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(Playing a game of D20 Modern)

DM: Alright, since you failed your reflex check the machine threw you backwards against the wall with a tremendous force. You’re at 1 HP, and you hear something in your spine break. You can no longer feel your legs.

Player: Can I move?

DM: No, you’re embedded against the wall, and now crippled.

Player: Can I heal somehow?

DM: Well one of your party members potentially could, but she’s not there right now.

Player: Can I perform first aid with my items?

DM: You don’t have any items! You only have a bunch of office supplies around you!

Player: Okay, but can I staple my spine together-


Token Trans Character in RPG Dialogue
  • Player: Oh wow, hello, what it is up. Do you have potions to sell?
  • Merchant: GREETINGS, TRAVELER! I used to be known as Maxwell. I came from the kingdom over yonder where I was a squire to a knight. "I love my wonderful, manly male boy squire." He'd say to me each day, but it felt wrong. I was not comfortable as whomst I was. So I left. I traveled across the realm to find out who I really was, and then I settled here where'st I've become known as Maxine the SalesWOMAN. If you don't get what I'm saying I transitioned into being a woman. I am a male to female transgender woman. And now living here as an inconsequential optional NPC who sales overpriced materials you can find elsewhere, I can finally truly be myself. *lone tear drips from her eye*
  • Player: Okay, wow, interesting. Please sell me potions now.
  • Javi: You know Clementine, I really shouldn't have trusted you. You were going to rob me with a gun pointed at me and steal my van, however there was a very loud voice in my head saying "THERE SHE IS CLEMENTINE IS HERE MY SWEET PEA CLEMENTINE WOULD DO NO WRONG" so I decided to trust you anyways.

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Okay I don't know if anyone has commented on this before but I was just reading someone else's theories and they brought up the meaning of Feyre's name and how it is from an old fae dialect. Now, out of the context of the book, Fayre is an actual old English name meaning fair one/ beautiful (I spend a lot of time on baby naming sites/ looking up old medieval names). Do you think SJM's variation would have a similar meaning for the fae then, or just another sly nod to Beauty and the Beast?

So I 100% believe that the meaning of the name is a nod to the various fairytales in the spectrum of mode of Beauty and the Beast. 

BUT I also 100% believe that it means something within the context of the book. Because both Amarantha and the Bone Carver turn over Feyre’s name and think about it. I think Amarantha even actually says it’s an old name. 

Layers. The name has layers. 

And when the Bone Carver says it, he’s like “Fey-ruh” and pulls the beginning out. 

And just as a general FYI “fey” is an actual word. It’s an adjective that means:

giving an impression of vague unworldliness: his mother was a strange, fey woman.

• having supernatural powers of clairvoyance.

chiefly Scottish fated to die or at the point of death: now he is fey, he sees his own death, and I see it too.

Now all of these meanings can be applied to the name, right? And some of them sit canonically. Feyre is a bit clairvoyant. She sees several things before they happen in the story. She is kind of unworldly isn’t she—being of all seven courts? And the Scottish meaning “fated to die” well. She did die, didn’t she. And I’m going to NOT make a reference to @sparkleywonderful‘s theory that she might die again/be unmade. Because it hurts me and I refuse to even entertain that shit.

So, layers. The name has layers. As do most things with Maas. And this is why I sometimes get annoyed with people so knock others in the fandom for coming up with theories (even if they’re off the wall and ridiculous—I’ve written a few. LOL). Because Maas does layer things on purpose. Somethings can totally be coincidence, but they’re also informed by tropes, and common narratives, and embodied experiences with the visual world etc. that all inform stories and storytelling.

okay but imagine football player!luke running into the stadium with his team and he looks up and sees you cheering and waving in the stands and smiles. and then after the game he’s all sweaty and hot but you don’t let that stop you from hugging him and he tells you “thanks for always supporting me babe” and you smile wide, leaning in to press a kiss to his lips, hearing people whistling and hollering things all around you, making you blush. honestly dating any of the 5sos guys as a sports player would be so cute awe


The Daily Show Correspondents Discover Their African Ancestry

The Roots Of…
Using a DNA test, comedian Wyatt Cenac and Daily Show correspondent Jessica Willams discover their African Ancestry for Okayafrica TV.

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So, men can make inappropiate sexual comments about female athletes, complain if a sportwoman is not “pretty” or “sexy” enough and fill their goddam sport related websites with the “top ten’s” of the hottest sportwomen but it is US who can’t discuss football because we thirst over some players. Yeah, okay, g r e a t. 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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Wait! Did you call Julien Gauthier small??? In what universe is he small???

Yes!!! Julien Gauthier is little. All CHLers are little to me (yes, me, a 5′0 person). They are small and adorable like puppies. Is Julien Gauthier 6′4? Yes. But he little

Cards for your EDH Deck - Rites of Flourishing

I think this card so easily goes unnoticed, but I assure you that it is one of my favourite cards in EDH. There are many reasons why, and many of them fall under reasons why, perhaps, someone won’t run it. However, it offers up the kind of universal advantage that is desperately needed, especially in game with more than 3 players. Okay, here, let me lay this out.

How many games of EDH have you played where one or more players is, basically, unable to play because the get dirt draws, or don’t get enough gas to, not go off, but simply play the game? What’s more, with games that can easily go for an hour or more at a time, the likelihood more than a few games will ever be played at a time is small. EDH is exhausting. While it is fun, that fun is so easily lost when you do draw nothing of value or fall behind. Rites offers a way to fix that. It doubles the pacing of the game. With this, everyone has great time because everyone has twice the opportunity to play their deck. And in the event that, despite this, the player still come back, the game will be over with enough time for another. 

Rites speeds up the overall pacing of a game such that any player in that game will be able to recover from a fall, or slow start. Failing that, it speeds up the time of the game so that everyone is still ready to shuffle up for another.

i’ll say this again. whether a hit is clean. and whether a player is okay. are two different conversations. clean hits can be clean and still hurt someone majorly and our focus should be on the recovery of the player and not on the cleanliness of the hit. there’s just more important things to lose than a hockey game and focusing on penalties and fairness in rules is kind of irrelevant when someone’s life is in danger.