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okay. so, this isn’t really something I wanted to deal with but I feel like I need to stop putting it off. In January, it was brought to my attention that someone (who is NOT ME) had made an instagram account under the handle “gay4maclay,” which - I mean, people swipe handles across platforms all the time, it’s my bad for not thinking to save the name for instagram ahead of time. But. BUT the weird thing is this person made the account using my gay4maclay gmail address (which is what I use for my YouTube videos also). Except, I didn’t see this instagram registration email until whoever had created the account had already went in and changed the email settings, etc. 

Anyway, it’s just very odd and I wanted my followers on tumblr to know that this instagram account is NOT MINE. (My insta is the same as my twitter: @ alyssaproblems) 

This isn’t a huge deal - I mean, it’s a little annoying because I recently had the idea to do some Instagram live videos while at WhedonCon, and I’d like to create a separate fandom instagram to do so, but I’d now have to create a whole other inconsistent username so I dunno. And whoever created this account doesn’t seem to be using it? Which is also weird… 

Anyway, if you happen to read this and you *are* the person who made this instagram account, I ask that you please consider giving me the “gay4maclay” handle, especially if you’re not using the account to post! I’m not mad or anything - no harm done - but it would be nice to have a buffy instagram account to go with my tumblr buffy blog. 

Anyway, just wanted everyone up on the up-and-up. Thanks!

just LISTEN, okay, Jaal is real quick to jump onboard the tempest and yeah it’s bcs he wants to prove himself and bcs he wants to do something on one has done before and has the courage to take a chance and make that first leap of faith with hoping for peace BUT

he also talks a lot about how angara had a lot of sci-fi/speculative fiction on what aliens might be like before the kett showed up, and name drops a few specific systems where angara thought there might be new life- meaning he probably read/watched a bunch of those stories AND he’s got his little star map that he imagined in his room

and basically you’re never gonna convince me that Jaal wasn’t as “!!!!” about getting to meet and potentially date aliens as any player who picks up the games


“Your Fault.” by @spideybaby (me!)

So this is actually what happened right?

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pls take a moment to consider them with withdrawal symptoms every time they get paired with different people for classwork and yams rushing to find kei after dealing with less intelligent people than him for 45 painful minutes

Roomates(Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 2373

Summary: The reader wasn’t supposed to go on the mission to Victoria, but plans change last minute and the reader gets to go. The bad news is, the only person to room with is Pietro.

Warnings: none

A/N: you guys already know how much I love Pietro I mean??? Ugh. My heart. my achey breaky heart. I hope you guys enjoy this!!

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Stitches (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Words: 1097

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (it can be gender neutral, but I did mention a bra… so just ignore that xD)

Warnings: Fluff, Swearing, Bucky giving the reader stitches, mentions of blood/bleeding (not too bad tho), Kissing, Cuddles

Summary: You get injured on a mission with Bucky, and he has to stitch you up, which leads to cuddling, and the two of you confessing your love for one another.

A/N: I’m back! My hiatus is over, I’m gonna try to write more. I’m also still working on a couple requests,  so if you requested something and I still haven’t posted it, I just want to say I’m so sorry but I am working on it! Anyway, I feel like this came out really sappy but it was something I wrote for fun late the other night. I honestly didn’t think I’d post it, but after reading through it, I realized it might be a good comeback from my hiatus… I hope you enjoy!!

You were cold, wet from the pouring rain outside, and bleeding.

All thanks to HYDRA.

When you first started working together with Bucky, he was afraid that he’d hurt you by accident. But after the first mission, everyone, including the two of you, realized what a great team you made, and so you found yourselves together on missions more often than not.

You were on a mission with Bucky at the moment. This mission had been successful, but not before a HYDRA agent had gone after you with a knife, and made a slash on the right side of your abdomen.

Bucky helped you through the door of the motel room you would be staying in to get some rest before heading home. He shut the door and bolted it.

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elenapotato  asked:

What would the 104th trainee babes and the vets (except Levi of course) do if they had to be "7 minutes in heaven" with Levi in a closet? I hope that you're having a wonderful time rn and that you're feeling well! <3

Okay to make this real quick everyone would piss their pants. The kids out of fear of being locket in a closet with this aggressive old man and the vets because it’s just fucking hilarious

butterfly-tattoo  asked:

Tbh i just found you but your sims are so pretty how

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TYSM! omg, it’s really exciting when someone says that because my simstyle is always so wonky to me! I’m glad someone thinks it’s pretty!  (I know this gif has NOTHING 2 do w/ the actual ask, just go w/ it, it’s just so pretty omg T_T) 

Lemme tell yall about the Morbach Monster real quick okay.
So legend has it that Morbach, Rhineland-Palatinate was the last place a werewolf was killed in Germany. A single candle still burns in the village as a reminder, and a warning. One night in 1988, this candle went out and a huge wolf figure was soon spotted, standing upright at a US airbase, having scaled a three-metre high fence. He stood, staring at the soldiers then returned to the forest. The candle was re-lit, and has never gone out since.

Heat Wave

Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: Prompt 122. “I may despise you with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you.” I changed it to the word like from the word love, which is what the prompt said originally.

A/N: I am fucking weak for him and this is fifteen pages long in my notebook. This, also, is titled after the Heat Wave highlighter. Also, (most importantly) Finn’s 👌fucking👌 back now and his hair is long and his beard is longer and he wore his leather jacket and all black attire and… it was the most sexually explicit thing I have ever.

My nose crinkles up as I pass the window and see Finn sitting at the table. Sami sat next to him, but that did nothing to keep me from stopping in my tracks, “Seriously? You guys have to stop pulling this stuff.”

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and just like that, prom was over

PANCAKE: prom was SO much fun! didya see me and Olivia out on the dancefloor?! we were KILLING IT! now who’s ready to stay up and play games all night long?!

SONG: *yawn* i’m not, but i will because i love you and want to spend this precious teenage memory with you -__-

PANCAKE: that’s the spirit!

PICKLE: Pep? are you… smiling at your phone? who are you texting!?

PEPSI: no one! i just… need to go upstairs and do something real quick, okay? you can start the game without me…

Okay so I know I’ve been rambling endlessly about how much I love Nate and Sophie as a couple lately but just one more thing real quick, okay? Okay. I was thinking about the two of them (you know, as one does) and I realized yet another aspect of their relationship that is amazing and even more evidence of how great their relationship is portrayed on the show.

I love how much Nate supports and appreciates Sophie. So, you may be thinking, he doesn’t support her! After all, we are all well aware of The Office Job debacle, but it’s when she’s not completely there, when part of her is wandering through the role of a con, planning the meticulous aspects, that he has the tendency to take particular notice of her. And guys, I have examples!

In The Boiler Room Job, Hardison and Nate are in Nate’s apartment, listening as Sophie acts it up as The Chocolate Whisperer. Hardison is there, keyboard at the ready, slightly stressed, ready to help Sophie completely nail the chocolate tasting. Nate, however, is completely at ease, even smiling just a little bit. And then, of course, Sophie completely NAILS the chocolate tasting and Nate is standing there all proud as Hardison stares dumbfounded at his screen and Nate goes “Yep, that’s my girl.” THIS IS IMPORTANT. This is one of those moments where you can see how proud he is to be able to be with her, how much he appreciates the little skills she has that maybe others don’t know so much about. You can tell how extraordinary he KNOWS she is in this scene and I think that’s amazing.

Also, in The Toy Job, there is another amazing scene like that, except Sophie is actually there. So, the scene starts with Nate, Parker, and Sophie leaning against the table, eyes glued to the screen as they discuss the con. Suddenly, they need to think up a name for the toy they’re going to use. Sophie decides it’s time for her to leave, grabbing the attention of the others as she gets up, picking up her coat and moving towards the door. Then, just like that, she thinks up a name for the doll, a perfect name that will work just the way they need it to, and she comes up with a catch phrase too in the slightly dramatic way that only Sophie Devereaux could pull off before exiting in a way that is just as much Sophie Devereaux as the rest of her little speech. But the best part is when Nate turns around to look at Parker with the BIGGEST proud little smile you will ever see on his face, “Sophie Devereaux.” He says simply, ever in awe of the grifter, femme fatale, and thief that he was rapidly falling in love with.

Basically, I just love love love Nate and Sophie as a couple and I love Nate being proud of Sophie ❤️