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Five Minute Drabble

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Warning: Slight Origin Spoiler

Rules: Write as much as you can in 5 minutes, no editing, and post it.

“Okay so you’re telling me I’m doing the whole thing by myself again, putting everybodys name on it and turning it in without you guys being there?” Nino said into his cell phone, unlocking his front door and walking through the empty house towards his bedroom.

Dude I’m really really sorry,” Adrien’s voice responded, sounding pretty genuine but still. He heard Marinette chime in a second later, pretty much saying the same thing as Adrien.

“The things I do for superheroes, seriously I hope you guys are cool with F’s cause I suck at Literature. Thats just the way the news goes dude.”

Nino heard a pair of good-natured and slightly relieved laughs over the line and shook his head, knowing their super duo lives kept them plenty busy. Sometimes being the Alfred to Batman and Cat Woman (Adrien was totally cat woman but he hadn’t told him that yet) was pretty exhausting. What with the cheese and the cookies and the what not and the lying and the hooommeeewoorrk but… eh. They were his friends, even if they did make his life pretty insane. Couldn’t get… worse? 

Nino? Adrien asked, and across Paris in Marinette’s bedroom Marinette and Adrien leaned over towards the cellphone on the bed between them, staring at it curiously. “Nino you there buddy?”

Huh? Oh uh yeah, sorry I was uh, distracted. Theres like a weird… box? on my desk.”

“A box?” Marinette said out loud, and Nino confirmed again.

Yeah its like, small and like a pentagon or an octagon I dunno i’m not gonna count the sides but uh, it kinda looks… Chinese? Is it your guys’?”

No response came both superheroes snapping their heads up to look at each other with wide eyes, Adrien starting to laugh hysterically in disbelief just as Nino screamed in fright and confusion and the line cut out. 


Okay I HAD to write this down! There was a sign of gods telling me “this was meant for you, Sophie”. I was thinking about writing something along those lines, and not even a SECOND LATER, I saw this post. This is when I understood, that the gods gave me an answer XD Anyway, enjoy haha!

As Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Gray punched the guards away, Wendy and Carla were taking care of the child who had lost his father. 

“Ha!” Natsu cheered. “This is what happens when you stand up against Fai- hmff!" 

"Shhhh!” Lucy shushed him, putting her hand over his mouth. “Nobody must know we’re from there!" 

Narrowing his eyes, Natsu licked Lucy’s hand, who wrinkled her nose in disgust before wiping her hand on his torso. 

"You guys are crazy!” Mest called behind them. “More are coming! What were you guys thinking?!" 

"There was a kid that was gonna be crushed” Gray replied. “We couldn’t let them do so!" 

"Mavis…” Erza breathed at what she saw. 

Over a thousand soldiers were coming for them. 

“Erza” Wendy called. “What are we going to do? We can’t fight them all." 

"Of course we can,” Natsu laughed. “We’ve beaten more than these cowards before, haven’t we?" 

"No we can’t, Natsu,” Lucy sighed. “We’ll get caught." 


"Wait a minute,” Gray cut as he slid a hand in his dark hair. “They don’t know who did all of this, right? I don’t think they know who we are either." 

"Where are you going with this?” Lucy asked. 

“We can pretend it’s someone else’s work. Like a cover up." 

"Great idea, Gray” Erza firmly nodded. Looking at her team, she ordered in a commending manner, “Natsu and Lucy, you’ll both do a diversion. Wendy, Carla and Happy, hide yourselves with the kid. Gray and I will find a way out of here, and come back for you all." 

"What?!” Lucy cried. “How are we suppose to do a diversion?!" 

"Figure it out while doing it! We don’t have much time, let’s move!” Gray hurried as the rest of the team split. 

“Jerks!” they both shouted. 

“Natsu, they’re coming. Mavis. Why is it always me?" 

"Relax Luce, play it cool." 

"How am I suppose to play it cool when-" 

"Hey, you!” a voice called. 

“It’s them!” Lucy screamed. 

“What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re the ones who did all this” growled the man as he gripped Lucy’s shoulder. 

“Hey!” Natsu yelled as he slapped it away. “Don’t touch my… wife like this. Yeah, wife." 

Lucy felt the heat reaching her cheeks. 

Wife?!“ she yelled. 

The guy narrowed his eyes. "You two seem pretty young to be married." 

"Oh!” Natsu coughed awkwardly. “We aren’t married yet, but we’re planning to, since I’m her fiancé. Er, right, honey?" 

"Y-Yeah!” Lucy flushed. “Natsu, you don’t have to tell them that hahaha” she awkwardly replied. 

“They need to, Lucy. They need to know the true bond of our love” he said as he put her in an awkward hug. 

“Are you serious?!” she hissed in his ear. 

“Shut up!” he flushed. “I’m doing my best to gain time!" 

"What are you two talking about?” the soldier non-too-politely asked, clearly annoyed. 

“N-Nothing!” Lucy insisted as they broke apart. “Just talking about-" 

"I don’t care” he cut. “Do you know who did this?” he asked as he pointed at the unconscious soldiers. 

“Well, I-" 

"I know!” cheered Natsu. 

“You do?” Repeated Lucy and the man. 

“Yeah, I didn’t perfectly see them, but a bunch of mages were running away from the scene just a minute ago." 

"Where? Where did they go?!" 

"Towards the forest, on your left." 

Without a single word, the army ran toward the forest, disappearing in the woods. 

"Wooh!” Natsu breathed. “Morons, good thing the others are in the opposite direction, right dear?” he grinned at her. 

“I’m gonna murder you." 

"Oh c'mon, it was fun!" 

"Wife? Are you serious?! You could’ve said friend or even sister! Why wife of all things?!” she huffed. 

“Why do you care anyway…” he mumbled as a blush crossed over his cheeks. 


"Guys!” Gray called, making them turn to face him as he came to a stop. “We found something interesting in there, you should come and take a look. Erza and the others are waiting." 

Nodding, they silently ran behind Gray, not making a single eye contact. Well that was a weird adventure. 


"Hey, flame brain, I always knew you liked Lucy but weren’t you going too far? Pffff." 

"Shut it, ice dick.”


Okay guys, looks like quite a few of you are up for a second sidefam Meetup. Here’s the rules.

•Post a selfie of yourself
•Write anything you want in the description. Last time almost everyone put a slight description of themselves & their hobbies
•You MUST tag your entry with #sidefammeetup2 so everyone can see all your beautiful faces!
•This will take place on Friday, 3rd June. The same day as the football match!
•Absolutely EVERYONE can join in!

Those of you who are a day ahead (I’m British if you didn’t know already) don’t worry. Just post your entry anyway. Those a day behind, also don’t worry! Post it whenever you can!

I call them entries but this isn’t a competition or anything, it’s just a little thing the fandom does to bring each other together to forget about all arguments & beef & to just focus on the people around us. A day full of compliments! No competition between anyone!

Feel free to join in. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Last time we did this (under the #sidefammeetup) tonnes of people posted in the tag & now that the fandom has grown even larger I think this will be even better! So get excited! We’re bringing one of the best days in sidefam tumblr history back!!!


Okay, what, it’s almost September?  2015 is flying by, and I thought hey, why not look through all those pictures where you’re looking so fab, Christine?  So I did, and put together my 9 favorites from the second half of the year.  

And now, let me shout out to all my beautiful followers, and implore you–go post your favorite pictures of yourself, and tag me in them!  I want to see your gorgeous selves, and I want to see people celebrating how fantastic they are.  Bring on the beauty!

Friendly reminder

For those who post fanarts from Pixiv but think asking for permission is too much of a bother/not important/too hard, at least try to remember a few rules to show a minumum of respect to the artists you’re reposting from:

1. Read their profile before posting. Seriously, it only takes 10 seconds to copy the text from their profile and translate it. Sometimes they write their reposting rules on it (such as “only if you put a link to my page” or “reposting is okay but only to X site” etc.), but most importantly, you may also find out they wholly forbid reposting (sometimes they specifically address tumblr users!). In this case, I think it’s clear you should NOT repost their work.
2. Always check the source! Do not just copy-paste the links from saucenao. If a fanart you’re about to post has been deleted from the artist’s pixiv account, or made private (or worse, their whole account is deleted) then do not repost it. This shouldn’t even need an explanation honestly: obviously if the artist removed it from their personal space it means they do not want to share it anymore! So please respect their decision and don’t share it.
3. If you don’t have/can’t find the source… just DON’T post it! I’m sincerely shocked when I see people reposting art and then writing “source not found” as if writing that somehow makes it more acceptable than just posting without sourcing… this is exactly the same thing and it’s still wrong! If you can’t find the source and aren’t able to credit the artist properly, please do not share it.

I’m saying this because during the Halloween week I’ve seen an awful lot of fanarts reposted without the permission caption, so I checked and most of the time they came from artists who forbid reposting and sometimes the source was even deleted! And a few times, like I mentioned in point 3, there was no source at all! I understand it was Halloween and all but this doesn’t mean having pretty themed pictures on your blog is more important than respecting the artists who spent hours creating them!

Please don’t do that for Christmas as well.

Seven Things About (Rewatching) Supernatural: Week Two - 1x11-1x22

I have built a routine for this!  Also, I need to do the math, but if I do S3 in one week, I may be able to split seasons like this all summer, which would be ideal.

Not ideal: I forgot my Ignitionwatch 2016 notes on the coffee table, so that’ll get rolled into a second post later.  Honestly, I’d put the whole thing off, but I’m in a weird headspace, and if I don’t work on this I’ll just quietly obsess over it all afternoon instead of doing other stuff.

  1. Okay, so the end of S1 is the most jarring, insane thing.  I came to the show long after, so I wasn’t there on the ground when it aired, and when you factor in the whole formation of the CW being in progress when the finale aired?  

    Mother of pearl, I don’t envy those of you who spent the better part of two weeks waiting to know whether there would be a S2 on the CW.  

    Somewhere, there is a parallel universe where that was it.  One season.  No more because of network bullshit.  And there’s still a fandom around it – like Firefly has– but it’s, like, full of people who love Russian Realist literature or something, because motherfucker, that is some Dostoevsky shit right there.
  2. You know, we spend a lot of time thinking of Dean as the impulsive, reactive brother, and Sam as the deliberative, strategic one.  Second half of S1?  Not so much, especially toward the end of the season when it feels like he’s accelerating toward suicidal violence.  Sam is ready to run back into a burning house, to charge into the trap that got their father caught with no plan, etc.  

    There’s that conversation with John about how he can’t be as effective (read: reckless) with the boys in the equation, which dovetails nicely into parallels between him and Sam.  Because, yeah, Sam is strategic and deliberative except when Dean, Jess, and John are involved.  Bring them into it and it’s like tunnel vision with bonus red haze.

    And, you know, this is textual as early as S1 once John and Sam really start talking.  Sam identifies with John because of Jessica’s death.  To John.  
  3. There is a lot going on with Dean in the second half of S1.  I’d forgotten just how visibly emotional he is in these episodes.  There’s so much going on in his expressions and his body language.  He radiates pain a lot of the time, and a lot of it circles around abandonment: Cassie, Sam, John.  He’s also clearly the one who has to keep the peace between John and Sam most of the time, physically separating them on multiple occasions.  

    Dean hasn’t just been Sam’s caretaker for years.  He’s been in a position to have to curate the moods of everyone around him.  He’s intensely sensitized to it when things go sour – which seems to have been often – because he is perpetually in the middle when his father and his brother clash.  

    He’s not just responsible for Sam.  He’s responsible for keeping the peace, keeping everyone comforted, keeping everyone…maintained?  Like, we talk about the brothers’ codependency later on, but this is even worse in some ways.  Dean is desperately attached to both of them, but his experience of them is intensely stressful, and one of his biggest fears (articulated more than once during this season) is that he isn’t needed in return.  He is absolutely terrified of abandonment, and he’s convinced it is inevitable, and that keeps getting reinforced by circumstances and antagonists.  

    So much of Dean’s behavior is predicated on keeping people from leaving, keeping them happy, trying to earn their love.  Family, the most important thing he can imagine because he literally has nothing else, never feels unconditional for him.  

  4. Watching the boys force an adult relationship with John is one of the small pleasures of S1.  It’s also a great example of Sam’s emotional intelligence in play, and a contrast between him and Dean in terms of attachment to John.  Sam doesn’t need John and is willing to introduce stress in the relationship.

    Once the brothers are able to form a unified front, though, John’s behavior changes.  It’s something that comes up in the queer community when parents aren’t welcoming/understanding.  Your presence in someone’s life is leverage in negotiating a more mature relationship with a parent.  Sam is willing to use that leverage, and it pays off.  John becomes more candid, emotionally open, and shares information instead of expecting orders to be followed without question.  

    I don’t think there’s much evidence that the boys connected with John in a meaningful way before this.  If anything, I think the evidence is that their relationship prior to this was very difficult.  And really, John’s not just hard for his kids to deal with.  He’s estranged from Elkins, hasn’t talked to Jim Murphy in a year, and Bobby Singer threatened to shoot him.  The man’s a toxic mess of bad masculine stereotypes and shitty coping mechanisms.

    I’d say it’s a miracle that Sam is so well-adjusted, but he’s…kind of not?  (See last week’s comments about Sam using secrecy and lies to carve out his own safe space.)
  5. It’s kind of astonishing how much the demon mythology develops in a single season.  The VFX change, demons enter and exit bodies differently, and the exorcism in 1x22 looks nothing like the exorcism in 1x04.  We’re still dinking around with the lore, too, where things like salt and holy water are concerned.  It’s still not perfectly solid leaving S1.  
  6. This season gives us a lot of brief glimpses at other established hunters – Daniel Elkins, Jim Murphy, Bobby Singer – which is awesome for flavor, and because each of them have specialties.  Elkins hunts vampires.  Murphy…well, he can spot a demon, but I’m not sure it’s really his gig.  Bobby, though, seems much more prepared for Meg.  He’s got more experience with possessions – he’s savvy to them, he’s got the numbers – and knows the consequences of an exorcism on the person being possessed.  The boys have been doing this their whole lives, but in S1 they don’t feel like veterans.  They’re skilled for their age, but they’re still learning.
  7. While SPN gives excellent geographic failure on a regular basis, one of my absolute favorites is Cape Girardeau, MO’s Thriving Crab Industry.  Which, if you’re not sure why that’s a problem, allow me to haul out last year’s visual aid:

And on that note, I should probably think about dinner (which will probably be tragically crab-free).