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All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.

Come fight with me
—  It’s better than not hearing your voice

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Jamie takes Claire on a whirlwind vacation and at the end he proposes

i had so much fun writing this! i truly hope it satisfies your needs, my dearest! thanks for your prompt. 💛

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coins in a fountain

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It’s not fair that you’re still the only person that can make me smile even when I’m so incredibly down. It’s not fair that your voice is the only thing that seems to calm me down when I’m thinking about getting out of town and never seeing this place again. It’s not fair that your eyes locked on mine makes me feel more cared for than my own family does. It’s not fair that you left and found new places to leave pieces of your heart after I let you into my head. It’s not fair that I’m still upset and you seem just fine. It may not be fair but I wouldn’t have it any other way because when I think about you with your eyes still so bright… It makes me happy again. It’s not fair but I hope you’re so unbelievably happy. That’s the only thing that makes this unfairness bearable.
—  It’s not fair that you don’t think about me anymore, but it’s still okay.
  • Hermione: We have an Arithmancy quiz in two hours.
  • Draco: Uh, right, you know, about that, I-I couldn't help but notice the schedule.
  • Hermione: I made it for you.
  • Draco: Yeah, no, I thought it might have been you, and you broke it down into five-minute segments. I mean, who schedules something for 12:55?
  • Hermione: So you can better manage your time.
  • Draco: Right, but you even put in preset bathroom breaks.
  • Hermione: I synced it to your new phone.
  • Draco: You got me a muggle phone? [turns it over in his hand confused]
  • Hermione: You're welcome.
  • Draco: Thank you? But seriously, this-- this schedule, it's just-- it's-- it's not me, okay? I'm not used to having my dumps planned out in advance. You know, it's-- I can't-- I can't regiment my life like that, all right?
  • Hermione: That's why I'm doing it for you.
  • Draco: Okay, I guess I'm just more of a, uh, fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy.
  • Hermione: How's that working out for you?
  • Draco: [sighs] How 'bout a quick BJ then?
  • Hermione: BJ break isn't for another 45 minutes.
So, that Chapter 26, huh?
  • Let’s start with Misumi. He is really heartbroken over that subordinate he had who was like his other half. I mean, he’s at the grave wondering if he used Yashiro to replace that guy and then goes on to say that no one could replace him ajshags I want a 4 volume arc of THE TRAGIC MISUMI LOVE STORY so badly. I’m willing to bet that the whole Amou-lost-his-finger-and-gave-up-his-normal-life thing is also part of that. And then Misumi goes on to mention Sanwakai. In chapter 19, Hirata is helping the Gouda group get in good with the Sanwakai head family so they’re obviously not best friends with Doushinkai but I now wonder how much of a history they have…
  • Now, we all know how Misumi feels about Doumeki, and how he feels about Yashiro falling for Doumeki, but now I see it in a different light. Misumi doesn’t want Yashiro to make the same mistakes. To become so damn close to someone that when they die in this world you never find your other half again. He, in his own way, is trying to protect Yashiro too. 
  • And that’s also why Yashiro just flippantly says “I’ve got no use for [Doumeki] so I left him behind.” Misumi’s underlings have been monitoring Yashiro and one of them admitted that they’ve been watching a lot. So Yashiro acts like he’s done with Doumeki because they’re sure as hell going to report that back to Misumi.
  • Did anyone notice that the MINUTE Grasshopper Face mentions Doumeki, Yashiro starts scratching at the boyfriend shirt? Awwww, he loves Doumeki. Also, since when does Yashiro complain about rough treatment? I know he loves trolling Misumi’s men but he is actually complaining a bit. I guess after Doumeki’s Spectacular Lovemaking, Yashiro has standards. Nice.
  • Remember when Kaichou tells Misumi that most people don’t like Yashiro? The way Grasshopper Face treats Yashiro is proof of that. He calls Yashiro out when Yashiro says they’re strange, and you can tell he really dislikes my flawless son.
  • Ryuuzaki is smarter than people give him credit for. I mean, he is running Matsubara so he has to be somewhat smart but he has Hirata all figured out.
  • I love how Hirata spends 10 minutes putting Ryuuzaki down and telling him he’s gonna die anyway and thinks Ryuuzaki will be like OH LOL OKAY I’LL KILL YASHIRO CAUSE I DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO THINK I SUCK, sure that’ll work. Hirata is so full of himself it’s gross.
  • Please let the detectives that are following Ryuuzaki help out, because he just stabbed Hirata in a safe house full of his own men so he’s gonna need to fight a ton to get out in one piece. 

and finally:

I realized that I didn’t know what else to do.

That’s when I finally understood… There’s nothing left to do.

You’re gone and that has to be okay with me.

—  It’s not though

notbobmarlie So THIS happened😻 @annakendrick47 super comfy in her seat so I didn’t want to bug her for a picture so instead I slipped her a note (and ran away a mind you). It was about how she’s one of my favorite actresses and super inspiring and honestly, it was hella cheesy.
Anyways! Toward the end of the flight she’s like do you know who wrote this? When I said me she’s like omg do you want to get a picture together? I told her it’s okay she didn’t have to, but she’s like no we’re taking one!! And afterward she gave me a hug. Pardon me while I freak #tf out 😻

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This is beyond me hating working customer service. The other day I was explaining to a lady that she couldn't return the item, since it was an opened electronic and she had no receipt. It was like a 300$ item so I totally understand why she was upset But she kept yelling at me like it was my fault. And then she jumped the counter and tried to grab me. Dug her nails into my arm as I shoved her off and called for help. She got arrested and I'm okay but it was terrifying even if it was a week ago.


I’m well acquainted with v i l l a i n s that live in my bed
They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m d e a d

All about the tickets and a kiss (Ethan)

Summary: Ethan surprises you with a date going to an arcade and you guys make a deal. Whoever gets the most tickets takes all. 

Warnings: None. Awful summary though. 

A/N: I always wanted to go on a date to the arcade, and with Ethan, it would be so fun. The arcade is like Dave and Busters I just didn’t state it. I hope you guys like this! 

It’s been four months since I started dating Ethan, it’s been amazing so far. We were always close friends, but eventually, we caught feelings and things went from there.

Right now I was getting dressed to go on a date with him. He said he had a surprise for me but to dress casually. Which I did black jeans, a tank top with a red and black flannel I borrowed from Ethan, and my Vans. Maybe it was a picnic date? Or a trip to the movies. Whatever it is I’m sure I will love it.

He always does something extra it’s just in his personality. I looked in the mirror one last time fixing a strand of hair that was out of place. Soon. I heard knocking on my door, must be Ethan. I grabbed my phone and bag, then went running towards the door, trying not to trip. I was clumsy good at falling over nothing but Ethan was there to make sure I was okay then laugh at me after.

I opened the door and there stood Ethan, I took his appearance in still amazed by how beautiful he looks. He was dressed in a gray jumper, black jeans with rips that he made himself, and Vans that were matching mine. Something so simple, but he makes it look good.

“Take a picture it will last longer,” he smirked glazing over me.

“Shut up E,” I giggled giving him a hug. I inhaled his cologne in the embrace, something I do to remember the small things about him. “Where are we going?”

He looked down at me still holding me in his arms. “It’s a surprise.”

I frowned knowing him it’s probably something extra that he didn’t need to do, I was never one for surprises and he knows this. It doesn’t stop him from doing it anyways.

“Frowning like that will give you wrinkles babe,” he joked.

I rolled my eyes but smiled nevertheless. “Let’s go before you get memory loss,” I said grabbing his hand leading him his towards his car. He opened the door for me, I got in putting on my seat belt. He ran over to the driver’s side and got in.

He put on his seat belt then turned on the car, ‘Slow Hands’ came on the radio. I hum the tune as he backed out of the parking spot. I started singing the lyrics to the song.

Soon Ethan joined me in singing the song. It was always fun jamming out with him, sometimes he gets way into it and I have to remind him to focus back on the road. We have been driving for about 20 minutes I only know because I check my phone.

“Are we there yet?” I whined turning to look at him. I was also enjoying his beauty, the sharp jawline and fluffy hair that was my weakness.

“Almost,” he answered his lips lifting up into a smile.

He turned the wheel and we pulled up in a parking lot. I look at the building and saw that we were at an arcade. I start smiling like a kid going to a toy store. I was talking about going to an arcade a few weeks ago and he actually surprised me with this.

“Ethan,” I whispered still taking it all in. It was something simple I didn’t need an expensive restaurant date or anything too crazy. It was the little things that mattered to me.

He found a parking space and turned off the car, “Are you surprised? Is this okay?” He asked looking worried that I didn’t like it.

“This is perfect E, we could just cuddle on the couch as a date and I would be perfectly happy,” I said then went to kiss his cheek.

He laughed and then we got out the car walking hand to hand to the entrance. When we got in it was a line at the front desk, it was crowded but what do you inspect on a Saturday evening. The walls and carpet were some crazy patterns, the bright light lit up the place, some pop song I didn’t know blasted through the area.

I heard the different games going off and the people talking and laughing. It was filled with high energy as it should be and I couldn’t wait to play the games. Ethan paid for our passes and we got our cards with the money on it.
“Where to first?” Ethan asked.

I looked around and saw the basketball game called Super Shot. I was decent at basketball and Ethan was to, so it should be easy tickets. Start with the easy stuff and work our way up.

I pointed over to it. “Let’s start with basketball.”

He nodded and we walked over to it, we slide our cards in the slots.

“I bet I’ll get more tickets than you,” I challenged.

“Okay, let’s make a deal whoever gets the most tickets with all the games we play the winner gets to pick out the prize with all the tickets both parties won.” He said grabbing a ball.

“Deal,” I replied also picking up the orange ball.

“And a kiss,” he declared turning to glance at me.

“I laughed. “Fine with me, now let’s play.”

We pressed the start button and the buzzer sound went off, the countdown started. I threw the ball and it made it in the hoop, I threw the second ball and it missed, bouncing off the rim of the basket. I groaned but continued to throw ball after ball my score going up.

I heard the tickets come out of the machine I hope I have more than Ethan. The time ran out and I saw I scored more and I pumped my fist in the air.

“Looks like I am in the lead,” I said grabbing my tickets. Ethan bend down and got his.

“It’s not over yet Y/N,” he responded looking for another game to play. I love it when he gets competitive.

The evening turned into night and we played many games.
Spin the wheel, Pac-Man, skeeball, air hockey, speed of light, and the dancing game. We ate at the bar we weren’t old enough to order alcohol but we didn’t need it anyway. After we ate, we played a few more games that didn’t involve tickets. Like a game called Dark Escape 4D, it had monsters in it and you had to shoot them to survive. It came with 3D glasses and you could feel the creature’s breath on you.

Honestly, my favorite game here with Ethan not so much. Soon it was time to count the tickets we been collecting so went over to the counter for the worker to count them in this container.

“Who do you think going to win?” Ethan asked.

“Um…I think me,” I answered putting my finger under my chin acting like I was thinking hard about it.

“If you say so,” he replied turning back to the worker.

The employee turned towards me with my paper with how many tickets I won. “You have 1167,” she said. Then she turned to Ethan holding out his paper. “And you have 1065,”

I smiled feeling accomplished that I got that many tickets. “Looks like I won,” I beamed.

“Yeah, you did let’s go pick out your prize,” he said grabbing my hand leading me to the prize area,

It was so much to pick from of course some of the stuff was too much, I don’t know how they think people could get that many tickets. I looked around to see what caught my eye, I really wasn’t going to use Ethan’s tickets. He deserved to get what he wants even with the deal.

“What do you want Ethan?” I questioned.

“You mean what you want you won the deal fair and square.”

“What about we get something we both like then? I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Is that what you really want?” He asked making sure.

I nodded happily, glad he was agreeing with me. After some time of looking around saying why so many points for that thing or no I don’t want that. We agreed on this big Batman plushie, it looked like a cute monkey. We also got some candy since we had a few points left over.

We got our things going back out to head to the car. Today was a long day but it was worth it spending time with Ethan. When we got to the car Ethan stopped me from putting the Bat monkey in the car that was twice my size.

“You forgot a part of the deal Y/N,” he addressed.

“Ah, I did,” I replied pretending like I didn’t know what he wanted.

“I want the lips,” he demanded pouting.

“Oh, you do,” I teased. Before he could respond I stood on my tip toes since he was a few inches taller than me. I closed my eyes and kissed him, his lips were soft and tasted like the virgin strawberry daiquiri he had. His hands ran through my thick curly hair, I was going to do a quick peck on the lips to tease him but he was going in with a passionate kiss.

I melted into his kiss my heart fluttered, it amazes me even after this time he still makes me feel this way. I nibbled on his bottom lip then pulled away catching my breath. I realized we just made out in public but I didn’t care.

“The best boyfriend ever,” I said giving him a hug with Batman at the side of us.

“The best girlfriend ever,” he said kissing the top of my head.

“I had a wonderful day thank you so much, Ethan,” I responded.

“You’re welcome now let’s go to your house to cuddle,” he said letting go of me. I smiled glad to have a guy like him in my life.

I actually have a Bat Monkey that I won, it takes up half of the room in my bed. But I’m happy I got it. Anyways, Ethan is amazing! He would be the best boyfriend.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Grundy and Cheryl are so suspicious but that's way too obvious and plus Cheryl loved her brother so it's probably Hiram but that wouldn't make sense because we haven't even met him yet and he's supposed to be in the next season so maybe it's Hal but I don't know if he has the guts for it and FP wouldn't do it because that would break his sons heart and he's not a monster so okay probably Mama and Papa Blossom but no because Jason was going to take over the business and they didn't want Cheryl to do killing him would make no sense but wait Betty had multiple personality disorder(?) so she did it except no she didn't because she keeps digging up evidence that helps the case so it's Jughead but he couldn't have done it because he's a sweet angel who gives 0 fucks (that's not enough fucks to kill someone, you see) so it's Veroni-- lol no nvm there's no way plus she was in New York-- so it's Archie except no it fucking isn't that boy can barely get through his parents finalizing a divorce he for sure could not kill someone so it's Kevin except don't you fucking CW I am not playing if you FUCKING DARE I WILL-- so it's Joaquin except I WILL FUCKING CUT A BITCH-- so it's Smithers except that's too cliché and he has no screen time so it's Moose but why(?) so it's Reggie but why(?) so it's Ethel but why(?) so it's Chuck but they were friends so it's Fred-- AHAHA lol nvm so it's Alice except no she had enough solace with just sending Polly to the sisters so it's Polly but no it's not she loved Jason so it's Jason(suicide) but no he was going to start a family with Polly so it's Hermione but no she was in New York with Veronica so it's one the pussycats but why(?) so it's... so... it must be... *wail of defeat* WHO👏 KILLED👏 JASON👏 BLOSSOM👏 IT'S👏 DRIVING👏 ME👏 MAD👏