okay see i really feel like they rushed things in this ep

I don’t think Malec had sex in 02x07 after the cut and here’s why...

Okay so, I’ve stayed pretty quiet on the whole cut and sex scene or lack thereof from ep seven, we all know the one I’m talking about. But I was talking to @seaselkie (again) about this because that’s where my rants about TV shows usually goes, and she hasn’t yet seen season 2 so despite shipping Malec she’s impartial, also some of what I’m writing might have come from her in our discussion so I’m giving credit. So yeah, I showed her Jace’s sex scene, Izzy and Alec’s convo and the Malec “pre-sex” scene.

Her instant response was: “No way are they having sex right there.” 

I agree.

I want to acknowledge now, that if they did have sex after the cut, it’s fucked up in more ways than one. It’s homophobic from a viewing standpoint and unhealthy from a relationship standpoint.

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college yoongi
  • min yoongi, the college’s resident music theory major (see also: genius)
  • seriously though, almost everyone thinks he’s a genius and his professors gush over him but not when he’s around bc they think he’s indifferent
  • but he’s not indifferent bc it’s easy to notice the little smile on his face whenever he overhears someone mention that he has mad skills or something and he just shakes his head and continues to walk
  • and if anyone ever stops him to talk about something of his that they heard he just shrugs and it’s good-naturedly and replies with “ah, i was only messing around you know”
  • so he’s obviously very humble which kinda gives people whiplash bc they didn’t that at all like most people just thought he knew how amazing he is but nope he’s actually really chill
  • there’s always flyers in like every department saying that people should listen to his soundcloud and follow him
  • the number of followers and plays that his tracks have is insane but not really bc he’s a genius and his username is min genius so i mean yeah
  • he has this really nice, chill style that’s kinda a hybrid of tomppabeats and it’s great and sometimes he uploads remixes and they’re also great
  • even uploads some of his soft rapping tracks to keep like this chill theme but if you’re into like hardcore rapping, he has another account for that
  • like the baristas in the café on campus asked if it was cool to play some (all) of his tracks and he’s like yeah sure why not
  • he even has a few eps on itunes and the ratings always surprise bc “wow people actually like my stuff??” and it’s one source of income so
  • but more about his rapping tracks. like, the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and are one of the main reasons people enjoy them
  • bc he talks about a lot of relevant stuff that he felt like he wasn’t able to talk about and they really add on to the “only few will understand” idea
  • yeah twenty one pilots are one of his many inspirations amazing i know
  • another thing that confuses people is the fact that he’s best friends with the kinda hyper sophomore & kinesiology major, junghoseok
  • like they’re kinda opposites but they’ve known each other since like middle school and they’re still really close
  • hoseok was the one they helped yoongi decide what to minor in bc he knows how much his best pal loves photography so it was a pretty easy decision to make
  • he also helped yoongi with his major bc there’s always those majors that people don’t see as being stable but yoongi defied all the odds that were stacked against him bc he already has companies reaching out to him about his composing skills
  • it was mentioned on the music theroy’s major website about students having things published and having companies contact them before graduation and he didn’t really believe it until it happened to him and it’s so cool but he doesn’t brag about it bc he’s super humble
  • okay about him minoring in photography
  • he loves taking nature pics bc it’s so nice and has such a nice aesthetic that you can’t find anywhere else
  • he studied abroad the year before in florence, italy and took a thousand pictures there bc everything was so captivating
  • so when he’s not making music or playing basketball (which he also does), he’s snapping some quality pictures of forests and sunsets and etc. and those that know him are like wow he’s so multi-talented
  • sometimes you see him sitting under a tree in the park not too far from campus with his headphones on while he works on his laptop and you can see his camera peeking out of his backpack
  • he calls the camera his life bc he was saving up forever to buy it but people buying his eps on itunes helped out a lot
  • yeah so you see him a lot in the park when you’re studying or whatever and it’s nice to watch him work even though you feel kinda creepy when you do but he’s really nice to look at and his mannerisms are so gentle idk if that makes sense but yeah
  • so you make it a habit to go to the park a few times a week and sometimes yoongi’s playing basketball with his friends and that kid jungkook tries to throw the ball a bit too hard and you’re kinda close by so it almost hits you
  • and yoongi’s rushing over to make sure you’re okay an dyou’re yeah i’m fine while clutching your chest and jungkook just stands there wide-eyed before he apologizes 20 times
  • and yoongi notices that the ball knocked over your coffee and even though he’s not all that sociable, he offers to buy you another one and you’re like nah it’s fine and he’s like okay and you’re :/ ?? bc you kinda hoped he would insist but nope
  • one of his friends, hoseok, calls him back over to finish the game but he doesn’t call him yoongi but min genius and the cogs are turning in your head bc that sounds familiar and yoongi checks that you’re okay before he gets the ball and continues playing
  • and after that you grab your things and head to your class but it’s hard to concentrate bc you know that you saw min genius somewhere so when you get back to your dorm you look it up and yoongi’ssoundcloud and itunes comes up and it clicks bc you remember seeing flyers with min genius on them
  • when you see him again a few days later you tell him that you really like his stuff and he just smiles and thanks you and he shyly asks if you’d want to grab a coffee with him bc hoseok gave him a lecture the night before about him asking you out or something
  • yeah so you agree and while the two of you are waiting for your coffee, you realize that his music is playing and you’re like wow and yoongi just smiles his gummy smile and it’s cute and he finds you cute and it turns out that you’re taking intro to digital photography and he’s like i took it last semester and i can help if you ever need it
  • the two of you hang out sometimes whether that’s meeting up in the café or at the park when he’s editing some of his music and he shows you his pictures and tricks to help you with class and they’re really amazing
  • esp the ones from florence and you think it’s so cool that he studied abroad and he tells you about it and it sounded like a lot of fun
  • he even made these little short films and they’re so nice and aesthetic with some of his tracks playing in the background and it’s so chill
  • then sometimes you find yourself making playlists for him bc the way he talks about music, you know it’s important to him and when you meet up again you let him listen to them and he has a smile on his face bc it’s good music
  • before either of you can really process it, you realize how deep the feelings you have for each other run like it’s way past just friends
  • when he realized that he likes you he wasn’t !! it was just okay so like i them in that way and it took him a while to mull it over and he doesn’t tell you right away or at all
  • since he’s been helping you with photography, you take pictures of him when he’s working on music or playing basketball with the rest of bts and create this little collection that you posted on vsco and show him and he’s like wow these are nice without really noticing that it’s him then he’s oh and kinda blushes bc you titled it ‘i like you’
  • and within a few weeks, you’re officially a thing and the rest of bangtan are so happy for you guys
  • lots of really chill dates where you watch him edit his music and photos and your bf min yoongi, well, min genius is just that: a genius that has a soft heart and cares about you and his friends a lot
Roadrunners Post-Ep

Here’s my little contribution for @txf-fic-chicks!

A/N: This is literally the first thing I’ve ever written for The X-Files in my whole life. I’m nervous as hell, but here goes nothing! The biggest thanks to @conversationinthehallway for encouraging me and for looking this over :)


Fourteen hours after being rushed there by ambulance, she wakes with a start in an all-too-familiar hospital bed. Her pressing concern for her baby leaves no time for her to sleepily wonder where Mulder is, and she’s almost thankful for it. She’s morbidly imagined more than once that, the first time she inevitably found herself waking up in a hospital after a case, she’d have a few seconds to dreamily imagine Mulder in the room next door before the weight of reality came crashing down on her again. The thought occurs to her regardless, only slightly less painful because it was not the first thing to pop to her mind.

She urgently but quietly presses the call button, desperate for her own sake not to wake Doggett, who is sleeping lopsided on the chairs just outside her room. She wonders with a fleeting thought if he’s been there since she was taken in. She takes stock of herself: ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, and best of all, exactly zero slugs. But what of the tiny life-form inside her that, by all accounts, shouldn’t be there either? She cranes her neck to look for a doctor, a nurse, anyone that can reassure her of her unborn baby’s health.

Not ten seconds later, a tall, statuesque doctor enters the room, equally cautious not to disturb Doggett. Scully wonders briefly if this doctor, who introduces herself as Dr. Moretti, knows somehow about the situation she’s in; impossible, but then again, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing that’s happened to her.

“Ms. Scully—excuse me, Dr. Scully—how are we feeling? I’m happy to see you awake so soon.”

“I’m okay. Is everything normal with…” she pauses and looks out the door almost conspiratorially to make sure her new partner is still sleeping, “…with my baby? Is it okay?”

Dr. Moretti’s face softens as she places a gentle hand on Scully’s shoulder. “Your baby is fine, as are you, from what I can tell. I haven’t exactly seen anything like this before, but all the tests we ran appeared to come back normal.”

Scully’s shoulders visibly sag with relief and a rush of exhaustion, letting herself feel tired now that her immediate concerns are out of the way. Dr. Moretti says something about letting her get some more rest and softly shuts the door on the way out. That was just enough to wake Doggett, who practically tiptoes into her room, as if he might go unnoticed walking through the door.

Scully’s eyes flutter back open and stay there as Doggett approaches her bed. She worries that he might’ve somehow heard her short conversation with the doctor; she’s not ashamed of her pregnancy, quite the opposite if anything, but her lifelong fear of being thought weak or too feminine to be capable comes through despite it all. She’s kept it secret this far, and now it just seems uncomfortable to have to tell anyone, especially her new partner. He’ll find out soon enough one way or the other.

She comes back to reality for a moment, just long enough to hear Doggett start to talk. But she zones out again as her most recent memories start to come back to her: she had screamed that she was pregnant, screamed it at the top of her lungs like she’d been wanting to since she’d found out. But the context was all wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong, really. It’s horrifying enough that she screamed it and it wasn’t enough to keep her safe; it’s devastating enough that she wasn’t shouting it from a mountaintop instead of in a dusty old garage somewhere in Utah. It’s more than enough to bear as it is, but an even more troubling thought occurs to her: were those cult members the first people I’ve told besides Skinner?

A fresh wave of grief mixed thoroughly with guilt hits her. She isn’t upset about telling Skinner; in the absence of Mulder, he’d been the only logical choice. But now? She hadn’t been partnered with Doggett long at all, but he’d certainly proved himself as much as possible. She’d been holding off, feeling almost like telling him or letting him in at all was cheating on Mulder. Oh, Mulder, and her shoulders sag again, and she hopes that her face hasn’t contorted with the anguish that has been constant since Oregon. Still, it isn’t fair to Doggett to treat any of it like his fault, and her logical side, the side she always prides herself on, reminds her of this. As if on cue, Doggett comes back into her line of focus.

“Agent Scully? Dana? You with me here?” He smiles a little, but not enough to hide his concern.

She raises both eyebrows at him in confusion, a slight departure from her usual skeptical look. She hasn’t heard a word he just said.

“I was just asking how you were feeling. That was some pretty weird stuff back there.”

“I’m fine,” she keeps her tone pleasant but even as ever.

“I’ve got a feeling I’ll be hearing that a lot.”

He doesn’t even know the half of it.


Shortly before Doggett arrives to take her home a week later, she calmly revisits the guilt that’s preoccupied her mind during her entire hospital stay. It’s been an almost refreshing type of guilt, though, a type that is uncomplicated and fixable. She’s not trusted Doggett, but she’s a quick learner and will come to trust him. She can almost hear her own words in her mind, coming back to remind her, I’m not a part of any agenda. You’ve got to trust me.


“Look, I wanted to apologize. I… I left you out of this case, and that was a mistake on my part. It was almost a fatal mistake.” She feels like a kid admitting to breaking a window with a stray baseball, and he accepts her apology like a neighbor who’s seen far worse.

“It was; you screwed up,” but he’s smiling. She is amazed that people continue to forgive her, a luxury that she’s never afforded herself.

“And I won’t do it again.”

“I appreciate it.”

She feels a little lighter, which seems foreign in her strange and heavy life. Lighter still when he takes the bag from her shoulder without a word and tosses it over his own. It’s natural as it could possibly be under the circumstances, but she still feels the absence of a hand on the small of her back like a phantom limb and can’t help but worry that it’ll never quite be natural again.

They walk to the car, and Doggett throws her bag in the backseat after opening the passenger side door for her. He pulls out of the hospital parking garage hastily, but not recklessly, to get them to the airport.

“So, Agent Scully, ready to get the hell outta Dodge?”

She smirks as she keeps her eyes straight forward and nods. “Please.”

“I’ve seen a lot of nasty stuff, but I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.” He pauses just for a moment, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Me, too. Thank you.”

She fights the urge to say us, too and settles for resting her hand on her still-flat stomach.

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AAAHHHH i just watched ep 21 of bungou stray dogs and it's AMAAAZING and now i really really really need a fic or some headcanons or whatever you want (sorry to bother you, i just need to share my excitement with someone ><)

It’s too late… but I’m writing this anyways. I hope you get to see it, anon! ;;; no proof reading bc it’s very late and I should be asleep. Shush

Words: 686 

“Don’t you fucking dare jump to that river”, Dazai chuckled, spinning around to face the owner of the voice. “I’ll kill you with my own hands”.

“Chuuya~”, he spread his arms, dramatically, a discret smirk gracing his lips. “It’s totally not a pleasure to see you today. Can I help you with something?”

“No. You can’t!”, Chuuya blew a fist towards Dazai’s face, but he gracefully dodged it. “You can’t actually help me with a single thing. Not even when I told you to take me back after I use my ability like you said, you bastard!”, another fist hit the air.

“Mah, Chuuya-kun~ I was tired too! And I knew you’ll be okay!”, Dazai smiled, looking down at Chuuya. “When am I wrong?”

“I’ll fucking kill you!”, Chuuya lounched to his ex-partner and it was almost hilarious how Dazai caught him in his arms, swirling around to quickly pin Chuuya down into the ground, both of his hands held up above his head by one of Dazai’s hands. “What the- let me go!”

“Chuuya, I know every of your movements. You can’t win against me”, he took a sit on Chuuya’s hips, the latter kicking and squirming like a fish out of water.

“You perv! Get off!”, he growled, throwing more snarky comments. “I’ll kill you!”

“I don’t think so”, Chuuya’s breath caught in his throat when he felt a poke on his side, his body jumped and jolted at the feeling and his eyes grew as big as plates. “Hmm~? It’s still working?”

“Don’t you dare, Dazai. I swear to G-G-ahahad! Stahahap!”, he couldn’t stop the blush spreading on his cheeks when his laughter bubbled out right away from his mouth as Dazai wiggled his fingers up under his unprotected arms. He has always been awful in holding his laughter back. “You can’t do this to mehehe!”

“Now now, Chuuya. You need to relax. R-E-L-A-X”, Dazai drew circles on the hollows of Chuuya’s underarm, painfully slowly, extremely ticklish. Totally tortoreous. Chuuya kicked his legs, banging his heels on the ground.

And he laughed, for God’s sake, he laughed and it was embarrassing. Even when Dazai wasn’t tickling his worst spot he already felt a snort burning on his nosetrils. He tried, -really tried-, to grit his teeth to stop the hysterical noises blowing out of him, but it was useless, especially when Dazai started to rub his thumb directly in the center of his armpit, making Chuuya throw his head back.

“Are you more ticklish than before?”, Dazai teased and Chuuya just shook his head, too engrossed into the sensations, his brain barely registering the cold hand creeping under his shirt, until said hand cupped his side. He gasped, looking at Dazai straight in the eyes, a goofy forced smile taking place all over his face.

“Okay! N-nohot there, Dazai. Y-you know I- DAZAI!”, the shriek leaving him was almost inhuman. He arched his back off the ground, but then let it back down again, his belly shaking with hysterical laughter.

“Ah, so this is still the spot, eh?”, he squeezed up and down Chuuya’s side, having a little trouble with holding him down, so he decided to let his wrist go to take care of Chuuya’s neglected side. He about died. “Oh, yes, this is still the spot~ tickle tickle, Chuuya”. Chuuya felt a wave of heat covering his cheeks and the tip of his ears hearing Dazai’s teasy tone.

“Alright!”; he gasped. “Alrihihight! I am sohohorry!”, Dazai laughed, squeezing and kneading Chuuya’s waist, sending him into wheezing laughter.

“Why are you sorry, Chuuya?”

“I don’t know just stahahap-!”, Chuuya was too exhausted to keep fighting back, so he just laid there, taking the tickling and shaking in silence.

“Hmm, are you going to try and kill me?”, Chuuya shook his head rapidly, gathering some air again and exploding into a new burst of laughter. “You sure?”

“Dammit yes! Stahahap!”, Dazai stopped, -not before drilling his thumbs in this quite sensitive spot righ above Chuuya’s waist-, and stood up, leaving Chuuya a giggly twitchy mess. “I fuhuhucking hate you”.

“The feeling is mutual, partner”.

Singer!Simon - Carry On headcanon
  • Simon Snow is a rising star.
  • YouTube and Tumblr are crowded with his pictures, edits, videos, and even some fanfics about how he could use those beautiful pierced lips of his. 
  • So it’s not exactly a big surprise to Penny (his best friend & agent) when the Grimm-Pitch Records invites him to make a demo of some of his songs.
  • Simon, on the other hand, is ecstatic and pinches his upper arm several times before calling them back to set a date.
  • They set it to the other week, and when The Day™ comes, Simon is so giddy and anxious that he barely notices that there is a person standing at the doorway of the studio.
  • He ends up bumping aforementioned person, and, flushing, looks up to meet deep-water grey eyes glaring at him.
  • He gulps and mutters, “sorry,”
  • Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch (aka Baz Pitch), actor, violinist and heir to the Grimm-Pitch Records and the Pitch Studios (that is now managed by his aunt Fiona & her super cool boyfriend, the famous actor Nicodemus™), knows very well who is Simon Snow.
  • He has seen the guy’s work, listened to his amazing voice, looked at several of his pics, and kind of developed a little crush on him.
  • So when the man of his dreams Snow bumps into him, all he can do is take in the bright blue eyes, the golden locks, the oh-so-very-kissable moles and that fucking piercing in the blonde’s lower lip. 
  • “Can you, erm, move?” Simon Snow asks, impatiently, and Baz comes crushing back to reality. “I have an audition soon,”
  • Baz, who is kind of awkward and shy, tries to act cool and ends up sneering at Snow.
  • And then Agatha-fucking-Wellbelove shows up.
  • The girl, who is an actress and Baz’s co-worker in a new film his aunt Fiona is directing, seems to know Snow, and acts in a very friendly way towards him.
  • So Baz snorts, annoyed at their interaction, and Snow turns to him with a frown.
  • “Oh, hey, Basil,” Agatha says, sending a coy smile his way, “this is Simon Snow, my ex-boyfriend,” she says it easily, “you have probably heard of him,”
  • Ex-boyfriend. Oh, bloody hell, he’s straight.
  • “No,” Baz quickly says, trying to look at Simon with contempt (and probably succeeding given the angry expression on the smaller boy’s face), “never heard of him”
  • Who the fuck does this posh guy thinks he is?, Simon thinks, and is about to say something when Penelope appears and nudges him inside.
  • Simon is shaking with crippling anxiety the whole time, and he really hopes that Mrs. Daphne Grimm won’t notice the sweat in his hand.
  • When he finally enters the Isolation Booth, the nervousness ebbs away with the first accords of the song, and he actually does a good first impression to the producer.
  • Well, that’s what Penny says as she hugs him, but Simon is barely paying attention because…
  • Holy fuck
  • The posh guy from before is at the control room, talking to the famous producer Malcolm Grimm, and looking unimpressed.
  • Simon goes back to being a nervous wreck because Daphne Grimm just introduced him to the producer and his son, Basilton Grimm-Pitch.
  • The posh guy is the producer’s son and Simon is fucked.
  • He says so, right after he and Penny reach their apartment, but Penny only dismisses him and tells him to calm the fuck down.
  • She also gives him a mug filled with chocolates and cuddles with him until he falls asleep.
  • After one week, Simon is almost sure they won’t call him.
  • Because of Basilton-fucking-Grimm-Pitch.
  • He was sure that the posh guy used all his power to deny Simon the chance to sign a contract with one of the most famous recording studios
  • Just because he could. 
  • But then they do call him. To set a date to review and sign a contract. 
  • And after Penny’s given permission, Simon signs the contract, gets invited to collab with famous singers & DJs, launches his first EP, and even gets a chance to write a song for the new film the Pitch Studios was going to launch on the next spring.
  • Simon’d gladly say that thoughts of Basilton Grimm-Pitch never crossed his mind ever again.
  • Except they did.
  • He’d see Basil (as Agatha called him) at the studio sometimes
  • Penny, for some unknown reason, even became friends with him, so there was no way to avoid the guy
  • And, of course, there was also the great amount of posters and trailers about the new film Basil was starring.
  • With Agatha. As a couple.
  • Simon doesn’t know why or how this Basil gets so easily under his skin, like, really?? He is just a posh, standoffish guy with a nice body.
  • Ok, a very nice body at that. His arse looks heavenly in denim, his hair seems very soft, and his lips are utterly delectable, specially when he smirks.
  • Gosh, his smirk is so fucking sexy.
  • Ok, maybe Simon knows why Basilton Grimm-Pitch keeps him up at night sometimes, but ugh, the guy is such an arse.
  • What. An. Arse.
  • And, yeah, everything is okay for a while.
  • Until Simon has to record the song he’s written for the film.
  • And Basil is there, sitting on the control room as if he owns the place.
  • Which he kinda do, but that’s beside the point.
  • Simon tries to argue, saying that even though Basil is in the film he is not needed in the recording of every song.
  • Basil disagrees, and Penny only shrugs.
  • So Simon starts singing, pointedly not looking at the see-through glass until he’s lost in the rhythm of the song and letting the words flow naturally out of him.
  • Baz, on the other hand, is So Gone™
  • Like, the guy was already a hot, wonderful singer and songwriter.
  • So why did he need to write such an amazing song for a romance portrayed by his ex-girlfriend and the boy he hates.
  • w h y???
  • After Snow finishes singing and goes meet up with Penelope and some sound engineers, Baz lingers in the control room, trying to gather up courage because, really, it shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Okay, the boy glares at him almost every time they see each other, but Penelope (who found out about his little crush) told him to try something - hinting that Simon Snow is not exactly straight.
  • So after she gives Baz a significant look, he decides to go after her and Snow as they leave the control room and the three of them end up in the lift.
  • Penelope pointedly ignores both of them.
  • Baz turns to Snow, it’s now or never, he thinks.
  • “Good–” the lift stops.
  • Baz’s eyes widen, because he is not very fond of lifts, or any small space, really, and it just effing stopped.
  • He feels black seeping into his eyes, his breath falters, blood is rushing in his ears and his heart is beating really, really fast.
  • He closes his eyes, expecting to pass out.
  • But then there’s a hand holding his face, someone telling him to calm down and helping him slide down until he’s sitting in the floor, his back against the lift’s wall.
  • He takes a deep breath, trying to regain his composure, and his heart misses a beat when he opens his eyes to meet blue ones.
  • Snow is crouched in front of him, holding his face with a hand and his shoulder with the other.
  • “Are you okay?” Snow asks, sounding genuinely worried.
  • Baz huffs, embarrassed.
  • “I don’t like small closed spaces,” he says, diverting his eyes from Snow’s concerned stare.
  • “I noticed that, yeah,” Snow says, and Baz turns to him with a glare.
  • But Snow is smiling at him and his thumb is making lazy circles on Baz’s cheek.
  • Baz’s breath hitches, and his heart beats so loudly he thinks Snow and Penelope might be hearing it too.
  • “What were you trying to say before the lift stopped?” Snow asks, his cheeks flushing slightly.
  • “Um,” Baz flushes, but doesn’t take his eyes away from Snow’s. “Your song,” is what he manages, “good,” he adds, and normally would want to punch himself because of his lack of eloquence.
  • But he really can’t bring himself to care as those marvellous blue eyes stare at him with warmth, and Snow lets out a low laugh.
  • “Thanks,” he says, “I-”
  • Baz don’t really want to know what he wants to say, specially because at this moment the lift starts moving again and Snow’s body sways.
  • Baz uses that opportunity to wind his arms around Snow’s neck and pull him in for a kiss.
  • Given the position they were in, it was bound to end with some hard teeth clashing.
  • And it sort of does.
  • But they just don’t care??? They both want this so much to give up on the first try
  • So they laugh and kiss again, and it’s so good, the warm lips moving against his, the feeling of the piercing rasping against his lower lip before Snow’s tongue delved into Baz’s mouth…
  • It surpasses all of Baz’s expectations and he’s just so giddy that he doesn’t care about Penny cheering and taking pictures (because they’re such cute dorks) in the background.
  • Simon is just as giddy, and his thoughts about Basil - Baz - go from “posh and standoffish” to “cute and adorable” in mere seconds. 
  • Specially after he hears Baz’s gasp when Simon nibbled his lower lip
  • Then, when they finally leave the lift, Simon asks Baz out.
  • Baz says yes, because, really, how could he say no??
  • And soon they become one of the most famous couples ever, and the internet is filled with fanfics, fanart, edits and videos of them.
  • Weeks later, though, when Simon finds out that Baz kind of had a lowkey crush on him before they met, Simon thinks it’s The Cutest Thing Ever™
  • But Baz spends half a day giving him the cold shoulder.
  • Though can’t resist when Simon shows up at the film studio with a ukulele and sings his new love song dedicated to him in front of everyone.
  • Baz has the strong feeling that it was Penny’s idea to do it so publicly (she’s always saying romance brings good press)
  • But he really does not care and promptly rushes to kiss Simon after he finishes the song.
  • Because now it’s physically impossible for Baz to stay at the same room as Simon without touching him.
  • He’s always holding Simon’s hands, or petting his hair, or hugging him.
  • Even when they’re in public (which is why there’s a great amount of pictures of them scattered around the internet, and why they couldn’t keep their relationship a secret)
  • Simon secretly thinks it’s Baz’s way of marking his territory and showing everyone that Simon Snow Has a Very Hot Boyfriend™.
  • But Simon doesn’t really mind.
Yu and Mika

I’ve just watched the newest episode and I feel it is my duty to inform y’all of my most favorite things about it so here goes:

Mika’s face when the kid calls him a monster. Like, I’m so glad they didn’t cut this part out because this is so important. In that moment, Mika comes to his senses despite his frenzied thirst for blood. This boy calls him a monster and I can assure you he remembers what Ferid did to his family. I like how they showed his struggle with this other half of himself. We’ve seen himself fight against himself for so long now, but this one was the most painful to watch for me. 

I saw some posts about how Yuu acts in this episode. Here we see how freaking caring he is toward Mika. He’s just seen Mika break down over his need for blood, then Yuu tells him to drink from him, effectively turning him into what Mika fears most. Yet, as we didn’t see in the manga (at least not to this extent), Yuu is so affectionate with him. He can’t really understand what Mika is going through because he is still human but he doesn’t want Mika to die, and he doesn’t want Mika to suffer anymore. He says “I’m gonna make you do it.” But also cradles Mika’s face gently in his hands, contrasting his words with softer actions. (this scene melted me ok) 

[getting long oops]

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unpopular opinion: I don’t think the anime team really “ships” eremika, or at least tries to “push” it!

not in the sense that people are making it to be, as if we are basking in eremika scenes because of that, or ridiculously claiming the anime will change major plot-affecting scenes in the story for eremika’s sake! (??) 

what people like to forget, is that a ship is a whole, two sides, two people!

what the anime did was only highlight or add more “Mikasa to Eren” scenes.
the first ending, the hand holding in ep 22, ep 25 were all eremika moments with a Mikasa initiative (or Mikasa centric for the ending) meaning they mostly reflect Mikasa’s feelings, and work more for her character rather than eremika as a unit. 
and I don’t even consider the handholding in episode 25 a proper “addition”, it was already a “Mikasa to Eren”-eremika moment in the manga, and it was kept that way! (and after all this time I find that I might even like the manga scene better!) 

and you know what? it’s okay I’m not asking them to change the very plot related dynamic in the first arcs, I like those scenes -minus the one I’m gonna talk about next because unnecessary change unnecessary drama-, but at the same time Mikasa’s feelings for Eren have always been a given to me, so they’re not inventing or pushing anything, Mikasa’s feelings are there in the manga, Isayama is probably just more subtle with it. 

so ofc I have to talk about the most “ infuriating” change in the eyes of the fandom:

that one time where Mikasa supported Eren instead of Armin, aka: “how to get unnecessary hate for absolutely nothing”, because as an eremika shipper that scene was pretty irrelevant to me, and yet the hate we got ….. 

I’m willing to bet that the main reason it’s even there is because they took an important scene from Mikasa -discovering the wall titans-, and they had to put her ‘somewhere’, and they probably thought that logically she would definitely rush to Eren’s side.

this scene is one of those go-to scenes when people claim the anime is pushing eremika, which can be understandable if you ONLY and only take this scene into consideration, and not the whole image, and especially forget what the anime did to most Eren’s interaction in eremika scenes! 

so what about “Eren to Mikasa” scenes?

nothing good hun!
and by this I don’t mean that I want them to add scenes or change the character, but I would’ve been satisfied if they didn’t fuck up whatever scenes exist.
for one, they made Eren way too aggressive to her in episode 5

it might seem like a minor thing now years and many episodes after it, but we’re talking about the anime so we’ll break down everything.
     I’ll never forget the backlash their relationship got, and Even Eren, because of that scene, and how “Eren hates Mikasa” was an actual argument !! 
sure now it’s forgotten and we moved passed it -gladly- but back then it really gave a bad image, it was only episode 5, people were still constructing their ideas of the characters and their relationships, and that little gesture they made Eren do did nothing good to both of them!

The 2nd ova and how they made Eren literally “push” Mikasa for doing nothing but wanting to help him over a little thing
or what I like to call it : “we don’t always create a scene with Eren and Mikasa but when we do, we make sure Eren acts like an asshole!“

I don’t take this as canon in any way, because leaving eremika to the side, I think this whole scene was an insult to Eren’s character because while Eren had jealousy problems, it was still too “extra”!)

but back to the point, the same team who made the anime made this scene, oh how they want to push eremika by making it look good! 

“the scene that vanished”

I really wanted to see this! see how despite the fact that Mikasa really did embarrass Eren here, and knowing him he would be angry, he forgot all about his anger because he was more worried about her and what branch she was choosing! 

they still showed Eren trying to convince her against her decision but it lost the impact it has in the manga: how much he worries about her >>> His pride!  

and last but not least, this beautiful scene and this intense stare they shared just right before he transformed! 

(it wasn’t a side panel it was the entire fucking page, it would’ve looked beautiful in the anime!) 

Anyway, you might think these are minor things, but people DO complain about the most minor anime changes when it comes to other ships, but no one ever mentions these little changes that affected eremika, because “good riddance” amiright? 

TL;DR: the added scenes work more for Mikasa as a character and her feelings rather than eremika as a unit/ship, what the anime did was feed into an unbalanced image of their relationship. 

this post isn’t to “victimize” eremika in regards to the anime, or to say the anime did us wrong all the time, the anime did make many great faithful scenes, like Mikasa finding Eren alive or the much much underappreciated court scene where Eren defends Mikasa!

but they also made some unfortunate changes, that I don’t think were meant to downplay any particular ship, it might have happened in the process but not intentionally, I don’t think any other ship was singled with the changes.

anyway, this was all on why I don’t agree with the claim that the anime team really favors eremika! 

A Clexa analysis from a Bellarke shipper

NOTE FOR CLEXA FANS: I am tagging this with Clexa because it is NOT anti-Clexa, and because I kind of want you guys to see something from our side that is reasonable for a change. That said, I AM a Bellarke shipper and my long term prognosis for Clexa is probably not what you want to hear. Therefore, if you think reading this will piss you off, I urge you to ignore it. 

Okay, so this post is going to be…interesting. I’m not sure if any of you will read it, but I have to try because WOW fandom, you need to calm down.

The Bellarke fandom is angry, for the most part…and I. Do. Not. Get. It.  Not the extent of it, anyway.

I think a big part of the problem is that one person will voice a concern, and then everybody else jumps on it and makes it this HUGE thing. I mean, the debates I have seen over whether or not the nightgown Clexa scene was fanservice or not make me want to bang my head against the wall. ENOUGH.

Another big part of the problem is that fandom is a constant war zone where people seem to believe that their faves are flawless and can never do wrong. Clarke can do wrong! Lexa can do wrong! Bellamy can do wrong! Just because a character does something wrong…doesn’t mean the writers are ruining them – it means they are telling a story.

Of course, people have valid concerns. I have valid concerns myself. But the level of hysteria this week has been out of this world, and so I am writing an analysis of Clexa and where I see that ship going over the next few eps. Everything below is my opinion, but I hope my positive voice can maybe break through and help some people that are feeling negative.

If you are a Bellarke fan – SO AM I. And I 100% believe that Bellarke will happen and that they will be endgame. So I hope that you can read this and maybe sort of see why Clexa right now is NOT the end of the world.

I am also going to tag Clexa, mostly because I want you guys to see that some of us are/can be reasonable. Do be warned though, my long term prediction for your ship is not hopeful. So please don’t read if you think that is going to piss you off.

Note: Obviously, people can have opinions on scenes and characters that are not positive. This post is mostly just meant to be a reasonable assessment of why everything is okay. I’m not saying that people have to agree, but can we at least maybe start to accept that different interpretations exist and then stop flinging shit around?

Second note: I talk about this below, but I really want to emphasise it. We may all interpret things how we want too. If you want to interpret Clexa as romantic and Bellarke as platonic, that’s okay. If you want to interpret Clexa as doomed, and Bellarke as romantic - that is also okay. LIVE AND LET LIVE. Stop hating on other peoples opinions, and just enjoy your own.

Okay, are we set? ONWARDS.

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           It’s been nine days since William died. In that time I’ve been mourning his death, thinking, trying not to think, going into the reasons and spending time with his son, Zed Cutsinger. It’s hard to talk about this because I haven’t had someone so close to me die in a long time. I’ve helped console loved ones in their moments of grievance, and been witness to the terrible pains that friends and family members go through while dealing with loss, but this is different – this is a loss that is all too close, and almost inconsolable. Another very close friend of mine, Richard Speakes, had told me once that, “Adult life is often about things that are inconsolable” and I didn’t really understand those words until now.

           As we all get older we experience more, and sometimes those experiences act like a tiny ball of snow rolling down a mountainside (you know, the kind animated in cartoons) where that tiny piece becomes bigger and bigger and eventually it takes out a house, or an innocent passerby. The older we get the more stuff we see and experience, and often that means we will experience a lot that hurts. Edmund Spencer, in his epic poem, The Faerie Queene, argued something very similar. He believed that the longer one lived, the more sin they committed. This should be easy to understand, since the longer we live, the more sex, drugs, and darkness we’re introduced to, and so on. William had his fair share of everything. He had walked through the entire scope of human experience, and possibly other realms. This is what made him special. He somehow understood things no one else did, and he could articulate those ‘things’ with a fervor that was scary at times, but like many scary things – we want to know more. This was how I got into him. I wanted to know more.

           I was acquainted with Zed through music. We both played in North Bay hardcore bands. As Zed and I slowly gravitated towards each other, more and more stories about his father surfaced, and his father became this mythical figure. The most poignant ones had to do with William’s peculiar morning routines. I heard through a second party that he was a fruititarian once, and that one of his morning regiments was minerals found in ground-up rock dust, a tiny bit of his own urine, and a few rotations under the sun for vitamin D. This of course seemed weird, but I loved it. I’ve always latched onto people who are radical, and that have a perspective on the world that’s absolutely original. I could tell he was one of those people, and because of that I had to meet him. I even sensed our first meeting was approaching. It was as if I knew something was going to change in my life. I spoke with Zed about this yesterday, about the exact moment I met William, but we couldn’t come up with a definitive answer. All I remember is that it was very nonchalant, and I think it was so natural that it seemed as if we had always known each other. This was immediate. Zed was living in New York at the time, and I started speaking to William on the telephone more than Zed. These calls weren’t normal telephone call length. Some lasted two and a half hours.

           These phone calls lasted that long because that’s what William did for a living. He was an Astrologer and a numerologist. He told people about their lives through what he pulled from the stars and universe. I hadn’t been a believer in astrology up until our first serious talk. He told me things about myself that were too specific. The most terrifying thing he told me was that I “desire to be seen.” The argument about such comments is that they’re extremely universal, and can be attached to anyone’s persona, but it struck a heartstring in me, so I believed him, and I still believe him now because of its truth. There are many words that can describe this phenomenon, but the one that comes to mind is: reification. This means to name something, is to give it life. The things he said made me reevaluate myself. More importantly, they made me think, which is something we all should do. Often, we are far too detached from ourselves, and I think his art was the ability to remind us of that, and to realign those unknown parts.

           I unfortunately got the news via text. I had just touched down at San Francisco International, from JFK, and was in an okay mood. The fog was there, and the sun was below it, and everything appeared alright. Zed texted, “Hey,” two days prior and I had sensed something was wrong automatically. He doesn’t start a conversation with, “Hey.” Zed is more colorful than that, but quickly after he said something funny, which led me to believe things were normal. Nothing was normal. William had fallen down in the bathroom, and was rushed to the hospital. Zed didn’t want to “ruin my trip” and was worried that if I knew any of this information that I may have done something drastic, which I probably would have, so a day went by, and William went further into the tunnel. During the incident, his wife, Karen, ran in and asked him “What is the matter?” To which he replied, “It’s my time.”

           I imagine he said this with a calm face. I imagine he really was at peace with the idea that his life was ending, but of course – we will never know, so we tell ourselves he was. We create stories to justify the grief. He created stories, theories, genres, fables, comedies, descriptions that all approached life in a profound and authentic way. Because of this he was a true intellectual. He pulled from high and low cultures, always trying to get us to question everything, and because of this he was also a real punk. This is why Zed turned out the way he did, why he seems so radical with his comedy – he’s a true intellectual like his father.  

           I wandered around the airport for awhile after I got the news. I didn’t directly call Zed because I was in shock. William was the healthiest person I knew. I talked to him three weeks ago, and he had the same youthful vigor he always had, truly full of life. But it was the blood that got him. His blood was too thin, and his platelets were few, and couldn’t stop the rush to his brain.

           I took the Bart train home and listened to Scott and Charlene’s Wedding. They have a song called “Epping Line,” which is about getting a call on your cell phone about a death, and the strangeness of that. I was trying to find some kind solace, but there was nothing. I did the cliché stuff that people do – listened to sad songs, drank alone at a bar, and tried to diffuse the pain momentarily, which only heightened it, but sometimes that’s okay I guess.  

           William believed that we live in a predator universe. This means that all life continually consumes in order to survive, and that consumption can come in an array of different forms. We prey on living things, people who are less capable than we are, and on the actions and emotions that surround us. He believed strongly in the spirit world, which can be understood as anything beyond our temporal consciousness or the detectable universe – “detectable” meaning, what we know and are capable of experiencing with our five senses at any given time. Kathryn Schultz, a staff writer at The New Yorker, recently wrote that 0.3 per cent of the universe is dense enough to make stars, and that 0.000001 per cent of that density is in earthlike planets, and that the stuff which is near or close to our planet is a decimal that equals out to almost nothing. She relates this fact to the idea that we are a mere “speck of dust.” Many of us have heard this or similar notions because it reminds us of our miniscule existence, which I understand is humbling, and we are miniscule, but knowing someone like William, and seeing how he affected the people around him the way he did, I think the fact above is almost irrelevant. Our world is shaken so much by instances of loss that we in fact shake ourselves, and everything changes, which is hard to succumb to.

           Yesterday I was looking through books, and came across (coincidentally) the poet Philip Schultz. He grew up in the state of New York like William did and in the fifties too. Even though Schultz grew up in Rochester, while William was in Jamaica Queens, they share a similar upbringing because of their religious backgrounds. Both were raised in Jewish households, and this similarity haunted me a bit when I read Schultz’s concluding poem in his book, Living in the Past. I was introduced to this poem through Edward Hirsch’s book, Poet’s Choice. I carry the Hirsch’s praise because in times like this we have to connect to something in order to survive. The poem is a lament, and relates everything I’m feeling now, acts as an extension of my feelings.

     I wish the dead would take their bodies with them when they die.
     I wish they would not leave them behind. I wish they would take
     their dreams and streets and cafes. That they would understand why
     we cannot say or do with anyone else what we said and did with them.
     Why we cannot forgive them for leaving us behind.

           There is a bit of anger in these words, and a sense of unyielding reason that lives at the root of Schultz’s conclusion. I think all the people that knew William feel some kind of resentment because of the irreplaceable nature of his life. We are upset that we will never see, talk or hear him again in the physical world.

           I told Zed that I wasn’t breaking down emotionally like one would think because I didn’t feel he was gone. For some reason I know William is in the other room. I think I’m going to see him again, and I also think all the things he said to me are very relevant, and I can picture him vividly now.

I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways everyday. AU I’m a busy businessman and my barista keeps misspelling my name in increasingly disrespectful ways, honestly who does this person think they are. AU Kylo Ren x Reader


The morning hustle was coming in strong. People from all across town, from parents with toddlers, teenagers trying there best to pull of the hipster look, businessmen and women getting the daily fix before going to their “important” meetings. Then there was him. His suit looked more expensive than my car and house. His long dark hair stylishly tousled, his dark eyes cast over the menu (not that he needed it he always got the same thing), his cheekbones sharp as his jawline which was moving at a hundred miles a minute. He did this everyday. He would come in, make his way through the line, get to the counter all the while talking on his phone. Then the worst part. He would order his venti macchiato while still talking. At first I thought it was just a every other day thing, but boy was I wrong.

Everyday. Without fail, it was almost like clockwork. He entered the doors at 7, made his way to me by at least 7:10, left by 7:15 but not before he looked at the name on his cup then back at me with disgust. The only reason why I guess he would look at me in such a way would be because of the way I spelt his name today. Cilow Den. I know how to spell his name but I choose not to. Reason is if he can’t have the respect to get off the phone and order like a regular person. I’m just going to have to find new ways to misspell his name. He can be reassured I’m very creative


Morning shift again. The same routine as everyday. He comes in. On his phone. Talking away like nobody’s business, makes his way to the counter and for the first time since he walked in those doors he hangs up the call, looks me straight in the eye.

“You,” he looks down at my nametag, “(Y/n), have misspelled my name more ways than I can count and I would like for you to stop. It has gotten ridiculous. Your mistreatment of my name is downright disrespectful.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way sir, but it is quite hard to understand your name when you have a tendency to talk on the phone when you order but I will try and remedy that for you,” my eyes baring holes into his voice cold, collected and filled with sarcasm, “Now sir, what can I can I get you today?”

“I’ll have a venti macchiato, and the names is Kylo Ren,” I start filling out the cup and when I’m done I hand it over to have the order filled.

“What an excellent and predictable choice. Next person in line please,” has he walked away I shot him a smirk.

His order was called and I could say for a fact hearing him groan was worth it, especially since he turned back to me a shot me a glare. Today it had been spelt: Kiyloe Ten.


I was shocked to find that he didn’t come in today, maybe even a little disappointed. It felt like part of my day was missing. Spelling his name wrong, him shooting me that little glare, the smirk I would shoot back. It felt like part of my day is missing, but I pushed on hanging up my apron. Making my way out of the door and to the supermarket. I was making my way up and down the aisles, and I to grab my favorite box of cereal only to find another hand reaching at the same time. I look over to apologize only to come face to face with the dark eyes that I normally see every morning. The eyes belonging to the same man who’s name I misspell every time as well.

“You didn’t come in today,” I state point my finger at him accusingly.

“What were you waiting for me,” a smirk settles across his face as he leans slightly against the shelves.

“N-no. Of course not. It just you always come in and I always spell your name wrong kinda like a routine.”

“So you weren’t just waiting for me, you missed me,” he says leaning down slightly so we are looking each other in the eyes.

“As if. All you do is talk on your phone, rather rudely I might add, and it makes my job a lot harder when someone comes in and can’t even give the respect to put their phone down and order like a regular person.” I snap back getting even closer to his face until we are nose to nose.

“I wasn’t on the phone yesterday when I ordered and I think that one was the worst by far.” I can practically feel his words on my lips before I step back grab my box of cereal.

“Still you say I’m the rude one, which I guess I kinda am, but you still have yet to be the slightest bit polite to me and you’ve been coming to my coffee shop for almost a year,” I turn back to my basket and walk away leaving hopefully a stunned man in my wake.


Here he comes. Right now he is at the back of the line and instead of talking on the phone it looks like he’s texting. He keeps glancing up at me almost as if he knows I’m sneaking glances at him myself, and every time he does catch me he shoots me the smirk that causes my face to heat up. It feels like ages before he gets to the counter but before he does he places his phone in his pocket. Then he looks up at the menu running his hand through his thick hair before looking at me smirk resting on his face.

“(Y/n), what do you recommend I get today?” He rests his arms on the counter leaning so we are face to face.

“You’re asking me? What you should get to drink this morning?”

“Yes, yes I am. Trying new things, testing the waters,” he states as he leans in closer, “seeing how far I can test the limits. I just want to be… what did you say yesterday,” he pauses as if to act like he’s thinking, “Polite. That was the word. I’m trying to be as polite as possible. So what do you recommend I get to quench my thirst?” The look on his face is nowhere near polite it’s downright predatory. And I don’t know how I should handle it but I should probably not just stand there and let the wolfish look in his face turn me into a shivering mess.

“You should get the (Y/n) special.” I say leaning closer to him as well if he wants to play let him play he’s not the only one who knows the rules.

“Oh, the (Y/n) special huh? And what might that contain?”

“It’s a surprise. Just for you,” I turn to my co-worker, who based of the redness on her face and neck has been watching us the whole time as well as the entire morning rush, and say, “Hey take the orders for me I have to make a specialty.” She rushes over to the counter as I make the (Y/n) special, feeling his hungry eyes on me the entire time.

“Here you go. A nice (Y/n) special. Hot and ready to go,” I hand him the drink letting my hand linger just a bit so he had to touch it.

“That it is, later (Y/n),” with that he turns on his heel and basically strunts away, and I’m content to watch until I hear a very panicked voice.

“(Y/N)! A LITTLE HELP HERE,” and I turn and there is my co-worker cover in coffee cups and what looks to be whipped cream. Before I go over to help her I hear a deep laugh make it’s ways to my ears as he finally exits the cafe shooting me a wink before letting the door close behind him. The spelling of today: Kylo “Polite My Ass” Ren.


The last day of the week. After today I can spend my weekend watching Netflix and eating pizza to my heart’s consent. The way to end any good week. I just had to make it through today which wouldn’t be to hard. The Friday crowd wasn’t large and it would mostly be a quiet shift. So to occupy myself, since to only people to come in so far were a mother and her to little kids, I was cleaning the counter over and over again while listening to my jam playlist. The cleaning turned more into dancing and soon I was making a fool outta myself in an empty cafe. Or so I thought.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, as a scream escaped my mouth and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned around and there he was Kylo Ren looking like the cat who ate the canary. But he looked different. His usual suit gone replaced with a red jumper, jeans, and what looked to be combat boots. All in all he looked normal. He looked hot. I was gaping up at him look of either awe or shock across my face but either way it brought him into a near fit. As he started laughing. The deep laugh I had heard yesterday had definitely been him, but hearing it so close almost weaken me to my knees. So I tried my best to regain my composure.

“So what can I get for you today?”

“No need to be so formal with me now, I mean I just saw you dance,” he does that really annoying air quote around the word dance.

“Okay, Kylo what can I get ya?”

“I’ll have another (Y/n) special, and your number so we can take this out of the cafe. And maybe dinner,” he leans his back against the counter shooting me a look over his shoulder.

“Are you flirting with me,” I say as I drop the empty cup with his name on it, whipping around to look at him, he turns around and leans his arms on the counter.

“No. Yesterday I was flirting with you. Today I’m asking you out. So what do you say?”

I’ve picked up the cup, before making his coffee all the while still not having answered him, probably because I’ve gotten lost in my head, but that ends when he clears his throat and looks at me.

“So yes or no?”

“Oh. Hmmm,” I tap my finger on my chin, “hmmm. I don’t know.”

“Well if you’re that indecisive I will just take that as a no,” he starts to make his way to the door.

“Wait,” he stops and turns back, “yes.”

“Yes what,” he says as he makes his way back to the counter where I have his drink.

“Yes, I’ll go on a date with you.”

“Good. I’ll see you tomorrow and don’t worry I like you so it will be casual,” he places the amount due on the counter, talking to cup of coffee from me with a kiss on the cheek and leaves but not before shooting my heated face a wink.

Today’s cup: Kylo Ren “Is a smooth talking little shit” xxx-xxx-xxx.

The Toothbrush War

Prompt by Anonymous: Hi! So it wasn’t really a “sweet” moment in the ep, but I thought maybe you could turn it into a really short, cute fluffy drabble…when Caroline is looking at her scar in the mirror and Stefan is behind her, I was just thinking about how cute they’d be like getting ready in the morning together and looking at each other all adorable-like in the mirror. Only if you have time/inspiration! Thanks! Love your blog layout/colors btw :)

A/N: So as you can see, that was submitted ages ago. I actually have an embarrassing amount of prompts still saved. So as this episode gave me inspiration I decided to write it, and if anyone has a prompt let me know! Also warning, domestic Steroline ahead!

“Goodnight, sleep well. I love you so much!” Caroline called into her phone that rested on the counter, as she finished brushing her hair.

“Love you too mommy,” Lizzie answered.

“Yeah, so, so, so, much!” Josie added in.

Caroline laughed before saying goodnight once again, and hanging up the phone. She then blew out a small breath and looked at herself in the mirror. Shaking her head at herself she tried to wonder where these sudden nerves had come from. She had stayed over before, and she had gotten ready for bed here before. What was the big change?

Well now you don’t have to rush home in the morning, as this is your home now.

She rolled her eyes at the thought, putting toothpaste on her toothbrush. It was true that she now had all her clothes here, and her tablet, and more hair accessories than a small army needed.

But it really wasn’t that different in the big scheme of things. Now she no longer had to go through nights craving for Stefan when she stayed near the girls. She would never again wonder what he would think of the omelet that she proudly cooked just like he showed her.

After all, he would always be there.

Maybe that’s what home was, not a building, but rather the feeling that you get with absolute comfort. The same feeling that she got when she was in Stefan’s arms.

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anonymous asked:

in 6x08 "the rain king" mulder ends up having to share a room with scully because of the whole cow thing but we never actually get to see their sleeping arrangement. could you maybe write a fic where they both sleep in scullys bed (maybe with a pillow separation or something upon scullys request) but end up waking up in each others arms (or spooning if u wanna make it sexy lol). this is before they even kissed so it'd be awkward but they'd also both be secretly happy about it. love your fic btw!

(anon con’t.) (same anon who sent the rain king prompt) thats just always been my headcanon to what actually happened because later in the ep scully talks about how one day you can go from being friends with someone to falling in love with them so maybe scully had her “maybe he’s more than a friend” moment waking up with mulder. ANYWAY SORRY FOR HOW LONG THIS WAS WOW THESE ADORABLE ASSHOLES OWN MY LIFE


Bed sharing fics are always tough for me, but I had fun with the dialogue at the top in this one. Thanks, anon, for the prompt, and for your message that made me smile when I first got it (like a month ago, sorry!) and again just now as I’m posting this. Enjoy, y’all!


When she gets back from the vending machine Mulder has unfolded the cot the hotel had provided them.

“Aunt Trixie’s Fixins not agreeing with you?” he asks, pointing to the ginger ale in her hand.

“I’ll take the cot,” she offers, popping the tab.

“Don’t be silly.”

“Mulder, that thing’s more unstable than you are. It looks like it’ll barely hold me, let alone–”

“A top-notch male specimen in the peak of his physical condition?” he tries, loosening his tie.

“Ha, ha.”

“And really, I’m taking it.”

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I just got back from an exam but as expected I can’t stop thinking about YOI loool, now I had to write it down so I can calm myself down

Anyway, it’s about this scene:

Before anyone assuming–no, I do NOT think it’s okay for anyone aged 27 years to do this to a 15 years old boy, If it’s without context. Anyway this will be kinda long so I’ll put it under the cut so I won’t be bothering anyone’s scrolling.

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And here is a super salty post about the way a lot of this fandom treats Tobin

That’s what this post is. See look ^^^^^ – it’s right up there in the post title. So if you’re looking for humor or anything but salt, scroll on. You shall not find it here, nope. And while I will be a C@ryl (look at me censoring my own ship tag!) shipper until the end of time, but this is not remotely a shippy post. Okay, good talk.

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SuperCat FF: Equations for a Body Falling

Author’s Note: I started this before Falling was even a gleam in my TV’s eye, then when the ep was previewed, put it away and left it there for quite awhile as it just seemed so…meh…in comparison. But there was a fair amount of work done and I’ve been trying to really hard to finish things, so I dug it out recently and banged out more (then edited and reedited and well…that almost got out of hand). Hopefully, it doesn’t suck.
Summary: Kara makes a mid air catch and it leads to confessions.

Edited to Add: Read on AO3

Edited to add 2: Read in on Fanfiction.net

Equations for a Body Falling
by Pink Rabbit Productions

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