okay room cleaning time

It’s 2 am and I’ve decided I’m cleaning and rearranging my room. To cope.

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would you happen to know what kind of properties pink or purple candles have? asking for the next time i clean my room!! it s okay if you don t!! thanks!!

As far as I know purple candles mean spiritual awareness, wisdom, and tranquility. Pink candles mean love, friendship, harmony, self love, and joy. 

Lucky Part 32

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

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I love you All! I don’t even know what else to say anymore. You guys are great! Enjoy! Oh, but I do want to say that I mention a couple holidays in here, so I am so sorry if you don’t celebrate these, hopefully it won’t stop you from reading. Just a heads up.

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A drabble about reader and Bucky, and she somehow ends onto him on his lap and he gets "happy" so she gets all flustered and this ends by an embarrased Buck kissing a shy reader because they like each other?

omg i love this, i laughed when i read “happy”

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“Oh my God its starting.” You mumbled frantically looking around for a place to sit. Unfortunately for you, Tony did not set out enough chairs so you would either have to awkwardly stand or sit on the floor. He was winning some sciency award that you did really understand and he was insistent on the fact that when he gave his thank you speech, everybody was seated so the attention would be on him. You quietly made your way to the back of the room, hoping that nobody would see you standing.

“Psst, (Y/N).” Bucky whispered, causing you stop in your tracks.

“What is it Buck? If Tony catches me standing hes going to kill me.” You responded, raising your eyebrows and gesturing your hand to the stage.

“I got a seat right here.” He grinned, pointing to his lap.

“Oh my fucking God.” You mumbled, pinching the bridge of your nose. “I cant believe I’m going to do this.” You swiftly walked over to him and plopped on his lap. You could feel him shifting underneath you, trying to get comfortable.

Tony began his speech, and everything was going swimmingly until you felt something underneath your butt.

You felt blood rush to your cheeks and you were thankful the lights were dim, “Buck, please tell me what I think is going on isn’t really going on.”

“I-uh-um, sorry?” He asked, making an apologetic face.

“I cant believe this.” You mumbled, placing your face into your hands. “Its the middle of Tony’s speech and you have a boner.”

“I cant help what goes on down there!” He harshly whispered. “It doesn’t help that you look amazing tonight.” He mumbled, his cheeks reddening.

You shifted around on his lap and turned to face the stage, trying to ignore the awkward position you were in.

“So listen,” Bucky began, voice slightly wavering, “I’m incredibly embarrassed right now so I’m just gonna put myself out there and do this.”

“Do what?” You asked, whipping your head around.

His response caught you off guard. You expected him to speak, but instead he pressed his lips against yours. It took you a moment to register what was going on, but you quickly responded and deepened the kiss, bringing your hands to cup his cheek.

“Again, I just like to thank you guys so mu-HEY! BARNES YOU GET YOUR HANDS OF (Y/N)!” Tony’s voice angrily yelled over the speakers.

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about that 2jae video where jb's expression changes, i feel like jb just really likes to keep things in secret and keep the dear memories and stuff like to himself including his relationships???? which is maybe why he seems so distant from yj these days and doesnt show much affection and everything because maybe they're actually dating irl???? ahahah im very delusional and weird sorry

Hi dear, 

Aww please don’t call yourself a weird because I know you’re not and dear let me tell you’re not the only one who is being delusional about our 2jae because me toooo. kekeke 

Yes I really agree with you dear that JB is someone who likes to keep anything related to him and Youngjae in secret and would only comfortable talking about it with his Youngjae or with few people that he trusts. Remember when JB firmly doesn’t want to show his shared room with Youngjae during just right released party? What are you hiding? I mean we saw their bedroom once so why not this time? 

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Okay maybe they didn’t clean the room which I think wasn’t the case since JB is a neat freak and Youngjae was so ready to show them their room but had to comply with his JB..kekeke 

Previously during their debut till Identify era, Jb isn’t shy to initiate a skinship with Youngjae but now that things are getting too real between them they tend to lessen it just in case fans will found out…kekeke though I’m pretty sure they know about the existence of ‘2jae’. 

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so why not doing it for the fans sake?  Maybe they’re too afraid because if they do it and fans can read their body language because even when 2jae hardly do skinship we still can read their body language…hehehe 

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Youngjae on the other hand like to keep it a secret too but sometimes he just can’t help it spilling them…hahaha remember when he revealed JB hugged him like teddy bear? JB seemed shy…kekeke and when Youngjae told the whole world that JB slept naked but JB denying it and Youngjae looked so confused because he knew that’s the truth…lol so when he mentioned Japan I guess he was just too excited to answer the question without realizing it.. kekek

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OMG what am I talking about?? I think I got sidetrack while answering your question..hahaha but what I’m trying to say is both 2jae like to keep their relationship or closeness or fond memories to themselves but somehow Youngjae manage to spill about it a liltle bit…hahaha and to show you that I’m a delusional shipper of 2jae too…hahah