okay shutting up for real

”Why do you want them to come out so badly, anyways?“


i had a dream last night that every strand of my hair was the same size and width of linguine

but that was a very minor detail of the dream…. so like, i dreamt colin morgan was working at some cafe because he didn’t want people to recognize him (idk but i believe he’d do this). and i saw him one day and my older sister was talking to him and then when she saw me, they said goodbye and she came up to me. and i was like, “omg did you tell him about me??” and she was like, “no, i didn’t think to do that.” and i was like - WHAT THE FUCK!! so anyway, i spent the rest of the dream going into the cafe every day try and talk to them but they were always busy so i never got the chance

so basically i dreamt up a coffee shop au of me and colin morgan in which my hair looked like a popular variety of pasta most commonly enjoyed with alfredo sauce

  • Wendy: What is Irene allergic to?
  • Irene: I'm allregic to shrimp.
  • Erza: And the spectrum of human emotion.
  • *bonus*
  • Erza: *crying*
  • Irene: *walks by* *sneezing* *getting itchy*
Okay, for real this time - I’m back

Happy New Year everyone! How’s everyone doing? I hope 2017 has been great so far.

Before I go off on a long-ish spiel, I’d just like to say that I have a new Twitter account, hanafudaheroine, if you wanna know anything about my boring day-to-day and my shower thoughts and occasionally my bursts of creativity. I’m open to following back since I’m not following anyone right now.

So I was on hiatus for quite a while - will explain under the cut - so before I bore you with the details, I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who hasn’t cleared me out of their Following list, especially all the mutuals.

Anyway, tl;dr, I was gone because:

  • I went into a difficult post-med school internship
  • I took the most important exam of my life - the Medical Boards
  • I tried - and failed - to get into residency training (but that’s a not-bad thing)
  • I’m working as a GP
  • I was in a creative slump for a year

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okay but for real, can we like talk about this for a short moment? because thanks to kyoani’s brilliant animation, sense of detail and facial expressions, there’s a lot to say about this shot.

haru is an only child, he has always been an introvert, he is not good at making friends and he doesn’t exactly have the most tendering parents. (sorry but truth. they are not there for him. sure they love him, but they are very very absent, leaving haru to himself much of the time.)

this little boy has been alone a lot at this point in the movie, not telling anyone about it. so here in this scene, makoto has just told haru that he loves him, smiling like the damn sun and this is where haru’s expression says it all. 

he is so overwhelmed. seriously watch the scene again, you can even hear him let out such a deep breath, he’s blushing and his movement is delicate. like he can’t actually believe there is a person that love him this much, so deeply and so intensely. and moreso he is certainly not used to hearing it like this. 

kyoani deserve a medal for their work on facial expressions in this movie. 

Me Right now.
  • <p> <b>Me :</b> Elyza Lex is so sexy.<p/><b>Friend :</b> What ?<p/><b>Me :</b> So smart.<p/><b>Friend :</b> Stop ! Are you serious?<p/><b>Me :</b> So strong.<p/><b>Friend :</b> Fuck ! She's isn't real !<p/><b>Me :</b> Shut up! She's real okay ?!<p/><b>Friend :</b> Is not even someone in the real life you are so-<p/><b>Me :</b> SHE'S . FUCKING . REAL !<p/></p>
Harsh Advice For the Signs

(I do not, under any circumstances, mean to offend ANYONE with this! this is purely meant for fun, I promise)

Aries: bruh you have got like NO FREAKING CHILL JAYSUS CALM DOWN

Taurus: share your food for once, plz, it won’t kill you

Gemini: okay but for real shut up please

Cancer: stop crying dang flabbit

Leo: you are not all that and a bag of chips, k?

Virgo: get the stick out of your butt and have some fun man

Libra: don’t be so darn fake jaysus do we even know who you actually are???

Scorpio: lord almighty child don’t be so dang secretive nOT EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET YOU

Sagittarius: just because they want to stay at home for a bit instead of going out with you DOES NOT MEAN THEY HATE YOU, trust me

Capricorn: don’t be so serious child, get yo mind off of work for a moment

Aquarius: for christs sake, its okay to have emotions

Pisces: for real though, every time something goes bad you don’t have to be in a darned funky funk for the whole day

okay everyone just shut up !!

Malec guys, MALEC!!

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can we fucking talk about this?? like holy shit???

Okay let me get my thoughts together

This scene literally kills me, every single time I watch it. As much as I love seeing Magnus being all coy and flirty, this damn moment is something I cherish way more than any suggestive look Magnus could throw Alec’s way.


Let me tell you. 

We’ve got Magnus plainly spelling out his desires to Alec, and Alec being the adorable puppy that he is, stuttering and uncertain. Then Magnus silences him without even touching him, and says simply “I understand.”

I love this. Magnus says “I understand” immediately when Alec expresses uncertainty, he’s not trying to push him or pressure him, he doesn’t want Alec to feel uncomfortable or forced. Magnus Bane could have anything he wants, he could probably have Alec now if he truly wanted to force him, it would be easy he’s so powerful, but instead he instantly respects Alec’s boundaries and backs off the minute he starts to be uncomfortable. He’s so respectful and mindful of Alec’s situation and he wants Alec to know that he truly understands and wouldn’t ever try to force him into something if he’s not ready, he’s willing to wait as long as it takes. 

Magnus Bane is so undeniably understanding and kind when it comes to Alec’s needs and wants. If Alec doesn’t give permission Magnus won’t lay a finger on him, won’t do anything other than harmlessly look and make a few shrewd comments unless Alec wants him to stop (but we all know he doesn’t). The patience of a warlock who’s as old as Magnus is a gift, he’s learned to wait, waiting is immortals do best after all. 

He’s not upset that he can’t have Alec, he’s not angry with him he doesn’t try to make him feel any less than he is, he reassures him that it’s okay to be unsure and uncertain and Magnus won’t do a thing until Alec wants him to, and that’s what I adore about Magnus. He’s putting his own wants beside in favour of what Alec needs because he cares about Alec like no one ever has before (except Izzy of course) and Alec must be so relieved and shocked that someone is putting him first for once, he doesn’t have to explain himself to Magnus, doesn’t have to justify himself, he can just be himself and Magnus understands.

Guys, this is why I love malec.