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Also today really sucks being ndn bc like why do yall expect latin and black ndns to spend all of our time teaching yall and explaining shit yall hate non ndns do ??? Or why do yall still gas yall self so much abt how ndns “proctect xy and z for future generations” when yall womt proctect the youth of today??? In fact why the fuck was the only people trying to procect the youth several years ago just fucking me and other minors at the time? Why the fuck was all yall fake ass acivistes just sit by when we were (and still are) talkimg about our experience and trying to break the assumlation within our own communities and yall still targert minnors and try to liken them to chirst as in a sacrifice???

i wanna post a preview of my current canvas but it would spoil too much

so a preview in text???

-there are 23 sketches, 5 of them the requests i promised
-13 different characters!
-5 different ships, including one I am hoping will get people very excited

Just a reminder to people struggling with OCD:

You cannot secretly have beliefs and prejudices that you don’t know about. Just because you did a small thing like not wanting to shake somebody’s hand bc you were afraid of germs doesn’t mean you’re secretly hateful towards a demographic they’re a part of.

“Secret” beliefs are things you know you believe, but don’t tell anyone. You can secretly believe that carrot cake is better than red velvet, or secretly dislike a TV show, but you cannot be horribly racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist, etc without knowing it.

That being said, the people who are horribly racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist, etc may not know it either, and may not think their internalized prejudice shows, but they don’t over-analyze everything they do the way you do. They don’t care about being prejudiced, they care about being inconvenienced. You are not like that.

Thinking in the back of your mind for the tiniest second you wish a protest would go away, or scrolling past a donation plea and having a bad thought about the people asking for money doesn’t make you evil either, bc odds are very good that those were intrusive thoughts.

Remember that racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist people don’t worry that they’re prejudiced, because they don’t care.

You’re not evil, you’re just dealing an anxiety-based mental demon that takes control of your thoughts. And that’s really rough.

when ur boyfriend cares more about political fame and some small caribbean guy rather than you

((here have a really low quality jeffy and maddyboy that i was way too lazy to colour in so sorry))

i didnt wanna have to do this.. coz 1. spoilers and 2. it’s been 6 hours and I’m still emotional. but i need to yell about hwarang for a sec okay.


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Owning a bird is looking at the fresh, bloody wound they just inflicted and feeling a little proud because hot damn, that’s a big ass piece of flesh you just ripped off me, you tiny, angry goblin

It’s Valentines day! It’s the day when ur expected to be romantic and mushy and expressive abt who you love! So please please, tell the person you love that you love them! Ask them out! Tell your friends that you care, tell them what they mean to you! Tell a random person you see every once in a while that you like their hair and they seem cool! It’s so appreciated to hear things like this! And it’s so lovely, carpe that fuckn diem, kids!


Captain Swan The Enchanted Forest AU: [Part 1| Part 2]

[History repeats itself] Wedding day. Princess Emma and Captain Killian Jones, more known as Captain Hook, were on the way to finally get their happy ending together until The Evil Queen crashes the ceremony to destroy the day, in which she succeeded by purposely making Princess sacrifice herself to save everyone. But Killian won’t stand on ceremony to save his one true love.
Bonus (preview of the pt. 2):