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I’ve been wanting to have a proper look at my ao3 stats for a while – I always often neglect it, so this should be fun…

What are your five most popular works? (starting with the most kudos)

1. What Happens in Midgard (Thor/Loki, 317)
There is a little-known secret involving the two sons of Odin. By the rules of Midgard, the brothers are married… To each other.

AKA my Accidental Vegas Marriage Fic, and a prompt-fill that turned out wrong-but-kinda-right. In a way, it doesn’t surprise me it’s number one - it’s fun, rather stupid and carefree, yet becomes filled with angst, sex and more angst as time goes on. It’s about as close to a Human AU as I get with this pairing.

2. Reification (Thor/Loki, 295)
Disguised as Odin the All-Father, Loki gets everything he wants: power, deception and vengeance. Except, he realises it may not be quite everything he wants.

My “Loki doing whatever the fuck he wants and then realising he wants to bang his bro” fic.

3. When Universes Collide  (Thor/Loki, 269)
Loki is a bedraggled, despised turncoat, battling and avenging his way alone through the Infinity War with little success. Even Thor has now abandoned him. So when Loki’s offered a second chance to write his story, by a different Loki who claims to be from another universe, will he accept it?

My longest fic by a mile, and an MCU/Earth-616 Crossover. Loki redemption. Was a bitch to write, but I loved every minute.

4. When Darkness Falls (Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, 265)
In the middle of the night, Erik finds himself consumed by things left unsaid.

My flangsty X-Men:Apocalypse Fix-It… Because Cherik will *always* need fixing.

5. Twice The Bluff (Thor/Loki, 257)
Loki visits the lower wards of Asgard for the first time, with Thor and the Warriors Three. He plays along with a lie to impress his brother’s friends, but ends up getting more than he bargains for…

First-Time Thorki, based on brotherly and brothel-y showing off.

What are your five least popular works? (starting with the least kudos)

Okay, I will list them in the ‘least kudos order’, but I’m not going to list the pitiful amount of kudos here - instead I will be kind to my ego and put the more positive (and er, probably more indicative) kudos/hits ratio instead:

The Wretched  (Thor/Loki) 7.1% - current WIP

The Christmas Tradition  (Thor/Loki) 10.1% - prompt fill for the StuckyThorki Secret Santa

Me, I’m Not  (Thor/Loki Thor/Adam) 8.5% - Thor and Only Lovers Left Alive crossover fic.

Unsaid Things  (Steve Rogers/James “Bucky” Barnes) 10.8% - very recently posted, my first ever Stucky fic. A Captain America: Civil War ‘Fix-It.’

The Grip of The Trick  (Thor/Loki) 5.7% - a Post T:TDW Loki-disguised-as-Jane-but-Thor-sees-right-through-it-and-fucks-him-anyway fic.

Are you surprised? Why?

In all honesty, there’s really not much between the better-rated of my fics in terms of kudos, so not much to be surprised about. However, it does surprise me that my first ever thorki is *still* my most popular fic in terms of kudos-to-hits (14%), as well as the second most popular in kudos overall. The phrase “it’s all downhill from here” springs to mind :p

I never expected’ What Happens in Midgard to end up being my most kudos-ed fic. I guess in hindsight it probably is more of a crowd-pleaser than my usual fare. I feel I’m in the corner that doesn’t tend to belt out the trope anthems (e.g. Jotunn AUs, Human AUs etc.), plus, I joined the thorki fandom vocally *very* late indeed. Sometimes, given the sheer scale of the fandom, I’m pleased any of my work gets read at all!

It’s funny too that, quite often, the fics I’ve spent the least time on or emotional investment in end up being among the best-rated. For example, the Cherik fic took me a couple of hours to bang out, whereas When Universes Collide took me *an age* of time and pain to get through, so the hits/kudos ratio is actually very poor in comparison.

I’m not surprised with the least popular ones. ‘The Wretched’ is too much of an ‘out-there’ speculative Ragnarok fic, and has been a difficult write.

‘The Grip of The Trick’ I think people just didn’t care about - whereas I personally found writing Loki in Jane’s body thrilling! I’d probably cringe if I re-read it now though, as it’s pretty old and I think I can write thorki much better these days.

The ‘Me, I’m Not’ crossover fic was *so* much fun to write, but obviously only fans of both Thor and OLLA would be interested, so that’s cool.

‘The Christmas Tradition’ was during the fic giveaway/holiday season, where ao3 is half-saturated and half-abandoned. I put a lot of Christmas heart into this one, so it’s the only one I’m a bit bummed about tbh.

Finally, ‘Unsaid Things’ was posted literally a few days ago, and given the size of the stucky fandom (along with the initial, very kind reception), I doubt it’ll remain in my ‘least-kudos’ list for long. First Stucky Fic ftw! :D

Optional: If you want to calculate this, what are your works’ average number of notes?

If this means ‘Tumblr ficlet’ notes, I don’t really post my work on here. I always intend to, but never get round to it. As for linking to AO3… fuck knows! It would be a low number. I’m very ‘under radar’…to put it kindly.

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