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“Okay, so we each get one of these,” Nino said, handing Adrien an answer pad. “Here’s where we write down the answers to these categories over on this list here.”

Adrien nodded, determined green eyes examining his answer pad carefully as one would a legally binding contract. Goodness, but he was an enchanting mix of adorable and intense, and Marinette could barely keep herself from sighing.

This was a great idea. Alya was always full of great ideas, but this was one of her stellar ones as of late. Scattergories was not only a fun game, but it was one that helped people get to know each other better by finding out what kind of things were at the top of their head. And Marinette definitely 100% would like to know more about Adrien. 

“So, for example–” Nino was saying, but Marinette barely heard him. How many obscure color names would Adrien know? she wondered.

“–if we roll the die and get a ‘B’, all your answers have to start with a ‘B’–”

How about Adrien’s knowledge in pizza toppings? Is he even allowed to eat pizza as a model?

“So for the Nickname category you can put–”

What thing with spots would he think of first?


Marinette jolted out of her daydream, shoulders tensing and brain torn between Don’t call me Buginette! and oh my god I’ve been discovered– and wait, was that Adrien who–?! Across the table from her, Adrien’s smile was broad, and in his eyes was a mischievous sparkle that Marinette found foreign and familiar at the same time.

“What kind of a nickname is Buginette?” Alya snorted. Marinette was sure that was the only thing keeping everyone else from noticing her mini freakout that was edging its way out of “mini” holy–

“It’s a perfectly good nickname,” Adrien defended, looking almost offended, almost as if he used it on a regular basis but that couldn’t be right because who would Adrien call Buginette on a regular basis–

“A nickname for what, your pet butterfly?”

“Or ladybug,” Adrien muttered, effectively pouting by now and oh my god did he mean ladybug or Ladybug because those were two very different things and the difference was Very Very Important–

“C'mon, Alya,” Nino cut in, laughing a little, “cut him some slack, yeah? It’s his first time to play this game.”

“Okay, okay,” Alya conceded. “But for clarity and simplicity, let’s stick with nicknames typically used for people. So, for example if we rolled a ‘C’, the nickname could be–”


There was no taking back the name that slipped from her lips. Marinette could only watch, fascinated and mortified, as Adrien went rigid, his eyes blowing wide as his gaze jerked up to collide with hers.

“Marineeeette,” Alya all but whined. “That’s not a nickname for people.”

“It could be,” Marinette answered slowly, not looking away from the boy who was looking like his throat was tight from keeping a scream from escaping, "if he had magical cat ears.“

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Cuddle Drabbles Part 7

Word Count: 300

Warnings: Swearing, competitive Bucky

Summary: Bucky’s kicking your ass at Mario Kart 64, but you’ve got the best seat in the house.

A/N: You guys are absolutely crazy. Thank you for all this love! You are all wonderful little muffins! Be sure to check back tomorrow at 11am Central Time for the next part!

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I hope you guys enjoy this part!

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(Seriously, this dork is going to be the end of me. I love him so much.)

“I’m gonna destroy you, Barnes!”

“Who are you?! You’re coming in dead last, Y/N!”

Okay, so it’s true. You were starting in 8th place on Mario Kart 64, but you were still determined to beat Bucky this time. He was ruthless once he learned a video game. He sent out all kinds of deterrents once he got them – beit bananas, red shells, upside down question marks. Anything to keep you away from his winning streak.

However, you really loved purposefully losing just so you could throw blue shells at Bucky and watch him lose his shit.

Bucky peeled out as soon as the light turned green, and you mashed your A button to accelerate as quickly as possible. Bucky had an annoying habit of moving his controller with his car’s movements. Well, it was only annoying because his controller was directly in your face.

You were sitting between Bucky’s legs, leaning back against his broad, warm chest. He was sitting against the couch with his arms propped up on his knees. You had to keep smacking his wrist down so you could see. Which you did while he was turning around a corner.

“Hey! Cut it out, Y/N!”

“No! You quit putting your controller in my face! You cheater!”

“Well, you shouldn’t be sitting there.” He nudged you with his knee.

You elbow his leg away from you. “I’m only sitting her because you told me not to sit next to you!”

“I only said that so I could do this–!” He smacked your controller out of your hands and you lost control of your car.

You screamed in surprise. “Bucky! You ass!” You elbowed him in the ribs before picking the controller up and getting yourself out of the grass. “You are so dead!”

“Bring it, princess!”


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