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My dearest, stop looking and asking for your Prince Charming. No boy will come riding on a white horse to save you from your peril up in your tower. It’s no use to have a self-pity party and wait for your happily-ever-after. Fairytales aren’t meant to come breathing out of book pages. There’s no “once upon a time” that drags on to tell a story of a love between two lovers who overcame great dangers. Stop romanticizing Sleeping Beauty and wake up on your own. Don’t let just any guy kiss you. If you have to dress up and plaster a different persona for him to like you, drown the Cinderella and Ariel in you. He’s not worth the trouble because at the end of the night, when the makeup isn’t plastered on your face and you’re lying on your bed crying, he has to know that this is you - not some dolled up version of you. Don’t fall for a pretty face and a nice smile. There’s more to guys than the way the sun makes their eyes glow and the butterflies you get from their smiles. My dearest, stop searching for a perfect guy. You’ll never find him. Just like you, guys are flawed. Stop romanticizing them. In some way or another, they are bruised, hurt, and broken. You might see stars in their eyes, but know they also have seen too much of this messed up world. You might see flowers on their skin, but understand they have fallen down before and been marked with scratches from evening beasts. There’s no beauty in pain. There’s no perfection in a human being. My dearest, everyone is flawed. Find someone who not only complements your broken pieces, but also keeps them from breaking apart even further. Even if that means he gets hurt in the process.

Sons of the BIG THREE

Percy Jackson, Jason Grace and Nico di Angelo. I finally finished! It took me a while but i did it. if I have done it in digital it probably would’ve taken me less time (but i don’t have a wacom, i would love to, some people told me that my drawings and paintings look like there were done digitally, but my same response is “no there not”)

Okay I think I went out of the subject that i was taking about, BACK TO WERE I LEFT IT! Like a week ago i posted that i was going to draw the sons of the Big Three, i don’t know why i wanted to draw them but it sorta happened! Also i did them in different poses and looking in different directions because why not!

I’m really happy, so now i still have to keep reading HOO. With the university, for me there’s little time for me to read and draw, but I like to make ever minute count.


oh and one more little thing, feel free to write me/ ask me about anything, i like to take some request, just be patient. 

  • Me:so you sound tired are you tired?
  • Boyfriend:I'm really tired actually
  • Boyfriend:why?
  • Me:oh nothing
  • Me:just that if you're too tired you don't have to come over
  • Me:I mean I totally understand
  • Boyfriend:okay alright I'll come over tomorrow then
  • Boyfriend:
  • Boyfriend:wait you're just saying that cause you want to read aren't you
  • Boyfriend:what book is it this time
  • Me:*starts whistling*

As soon as life returns to normal, so will you. Back from the dead.
Not without you.

“don’t expect celebrities to speak out on every important issue ever”

I don’t, but I do totally expect them to not consistently be a piece of shit. I’m allowed to be pissed off when celebrities say terrible things so stop trying to derail the conversation. I’m not calling them out for something they “said five years ago,” (not that they ever apologized for that thing or have shown any indication that they’ve changed) I’m mad because of what they’re saying NOW.

Okay, guys, announcement time:

So, I have made a decision. And I’ve decided to tell you all this decision in the hopes that it will actually hold me accountable to this decision because I’ve told Leda but we both agree we are enablers who will let the other get away with literally anything.

But, I digress. Basically, I’ve decided to give up tumblr until I am actually done writing this original novel I’m supposed to be writing. Because tumblr takes up way too much time and just gives me too much Teen Wolf input into my brain. I keep seeing great gifsets of sterek or sciles and then interesting posts about stiles character development and all my creative energy just swings in that direction and suddenly I am planning out fic in my head instead of writing. It’s AWESOME, but not what I need right now.

(Also, not even just teen wolf. Yesterday I started writing a stucky fic? I’ve never even written that before??)

I will still be on to post the SASO Character Sheets as we finish them and when I’m logged in to do that, I will answer any asks/messages that I have but if I don’t get back to you right away, that’s why. Also the queue is set-up so the blog won’t be 100% dead. But in general, I’m disappearing for a bit!

Though, I should note that I do tend to have the self control of a small sea creature, so if you catch me on here reblogging or liking your posts- PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE AND YELL AT ME!

I love you all and shall miss you and I should be back in full in two weeks (you can write a novel in two weeks, right?)


BodySwap!fic recs

hello there nonnie, sorry for the late reply, here we go, since you didn’t ask for wincest or J² I included both :P


There’s gotta be a punch line in here somewhere by lyra_wing.  It’s porn with extras. Sam is funny, Dean is drunk and, most important of all you get the nice and shiny image of Dean in glasses. Well, okay, you could argue that there are more important things in this, like how much of a little brother Sam can be at times. But really? Dean in glasses. While having sex with Sam. Did I forget to mention that part? Why are you still reading this?

A Day In The Life by laminy The first thing Sam noticed when he awoke, was that he was on the opposite side of the room.  As in the bed different than the one he went to sleep in.  He sat up rubbing his eyes.  Looking around, he realized Dean wasn’t with him; they didn’t sleep together, they just changed beds…

Keep Our Minds on the Sum of Each Other by lazy_daze Written as a gift for ignited as part of spn_holidays!! Written to her prompt: Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen bodyswap. Humor, but not over the top schmoop.

let’s never discuss this again  by apocalypsos Written for the j2_otpathon, for the prompt Sam/Dean, body swap, Jared’s apartment. 

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl by kellifer_fic  A body swap has Dean seeing a Sam he’d thought he’d lost forever. Dean woke up with a fuzzy head, a mouth that tasted like he’d been licking the inside of a beer can filled with cigarettes and an arm snugged tight around his waist.  A male arm.
Turn It Over And  by monkiedude AN:I bet a gen bodyswitching story would be AWESOME.  This, however, is not that story.

Flip It Back Over by ethrosdemon Being in Dean’s body feels like living life on a two second delay. He lifts his arm and startles himself over and over when he looks down and sees the wrist cuff and the bracelet.

a little superstitious now by estrella30. The thing about spells was that they rarely worked in real life like they did on TV or in the movies.  (this fic is simply awesome)

A Curse is Just a Curse by queenklu “Don’t look at me, Dean,” Sam snarled, tearing at the buttons of his shirt, “You’re the one who grabbed that talisman like you’d never seen one before!”

High Fantastical, by guns_and_butter Dean Winchester wakes up just in time in drown, and things only get worse from there.

A Rate of Conversion, by ponderosa121  PWP

give or take the subject or the verb by joyfulgirl41 Dean and Sam have to explore their feelings in order to solve the case.

After the Body Swap by truelyesoteric Jensen and Jared had a strange week six years ago. The hard part wasn’t so much having lived as each other, in each other’s body, for a week. The hard part was pretending that the body swap had never happened.

Give Them A Push, by lazy_daze  Jared and Jensen are zapped back to the “real” (French Mistake) world, but there’s a problem

Things Are Getting Strange, I’m Starting To Worry, by poor_choices and it’s sequel: Forever Be Dozy and Dim & And As For Some Happy Ending Jared is pretty sure this sort of thing is just supposed to happen in the show.

The Message of The Buddha, by tiana  AU. When Jared moves in as his roommate, Jensen is annoyed that his perfectly ordered life is turned upside down. And that’s just the beginning of the changes in store.

Balance, by setissma

while filming SPN “They’re two days into filming the body swap script, and it just isn’t working

Then Selfless Love Will Change You Back by dev_earl for j2_everafter

Dear Mr Ed Decter (or person who is in charge of the TMI TV Show),

Let me tell you straight up, from what Ive heard about the TMI TV show, your gonna fuck up.

Sorry, but its the cold hard truth. If you don’t think so, I’m going to tell you some reasons, and if you still think what you’re doing is A-Okay, just remember me and the many people who warned you. (Also some of these may be rumors, and if they are, and they were topics that I may or may not have been severely harsh with, I am sorry.)

#1 Simon’s Girlfriend. Really? Honestly, come on! You should know why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Bro, you seem like a nice guy, but have you read the fucking books? I really liked the movie aside from all the mistakes in it, and the thing I thought was spot on, was Simon.  I like his relationship with Clary, and how he was trying to end up with her, and if he has a girlfriend, it will mess EVERYTHING UP. Also, Izzy. Is there not going to be a relationship with him and Izzy? Because if there isn’t, that’s 30% of your fanbase that you have now, gone.

#2 WHY THE FUCK IS SIMON AN ASPIRING ACCOUNTANT?????? That wrong for so many reasons! (Plus its so not the rock image he is trying to pertain to)

#3 Aging everyone up? Its their young innocents that push them into doing all the crazy stuff that they are. Its the crazy virgin feeling that they have that pushes Jace and Clary together. Its the realization, that after 16 years of thinking the only family she had was her mother, she has a brother, that she may or may not be in love with. Its Alec protectiveness of his younger siblings, that drives him to kill. Its the thought of loosing his 8 year old brother that leads him into fighting that god damn war. Plus the thought of 18 y/o Alec ending up with Magnus, being as innocent as he is, its just all the more sweeter. (Its also awkward for the younger people to ‘ship’ a 27 some odd y/o and an imortal warlock. So not cute)

#4 Sexualising everything. Please refer to #3. Also, we have fanfics for that. Keep that stuff for City of Glass/ Heavenly Fire. This isnt Game of Thrones.

#5 What happened to Simon’s old band members, do the not exist any more?

#6 Shadowhunters are not like the fucking CIA. Get your fucking facts straight. If we wanted demon killing CIA members, we’d watch supernatural. (Omg love that show BTW)


#8 Jace. Is. Not. A. Sexual. Creep. He is an egotistical, arrogant, ass-hat. not a rapist.

Now there are plenty more reasons I could tell you that your fucking up, but the main one is very simple. The reason, I thought, you guys were making this a TV Show, was so you could tell the story properly, and from what Ive seen before, you’ll fuck that up more then a couple in a hotel room on prom night.

okay so like one of the most amazing things about rowan and aelin is how they’re basically parabatai (from the shadowhunter chronicles) and if you’ve read those books you know falling in love with your parabatai is illegal and punishable by death and i don’t know why but it just makes me happy that even though it’s not really parabatai it still has some aspects of it that are much like it and rowan and aelin are very much in love okay and nothing can tear them apart okay rant over bye

anonymous asked:

nicomaki - "okay maybe just this one."

I know i said in the tags that the prompt list this one came from was more serious but i just thought of something toO CUTE I’M REALLY SORRY IF YOU WANTED SOMETHING SERIOUS ANON 

side note this was jusT LONG ENOUGH to merit a read more but also not very long and its so. ughhhhhh. why cant everything fit without cluttering people’s dashes?? 

“Okay, maybe just this one.”

Nico watched Maki with a critical eye, not missing the way the redhead was fixated on something else. If Maki thought she was being subtle about it, she was wrong. Still, it was difficult for her to figure out where Maki was looking, so Nico reluctantly let it slide, instead pulling her wife along towards the supermarket. “Come on, we don’t have all day, you know!”

“….Right.” Maki replied curtly. “How many groceries did we need, again?”

She huffed and brushed some invisible dust off her skirt. “Well obviously, we need enough to fill that stupidly huge pantry at least for a little while, so we’re going to be getting all of the basic cooking ingredients, some snack foods, maybe some desserts…Maki, are you paying attention at all?!” While she’d been talking, Maki’s gaze drifted back over to the other storefronts, and Nico crossed her arms while she waited for a response. 

“Yes!” A pause. “….I ignored every word.” She admitted, sighing. “It’s just groceries, though, right? I don’t think we need a plan. It’s not that hard to mess up. We just buy what we’ll eat, right?”

“No, we buy what I’ll cook. You do realize somebody has to make the food now, right? God, no wonder you’re so clueless. You’re lucky you’re moving in with a super wife like me to make sure you don’t die living on your own!” She embellished a little, sure, but that was basically what it boiled down to. 

Maki rolled her eyes. “Gee, thanks. Maybe I should have just said no and hired a maid instead. Less talkative.”

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Okay so. 

I’ve done some thinking. Mostly about why I’m so upset about H.G. Wells’s death in Poe Party. 

Cause, like. 

I’ve never really felt this upset about a character’s death. Even when Finny died in A Separate Peace, I was fine the next day (and if you haven’t read the book, trust me, that’s saying a lot). But I’m still feeling, like, kinda weepy from yesterday and no I’m not on my period okay this is honestly just how crazy I am.

And when I realized why I was so upset, I felt like sharing it because apparently that’s what people in my generation do (this comment has a backstory to be explained at a later date) and also I figure if I were in a web series, I’d want people to know how they felt about my character (ahem).

The reason I’m still upset about H.G., the reason Constable Jimmy’s adorable face and antics haven’t soothed my soul (yet!) is because I didn’t just care about H.G. as a character. 

I identified with him in a big way. He represents the balance between strength and softness that I struggle to find in myself. I was H.G. in my mind. He was this laughed-off outcast angsty brainiac misfit nerd-nugget geek-bean cinnamon roll with a heart of gold and trust issues and that’s legit me, and not just in a nutshell, like that is me. 

Plus Blake Silver is sunshine incarnate and we would be such great friends holy moly.

So while I understand we still have two episodes left and everything could turn around and “why are you so upset over a fictional character based on a real human, anyway,” and but Constable Jimmy(!), I am gonna be sad over H.G. for a minute and that’s not just fine. I think it’s super cool that we can all get really into something in deep and serious ways, and laugh about the same things we cry about.

Sorry to get super-mega-unnecessarily-angsty on you guys, but that’s the way my cookie crumbles. 

Bravely Default's Second Chapter, and why you should all shut up about it please.

Okay, first off, there will be some minor Bravely Default spoilers in the following post.  Nothing major; the second chapter can be reached in about 10 hours of game-time, which might seem like a lot but I beat the game at hour 80 so you’re not really spoiling too much if you read along.  Besides, it’s all optional sidequest stuff anyway, so there’s not a lot of major plot revelations or whatnot.  Still, to be safe, the main discussion will be after the break, ‘cause I’m just nice like that.

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Evergreen (160k) by lyres / prouvairings

“Oh, okay,” Grantaire replies, a split second too late for it not to be strange. He clears his throat. “Good.” Pause. “I mean, I wouldn’t want to, you know.”

Oh, for the love of everything, why are you still talking, he tells himself, and also, what the hell is this about him getting all flustered? It’s his least likely reaction to an attractive person, normally, but then, this level of attractive probably deserves a new scale of reactions. And a whole new definition of attractive to go with it.

“Well, it’s fine,” Cupid says easily and settles back into his seat, fingers twisting a pen as he skim-reads some notes.

Kiss Me Through The Phone (19k) by theglitterati / @kyrstin 

“Hey, man,” Bahorel says when he answers. “Are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?” Enjolras answers, before realizing that Bahorel doesn’t know it’s him. “Oh, hi… uh, this in Enjolras.”

“What?!” Bahorel practically yells on the other line. “You two are together?!”

“I’m not with anyone,” Enjolras says. “I took someone else’s phone from the bowl last night by accident.”

“Oh,” Bahorel says, laughing now. “That makes way more sense than what I was thinking.”

“What were you thinking?!”

“Nothing, dude, nothing,” Bahorel says, laughing even harder. “Forget it.”

NSFW (43k) by @defractum

Another ringtone bursts out, and Grantaire starts, looking down at his phone before realising that it’s not his phone. “Oh, that’s probably my ‘I hope you haven’t murdered them yet, Enjolras’ reminder,” says Enjolras with an evil grin.

“Oh my god,” is all Grantaire can say, because Enjolras is, is wonderful and terrifying and a force of nature and he’s only had two conversations with the man and he can’t stop grinning. This is ridiculous.

“Courf, I’m fine. He’s fine. Yes, I haven’t – His name is Grantaire and he’s already seen me naked. He likes the one with the Royal Guard uniform.”

One Last Prayer (10k) by MiniMangaFan / @achilleus 

His shoulders start to tremble as the rain soaks his hair, turning his skin an icy cold, when someone’s opening up a watermelon umbrella next to him, holding it over his head.

“Figured it wasn’t fair to let you get drenched when I have an umbrella,” the man shrugs, shuffling closer until they’re both fully covered. “That alright?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” Enjolras nods, trying to show his gratitude but ending up with his curls catching on the metal skeleton of the umbrella. “Shit, do you mind if I hold it? I won’t steal it, it’s just that there’s a definite height difference here.”

Poor Drunken Life Choices (2k) by @kjack89  

From Bahorel, the phone was passed around the party to anyone who wanted to talk to Joly and Bossuet’s really cool friend (Bahorel’s words, not Grantaire’s), until finally, somehow, the phone wound up in the hands of Enjolras. Joly had been watching this entire affair curled in Bossuet’s lap like an overgrown cat, but when he saw the phone pass to Enjolras, he let out a squeak and tried to stand up. “What?” Bossuet asked, irritated at losing Joly’s warmth.

“Enjolras is going to talk to Grantaire on the phone,” Joly said, a little desperately.

“So?” Bossuet asked, shrugging.

Joly turned to glare at him. “Enjolras. On the phone. With Grantaire. The actual only way that this can end is in disaster.”

The Process of Obtaining Clarification for Misconstrued Ideas (2k) by milou407

“I’m Enjolras, I don’t believe we’ve met,” Enjolras extends his hand and Grantaire takes it. So much for keeping his hands to himself.

“I’m Grantaire. I work with Courfeyrac at Musain, I’m the art teacher.”

Enjolras grins and his eyes seem to sparkle, “Ah. That explains the paint then. You have some there, on your cheek.” And then he reaches out to wipe the paint away. What.

Grantaire must look shocked, because Enjolras blushes and drops his hand and his gaze. “Sorry, that was presumptuous. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

Oh god. Grantaire is so fucked.

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H E L L O!

So I’ve been in the Studyblr community for a while now, but i never got the courage to properly introduce myself… oops.

About me…

- My name is Michelle but people mostly call me Miche, you can really call me however you want though!

- I’m 16 and currently on my junior year. I plan on studying Graphic design and photography.

- My native is Spanish, so all of you who get to read this and need help, don’t doubt on telling me!

- I really, REALLY like music, okay? It’s one of the things that I coulnd’t live without. 

- I’m also a stationary s l u t. Where I live we don’t have the best, but I still buy everything I see, oops.

- My personal/main blog is folieadunn (yes, I know) so all follows ‘n stuff will come from there.

Why did I joined the Studyblr community?

Speaking with the truth here, I am not a good student. I fail some classes, I pass some others, and seeing all of those posts and pictures of pretty notes, the support and positivity that exists here has made me so happy. Seeing people who really enjoy studying (which I thought was impossible) has changed my way of seeing school. I still don’t fully enjoy being there, but step by step im getting better in all the ways I can. As a student with ADHD, depression and anxiety (wowie, look at me go, telling everyone this on my first post) it’s not that easy to make it through the day, but this makes me want to keep going somehow. It’s very inspiring to see all this people sharing their work and knowledge to the world (or the world of tumblr at least).

My fav Studyblrs:

@elkstudies, @obsidianstudy, @areistotle, @eintsein, @katsdesk, @studyign, @studypetals, @adhdstudy & so many more that I cant really remember at the moment, oops.

But to at least to the ones I’ve mentioned above, THANK YOU! You guys are the ones who keep me going little by little, and speaking for all of your followers, we apreciate it a whole lot. <3

Random last minute thoughts…

- My ask/messages are always open and I will be glad to talk to you!

- I’ll probably start posting my own content soon I hope.

- Again, you can just come and rant about anything with me, I’ll gladly listen or whatever you need.

- English is not my natal language so sorry if you find some mistakes in here, oops.

- I’m still editing my theme, so sorry for the crappy changes and stuff.

So that’s it I think! If you actually read all of this, wow, thank you, really, wow.

Have a good day/night, and see you on the net y’all.



Like With Teddy

Prompt: Dan reminds Phil of his old childhood stuffed animal, Teddy.

Warnings: A lil bit of sadness.

AN: this is just a lil drabble a little bit over 800 words i don’t really know what this will do to u it didn’t really break my heart reading it but it made me sad so i hope this makes u sad too okAY  feel free to give me criticism or feedback or prompts (especially prompts bc the reason i keep writing these lil things is because i can’t think of a stupID prompt to do dar n) BYE THO ILY

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alright, so i spent a while thinking it over actually and i think it’s about high time I admit this to myself as well. komaeda is a bad person, a horrible person. and, honestly like the rest of you i really couldn’t see it ?? i guess i was just blinded by the fact that he’s one of my favorite characters. he still is but i think it’s high time we highlight why nagito komaeda is an abuser or at least has an abusive nature 

spoilers for all of sdr2 under the cut (this is my first meta so please be okay with me)

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