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Last words of the signs

Aries: Fuck.

Taurus: what the hell… ?

Gemini: Don’t worry, it’s totally safe !

Cancer: This tastes weird…

Leo: Hell yeah, let’s do this!

Virgo: Did you hear that ??

Libra: Are you sure that thi-

Scorpio: lmao

Sagittarius: No regrets!

Capricorn: I’m okay :-) (clearly isn’t)

Aquarius: This is gonna be so much fun !!

Pisces: *just screaming*


*curls into a ball* don’t talk to me

Bonus pain: Hunk blocking all memories of his family by thinking of food; the perfect decoy because no one will question it

Um. I started a new AU. I couldn’t concentrate on any other project until I got this one out. >.>;;;;; So uh yeah this was this entire week. It’s a pretty darn big post. This AU will hopefully contain itself to the one post maybe one more

Going up tomorrow night! As usual, I’ll try to get it up 8PM EST. Lemme try to stick to my own self-imposed deadline and not be 3 hours late this time! ;A;

(Genuinely curious to see if anyone can guess an AU and/or crossover of what since I’ve cropped + censored out all costume details…I’m pretty sure I haven’t let anything slip publicly…? reply to this post to let me know what you think ;D)

Okay but clearly Yuuri is the Beauty and Viktor is the Beast, where's the fic?

Because Viktor is 100000000% extra and a little bit vain about his looks and he’d totally piss off like Witch Yakov

And then Viktor would be all dramatic a like OMG WHO WOULD EVEN LOVE A BEAST LIKE ME after Yakov idk turns his hair white instead of silver and gives viktor some bad facial hair

And Yuuri would show up like I have katsudon and am basically blind without glasses show me ur skating rink

And Phichit screeches over the rink loudspeaker like TALE AS OLD AS MY LAST INSTAGRAM POST

and then they make out a lot and Yuuri teaches viktor how to use a damn razor and the end

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Okay, but like, clearly when Prince Adam turned back into his human form, some parts of the Beast still remained (hence the growl). So can we also conclude that other certain *ahem* animalistic instincts stuck around as well? Like... hot damn. 🔥🔥🔥

I am 100% here for this headcanon. and like, aside from the instincts I know you’re implying, imagine like the super cute and fluffy ones? HEADCANONS IN GENERAL LEGGO.

  • Probably doesn’t want to admit it but he absolutely loves his hair being played with. Fingers diving in and out, twisting his hair, brushing it out. Prince Adam loves it and silently dubs it his, ‘Secret guilty pleasure’.
    • Not really a secret because you’ve figured it out.
    • No doubt has a sweet spot right behind his ear(s) where if you rub/kiss gently, he feels like he’s on cloud nine.
      • I’m not saying he’s hairy all over but the dude is probably more hairy than average guys during that time. Interestingly enough, he likes to keep facial hair, but not absurdly long facial hair. Needless to say, the style grew on him.
  • Still has the keen sense of danger/the need to be protective. Sort of like a sixth sense, Prince Adam can still probably tell when/if a situation is dangerous but will still act on the instinct and need to be protective or territorial over things that mean a great deal to himself.
    • Would probably threaten someone if he felt like they were being menacing in any sort of way.
    • Threats would be sent in the form of growls. Prince Adam will attempt words, but anger takes over and words do tend to come out as animalistic sounds
  • Does eat with silverware on special occasions, but if given the choice and when there’s no one of importance around, he does eat with his hands, and or shoves his face onto the plate and eats that way.
  • Spends a lot more time in the sun than he did before. Reads outside, mindlessly sits outside with no intention of doing anything in particular, keeps the curtains open.
    • Probably likes to garden now that he’s not stuck in an eternal winter. Roses are his favorite. Different colors of roses. Red, White, Yellow, etc. He also likes sunflowers, the name more than the flower. They’re just happy.
    • You can find him just standing in the middle of the hallway in the afternoon, taking in the sun leaking in through the tall windows.
      •  The feeling of sunshine on his skin is a sensation he never thought he’d feel again. How he had taken such a naturally beautiful feeling and never appreciated it was a foolish move indeed. Prince Adam would cherish everyday in the sun from now on.
  • After the transformation, he probably didn’t spend that much time in the west wing as it brought back terrible memories. But, there is nothing bringing them back to life, he would convince himself. He knows that this is his choice and he can’t just forget that it never happened.
    • Eventually makes his way back to the west wing, tense and a bit cold as a sudden shiver or remembrance runs down his spine. He looks around, his sharp blue eyes setting on objects he’d never thought he’d see in perfect condition ever again. Everything is as it was before the curse was set. Everything looked just as pristine and as new as before. Prince Adam shuts his eyes and breathes in. Everything is as it should be. 

**These are just some tester headcanons! Lemme know what you think, and depending on that, I might write more! Thanks!** -Em.


People back home need food. Rick wants to bring the supplies back and we regroup. So, that’s what we’re doing! … Then I’ll go on my own.


TEXTS FROM DARK AND ANTI: Part 45 (part 1?)

Okay clearly I deviated from the prompt a little bit, but I thought it’d be more fun to have present-day Dark and Anti pose as a teenage prom couple than do an AU where they’re already teenagers. I’ll probably do a part 2 to this where they’re actually at prom if people are interested.

EDIT: I just realized I posted the wrong anon prompt for this one, idk how this happened and I know for a fact I no longer have the actual prompt someone messaged me. It was basically Dark and Anti talking about prom (aka the high school AU nobody asked for :D) and I’m really sorry I fucked this up/don’t have the original prompt but the credit goes to the blogger who sent it to me.

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Introducing Wizards to Muggle things.. [Part 8]
  • [Watching the Wizard of Oz]
  • Pansy: Okay. Putting aside that muggles clearly have a TERRIBLE sense as to what an ACTUAL witch looks like.. How does this witch bathe?
  • Hermione: What do you mean?
  • Pansy: If the Wicked Witch of the West melts in water she can't exactly wash herself! Scourgify only works so long! NO WONDER HER SKIN IS GREEN!!

Okay, like, since clearly rattling off a bunch of racial stereotypes that exactly align with the portrayal doesn’t work on youse, let’s try this from another angle

Imagine you’re getting super into the Avengers. Your favorite character is Captain America! Everybody loves Steve Rogers, right? He’s a good-hearted soldier, goofy sense of humor, cocksure attitude that sometimes gets him in trouble, friends with most of the rest of the team

So, you decide to go into the Captain America tag on tumblr. You find one thing you can’t quite figure out: almost all the fanart has Steve drawn as a baby. He’s in his superhero outfit, with a diaper, and speaking in fractured baby-talk english, and it’s not really acknowledged by the fanart, but all the other Avengers are drawn normal except for Captain America, who’s drawn as a misbehaving two-year-old. I’m not talking “just some” of the fanart, I’m not talking “a lot” of the fanart, I’m talking “the vast majority.” I’m talking “you’ve gotta scroll for twelve minutes before you find a picture of Steve where he’s not a baby.”

And almost none of it is Steve-specific fanart: usually it’s fanart of Ant-Man and Pepper Potts, two characters who’ve never interacted with Steve in the movies, in funny little situations where they’re his parents and he’s a wiiiiild and crazy baby! And he’s undeniably a baby, he wears a diaper and rides in a stroller and throws temper tantrums

In a lot of the fanarts, Steve has an inexplicable obsession with Chicken Nuggets and Hamburgers. It’s such an integral part of the fanarts that it’s rare to find Captain America cosplays that don’t include at least one hamburger and an order of chicken nuggets. When you’re like “I’m confused, this doesn’t make sense,” people flood your inbox with “actually??? it’s because he’s american???? it’s a parody of americans god tumblr why do you have to get so offended over everything

In one scene in an avengers movie that lasts half a second, Steve is shown eating a burger. From this point on, anyone who expresses they’d like to see less of the fanart where he’s a burger-and-nugget-obsessed toddler gets flamed for days with messages saying “actually, he was shown eating a burger for 2 seconds in Avengers 6, so Subhuman Steve is basically canon!”

Oh, and that’s what the meme is called: “Subhuman Steve,” and it’s so prevalent that even Cap fanart that isn’t part of the Subhuman Steve meme has captions like “when you’re swole but you’re still subhuman”

And then when a few like-minded Captain America fans like you make blogs dedicated to your favorite character that explicitly DO NOT share Subhuman Steve content, they get constantly harassed for overreacting

And this is literally all the Captain America fanworks on tumblr for five months straight, and anyone who complains is sent anon hate and told to “learn to take a joke” even though the joke got old about two days after the first time it was made, and it has since been made 68,343 times without variation. And when you say the joke isn’t funny and is disrespectful to the character, they say “hey, isn’t this better than drawing porn of him?” even though almost all the fanart that isn’t Subhuman Steve is very explicit pornography

And that’s basically the Gremlin D.Va experience except that all the characteristics of Gremlin D.Va just coincidentally happen to be racist stereotypes frequently leveled against East Asian women

41. “I came to this city to mend my broken heart. Never imagined I would find you to help me piece it back together.“

The room was filled with familiar faces. The music that was playing was a little before your time but you enjoyed it nonetheless. Tony Stark was throwing yet another elaborate party for a reason unbeknownst to you. The man just loved to have parties for no reason.

You stood idly by, not really feeling like mingling. You were content with drinking the expensive champagne that Tony sprung for and people watching.

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Look how cute we are! It’s been a few weeks now since coworkers have found out about our relationship and I’m still getting the same thing directed to me. “You deserve better” how can someone look at me with them or see me talk about them and say that? I know I’m not very open with many people but that smile in that photo, that’s a real smile. I smile like that all day long now and it’s because of Gino and Kelsie. I’ve dated several different people at this point: boys, girls, friends with benefits, dates to prove points, and dates I didn’t want to do. Not once during any of those relationships did I have someone come up to me and tell me “I deserve better” “You need someone who thinks you and only you are special” “Someone to give you the attention you need”. Nah fuck that. I have that right now. The thing people don’t understand is my passed monogamy relationships have been the ones lacking, not my polyamory relationship. I have been in love twice in my life. Once was my first love and the second time was my true first love. Both those relationships meant the most to me. And neither come close to the feelings I feel now. Now I can’t really just tell every Tom Dick and Harry that when they question what I’m doing because 1 they’re not entitled to my feelings and 2 it’s not their business. I’m happy plain and simple. If you’ve been a follower of mine since the beginning you’ve most likely seen me at my darkest days and at my best days. And yeah for the most part my current days my life doesn’t feel like sunshine and rainbows because it is a mess and stressful with everything going on with my mom but having the light that is Kelsie and Gino is a god send .