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Hello! So I was at a party tonight, and this woman told me this great story about how she met her husband. She was the PR person for the local university. He was the sports editor for the local paper. He kept getting the school's mascot wrong in articles, and she would have to call him every time to correct it, growing increasingly frustrated every time. This was one of those moments when all I could think was LARRY AU, LARRY AU.

oh my god, thank you so much for sending me this message! It just made me so happy and I love it.  Like, I love these actually people you met and I love it as a larry au!!!!!! 

I feel like it works both ways so well for larry that I can’t even really pick one. example:

Louis as the university PR person, grumbling to Niall about the mistake the first time it happens.  Waving the sports sectionaround and stabbing a finger at the picture of their mascot at a basketball game.  “What the fuck!!! look at this photo of Ferdinand!?!!  Look at this caption!!! A hawk???? A hawk??” (they are the falcons) And then like, because in this version louis is immediately over-frustrated, instead of increasingly, he’d call up the paper in a big huff and then immediately be disarmed by Harry’s calm, deep voice and seal bark laugh once he finally got him on the phone.  Then he’d flirt-email him a link to an article about the differences between Hawks and Falcons as soon as he got off the phone, thrilling at his own daring as he did it! And after like the sixth time Harry got it wrong, they would go on a date and after they got married they’d always collected both stuffed hawks and stuffed falcons. 

oh my god how killer, because opposite way around, Harry the PR guy calling, he’d be immediately disarmed by Louis’s voice, too!!  Like all flustered, and then like he’d get blushy when louis teased him, but also tease back.  oh my god and then seven or eight calls in, Harry finally loses it and is like “you just don’t care about our sports teams because we’re not division one! Well, tough! you live in this city too, Louis, you should know our mascot is a turtledove by now god damn it!” and then louis would ask him out.  

i’m just smiling a lot.  like i can also imagine either of them as the sports editor, starting to get it wrong on purpose and feeling like “oh no, my journalistic integrity!” but also “i need to do this flirting very bad!!!!” 

okay sorry i rambled so much.   


i love how this clip showed us this very important side of the bakkoush siblings’ relationship. elias heard sana arguing with her mother, and knew that she was out there playing basketball, and knew that it was her way of trying to release the tension, because elias has known sana her entire life, and this isn’t the first time he’s seen her throw a basketball like this

it was so lovely, the way he approached her at first, how he started playing basketball with her a little before asking her about yousef. and how you could tell it immediately started to calm her down, because all of a sudden this wasn’t just her playing by herself, she wasn’t alone in this moment anymore, and elias wasn’t saying anything yet, he wasn’t confronting her. he was just there, playing with her like he always used to, since they were little kids, just being the older brother that she knows cares about her. and it’s only after sana has calmed down that he casually starts asking her questions. and his tone isn’t accusing. he remains calm and caring throughout their entire conversation. he’s reassuring, he’s comforting. because it’s true that he doesn’t ever want sana to be sad, it’s true that knowing she isn’t feeling alright hurts him. and so he wants to be there for her, and try to maker her feel better about this situation that he knows she feels conflicted about.

the best thing about this conversation is that it wasn’t about elias getting answers. he didn’t go to her for his own benefit, to quench his own curiosity. elias most likely already had the answer to his initial question, he knew that sana liked yousef. so he didn’t ask her to find out, he asked her to give her the opportunity to speak, and to be there to listen to her, and share his thoughts in order to reassure her. because he knows that she didn’t get that opportunity moments earlier with their mother. and it’s a pretty big deal, an older brother talking to his little sister about the boy she likes, especially if said boy is his own friend. it could’ve been awkward, but he’s not letting the conversation feel that way. and when sana tells him that she isn’t sad, and he can tell by the smile on her face that she means it in that moment, that’s when elias finally stands up and walks away. because he had accomplished what he came to do: make sure his little sister was okay and cheer her up

how to: cheer up a boy (a guide for myself)

  • take him to a water source; ocean, creek, river, lake, etc.
  • also, take him to swing on swing sets
  • ask him to draw. even if he doesn’t think it turns out good, it’ll help him feel better.
  • play/suggest themed music. Holiday themed, season themed, animal themed, musical themed, etc. make sure to find/send the lyrics, just in case.
  • make him/suggest he make food. toast w strawberry jam is a classic if he isn’t too hungry.
  • remind him of hygiene (i.e. shower, brush teeth, clean face, deodorant, etc).
  • remind him that people mean it when they compliment him. they don’t just say it to say it.
  • remind him of flowers, birds, cats, trees, dogs, lizards, clouds, fish and… everything. things will get better, the world cant be awful when everything like this exists.
  • remind him that his friends exist and love him. yes, they do love him, why else would they want to hang out w him?
  • try to encourage him from looking at the news. it’s just going to make him upset.
  • remind him that he doesn’t have to be self deprecating. he’s not awful, he’s not ugly, he’s not hated. he’s kind, he’s handsome, and he’s loved.
  • tell him to go outside. if he can’t, encourage him to get out of his room, or out of bed, even if it’s just to go to the restroom.
  • remind him to take his meds, preferably w water.
  • remind him it’s okay to be sad. boys are always told they cant be emotional/upset, but they can and it’s not healthy to hide those emotions. he’s brave to be open about his emotions.

(edit: this was a guide on how to cheer myself up, written in a way like it’s for someone else so I wouldn’t be mean to myself. but if it would help you, feel free to reblog.)


Perfect Wife x Woman of Dignity parallels


so I finally wrote some tiny! sides yall,,, 

Summary: Roman is afraid of thunder. Who better to go to about his fears than fear himself?

Tiny! Roman, completely platonic brotherly bonding, no warnings that I can think of but shoot me an ask if you need me to tag anything!

The rain fell harshly against Virgil’s bedroom window, the sound loud and calming. He watched the raindrops steadily slide down the glass with half-lidded eyes, the slightest hints of a smile tugging on the corners of his lips. His arms were folded behind his head, his fingers tangled in his purple hair.

It had been like this for hours now, since they’d woken up to find the sky clouded and gray and the world outside soaking wet, but you wouldn’t hear any complaints from Anxiety. He loved the rain; it was gloomy and dark and often hated, but it was still needed, still helpful. He wished he could be like it.

Thunder rumbled throughout the room, and his eyes slipped shut, the corners of his mouth twitching happily. He took in a big, deep breath, allowing crisp, rain-scented air to fill him. There was nothing quite like the scent of petrichor.

He felt… good. It was hard to focus on the anxious voices in his head when he could focus on the droning, endless sound of the rain instead. For once, he didn’t feel scared or worried, or anxious about anything. He relished in the feeling of serenity, ignoring the little voice in the back of his mind reminding him that it wouldn’t last.

He heard the nearby noise of a door opening, and cracked open one eye in curiosity. Another kind of pitter-patter joined in with the noise of the rain on the window, barely audible — the pitter-patter of small feet against his floor. Then, a moment later, a voice:


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prompt list- 17 and 24!

“Bite me"
“You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.“


“I just —.” Persephone groaned, watching Hades watch her with his stupid Hell bent smirk on his face. His eyes sparkled gold like Drachmas, amusement washed over his face like an ocean; everything Persephone absolutely despised when she argued with him.

“You just what?”

She stomped, the end of her pomegranate colored dress fluttering under her movements. “Stop mocking me!”

“Or else what, my dear wife?” Harry held a finger up, silencing her mid outburst. “S'not like you can leave. Won’t let you leave my throne much less the Underworld. You’re stuck with me for the next six months it seems like.”

Persephone’s face fell, tears threatening to form and spill down her cheekbones. The flowers pinned in her hair started to blacken and die with her mood, suddenly all the jewelry she wore started to feel like it was chaining her to Hell; chaining her to him.

“I hate you!” Y/N shouted. “I never ask any favors and when I do you refuse to take me seriously!”

“This isn’t a fucking favor you’re asking.” Harry groaned, spitting the words out in distaste. “I won’t allow you to leave back up the live realm simply when it’s not your time to be up there.”

Persephone didn’t care that she was acting like a spoiled brat; it was her favorite nymph’s birthday and all she wanted to do was to visit her.

“I hate you.” She repeated again, scoffing when all Hades did was roll his eyes.

“You can visit her when it’s your rightful time to go back.”

“Bite me! Everyone will be dead and down here in Hell with me before you let me see them.”

With that, Persephone stormed down the hall and into their shared chambers, slamming the large wooden oak doors with a fury that rattled Harry’s bones.


“Petal?” Hades whispered, knocking on the bedroom door with delicate knuckles but from the emptiness of the castle, he felt as though his fingers would break from the force. He groaned as no response came, unlocking the door with a simple key he had around his neck; the key good for any door in his castle.

Persephone lay a cocoon in their bed, her tunic strewn across the floor and replaced with a lighter, night gown. She lay unmoving, clutching her fists close to her heart and her legs tucked underneath themselves, brought up to her chest. Her hair that she took so much pride in, fallen in a messy braid.

“My love,” Hades sighed, walking around the bed frame and sitting himself next to her body. He knew she was awake, it was evident by her uneven breathing and hitch if breath when he sat next to her. “Come here.”

Y/N hesitated but decided to leave the comforts of herself and into the lap of her husband. She climbed on him, burying her face into his neck and attaching to him like a baby to their parent.

“I’m sorry we fought.” She mumbled, sighing contently as Harry stroked her messy hair down her back. “And I don’t hate you.”

He breathed in her lovely floral scent, shaking his head in agreement. “I know you don’t, petal. But you can’t go off on me like that again. I understan’ you’re mad but I need you down here with me. You cannot be up there when it’s not your time.”

“I know.” She sniffed, pulling back and letting her hand rest on the cusp of his jaw.

“I’ll make yeh a deal. I’ll ring up Hermes and you can send a letter off to your Dryad friend okay?”

“Yes! Thank you so much!” She cheered, her whole mood springing back to life. Persephone leaned and pecked him sweetly, climbing down from his lap and retrieving her chest of crafts that she kept, pulling out paper and ink.

“Can’t tell me that yeh hate me anymore, though.”

“I won’t! I’ll never fight with you again.”

“No, no. It’s normal to argue I suppose. Besides, you get really fucking hot when you get mad.”

Hades laughed as she retaliated with a soft “Fuck off,” leaving her to write her letter as he began to ring Hermes as promised.


I’m trying to clear out a few of my WIPs that have been sitting in my folder for months. I’ll get back to prompts soon.

ao3 | ff.net

Summary: "He remembered coming here with Bruce when he was a kid. He’d ached for the circus, for Zitka, and the zoo elephants had been the closest he could get. It had been nice, something he and Bruce liked doing together, and they’d made it a tradition to go once a month. At least, up until they’d starting majorly fighting. Then he and Bruce had gone their separate ways, and Dick had ached for months.“


“We’ve already seen the penguins like three times!”

“They’re admirable animals. Just because you have trouble seeing their superior qualities does not mean that I do.”

“So you have to check them out a billion times?”

“We are going to see the penguins.”

“We haven’t even gotten to see the elephants yet!”

“Why would you want to?”

Dick blinked slowly, taking in the scene before him. He hadn’t gone far, just taken a quick bathroom break. He hadn’t been gone long, either. Three minutes tops, and he came back to…this. Whatever this was.

He cleared his throat, gaining the attention of both boys, one looking annoyed and the other looking frustrated. To be fair, Damian pretty much always looked annoyed when dealing with other people, and Jon had spent the entire day with Damian, so Dick didn’t really blame the kid for getting a bit upset over Damian’s attitude, especially seeing as it was nearing closing time.

“Did you two figure out where you want to go next?” Dick asked, looking between the two boys. “The zoo is going to close soon.”

Jon huffed an irritated breath. “Damian wants to go back to the penguins.”

Yeah, Dick had heard that, but he hadn’t quite believed it. They had already seen the penguins three times, one time actually seeking them out and twice in passing. Dick was a little surprised that Damian wanted to go find them again.

Dick turned his gaze to Damian, who glaring at one of the posted maps and decidedly not looking at Dick. “Damian,” Dick said, gaining his little brother’s attention, but not his eyes. “We’ve already seen the penguins. And besides, isn’t Jon’s turn to pick the animal?”

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Fic: Creeper (Part 2)

Summary: The promised continuation of “Creeper,” but can totally be read on its own as a separate one-shot. Dan and Phil’s first night together doesn’t go quite as either had imagined.
Word Count: about 3K
Rating: Teen
Tags: Fluff, 2009 Phan
Author’s Note: “Creeper” just didn’t seem complete on its own, so I decided to continue it. I think there’s going to be just one more part/chapter after this.

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]

Creeper (Part 1)

Creeper (Part 2)

They sit side by side on the floor in Phil’s bedroom. The only light is from the street lamp down the road, shining distantly in through the window. Dan said he was afraid of the dark, but that he wasn’t afraid as long as Phil was with him, and Phil’s dimly lit bedroom feels cozy and intimate. The bed would be too intimate right now, but sitting on the floor together, talking in hushed tones despite the emptiness of the house, is perfect.

Like the day, which had been perfect as well.

To be honest, the Sky Bar was a little out of Phil’s extremely limited price range, but he knew Dan would love it, and he did, so it was worth it. It was the grand finale for their first day together, and it had definitely been grand. Phil had never been there before, himself, and he’d been impressed and a little intimidated by the poshness, but Dan had been transfixed. He’d stared round at the incredible city view like a little kid, but only about half the time. The other half of the time, he stared at Phil instead, looking just as fascinated. And Phil couldn’t look away.

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Watching Faker cry has been one of my hardest things to do since I became an SKT fan.

He never showed anything but frustration in front of a camera when they lose, he always controlled his emotions so well but tonight he cried in front of everyone and that just tell us how important this is to him, how much this lost affect him and how bad this following days are going to be for him not because someone else blame him but because he himself is going to take all the blame as he aslways do and I hope everyone around him help him to recover from this and no letting him punish himself too hard because Faker have been doing nothing but playing out of his mind all Worlds and carrying SKT so hard that he’s the last that need to be upset with himself.

This is going to be really hard for everyone, Huni looked so sad as well as Wolf and I don’t even want to start talking about Blank because I’m really going to start crying because I’m pretty sure Sungu is going to blame himself for not winning that last game for his team and that breaks my heart and I can’t.

We lost S7, but that’s not going to stop me from cheering for them. I’m already seeing forward to 2018 and hope the roaster don’t suffer too much of a change. We are going to win S8 I’m pretty sure about it. SKT FIGHTING!

HELLO SO UH to make myself feel better i ended up listening to Five, and i’m actually fucking deceased i have so much to say about it its my favourite album theyve made so far im so proud of them

Left, Right (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Word Count: 1562  Request/Summary: 2, 7, and 9 with Philip Hamilton?- I think this was anon, sorry, I didn’t write it down. Prompt list AU: College Warnings: Mentions and thorough description of anxiety/anxiety attacks, cussing, yelling/fighting/arguing

A/N- So I have been through the kind of situation I wrote out here, I did my best to describe it, but you know, when you’re in that state, everything just becomes a blur of I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to feel this. Ggghhh, anyway, sorry this is short. As usual, @whatdimissmotherfuckers​ helped me with the french, thank you Ruby. Sorry if the spacing and shit is weird, I’m messing with my formatting so it’ll be weird for a bit. On that note, let us roll.

“What are you even saying?” You nearly yelled at your classmate. “I’m just saying that the planty like taste of tea is far superior to the bitter rock taste of coffee!” He shouted back. “Planty taste?” You raised your eyebrows. “You make it sound like you’re drinking a salad! Which does not sound appealing!”

“People make smoothies out of salads all the time!” He argued back. “You know what, let me count how many fucks I give, one, tw- oh shit they all flew away.” You sneered.

“Hamilton. L/N. Quit shouting at each other about whatever it is this time and sit down. I have a class to teach.” Your teacher groaned, entering the room before Philip could reply. “We’re not done.” You growled, angrily moving to sit next to Theo. You flipped off Philip as he sat down with Georges.

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Ways to Say I Love You

Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Word count: 2,040

Originally posted by wonhontology

You arrived back home to your empty, spacious apartment that you shared with your love, Shin Hoseok. He wasn’t home, but this was not new at all. You kicked off your shoes at the entrance and dragged yourself further into the small living room that had a stunning view onto the city. You walked over to the even smaller kitchen and put the groceries on the counter.

You decided to cook for Hoseok. You knew, he will arrive home late at night, but you wanted him to eat well. He was working extremely lot these days and you knew, if you didn’t give him food, he might as well forget to eat at all. He always kept saying that you should eat well and healthily but sometimes he needed a reminder that he has to be healthy too. You made his favorite food, ramen, which always cheered him up and warmed the both of you up. You smiled to yourself knowing, that he would eat ramen at any given chance. Sometimes you even wondered if he likes you or the food more.

You cooked in the dim light as the sun was about to set, and the motorway’s lights started to light up the bustling city. You hummed to yourself, the sweet scent of fresh vegetables already lingering around the room and soon conquering the whole apartment. The feeling of living together was still new to you, due to the fact that you were mostly alone. There were small pictures of you and Hoseok all over the house that always made you feel warmer but that couldn’t be compared to the feeling of hearing his laughter or his warm arms wrapped around your torso to hold you securely. You softly smiled to yourself as the simple thought of Hoseok made you cheer up and make you feel warm.

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I really love your writing! All the angst, fluff, angst, headcannons, angst, and did I already say angst? It gives me the greatest feels trip ever. >.< Umm can I request how RFA+V+saeran would react to MC having her labor and seeing their firstborn?

~This is so cute, yes!! I’m a huge sucker for this kind of fluff tbh.

◉ Yoosung

  • You’re screaming for him
  • He’s got his headset on, completely immersed in the world of LOLOL
    • “Yoosung!” you stood next to him
    • “What is it?” he gave you a glance and freed one ear from the headset
    • “It’s time,” you winced in pain
    • “Oh my god!”
  • Throws his headset and is scrambling around the apartment
    • “Do we have everything ready?!” he’s freaking out
  • Finally gets you and your bag into the car
  • Taking deep breaths during the drive
  • He’s read dozens of books on this and really studied up, so he is READY
  • Asking you how far your contractions are apart and if your water broke yet
  • So supportive
  • Never leaves your bedside in the L&D
    • “You can squeeze my hand, MC”
  • “HOLD IT TOGETHER YOOSUNG IT’S JUST A LITTLE PAIN COMPARED TO HERS” he’s screaming in his brain and forcing a smile for you
  • Encouraging you SO MUCH
    • “You’re doing so great, honey! Almost there, okay?!”
  • Makes you smile with how positive he is and how much he is cheering for you
  • Finally see’s the little bundle as the baby is placed on your chest
  • He’s got the widest smile on his face and he has a feeling it’s not going away for a long time
  • He starts to cry seeing both of you together
  • Bends down and kisses both of you several times
    • “She’s beautiful, just like you,” he nuzzles his head into you

◉ Jumin

  • You called him at work to tell him you were having contractions
  • He’s dropping EVERYTHING and Driver Kim is rushing him home to see you
  • His security already has your (several) bags ready for Jumin and he whisks you off to the hospital
  • He’s asking how you are feeling every five seconds
    • “Like my hips are ripping apart!!! SAME AS FIVE SECONDS AGO!”
  • He’s just flustered tbh he doesn’t know how to comfort you
  • So he just yells at Driver Kim to hurry up
  • You don’t have to wait at all before getting a bed
  • Everybody is setting up flowers for you in the room
    • “Jumin, please, I just want some privacy. There are too many people in here,” you moved to your side and winced with another contraction
    • “Anything you want, my love.”
  • Orders everybody out at once
  • He’s pacing in the room because he hates seeing you in pain and doesn’t know what to do
  • His tie is off and his shirt is partially untucked
  • Grateful when it’s time to push and the doctors tell him what to do
  • Holds your hand and kisses it
  • He is wide-eyed with amazement at the babies first cry
  • And when he sees your eyes wet with tears he starts to cry a little, himself
  • Pestering the doctors as they clean the baby up
    • “Is she okay? Be careful with her!! Why isn’t she crying anymore is something wrong?!”
  • He only breathes again when she is safe in your arms
  • Cries again when he gets to hold her, runs a finger on her face while she sleeps and kisses her forehead

◉ Zen

  • You pushed him awake in the middle of the night
    • “What is it?”
    • “I’m in a lot of pain,” you said to him in the dark
  • Okay now he is freaked out and turns on the light
    • “What is it?! Is something wrong?! Oh God, are you okay?!”
  • You have to try and calm him down
    • “I’m alright I just think it’s…time,” you spoke through the contraction
  • He’s smiling so big
  • He’s been waiting for this moment since you first found out you were expecting
  • He’s practically skipping to grab your to-go bag
  • Whistling with joy as you make your way to the hospital
  • He’s pestering the doctors
    • “How much longer will this take? When will I see the baby?!”
  • So impatient about it
  • Taking so many photos of you!!!
  • Sending pics to the RFA
    • Caption: 9hours into labor, no sign of this beautiful baby yet but hopefully soon!
  • Jumping for joy when it’s finally time to push
  • Never let’s go of your hand
  • Melts when he hears the little cry
  • You let him hold the baby first
    • “He has my hair, and your eyes,” Zen is crying
  • Asks the doctors to take some pics of the three of you
  • Cheesiest biggest grin in the world on his tear-streaked face
    • “I’ll send you a copy of the photo, so you can remember when you delivered the most beautiful baby in existence”

◉ Jaehee

  • You started to feel contractions while you were working at the coffee shop with her
  • But you couldn’t tell if they were BH or real ones
  • So you just kept on working
  • Then your water broke
  • Jaehee notices immediately and goes into freak out mode
    • “EveryBODY OUT! WE’RE CLOSED!”
  • Telling everyone to scram
  • People are being shooed out while still holding their cups
  • She takes several deep breaths and composes herself
  • Going through her mental checklist
    • “I’ve had everything packed and the bag has been in the car for two months now, let’s get you to the hospital!”
  • Doctors worst nightmare
  • Any time you wince in pain she is calling someone to check you out and make sure you are okay
  • Monitoring the babies heart like a hawk
    • “Oh my god it dipped I think he is on the cord NUUUUURSEEE!!”
    • “Jaehee we are FINE PLEASE RELAX!”
  • Basically leading you when it comes time to push
  • Interrupting the doctors to say it herself
    • “You’ve got this sweetie, one more push, come on!”
  • Both of you collapse together when you hear the cry
  • She is kissing you and you both are crying as they clean him up
    • “Congrats, mama’s!” the nurse places him in your hands
  • Jaehee’s heart is swelling just seeing him in your arms, so tiny
    • “I have written up…what I believe is a proper feeding schedule…here,” she is trying to pull out her notebook but she is sobbing

◉ Saeyoung

  • You guys are eating dinner when you start to feel immense pressure and you know right away what is happening
  • He can see it in your face that you’re in pain
    • “I’ll grab our bag! Don’t move!”
  • He’s double checking to make sure he got everything packed correctly
  • His hands are shaking both from excitement and anxiety
  • He is a bundle of nerves thinking that it’s finally happening, and he hopes he is ready to care for a baby
  • Drives so.slow. on the way to the hospital
  • The jokes begin when you reach the desk
    • “What are you here for?”
    • “Well there’s either a bowling ball or a baby making it’s way out of my wife. Either way, we need some help, here,” he says to the lady
  • You smacked his arm with a laugh
  • He’s dancing around for you in the room
  • Messing with things to try and make you laugh
  • Just being his anxious self to distract you both from what was happening
    • “I’m sorry but the life insurance policy I took out on you is too tempting. I can buy so many baby cars with the money. I’m going to pull the plug, forgive me!” He pulls the plug on the lamp next to the bed, “beeeeeeeep,” he closes your eyes, “I’ll take a vacation in your honor. Goodbye, my love!”
  • Kisses you just before it’s time to push and holds your face in his hands, staring into your eyes
    • “You can do this, babe. Let’s get that baby out,” he says in a serious tone
  • It seems like forever and he is sweating and holding your hand just as tight as you push
  • The baby comes out wailing and he jumps for joy
    • “Make sure you cut the right cord, doc! Don’t make any mistakes!”
    • “It’s a girl…” the doctor sighs
    • “Is it? Or are you just saying that because you messed up with those scissors already?!”
  • You don’t even have the strength to tell him to shut up
  • They bundle her up and hand her over to you
    • “She has your red hair,” you say through tears
  • He has to move his glasses so he can wipe his own watery eyes
    • “Our little tomato,” he sobs
    • “Don’t call her that,” you scowl at him
  • You both laugh and get lost together staring at the tiny infant

◉ V

  • You were having some back pains so V drew a bath for you
  • Freaked out when you called for him from the bathroom, you sounded worried
    • “What is it, love? Are you okay?”
    • “I…I think I’m in labor!”
  • He’s calling for a car in a second
  • Bumps into things because he is so flustered trying to get to your to-go bag
  • Holding you close and rubbing your shoulders on the way to the hospital
  • When you get into your room he is a chatterbox
  • It’s helping to distract you
  • He is sitting at your bedside holding your hand and blabbering away about anything and everything
  • It’s hard when he hears you moaning in pain during contractions
  • He’ll lean in and give you tender kisses and whisper
    • “You are so strong. Thank you for going through this pain so we can have a beautiful baby. I love you so much.”
  • Nursing staff are in love with you two
  • Keep bringing you ice chips and sneaking in some snacks for you both
  • As the hours go on and on they tell him to get some rest but he refuses to leave your side
  • His heart jumps in his throat come time for you to push and he stands up
    • “This is it, honey! Don’t let go of my hand, okay?” he smiles
  • He’s sobbing as soon as he hears the whimpering from the baby
  • You both are a crying mess right away
    • “Congrats, you two. She’s beautiful,” the doctor and nurses coo as they hand her to you
  • V is smiling like crazy
    • “Can you describe her? What does she look like?” he asks.
  • He can make out the basic shapes of you but not much
    • “She has your hair…and your nose…she’s perfect,” you cry, “want to hold her?”
  • He nods and holds her close to his chest
  • He kisses her head with a smile, and breathes her in
    • “I never want to forget this moment,” he beams

◉ Saeran

  • He came home to see you laying on the couch groaning from the contractions
    • “Babe, what the hell?!”
  • Runs to your side
    • “It’s okay, they’re still kinda far apart and I didn’t want to call you and make you worry. Remember, the doc said we could stay at home for a while even when labor beg-ahhh,” you winced
    • “I don’t give a shit what he said, we’re going to the hospital.”
  • He doesn’t want you to see but he is NERVOUS
  • He even forgot where you guys placed your bags
  • He packed one for himself, too. He read on the birth forum that husbands should bring stuff too, just in case
  • Let’s you lean on him and walks you to the car
    • “I grabbed an extra pair of pants for you, just in case your water breaks on the way there,” he said as he drove you to the hospital
  • When you get into the room he is just tending to your every need
  • He’s suddenly nervous that he will forget everything he read and be a bad parent
  • He’s massaging your feet
  • Wiping a cool rag on your forehead
  • Bringing you ice chips constantly
  • He can tell your contractions are becoming more painful because you’re talking less and less
    • “I thought I would wait to surprise you with this but,” he rummages through his bag, “I thought this could be the first onesie he wears.”
  • He pulled out a small black onesie
  • Printed on it was the logo of your guys’ favorite band
    • “His first band t-shirt,” you laughed
    • “Yeah, gotta start him early, right?” he smiled
  • His pulse is racing when the doctor comes in and says it’s time to push
  • His eyes are wide with fear and nervousness and he grabs on to your hand
  • Constant words of encouragement and he wipes your forehead in-between pushing
  • When the baby cried he got a huge grin
    • “Hell yeah!” he laughed happily, “that was…the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” he smiled and kissed you
  • All of his fears washed away when he saw his son
    • “Do you want to hold him?” the doctor went to Saeran first
  • As soon as he was placed in his hands, Saeran started to cry
  • Happy tears
    • “He looks like you, I’m so glad,” Saeran chuckled
    • “Except for his red hair,” you smiled and wiped your eyes
  • He gave you the biggest kiss and let you hold the baby
    • “Don’t worry, I’ll change all of the diapers while we’re here. I’ve…been practicing,” he said proudly. 
Yoosung's Lullaby
Mystic Messenger
Yoosung's Lullaby

I was thinking about you… You called just in time!
You must have felt it.

MC: I want to hear a lullaby.

Oh! A lullaby? Hm… My voice isn’t that good right now but I’ll try…

Go to sleep~ My baby~
The birds and baby lambs~
are all sleeping~
in the front yard~
and the mountains~

Oh! You can’t fall asleep for real though. I want to hear your voice longer.
Aren’t you tired and anxious with all that’s happening?

Cheer up. I’m here for you.

I heard that it helps when you think about the person you like.
And… you really boost me up just by relying on me. Hehe…
That’s when guys feel really proud! So use me as much as you want, okay?

MC: Thank you! I’ll cheer up. I can’t wait to see you too.

Me too~!
You know, let’s have our first date at the movie theater.
There’s a really good romance film I like and it’s a really good film.
But they’re screening it again soon.
Isn’t it such good timing?
I get to love again after meeting you and now my favorite movie about love is opening again!

I want to hold you hand tight in the dark, hehe.
Talking about it does make me feel better… but I want to do something to make sure the situation is safe…
You just stay there and stay safe…
If… if you have some time to spare, you have to spend all that time thinking about me. I can get greedy…

Oh… I should hang up before I start blabbering again… I’m sure you need some rest.

Uhm, you know Romeo and Juliet, right?
They met at the balcony to avoid everyone’s eyes.
Let’s meet in our dreams.
Then I’ll tell you I love you as much as I want and give you a huge hug.
Good night.