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denmark seeing norway giving ice a goodnight kiss and for months after that he’d scheme up ways to get him to give him a kiss. it never works, so one night den gets frustrated and asks outright, complaining that he’d never given him one before. nor’s just confused, because he’d never so much as asked, so he just kisses him on the cheek and told him he should have just asked if he wanted a kiss? and denmark being like “….. rEALLY???”


Of course this fusion had to happen! Perfect fusion here again, because everyone knows how much love there is between Cora and Law! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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“I’ve been feeling pretty good so it’s finally time to get back at it… I’m just excited to get a game in and get playing again, and uh, kinda get my feet under me again.”

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  • Person:*Likes a bunch of my posts*
  • Person:*Ends up following me*
  • Me:Thank
  • Me:*Curiously scrolls down their blog*
  • Me:*Ends up following them back*
  • Me:*Gets down on one knee*
  • Me:*Holds hand out, with the other across my heart*
  • Me:Lets be mutuals