary where Emma was. Emma, his Emma, who was giving birth to their baby. 

Their baby.

He still couldn’t believe it. In a matter of mere hours he was going to be a father. A father to a baby, Emma’s baby. No matter hor scared he was, no matter how many worries and questions he had, it was all cancelled out by the extreme happiness he felt. He was finally going to have a family with Emma, which was all he’d ever wanted.

The door slammed upen into the hallway. Livvy stood in the treshhold, her eyes bright. 

“Julian!” she said. “Come in now, the baby’s almost here!”

He rushed into the wide room, racing past the rows of beds to where Emma lay, gripping Cristina’s hand. Tessa was at the foot of the bed, delivering the baby. Towards the back of the room, Jem stood with brother Enoch, both ready to assist if needed. Livvy went back over to aid Tessa and Julian took Emma’s other hand.

She turned her head to face him. She was covered in sweat, her blonde hair plasered to her forehead, her cheeks were red and her eyes hung with exaustion, but somehow through all of this, Julian thought, she still looked radiant. 

She took a deep breath and smiled. “You ready, babe?”

Julian laughed. “I’m not the one giving birth.” He leaned over and kissed her head. 

“Alright, Emma,” Tessa said. “It’s time. I’m going to need you to take a deep breath and when you’re ready, start pushing.”

Emma nodded.


An hour later, Julian was holding his son in his arms. Emma was asleep and he sat next to her, his gaze shifting between her and the baby. He hadn’t moved since the baby was delivered because, of course, that meant he would have to put him down. He looked down at the baby’s tiny face, relaxed in sleep. A little tuff of blonde hair could be seen through the blanket and Julian knew, under his shut eyelids, here bright blue-green eyes, just like his own. 

Next to him, Emma stirred. She turned over and cracked an eye open. Her mouth formed a small smile when she saw him. “Hi, baby,” she said, her voice almost a whisper.

Julian laughed. “Are you talking to me or the baby?”

“Haven’t decided yet.“ 

 Julian gave a chuckle and sat down on the bed next to her, taking her in his arms. The baby, Andrew Johnathan they’d decided, lay between them, split over their arms. He held then both with such delicacy, as if they were made of porcelain and he couldn’t risk dropping them. He’d never been happier then he was in that moment. He had his entire universe in his arms. No matter how scared he was, how worried, how ever many questions he had, something in the back of his mind told him it would all be okay 


 lmao this is trash but enjoy!!

Undefined ( Tom Holland )

Request by anon: #3 and #6 with Tom please! (as two different prompts if you have the time :))

a/n: HI GUYS!! I feel like its been such a long time since I’ve written something so I decided to smoosh this all into one story. Sorry Anon I would have loved to write it as two prompts but I don’t have time. Anyways I enjoyed writing this one; it’s a bit longer then my others so GRAB A SNACK! I hope you enjoy hehe Also I’d like to thank @hollandsenses she’s really great and she helped me come up with the story line!! Go follower her and her amazing blog :)

p.s. bold means its the prompt

word count : 1915

featuring : Zendaya

Pairing : Tom Holland x reader


Prompt list (now accepting Sam Holland requests)

A silent tear rolled down your cheek and dropped onto the already damp shirt of Tom Holland, lying in your lap gasping for air. The bullet hole in the red and blue suit he was wearing, became more and more red than blue as his blood seeped through the material.
“No Peter, You can’t die. Please don’t die. I need you.” Tom continued to wretch and gasp for air as he keeled over and blood ran from the corner of his mouth. He turned back to you and locked eyes, his brown ones danced with fear as they searched your face for the truth.
“You need me?” He questioned a look of longing appeared on his face. “I don’t think I’m going to make it.”
“No.” you said firmly, “you’re going to,” and you looked up into the blazing spotlight mimicking the suns rays on set.
“And CUT!” The director yelled from his chair. “That’s a wrap on the Infinity War! Thank you all so much for being part of this production!” An eruption of cheers made its way throughout the studio as you and Tom got out of your scene positions.
“That was a great scene Tom, I can’t believe we are done.”
“I know,” said Tom nonchalantly, “you’ll get used to this eventually.” You nodded as four makeup stylists came to remove the special effects from your bodies and to wipe away the fake blood. Tom turned to you and you couldn’t help but giggle at the fact that his face was being pulled every which way by makeup wipes.
“What do you say we go out to dinner tonight?” Tom asked suddenly.
“To celebrate?”
“Uh- yeah to celebrate.” Tom replied with wariness. “I’ll text you the details, right now I have to get this sticky suit off of me.” You nodded in reply as you were continually poked and prodded by the stylists. You watched Tom walk off to his trailer. Damn. You hated to see him leave but loved to watch him go.

Once you were back in your trailer, you turned on your speaker and hopped in the shower, letting the steam melt away the stress of the day. Your muscles released their tension as you let the hot water cleanse the places you wouldn’t allow the makeup wipes to reach. Rhianna’s Umbrella came on your speaker and you couldn’t help but laugh, Tom coming to mind. You really wish you could pull off that wig as well as he did. You mentally made a note to tease him at dinner about it. The hot water ran cold as you started thinking about dinner. There were other members of the cast. It wasn’t just you and Tom. Surely he would have invited them too. If it was just you two, was it a date? Or was it just two friends out at dinner. You stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your middle and went on a hunt for something to wear. Was it formal? Was it casual? Was it burgers and fries or some $70 crab leg? You saw Tom’s name pop up on your phone thrown on your couch.
“Dinner tonight at 7:30. I’ll pick you up at 7. Dress fancy. Location is a surprise ;)”
What a fucker.
You riffled through your closet hoping to find something appropriate for you to wear. But not too appropriate, if you know what I mean.
“Damn it y/n! This is your first time on a movie set. You don’t need to hook up with your co-star! You shouldn’t be that girl!” You openly said to yourself.
A light knock on your door startled you and you were suddenly very aware of your stark nakedness.
“Hang on one second!” you frantically yelled. What if it was Tom?
“It’s just me!” Zendaya called back.
“Oh okay, I’m naked don’t come in.” You were glad that you had reached that level of comfort with her. As soon as you met on set the first day of production, you two clicked as if you had been friends since grade school. A minute or two later Zendaya popped her head in the door.
“All clear? I’m not in the mood to be flashed today.”
“Mhm” You mumbled back pulling your shirt over your head. She strolled into your kitchenette and started opening the cupboards; clearly in search of food.
“Time to go grocery shopping?” you questioned in a laughing tone.
“I swear, everyone comes into my trailer and eats my food. Is it really that hard to go to the store? There’s one about 5 minutes down the road from HERE.” She heightened her voice when she found a box of crackers and popped one in her mouth.
“I would love to accompany you to the store tonight, but I have plans.” You replied in a sly tone, as you worked a comb through your hair in the bathroom. You heard fast paced foot steps towards the you. She swung her head around the frame of the bathroom door.

“I know that tone. Oh. My. God. Are you going out with who I think you’re going out with?”
“Okay okay relax, I know it sounds crazy; this whole thing is undefined. I have no idea whether we are going out as friends or something more then that. I guess I’ll find out tonight!” Zendaya grabbed your hands and you guys jumped up and down together as if you were in second grade.
“What are you going to wear?” She asked pressingly. “Is it casual or fancy?”
“He told me it was fancy, can you see if you can find anything in my closet that might be close to acceptable? I don’t think I have time to run back to the hotel.”
“You know who does? This girl. I did have a date with Netflix tonight, but I think he’ll understand.” Zendaya snickered.

A life time later - or so it seemed - Zendaya came knocking on your trailer door again. You had lightly curled you hair and it fell in beachy waves over your shoulders. A soft dusting of makeup was thought to have completed the look until she showed you the dress she found.
“Now that completes the look.” You said almost breathless as you stood marvelling at yourself in the mirror.
“I couldn’t find one in your closet that was right for the occasion, you know, uncertain-of-where-this-relationship-stands-but-I-really-like-this-boy-dinner, but I sure as hell found one in mine. Damn even I would date you,” She said sitting from the couch behind you. The dress fell to about mid calf and it was tapered at the bottom so it gave a slimming and sculpting effect. The red of the dress set a fire in your eyes. You turned around and your heart started the hammer. What if he liked me?

When 7pm rolled around you have convinced yourself that this was just a fancy dinner with your friend, so if anything a little extra happened you would be surprised.
“You look great,” Z exclaimed, “Just pretend I’m not he-.” A knock at the door stopped her mid sentence. You took a deep breath and opened the door to a fresh pressed white shirt; sleeves rolled to the elbows and trousers accompanied by smiling eyes.
“You look gorgeous,” Tom breathed, his eyes spilling over the fitted red dress.
“And you just look - wow,” you could barely form a sentence. You were going out with this man? Score. The car ride was pleasant. There were some silences but they weren’t awkward, they were comfortable. It gave you a change to appreciate his presence. You noticed how the car was filled with the faint smell of cologne. The woody masculine smell, was just the right amount to make you melt; almost completely, looking into his eyes would surely take care of the rest.

The restaurant welcomed you by taking your coat and your name for the check. They did the same with Tom and you were taken to your seats. A table right by the window, overlooking the skyline of the city. You must have been distracted by Tom in the car to have realized you were driving up so high.
“So,” Tom said, snapping you out of your thoughts, “I think that we both deserve to know each other better. We both worked so hard on set, we hardly got any time to know each other. And I think you’re one to get to know.” The last few words make your heart nearly break out of your ribcage and insist itself upon Tom.
“Well I was born in Winnipeg. It’s a smaller city in Canada. I’ve always wanted to be involved in acting. You were actually on of my role models when we were younger,” you glanced up from your glass. You hadn’t realized that you were playing with the condensation collecting on the outside of it. Tom’s eyes were locked on yours and a warm blush arose to his cheeks. You continued. “My family is very important to me. But I had to see that fall apart when my parents got divorced. It really showed me that I had to be there for myself, and to love myself.” You let out a sigh, the worlds weight lifting off your shoulders. Tom smiled that award winning smile and he reached across the table and grabbed your hand. His thumb ran in circles over the back of your hand as he told you about how he grew up in Kingston and how it’s been hard for him to be away from his family this much. How he’s glad he has people like Harrison in his life and how he’s happy he now has you. Your heart threatened to leap out again when he showed you a picture of his dog Tessa on his phone.
I’m not jealous,” you said crossing your arms and turning up your nose in sarcasm. He chuckled and let go of your hand as the waiter brought the food that you had ordered. The comfortable silence fell over you two once more as you began to eat.

The plates were cleared and you sat back in your chair; stomach full. A sigh escaped your lips; your heart was content. Tom’s hand came crawling back to yours at the soonest opportunity. His touch grew flowers in your lungs, they were beautiful but they made it hard to breathe. The connection thought your finger tips whizzed with electricity you were sure could be heard by the people sitting behind you. When you looked into his eyes you felt him reading your emotions, trying to understand you; trying to listen.

He draped your shawl over your shoulders as you stepped outside into the night air. The hand of his on your lower back provided protection and a sense of warmth. You sat on the hood of his car with him next to you, the skyline of your future reflected in your eyes. You hadn’t realized you’d driven so high. High enough that the air was thinner. But also high enough that you realized he would provide you with all the oxygen you would ever need. He was your air to breathe.
“It’s beauty reminds me of you.” Tom interlaced his fingers in yours as you leaned your head on his shoulder. And suddenly, all at once this relationship was no longer undefined.

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (9/15)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

AU Summary: Y/N’s powers had a reaction to the Hulk which resulted in Dr. Banner’s resurfacing. 

Notes: brucetasha is real on this fic. just a heads up ok. if you don’t ship it, well then. i dont know what to tell you, bud. this crap works in my fic so yeah. im a huge shipper for buckynat but im sucking it up for this series. ok cool

Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10



Y/N called out as she ran up to the top of the tower where Steve, Tony and Natasha were. All three pairs of eyes looked at her and they knew that something was wrong. Tony dropped the iron man arm he was working on and the smiles in Steve and Nat’s faces disappeared.

“We found him.”

“What?” Tony asked as Natasha froze in place.

Y/N nodded. “We found Banner.”

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Meet the parents

Summary: Tom meeting your parents for the first time

Warnings: None

Requested: yes


You sighed as you placed your hand gently on your boyfriend’s cheek. “Sweet, there is no need to be nervous. My mom is a sweet heart. My parents are going to adore you.” I told him. “You said your mom is a sweet heart. What about your dad? Is he gonna try to kill me or something” Tom looked scared as he wiped his hands on his jeans. “Not gonna lie, he’s going to try to scare the shit out of you. But it’s only because he wants the best.” You cupped his face once more and said in your best baby voice, “I’m not gonna let anything happen to you, okay?” He laughed and shook his head at me as he started the car.

You and Tom had been together, officially, for about 4 months now and today he was meeting your parent for the first time. To say he was nervous was an understatement. You texted him this morning to see if he was ready and you got “paNiCKinG” as a response. Impressing your parents meant the world to Tom because he knows how important they are to you. Not to mention you’re a total daddy’s girl, which makes his approval even more important. He was acting fine but you knew that he was internally freaking out. He had wiped his hands on his jeans multiple times and he kept tapping on with wheel.

“How about we listen to some music, yeah?” You plugged your phone in and hit shuffle on your Disney Throwbacks playlist. Camp Rock came on and suddenly Tom’s mood did a complete 180. He started dancing in his seat and singing along to the radio at the top of his lungs. “SO HOW DID YOU GET HERE UNDER MY SKIN SWORE THAT I’D NEVER LET YOU BACK IN” he yelled as you, very obviously, recorded him.

After a few hours you finally pulled into your parents driveway, and Tom’s fighting started again.
“What if they hate me? What if only one of them hates me? What if I hate them?! I mean, obviously I wouldn’t hate them I’m sure they’re wonderful I mean they raised you and you’re a goddamn ray of sunshine” he took a huge breath of air, “I’m sorry I’m rambling, it’s just this is so important and it means a lot to me, and I know it means alot to you. I want this to be perfect.” Tom looked into your eyes and you felt your heart melt. “They aren’t going to hate you. And everything will be perfect. I promised, remember.” You kissed his cheek and slid out of the car. Tom grabbed your hand and you walked into the house together to be greeted by you family dog, Honey. “Hello my love, oh Honey look at you my favorite girl! Who’s a good girl, who’s a good girl? You are! Yes you are!” Honey jumped all over you and Tom excitedly.

“Tessa is shook.” Tom added. “You’re so cute! Yes you are yes you are! How’d you get so cute? Huh? How’d you get so cute?”

“Tommy, as much as I love you and dogs, my family is outback” I took his hand ready to lead him outside when he pulled me back.

“But.. honey.” he pouted
“Honey can come with, but we have to goooo” I again tried to lead him outside, and again he pulled me back.

“I know you told me not to worry, but I can’t help it. You’re parents approval means so much. Especially your dad. He doesn’t seem to like me too much.” He looked at me with big eyes and I felt bad about how scared he was.

“Trust me.” I finally made it outback with him behind me. My family was sitting around the table on the patio, my parents had made food and it was displayed around the table. Honey had followed us out and was currently running around the yard.
“Hi sweetheart!” My mom hugged me as my dad made his way over. “Hi baby” my dad pulled me into another hug and I felt him tense. I pulled away and saw him staring at Tom. Making Tom shit himself.

“Mom. Dad. This is Tom, my boyfriend.” I grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze, trying to calm him.

“Hello Tom. We’ve heard so much about you” my mom took his free hand, “Congratulations on your movie by the way. It was wonderful!” She added

“Oh you saw it! That’s amazing thank you so much! I really glad you liked it.” Tom was smiling and looked genuinely happy, that is until his eyes met my father’s.

“Tom is it?” he said not moving
“Uh, yes sir.” Tom was visibly shaken after being addressed by my father. “You’re an actor?” my father asked “Yes, sir. Since I was a child. And my movie Spiderman Homecoming just came out.” Tom added.

“Spiderman huh? And who exactly do you play?” my father questioned
“Peter Parker actually.” Tom was becoming more confident and looked like he was genuinely enjoying himself. He loves talking about his work, especially spiderman. “I did the flips and everything myself.” He added in, finding his confidence.

“You’re a gymnast?” dad asked
“And a trained dancer” Tom replied.
“No kidding, I’m a gymnast too.”

After that my dad and Tom spent most of the time bonding. Looks like this wasn’t as bad as Tom thought.

- -

AHA well this is trash garbage. Sorry about the abrupt ending but I honestly had no idea where to go with this and I wanted to post it as soon as possible.

Unexpected - Chapter One

Thank you to Latoya @quackmom for editing this for me !!

Summary: It was hot and Tom was babysitting Paddy for the day, so Harrison decided to come over. (I suck at summaries)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Harrison Osterfield

Warnings: Some swearing 

Words: 1.8K

Notes: Sorry to those who were waiting so long for something so disappointing!! I also plan on making this a series if it doesn’t flop so :-)

“Harrison, mate. I’m looking after Pads for the next couple of hours. Wanna come over?”

It was the middle of summer. Tom was bored, sweating, he was in a singlet and a pair of shorts. The air conditioner broken so he’d been given the duty of looking after his little brother, Paddy for the next couple hours while his parents were out buying a new one.

“Tom, it’s almost fifty degrees. I’m NOT going out in this heat.”

“Come on, I don’t want to have to look after Paddy by myself!” Tom wiped away sweat that was forming on his eyebrow. “Please? Even if you’re not here long. I’m booooooorrreeeddd.”

“Alright, alright! Fine, fine. Just give me a few minutes.” Tom smiled. He could practically hear the eye roll over the phone.

“Alrighty. See ya in a few.” Tom laughed, ending the call and got up looking, for Paddy. “Hey Pads!”

“Over here!”

Tom walked over to the source of noise and found Paddy sitting one of the huge bean bags playing Mario Kart.

“Harrison’s coming over in a few minutes, okay? So you have to behave.” Tom said, bending down on his knees so he was eye level with Paddy, attempting to give him a look that meant serious business. Paddy just laughed and poked him in between his eyebrows.

“Okay! And can I please have some ice-cream though?”

“Whatever you want, boss.” Tom sighed and walked over to the kitchen, heading for the fridge. He opened the freezer, grabbing the pint of chocolate ice-cream, feeling the cool air press against his warm body. He looked out the window and saw Tessa jumping around in one of the kiddie pools filled with water running from a hose. He had never thought that in his life, he’d envy a dog so much as of now. Closing the fridge and grabbing two spoons so they could share, Tom walked back to Paddy’s room.

“Ice-cream!” Paddy squealed, and ran up to Tom.

“Calm down, Padsters!” Tom laughed, handing Paddy a spoon and the pint. “Alright, alright, where’s the other controller? Let me show you how it’s done.”

Grabbing his controller, Tom sat next to his bean bag, not wanting to risk drenching it in his own sweat. They did have a fan running, although it didn’t do much other than blow more hot air in their faces.

“Let us begin!” Tom shouted while locking in his favourite character, Yoshi, while Paddy chose Bowser.

It was Paddy’s turn to choose the map, so he chose the iconic Rainbow Road which was Tom’s least favourite since he sucked at it so much. He was always falling off.

“Aw come on, Paddy! You know I suck at that map!”

“That’s why I chose it!” Paddy laughed.

The game started. Paddy immediately getting second place, while Tom was behind on fifth.

Everything was going smoothly though. For a few moments, Tom and Paddy we’re neck and neck fighting to be in front. That was until a red shell was thrown at Tom.

“Oh, come on!” Tom shouted, while Paddy laughed in delight. He was now in seventh place.

ding dong

“Harrison’s here!” Paddy cheered.

Tom paused the game, laughing at Paddy’s excitement and got up, heading for the front door.

‘Finally, some company.’ Tom thought.

He opened the door and was greeted to the sight of Harrison, holding a blue cooler in his right hand and a bag of what seems to be water guns on his left.

“Well, come on in you dib.” Tom said, stepping to the side, making room so Harrison could walk in.

“Mate, I can’t believe you made me go out in this blazing weather.” Harrison said, walking down the hallway.

“Well, it is the responsibility of a best friend to look help look after annoying little brothers.” Tom said, following behind.

“Who says I’m your best friend?” Tom shoved Harrison playfully in the shoulder making him stumble a bit.

“Oi, you idiot. I’m holding precious cargo!” Harrison laughed.

“If it’s not cold, then it’s not precious!”

They both stopped in front of Paddy’s bedroom door, and slowly turned the door knob. Harrison looked inside the room, spotting Paddy laying on his bean bag, continuing his game of Mario Kart. He was in first placed whereas Tom was in last place, two laps behind.

“That bloody cheater!” Tom said, but not loud enough for Paddy to hear.

“Alright, I’ve got an idea.” Putting down the cooler and the bag of water guns, Harrison quietly inhaled, ready to scare Paddy. “THE KING HAS ARRIVED.” Harrison shouted while slamming the doors open, making Paddy scream jump off his bean bag.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.” Paddy screamed.

“PADDY STANLEY HOLLAND, WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE.” Tom yelled back. Meanwhile, Harrison fell to the floor and was having a laughing fit and soon, the other two joined in.

“Oh… god, that was… priceless!” Harrison said in between laughs.

“It was not!” Paddy stopped laughing and looked at the two with a stern face. Tom and Harrison immediately stopped laughing.

After a few seconds of silence, Tom and Harrison both looked at each other trying not to laugh, which resulted in more laughter from the two.

“Ugh, You two are IMPOSSIBLE.” Paddy got up and marched towards the door, straight out the room. Once they both calmed down, Tom turned his head to look at Harrison who was heavily breathing from laughing too much.

Tom’s eyes sparkled. He was glad he had a best friend like Harrison. They were very comfortable with each other- sometimes too comfortable according to some people but they didn’t mind. Plus, they both got along with each others families.

“See something you like?” Tom had snapped back to reality, not realising he was staring.

Tom blushed. “In your dreams, Osterfield. In. Your. Dreams.” He scoffed and rolled his eyes at the ridiculous remark. They were best friends, just best friends. And that was all they’ll ever be. Of course they were close, Tom liked him, but not like that,

The door slammed open again and Paddy was standing at the doorway, holding a large glass of ice cold water.

“Look who came running back!” Jumping up, Harrison walked out the door, grabbing his bags. “Let me put the precious cargo away, then let’s have a round.”

“Sounds good.” Paddy said before downing his drink.

Tom grabbed one of the extra bean bags and placed it next to Paddy, who was already sitting in his. He leaned back on the bean bag, but then decided against it when he already felt his singlet sticking to his back due to the sweat.

“Alright let’s start!” Tom turned his head to the source of noise, just to see Harrison walking towards him, pointing to his lap. “Is this seat taken?”

“Wha- Ooft-” before Tom could react, Harrison fell on top of him, effectively pinning Tom between him and the bean bag.

“Mate, Get! Off! Of! Me!” Tom squirmed under the weight of Harrison, slapping him continuously in the face, while Paddy and Harrison were laughing at Tom’s useless struggle against him. After all, Harrison was a bit bigger than him. Only a bit.

“Jesus, it’s bloody hot in here.” Harrison got up, Tom letting out a breath of relief. “And that fan isn’t even helping!”

“You’re the one who wanted to play Mario Kart, you ass.” Tom said, out of breath.

“Well, I did bring water guns for a reason.” Harrison said smugly, crossing his arms, looking down at Tom.


Tom, Harrison and Paddy were soon standing outside by their pool, water guns filled to the brim. Tom and Harrison were both stripped down to their board shorts, whereas Paddy was in his shorts and singlet.

“Three..Two…” Harrison took his water gun, aiming it at Tom and shooting cold water at his face. “One!”

“HAZ, YOU CHEAT.” Tom immediately took out his water gun and aimed it at both Harrison and Paddy.

Paddy immediately took off, screaming and ran to the far end of the pool, while Harrison stood his ground.

Harrison turned to face Tom, his water gun up and ready to shoot. “Alright, just you and m-” Before he could finish his sentence, Tom shot at his face and Paddy shot at his back.

“Nice shot, Paddy!” Tom shouted.


Harrison wiped the water off his face with a serious expression. “Alright. Game on.”


Tom, Harrison and Paddy played in the heat for what felt like hours, when in reality it was only for about thirty minutes or so. Even Tessa joined in on the fun. All three of the boys were tired and breathing heavily.. It even looked like they were sweating at one point.

“Okay, I’m done.” Paddy said, dropping his water gun in the pool. He grabbed a towel and went inside to take a shower.

Tom shot Harrison in the face one more time. “Well, that was fun.”

“Sure was.”

“Alright, let’s go get dried off-” Harrison started shooting water rapidly at Tom’s face. He couldn’t see and every time he tried to open his eyes, even more water was shot at his face.

“MATE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Tom yelled, trying to block the water but failing. Harrison gave out an evil laugh.

A few seconds later the water stopped coming and Tom was able to compose himself, when suddenly Harrison tackled Tom, knocking them both to the ground.

“JESUS CHRIST-” Harrison was on top of Tom, having to use his whole body to keep him down. He was holding running hose that was in sprinkler mode in front of his face. “HARRISON OST-” water, “YOU LIT-” more water, “STOP IT” and more water. Tom struggled against Harrison (again) but it was useless.

The water suddenly stopped and Tom looked up to see Harrison smiling down at him. “You are such an idiot.” Tom said, out of breath. He just laughed.

Tom struggled again one more time when he suddenly realised the position they were both in. He blushed and looked up, their two faces inches apart. He took in all of Harrison’s features. His electric blue eyes looked as if they held a tiny universe, his sandy blonde hair stuck to his forehead and the various faint freckles that were scattered across his cheeks. His face was red, he was breathing heavily and his breath smelled of mint. Tom could feel his heart beat a million miles a second.

“Uh.. Harrison?” Harrison blushed, also realising.

“Oh, right. Uh.. Sorry.” He got up, grabbing Tom’s hand and helping him up too. “Okay, let’s get dried off.” Harrison whispered. He turned around, grabbing a towel and walked back into the large house.

Tom was still red. He looked at ground where both he and Harrison were previously. Well.. that was unexpected.

Drive In | Dave Hodgman

From: The First Time
Pairing: Dave x reader
Word count: 4,291 (sorry it’s soo long, I kinda got carried away)
Warnings: none x

A/N: Hii! Well, Hodgman’s the next one on the list! I’ve always loved the idea of going to a drive in so I thought it could be a cute prompt for a Dave imagine. Hope you like it as much as I did writing it! Feedback is really appreciated, btw! Enjoy x

“Come on, why not? It’ll be fun!” Courtney kept telling me from the other line of the phone.

“Yeah, I’m not doubting that, but I just don’t feel like going out tonight, y’know?” I replied. Pretty much every Friday night, it was tradition for both Courtney and I to sneek into a random house party and have fun, which is exactly what most teenagers would do on a Friday.

“But you can’t just leave me alone!” she protested and made me feel a little bit guilty on the inside, but I tried to hold on a little longer.

“Ask Megan to come with you,” I suggested.

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FIC: Tonight, I’ll need you to stay (part 2)

Here is part 2! This is the last part, too. Much less heavy than the last part.

Part 1: 


Title: Tonight, I’ll need you to stay (part 2)
Pairing: Tom Holland/Reader
Summary: After her relationship with abusive Brad comes to an end, Tom helps the reader pick up the pieces.
Warnings: Smut! Also some fluff, swearing, and mention of abuse.

Fulfills the anon’s last prompt in the long list: “Are you sure about this?”

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anonymous asked:

I' m not in the speculation but I think she made a bad decision. Their season is going to start an elite sport couldn't be at night in the middle of week not having rest. Honestly right now sadly for us her priority it is not sport.

I debated about posting this, and then decided to go for it. 

1.  Tessa has been an elite athlete for almost her entire life.  She knows herself and she knows her body and she knows what she needs to do.

2.  Even if she didn’t know, she literally has a team of people around her who would be willing to tell her what to do with her life. 

3.  We, as outsiders, have no idea at what point their training is at.  Training is not a linear course.  They don’t train 100% every day, or every week.  There are rises and falls.  For all we know, this is a lighter week of training.  Maybe they decided they’d both be distracted by tennis and used this week as not vacation, but something close to it. 

4.  Or maybe it’s not, at which point please refer back to 1. and 2.

5. Maybe, like all of us, Tessa decided that she really wanted to go to a tennis match, and chose to go even if she has to train hard tomorrow.  Because she’s not just an athlete but a person with other interests like the rest of us and she maybe decided it was worth being tired and because it’s summer and no where near a competition that it would be okay to have some fun when she wasn’t working.

6. Sadly for us?  Last I checked, it was her life, and their lives, and they get to make their own decisions, without thinking about random fans. 

7.   I guess I’m just going to have to post what I wrote about when I had read and processed the information about Tessa’s training and CECS. 

A little background first.  Tessa has a condition which is called Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS), in which the compartments in her legs do not expand properly during exertion.  Her condition is called Chronic for a reason – it is recurring, and although it can be managed, it isn’t cured.

Tessa first began feeling the effects of this in 2008 (or possibly 2007)… nearly 10 years ago.  She was a part of a team that was a rising star, and so when given two options - stop skating or have surgery - she chose to have surgery to try and alleviate her crippling pain.  This surgery was in the fall of 2008, and she wanted to be back on the ice as quickly as possible, because their Olympic season was coming up and she didn’t want to jeopardize that.  They had only three full run throughs of their FD before their debut at Nationals in 2009.

She won an Olympic gold medal, but unbeknownst to fans, she was still experiencing pain in her legs.  So in the fall of 2010, she chose to have another surgery.  This time, she had a little more time off the ice, and though there was a brief mention of it in the summer of 2011, it wasn’t until 2012 that fans were to find out that Tessa’s pain had come back, and that they had been working with a reduced training regimen to accommodate it since her first surgery.

At that point, in 2012, the news was not that Tessa was considering surgery, but that she (and her team) had looked for other ways to treat her legs, because surgery was clearly not the answer for her.  What did she do?  She learned to skate again.

Yep, Olympic gold medalist, re-training her body in basic skating, to use her glutes and hamstrings.  Apparently, she had been using her shins and calves too much before, and right down to stroking, she had to find a new way to skate.

The bonus turned out to be – VM had more power, more speed than ever before.  And she learned how to manage her pain in a new way, to help prevent it.

“Skating pain free” was how the articles put it – but now, with this latest information, we know that although it must have been reduced, Tessa has continued to at the very least, have intermittent pain since 2011.  Not that she ever used it as an excuse.  In fact, except for the occasional question she answers, or retrospective of their career, she doesn’t mention it.  Tessa Virtue is guts and grit behind a beaming smile.

She could have retired after 2010.  They had Olympic and World gold medals.  No one would have blinked had they hung up their competitive skates.

She could have retired after 2012, when they had a second world medal to prove the first wasn’t a fluke.  Of course, she had just relearned how to skate, and they were able to train more like other skaters, so maybe she wanted to go on a little longer.

She could have retired after 2014.  Two perfect skates, two silver medals.  Their biggest rivals also took a step back.  And for two seasons, they sat out, watching the competitive skating from the sidelines and let themselves explore the world of show skating.  Tessa took steps into the fashion world and developed new business ventures. 

Instead, they came back.  They uprooted their lives again, moved to a new city again, adjusted to a new coaching team again, punished their bodies with competition level training again.  And Tessa probably considers herself very lucky indeed if she has only experienced a few ‘shin episodes'  this year… and by shin episode, I can only imagine translates into excruciating pain.

So, to anyone thinking that Tessa is more interested in being a socialite, or that she doesn’t consider training important, think about that.  Go back and listen to them describe what an average training day is like for them.  And then come back here and try and tell me that a woman who is constantly risking pain, while putting in the same kind of hours any of us with full time jobs do, working out and honing her skills on the ice, spends some of her free time having fun with things she enjoys, is slacking off.

Sorry for the saltiness, but the comment rubbed me all sorts of the wrong way.

(I couldn’t resist.  But this is not my gif.  Please tell me who made it so I can properly credit this amazing, awesome gif.)

(Edited, because I looked back and realized the training article actually said, “count on one hand the number of shin episodes” she had this season.  So my memory was faulty; Tessa has had more than one.)

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 4: Leading a Double Life

Sam Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Warnings: None

Read: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

As a Reaper you didn’t have to sleep, so you wandered aimlessly through Bobby’s study, trying to keep yourself occupied while you had the night to yourself.

Bobby had excused himself hours ago, heading to his bedroom, saying he was tired, but you had a feeling he was more upset about Ellen and Jo’s death than he was letting on. Dean had crashed on the couch about an hour ago, after drinking himself into an almost stupor, and Sam had offered you the guest room but you had declined. Telling you to make yourself at home, Sam had gone up, planning on getting a couple hours of sleep, a hunter’s norm.

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