okay now i'm peacing

My body won’t let me got to sleep until i sketched this out. 

For @saltandlimes damn straight that stuff got crying! Just a lil doodle for her kalluzeb fic ;v;…ohh the feeling and Zeb is so caring ;A;! (That line… that LINEEEEE)

Go read her latest fic: (here)


✨✨✨this makeup look was inspired by a rad shirt i found at target ✨✨✨

i wanna make up my mind but i don’t know myself, no i don’t know myself (x)

i was going to wait to post this with a comic, but i figured i’d give it to y’all as a combined (temporary) parting gift and thanks for 900 followers! please watch the music video and imagine arima and kaneki alive and happy and dancing forever (◡‿◡✿)

the thrilling yet tragic end to the saga 

  • *new season for anime is announced*
  • me: okay I'm done I can rest in peace now someone bury me with my anime because it gets boring in hell
  • Gary Glasberg: lol bye Ziva have a nice life
  • Me: I am not okay. I have been completely and utterly destroyed. I will never love again.
  • *18 months later*
  • Me: You know what I think I'm finally okay now. I'm at peace with what happened on the show. I've moved on. I can enjoy television again.
  • Shonda Rhimes: lol not anymore