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Rabbits Hole

Jimin x Reader- Requested (f)(a) 

Asked by Anonymous

I’m pretty fine leaving it up to your imagination, I trust I will like whatever you write. I just really would like if you include the scene when you first approached him, that would be when he was sitting all alone by himself at lunch, and you came sit besides him. And maybe a scene in the classroom where you want to be partners with him, or let him borrow something of yours. The rest is okay to take it upon your creativity. I will be looking forwad to it! 😊

Fluff: He was always alone. Everyone talked about him, but yet he never spoke. They all knew he was around, but his existence meant nothing in anybodies eyes, anybody except you. He was your everything, as you were his. Two puzzle pieces meeting together to create the perfect picture.

 Wordcount: 11k+ 

 **To the amazing anon who requested this, I really really love you. I am so grateful you requested and I’m sorry it actually took me a bazillion years. I hope you like this, and I really hope to hear feed back from you and hear a request from you again.

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 You were never alone, whether it was walking down the halls, or at home on your couch, people were always with you. Everyone knew you, and you knew everyone. Even though you loved it, it got tiring, and sometimes, you just wanted to be by yourself.

He was always alone, whether it was walking down the halls, or at home on his couch, nobody was ever with him. No one knew him, and he knew nobody. Even though the solitude was calming at times, it got lonely, and sometimes, he just wanted to he with someone.

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