okay okay this picture

He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.


u H
I had to draw this rn
because u h
I had
n e v er
drawn this prior


🍬 T E S S 🍬

“Tess is the girl next door. She’s fun, quirky and so loveable. She’s the girl you’d take home to your parents. She’s the girl all the guys wish their girlfriends were. Tess is like sunshine, she brightens up your day as soon as you see her. She has a hidden talent in her singing voice and instrument playing abilities. She has the potential to be famous but she would rather be having a laugh with her friends. Tess is one of the funniest people you will ever come across, she always knows how to have a good time and is usually the life of the party.”

requested by anon, thank you 💛


endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

V: Aren’t you a little too short? You can barely see the top

Yoosung: Aren’t you a little too blind to see


“I mean, do you know why we’re called the Pussycats? Because we have to claw our way into the same rooms that you just waltz into. So, if you think you can write about my experience-”

I just need enough of you to dull the pain, just to get me through the night until we’re twins again


favorite lyrics by album  → three cheers for sweet revenge

bullets / black parade / danger days / conventional weapons / insp