okay not forever but until 2013

Hello everyone. I was actually not sure if I wanted to make something like a follow forever but a few days ago all of a sudden I decided to check my old ff tag and all those memories just hit me, I felt like I was getting old for some reason although I’m just 18 idek, I felt a little bit emotional because lots of things changed, I mean our boys grew up and all you know, then I checked people who I’m following and saw most of them are not even online anymore and well yeah I don’t know where I was going with that but here we are. I wasn’t around in 2013 much so I didn’t make a follow forever last year but since the first thing I do in the mornings became checking my tumblr again, I decided to make a favourite blogs of 2014 edit!  Well done me! That was my little story, I don’t know why I needed to tell you all these but okay moving on.

Until I looked at the old follow forevers I didn’t realise almost everyone changed their urls and I swear some surprised me when I realised who they were lmao, even though I lost some of them. Okay, I decided to add all of those people to this list, because I didn’t realise how precious memories I made with them even though I talked to them or not, until they started to become actual memories. And they did become memories because I didn’t even remember that I remembered all of their -your- names until I looked at those posts. And this is getting out of and so thank you for the friendships and nice moments we shared for the last 3 years, even if it’s just a second or so.

And this year I started following new people and I’m delighted to get the chance to know you even though I don’t really know you because I mean we never talked????? but it’s okay I’m happy and I see you on my dashboard so often maybe I know you a little bit. So thank you for being a part of my life this year and hopefully for the years that will come by.

I SWEAR I’LL STOP NOW I DIDN’T MEAN TO TALK THIS MUCH THIS GOT OUT OF HAND BUT I HAD TO OKAY I’M SORRY IF YOU READ ALL THESE BUT OKAY. I didn’t even start to write urls now and I’ll come to your asks later which I’m aware of is very annoying but it’s nice to see your url’s being acknowledged isn’t it? OKAY I WAS STOPPING. I hope this year will be good for all of you, because everybody deserves goodness. And even if you didn’t find it yet, it will come or one day you will find it, just hang in there, everything will be okay. And I know the right time for me to post this might never come because bad things happening around the world and it truly breaks my heart but this might be a little light for you hopefully. This was probably not the best way to say happy holidays but HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAVE AN AMAZING YEAR! I love you loads.

I’m going to start this with my two bestfriends in this world and in any other world that exists. I couldn’t wish for anything better about these friendships and thank you for being pieces of my mind and my heart. Thank you. julblackthorns & awesomemystery

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+blogroll, I went page by page on my followings but if I missed you I’m really sorry.