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Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT. 3

*reads sentence* *locks screen of phone* *deep breath* *whispers* “you’re in love with him.”

“Wow, and I thought I was an idiot.”

*Halfway through a fic* “Nope. I don’t like where this is going. I’m not gonna read it.”

“What the fuck.”

“Can that even fit up a person’s ass?”

“Okay, fuck you, highschool is NOT like this.”

“Awwwwwwwww.” *Sniff* “I’m so lonely. Haha.”

“Wow. I feel embarrassed for you. And this is fiction for fiction.”

*Singing* “Fuck this shit I’m out. Alright then. I don’t really care, Imma get the fuck up out of here.”

*Singing again* “That’s a humAN PERSOOON.”

“I could be outdoors. Getting a tan, enjoying the sun. I’m reading gay fucking cliche romance shit. Why.”

“Wow this fic has a large word count. It’s above 96,000. Damn. 96,000. Dollas? Holla-”

“I’ve read this fic. The ending does not change. It’s still sad…. But, maybe if I read it again- No! Stop.”

Writing is Hard, part 7: The Shower

Summary: Dean doesn’t appreciate the story you write about your first time.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Warning: Smut, awkward sex gone wrong (but it gets fixed!)

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

It’s a little sweaty when you wake up. Dean’s on his stomach with his face turned away from you, snoring a tiny bit, his body sprawling over the king-sized bed and leaving you curled up in one tiny little corner.

He does look good, though. The sunlight can’t get through the curtains, but you left a lamp on, and the muscles of his back are all exposed in the dim light. You lean up to get a better view and appreciate him fully, and instantly groan. Your muscles hurt. Apparently, you’ve been curled up in knots all night, and you desperately need to stretch out.

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Can i request for a bad boy serpent jughead jones and the sweet girl next door betty cooper fiction and maybe with a steamy make out session scene? Thank you!

So the story is slightly AU. Jughead never attended school in Riverdale, never was friends with Betty and Archie, as a matter of fact they didn’t even know each other. No murder ever happened, Betty was never pinning over Archie. I also made some other small changes that you’ll notice upon reading. Plus, I made Reggie a Serpent too, for no reason really, I just wanted him to be Jughead’s childhood best friend in this universe. :p Last but not least, Betty turned out to be extremely feisty while I was writing this; she is still a sweetheart in pastel colors but her character is a tad more Betty Cooper in episodes 12 &13. I hope that’s ok! Thank you for requesting, dear anon! Enjoy, lovelies! ❤️
(Okay, this is 34 pages long. I don’t even know why, I don’t even know what I have written in so many pages. I apologize in advance for that mammoth length. Warning: turns mildly smutty but definately hot and heavy at the end.)

P.S. Because this is too long, I have put it under a “read more” so if you are on mobile the story gets cut halfway through. Here’s an AO3 link if the tumblr app doesn’t work for you. :)

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams

  • Part 1/3: But Mama, I Want a Bad Boy

Southside Elementary School was a rare example of fine architecture in the small town of Riverdale. Rebuilt at the outskirts of town, after a disastrous fire caused by a minor during a prank gone wrong a couple of years ago, and squeezed between Southside Kindergarten and Southside High, it looked nothing like the two crumbling, cement colored buildings on its sides that lacked any learning motivation. It was modern, pure white with splashes of green and purple and it brought a fresh air of change, a promise that maybe the next generation of Southside kids would not have the ominous fate of their ancestors.

The Serpents had outdone themselves with the construction of the of the building, hiring Fred Andrews and his crew – one of the few people that wasn’t driven by discrimination and always agreed in doing business at the south side of town – and wasting a large amount of money from their infamous Serpent vault to create a place appropriate for shaping young minds. Maybe that’s why sweet and always optimistic Betty Cooper smiled every day at three o’clock sharp when her sneakers would hop up the marble stairs of the buzzing with life building. Because it was proving her right; Serpents would do anything for their children, just like any other parent on a prestigious office job. Serpents weren’t the monsters everyone thought they were.

Her excuse for walking all the way from their quaint north paradise to the disreputable south district five days per week was something that Betty always found fascinating; volunteering. Nurturing and caring by nature, she was constantly filling her free time with activities that offered assistance to those needed; taking care of stray cats and dogs down at the animal center, gathering food supplies and clothing for the homeless at their local church, being an annual blood donor, being proud cofounder along with her best friend, Veronica Lodge, of the two years now successful female empowerment club, Girls Speak Louder, at Riverdale High. And when senior year came and she needed a bigger challenge, something to bring her out of her good girl comfort zone, a tiny announcement had caught her eye, stuck on the bulletin board at the center of her high school corridor; Volunteers needed at Southside Elementary School.

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  1. ❛ It may be the wrong decision, but fuck it, it’s mine. ❜
  2. ❛ Like patience, passion comes from the same Latin root: pati. It does not mean to flow with exuberance. It means to suffer. ❜
  3. ❛ No one ever really gets used to nightmares. ❜
  4. ❛ I still get nightmares. In fact, I get them so often I should be used to them by now. I’m not. ❜
  5. ❛ Sublime is something you choke on after a shot of tequila. ❜
  6. ❛ Some people reflect light, some deflect it, you by some miracle, seem to collect it. ❜
  7. ❛ Beautiful women are always drawn to men they think will keep them beautiful. ❜
  8. ❛ The ruminations are mine, let the world be yours. ❜
  9. ❛ You will fulfil a promise I made years ago but failed to keep. ❜
  10. ❛ Darkness never satisfies. Especially if it takes something away which it almost always invariably does. ❜
  11. ❛ I want something else. I’m not even sure what to call it anymore. ❜
  12. ❛ What can I say, I’m a sucker for abandoned stuff, misplaced stuff, forgotten stuff, any old stuff. ❜
  13. ❛ Is it possible to love something so much, you imagine it wants to destroy you only because it has denied you? ❜
  14. ❛ It’s just silent, no sound at all. It’s like something’s waiting. ❜
  15. ❛ I guess I’m hoping the weapons will make me feel better, grant me some kind of fucking control. ❜
  16. ❛ Oh and something else: – Fuck you. ❜
  17. ❛ God I’ve never been afraid like this. ❜
  18. ❛ I miss you. I love you. There’s no second I’ve lived that you can’t call your own. ❜
  19. ❛ I’m so tired. Sleep’s been stalking me for too long to remember. Inevitable I suppose. ❜
  20. ❛ Not seeing the rip doesn’t mean you automatically get to keep clear of the Hey-I’m-Bleeding part. ❜
  21. ❛ These days fantasies flourish and die like summer flies. ❜
  22. ❛ Yeah I know, I know. This shit’s getting ridiculous. ❜
  23. ❛ ‘Fuck’ and ‘fall for’ have very different meanings. The first one you do as much as you can. The second one you never ever, ever do. ❜
  24. ❛ It’s a nice idea but it reeks of hope. False hope. ❜
  25. ❛ It’s, well…one thing in two words: fucked up…very fucked up. Okay three words, four words, who the hell cares…very very fucked up. ❜
  26. ❛ Do you think I could spend the night at your place?  ❜
  27. ❛ Any fool can pray. ❜
  28. ❛ I feel like I haven’t slept in months. My neighbours are scared of me. ❜
  29. ❛ I’ve lost my mind? Maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe I’m just really drunk. ❜
  30. ❛ Perhaps by cleaning out my system I’ll come to a clearing where I can ease myself into peace. ❜
  31. ❛ I should be dead. Why am I still here? ❜
  32. ❛ Fuck if I know. Your guess is as good as mine. ❜
  33. ❛ You are my flesh. You are my bones. I know you too well. I read you too perfectly. ❜
  34. ❛ Not all complex problems have easy solutions. ❜
  35. ❛ Do you believe in God? I don’t think I ever asked you that one. ❜
  36. ❛ We all create stories to protect ourselves. ❜
  37. ❛ Are you kidding me? This place is scary. ❜
  38. ❛ These days the only thing that gets me outside is when I say: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck this. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. ❜
  39. ❛ You like that crap because it reminds you of you. ❜
  40. ❛ You may suddenly realise things are not how you perceived them to be at all. ❜

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Why do you love yusol so much. I haven't really seen anything that makes them canon

wow okay everyone make yourself a hot drink and curl up with a blanket cause you’re about to read a 3 volume novel 

First of all there’s the sharing of clothes. There is the legendary yusol beanie

^ this was taken january of this year so he still has the hat

then there is the yusol shirt

and some other cases

but let’s move on to some other things

there’s yuta talking about hansol at fansigns 

and them just generally being cute on twitter

and then just the way they look at each other 

and then skinship

and this moment caught in the backgrounf of a jaeyong moment

i just find it soft okay

oh and who could forget this legendary video 

and then there’s just the cute little things like hansol teaching yuta satoori to the point where he know more satoori dialect than korean (satoori is the dialect spoken in Busan where hansol is from)

or yuta being the only one not laughing when hansol had to eat the chili in bangkok because he was worried 

and them crying while watching anime together 

and being jaemins parents

i could go on forever but i have work to do today and i spent way too long putting this together 

so yeah stan yusol guys, they’re coming for you 

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*coughs* svt reaction to their s.o secretly being really kinky ugcfugiglhjdufog k bye


you already kno daddy s.coups would fucking LOVE that shit okay he’s not even lowkey about it either he’s so kinky deep down inside

Originally posted by beautifulcarats


i deadass think he’s secretly kinky too ok,,,like behind all the angel ish, he’s really kinky and loves to be in control

Originally posted by snowonwoo


OKAY YOU MIGHT ALL THINK OH THE GENTLEMAN OF SEVENTEEN AKA JOSHUA but i really think he’s kinky. i think he’s  a sub & likes to beg a loT AH

Originally posted by scoupy


???? you already know this little shit is kinky as FUCK, why are you reading that? he’d eat sleep & breathe for that shit dAMN u found the right guy 

Originally posted by 12fools


i really don’t know, i think he’s like joshua; a sub who whines & begs a lot buT WAIT I JUST READ A SMUT ABT HIM BEING A DOM WHATS THE TRUTH HERE HOSHI

Originally posted by visual-17


another one i don’t know abt, i highkey feel he’d be confused but still willing to try some of the stuff you liked

Originally posted by visual-17


sUB SUB SUB I THINK HE’D LOVE HOW KINKY YOU ARE but he’d hide it by just like laughing at you pretending that he wasnt turned on by this but bitch he was

Originally posted by cutiepatoodie


dom ???? he’d probably lowkey be into this too i see him as a manly dom fuCK ME UP BITCH

Originally posted by ldks


like jun, this cocky little bitch will LOVE this shit okay he’s just as kinky as you

Originally posted by wonwoossshi


we’ve already learned that minghao is a fucking savage right ??? so don’t you think he’d be cocky in  bed? i also think he’d enjoy this factor of you

Originally posted by mystarsandmoonhao


he’s grossed out but turned on at the same time

Originally posted by dank-svt-memes


listen ok i can’t decided if he’s a sub or dom prolly just vanilla asf hansol would probably be turned on, but he wouldn’t know how to express it properly

Originally posted by vernon---baby


listen buddy i feel he’d be exactly like our boy vernon; turned on, but too shy to express it.

Originally posted by jeonfhan

reaction requests are open for; seventeen, 2ne1, exo(o12), bts, got7, and blackpink. 

beginner witches

Originally posted by bitter-hell

hi okay so fair warning that I’m still pretty beginner myself but idk I want to give advice to the very very beginner witches out there in case anyone needs it

YOU’RE GONNA NOT KNOW A LOT OF STUFF. AND YOU’RE GONNA LEARN STUFF AND FORGET SOME OF IT. AND THATS OKAY. That’s why we have the internet folks. Also, please double check things you read, because sources differ. 

CHILL OUT A WHILE. When you first start, you’re going to want to hop into spells immediately. But you really don’t have to do that. Sometimes just learning is an easier way to get in to it. 

MATERIALS DON’T MATTER. I know you’ve likely seen this one everywhere, but it’s really true. Can’t buy an expensive notebook for a grimorie? Staple some papers together into a booklet! No colored candles? A white one can stand in for pretty much anything! Can’t brun candles in the first place? Don’t! You don’t need every material to do a spell. Fancy crystals don’t necessarily make you any better of a witch. 

SPELLS CAN BE REALLY HARD AND TIRING. “Duh,” you say, “being a witch is tiring and hard this is obvious.”. Yeah, well it doesn’t have to be. Take good care of yourself. Don’t stress yourself over your craft. If you can’t muster the energy to do something, go do some self care instead. Besides, spells tend to work better when you aren’t feeling shitty anyway. 

I hope this can help some baby witches!! Please add more if you reblog 

fan-girl-queen  asked:

Hello you wonderful person💕 May I request how the RFA would reakt to a MC which has the habit to say out the context some really creepy random fakts. Like they where just casually eating and she start to rambling about really weird shit. Wtf MC how do you know this? ( Yea... I hope it make sense and I wish you an amazing day💞)

Awww you’re so sweet! This was fun to write. (There are links to the posts I got all the facts from)

-He was studying like a good little Yoosung so you were keeping to yourself so you wouldn’t distract him.
-You sat next to him, ready to answer any questions he might have.
-But you were getting kind of bored because he wasn’t in need of any help.
-And you were proud of him for it, but you were also getting bored.
-Your mind started wandering as he continued studying.
-”Did you know that ‘Ring-a-Round-the-Roses’ refers to the Black Plague?” you thought out loud. (x)
-Yoosung gave you the most confused face ever.
-”’Roses’ refers to the red marks that showed up on an infected person’s body. ‘Posies’ refers to the flowers people carried with them to protect themselves from the stench they thought caused the plague.” you explained further.
-”…Why are you telling me this?”
-”I thought it was neat.”
-There was a brief silence and an obvious mix of confusion and concern on Yoosung’s face.
-”…Okay,” he said before turning his attention back to his work.
-He was freaked out for a while, and the next day, you see him mention it to the chatroom.
-You might’ve ruined that nursery rhyme for him, but he still loves you.
-Just some of the things you say really freak him out.
-Poor thing.

-Zen was reading over some scripts, so you were trying not to bother him.
-It was kind of cute, seeing him mumble the lines to himself.
-You were next to him, reading over his shoulder.
-You’re not sure what it was, but something in his script reminded you of something.
-”Did you know that if you get decapitated, you can still be conscious for about 25 seconds after losing your head?” (x)
-Zen stopped and looked at you with a raised eyebrow.
-”It’s true.”
-”Okay…” and he went back to mumbling lines to himself.
-You scare him sometimes. He’s a bit worried about where and why you know this stuff.
-I guess it could be interesting though.
-He’s still worried for you.

-You were reorganizing around the cafe with Jaehee, which isn’t the most riveting thing in the world.
-You were paying attention, of course. You’d hate to mess something up and upset Jaehee.
-But your mind was wandering a bit.
-Jaehee had asked you to bring her the label maker from across the room when you suddenly asked “Did you know that there’s a fish called the Stone Fish that is the most poisonous fish in the world and if you step on one, you will die a very painful death within 20 minutes?” (x)
-She looks at you with so many questions.
-You shrugged. “I just thought it was interesting.”
-”…Yes, very interesting.”
-You then brought her the label maker.
-It was really random, but she was actually kind of impressed?
-So many random facts buzzing around that cute head of yours.
-She does wonder how you learned all these things though. She hopes you just found it on the internet, not from experience.

-You were sitting together in his penthouse, eating a very fancy dinner Jumin had prepared for the both of you.
-He was telling you about his day as you continued eating.
-You were paying attention to his story, you really were, but something he said reminded you of something.
-When he was done talking, he took a bite of food when you said “Did you know that scorpions can be frozen inside a block of ice for three weeks and still survive?” (x)
-He stops chewing for a second. When he finally swallows, he asks “How do you know that..?”
-”I don’t know, I just do.”
-He nods cautiously, confused.
-You act as if nothing happened and continued eating.
-It was really unexpected.
-Any time you mention another random fact, he just nods, or maybe asks a few questions to clarify.
-He would only ask that you keep the random (and creepy) facts to yourself when you have company or you’re in front of someone important. It might freak them out.
-He loves you though, weird facts and all.

-He was working. Very busy. Very dangerous.
-You weren’t allowed near him.
-But you were near him anyway.
-He was doing his best to just ignore you and hope you’d go away, but you were still there.
-”_____, please, I’m-”
-”Did you know that giraffes can lick their own ears?” (x)
-He looked at you like you were crazy.
-”Yeah, I know that. Why?”
-Of course he knows that. He’s a “super genius”.
-”I just randomly remembered it. It’s weird, isn’t it?”
-”Okay, okay, just let me work now, please.”
-It was secretly really endearing and cute.
-You were like a walking Fact of the Day website.
-Though some of the things you say he already knows, it’s cute hearing all these random factoids.
-You always have new facts too. You never say the same ones.
-fuck he’s in love shit shit shit

-You were relaxing together. V had been doing a lot of work for the RFA party and needed a break.
-You were sitting together in silence. He was on his phone, probably in the chatroom discussing the party.
-”Did you know the human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap?” you said out of nowhere.(x)
-His eyes become so wide.
-”I read that somewhere.”
-”Oh,” he smiles nervously.
-He goes back to his phone and looks it up for himself, and is disturbed.
-This boy loves you so much, but some of the things you say he could be perfectly happy without knowing.
-Despite that, he smiles to you everytime you say something new because he’s that good of a person.
-Even though it makes him uncomfortable at times, he deals with it for you.
-It eventually doesn’t bother him as much, as he comes to expect weird things to come out of your mouth.

-You two were talking and relaxing around the house. You were both relatively bored, so you were chatting.
-He was talking about his day,  Saeyoung’s latest annoying joke, something he saw on TV, that kind of thing.
-”Did you know that geckos don’t have any eyelids so they clean their eyes by licking them?” (x)
-He stopped.
-He’s actually so interested in all the random facts you have to share.
-He loves learning all these little details about things in the world that he will probably never need to know, but he’s glad that he does.
-I mean, he’s been sheltered his whole life. He likes actually knowing about things in the world.
-It doesn’t matter if they’re weird or creepy. They’re still interesting and welcome.
-Sometimes, he’ll surprise you with a new fact.
-And sometimes, you already know it, but you act like you don’t, because it’s nice to see him explain it in his own way.

everyone is gay: the musical // magnus & even, t+

aka: magnus has an awakening and even is unfortunate enough to be near it.
(for ceecee aka @westiris, thank u for supporting my impulsiveness love u)

“I gotta ask you something.”

Magnus blurts it out over lunch one day when it’s just him and Even sitting at the table. Even doesn’t even have to look up from his phone to know that Magnus is staring intently at him, hands in his lap as he waits for Even to tell him, “go ahead, lay it on me, I’m a human search engine.”

“What’s up, Magnus,” he all but sighs instead, tossing his phone onto the table.

Magnus doesn’t even hesitate before beginning with “So you’re bisexual,” and Even’s patience is already compromised.

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Sherlock’s got a girlfriend. Sherlock x reader/ John x friend! reader.

Summary: A conversation between you and John about your feelings for Sherlock.

You and Sherlock have been friends even before he met John. You’ve fallen in love with him but Sherlock’s never seem to notice. Now, he’s got a girlfriend. Janine. You even saw them kissing.

Now Sherlock had left and you were there with John. You showed up to the flat knowing Sherlock was not going to be there. You were so upset, but still needed the flat’s cosy sofas and some tea from Sherlock, or Maybe Mrs. Hudson would feed you. 

John was sitting in front of you. You were both really quiet. He was reading his newspaper but kept giving you glances from time to time. You were wrapped in a blanket and drinking tea. 

“Are you okay?” John finally asked.

“Why? I’m fine” you were not looking at him. 

More minutes of silence.

“So…he’s got a girlfriend now” John started.

“Yes…” Oh no, you knew where this was going.

“You know, we’ve known each other for more than three years now, and… I don’t feel you consider me your friend, a real friend, (Y/N)”

“You are one of my few friends, John” you were still not looking at him.

“Am I? Then why is it that you never talk to me?” John’s tone was soft. He was not pushing, but he knew how you felt. 

You finally looked at him.

“What do you want to talk about, John?”

He knew about your feelings for Sherlock. You were together when you found Sherlock and Janine together at the flat. When they kissed, John saw your expression. He could see everything so clearly? How could Sherlock not see any of that when he was so smart as he always said he was?

“Sherlock’s new girlfriend” he answered. 

“Yeah, sorry he broke your heart.”

John smiled sadly. He knew this could happen. You were always so joyful and childish, but now apart from sad, you were also upset. Sherlock hadn’t been able in all those years, not once; yet John could see right through you. 

“My heart is not the one that’s broken” he stated. John looked at you warmly. “You can talk to me.”

“Fine” you complained. Then you finally said “He’s got a girlfriend now, a girlfriend that is too dumb for him. I used to think I was too stupid for him, too ordinary. But next to her, really, I’m a genius”

“Janine is quite smart…” you interrupted him.

“This is all your fault” John looked surprised. “Yes, this is all your fault. You introduced her to him.”

“Maybe if you had come with us to that case…” John tried to defend himself.

“I was working. You know my boss is impossible”

“Then it’s your boss fault.” 

There was a small paused before you added in an angry tone:

“You know what? This is all Sherlock’s fault. He’s an idiot. I’ve been with him for the last three years. He was dead and then he wasn’t and I’m still here. It’s pathetic. I am pathetic.”

“No, you’re not”

“You’re pathetic too” you frowned “You’re still here too. How is that we even cope with him?”

“Because we both love him”

You stayed quiet. You were evaluating being completely honest with John and decided to trust him.

“I never have dates” you confessed “I just say I do and maybe Sherlock would react or do something. But he never does.”

“It’s because he’s Sherlock!” John giggled. He never thought you could say those kind of lies. You always looked so confident, so flirty. The last thing he’d doubt about you was your active love life.

“Maybe he’s reacting in the inside and doesn’t know how to express it” he added. “Maybe it’s because he’s never seen you with other guys. You’re the girl that always comes when he calls.”

“Thank you, John. I really appreciate it” you replied sarcastically.

“Then do it. Be with another guy in front of him”

“Isn’t that a little bit immature?”

“A lot. But Sherlock is immature in these matters” John smiled at you.

You smirked and leaned closer to him. His smiled slowly vanishing.

“Is this the way you make your move with me?” you asked in a seductive tone.

“What? NO!” John gulped. His cheeks were turning red. “Well, I wouldn’t mind…” he added in a whisper.

You laughed. You leaned even closer.

Oh Doctor Watson, are you nervous?” John gulped again “I promise I won’t bite you…” you smirked “Unless you want me to.”

Suddenly, Sherlock entered the room. You sat properly and gave John a wink before Sherlock could notice.

He did though.

Requests are open!

Gif not mine.

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BTS reaction: They read your diary and found out that you had a crush on them and have written some pretty embarrassing stuff....

Anon requested:  Hai ~ Can I request a bts reaction when they read y/n diary and find out y/n have a crush on them? (writing details about how they smell, smile, idk something extra fluffy + embarrassing😂)


Originally posted by bwiseoks

“Jin is such a soft person! He’s just so cuddly that whenever I hug him I feel like I’m hugging a giant teddy bear!”

Jin found your diary sitting on the kitchen counter. He didn’t know it was that personal! He just assumed it was simply a notebook or something. But once he opened it he realized that it was very obviously your diary. He was confused at first - about why you have written so much about him, but eventually, it clicked in his head that you have a crush on him and he found everything you’ve written extremely cute and adorable. Jin didn’t even tease you or joked about it, he just straight up told you that he thought the same thing about you.


Originally posted by jeonbase

“I wish Yoongi would smile more! His smile is so amazing -  just like everything else about him. I can watch him smile for hours…”

Deep, deep inside, a part of him would find your diary somewhat cute. But on the outside, he would just be unimpressed. Shaking his head and sighing at your cheesiness. But at the same time, he would be trying to hold back a smile, because he basically just learned that you think everything about him is amazing. He probably wouldn’t tease you about what you’ve written either. Instead, he would just tease you about being an adult woman who still keeps a diary.


Originally posted by jaayhope

“Okay, but why is Hobi so cute? Like he’s actually the most adorable person ever! Sometimes I feel like he might be an actual angel!”

Hobi would be extremely giggly and blushy while reading it. He would feel mostly flattered by the things you wrote. He would be really smiley for the rest of the day, but wouldn’t tell anyone why and that he found your diary. For weeks he wouldn’t tell you that he has read it until he accidentally confesses by saying something about it in a random conversation. I think he would attempt to tease you about it but wouldn't succeed because he actually felt really happy that you wrote those things.


Originally posted by rapnamu

“I really like the smell of Namjoon’s cologne! It’s strange, but every time I smell it, it makes me like Namjoon even more. Like - I just want him to hug me and surround me with his scent…”

Namjoon would mainly find it funny. He would most definitely tease you about it but in a loving way. He would have many questions about it too, asking you if you really meant most of the things you wrote. When you pretend to know that you don’t know what he’s talking about he would read it out loud to you making you extremely embarrassed. After that, the two of you wouldn’t really talk about it, but he would most likely start putting cologne on more often.


Originally posted by jimiyoong

“Jimin is the most amazing human being ever! He’s so cute and sexy and just amazing! And he looks so good with pink hair. Like I would fucking marry him if I could!”

Jimin would find it funny, but cute at the same time. He wouldn’t tell you that he has read your diary. But instead, he would keep dropping hints that he might know something, at completely random times.

So you think my hair looks best when it’s pink, right?”

“Y/N? Would you marry me if you could?”

“This is a random question - but do you think I’m both cute and sexy?”


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

“Wow…Taehyung is so handsome! I’m speechless…just wow…”

Tae would no doubt find it extremely cute! He would also be extremely cocky about it though. He would tell you that he had found your diary and show you that he had read it, chuckling to himself while giggling and pinching your cheeks because he thought your embarrassed reaction was adorable. From then on though he would always act really confident about his looks whenever he’s around you because he knew what you thought of him. 


Originally posted by happybirthdayjjk

“Is it possible for a person to be more perfect than Jungkook? No. The answer is NO!”

To be honest, even though he probably doesn’t have a diary, he most likely has had many thoughts about you that were just as embarrassing as your journal entries so he wouldn’t judge you too hard. Still, he would most likely tell everyone else by an accident and both of you would end up being teased by everyone. 


Secret admirer!Hoseok

Part 9

Scenario [calling]:

[A/N]: Sorry for being so so late, but I’ll have exams on the 19th October, and I have to learn with all of my strength x.x Please, cheer for me, sunshines!! But anyway, I brought the new part to you! It’s a bit longer than the others, but from now on they’ll consist of a lot of scenarios! I hope you don’t mind it and that you’ll enjoy it and the ones in the future, too!
Ps.: the sentences written with bold italic are texts!

You were about to tell him to wait for you a bit until you prepared yourself mentally, but immediately the calling screen popped up and you began to panic. You wanted him to cheer up and feel better with all of your heart, but you were a bit afraid inside. Maybe you talked to him in person before, but as Hoseok and not as your ‘secret’ admirer. It was weird; as a student, you weren’t nervous when it came to interact with him; he was kind and easy-going with everyone. But as the guy who admires you… it was different. Probably it was because you began to be interested in him way before you find out who he is and you didn’t want to mess up things. You shook your head to brush aside your thoughts and with pressing the green button, you picked up your phone. You were shaking a bit, but taking a deep breath you opened your mouth to speak:

“Hi!” your voice sounded more confident as you expected. All you could hear was a muffled squealing noise. “Hope, are you okay?”

‘Yeah, I’m totally okay. I’m just trying to hold back myself~’

You giggled as you saw his message.

“Why do you have to hold yourself back?”

‘Because I’m so happy that I can hear your voice!! 😊’

“I’m glad you are! It was my aim; to cheer you up!” you said smiling.

‘I’m always happy when I’m talking with you, that’s the only thing you shouldn’t doubt’

To his sentence, you felt warmth inside your chest. It was so pleasant. You were about to answer, but a new message immediately popped up on your screen:

‘Anyway, thank you sunshine! ☀☀’ you read it with a frown.

“For what?”

‘For everything in fact, but now I’m talking about the waffles you sent me with Namjoon today. They were delicious, and yummy! 😍’

“Oh, that! You have to eat properly and a lot, so I was just making sure you do so. But I’ll bring you anytime you ask for it, if it makes you happy!”

‘Bring me tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and each day, because I feel myself closer to you when I eat them~~’

“Well, I’ll bring you a three-course meal next time!” you laughed out as you imagined the scene. You heard him giggle which made your tummy clench.

‘Right! 😁’

‘By the way, you owe me an answer’

“What answer?” you began to think, but you just couldn’t remember.

‘You didn’t answer my question last time; would you go on a date with me?’

“What a stubborn man!” a big sigh left your lips.

‘If you answer, you can ask me anything~’

“And if I don’t want to?” you tried to avoid the embarrassing topic, but it seemed like he was confident.

‘I’m sure you do 😉’

“Ahhh, alright! Yes, I would go on a date with you to get to know you better and finally spend time with you in real life.” you said it trying to be nonchalant but you just couldn’t resist the cheerful tone of your voice. You waited for him to text, but he didn’t. “Hey, Hope! I can hear you grinning!”


‘Ps.: I’m grinning like an idiot’

You laughed out again as you read his messages, and still; his giggle was just so adorable.

“Okay, my turn!” you cleared your throat to get his attention. “Hope!”

‘Yes, sunshine? ☀☀’

“Why are you feeling down?” the words left your mouth before you could realize it. No sound can be heard from the other side, even the soft tapping of his fingers on the screen. You gulped. “Hope, is it a problem, if I ask it?”


‘It’s just… stupid. Nothing at all, really’

“It’s definitely not ‘stupid’ or ‘nothing’ if it makes you sad” you talked quietly and calmly. You could hear him sigh than the little tapping noises afterwards.

‘I feel like, I’m bad at what I’m doing. With every practice I see my flaws, that my whole body doesn’t do what I want it to. I’m just so clumsy, it’s messed up!’

“Hope, what are you talking about, you’re amazing!” you exclaimed in surprise. You barely could believe what he’s thinking about himself.

“You haven’t ever seen me practicing” his voice sounded deep and muffled, like when a person speak under a thick material. Maybe it wasn’t meant to you, but you heard it.

“Well, I…” you started, then stopped. He doesn’t know that you know who he is. He doesn’t know that you were the one lurking him in the warehouse. You looked at the certain green, creased sticky note you pinned on your wall next to the other ones. ‘I saw you in my dream, Sunshine~’ it said. You sighed out slowly. “…I’m sure you’re amazing, Hope! I’m sure, because you’re working so hard, and you practice with love. I appreciate your effort, but overworking yourself makes things worse. It doesn’t help at all. Please, Hope… rest a bit.” your voice cracked at the end.

‘Sunshine… I can’t’

“You can, Ho…pe” you stopped a bit as you almost called him by his real name. You were so worried, only his giggle snapped you back into real life.

‘Lol, what was that? Did you forget my name? 😆’

“Haha, very no fun, Hope” you rolled your eyes, but can’t help but smiled.


“What okay?”

‘Okay, I’ll rest few days’

“Really?” you cheered up as you read his message.

‘Yes, but I’ll practice a bit tomorrow. I already planned it~’

“You promise?” your voice sounded relieved.

‘I do, but only if you promise me something in exchange!’


‘That you’ll go on a date with me on Friday.’

You were shocked. You read the sentence repeatedly, and couldn’t even believe that he asked you out. It took a few seconds to understand what he wrote, and you immediately answered:

“Sure!” maybe with more excitement than you expected to. “I mean… why not”

‘You’re cute *giggles* 😊’

“I can hear you giggle, you don’t have to write it down”

‘Oh yes, I forgot you have the superpower to hear even the things that don’t make any sound’

“Stop making fun of me!” your lips formed into a pout.

“I wasn’t. You’re really cute” his voice can be heard again from the other side. It wasn’t muffled anymore.

“Aren’t you afraid of I’ll recognize you by your voice?”

‘It doesn’t matter anymore. We’ll go on a date on Friday~~~~!!!’

A big smile spread across your face as you read with amusement how happy he was about it.

“Yeah, we will!” you nodded in agreement. You were also excited, and you couldn’t wait for it to come, but unfortunately it meant four more days.


He started a new topic as you grinned at the screen of your phone. With his cheerful and kind personality, or even when he felt down; you adored him. He was so bright, you even questioned if you were the real sunshine and not him. But then you realized; he was the sun. And this thought was on your mind the whole time you talked that night until the both of you were so sleepy that you barely could keep your eyes open. May or may not you ended up falling asleep to his soft voice saying:

“Good night, Sunshine!”

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Why I ship NALU (and you should too)

JK, if you don’t ship it that’s fine. I get it, really. 

Originally posted by danger

I love romance. (That gif is just so beautiful)

I know this is a shonen manga and I shouldn’t be here for the romance, but I just love romance. I mean, I don’t read Fairy Tail for the romance, but I love the relationships developed. Mashima has developed a large selection of couples that all have interesting dynamics and relationships I love to explore and analyze, NALU being one of my favorites.

Originally posted by erzas-giant-suitcase

I understand why people are so annoyed by the fandom, because it’s frankly annoying how people will be at each other’s throats over the ships in Fairy Tail, which is literally so dumb. I mean, remember when we made fun of Team Edward and Team Jacob people? We’re those people now. How have we become this?

Really, I just love romance. I mean, I had a boyfriend that I had a horrible relationship with that made me believe that I wasn’t worth being loved because I was so horrible to him and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t accept the love he had for me and I lay awake thinking about the fact that I’ll probably never be loved like that again because I’m so worthless–NEVER MIND THAT! Back to my love for romance.

Following all of…that…I was weirdly interested into why couples work in fiction. I mean, is it just because the two characters are hot, look good standing next to each other, and the author forced them to make out? Sometimes, yes.

However, other times, an enticing romance is introduced, and I believe NALU is one of them.

A lot of things make a good fictional couple, but here’s what’s important. Chemistry, history/time, and a good dynamic. They need to correlate well together, they’re a team, they have to work together, bounce off of one another, etc. They need time to develop their relationship, learning more about each other’s history (or in some cases be there to witness this history) but overall, they need to know each other.

Then there’s the dynamic (maybe this isn’t the right term for this, but it’s what I’m using). And that’s what I’m really going to focus on here.

I love a good romantic dynamic. Ha, that rhymes. I’m not going to pulling out cute scenes from Natsu and Lucy’s time together and say “See! They care about each other! It’s so cute!” because I’m focusing more on the foundations of their relationship, how their characters are set up to counter one another leaving room for personal growth as well as a growth in their relationship.

First off, it’s pulling from a fairy tale trope by using the dragon and princess scenarios. 

Originally posted by wombywoo

Lucy is obviously the princess type. She’s wealthy, pretty, and she knows it. However, she does want to break away from this title, which correlates with her own personal growth as a character. 

Originally posted by wolfskokoro

Natsu is reckless, violent, a bit of a pyromaniac, and literally a demon dragon thingy. I mean, that one’s a lot more literal than Lucy’s title.

The entire dynamic is meant to break away from this fairy tale trope, making it a fairy tail trope. Ha, these are the jokes people! Lucy, as she grows as a character, breaks away from her romantic view of true love and having her prince charming come and whisk her off her feet (in the end credits scene of the early seasons, we see Lucy daydreaming about a prince coming to save her).

Of course, reality is like, “Ha, you want a prince? Well, nevermind that dream!” Instead, she gets a dragon. The beast that in these fairytale stories is usually the villain. They turn the trope on its head, and that’s just good fun.

Moving on from the dynamic of the relationship, their characters are good for each other. A good fictional relationship (romantic or not) has both characters growing together.

So let’s look at each character’s main internal conflict. I always found it ironic how Lucy was running away from her father while Natsu was running after his own. It’s funny how both of these characters have weird daddy issues. Having these weirdly different yet similar experiences really give the characters chance to grow together. There is room for personal growth through the expansion of their own relationship, which is really important when telling a love story!!

I try to make sure any character I write in a romance is focusing on themselves, because it’s not healthy when a character can only find happiness in the relationship (also in real life, be aware). Personal growth is important in storytelling, because it’s unhealthy when the person someone’s dating is their whole world. Like seriously, that’s bad.

Anyway, this isn’t me trying to prove NALU as canon or something. The ending of Fairy Tail, regarding NALU, was actually kinda perfect for their relationship. Natsu isn’t the type to get all sparkly eyed and kiss Lucy tenderly. That would be out of character. If it ever became canon it would be Lucy to make the move, realizing that she isn’t a princess waiting for her prince, and that she wouldn’t wait for Natsu to make a move and just do it herself. (Princess conquering the dragon, booyah).

Sorry, sidetrack.

The point I’m trying to make is NALU is set up for a great romantic dynamic, it’s charming, quirky, and turns the tables on the traditional romantic tropes. Their characters had room for growth in their relationship and it was unique compared to any other relationship the characters had in Fairy Tail.

So do you still not ship NALU? Okay, that’s fine. In all honesty, the execution of their relationship wasn’t the best. It wasn’t bad, but I can see why people didn’t ship it. I mean, if you’ve read my other posts you understand my frustration with Natsu’s character and how I feel like he didn’t grow as a character throughout the series. Nonetheless, the foundation for the relationship itself was unique and admirable, something I think I’ll try examining and exploring in future fictional relationships I make. In fact, Mashima actually does this really well! A lot of his relationships have good dynamics going for them, but that in turn created this MASSIVE amount of relationships that didn’t all get the chance to be thoroughly explored! Which is a shame, but that’s the cost of having such a large cast…

The message of this thing? Well, it’s not really “YOU SHOULD SHIP NALU” despite the title of this post. It’s really that a dynamic can matter in a relationship. What their relationship represents can create something unique and admirable. It goes beyond whether or not he grabbed her hand in this scene or whether or not Lucy was blushing when Natsu said this. The basis of their relationship is something that Mashima worked out really well, and I feel like it should be appreciated because it’s really clever!

I should change the title of the post, here, gimme a sec.

How Mashima sets up relationships like a straight up thug!

There we go.

I feel like I’m too hard on Mashima as a writer sometimes, but this is something he did right that should be done by other writers! So good job Mashima! We all love you! Sorry about the crazy fandom!

So, share your thoughts (be respectful of opinions though) and tell me if you think the dynamic of Natsu and Lucy’s relationship was compelling at all, or whether or not you think it was explored to its full potential. I’m bored so intellectual conversations on the internet are always fun.

  • Jungkook: why did we ever give Yoongi-hyung the rights to make us do the house cleaning?
  • Yoongi: why did we ever give you speaking rights?
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: ok WOW

for the anon that wanted pics and gifs of pau behaving like a kid. i mean that’s him 99% of the time. he comes under the definition of ‘smol’ and ‘baby’ in the dictionary. also sorry for taking this long. 

we’ve got his weird way of twerking this looks like when a baby is first learning to walk and they sort of on their hands and feet and rock back and forth

this was just cute and i had to put it in. forget the jacket, hugging my mate is more important. 

aggressive angry child???

creepy stalker kid 

pumped up kid 

duck face kid 

having fun decorating christmas trees 

any post game celebration gif and videos 

baby photo bomb 

a boy’s best friend 

playing with his own bobble head 

and this 

these videos: 

1. paulo being an annoying fucker and not letting mira talk [x]

2. sleeping baby [x]

3.  the time he couldn’t tie his own shoelaces and needed sami to do it for him [x]

4. paulito singing [x]

5. being annoying af when he wins fifa [x]

6. Paulito singing [x] [x]

7. Dancing to trashy music  [x] (this was in the hallway in a hotel when they came on our down under. what would i have given to be in a room next to them and witness this live) 

8. being an extra awkward kid trying to get Iker’s attention [x

9. him just being a weirdo [x]

10. Finally finding playmates his acual age [x

11.  all posts where he’s losing ludo pretty much is a five-year-old kid having a mini tantrum. (He’s a sore loser) [x] [x]

12. Trolling mandzu (how he hasn’t been bashed in the face by mario baffles me. i ship these two sm) [x]

13. more mario trolling [x]

14. being a cute kid mucnhing on grapes [x]

15. claims to be a role model to children when he still is a child himself [x] (gif)

16. puppy snapchat filter looks so good on him (and anto too) [x]

Pic and gifs of paulo hanging out with other kids [x]

EXO Reaction when they broke up with their idol GF, but still have feelings for her and fans still ship them

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Knows there are a lot of fans that still support their relationship* “It’s hard… seeing all this when it’s already over… I wonder if, if she reads it too… if she misses us the way I do…”


*Destroyed* “I can’t move on… not like this. I need her… I miss my girl… how do I get her back… how do go back in time and stop this.”


*Waiting outside your house* “I’m sorry to show unannounced but…. I really want to talk to you about us and what’s going on… please.. hear me out. Please..” *Baby will try everything to get you back*


*hugs you really tightly the next time he sees you* “It’s been so hard these days… without you. But I hope you are okay, I really hope you are not hurting, specially after everything they say… I want you to know… that I’ll always be here, waiting for you if you want to go back..”


*He’ll try so hard to pretend everything is okay, act like nothing had happen specially if you are in the same room. But it’s hard, so hard sometimes it seems he’s avoiding you* “I’ve tried so hard to stay away… because that’s what you wanted but… I don’t think I can’t anymore.. I can’t see you and hear what they say and not feel like an idiot for not trying to get you back. So I’m going to do that from now on…”


*He probably feels like the whole world is against him, like it doesn’t want him to move on, to heal. It’d drive him mad, make his heart hurt like it never did before, and probably make him go after you* “I never stopped loving you, I don’t want us to not exist anymore… I want us to continue…”


*It’s funny how the same world that brought you two together, that still wants you two together, is the one that can only cure him. Music is the only thing that helps him heal just a little bit. All his feelings flow through his music and he just hopes, it reaches you*


“I know you aren’t okay… I know it hurt you, reading what they say about us. I know it’s been hard, I know no one really understands but me. That’s why I’m here… if I can’t be your lover… I want at least be your friend.. honestly, I need you too”


*Having a serious talk with you* “You want to go back too? Do… do you mean that? You don’t know how hard it’s been without you… with your face and name everywhere… I love you jagi… I really mean it”


*It would be impossible to not see how much it is affecting him.Losing you, being reminded of you all the time, seeing you at work, knowing his heart will never beat for someone else. It would break him in little pieces, but probably that would be his motivation to fight for you again.*


“I’m heading to your place right now babe, I’ve also wanted to talk with you these days… I miss you… so much. But it’s okay… I know we can fix this.. I know” *Never stops believing*


*Probably trying to hide his pain, really hard* “I’m am not miserable ok? I’m eating because I’m hungry… not because I’m empty inside…. Okay I’ll go see her tonight…”

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Things I Have Been Reading - May

Hello, I didn’t see you there.  How has your day been?  Good? I have to say I really like what you’ve done with your hair, it really suits you.  Right, well, this month I’ve mostly been writing but I HAVE laughed, cried and nearly thrown my phone across the room after reading some amazing fics so here is this months little offering of things I have read that I think you might like. xx


Imagine getting flowers from Dean - @silencethroughwords  Fluffy and lovely and amazing.

Getting to Know You - @melonshino The prompt for this one was so me that I had to read it and trust me, this is some good Dean for you all here.

Heart of a Hunter @muchamusedaboutnothing  I haven’t been reading much Dean lately, don’t know why, but this gem has crossed my path and I can’t wait for the next part to appear.

Research - @wheresthekillswitch Sam smut.  You need me to say more?  Okay. Really good Sam smut.

First Time for Everything - @saxxxology  A little more Sammy smut for y’all.  Yeah, I’m enjoying filthy Sam, so what?  Read this and join me.

Rendezvous with the Past - @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester Sammy but not the above smutty kind.  Oh no, this is the adorable, trying to do the right things and being his adorkable self Sammy who I fell for because if I can’t have Gabe back at least I’ve still got Sam.

Earth - @writingfromkitchenator Chuck and Mother Earth!!! So, I loved this and then I found a PART 2!!!! So excited!!

Before It Begins - @thewhiterabbit42  Okay so I recommend everything this girl writes because not only is it amazing but it is Gabriel at his finest and as a Gabe girl I am gonna try and drag as many of you as I can into our trash can.  You’re welcome.  Also read Only Yours

Soft - @supernatural-girl2002  Gabe wondering if you see him only as the clown.  I do like a little of insecure Gabriel and I really enjoyed reading this one.

The Beauty of a Beast - @murdochinthetardis  SPN and Beauty and the Beast together in one glorious Gabe filled series.  


By Way of Spontaneity - @bovaria  Once again she has completely knocked it out the park, seriously I have yet to come across anything she has written that I haven’t loved completely and this one is no different.  I do love Bucky in this one so much.

Selfless Love - @redgillan   You know how sometimes you read a Bucky fic and you just want to make him feel loved and make everything better?  Well this one is kinda like that but so much more so go read this series!

Naked - @marvelous-fvcks  Accidentally walking in on naked Bucky! How could this situation go?  Wonder no longer people, go read this fic which had we cringing in a good way and is just so well written and perfect in the descriptions of awkwardness!

Date Me Bucky Barnes - @brighterlights  Bucky finding potential love interests via Instagram? The whole idea behind this series had be caught from the first part and it continues to get better with each part.

A Lesson in Love - @buckyywiththegoodhair  This Bucky fic killed me and ripped my heart out and then smooshed it into a billion pieces only to give me the hope that it’s not over.

More Than That - @themcuhasruinedme  A lovely Steve series.  I’m really loving the whole Steve being a friend you confide in while he holds back his feelings for you and this one is worth binge reading.

Corners - @imamotherfuckingstar-lord Clint deserves all the love and this little fic is awesome and I just wanted to reach into the screen and give him a huge hug.

Chaos in the Pantheon - @letsgetoutalive  THIS SERIES IS AMAZING!!! Seriously! Greek Gods and Avengers! Go read this, all of it so far, go!

Star Trek:

The Part That Counts - @youre-on-a-starship  Scotty

Star-Crossed (pt 4) by @vintagevalentinexx Where are all my Scotty girls?  If you’re not reading this series already why not?  And if you aren’t a Scotty girl go read this series and maybe become one.

Crescendo - @goingknowherewastaken  I wanted to punch Bones for this one but then he made it better so I forgive him.  A Soulmate AU fantastically written with a great characterization of McCoy.

Wherever we are @the-nerdier-the-dirtier  I know a few people who need this fic.  Bones fluff where he is his lovely grumpy, awkward self with a hint of the take charge doctor we know and love.

Death by Karaoke @starshiphufflebadger I am so glad this one got pulled out of the half-finished folder because it is awesome. I don’t think I’ve read a reader insert that is more me than this one!!! Fantastic.

Blankets of fortitude by @kaitymccoy123 Fluffy floofy Kirk for you all.  I mean, how could a blanket fort not be super cute?

Good Girl - @sansasandorshipper Kirk manages to see beyond that ‘good girl’ image everyone seems to think you have and damn if it isn’t totally worth it.

Other Fandoms and Fics:

One Year - @antlers-inallofmy-decorating   Gaston! Oh man! I binge read the first 13 chapters of this story and I am telling you it is worth sacrificing precious sleep for.

I Object - @wayward-mirage  A little bit of Richard Speight Junior for you to read and appreciate.  Is he about to sit back and watch you marry some other guy?

The Normal Place, 8pm - @shellshcked  Donnie gets a text intended for someone else but aren’t they always the most fun?

What If? - @velcr0kitty  This little Mikey series has me desperate for the next part because if you know me then you know I need happy fluffy endings and I am really hoping this mutant turtle gets one.  

cartersboyfriend  asked:

hey mango, i was wondering if you would ever consider making a video abt cosplay mistakes you've made. things like bad seam work, dyeing gone wrong, chipping paint, things like that. I personally am a perfectionist and it really gets me down when i see my mistakes in my costumes when other cosplayers look so flawless. seeing a someone i would consider a professional making mistakes would really make me feel better abt my mistakes. if you would be uncomfortable with that, thats also okay ! <3

I’m not sure if I’ll ever make a video about it, but I can talk about it here, no problem!

Every costume of mine has a mistake. Every single one. I don’t say this to degrade myself or be self-deprecating, just stating the truth! Every costume I’ve tackled has been a learning process, and mistakes are part of the learning process. By the time I’ve completed a project, there’s always at least one thing I would do differently if I had the chance to remake it. I’d choose a different fabric, a different method of detailing, a different wig color, etc. Maybe I messed up on a top-stitch or smudged a paint line or cut a bang section too short. Maybe I proportioned something wrong, maybe I had to rush through something to get it done on time, maybe I didn’t finish something on time and had to make due with an alternative. Trust me, those mistakes absolutely happen for me. All the damn time. Why? It’s because I’m still learning, too.

Learning = mistakes. Just accept that. Be at peace with it. If you’re still learning something, you will make mistakes. It’s okay. If you’ve never done something before, you can’t expect that it’ll be 100% perfect, no matter how many tutorials you read or how many walkthroughs you watch. Understanding a concept doesn’t automatically result in flawless execution. Cosplay, like any other art form, takes practice.

I spent the last ten years of my participation in cosplay really dragging myself down for all of these little mistakes. I’d get to the con and not even want to put on my costume because that stitch wasn’t perfect or the wig doesn’t look quite right and, man, it’d just bog me down. It was the pits. It took a lot of the fun out of wearing my costumes because I was so hung up on every mistake I’d made in the construction process, certain that people would notice and criticize me for it.

But you know what? For the most part, people didn’t care – if they noticed at all. Most people were just happy to see someone dressed up as a character they liked. At Daishocon, no one cared that I had some proportion/silhouette issues with Moa; they were just excited to see another Show by Rock!! fan. When I wore Panne, no one pointed out the paint that had chipped in transit, they just yelled “OH MY GOD BUNNY WAIFU” at me. While in Lan Fan, no one got hung up on a slight gap between my sleeve and the automail; they complimented me on my automail and then we’d talk about how amazing FMA is.

I think, as an artist, it’s important to be aware of mistakes. It’s important to acknowledge them so we can learn from them and improve our craft. But don’t let those mistakes cause you to lose sight of the best parts of cosplay: bringing a character to life and meeting other fans who love that character, too. That’s what separates cosplay from general costuming: the ability to emotionally impact another person over your shared connection with a character or fandom. Don’t lose sight of that just because of some messy stitches. You’ll have better stitches next time. <3

anonymous asked:

Hey mayra its amys birthday in japan do you have anything planned?


Dear Amy Rose,

Hey! Long time no read! (Haha, see what I did there?)

Heard it was your birthday So, it’s your birthday today! How cool is that? Did you have some nice cake? I bet you baked your own or had Vanilla and Cream whip you up something with Cheese. (Vanilla, Cream, Whip? Come on, that’s gold.)

I’ve been out and away for a while, eh? Guess messaging you on the MilesElectric isn’t the greatest… but I do have a surprise for you!

Heh, ready for this?

A scavenger hunt!

Alright, get ready for a totally awesome adventure! I may not be able to celebrate with you, but I still want you to have a good, exciting day. And what better way to have a birthday then with a friendly game, right?

Object one: It’s hiding in Station Square. Don’t get afraid or nothin’, I didn’t put it in any sewer drain. (I knew you’d hate me if I did, ha!) But go to the tallest skyscraper you can find! There’s a message on the rooftop for ya. If you get a little lost, I already took the liberty of getting those floating help boxes reprogrammed to tell you some hints. So no sweat!

See ya on the roof!

- Sonic


Dear Amy Rose,

Found me? Ta-dah! It’s a flower from Palm-Tree Panic! You were so small back then… but man, you could move! I thought the perfect first piece of the scavenger hunt could be you twirling that windmill flower on the softest winds of the tallest skyscaper!

Well, it was a pretty image in my mind… anyway.

B-but that sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Hold on! I’m still not done yet! Round 2!

Next, you’re going to be traveling into the Mystic Ruins. Talk about memory lane, but this is going to be different!

You may not recall very well, but I’m sure you’ll get there! Big can help you out, I let him in on the secret! That is… if he remembers everything I said to him… Good luck!

I’m hiding somewhere in a special tree. See ya when you get there!

- Sonic.


Dear Amy Rose,

Congrats! You’ve found me! Can you believe it? I know you like music, and visiting the Chao Garden with you was really fun! The chaos all grew up and live with Knuckles now on Angel Island, but I can’t help remembering how you would learn to play the flute and serenade the Chao. (Or were you just trying to impress me?)

Either way, I wanted to get you a flute. The one everyone kinda shared was old and rusty. And.. well… yuck. But hey! Now you have a pretty one! Promise to play it for me sometime, alright..?

We’re down to two more! (Tails says this is getting complicated, but what does he know, huh? Planes, maybe. But not fun birthday activities! That’s my expertise!)

Alright, Amy. This one could get tricky. So pull up your boots and adjust that pretty headband of yours… we’re going to Spagonia!

Tails said he’d lend you a ride if you really are stumped on finding a way there. So no sweat! (Ew, that would be gross. Haha! Just kidding!)

Once you’re there, there’s a particular Alley way I think you’ll remember… Can you find it again? You’ve always been able to find me, I’m sure it won’t be a problem!

Till you find me! I’m hiding near the alley way and somewhere by a table near the little outdoor diners there. Good luck!

- Sonic


Dear Amy Rose,

Woah! Almost done! Knew you could find me!

It’s… well, this one is kinda embarrassing… We bought ice cream together, and I got really down about Chip all of a sudden… started talking about him and losing my smile. But you know what? I really appreciated how you spent the rest of the day making me laugh and realize that he was always going to be in my heart.

So? I asked the guy we bought the ice cream from and- Wallah! He’s made a special ice cream just for you! He told me it’s got everything you love, including vanilla and strawberries. (I remembered!) It’s also shaped like your head! Three scoops and then two cones facing down to mimic your ears! How cool is that!? Died it pink too, so it’s cute. I think the customers will like the new addition! But mostly, I hope you enjoy it too.

I’ll admit, I took a bite, not bad. Though, kinda weird… eating an ice cream shaped like your head. Still! It was a great day! And I never have forgotten it.

Last one, and I know you’re gonna love this the most! Like, really like it! It’s gonna blow you away! Hands down, it’s the greatest idea I’ve ever made! (And that’s saying something.) So your last and greatest stop is…

Pause for dramatic effect…

Twinkle Park!

I know right? You’re probably thinking- “I was just there! Why’d he drag me all the way- no, half way around the world- just to come back!?” Well, you’ll have to wait and see!

Tails should still lend you a ride if you need him, if not, I hear Professor Pickle has a knack at rowboats… (That’s a joke. Please don’t cross any oceans, I can’t save you if you’re over water, thanks.)

You’ll find me hiding at a very special place. One you’ve probably forgotten all about… (Or have you?) Come find me at the place where air is thin and keeps on rolling! Just like me!

Can’t wait to see if you find me!

- Sonic


Dear Amy Rose,

Did I surprise ya? I’m the Ferris Wheel! Years ago, you once told me something very important on those colorful, turning lights… I’ve been wanting to return the favor for some time now. You were actually quite funny, I’ve never seen you act so nervous and shy before. (I thought that was my thing.) But you really did bear your heart to me and I never forgot that.

You were truly sincere about your feelings for me… I may have not really responded back to you… but I did my best to try. Remember? You said, “Can I fall in love with you?” And I thought it odd that you asked. Although a little cramped in the seat together, I remember telling you that it was your choice, not mine. But I.. never did feel right about that.

You laughed it off and smiled. You were really strong then, and I couldn’t tell. I wanted to do something special for you this time. I know I miss a lot of birthdays, but this one has to be the greatest one yet! Because- lo and behold- I’m right behind you!

… Assuming you’ve turned around and heard me answer you after all these years, I guess I can say that I’ll see ya around, Amy!

Glad I could finally say it. Tell you how truly special you are to me.

Here’s to many more birthdays! Though, I’m still planning on spending the day with you. Haha, nice psych, huh? Heh, you’re.. probably not even reading this letter anymore.. but you may look at it later, like when you get home after our awesome time together! (I’m thinking it’s gonna be super cool, cause you know, all your dreams coming true and stuff like that? Haha, kidding! Kidding… or am I? That’s up to you!)

Amy…. If you are still reading this… and just in case I really do chicken out at the last second…

My last gift for you today…

Is a free smile… and a long kiss.

Okay, this got weird. I should of just ended it there, but I’m writing in pen so now this is awkward.

Ahhh, I don’t know why I’m still writing!!! Anyway, have a good night, Amy! And try to keep cool about this, okay? I’m just not… not good about showing my emotions very much… But you are special to me. I wanted you to know that. Once… and for all.

Well, I guess it’s about time I said it then.

Happy Birthday, Amy Rose.

- Love, Sonic.


Dear Amy Rose,

So I totally chickened out, and you must hate me now. But before you summon that great, big hammer of justice on me- Please go to Tails’s library!

I don’t want your birthday to end like this.. I know it’s late, but just find the book I once told you about! The one with the Black Knight?

Flip open to where the Lady of The Lake is drawn, I know you’ll think she’s pretty. There’s something there for you! (Don’t worry, it’s better than an apology letter…)

Okay! See ya there Find me there!

- Sonic.


Dear Amy Rose,

This time, you turn around, you’re officially my girlfriend!

- Hoping this works and that you don’t kill me first after getting your hopes up! Your hero, Sonic.

Sweet Enough.

A/n: This was a request, which is super scary because I don’t want to let anyone down, so I really hope it turned out okay!

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (gender neutral)

Word count: 1816

Warnings: None! Just fluff.

Summary: “May I ask for a Bucky imagine where your great grandma used to run a little bakery back in the 40s and buck came there everyday. Now in the future you own the little shop and buck still comes by and meanwhile you got really close friends. One day he comes there, looking sad and bothered so you bring him his favourite muffin and sit down with him trying to find out why. Then he shyly admits how much he likes you and asks you for a date.” 

Thank you @tieddown-withbattleshipchains!

Bucky isn’t that shy but apart from that I basically followed the prompt exactly.


The tiny bakery you have inherited is barely more than a counter and back room where the magic happen, but you love it dearly. Somewhere along the way a tiny bar had been fixed to the wall opposite the cash register, allowing a few lucky costumers to enjoy their cakes and pastries in the comfort of the shop, but most of your trade is from busy professionals rushing between meetings so the lack of seating isn’t really an issue. 

Recently, though, you have thought that maybe a couple more stools would help, as one of the few you have squeezed in now has a pretty permanent resident. Bucky Barnes had quite literally burst into your life about a year ago, and it doesn’t look like he is leaving it any time soon.

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