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I made a post about this last night but it was 3AM so understandably I don’t think anyone saw it

I’d like to ask if you’re a WG blog, please avoid reblogging posts by inkmachinedevil. Sometimes they make posts that are going to show up in the main wordgirl tag, like wg aesthetic posts and stuff. And there’s nothing wrong with those posts that I’ve seen, but if you go to their blog literally the second post down is an aesthetic post with nazi imagery in it

I just don’t want to see posts made by someone who thinks it’s okay to put swastikas in their ~aesthetic~ posts even if that stuff doesn’t show up in their wg posts. I already blocked them from here and my personal blog but if you run a wg blog I’d really appreciate it if you’d block this person too

okay I need to get this off my chest

can people please stop with the whole “i love you bb you’re flawless” things because like everyone has flaws it’s human nature

“but you turn those flaws into good things” NO STOP THAT EVEN MORE

like, i absolutely hate calling people. to a point where I will put off calling anyone, endlessly. I’ve not called work about important holiday things until the last possible second. that is not, and never fucking will be, a good thing.

Some of the shit people have is literally just shit. It’s not something brave for them to persevere over or to turn to their strengths. Some people have anxiety attacks or depressive episodes. Some people have very limited social energy to talk to you with. 

Not everything is fucking inspiration porn, sometimes things are just hard for no reason. And if you can’t accept that about someone then fuck right off.


I like to think of myself as an understanding person. But if someone starts attacking my friends, that’s when I start to lose my patience.

I honestly do not care who you are, what you do or what you ship. Your choice. Own it, enjoy it, have fun doing your thing. Ain’t nobody judging you based on that.

Meet my friend @ihavetobenkyou. She’s one of the most loving people in the fandom. She’s a talented writer, an incredible motivator and she’s always there to cheer people up. She goes out of her way to encourage people. She inspires those around her, and make them better people. She’s a positive person, one everybody deserves to have in their lives. And she’s being attacked.

Some individuals felt it necessary to make a callout post about her and call her names on some of her posts. I don’t need to drop names, you know who you are. I don’t know what made you feel compelled to be so vile towards someone who has done nothing against you, but don’t you dare think that it’s okay to insult a person and everything they stand for over a shipping week.

You’re bad people.

If you’re not one of those individuals and have a few seconds to spare, please do send Ren some positive messages, because she doesn’t deserve any of the things she’s now being forced to put up with. Do not condone this type of behaviour in the fandom.


I know this is stupid, and poinltess to say…but am I the only one who gets mad when I see people praising Tsukiyama’s presence with Kaneki more than Hide’s. I really dislike those posts when people say “Tsukiyama has feelings. He cares for Kaneki even if he tried to eat him.” Okay, that’s fucking fine.

But are we going to forget Hide? Hide, a mere human, has put himself in harms way almost every second for Kaneki, who completely dissed him for monts in both the manga and anime. In the manga, it really pisses me off to see how close he and Tsukiyama are getting when I just think of how lonely Hide is.

And in Root A, Hide fucking biked all the way across fucking Tokyo for Kaneki and Kaneki joined Aogiri. One of the last people Kaneki saw before he went was probably Tsukiyama not Hide.

People talk about Tsukiyama “prosing” for Kaneki and being the sword of knife under his pillow, wahtever the fuck he’s supposed to be and the convientely forget about Hide who hasn’t just been Kaneki’s sword, but his back bone, his crtuch, his gurdian angel.

It’s just sickening to know how blind some people are.

Hide deserves a lot more love than he gets. A lot more love than Tsukiyama gets. Because no matter how romantic, sexy or “omg he can speak french”, Tsukiyama is, he still tried to eat Kaneki, almost killed Touka and Nishiki. In addition, he will never unerstand Kaneki the way Hide does.

Hide has loved Kaneki all along, but Kaneki dissapears. Yet Hide persues him.
Tsukiyama of course loves Kaneki, but hasn’t done shit worth his love, yet Kaneki stays with him and lets him follow him like a fucking puppy. Wtf?
Who the hell really deserves Kaneki’s love?


Friendly reminder

For those who post fanarts from Pixiv but think asking for permission is too much of a bother/not important/too hard, at least try to remember a few rules to show a minumum of respect to the artists you’re reposting from:

1. Read their profile before posting. Seriously, it only takes 10 seconds to copy the text from their profile and translate it. Sometimes they write their reposting rules on it (such as “only if you put a link to my page” or “reposting is okay but only to X site” etc.), but most importantly, you may also find out they wholly forbid reposting (sometimes they specifically address tumblr users!). In this case, I think it’s clear you should NOT repost their work.
2. Always check the source! Do not just copy-paste the links from saucenao. If a fanart you’re about to post has been deleted from the artist’s pixiv account, or made private (or worse, their whole account is deleted) then do not repost it. This shouldn’t even need an explanation honestly: obviously if the artist removed it from their personal space it means they do not want to share it anymore! So please respect their decision and don’t share it.
3. If you don’t have/can’t find the source… just DON’T post it! I’m sincerely shocked when I see people reposting art and then writing “source not found” as if writing that somehow makes it more acceptable than just posting without sourcing… this is exactly the same thing and it’s still wrong! If you can’t find the source and aren’t able to credit the artist properly, please do not share it.

I’m saying this because during the Halloween week I’ve seen an awful lot of fanarts reposted without the permission caption, so I checked and most of the time they came from artists who forbid reposting and sometimes the source was even deleted! And a few times, like I mentioned in point 3, there was no source at all! I understand it was Halloween and all but this doesn’t mean having pretty themed pictures on your blog is more important than respecting the artists who spent hours creating them!

Please don’t do that for Christmas as well.


Okay I HAD to write this down! There was a sign of gods telling me “this was meant for you, Sophie”. I was thinking about writing something along those lines, and not even a SECOND LATER, I saw this post. This is when I understood, that the gods gave me an answer XD Anyway, enjoy haha!

As Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Gray punched the guards away, Wendy and Carla were taking care of the child who had lost his father. 

“Ha!” Natsu cheered. “This is what happens when you stand up against Fai- hmff!" 

"Shhhh!” Lucy shushed him, putting her hand over his mouth. “Nobody must know we’re from there!" 

Narrowing his eyes, Natsu licked Lucy’s hand, who wrinkled her nose in disgust before wiping her hand on his torso. 

"You guys are crazy!” Mest called behind them. “More are coming! What were you guys thinking?!" 

"There was a kid that was gonna be crushed” Gray replied. “We couldn’t let them do so!" 

"Mavis…” Erza breathed at what she saw. 

Over a thousand soldiers were coming for them. 

“Erza” Wendy called. “What are we going to do? We can’t fight them all." 

"Of course we can,” Natsu laughed. “We’ve beaten more than these cowards before, haven’t we?" 

"No we can’t, Natsu,” Lucy sighed. “We’ll get caught." 


"Wait a minute,” Gray cut as he slid a hand in his dark hair. “They don’t know who did all of this, right? I don’t think they know who we are either." 

"Where are you going with this?” Lucy asked. 

“We can pretend it’s someone else’s work. Like a cover up." 

"Great idea, Gray” Erza firmly nodded. Looking at her team, she ordered in a commending manner, “Natsu and Lucy, you’ll both do a diversion. Wendy, Carla and Happy, hide yourselves with the kid. Gray and I will find a way out of here, and come back for you all." 

"What?!” Lucy cried. “How are we suppose to do a diversion?!" 

"Figure it out while doing it! We don’t have much time, let’s move!” Gray hurried as the rest of the team split. 

“Jerks!” they both shouted. 

“Natsu, they’re coming. Mavis. Why is it always me?" 

"Relax Luce, play it cool." 

"How am I suppose to play it cool when-" 

"Hey, you!” a voice called. 

“It’s them!” Lucy screamed. 

“What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re the ones who did all this” growled the man as he gripped Lucy’s shoulder. 

“Hey!” Natsu yelled as he slapped it away. “Don’t touch my… wife like this. Yeah, wife." 

Lucy felt the heat reaching her cheeks. 

Wife?!“ she yelled. 

The guy narrowed his eyes. "You two seem pretty young to be married." 

"Oh!” Natsu coughed awkwardly. “We aren’t married yet, but we’re planning to, since I’m her fiancé. Er, right, honey?" 

"Y-Yeah!” Lucy flushed. “Natsu, you don’t have to tell them that hahaha” she awkwardly replied. 

“They need to, Lucy. They need to know the true bond of our love” he said as he put her in an awkward hug. 

“Are you serious?!” she hissed in his ear. 

“Shut up!” he flushed. “I’m doing my best to gain time!" 

"What are you two talking about?” the soldier non-too-politely asked, clearly annoyed. 

“N-Nothing!” Lucy insisted as they broke apart. “Just talking about-" 

"I don’t care” he cut. “Do you know who did this?” he asked as he pointed at the unconscious soldiers. 

“Well, I-" 

"I know!” cheered Natsu. 

“You do?” Repeated Lucy and the man. 

“Yeah, I didn’t perfectly see them, but a bunch of mages were running away from the scene just a minute ago." 

"Where? Where did they go?!" 

"Towards the forest, on your left." 

Without a single word, the army ran toward the forest, disappearing in the woods. 

"Wooh!” Natsu breathed. “Morons, good thing the others are in the opposite direction, right dear?” he grinned at her. 

“I’m gonna murder you." 

"Oh c'mon, it was fun!" 

"Wife? Are you serious?! You could’ve said friend or even sister! Why wife of all things?!” she huffed. 

“Why do you care anyway…” he mumbled as a blush crossed over his cheeks. 


"Guys!” Gray called, making them turn to face him as he came to a stop. “We found something interesting in there, you should come and take a look. Erza and the others are waiting." 

Nodding, they silently ran behind Gray, not making a single eye contact. Well that was a weird adventure. 


"Hey, flame brain, I always knew you liked Lucy but weren’t you going too far? Pffff." 

"Shut it, ice dick.”


Okay guys, looks like quite a few of you are up for a second sidefam Meetup. Here’s the rules.

•Post a selfie of yourself
•Write anything you want in the description. Last time almost everyone put a slight description of themselves & their hobbies
•You MUST tag your entry with #sidefammeetup2 so everyone can see all your beautiful faces!
•This will take place on Friday, 3rd June. The same day as the football match!
•Absolutely EVERYONE can join in!

Those of you who are a day ahead (I’m British if you didn’t know already) don’t worry. Just post your entry anyway. Those a day behind, also don’t worry! Post it whenever you can!

I call them entries but this isn’t a competition or anything, it’s just a little thing the fandom does to bring each other together to forget about all arguments & beef & to just focus on the people around us. A day full of compliments! No competition between anyone!

Feel free to join in. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Last time we did this (under the #sidefammeetup) tonnes of people posted in the tag & now that the fandom has grown even larger I think this will be even better! So get excited! We’re bringing one of the best days in sidefam tumblr history back!!!

Five Minute Drabble

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Warning: Slight Origin Spoiler

Rules: Write as much as you can in 5 minutes, no editing, and post it.

“Okay so you’re telling me I’m doing the whole thing by myself again, putting everybodys name on it and turning it in without you guys being there?” Nino said into his cell phone, unlocking his front door and walking through the empty house towards his bedroom.

Dude I’m really really sorry,” Adrien’s voice responded, sounding pretty genuine but still. He heard Marinette chime in a second later, pretty much saying the same thing as Adrien.

“The things I do for superheroes, seriously I hope you guys are cool with F’s cause I suck at Literature. Thats just the way the news goes dude.”

Nino heard a pair of good-natured and slightly relieved laughs over the line and shook his head, knowing their super duo lives kept them plenty busy. Sometimes being the Alfred to Batman and Cat Woman (Adrien was totally cat woman but he hadn’t told him that yet) was pretty exhausting. What with the cheese and the cookies and the what not and the lying and the hooommeeewoorrk but… eh. They were his friends, even if they did make his life pretty insane. Couldn’t get… worse? 

Nino? Adrien asked, and across Paris in Marinette’s bedroom Marinette and Adrien leaned over towards the cellphone on the bed between them, staring at it curiously. “Nino you there buddy?”

Huh? Oh uh yeah, sorry I was uh, distracted. Theres like a weird… box? on my desk.”

“A box?” Marinette said out loud, and Nino confirmed again.

Yeah its like, small and like a pentagon or an octagon I dunno i’m not gonna count the sides but uh, it kinda looks… Chinese? Is it your guys’?”

No response came both superheroes snapping their heads up to look at each other with wide eyes, Adrien starting to laugh hysterically in disbelief just as Nino screamed in fright and confusion and the line cut out. 


Okay, what, it’s almost September?  2015 is flying by, and I thought hey, why not look through all those pictures where you’re looking so fab, Christine?  So I did, and put together my 9 favorites from the second half of the year.  

And now, let me shout out to all my beautiful followers, and implore you–go post your favorite pictures of yourself, and tag me in them!  I want to see your gorgeous selves, and I want to see people celebrating how fantastic they are.  Bring on the beauty!

onlyvos  asked:

Hi ! How are you ? (; I wanted to ask you if you have those two pics of Cory hugging Lea when they were n NY shooting Glee ? The second pic you put in the post .. Hope you understand what I'm talking about xD Thanks any ways , love your blog ! (:

okay I don’t know which post exactly you are talking about but it’s most probably one of these

yeah lots of hugging goin on there :)

anonymous asked:

Since you dressed somewhat revealing at NYCC, I was wondering if you had any issues, that many female cosplayers have with people (usually men), being touched inappropriately?

Actually I was debating making a post about this in a day or so, but since you asked me I will answer this now.

In the two days that I cosplayed as Looking 4 Anaconda, I did have my ass pinched/grabbed a couple of times without my consent. At first I was thinking “what the fuck. is this really happening to me?” and the second time it happened it really needed to stop. But then I felt a bit guilty, because I know women cosplayers have to put up with way more shit than I ever will, even in this cosplay. I wasn’t able to see who did it as it usually happened when the walkways were congested. Either way, male or female, cosplay does not equal consent. There were signs posted all around the con that said this (thank you nycc). There were a couple people who asked to take pictures with me ask if they could do things like put their head by my crotch or show off their butts, to which I pretty much always said yes. A few even then asked if it was okay to post those photos online. Thank you to those people especially for making sure they had full consent. I wish it happened more often.

A second issue that I just wanted to touch on happened a couple times as well. Most notably, I was walking around in a mildly congested area when all of a sudden my sign was yanked out of my hand. I whipped my head around and a woman was looking at it. I asked for it back and she said “I just wanted to see what it read.” First of all, you don’t ever grab anything out of anyone’s hands ever. If you wanted to see what the sign said then you could have asked. While my character was “unresponsive,” if someone asked to the see the sign I would have stopped and feigned looking around while they got a clear view. After this happened, she asked to have a picture with me, before even apologizing. She was the only person I refused to take a picture with.

 I consider myself more laid back than most people, so I might have let things slide when it came to my cosplay. However, the bottom line is, please get consent from any cosplayer you are taking a picture of, whether their outfit is “revealing” or not. If you wish to do some sort of special pose or interact with them in any way, get consent for that as well.

Sorry for the long post/rant.