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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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Just in Case You Were Curious

because after seeing Trail to Oregon I know I sure was. Here are the names the awesome audiences gave the characters on various showings (based on Starkid’s tweets). They are funnier to me now that I have a context for the names. Here we go, on: 

P.S. I’m making this a “read more” thing because this will get pretty dang long.

P.S.S. EDIT 6/8/15: Now including the names from NYC!!

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1D Hiatus: Day 512

* The music video for ‘Sign of the Times’ is released

* Harry performs four of his songs at his album listening party in NYC, gets papped and meets fans afterwards

* #SignOfTheTimesMusicVideo trends on Twitter

* Niall posts two pictures with Julian Bunetta and a video on Snapchat

* Louis shoots a secret something in Doncaster, meets fans

* Liam’s first newsletter along with a new picture of him is sent to those who signed up for it on his website

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

* Bits from Liam’s interview for the Rollacoaster Magazine are released

* Niall will perform on the Today Show on May 29 as a part of the Citi Concert Series

* Harry will join Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1 this Friday morning to play some of his favourite tracks from his album

It’s May 8th, 2017.

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@morewordsthantime said: Adam Parrish + a cactus (or just Adam!)

I really hope you didn’t mean something like “Adam, holding one (1) cactus in his hands” because in this case my interpretation of your request would be wildly overambitious haha

Either way, I hope you can live with Adam in his St. Agnes Apartment, forcefully decorated by Blue and Gansey (Ronan probably couldn’t care less about interior design).

People want to know what Maya got Lucas for Christmas

But consider this…

It probably wasn’t that great. If she even got anything for him in the first place.

Unlike Riley getting Farkle a girlfriend-y gift, this would mean something. Maya’s been very careful about her relationship with Lucas since the triangle ended. 

She’s been avoiding eye contact, refusing to banter with him (except maybe in SS), and her jabs have a bit more bite than sass (”You think you are [important], but no”). Whether or not she’s fully considered why it’s necessary for her to do all those things, the fact remains that she’s intentionally creating distance between them. 

Enter Secret Santa. Lucas didn’t want to do it. He went all the way to Texas, presumably so he wouldn’t have to. Maya already assumed the whole production would be stupid and awful. He’s practically given permission for everyone to leave him out of Secret Santa…so where’s her motivation to send something all the way to Texas?

Afterward, this becomes even more true. The thoughtful gifts brought each pair closer. MUCH closer. And as far as she knows, Lucas didn’t send Riley anything. (Even if we put in the deleted scene, okay, Lucas gave a poor girl a gift on Riley’s behalf. Cute and all, but not as personal as the others.)

That means, as much as she might want to, as much as she might have had a great idea for something that would melt his heart and show him how well she knows him, she. wouldn’t. do. it. Jumping back into a triangle-like situation after the whole thing’s been “resolved” would most definitely not be as innocent as the first time Maya got dragged in, and she wouldn’t risk hurting Riley like that.

So for all the fanfiction stories I’ve seen of legitimately adorable presents Maya gave Lucas on the down low, consider this: How much more likely was something like this?

[Gang at Topanga’s, hanging out]

Farkle: Okay, Zay, you’ve finished your homework. Can we go now? I’m just about to cut you off from all the supplies you need to survive.

Zay: I know the whole point of your nerd game was for me to spend more time with you and Smackle, Farkle, but can I just…I don’t know, resign or something? We’ve been playing for like a week, and I need my beauty sleep!

Smackle: When Farkle and I rule the world, you’ll be playing this game a lot more, so get moving!

[Zay, Farkle, and Smackle exit]

Riley: You know, Zay can complain all he wants, but he’s gotten closer to them since Christmas. [Looks pointedly at Maya]

Maya: Yes, Riley. You’re a Secret Santa genius. Happy?

Riley: Yes.

Lucas: Hey, who got me?

Riley: You didn’t…? Let’s see, there was me and Farkle, Zay and Smackle, Smackle and…

[Maya looking innocently off in the distance]

Riley: Maya! Did you not do Secret Santa? Lucas even did Secret Santa, and he was in Texas!

Maya: Do you have any idea how long it would have taken me to go to the store, find a gift, then go to the post office? And then, you know, there’s the issue with priority box! padded envelope! normal envelope! Honestly, my present should just be me still being alive after thinking of all the stuff I would have had to do. 

Riley: [Stubbornly] You could have just given it to him when he got back.

Maya: [Looks lazily around her and the homework spread out on the table. Picks up her calculator.] Merry Christmas, Lucas. [Hands him calculator, then pretends to get back to homework.]

There’s a beat, then Maya snatches the calculator back.

Maya: Actually, can I borrow your Christmas present? I don’t have enough fingers for this problem.

Imaginary (reader x Volturi)

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“There is no Illusion greater than fear.”
 - Lao Tzu

‘Ever since my dad left, the other (Y/N)- the one in my head- has been there.’ The eleven year old (Y/N) said.
‘What are they like?’ The doctor asked.
‘They are just like me.’
Carlisle fast forwarded the tape and finally the doctor voiced his thoughts on (Y/N).
‘I believe (Y/N) to not be suffering from a personality disorder or having an imaginary friend. I believe (Y/N) to be enduring a lot of fear and instability due to her past in the social system. This ‘friend’ is therefore is a defence mechanism and an over active imagination. This ‘other (Y/N) is an outlet for (Y/N) to express their feelings that they feel fear to express.’
Carlisle switched the tape with another. He listened to the words of a bolder you. You spoke of what would be done not what could have been. You were seemingly all-knowing. Your voice declared you were the protector.

Carlisle stopped the tape before turning the recorder off. This was recorded the few years prior and now was in your file. Social workers recommended fostering due to families have reoccurring issues with you but Carlisle and Esme were insistent. They would take you, baggage and all with open arms. Perhaps what you really needed was a family, the assurance of a stable family. It went well, they didn’t punish the mentioning of this ‘other you’ you clinged onto. Infact, they treated it as a different person and you seemed grateful for that much to the distaste of the social work follow-up visits- they condemned it.
You were significantly more guarded around them compared to the Cullen’s and so they paid no mind. You were far more important. Eventually social work stopped visiting, as though finally convinced you were in a suitable home.

Everything was fine after that, you knew of their kind and the Volturi were informed. Naturally, to stay on their goodside Carlisle and Esme brought you to visit. Marcus was quick to pick up on the bond. It was faint but there it was, the mating bond was like a string between you and Alec. You were just as uncertain as Alec was. He didn’t like people, you didn’t particularly like them either. You also had the other you throwing a tantrum in your head.
“Alec, come meet them.” Aro smiled, urging Alec forward in front of you.
“(Y/N), this is Alec. Behind him is his sister, Jane.” Carlisle said as he raised your arm for a handshake. Alec slowly followed suit, Aro’s hands on Alec’s shoulders. His cold hand enveloped yours in a tight grip. Naturally, he was much stronger and unsure how much strength was needed. You slowly shook his hand.
 You jaw suddenly twisted and turned into a sneer. “I don’t like you or your sister!” You whipped your head to the side.
“Shut up.” You ground out to your alter.
Jane moved forward​ with a growl whilst Alec scowled. Aro took hold of each twin, pulling you forward slightly as your hand was still in Alec’s grip. “Now, now, they do not mean it. It is to do with their… condition.”
So that’s what they’re going to call it.
“Condition?” Jane repeated.
“There are two (Y/N)’s. Allow us to explain… behind closed doors.” Carlisle said slowly bringing his eyes to you. Nobody ever liked talking about you to your face so you saw that as a queue to wait outside. You pulled your hand away and simply walked outside. Aro nodded to Demetri and Felix who followed you out. 

“This is a really pretty place.” You commented looking around. “Thank you.” Demetri smiled slightly.
“So there’s two of you?” Felix grinned.
“Felix, are you serious?” Demetri said with a glare to him.
“What, why beat around the bush? That’s awesome!”
“I apologize for him. He’s mentally five.” Demetri said looking back at you.
You giggled. “It’s fine, yeah, there’s me and then there’s the other (Y/N). It’s weird, they just appeared one day. It’s like having a twin only you can hear.” “See, that’s cool! I mean slightly concerning but cool!” Felix elbowed Demetri. “They didn’t sound too happy.” Demetri smiled in amusement.
“They never do, I get nervous when I meet new people, I’m a bit of an introvert. So do they, but they're​ very…” You trailed off unable to find the word. “Hostile?” Felix snorted earning another glare from Demetri.
“Protective.” You corrected with a smirk. “They only come out when I’m nervous and…stuff.”
“Ha! They have the twins but in one!” Felix laughed and Demetri elbowed Felix. “Huh?”
“The twins are very protective of one another, Felix finds it to be amusing that you and …you are relatively similar.” Felix and Demetri suddenly turned toward the doors as though hearing something.
“…you can hear them, can’t you?” You said, your stomach dropping.
The two nodded slowly.
“It not as nice as I made it now, is it?” You said deflated.
“Look, humans have coping mechanisms. If this is yours then that’s that.” Demetri reassured.
“…it’s still pretty cool though.” Felix added.
“I feel like a bit of a freak right now.” You mumbled. “It’s all about me in there.” “Not quite.” Demetri said. “How about we tell you about the twins? It’s important they know about you because of how they are.”
You nodded and Demetri explained it. 

 After that day, you and Alec often contacted each other, even Jane joined in upon occasion. Things were nice.
Then the Volturi leaders made a decision. They wanted you to stay with the Volturi. Carlisle thought it over and over. He spoke to you about it. You didn’t protest but you weren’t eager either, in fact it seemed you were rather passive.

You didn’t feel at home when you walked into the castle with Carlisle walking behind you.
“Go take a seat, whilst I let them know we’re here.” He whispered before moving toward the receptionist.
Let me take over,” you heard your other self demand. “I can fix this for both of us.
“No.” You mumbled.
“(Y/N)!” A voice said in a welcoming tone making you look up. Demetri wore a pleasant smile. “It’s so good to see you again!”
You shakily smiled back. “Hi Demetri, it’s been too long.”
“ Aro wants to see you in the throne room before you go to bed or whatever humans so after…” he glanced at the receptionist’s watch, offering her a wink. “Nine thirty at night.”
You nodded slowly before turning to Carlisle who pulled you into a hug with a smile. “You’re going to be fine. I promise.”
You nodded into his shoulder. 

Walking with Demetri was silent, it wasn’t so much awkward, you just had nothing to say. Demetri could see you were conflicted, he didn’t know you were trying to ignore the tugging sensation the other (Y/N) was making. He pulled you into his side for comfort. “Don’t worry. This is new but a good thing.” He murmured and you nodded. He held onto you for a few moments longer before letting you go. You were finally at the entrance of the throne room. Somehow it made it so much more difficult to fight. 

“Ah, our dear (Y/N) has arrived!” Aro said with a wide smile as Alec wasted no time walking up to you and pulling you into a hug. It made Aro giggle with glee. Alec showed no physical sign yet you knew by the hug. He had been waiting and he was happy you were there. This would be the last thing you’d really remember of that night.
“We just wanted to discuss your thoughts on your change.” Aro smiled.
You stiffened slightly and Alec drew circles with his thumb on your back. “My change?”
“By law, you must be changed.” Caius said abruptly.
You’re having a laugh.” You suddenly spat and slapped your hand over your mouth.
“Stop it! Don’t do that.” You said forcefully to your alter.
They can’t do this!
“(Y/N)? Are you alright?” Alec asked.
“(Y/N) won’t stop!” You said frustrated. “I think we should postpone this conversation.” Aro said. “I believe (Y/N) needs their rest.” 
Alec left you a short while later. You looked at yourself in the mirror. “Give me a chance, let me think about this…please.” You muttered to yourself. 

Alice was finishing off her homework at about two am. She found it not even a little bit challenging, as per usual. She learned the same thing over and over again. She was finishing the last word when her hand suddenly jerked, her pen making a straight line over the neat paragraphs. She’d had to rewrite them now. However that wasn’t her concern, it was what she was seeing that had her attention.
 It was you, twice, two of you standing back to back in a dark hallway. The one to the left turned and forced the right onto their knees then the environment changed. She was standing in a hallway and Demetri was opposite her. His face turned into a look of terror as she charged at him-
and Alice was back instantly, looking down at her now ruined homework.
“Hey, you okay? What did you see?” Jasper said.
Alice grabbed her phone, quickly dialing your number. It went straight to voicemail. She then called Carlisle. “Carlisle!”
“Alice? What’s wrong, are you alright​!?” Carlisle said hurriedly.
“You need to go back! I think something bad is going to happen to (Y/N)!” “Alice…I’m on the plane, I’ll never make it back in time.”
That was when Esme turned the corner. “I’ll go.”
“Are you sure!?” Alice said quickly.
“I’m their mother.” Esme said before quickly taking her leave. 

 "Alec! Do it! Do it now!“ Jane cried. Alec’s hands were raised but he had hesitated. It was still you. That hesitation is all it took for the monster, to strike…and hit.

Your loud hysterical sobs racked through your body​. You had your face in your hands, curled up in a ball. Various members of the Volturi were scattered around you, pinned to various parts of the wall. A sickly web like substance covering them. Felix was the last it had got. “(Y/N), please. Help us.”
“(Y/N), won’t let me back in. I don’t have any control. They have the control. I can only watch…” You sobbed before quickly crawling to Felix who looked visibly upset my your answer. “Where’s Carlisle!? I sent him texts before they could- where!? He can help-!” You were suddenly stuck. You didn’t blink, you didn’t breathe. It was as though you were put on pause. Only a few of the Volturi could move their eyes to see the frighteningly tall monster down the hall, you had your back to. It marched down the hall seemingly in rage and grabbed you. It moved to throw you in the direction of Caius but you never hit him. You disappeared before impact could be made. 

 Carlisle looked down at his phone to find various missed texts.
Carlisle! Come back! They’re coming out!
‘i can’t stop them! I don’t want to hurt anyone!
‘Dad, please help me!
Carlisle swallowed hard. These were the messages you sent while he was on the plane. He could only hope Esme would reach you in time. 

Esme turned the corner another hall of the seemingly endless corridors and suddenly let you a startled yelp. Various Volturi members were pinned and devoured by a web like substance. She moved forward to one and could barely make out through the many layers the face of Marcus. “Where are they?” She asked before her eyes starting to each of the Volturi. It wasn’t all of them, it was the twins, Heidi, Felix and Demetri as well as the three leaders. The other guards must be scattered somewhere else. She saw Heidi’s fingers twitch on the floor but the rest of her was completely paralysed. The only sign of life was their wide eyes. They seemed to be stuck making the expression they made when they first saw you- fright, startled. She looked down the hall, it was so quiet.

Suddenly a tall figure came into view. It was about 9ft tall with long out of proportion spindley legs that looked like they could break at any moment. It’s arms jerked violently, long black fingernails were sharp and jutting out as a quiet static noise erupting from them. Black crow like feathers stuck out around its shoulders. It’s ribs protruded out of its skin, there didn’t seem to be any organs so it’s stomach was very small making the skin stretch over its rib cage. It’s neck was sunk in making the bones stick out. It’s face was tear shaped, there was a small slit which was possibly the mouth but there was no lips and no way of seeing if it had any teeth. It had very large, round eyes with black shadows around its eyes. There was two rings of black in its shockingly white eye balls. It was hard to tell if it was looking at her.
Esme looked closer at the entity. It was grey but had blotches of blue and black, almost like bruises. When inspecting it properly she saw they weren’t bruises they were inkbled butterfly outlines. They littered the beings arms and chest, trailing up its neck and stopping behind its left ear.. Its feet were bizarre. They were propped on its toes that weren’t formed. It was like it was walking on very high heels. 

She understood it now. This being intended to scare people but the etched butterflies were entirely different. Esme was your mother, she saw the butterflies and saw them as a sign. As though encouraging her, more inkbled butterflies slowly appeared on its thighs. A smile slowly grew on Esme’s face. “What a little devil you are. My child is trying to scare me.” The entity made a high pitched screeching, static filling her ears.
“You think after all this time I don’t know you? My sweet child aimlessly doodles. You can find them all over their school books, hundreds upon hundreds of butterflies filling the edges of each page.”
You don’t know a thing about me!” The being managed out, the words lathered with hatred and spite.
“Of course I do.” Esme smiled. “You’re my child.”
You left me! You gave me up just like the others! You handed me over to them. You’re just like him! Like everybody! Always leaving us behind!” It screeched. It began slowly grow taller, it’s stance becoming more threatening. It’s eyes began to pulse the black rings moving.
“(Y/N)…” Esme began with a suddenly sharp look.
She turned her attention to the Volturi for a moment. “They’re feeding on your fear! They can’t hurt you if you aren’t scared.”
The being made a noise of protest before a startled groan erupted them. Slowly, it was shrinking. It’s pulsing eyes slowly moving to a halt. 

Esme turned her attention back to you, that was now 5"8. “At home, I have a document that I have signed as well as Carlisle. The papers of your adoption. You are still my child. I am your mother and nothing will ever change that. You’re here because there is a boy here that is learning to love you. You’re here because your happiness is with him. Nobody here in this room, will be leaving you.” Esme gestured to Alec. “He can’t leave you. He literally cannot. He is mated to you.” Esme began to speak softly. “(Y/N), I know why you’re doing this and I know you believe you can’t help it, but you can. All of this hurt that you’ve bottled in all these years is why we are here right now. This is a defence mechanism. I know you don’t want to hurt any of us. So don’t force yourself to do so.” 

The entity looked uncertain, it’s legs jittering. The first presumption was out of fear, but then they could see the being was struggling to keep itself up. Esme held her arms out. “Come here, sweetheart. You’re okay.”
The entity whined, shrinking. Everyone noticed that Alec was slowly moving his head, his hand pushing against the web-like substance. It moved like slime before giving way, Alec falling to the floor. The others found that they were able to move slightly. 

I…” The being croaked as Alec stood by Esme. “I… I-I…” It staggered forward. “I…” It’s voice was changing into a shrill heaving. “I…am…the protec-tor… I…must… keep…keep…” It wheezed staggering forward, it bent over as thought struggling to breathe before slowly looking up. “I…” The voice had changed was slowly turning into yours. “I…am the protector…I must…keep…them safe…do…you…understand?
“Yes (Y/N), we understand but…” Esme moved forward to take your shrinking hands. “You don’t need to protect them anymore. Your both safe and you will be for a very long time.”
 You slowly went back to your original height and eventually they were looking at you again. 

…I’m not needed… anymore?
Esme shook her head. “You understand now, don’t you? You know why you were here.“
You slowly nodded. “I was here for (Y/N), because they were scared.
“That’s right. You’ve fulfilled your promise. You’ve done what you intended to do. They are safe, they aren’t alone. Their life is changing to the one they deserve.”
They don’t need me anymore.” (Y/N) said sadly. “What do I do now?”
Esme smiled sadly. “You know, sweetheart.”
(Y/N) looked down with a sad expression. “Time to go, (Y/N). Thank you for everything.” They said fighting tears. “I love you.” 

Everyone broke free from their bonds which was shrivelling before disappearing entirely. Jane looked up from the ground to look at her brother. (Y/N) looked up. “I’ll put them to sleep.”
Esme smiled reaching forward to cup (Y/N)’s face. “I love you, sweetheart.” She kissed your forehead.
Tears slid down their face before turning to Alec. “I’m sorry.” Alec shook his head. “No apologies needed. You’re always forgiven.”
(Y/N), looked relieved closing her eyes and falling back. Alec was quick to catch you and lift you into his arms. 

 Alice jumped as she was pulled into another vision. Esme’s hands were cupping her cheeks before everything went black and she lulled back. Then she was back in the corridor.
The two of you were back to back again. The one of the left then walked into the archway in front of them. Alice couldn’t see what was inside the arch, it was pure white light and once they passed through they were gone. The remaining you turned to face Alice.
You smiled at her, a smile that was entirely at ease. You walked up to her before putting the heel of your hand onto her forehead and knocking her head back.
Alice’s eyes snapped open. She was back home.
Carlisle had just got through the door. “Alice? Are you alright?”
Alice smiled and turned to Carlisle. “I’m fine. Everything is fine.” Carlisle smiled back at her before heading back out the room, bags in hand. 

Alec looked at Esme. “You knew…you figured it out all so quickly…”
“I’m their mother. I know them better than they think. Put them to bed, I’ll explain everything.” 

You rubbed your eyes before startled. It was morning and you heard nothing. No voices, nothing. Just you. You heard a knock on your door to see Jane with her usual expressionless face. She slowly entered before closing your door softly behind her.
 “Jane, I’m so-”
“Save it.” She interrupted. “Save it for someone who is actually upset with you.” You stayed quiet. “It’s so quiet…” You mumbled.
Jane nodded. “I’m certain that it is strange. (Y/N), I know what you’re going through.”
“I was turned very young. When I was human, my gift showed through. It’s why Aro was so interested in my brother and I. You already know what happened to us.
One day, I was walking home through the woods with Alec. We came across these yellow flowers, our mother would have loved them. I told Alec to go ahead, tell her I’d be a few minutes late for dinner and he did. Not long later I was attacked by these stupid boys from our village. I tried to control myself but I ended up using my gift and it scared them off before I lost consciousness. My mother found me some time later.
That night they killed her, (Y/N) and we were burning at the stake. Then Aro found us.
Alec and I know how difficult it is to control a gift when you’re young and human. It’s near enough impossible.“
“But…I’m not…”
“Yes, you are. Carlisle Cullen and his coven have been trying to figure it out since they took you in. Personality disorders occur through trauma, it’s why you were never really diagnosed. You weren’t suffering from trauma but you had​ a difficult time in your life. When you were eleven, you told the doctors you woke up one morning and the other (Y/N) was there.”
You nodded.
“You spoke a lot of how your father left. How you didn’t understand it but you were so young that you shrugged it off leaving you with the loss. Carlisle found a file on your father, it was agreed you wouldn’t know until you were old enough to understand by the humans but, I think you should know.”
You nodded for her to continue.
“Like us, you showed signs of your gift early. Small things, things you could see that no one else could. He accepted that, it was normal for children your age. After a while, he began to get concerned, the older you got you never broke the habit. He had to you tested for illnesses and you came back normal. Eventually he began to see those things too. Your gift had grown and you were able to project your imagination. It scared him at first but he soon realised these things were harmless. You were only a child, so he embraced them. He noticed others began to notice them too but thought they were real.
He still speaks of one night when you were eight. You were wanted his attention but he had insisted it was time for bed. He was blown away when another you ran around in your nightwear and wanting carried. He went to take you back to bed…but you were already there. He had convinced you that it was a dream when your father came in the room with another you and you believed him but he played with that figment for half an hour before they were gone. You had fallen asleep. 
After a while, rumours spread. People started talking. In the end, your father was taken to a mental institution where he was deemed unwell and you were put into the social system. This was explained to you in the simplest way for you to understand. You were told your father had to go away for a while and leave you behind. You forgot this after a while, and thought he abandoned you. Then one day…“

“I woke up with the other (Y/N).”
Jane nodded. “The other (Y/N) was real, so was the monster, as real as you and me. You created them and brought them to life. Your imagination is quite impressive.”
“I can make things in my imagination real.” You said slowly and Jane nodded. “You did what ever other child would have done in your situation, you just have an exceptional ability. The Volturi are not replacing the Cullens. Your family just got that bit bigger.”
 You smiled. “Will the other (Y/N) ever come back?”
“I assume so…when you need them.” Jane turned to look at you.
“I thought the Volturi don’t give second chances.”
“…we don’t. Tell anyone we gave you one then you’ll need to bring the other one back because we will be kicking your behind up and down these halls.” “Point taken.” You said eyes wide with a grin and Jane cracked a small smile.

Some months later… 

You smiled at Dee and Fee. You created them a month back. They were female duplicates of Felix and Demetri. You decided to give them similar names too. Why make it more complicated?
They were very playful, hyper even but would kick ass if they needed.
That was the point of them, they were protectors of Felix and Demetri. Naturally they followed the two guards around quite often. Of course they were both a work in progress. 

Dee doesn’t talk, you aren’t sure if she can. However you know that doesn’t bother her. You were considering learning sign language so you could teach her.
Fee on the other hand definitely has a voice box. She communicates in high pitched squeals and shrieks like a toddler would.
You weren’t entirely sure how that happened.
The two girls were best friends and were much like majority of your duplicates hyperactive. 

Right now the two had sunglasses on and were dancing around like lunatics. Fee specifically mimicking the ‘Will Smith shuffle’ from ‘the fresh prince of belair’.
Fee really liked that show. She completely zones out, full attention to the show. You giggled. “You two are so silly!” They bounded up to you and stood on either side of you doing the dance move known as the sprinkler. 

Dee suddenly stopped, eyes wide peering at Alec standing behind Caius with a mischievous smirk. She raced up to him eagerly grabbing at him.
 “Oh, can I help you?” Alec teased, hands behind his back. Dee kept moving to see behind his back. “What? What are you looking for?” He laughed at Dee’s desperate and frantic movements. “Oh, perhaps you want this?” Alec showed one hand.
Of course he’d torment the poor duplicate with chocolate.
Dee got even more excited. She loved chocolate and would eat nothing else. She’s the only one who eats out of all duplicates. Alec held out the bar and Dee swiped it, turning her back as though to protect it. 

“Fee, what on earth are you doing?” Marcus said slowly looking under his throne.
Aro chuckled amused.
Fee was pretty tall thanks to Felix but she loved trying to get into tight spaces. Even though a lot of the time she failed. Another habit of hers that the leaders are currently trying to break is the need to slide under their thrones, over and over and over again.
“Fee, no…” Felix said. “Come here, let’s go.” He grabbed Fee’s ankles and moved back dragging a limp Fee from under Marcus’ throne. “She insists on doing that limp thing as though she doesn’t weigh nothing and that will somehow stop me from pulling her out!” Felix laughed before Fee jumped up with a squeal.
Fee moved to Aro, jumping wildly making small squeals. “hello, yes, I see you my dear, what is it?” Aro chuckled taking her hand. “No, you can’t crawl under my throne…no, not Caius’ either.” 

That’s when another three duplicates bounded in. You made them for the leaders. Once again they were female counterparts of the leaders. You kept it simple again, Ar, Cai and Mar.
 They were very different from Fee and Dee. 

Cai, loved heights. Caius has been trying (and failing) to break her habit of walking along their bed frame, hands on the ceiling. She was quiet. Like Dee, she also didn’t speak. Not that she really needed to. She makes herself very clear with her facial expressions. Put her picture next to the phrase ‘if looks could kill…’ .

Ar and Fee got on quite well, and much like her, Ar continuously moved about.
You often found that Ar did the running man much to Fee’s delight. Ar can speak, her voice is quite high pitched with an American Accent. She also loves video games…maybe too much. 

Mar…haha, Mar. Mar liked to hang upside own off of things. Marcus just let’s her, sometimes finding it funny. Mar will hang upside down for hours on end and that’s it.
Mar gets scared easily by different things however, many not making sense. Mar warily eyes Dee when she has chocolate, she’s scared of the crackling the packing makes.
She’s deathly afraid of whoopee cushions. Felix set yours off in front of the duplicates and Mar leapt in the air like a cat and clung to the chandelier for four hours. 

 You were currently planning out another duplicate, for the wives. With Marcus’ permission, you would name her Didyme. He seemed to like the idea, just to hear her name.
Hopefully it would easy the pain.

Hey guys, what do we think of Fee and Dee? :L I LOVE MY WEE BABIES. Dont know whether to add them as OC’s

No Right - Part 2

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, A bunch of it, Talks of pregnancy, lots of crying? I din’t mean to.

Words: 2,718

A/n: So I had like, 30 minutes of spare time during my Social class (because we’re watching “V for Vendetta”) and poofed this out. It is totally unrevised and I probably should come back later and go over it. I’m going to retreat back to my homework now though. Hope you guys are okay with the whole delay

Summary: After 3 years of being married to Bucky, you feel him slipping away.

Chapter summary: Bucky comes after you in hopes that you’ll return home with him.

|| Part 1 || Part 2 ||

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Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader: Finally

A/N: I hope you like this imagine hopefully I will ba able to post the second part of million reasons tomorrow.

Montgomery De La Cruz doesn’t like many people but he does like you. You’re one of the only people that he likes. The two t

of you were best friends but you like him as more then a friend but what you didn’t know was that he also likes you as more then a friend. After school you were waiting outside the boys locker room for Monty. The two of you were going to his house to just hang out but he had baseball practice so you had to wait. After a few more minutes of waiting Bryce and some other guys walked out of the locker room. When Bryce saw you he smiled at you and winked. You just smiled back uncomfortable and looked down.

“Hey Y/N.” Monty said walking up to you.

“Oh hey Monty.” You said looking up and smiling at him.

“Everything okay?” He asked as the two of you started to walk out of school.

“Yeah why do you ask?” You asked confused.

“Because you were looking down when I came out of the locker room.” He said putting his arm around your shoulder.

“Oh it was just Bryce he winked at me end I don’t know he just makes me uncomfortable.” You said looking at him.

“Hey don’t worry about Bryce okay I know he’s a bit creepy but he would never do anything.” He said pulling you closer.

The two of you walked to his car and drove to his house after a few minutes you arrived at his house and walked inside.

“Hello Mrs. De La Cruz.” You said walking into the house.

“Oh hello Y/N. It’s good to see you.” She said as she came to hug you.

“It’s good to see you too.” You said with a smile.

“Are the lady’s done we have homework to do.” Monty said as he stood on the stairs.

“Yes we’re done and who are you kidding Montgomery you’re not gonna do homework.” You said as you went up the stairs after him.

The two of you walked into his room and you immediately went to sit on his bed while he went to sit down on the ground and turned on his TV.

“That really looks like homework Monty.” You said as you looked at him putting on his xbox.

“It is I’m learning on how to survive an apocalypse.” He said as he turned around to smile at you.

You just rolled your eyes and took out your books to start on your homework. It had been almost two hours and you were finally done with your homework and Monty was still playing his video game.

“Okay I’m done with my homework. Now give me a controller.” You said as you sat next to him.

“Here you go.” He said as he handed you a controller.

After a few minutes Monty stopped playing and was just staring at you.

“What is it Monty stop staring I’m in the zone.” You said looking at the screen.

“It’s just look Y/N I’ve been meaning to tell you something….” He started before you zoned out.

You were so into the game that you just zoned out and had no idea what he was saying.

“Y/N are you even listening?” He asked as he paused the game.

“Yes, it just takes me a while to process so much stupid all at once.” You said with a smile on your face.

“Y/N please just listen en be serious this is really important.” He said taking your hands.

“Okay fine what do you want to tell me.” You said looking at him.

“Well I’ve been thinking and I have had these feelings for awhile and I finally decided to tell you so here it goes. I have feelings for you.” He said looking at you.

“I have feelings for you to we’re friends that’s normal.” You said with a shrug.

“Don’t you fucking get it? I love you!” He said annoyed.

“You love me?” You asked confused.

“Yes I do like a lot.” He said looking down.

“I love you too.” You said with a smile.

“You do?” He asked surprised.

“Yeah I do.” You said.

The both of you leaned in and soon your lips touched he pulled you on his lap and you put your hands in his hair. After a while the two of you pulled away and smiled.

“I’m so happy I was finally able to do that.” He said with a smile.

“Me too.” You said with a big smile.

His Words

pairing: philip hamilton x reader angst

word count: 2400

warnings: swearing, arguing, implications of self harm/suicide attempt

prompt/request: “I was wondering if you could do a Phillip Hamilton imagine? Like him and the reader fight and she stops coming to school so he gets worried and then her mom says she tried to do something bad to herself and fluff end? 💚💛💜💙” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: i love this request so much oh gosh. (also i only indirectly mention self harm because i didn’t want it to be too heavy of a topic within the story and i didn’t want to make it triggering for anyone to read). as always, enjoy! <3

“Philip, you need to study!”

“I’m writing, Y/N,” Philip told you.

His father, Alexander (or, as you called him, Mr. Hamilton), was a writer himself. Philip had inherited a love for the art form – or, perhaps it had been thrust upon him at a young age, thus sticking with him for the next sixteen years. Either way, writing was one of the most important things in the world to Philip. Now, it didn’t seem like it; he was a sports guy; he was popular and good-looking and partied every week. But, as Eliza had told you one day when Philip was late getting ready and you were baking with her instead, he was just like his father. Liked to be in the thick of things and be able to write an account about it later. Although his writing wasn’t quite up to his father’s level, it was still… amazing. You were constantly blown away with his words – they continued to blow you away every day. However, there was a downside to his passion. Sometimes he would focus too much on his writing and forget to do chores or forget to eat or even to talk to his family. Or, in this case, study for his exams.

“Philip,” you said sternly, “these are your exams. They’re important. I-“

“Y/N!” Philip exclaimed, turning around. “I will study tomorrow!”

“Philip, the exam is tomorrow!”

You could see the gears in his mind begin to turn as realization dawned on him, and you almost scoffed out loud. How could he forget about something so important? You had been thinking about it for weeks. You weren’t even sure he had touched his textbook in that time – he was too busy writing a blog post or a story or… something. To be honest, you weren’t even sure what he had been writing. He was keeping it suspiciously quiet.

“Oh.” He stood up from his desk chair, ran his fingers through his curly dark hair. “Right.”

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