okay so i can't make words good

I never thought someone could outshine the stars,
or make the moon seem obsolete,

But you change the tide of the waves crashing in my head;
you are more comfort than the distant pinpricks ever could be,

And I can’t look the sun in the eyes,
but you always let me see the light in yours
if only to remind me that I have my own.
Send my muse one of the following.
  • 1. Why you calling me so late?
  • 2. It's kinda hard to talk right now.
  • 3. Why are you crying?
  • 4. Is everything okay?
  • 5. I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud.
  • 6. My girl's in the next room.
  • 7. Sometimes I wish she was you.
  • 8. I guess we never really moved on.
  • 9. It's really good to hear your voice saying my name.
  • 10. It sounds so sweet coming from the lips of an angel.
  • 11. Hearing those words, it makes me weak.
  • 12. I never wanna say goodbye.
  • 13. You make it hard to be faithfulWith the lips of an angel.
  • 14. It's funny that you're calling me tonight.
  • 15. I've dreamt of you too.
  • 16. Does he know you're talking to me?
  • 17. Will it start a fight?
  • 18. I don't think she has a clue.
  • Aziraphale: And then Crowley waltzes in and... it's like he slithers right past your defenses.
  • Raphael: How's that?
  • Aziraphale: I can't even put it into words. You run into him, and you can't even look straight at him without feeling your skin crawl. Like when someone's got something wrong with their eye and your own eye starts watering... only with him it's also because of the aura.
  • Raphael: Okay.
  • Aziraphale: And then he *talks*, and he sounds so idealistic, and naïve. I don't know *how* you sound idealistic and naïve with slitted yellow eyes and a forked tongue, but he does. And so you let your guard down. And then he starts making *sense.*

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm in the midst of practicing my poetry writing skills and such but I can't seem to write as good as some of the poets on tumblr. I can't seem to find the right words and how to make them flow so I was wondering whether you might be able to help me with this problem? :)

  • Keep practicing. Even when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. Nobody ever got good at something without putting a lot of time and passion and fear and love and effort, effort, effort into it. There is no schedule to follow. There is no schema. It takes as long as it takes. You may never be satisfied. That’s okay. Stay hungry. Keep practicing. 
  • Experience newness. Go places by yourself. Go places with friends. Talk to strangers. Order something different at a familiar restaurant. Order something familiar at a different restaurant. Pick up a new hobby. Fall in love. Cook. Set things on fire under controlled conditions. TYPE IN CAPSLOCK. Clean under the bed. Poke at lumpy things with sticks. 
  • Read a lot. Read famous authors and read authors you’ve never heard of. Read poetry books that are falling apart at the spine. Read books so new they crackle when you open them and won’t lay properly flat. Read random shit on the internet. Read during the day and at night. Read until you fall asleep. Read in public. Read in awkward positions.  
  • Do your own thing. You don’t have to be like the Tumblr poets. You don’t have to be like any poet ever. Be yourself. Comparing your work to others’ will only get you so far. It’s what you have and they don’t that makes your voice unique. 


                            CAPTAIN SWAN DIVERSITY WEEK
                                            6 - 12 of JULY

We all love Captain Swan, but our worlds - both real and fairy tale - are worlds of endless cultural possibilities, far beyond the confines of the show and the ethnic representations on the show. So the proposition is to use this week to delve into the canon/fantasy/modern au possibilities that can be inspired by those many cultures. We are a ridiculously wonderful and diverse fandom after all!

Okay, so here’s the run down.


  • Create something - fan fiction, drawings, graphics, gifsets, playlists, videos, etc.
  • Use something cultural as your inspiration - whether it be CS going out for Korean instead of Granny’s, a holiday in South Africa, a non-US school system, one of your favourite festivals. Or, if you’d prefer the fairy tale route, feel free to delve into a myth or story from any and every culture available - How The Birds Got Their Colours, Laila and Majnu, etc. What you choose to make of it is entirely up to you.

    Make sure you cite or refer to the culture or its element you have chosen.

  • Colin and Jen are absurdly gorgeous, I know, and I love looking at them as much as you do, but racial bending is also encouraged.
  • Please be mindful of the cultures which you are inspired by. There will be no tolerance for appropriation or blackface (and other variations). Be respectful.
    (I know you will be anyway, because you’re all precious human dandelions, but you know.)
  • Use the following tag - #CS Diversity Week - in addition to your normal tags.
  • The point is to learn and embrace and have fun. So make sure you do that, okay?
  • Please remember to flail and wallow over the perfection that is Captain Swan. No buts, no exceptions, no regrets.
  • Reblog to spread the word :)

sleephawhoneedsit  asked:

Hello! I love your meta and I have a question. We talk about Ketchup . We talk about Cake vs Pie. How come no one is talking about the Croiscookie? The food in this episode was just one big nod to not having to pick between one or the other. "I got Italian, I got Chinese, I got serve yourself froyo." Can you help me put coherent words to this train of thought because every time I try I end up hungry so I can't tell if I am onto something.

It definitely ties in to all the duality we’re seeing this season. I think it’s interesting they have Dean respond to Sam’s inquiry of “they’re half cookie, half…” with “who gives a crap? they’re freakin’ awesome." 

While on the surface it’s like okay, this is Dean, he generally doesn’t care what his junk food is comprised of as long as it tastes good, he’s responding specifically to Sam talking about what makes up the two halves of one whole. If you consider we have the question of "who are you?” being posed again and again and again when it comes to Dean this season… this isn’t just some throwaway line. 

TBH what it immediately reminded me of was Dean telling Garth “who cares where happiness comes from, if it works it works.” In order for Dean to achieve his endgame happiness, he’s going to have to learn to reconcile the many sides of himself with one another. The light and the dark. The good and the bad. Dare I say even the side that loves ladies and the side that loves dudes…

There can be no more “pick a bloody side,” because that’s not how any of this works. Charlie’s good and bad sides could not survive on their own. What happened to one also happened to the other. So, a croisookie may be comprised of a cookie and a croissant, but together it is one whole that can’t be divided again, and Dean wouldn’t want it to be, because as a whole it is freakin’ awesome… and hopefully soon he will see that so is he. :’)

Pending Romance - Requested (Calum)

This was requested by Anon (Can you make one where you and calum are married amd you have a daughter and look has a son and like they’re best friends and you could imagine them being so,ethimg as they grow up?) ENJOY!!!!

Mummy when is Ben coming?’ Robbin asks as she eats her peanut butter in toast at the table.

‘Dinner time hunnie’ you tell her, 'do you want to go the park for a little bit?’ You ask her.

'No, can we go when Ben gets here?’ She’s asks and you nod.

'How about me and you play with your Barbie’s?’ Calum offers as he sits next to you.

'No daddy, I want Ben now, I’m bored’ she moans making you laugh.

'You’re eating breakfast how can you be bored?’ Calum asks, she narrows her eyes at Calum, sending him a glare that would worry anyone and you laugh again as she takes a harsh bite if her toast. 'I just got the death glare off my six year old daughter’ Calum whispered into your ear.

'Its true love Calum, daddy ain’t good enough she wants Ben’ you tell him.

'What’s true love?’ Robbie asks, you look up to see her staring at you toast hanging from her mouth.

'It’s like beauty and the beast, they were I’m love’ you tell her.

'Like me and mummy are in love’ Calum adds in which only earns him another glare, his eyes widen and he looks away from her.

'I don’t love Ben’ she tells you very matter of fact.

'Good because no daughter of mine is dating a Hemmings’ Calum tells her 'you remember that’ he takes a bite of his toast and then adds 'or a Irwin or Clifford’ even though Michael doesn’t have a son. You hit Calum’s arm at his words and he whines making Robbin laugh.

'You can marry whoever you like darling’ you tell her and she smiles.

'I’m gonna wear a pretty dress and a crown’ she tells you and as she goes to show you a crown she smacks her toast into her head, the realisation washes over her face as he widens her eyes and forms an O with her mouth, slowly taking the toast off her head to see the top of her hair covered in peanut butter, you and Calum look at each other and then too Robbin and the three of you fall into laughter.


'Aren’t they the cutest’ Linda coos as she sips on her tea, you smile as you watch Ben and Robbin running around the park.

'I can’t wait for the wedding’ you laugh. Robbin trips landing face down on the floor, you go to stand up but Linda grabs your arm pulling you back down you give her a confused look and she nods over to the kids. You see Ben run over to Robbin, he kneels down and pulls her to her feet, he hugs her and kisses her cheek, then wipes her tears, and he then takes her hand in his and points to the swing.

'Oh god, that’s was adorable, I wish we videoed that’ you coo, sitting back down.

'I did, for the wedding’ you see her waving her phone.

'Pending romance’ Linda laughs at you and so do you.


You head to the door, opening it to see Ben, you smile.

'Hello Ben, your just in time, I just pulled peanut butter cookies put of the oven’ you explain, stepping aside to let him in but he looks nervous.

’(Y/N) do you and Calum have a minute?’ He asks, you nod.

'Yeah, no problem, is everything okay?’ You ask leading him into the living room, he nods sitting down. 'I will get Calum’ you smile leaving the room. You walk into the kitchen where Calum is stuffing the last of a cookie into his mouth and you glare him.

'Calum I just made them, you didn’t even let the cool down’ you whine moving over and hitting him with the oven gloves, he moves behind you as you take out a plate, Calum’s arms wrapping around you.

'I’m sorry they are just so good, I love you’ he whispers the last part as he kissed your cheek. You shuffle out of his arms placing a cookie on a plate.

'Always the sweet talker. Ben is here, he wants to talk to us’ you tell him leaving the kitchen, when you hear Calum following you look over your shoulder. 'And I love you too’. As you and Cal walk in Ben stands up, rubbing his hands together.

'Hi Calum’ he smiles a little and Calum gives him a nod as he sits on the sofa, you perch yourself on the arm of the sofa.

'So erm, you guys know prom is coming up right, and..well there is this guy…from school…he is a complete…well you know…not a nice guy, and I heard he is going to ask Robbin to prom…he..he just wants to use her.’ He rambles out, looking down for a second and then back up.

'I wanted to ask her…but you know….anyway you can’t let her go….sorry I mean erm….please don’t let her go with him’ his eyes lock with yours for a few seconds before flicking to Calum.

'Okay, she won’t go with him’ you agree, you have always wanted them together and you can tell he feels strongly about this guy.

'Great, I mean good, thanks’ he nods going to leave.

'Ben’ Calum calls making Ben freeze and turn back to us. 'Why isn’t she going with you?’ Calum’s words surprise you because he has always been so against the idea of them dating and it seems Ben is also surprised.

'Erm…well, I just…she’s my best friend’ he stutters out and you laugh a little.

'Come on Ben, we all know that’s not completely true’ you smile and he blushes a little.

'She sees me as he best friend (Y/N), there is nothing I can do about that. And Ca’ he stops looking at Calum, he swallows and continues 'you have always hated the idea’ he adds looking at Calum. There is a silence for a couple of minutes until Calum stands.

'Look Ben, I’m a typical father, Robbin is my little girl and no dad likes to think if there little girl replacing them. But if I’m gonna trust anyone to be there for her, dry her tears, piss her off, watch her back then it’s you mate, it always has been. Robbin is as stubborn as her mum, she’s not gonna tell you how she feels; you have to give her a push. Ask her to prom’ Calum advises, Ben’s smile growing with each word.

'Thank you, I’m gonna go see her now’ he smiles nodding to you both 'I’ll pick her up from year book’ he tells you as he leaves, you smile as Calum comes over offering you his hands which you take and he pulls you up, holding you to his chest and kissing your temple before you text your head in the crook of his neck.

'You know you have to get a suit now’ you whisper into his shoulder.

'For what?’ He asks confusion in his voice.

'The wedding’

From Chelsea