okay seriously i'm done here

I’ve always kinda had issues making/keeping friends, even in my home town. I just never connect with girls like I feel I should. It used to really bother me, especially when I moved to a new state where I knew nobody.

However, being here for the last 7 months I’ve spent a lot of time to myself and found myself more than I ever have before. I deleted some social media that I thought helped connect me to people I could befriend, but in reality I was making myself in competition with them. I also stopped trying so hard to be friends with people who weren’t really good friends to begin with. I’ve really focused on myself (and my dogs lol), and I honestly feel fantastic.

I feel nowadays people tend to base a good chunk of their self worth on how much they’re liked by their peers. Doing so, they lose themselves in stuff they really don’t like, and force friendships with people they really don’t connect with. I did this for a while not knowing how much i was being drained from it.

I guess it took moving away and starting a new life for me to realize this, but I’m glad I’m not trying so hard to find myself through other people. Life is so much more enjoyable than it has been in a long time. And I share this in hopes that you can better yours if you feel like I did.

I don’t even know what to do right now…I love EXO and none of this is their fault at all…but when you fucking immature Exo-Ls mess with my boys and their career, that’s when it got personal. It keeps happening to SHINee and Shawols every. fucking. year. and I am so sick of it. Of course this is not the majority of the fandom, but I wish you 10 year olds who are exo-ls could step back in your lane and support your boys. Yeah I know the ones who did this are not actually 10, but that is the level of immaturity you guys have. I am so ashamed to call myself a part of this fandom, and I cannot fathom how much you have also embarrassed EXO. It’s fans like you that make me want to leave the fandom. Yes I know that I’m 15 and you may possibly group me in with the immature fans, but I assure you that I am way more mature than some of the people who went and took pictures at Music Core. You already stirred up fan wars because of the concert ticket incident, but now it’s gone too far. I hope that whoever took those pictures gives a sincere apology, let’s Shawols back on music core, and never gets an opportunity to see exo ever again, because that is what she deserves. Yeah that’s harsh, but that’s karma bitch.