okay really why are you still reading

  • Winn: Umm....Kara? Why is Lena Luthor flirting with you?
  • Kara: What? She's not FLIRTING with me. She's just really sweet.
  • Winn: Half her texts to you are dorky pickup lines that I'd probably use.
  • Kara: How have you been reading our texts?
  • Winn: Uhhh.....*glances at Alex*
  • Alex: You're on your own. *walks away*
  • Winn: I may have.....tapped Lena's phone. But it was because of project Medusa!
  • Kara: That threat is over. Why are you still reading our messages?
  • Winn: I may be taking notes. They're really good pickup lines!
  • Kara: *glares*
  • Winn: Okay. I'll stop.

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WinwinxReader AU (requested)

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 2.3k 

A/N So this turned out a little very different than what had been requested, and the tone of it kinda changes because I left it for a while and came back to it later. Honestly it’s not the greatest T.T But I hope you still enjoy reading it anon dear~ (Also some things may come off a little insensitive, but this is in all honestly based on my personal experiences with exchange students and language barriers.)

“Sicheng, are you okay?” 

Winwin looks at you like he just came back from another dimension. His eyes are blinking slowly, and his mouth is opening to explain himself. But he’s posture is stiff, as an unreadable tension falls on his shoulders. Although slightly confused, you didn’t have to think too hard about why he appeared so uncomfortable. 

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AKA the fic that will make you cry, laugh, and cry again.

The author: the amazing @determamfidd ! Who is fantastic and great and everything ! Even though she will break your heart repeatedely, which is not okay at all Dets, really, why do you do this to us? I kind of imagine her as being half buried under a mountain of books and reference (because of all the research that goes into her story), one hand typing frantically (because long chapters) and the other writing music (because there are songs to go with the story, and they are amazing!), all the while working on her khuzdul and elvish pronounciation (because languages! are! important! in! Sansûkh!)

The story: The battle was over, and Thorin Oakenshield awoke, naked and shivering, in the Halls of his Ancestors.The novelty of being dead fades quickly, and watching over his companions soon fills him with grief and guilt. Oddly, a faint flicker of hope arises in the form of his youngest kinsman, a Dwarf of Durin’s line with bright red hair.(Follows the story of the War of the Ring).

(Bagginshield, Gimli/Legolas) In which recovery takes time, the dead members of the Company take to watching Gimli as though he’s a soap opera, the living struggle with being left behind, Legolas is confused, Khuzdul is abused, and Thorin is four feet and ten inches of guilt and anger. 

(summary taken from the story itself)

Why I love it (and went as far as inflict more heartbreak upon myself by rereading it and finishing the available chapters at two in the morning this morning)

- It’s well-written. Both in term of grammar/style and in term of plot, this story is nearing perfection

- the characterisation of the various characters is spot-on and credible. Characters are not static, they change with time and events.

- The characters themselves are varied, well-written, with a lot of thought and research going into their backgrounds

- A+++ representation of the LGBTQA+ community

- A+++ sass by some characters

- Frerin. If nothing else, you should read it for Frerin, who is an adorable cinnamon rolls that needs all the hugs and another serving of his grandmother’s dumpling soup (and he is not being paid enough to be the psychologist for the rest of the dwarves. Protect Frerin)

- The Dwarrodams. Oh the Dwarrowdams. They deserve a glorious song because they are the pinnacle of badassery. Dìs is frigging amazing, Hrera is terrifying (and I fear for Mahal if she decides to make good on her promise), and the rest of the fierce dwarrodams do not demerit either.

- The dwarflings. The dwarflings are very close to being my favourite characters and will probably end up taking over the world.

- Thorin’s recovery. It’s a long and harsh road, and that’s what makes it credible.

- Daìn. 

- The songs, both written and performed and I will never get the Iron Hills for me out of my heart.

- Basically everything? Even the heartbreaking parts? Especially the heartbreaking parts? Because they are so well-written that it’s a pleasure to have your heart broken by them?

SO GO AND READ IT! It’s 44 chapters of greatness, with still a few more to come, and it’s soooooooooo worth it! Just make sure you have some tissues ready, because trust me, there will be tears.

before i knew i was borderline, i was really in love with a girl, and she left me, and it left this hole in me. and my friends would say “you’re still not over her? what the hell dude” and i would feel like such a creep for still liking her & obsessing over her.

now, i know that she was my fp. that it’s a reason why i still feel a little pain when i see her, even though i have a new fp. and it honestly ? helps a lot, and i feel like i understand myself better now, especially on why i completely split on her after she left me.

Love triangle in King's Cage

Okay so here’s the thing. In light of Rq3 title coming out, King’s Cage, I wanted to know. Is there really a love triangle still happening in Kings Cage?

 I honestly thought Victoria did a great job at ending it in Glass Sword. After I was done reading GS I could have never imagined people continued to ship Maven and Mare. I thought everyone would be repulsed by Maven. Don’t get me wrong I fucking love him as the villain.

 I just really want to know Mareven shippers, why do you continue to ship Mare and Maven? Kings cage will obvs have tons of Mare and Maven so I really want to get your perspective. For all we know Mare will end up with Maven…. Sorry I got nauseous (I’m a bitch I know) 

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ask39thewolf  asked:

I love your art style, still trying to master cats myself. What's your favorite individual Warriors book?

Thanks! Cats are tough, man. They’re like these super complex little panthers draped in a massive rectangle of saggy skin and fur. Like why you gotta be like that, cats?

Okay so I haven’t read all of the books yet, but I doubt even once I have any will end up topping The Darkest Hour for me. Lots of good memories and a really satisfying series wrap-up imo. Dark, tense, epic, and contains Scourge. (It’s weird, I thought he was cool as a kid but he was never a favorite of mine or anything. I actually like him more now as an adult? I don’t even know why. I’m just a sucker for edgelord kitty)

I saw School of Ghoul on my dash today and read it again. Really if you haven’t read it yet then do it now. I will tell you why:

- it’s a parody by Ishida
- Kaneki lives a good life (okay, he’s still a ghoul, but it’s about Kaneki’s school   life so there will be lots of funny moments)
- Every student thinks they are the only ghoul in the school
- Most of the characters are the same age (Kaneki, Touka, Shuu, Uta, Hinami,   Yomo are in the same class)
- Kureo Mado and Amon are teachers
- Shuu uses swear words once again (poor kid nobody really wants to play         squash with him)
- Touka notices Kaneki is interested in Rize and wants to give him good advice   because she thinks this is what a normal human would do (We all need dating   coach Touka)
- Yomo joins the Judo club
- Kaneki and his friends go to a karaoke bar
- Tsukiyama Shuu (you will know what I mean if you read it)

You can find the translated ‘chapters’ by Talalanlalan here:
Tsukiyama’s blog


hi guys im going on a hiatus starting tomorrow because im going to a long-term inpatient facility (aka a psych ward) for at least a month. i doubt i will be there for more than three months but i could, im not really sure. I wont have access to electronics that connect to the internet so that also means no tumblr. the facility is supposed to be really nice, i think ill be okay and that this will be good for me. i wont have a queue going bc as of now (feb 14) i only have like 5 things in my queue and i dont really feel like filling it up. i might fill it up a bit but still it wont last the whole time im there so this blog will be inactive for a while but i PROMISE im coming back!!! so please dont unfollow! you can if you really want to tho but. idk why you would if im coming back but ANYWAY. lms if you read all this and if u have any questions my ask box is open! ill miss u all 🖤

Okay, so @copperfire and her lovely liveblogging of Legends (what is it with awesome people suddenly liveblogging my favorite show?  Not that I’m complaining, mind you!  :-D) made me realize something.

At the end of River of Time, when Vandal Savage taunts Rip Hunter at Vanishing Point (saying “this time I don’t intend to lose you”, which is possibly my favorite suggestive Savage line after “You might be a Time Master, but I’m the Master of Time”, which I still think reads like a Fifty Shades of Grey invitation.), he pulls out the novelty pen which Rip had used to escape Egypt.

And that’s hilarious to me.  Not just because he apparently was fascinated enough with the pen that he kept it for damn near four thousand years.  That’s funny enough right there.

But Savage didn’t KNOW he was going to be captured right then and there in Leviathan.  But it’s not like he had time to go back and get the pen after he was released, so as to taunt Rip more.

That means he had to have it on him.

Does that mean that he ALWAYS carries Rip Hunter’s novelty nudie pen on him all the time?

What does he do with it?  Does he stroke it menacingly and whisper threats?  Does he write his most horrible correspondence with it?  Does he draw dicks on everything?  I want to know.

only you

hanbin angst/fluff

Is it a good time to come over?

You sent the text to Hanbin, hoping he’d reply soon.

Mm, not really. Still practicing. Why?

You frowned slightly as you read his reply. You sighed, your arms dropping to your sides as you eyed the food you made for your boyfriend and the rest of the boys. Plastering a small smile on your face to make yourself feel better, you thought to yourself; I guess I could reheat it and send it tomorrow. 

You typed your reply; Nothing, just don’t work yourself too hard, okay? Love you.

An upbeat rhythm flowed through your ears as your ringtone resounded in your living room. Your eyes lit up, Hanbin? 

But alas, you snorted when you saw who was calling. “Yah, what do you want?”

“Yah? Is that how you greet your older brother? I did not raise you like this.” Jiwon scolded jokingly. 

“Shut up, poo. What do you want?”

“Food.” he said, adding a hint of aegyo just to let you know he was pouting.

You raised your eyebrow, “Now?”

He giggled, “Yes pleeeeeeaseeeee~”


“Oh come on, baby sisteeeer~”


“I’ll treat you for beef next time, I promise. Pretty please?”

“Deal.” you grinned. “But wait, aren’t you guys practicing?”

“Nope! We ended practice 20 minutes ago. We’re gonna walk balk to the dorm soon but we’ll eat in the practice room, so meet us there? I’ll send two of the boys down to come help you carry the food.” 

“Mm, okay. See youuuu.”

“Thanks Y/N-iee.” and you could just imagine his bunny smile.

Ended practice 20 minutes ago, eh?

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, but shrugged it off nonetheless, at least I get to see Hanbin.

“Y/N!” Junhoe exclaimed as he saw you approach the building, hurrying to your side to help you carry the bags of food you were carrying.

You rolled your eyes, “Hoe, only nice to me when I bring food.”

He winked, “You know it.” he laughed, before ushering you in. “Come on, I’m hungry.”




Shouts of pure happiness rang through your ears as Junhoe bursted into iKON’s practice room, you following closely behind. Jiwon got up and engulfed you into one of his bear hugs. Ruffling your hair, he cooed, “Aigoo, my Y/N-ie, all grown up. Thank youuuu.” 

You pushed his hands away, “Yeah, yeah, save it for later. Let’s eat!”

The boys quickly set up the food, before digging in. You couldn’t help but laugh at the boys who were eating like there was no tomorrow.

“Where’s Hanbin?” you asked casually, not wanting to seem eager.

“Ayeeee, if he was the main reason you came you could’ve just said so.” Chanwoo teased, your cheeks dusted pale red as you denied.

Jinhwan chuckled, “He’s in the next room, go call him. He hasn’t eaten either.”

“Ahh, okay.” you nodded, getting up.

“Hanbin?” you asked softly as you peeked through the door.

“Hanbin!” a voice squealed, giggling right after.

“Hanbin, seriously- stop!” she giggled again.

You looked on sadly as Hanbin playfully splattered water on the brunette- a girl you recognised as one of iKON’s back up dancers. A scene you would describe as a cute couple playing around and flirting using a bottle of water. 

Hanbin laughed along, wriggling his eyebrows in a way to say; make me.

The girl caught your eyes, clearing her throat before quickly straightening herself out before bowing slightly, “Annyeonghaseyo.” she smiled politely.

Your eyes widened in surprise before bowing back and quickly making your way back to the others.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Donghyuk asked you gently.

“Yeah, Y/N, you don’t look too good. Did something happen?” Yunhyeong asked in worry.

You smiled, looking for an excuse to leave the building. “A-ah, my friend called in for an emergency. I need to go to her.” you gave them a small laugh. 

You noted their worried expressions and assured them, “It’s nothing serious, but I kinda have to go now. Don’t worry and eat up!”

You quickly made your way out, almost reaching the elevator when a wrist grabbed yours to turn you around. 


“Y/N.” he looked breathless, as if he ran after you. He face grew even more worried once he saw the tears brimming in your eyes, “Y/N?”

“Don’t worry about me, Hyuk.” you smiled, gently pushing his hand off. You stepped into the elevator, leaving the building as fast as you could.

Where are you?    11.28 PM

You’re not at home. I’ve been knocking on the door for the past hour.   11.29 PM

Y/N, you’re worrying me.    11.29 PM

Are you okay?    11.30 PM

Donghyuk told me you were crying.     11.34 PM

Donghyuk… told me a possible reason to why you ran off.     11.36 PM

I’m sorry.      11.36 PM

Y/N?        11.49 PM

I know you’re reading these.      11.51 PM

Just let me know that you’re okay.     11.51 PM

You sighed, turning off your phone. 

You snuggled deeper into your blanket as you watched the waves crash the shore. You smiled, reminiscing the times Jiwon would bring you to this beach. 

“Y/N? Are you sure you don’t want to come in?” Eungyeong, the lady who owned the diner situated by the beach asked.

You nodded slightly, smiling at the kind lady you and Jiwon had grown close to over the years. “Thank you, imo. But I’m heading home soon anyways.”

“Okay, don’t stay out too late now!” she waved, before entering her diner.

You decided to walk a little bit in the sea, wanting to feel the sand beneath your feet and the salt water crash gently against your legs. You just needed time and space to accept some things that were running through your mind. 

“Y/N.” a voice you deemed you would never fail to recognise, called out gently. “Can we talk?”

Your breath hitched, and you halted. How did he find me?

I’m not ready for this; you thought to yourself, quickly walking further.

“Stop.” he commanded, though his voice- weak.

“Please stop walking away from me.” he pleaded. “Please.”

You took a deep breath, turning to face Hanbin. “Let’s… break up.”

“W-what? No, Y/N-” he stepped towards you, but you took a step back.

Shocked, he stopped, “…why?”

“I haven’t seen you that happy in such a long time. Heck, Hanbin- I haven’t seen you since you last visited- and that was a month ago!” your voice cracked, and your tears finally fell. “…You’re barely home, Hanbin.” You laughed bitterly, wiping away your tears, “Even Junhoe visits me.” 

“I love you, Hanbin. And all I want is for you to be happy. …I haven’t seen you look at me, the way you looked at her, since-” you paused, “I can’t even remember Hanbin!” you shouted, clearly frustrated. At this point you’re sobbing and Hanbin’s heart can’t help but ache at how broken you sound when you said, “I want you, Hanbin but I don’t make you happy anymore so what am I supposed to do?”

You broke down completely, whimpering over and over again, “What am I supposed to do?”

Hanbin walked to you, gently taking your hand in his, “Don’t be stupid. I’m not leaving you. Do you really think I’m letting you do this? No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you.”

He sighed, placing his hand on the back of your head, letting you bury your head in his chest as you cried in his tight embrace. “…I’m sorry.”

“I’m selfish. I don’t deserve you. I’m probably the worst boyfriend there is out there.” he let out a bitter laugh. “Funny. Do I even deserve to be called a boyfriend?”

“I know I don’t deserve you. I know you have the harder end of the relationship. I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so so sorry. Y/N, I love you. You make me happy. You are the one I want to spend my golden years with, looking for my missing dentures. My heart made its choice, and it chose you.

You sniffled, hitting his chest repeatedly, “This is so unfair. Every time I try to be mad at you, you go and say all these sweet things and I can’t help but-”

Hanbin gazed at you lovingly before kissing you, smiling into the kiss. Both of you pulled away, both in a daze. “…Sorry.” he smirked. “By the way, she has a girlfriend.” he whispered in your ear.

You blushed, “W-what?”

He chuckled, kissing your forehead. “I love you, Y/F/N. Only you.”

This was for @babyulfa ! Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you like it! ^^ 

Btw, ‘imo’ means ‘aunty’! :)

Only the Start, Baby

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: I have no idea. just read it. 

Warnings: smut, oral sex, mention of squirting (several requests)

Words: 1228

Note: This was going to be really cute and fluffy and then I think I was just really horny and this is how it ended up….tmi? TOO BAD.  (also idk why I wrote this in this pov but thats how it turned out ig)

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the most common reasons ppl give to subtly discard sharon carter disputed (by means of using the already established mcu canon, among other sources)

these next 2 paragraphs were originally the conclusion to my text but i decided to move it up to avoid any massive unfollow sprees or anon hate sent my way lol if you read nothing else in this post, plese read these paragraphs before the cut.

now, you still with me? okay. you see, the thing is: you don’t have to like sharon. and you don’t have to like staron. you don’t even need to give any reasons as to why you don’t like them. really, you don’t. because sometimes there isn’t even a reason, we just don’t jive with certain things and that’s cool. heck, i have friends that think benadryl cabbage patch is the hottest thing in the world, and while that deeply disturbs me, i accept them and we can be friends even with that canyon of differences between us. it’s just the nature of humanity to differ in tastes. i just put his name in my tumblr savior list and move along with life. 

but when you make up reasons that don’t exist (see items above below), or make fun of people for liking what you don’t, or go out of your way to put your hate (yes, saying a pairing “makes you vomit” IS hate, let’s not be dense here), or complain about wanting a certain type of character to be portrayed on screen (in this case, more strong female characters in the mcu) and dismiss them when you’re given one on the sole purpose of shipping, THEN we’re gonna have a problem. 

otherwise? you do you

now, for the reasons disputed: 

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anonymous asked:

I am in trouble. I blew up T's email while she was on vacation with a bunch of paranoid thoughts. I think she hates me. She responded and she was not pleased. How can I face her on Monday? I am so ashamed of my behavior. I just don't know what to do. I feel so bad. I get paranoid about her dropping me, that's why I blew up her email. Now I am afraid to go to next appointment. She didn't ever have a problem with emails between sessions. I think I might have runined everything.

hi anon,

I know I’m late on this- I’d love to hear how things went. 

The thing I thought about while reading your message is that it sounds like things went bad really quickly- your therapist was okay with emails before, and now you’re worried she hates you. Could there be an in-between here, where she might be unhappy about so many emails but still like you and respect you and want to work with you? 

Also- I think it’d be a good idea for you two to work out a plan for situations like this in case it ever happens again (that you are feeling very symptomatic and she is unavailable)- like, could you talk to another therapist at her clinic? could you have an emergency call? could she direct you to a coping plan you two have already decided on? take care, anon. 


Sons of the BIG THREE

Percy Jackson, Jason Grace and Nico di Angelo. I finally finished! It took me a while but i did it. if I have done it in digital it probably would’ve taken me less time (but i don’t have a wacom, i would love to, some people told me that my drawings and paintings look like there were done digitally, but my same response is “no there not”)

Okay I think I went out of the subject that i was taking about, BACK TO WERE I LEFT IT! Like a week ago i posted that i was going to draw the sons of the Big Three, i don’t know why i wanted to draw them but it sorta happened! Also i did them in different poses and looking in different directions because why not!

I’m really happy, so now i still have to keep reading HOO. With the university, for me there’s little time for me to read and draw, but I like to make ever minute count.


oh and one more little thing, feel free to write me/ ask me about anything, i like to take some request, just be patient. 

Help make my dumb birthday wish come true?

Okay, so I know this is a little ambitious, and probably a little crazy, but I think it would be really awesome if I hit 2000 followers on the day of my birthday…

The thing is, I’m at ~1850 right now, and my birthday is in less than a week. It’s on October 11th. So like, a 150 follower gap. Well crap.

But hey, what the hell, I wanna give it a try.

EVERYONE that follows me already or follows me now and reblogs this post from now until my birthday can do one request for WHATEVER THEY WANT within the Fairy Tail universe. (I’ll also check out your blog and maybe follow you, I’ve been wanting to follow more anime blogs!)

If you don’t want to request something but still wanna help, just following me and reblogging this post anyways would really help reach my goal!

I’m more known for my lyrical/poetic gifsets, but I do know how to colour and make icons and graphics, so if you really wanted to, you could ask for that too. (I don’t see why though, they really aren’t as gorgeous as the ones made from other really freaking talented people in the fandom) 

You can see what my original content looks like here to get a general idea. 

Anyways, even if you don’t do anything, thanks for taking your time to read this post regardless, and I guess, here goes nothing!

The blog to follow: @fairytailpride
The post to reblog: this one duh
My original content tag: here
Where you can request if you’ve done both: here

TL;DR: I’m trying to reach my follower goal of 2000 followers before my birthday on October 11th, following me and reblogging this post would really help! Anyone who does both can request any Fairy Tail related edit if they want!


So, earlier when I was writing my post about Eggsy and Tilde, I realized that I need a whole separate post about how Eggsy loves and respects women.

So here, have a gifset of Eggsy loving and respecting the women in his life.  And also, have me telling you why every gif here is a good example (as well as discussing a few scenes that aren’t pictured). The wall of text under this read more is akin to the Great Wall of China.  Beware.

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anonymous asked:

nicomaki - "okay maybe just this one."

I know i said in the tags that the prompt list this one came from was more serious but i just thought of something toO CUTE I’M REALLY SORRY IF YOU WANTED SOMETHING SERIOUS ANON 

side note this was jusT LONG ENOUGH to merit a read more but also not very long and its so. ughhhhhh. why cant everything fit without cluttering people’s dashes?? 

“Okay, maybe just this one.”

Nico watched Maki with a critical eye, not missing the way the redhead was fixated on something else. If Maki thought she was being subtle about it, she was wrong. Still, it was difficult for her to figure out where Maki was looking, so Nico reluctantly let it slide, instead pulling her wife along towards the supermarket. “Come on, we don’t have all day, you know!”

“….Right.” Maki replied curtly. “How many groceries did we need, again?”

She huffed and brushed some invisible dust off her skirt. “Well obviously, we need enough to fill that stupidly huge pantry at least for a little while, so we’re going to be getting all of the basic cooking ingredients, some snack foods, maybe some desserts…Maki, are you paying attention at all?!” While she’d been talking, Maki’s gaze drifted back over to the other storefronts, and Nico crossed her arms while she waited for a response. 

“Yes!” A pause. “….I ignored every word.” She admitted, sighing. “It’s just groceries, though, right? I don’t think we need a plan. It’s not that hard to mess up. We just buy what we’ll eat, right?”

“No, we buy what I’ll cook. You do realize somebody has to make the food now, right? God, no wonder you’re so clueless. You’re lucky you’re moving in with a super wife like me to make sure you don’t die living on your own!” She embellished a little, sure, but that was basically what it boiled down to. 

Maki rolled her eyes. “Gee, thanks. Maybe I should have just said no and hired a maid instead. Less talkative.”

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  • Me: so you sound tired are you tired?
  • Boyfriend: I'm really tired actually
  • Boyfriend: why?
  • Me: oh nothing
  • Me: just that if you're too tired you don't have to come over
  • Me: I mean I totally understand
  • Boyfriend: okay alright I'll come over tomorrow then
  • Boyfriend:
  • Boyfriend: wait you're just saying that cause you want to read aren't you
  • Boyfriend: what book is it this time
  • Me: *starts whistling*

Evergreen (160k) by lyres / prouvairings

“Oh, okay,” Grantaire replies, a split second too late for it not to be strange. He clears his throat. “Good.” Pause. “I mean, I wouldn’t want to, you know.”

Oh, for the love of everything, why are you still talking, he tells himself, and also, what the hell is this about him getting all flustered? It’s his least likely reaction to an attractive person, normally, but then, this level of attractive probably deserves a new scale of reactions. And a whole new definition of attractive to go with it.

“Well, it’s fine,” Cupid says easily and settles back into his seat, fingers twisting a pen as he skim-reads some notes.

Kiss Me Through The Phone (19k) by theglitterati / @kyrstin 

“Hey, man,” Bahorel says when he answers. “Are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?” Enjolras answers, before realizing that Bahorel doesn’t know it’s him. “Oh, hi… uh, this in Enjolras.”

“What?!” Bahorel practically yells on the other line. “You two are together?!”

“I’m not with anyone,” Enjolras says. “I took someone else’s phone from the bowl last night by accident.”

“Oh,” Bahorel says, laughing now. “That makes way more sense than what I was thinking.”

“What were you thinking?!”

“Nothing, dude, nothing,” Bahorel says, laughing even harder. “Forget it.”

NSFW (43k) by @defractum

Another ringtone bursts out, and Grantaire starts, looking down at his phone before realising that it’s not his phone. “Oh, that’s probably my ‘I hope you haven’t murdered them yet, Enjolras’ reminder,” says Enjolras with an evil grin.

“Oh my god,” is all Grantaire can say, because Enjolras is, is wonderful and terrifying and a force of nature and he’s only had two conversations with the man and he can’t stop grinning. This is ridiculous.

“Courf, I’m fine. He’s fine. Yes, I haven’t – His name is Grantaire and he’s already seen me naked. He likes the one with the Royal Guard uniform.”

One Last Prayer (10k) by MiniMangaFan / @achilleus 

His shoulders start to tremble as the rain soaks his hair, turning his skin an icy cold, when someone’s opening up a watermelon umbrella next to him, holding it over his head.

“Figured it wasn’t fair to let you get drenched when I have an umbrella,” the man shrugs, shuffling closer until they’re both fully covered. “That alright?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” Enjolras nods, trying to show his gratitude but ending up with his curls catching on the metal skeleton of the umbrella. “Shit, do you mind if I hold it? I won’t steal it, it’s just that there’s a definite height difference here.”

Poor Drunken Life Choices (2k) by @kjack89  

From Bahorel, the phone was passed around the party to anyone who wanted to talk to Joly and Bossuet’s really cool friend (Bahorel’s words, not Grantaire’s), until finally, somehow, the phone wound up in the hands of Enjolras. Joly had been watching this entire affair curled in Bossuet’s lap like an overgrown cat, but when he saw the phone pass to Enjolras, he let out a squeak and tried to stand up. “What?” Bossuet asked, irritated at losing Joly’s warmth.

“Enjolras is going to talk to Grantaire on the phone,” Joly said, a little desperately.

“So?” Bossuet asked, shrugging.

Joly turned to glare at him. “Enjolras. On the phone. With Grantaire. The actual only way that this can end is in disaster.”

The Process of Obtaining Clarification for Misconstrued Ideas (2k) by milou407

“I’m Enjolras, I don’t believe we’ve met,” Enjolras extends his hand and Grantaire takes it. So much for keeping his hands to himself.

“I’m Grantaire. I work with Courfeyrac at Musain, I’m the art teacher.”

Enjolras grins and his eyes seem to sparkle, “Ah. That explains the paint then. You have some there, on your cheek.” And then he reaches out to wipe the paint away. What.

Grantaire must look shocked, because Enjolras blushes and drops his hand and his gaze. “Sorry, that was presumptuous. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

Oh god. Grantaire is so fucked.

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